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         Archery:     more books (103)
  1. Target archery,: With a history of the sport in America by Robert Potter Elmer, 1946
  2. ZEN AND THE ART OF ARCHERY by Eugen Herrigel, 1953
  3. Toxophilus -The School Of Shooting(History of Archery Series) by Roger Ascham, 2008-11-04
  4. Archery, from golds to big game by Keith C Schuyler, 1970
  5. The Traditional Archers Handbook by Hilary Greenland, 2002-02-01
  6. Archery by Charles James Longman, Charles Hawkins Fisher, et all 2010-04-22
  7. Archery (Know the Sport) by John Adams, 1996-07
  8. Basic Essentials Archery (Basic Essentials Series) by Beth Habeishi, Stephanie Mallory, 2003-12-01
  9. Archery in Earnest by Roy Matthews MBE, John Holden, 1997-07-01
  10. Archery Today: Technique and Philosophies in Action by John Kember-Smith, 1988-09
  11. Power archery by David J Keaggy, 1968
  12. Target Archery by Robert P Elmer, 1946-01-01
  13. American Archery; A Vade Mecum of the Art of Shooting With the Long Bow by Robert Potter Elmer, 2010-10-14

61. Swansea University Archery Club
News, information, training times, social events, photographs, and links.

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62. Jackson's Archery & Hunting Page
Steve Jackson's Personal Web Portal, Jackson's archery Hunting Page, JavascriptBallistic Calculator, Kinetic Energy, Message Board, archery Hunting Books
Archery Menus Arrow Shaft Charts San Diego Archery Elk Hunting Info Hunter Activism ... Site Links Search this site:
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63. Willkommen Zur Champion
Manufacturer of spectacle frames and accessories for shooting and archery.
Preisliste : Doc ( 380 KB ) PDF ( 116 KB )
Last Update 06.01.2002

64. Archery Society Of Western Australia
Information about the society, it affiliates, committee details and the shooting schedule for 2000.
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65. Kyudo: Japanese Archery
Kyudo FAQs with contributions from several authors.Category Sports Martial Arts Kyudo......The Art of Japanese archery. This style found great favor with the general publicand he is generally credited with saving Japanese archery from oblivion.
The Art of Japanese Archery
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Table of Contents
  • What is Kyudo?
  • What is a Makiwara?
  • What are the different Schools of Kyudo?
  • How can I check out Kyudo? Current Events and News
  • Kyudo USA '96National Kyudo Seminar, SOON!
  • Beautiful new Dojo in Utah!
  • Seminar in San Francisco, June 21-23 (hurry!!) ...
  • Miscellaneous A Pictorial View
  • YumiThe Bows
  • Kyudo-kaThe Archers
  • Dojoplaces of study
  • Interesting Odds and Ends ...
  • Pictures Of Me (it's my home-page after all) More Information
  • A Fine Essay By Earl Hartman
  • Major Traditions' Contacts
  • Organizations, Dojos (schools), and Contacts
  • Annotated Bibliography of Books and Periodicals ...
  • Your comments are welcome Number of Accesses since Dec 18, 1995 Number of Accesses Today
    The FAQs
    What is Kyudo?
    Viewpoints of an Art will give you a better picture but, quite simply, Kyudo is a form of Japanese archery that is heavily influenced by zen.
    What is a Makiwara?
    A makiwara is a practice target, usually made of straw bound in a kind of tube, that is used by beginners and masters alike to perfect the most basic to the most advanced forms.
    What are the different Traditions of Kyudo?
  • 66. Home Page
    Details of a target archery club including events, results, equipment information, bow tuning, the club's history and coaching tips.
    What's New Newsletter P1 Newsletter P2 Old Newsletter P1 ... Author Club News
    February's Beginners Course was a success and a few new archers will be joining the Club soon and enjoying to shoot their new bows as well.
    The Australian Senior National Championships will be held from the 29th April to 3rd May 2003
    at the Mt. Petrie Bowmen Club Grounds and S.Q.A.S. Field Range.
    There is a lot of work still left to do to prepare targets and field courses beforehand and
    to help the running of events.
    We have nearly 200 lunches to prepare each day of the target and field events !
    We need volunteers to help out prior to and during the events.
    If you are able to help in any way,
    please contact the S.Q.A.S. Secretary as soon as possible. Contact details and Championship details are listed at the S.Q.A.S. website Our country farmers are suffering drought conditions with many dams and water supplies running dry. Many are already taking their herds of cattle onto the sides of roads looking for any available feed. Others are selling off their cattle while they still can.

    67. California Archery
    CALIFORNIA archery Updated on Mar 21, 2003 CA archery Clubs on the WEB.CA Pro Shops on the WEB. USA State archery Organization Web Sites.
    Updated on Mar 21, 2003

    (FITA) Events Calendar



    Olympic Archery
    Trad. Archers of CA

    Archery Clubs: Northern CA Central CA Southern CA State Archers of CA ... Archery Links CA Archery Clubs on the WEB CA Pro Shops on the WEB USA State Archery Organization Web Sites Archery Manufacturer Web Sites THIS MONTH IN HISTORY March 6, 1925 Saxton Pope and Art Young set sail from New York for Cherbourg, France, on their way to their famous African hunting adventure. SPECIAL ITEMS Read this article about the importance of Kids in Archery Here is a photo of Burt Reynolds receiving a commemorative Bear Takedown bow on the 30th anniversary of the making of the movie: "Deliverance" Here is the description of the Yeoman from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales EVENING LEAGUES Check the weather at your next shoot location So long as the new moon returns to heaven, A bent beautiful bow, So long will the fascination of Archery Keep hold of the hearts of men Maurice Thompson 1878

    68. ArcheryWeb
    Southern California archery Web, with links to shops and competitions.Category Regional North America Recreation and Sports......ENTER



    69. Home Page
    Club located overlooking Lake Mallalieu in North Hudson, Wisconsin. Offers membership for rifle, handgun, trap, skeet, rod, and archery enthusiasts.

    70. Under Construction
    Under Construction. The site you were trying to reach does not currentlyhave a default page. It may be in the process of being upgraded.
    Under Construction
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    Please try this site again later. If you still experience the problem, try contacting the Web site administrator.

    71. Archery SA
    A F.I.T.A. affiliated State association of archery clubs in South Australia.

    72. Online Archery Stores; Archery Equipment, Archery Supply And Bow Hunting Equipme
    Find where to shop and buy archery equipment and bowhunting supplies in this directory of stores.
    NCAA Final Four Tickets Shop Gearshopping
    Select a Department Apparel Automotive Baseball Basketball Boating Camping Classifieds Climbing Diving Eyewear Fishing Golf Hunting Jetski Racquet Sports Rowing Running / Hiking Scooters Skating Snowboarding Snow Skiing Surfing Travel Wakeboard Water Sports Windsurfing Winter Sports Women's Sports
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    Archery and Bowhunting Equipment
    When you think of archery, maybe it's Robin Hood that flashes into your mind. Visions of running through a forest as a marksman archer. Today a "Robin Hood" is an accomplishment named after the legendary character and the feat he performed in the famous archery contest. It occurs when an archer drives the tip of the shaft of one arrow deep into the end of another arrow already in the bullseye. Archery is a worldwide sports and whether your going for the target or the live game,'s Archery Shops and Bowhunting Merchants can get you handled. Shop for the finest Archery bows, longbows, archery arrows, crossbows, carbon arrows and more online. Welcome To Archery Equipment@ The Great Outdoor Emporium
    Instant Buys
    The Sportsmans Guide

    Browning® Micro Midas 2 Bows

    starting at $149.97

    73. Bownet And Bow International Archery Magazine
    International archery news, information, resource centre and shoppingsection from the publishers of BOW International archery magazine.
    The site of one of the world's best presented and most readable archery magazines and extensive resource centre for the sport.
    If you are viewing this text, your browser lacks the ability to read frames. Don't worry, you can still enjoy our site. All the pages can be viewed from the contents page. Please come inside!
    Magazine Subscriptions

    Latest Edition

    Bow Magazine Facts

    Back Issues
    Home Page

    74. Archery Society Of Tasmania
    Governing body for archery associations in the state. Competition details and results, list of clubs, and contact details included.
    Archery Society of Tasmania Est. 1955 Home Page Home Administration Clubs Archery Intro Documents Coaching Competitions Results Events Records ... Links W elcome to the Archery Society of Tasmania Archery which is the official governing body of Archery in Tasmania, Australia. This Web site will be maintained on a regular basis to keep both the general public and the Archers themselves informed as to the Events taking place in Tasmania. More information can be obtained by either following the links to the individual Clubs and Societies, or by contacting this organisation on the contacts under the Profile link.
    Please address updates and comments to the AST Web Co-ordinators This page was last updated on July 30th, 2002 It is published by the Archery Society of Tasmania, and was created using the resources of Tasmania Online you are directed to a relating to the Tasmania Online Service. AST site last updated -

    75. Specialty Archery
    Makers of archery sights including the Super D, Super Scope, and SuperStix stabilizers.Category Sports archery North America United States...... Welcome to Specialty archery Products the archery Innovators. Thiswebsite is undergoing changes to include new product. We invite
    Specialty Archery Products And More ENTER

    76. Welcome To Ku-Ring-Gai Bowmen
    Details of an archery club offering state of the art facilities, beginners courses and coaching.

    Ku-Ring-Gai Bowmen

    Rowell Computer Services

    Ku-Ring-Gai Bowmen

    Rowell Computer Services

    77. Archery Articles
    Articles about various aspects of archery. Some from the a scientificintention). (Sagittarius Twente archery). archery articles.
    Archery articles
    The following is a selection of articles we got permission for to put on the Net. Hopefully it will grow as times passes. If you would like to have your article on archery included, please let us know.
    Articles from the Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries
    The Compound Bow

    Twenty-five years after Allen's patent of December 1969. The history of the development of the well known bow and a little more.
    Observations on the returning arrow

    This works, Marcelo tried it himself!
    Steel bows from India

    High tech from a long time ago.
    Archery and Mathematical Modelling

    Enough to keep you busy for a while! Covers the modelling of recurve bows.
    Oriental Hinged and Take-apart Bows
    And you thought the recurve take-down bow was modern? On the Mechanics of some Replica Bows A further investigation on the modelling of bows. The Medieval English Longbow Characteristics and origin. An article about the early longbows and how they came to England. Ballistic Properties in Ancient Egyptian Arrows A piece on arrow spine by a non-engineer Turkish Flight Arrows The arrows the Turks used to achieve incredible long distance shots Whistling arrows The history of the noise making arrow.

    78. Newcastle City Archers
    Details of a target archery club located at Waratah. Includes location and shooting times.
    Newcastle City Archers has been established for over forty years.
    It is a friendly, relaxed Club catering for Target archers. The last few months have seen an influx of new members, both experienced archers and beginners. Being close to Newcastle University, several of our members are students and were successful in recent Eastern Universities Games. The Archery Range is located at the Newcastle Pistol Club, Eldon Street, Waratah. Shoots are held every Sunday starting at 9a.m (in summer) or 10a.m (in winter) and finishing late noon. Members have access to the grounds seven days a week for practice. Instruction is by our Coach who is Level Two. He has been practicing Archery for over forty years and is always willing and available to help beginners and experienced archers alike. For those who have never tried archery before, the Club charges $30 covering use of equipment and 3x1hour lessons. Later, expert advice is available when purchasing your own equipment. Coaching outside of Club hours can also be arranged.

    79. Archery FAQs
    A collection of all archery FAQs for the newsgroups alt.archery and Twente archery). archery Frequently Asked Questions.
    Archery Frequently Asked Questions
    The Archery FAQs are currently not maintained by Anyone! Please e-mail me if you want to adopt the maintenance of this FAQ.
    alt.archery and FAQs This location is the official Web location for the FAQs.
    Reference FAQs
    1995 ASA rules Archery books Archery History General Archery ...
    Archery Organisations
    Construction and Maintenance FAQs
    Arrow making Asian bow construction Bow construction Servings and Repairs ... Arrow Fletching (blackboard extract)
    FAQs for different forms of Archery
    Target Archery Korean Archery Kyudo Clout shooting ... txt
    New Maintainer! Italian Bowyers
    Shooting FAQs
    Walk-back tuning Shooting Style
    Organisational matters
    Buying Bows (in progress) Newsgroups Charter
    Who are the people in Alt.Archery and Rec.Sport.Archery
    Have a look in the Archer's Gallery
    These pages are maintained by the Sagittarius Web Team Last modified on Friday November 16, 2001

    80. TomoChiChi Traditional Archery Club
    TomoChi-Chi archery club is dedicated to promoting archery hunting in Georgia

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