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         Archeology General:     more books (100)
  1. A general view of the archeology of the Pueblo region by Edgar L. 1865-1946 Hewett, 2010-09-06
  2. Gods, Graves, and Scholars the Story of Archeology by C.W. Ceram, 1972
  3. Dictionary of Terms and Techniques in Archeology by Sara Champion, 1980-11
  4. A general view of the archeology of the Pueblo region: Extract from the Smithsonian report, 1904 by Edgar L Hewett, 1967
  5. Hernandez, Luis Guillermo y Jesus Angel Parra. 1999. Diccionario general del Zulia.(Resena de libro): An article from: Montalbán by Francisco Javier Perez, 2001-01-01
  6. The Federal Archeology Program (Report to Congress 1996-97) by Daniel Haas, 1999
  7. Manual of Egyptian Archeology by Gaston CamilleCharles Maspero, 2008-02-04
  8. A general view of the archeology of the Pueblo region by Edgar L by Hewett. Edgar L. (Edgar Lee). 1865-1946., 1905-01-01
  9. A general overview of the archeology of the Cache la Poudre River, Northern Colorado Front Range by Marcus Grant, 1978
  10. Anthropological Archeology in the Americas
  11. Staging Ritual: Hopewell Ceremonialism at the Mound House Site, Greene County, Illinois (Kampsville Studies in Archeology and History) by Jane E. Buikstra, Douglas K. Charles, et all 1998-06
  12. Fray Bernardino de Sahagun, Codice Florentino, Historia general de las cosas de la Nueva Espana.(Reseña de libro): An article from: Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl by Pilar Máynez, 2003-01-01
  13. Koster Site Archaeology I: Stratigraphy and Landscape Evolution (Center for American Archeology scientific papers) by Edwin R. Hajic, 1990-05
  14. The Lost Civilization of Mu - The Civilization of Controversy (Philosophy and Archeology eBook) by Dr. Theresa M. Kelly, 2004-04-15

1. Archeology General Reference, Southeast Archeological Center, National Park Serv
archeology general Reference.
Archeology General Reference
Links Bibliographies Glossaries Terms Please note : The National Park Service and the Southeast Archeological Center do not control and cannot guarantee the relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of the materials provided by other agencies or organizations, nor do the NPS and SEAC endorse other agencies or organizations, their views, products or services.

2. General Archeology
General Archeology. Archeology. Leads you to sites and projectsof specific geographic regions and specific disciplines such as

3. SIA General Tools Award
for the 2002 Society for Industrial archeology general Tools Award for Distinguished Service to Industrial Archeology.
The General Tools Award Committee invites SIA members to submit nominations for the 2002 Society for Industrial Archeology General Tools Award for Distinguished Service to Industrial Archeology. The award, presented annually at the SIA annual business meeting, recognizes individuals who have given sustained, distinguished service to the cause of industrial archeology. Criteria for selection are as follows:
  • The recipient must have given noteworthy, beyond-the-call-of-duty service, over an extended period of time, to the cause of industrial archeology.
  • The type of service for which the recipient is recognized is unspecified, but must be for other than academic publication.
  • It is desirable but not required that the recipient be, or previously have been, a member of the SIA.
  • The award may be made only to living individuals. Teams, groups, agencies, firms or any other collective entities are not eligible.
The nomination, which should not exceed three double-spaced typed pages, should address the specific accomplishments that qualify the nominee for the award. Supplementary material (the candidate's resume, for example) may be appended to the nomination. Nominations must also include the name, address, and telephone numbers(s) of the nominator. Nominations may be made by any SIA member in good standing.

4. ASSR (Arab Social Science Research)
ASSR's Virtual Library Index by Topic archeology general ReferenceResources General Reference Resources Akkadian Language
ASSR's Virtual Library : Index by Topic : Archeology: General Reference Resources General Reference Resources

5. Y Tir Mawr: General
General information, history and archeology general information,history and archeology Freumh nan Ceilteach The Celtic Roots
General information, history and archeology General information, history and archeology Freumh nan Ceilteach - The Celtic Roots of Europe
Celtic Corner

Michael Wangbickler's multiple awarded Home Page; excells by its notes
Celtic Grounds

Another superb site, featuring comprehensive information on
a broad range of aspects of history, language and culture
The Celts

A well-structured, nice and entertaining introduction
to the world of the Ancient Celts
Encyclopedia of the Celts

Complete online version of Knud Mariboe's work of a lifetime The Celts and Saxons Homepage Another state of the art page, featuring basic educative information The Celts - Their Origins and Prehistory National Vanguard Magazine Number 115 Early Celts on the Upper Danube - The Heuneburgmuseum Much more than an ordinary museum site ! Equally attractive site of the neighbouring Hochdorf Celtic Museum Celts Historical Background History in a nutshell Celtic History Duncan McLeod's dedicated Home Page Nice and casual - providing accurate basic information The Timeline of Celtic History Educative site; useful indeed to discover a multitude of celtic-related

6. History Links
go there Medieval archeology general information on archeologyand the Middle Ages includes a Virtual Excavation exercise. go
Historic Links A friend of mine asked me to look up some links on historical subjects. He mailed me a list of areas that caught his interest and I'll start using that list as a frame for this page. I've tried to find some interesting ones and am now posting them here so anybody who wants can have a look at them. The list is sorted first by period and secondly by category. The periods are:
Ancient Egypt Classical Greece Rome Mongolia The Carolingian Age Lusitania (Portugal) The Baltic Nations
The categories I've used are: General
General information on the subject, often extensive.
Sites that are maintained by museums with collection of that particular period themselves.
Mainly text sites concerning a particular, distinct subject.
There's just one snag...the more links I'm going to add the more time I will need to keep them up to date, so if you find any broken links, please report them to me at... First of all a must read for any (war) gamer out there:
The Art of War, by Sun Tzu

7. Southwest Archeology
Dedicated to the preservation of archeological sites and education about archeology in general. Features history, maps, and original photography of sites in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

8. NPS AEP: For The Public
archeologygeneral Archaeology and You by George E. Stuart and FrancisP. McManamon. Society for American Archaeology, Washington, DC 1995.
Here are some popular books and monographs on a number of different topics involving Archaeology and Anthropology that may be of interest to the public. We've organized the list by appropriate reading level and subject for your convenience. Check with your local library for more information. You may also want to check with your state archeologist or State Historic Preservation Officer for information on state or regional publications. For Young Audiences
Ancient America by Marion Wood. Checkmark Books, New York. 1990. A well-illustrated introduction to the sites in North and Latin America where ancient peoples once lived. For ages 9-12. The Archaeology of North America by Dean Snow. Chelsea House Publishers, New York. 1990. An introduction to prehistoric archeological sites and ancient cultures. For ages 10 and up. Dig this! How Archaeologists Uncover Our Past by Michael Avi-Yonah. Runestone Press, Minneapolis. 1993. An introduction to archaeology for young readers, focusing on the history of the discipline, excavation methods and an overview of several ancient civilizations.

9. General & Miscellaneous Archeology
This page links to sites that contain general and miscellaneous archeologyinformation. Andale. general Miscellaneous archeology. All
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10. CyberPursuits Sitemap
Near and Middle East. North America. South America and Meso America. Underwater archeology.general and Miscellaneous. Publications. References. Film and Photography.
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CyberPursuits Sitemap
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11. Mayan Archeology - The Maya - General Information
general Information About The Maya. Periods PreClassic Classic Post-Classic, El Mundo Maya, The Mayan World The physical
General Information About The Maya Periods Pre-Classic Classic Post-Classic El Mundo Maya "The Mayan World"
The physical "boundaries" of the ancient Mayan empire spanned the countries of modern day Guatemala, Belize (once called British Honduras), El Salvador, Honduras and the five Mexican states of Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Campeche and Chiapas. This area is also known by the name 'Mesoamerica". The total area once occupied by the Maya was around 400,000-500,000 square kilometers in all, and is referred to collectively as El Mundo Maya or in Spanish "The Maya World One group, or tribe of Mayans called the Huaxtecs, separated in ancient times from the main groups and established itself outside of this main geographical area. There were 28 remaining ethnic groups whose names we have based on their languages, are the Yucatec, Itza, Lacandon, Mopan, Chorti, Chontal, Chol, Cholti, Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Coxoh, Tojolabal, Chuj, Jacaltec, Kanhobal, Mocho, Tuzantec, Mam, Aguacateca, Ixil, Quiche, Tzutuhil, Cakchiquel, Uspantec, Achi, Pocomam, Pocomchi and Kekchi. Though all these areas may have had differing languages, cultures and origins, they all shared certain characteristics that allow us to view them as a single culture. The topography of the Mayan landscape varies considerably. There are the volcanic mountains that are on the Pacific (western) coast of Mexico, all the way down to the tropical rainforest lowlands that make up the northern portion of the Yucatan. Western Guatamala and Chiapas made up the

12. ASSR (Arab Social Science Research)
(17) 394 general Customs (17) 398 Folklore (596) 572 Human Races (572) Prehistoric archeology Overall Collecting Level
ASSR's Virtual Library
Site Map - Topics Agriculture

13. Mayan Archeology - The Conquest - General Information
general Information on the Conquest. The Spanish Conquest The the Maya.general Chi was murdered and buried in his native Tepic. In 1850
General Information on the Conquest The Spanish Conquest
The Spanish Conquest was a time in history when Spain was increasing its hold on other countries. They already had Cuba under their domain and they inevitably set their sites on the Yucatan. The Toltecs of Central Mexico fell to Cortes in about two years, though this was greatly increased by the introduction of small pox which wiped out hundreds of thousands of the members of the resistance. The use of guns by the Spanish soldiers gave them a huge advantage over the Indians, but it took the Spanish over twenty years to gain significant ground and almost two hundred years to completely subject the Maya of the Yucatan to Spanish Rule. At the peak of the occupation, the Spanish held four main cities. Campeche in the west, Valladolid in the east, Salamanca de Bacalar in the south and Merida in the north. This network oversaw some 178 Mayan communities by 1549. All under Spanish rule and Christianity was imposed by force. For the most part, the conquest can be divided into three main areas:

1 general HISTORICAL WORKS, archeology, SERIALS 1 Alcock, L. AnnualReports on the Cadbury excavations. 1967 1 Alcock, Leslie.

APPLIED SCIENCES Medicine, Anatomy , Physiology , archeology. GEOGRAPHY. BIOGRAPHIESarcheology, general, Prehistoric, Remnants of Cultures, ART.

16. Archeology And Computer Science - General Directories
general Directories Archaeology Data Service Database per l'archeologiainglese; Archaeology - University of Sydney; Resources Overview
General Directories
  • Archaeology Data Service - Database per l'archeologia inglese
  • Archaeology - University of Sydney
  • Resources Overview - Archaeology, University of Sydney General Directories
  • Archaeology Data Service - Database per l'archeologia inglese
  • Archaeology - University of Sydney
  • Resources Overview - Archaeology, University of Sydney ...
  • - AutoCAD and CAD Shareware Clearinghouse
  • 17. General Web Sites For Archeology And Anthropology
    general Web Sites for archeology and Anthropology. http// ArchNet. http// - AnthroNet. http//www.anthro

    18. General & Miscellaneous Archeology
    This page links to sites that contain general and miscellaneous archeology information.Afrika. Austrálie a Pacifik. Blízký a Strední Východ.
    Afrika Austrálie a Pacifik Blízký a Støední Východ Britské ostrovy ... E-MAIL
    Archeologické drobnosti
    A Academic Info - Archaeology

    Analyzing Artifacts

    Archaeological dating techniques from MSU
    The Atrium
    David Meadows
    B Basic Archaeology
    Branson Illustrations

    Build your own ziggarut

    C The Chauvet Cave
    Computer Applications in Archaeology

    Computer Archaeology Research Group, Staffordshire University
    D E Ethnoarchaeology Bibliography Excavations at Çatalhöyük. Exploring Ancient World Cultures F FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT A CAREER IN ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE U.S. G Glossary H I Ice Age Paleoecology J K L M Maize Genome Database The Maize Page N National Archeological Database Neolithic Warfare O P Paleo Life The Paleo Ring Project Buhan: Computer Graphics in Archaeology Pseudoarcheology Q R Radiocarbon WEBInfo Research into Prehistoric Wall Paintings S T Three Facets Of Maritime Archaeology U V W World Atlas of Archaeology X Y Z Zpìt nahoru Hlavní stránka

    19. ASOR Outreach Links--Archaeology--general
    general Search Engines, Indexes and Links. ABZU ***The major special subjects.Search Argos archeology Supersite from Dallas. Archaeology
    Links for Archaeology and Ancient Civilizations General Archaeology and Anthropology Links Site of Qasr al-Qarqur, Jordan
    (Photo courtesy of Tafila-Buseyra Archaeological Survey) Menu General Archaeology Nautical Archaeology Unconventional Archaeology Archaeology in Fiction Anthropology ... Outreach Main Page General Archaeology Photo Archives Archaeology Education Resources General Education Resources Teachers K-12 ... Kids Other Archaeology Resources Museums with Archaeology Collections Archaeology Magazines and Publications Archaeological Societies
    General Search Engines, Indexes and Links
    ***The major scholarly search engine for just about anything on the Ancient Near East maintained by Chuck Jones, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago.
    ***Outstanding website maintained by Kris Hirst.(Formerly Articles, discussion forums and chat groups, web links, archaeological sites worldwide, specialties, even clip art. Searchable. Highly recommended. See especially Netlinks, an excellent list organized by topic, region, and special subjects.
    Search Argos Archeology
    Super-site from Dallas.

    20. CRM Archive Issue 11-SI  General Issue
    Download information. Current Directions of the Federal archeology Program.Keel, Bennie C. Rogers, Jerry L. The Federal archeology Program.

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