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         Architecture Countries & Cultures:     more books (89)
  1. The Nature of Authority: Villa Culture, Landscape, and Representation in Eighteenth-Century Lombardy (Buildings, Landscapes, and Societies) by Dianne Suzette Harris, 2003-05-01
  2. Iowa State Fair: Country Comes to Town by Thomas Leslie, 2007-07-12
  3. Muqarnas: An Annual on the Visual Culture of the Islamic World (Muqarnas)
  4. Practices, Interpretations and Representations (Encyclopaedia of Women and Islamic Cultures) by Joseph, S. (ed.), 2007-06-30
  5. The Capital of Europe: Architecture and Urban Planning for the European Union (Perspectives on the Twentieth Century) by Carola Hein, 2004-12-30
  6. The Moonlight Garden: New Discoveries at the Taj Mahal (Asian Art and Culture)
  7. Soul of the North: A Social, Architectural and Cultural History of the Nordic Countries 1700-1940 (Reaktion Books - Histories, Cultures, Contexts) by Neil Kent, 2004-10-01
  8. Another step towards a culture change: while the Egan Review has some warts, it is a valuable additional push for changes in the training and development ... An article from: Town and Country Planning by John Deegan, 2004-05-01
  9. Urban showmanship and deeper regeneration: when culture meets urban regeneration, is its effect as significant as is sometimes claimed by the promoters ... An article from: Town and Country Planning
  10. Harnessing the hidden enterprise culture: Colin Williams reports on an innovative local-level policy measure to bring those working in the informal economy ... An article from: Town and Country Planning by Colin Williams, 2006-07-01
  11. The California Landscape Garden: Ecology, Culture, and Design by Mark Francis, Andreas Reimann, 1999-06-22
  12. Economics, Education, Mobility And Space (Encyclopaedia of Women and Islamic Cultures)
  13. Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures: Family, Body, Sexuality and Health , Volume 3 (Encyclopaedia of Women and Islamic Cultures)
  14. Muqarnas- An Annual on the Visual Culture of the Islamic World: 1996

61. Usability Guy » User Experience Design And Consulting » San Francisco
Information architecture Develop site structures, interface layouts, wireframesInterface and clear communication across multiple countries and cultures.
Usability Guy UE Architect
user experience strategy and design

62. Architecture Web Resources
About architecture http// Links and information in a ornaments trim, preservation, great bridges, countries/cultures, archives
Architecture and Building
Architecture and Building is a guide to net sites on architecture, building and construction, design, housing, planning, preservation, facility management, energy and the environment, and landscape architecture, compiled by Jeanne Brown , University of Nevada Las Vegas Architecture Studies Library. For a listing of sites by category, go to the Contents Page . For a listing of sites by site name, go to the Alphabetical Index Go to previous section Contents page Alphabetical index by site
Information Databases and Image Banks
AcIS Imaging and Hypertext Projects []
A joint project of AcIS Academic Information Systems and Columbia University Libraries. It includes 2000 digitized images (e.g. of Paris maps, Calatrava Bridges, and miscellaneous other topics). Home of the Digital Image Access Project. archINFORM: Architectural Buildings/Projects Database []
Database of "over 5000 built and unrealized projects from various architects and planners. The architecture of the 20th century is the main theme of this database." Lists by person and town; searchable. Useful reference tool for dates and locations. archiV - die architektendatenbank []

63. The Thread Studio Gallery
with an organic structure, my influence has turned within, to the architecture ofthe The division of movement between the countries and cultures that I
Home Pam Annesley Suzanne Gummow Kirry Toose ... Student Gallery Celia Player I make no apologies about being a textile artist. I love decoration, to decorate myself, my enviroment, and my work. I trained in art/embroidery at Loughborough College of Art and Design in England from 1986 to 1990, graduating with a B.A. (Hons) Degree. Colour and pattern form the basis of my work which involves the manipulation of fabrics and the use of the sewing machine as a tool for drawing, or free machine embroidery. My work is always influenced by what is happening in my life at any one time. Initially ancient English architecture, the patterns and the mysteries together with the hidden legends which are my roots, evolved in a combination of geometric order within an organic structure. The architecture within the landscape. Subsequently, travelling, especially to India, developed my sense of the spiritual and mysterious. I experienced a sense of recognition between the two cultures, in which the significance of symbol, and imagery played a crucial part in the evolvment of my work. Eventually, migration to Australia brought a change in the imagery for a while with the expression of emotion about the migration being paramount.

64. Architecture In Berlin
Our European countries and the United States of America have developed exemplary,universal societies where people of different cultures live together.

65. Encyclopedia Of Vernacular Architecture Of The World - Cambridge University Pres
by the people of over a thousand cultures. vary widely within some countries andextend others, the encyclopedia considers vernacular architecture within its
Home Catalogue
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Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World
Edited by Paul Oliver
In stock
‘… the breadth and detail is staggering.’ Building Design ‘It should be seen as a major pioneering work.’ The Times Higher Education Supplement ‘The Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World is … a many-sided achievement, dealing with material culture and sustainable settlements as a source for understanding both present and past and as an inspiration for constructing the future.’ Architecture Today ‘ … a masterwork in that it is not only a rare achievement of collaborative scholarship but also the result of its editor’s individual vision and determination, and his skill in constructing a multidimensional matrix of themes and materials …’. Anthropology Today ‘Paul Oliver is the Sir Banister Fletcher of our age, chronicling the architecture of the people rather than for the people.’ Architects Journal ‘ … a monument in its own right, and a classic to put on the shelf alongside Pevsner … in the league of Banister Fletcher’s famous tome on comparative architecture and Nikolaus Pevsner’s extensive Building of England series’. RIBA Journal
750 contributors from 80 countries
Volume 1 Approaches and Concepts; Cultural Traits and Attributes; Environment; Materials and Resources; Production and Components; Service Systems; Symbolism and Decoration; Typologies; Uses and Functions. Volume 2 Asia East and Central; Australasia and Oceania; Europe and Eurasia; Mediterranean and Southwest Asia. Volume 3 Latin America; North America; Sub-Saharan Africa; Glossary; International Lexicon; Bibliography; Index of Cultures and Habitats, Nations and Locations; General Index.

66. QUT Library Interior Design
Suitable for most research topics in the areas of architecture and allied arts tofurniture style, manufacture and makers in all countries and cultures.

STOCK Travel destinations from more than 150 countries. Tourism, traditional cultures,scenic landscapes, art, architecture, people, archaeological sites
Wolfgang Kaehler
About Images Stocklist
Latest Coverage
Wolfgang Kaehler
13641 NE 42 St.
Bellevue WA 98005-1101

To request photographs, or for more information, please contact Wolfgang Kaehler directly. AGPix photographers: to post updates, access the utilities section. THE FILE 400,000 35mm; detailed stocklist. Online searchable database. OVERVIEW When on assignment I try to cover every aspect of the area I am photographing, including natural history, landscapes, architecture, people and whatever is special about the place. Photographing for all different kinds of magazines opened my eyes and made me overcome challenges which included extreme temperatures, political red tape and sudden changes in the story. I look for unusual views to make the photo interesting. STOCK Travel destinations from more than 150 countries. Tourism, traditional cultures, scenic landscapes, art, architecture, people, archaeological sites, temples, churches and religion, flora and fauna, ecotourism. NATURAL HISTORY Wide subject diversity. Natural landscapes, from arctic to tropical to Antarctic, tropical rain forest, native flora and fauna worldwide.

68. The Hindu : Legacy Of The Mughals
With an intricate knowledge of Islamic architecture and history and translationof styles and to trace their roots from various countries and cultures.
Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Tuesday, Apr 16, 2002 Group Publications Business Line The Sportstar Frontline The Hindu
About Us

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Book Review Published on Tuesdays Features: Magazine Literary Review Life Metro Plus ... Book Review Legacy of the Mughals Ebba Koch's Mughal Architecture would be a good book for such training. Koch, an art historian at Vienna University, is an acknowledged expert on Indo-Islamic architecture and particularly of the Mughal period. Throughout the book, the author draws the readers' attention to various details in the buildings and then, where possible, establishes the links so that the transformations can be evaluated with a sense of continuity. Extensive research on the well-known and not-so-well-known buildings of this period and beyond to establish these links, makes the book a valuable one. The Mughals were of Timurid-Mongol stock. Their architecture became a synthesis of the styles and proportions of the Transoxanian (the land between the rivers, Syr Darya and Amu Darya, of Central Asia), Iranian and Persian, with the planning features and ornamental details of Gujarat, Malwa and Rajasthan. The Timurid style was replicated with almost no variations during the reign of Babur in the three mosques that he built. Koch points out two important elements that were introduced for the first time into the sub-continent and which differentiate these buildings from earlier Islamic architecture. The Panipet mosque shows the decorative Timurid pseudo-structural arch-netted plaster relief work to the transition zones of the domes and in the fragmented Chahar (Char) Bagh at Agra, the Timurid-Persian design of a subdivided wall garden by raised walkways can be seen.

69. Aec Asia - Who Link - The Architecture & Design Network For Asia
9. StudyWeb ArtsarchitectureCountries cultures. 10. architecture Web Resources
The architect and design network for Asia l Australia Bangladesh Cambodia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Korea Laos Malaysia Myanmar New Zealand Philippines Sri Lanka Singapore Taiwan Thailand Tibet Vietnam I about us I add listing I advertising I contact us I search I I architecture I construction I design I engineering I products I who's links Location: Index About Us Who Links

Architecture Web Sites
Architecture Web Sites Digital Librarian: Architecture and Historic Preservation Royal Institute of British Architects - Related internet resources
Open Directory - Profile - whitt
ICN Partners

70. Social Studies
countries cultures. The books in this series explore climate, land, wildlife,history, government, economics, people, and traditions of other countries.

71. Categories From Google
Business@; Chats and Forums (3); Civil Engineering@; countries and cultures (30 LandscapeArchitecture@; Libraries (8); Magazines (42); Museums (20); Organizations
You need Java to see this applet. Home GreekArchitects InterArchitects NewArchitects ... Search WORLD CENTER ARCHLINKS BY GREEK ARCHITECTS PORTAL Categories from Google Architects


Urban Planning
Categories from yahoo Categories from Greek Architects Portal Greek Architects Categories from Great Buldings Great Architects A I B I C I D I E-F I G I H I I-J-K I L I M I N-O I P-Q I R I S I T I U-V-W I Y-Z Categories from Canada Architects in Canada Categories from T.E.E ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE



Architecture Projects
Categories from Architects USA Search for an architect/Listing for over 30.000 firms WORLD CENTER ARCHLINKS BY GREEK ARCHITES PORTAL HOME vasmis

72. Cultures Of Various Nations Online - CUSTOMS IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES - Information
cultures of various nations online. CUSTOMS IN VARIOUS countries. Calling AllGirls! Free Cartoon Dolls! ECommerce $49.99/year! Click Here for Details.
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Cultures of various nations online CUSTOMS IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES
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Graphics Gallery and Search Animated GIFs Photos Icons Clip Art
To consult "The Encyclopedia of World Cultures" at your library
Here are some notes that i have taken regarding customs in various countries:
Afghanistan Afghans usually sit with legs crossed, however, pointing the soles of the feet towards someone else is considered impolite. During meals, Afghans generally sit on the floor around a mat on which food is served in a communal dish. Food is eaten with the fingers of the right hand or a piece of nan (unleavened bread). Any business discussions occur after refreshments. Guests do not bring gifts. Albania Albanians greet with a handshake. They often move their hands and heads when conversing. Visiting is

73. WebRing: Hub
architecture in the Information Age Personal site devoted to digital architecture. FromFree postcards and travellinks from Greece other countries.

74. Le Monde Et Plus
Translate this page Europe. Space and aviation, Aviation. Univers. cultures Styles of life in theWorld, arts, etc Teaching. Architectures according to countries and ages.
Le Monde et plus
22, rue d'Hardeville 60240 - ~~~~ ville ( France ) Tel : Fax : Webmaster
Le lien entre les êtres humains dans le Monde
The link between people in the World
Chapitre principal en cours - Main chapter in progress
ADH - Navigation
ADH - Main Chapters Administration Fr ADH Administration Gb ADH ... Le Monde Juridique - The Juridical World LE MONDE ET PLUS ... - THE WORLD AND MORE ...
Pays et Gens - Countries and People
Espace - Space Cultures - Cultures Enseignement - Teaching ... Architecture - Architecture
Le Monde et plus ...
The World and more ...
Ce chapitre et les suivants sont une fenêtre sur le Monde. Les sujets qui y sont développés sont : Les pays et les gens : Connaissance des pays, de leurs habitants, tourisme, etc ... Afrique Amérique du Nord Amérique Centrale Amérique du Sud Asie Australie et Océanie Europe L'espace et l'aviation Aviation Univers Les cultures : Modes de vie dans le Monde, arts, etc ... L'enseignement Les architectures selon les régions et les époques This chapter and its following are a window open on the World.

75. Andean Links
Music, History, Archaeology, Languages, Politics, etcCategory Regional South America Regions Andes Society and Culture...... in french, nice fotos; Inca architecture, construction techniques; Quechua Culturesof the Andes, Quechua Songs, poems Geography of Andean countries Geografía.
Culturas de los Andes
Andean Links
New additions added to the bottom of each catagory.
Las mas recientes están al final de cada categoría.
Andean Music Música Andina

76. World Cultures
Universesin-Universe Site map for extensive collections of links formany countries and world cultures. World map, Textile Arts Tai
Program Goals Lesson Plans Year Plan ... To top of page HERE IS A LIST OF SOME OF THE PLACES WE WILL TRAVEL. Listen to the sounds of music from all over the world.
Learn about customs all over the world. Need a translation See this Flash site for Interactive exhibits, games, lessons and more. Explore the history of people living on America's borders. Discover the New World - learn about the Americas both old and new. Study Ancient Cultures of Our World from the Ice Age to the Bronze Age - to ancient Greece and Rome. Understand other cultures and go back to the Medieval World. This is a must see site!
British Museum: World Cultures
See the cultures represented. Go to Compass and enter the culture into the search. High quality images and explanations
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Primarily focuses on native cultures of Canada (from ancient times to present but there sure is a lot to explore. Other world cultures represented in special exhibits. Be sure to check teacher's guides.

77. Roosters Complementary Studies: Master In Cultures And Development Studies
MSI 02.28 PF79 Development and cultures locallevel Housing and Building in DevelopingCountries H. Verschure 39-51 HF24 Theory of architecture Modernity and
Complementary Studies: Master in Cultures and Development Studies
Status publiek - Eerste semester 2002-2003 - Opgemaakt op 2 april 2003 Tijdstip Weken F Lokaal College
Nader te bepalen
***39-51 E774 Gezondheidszorgsystemen P. Schoukens ***39-51 HF24 Theory of Architecture: Modernity and Urbanity H. Heynen
Verklaring lokaalcodes :

78. Global Alliances And Different Cultures
Global alliances and international transaction means several countries and manydifferent cultures have to be considered, moreover to get better result of
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Global Alliances and Different Cultures
Follow Ups Post Followup KM Think Tank Forums Discussion Index Posted by Rubijanto on April 22, 2002 at 22:20:12:

79. Tribes Travel
Site with a host of ancient architecture and traditional this a melting pot of differentcultures, with tribal The two small countries of Swaziland and Lesotho
Country: Any Botswana Ecuador Egypt Gambia India Jordan Lesotho Morocco Namibia Nepal Peru South Africa Tanzania Zambia
Activity: Any Ancient sites Beach Birdwatching Camel treks Cultural tours Deserts Family trips Hiking Mountains Rainforests Safaris Short Breaks Trekking Wildlife
Price: Any
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E-NEWSLETTER CONTACT US TRAVEL INFO Health Weather Insurance Security advice ... UNUSUAL REQUEST
DIRECTORY OF COUNTRIES Botswana Ecuador and The Galapagos Egypt Gambia ... Zambia Botswana Group Holidays Country Highlights Botswana, in the heart of Southern Africa, offers some of the most spectacular wildlife experiences in a wide range of environments, from the evocative Kalahari desert and the surreal Makgadikgadi salt pans, to the mopane forests on the banks of the Chobe River and the vast seasonal floodplains of the Okavango Delta. The jewel of Botswana, and one of the best wildlife reserves in southern Africa, is of course the famous Okavango Delta with the Moremi Wildlife Reserve at its heart and most people include this as a 'must' for any trip. But the other parks should not be overlooked such as Chobe in the north, and those in the Kalahari Desert in the south. Bostwana is also home to some of the last remaining communities of San Bushmen who live in the harsh landscape of the Kalahari Desert. Tribes has links with some of the Bushmen communities, allowing us to introduce you to the unique way of life of this indigenous people.

80. Now@FIU February 2002 Issue -- VP Breslin's Book Focuses On Role Of 'pleasure' I
wine and precious metals to money (often bribes), art and public spectacles — wereeffective during different times and in different countries and cultures.
VP Breslin's book focuses on role of 'pleasure' in foreign affairs
"Humankind's history is bound up with pleasure," is the opening sentence in Beyond Pain : the role of pleasure and culture in the making of foreign affairs (2002, Praeger Publishers), the new book by Thomas Breslin, FIU's vice president for Research and associate professor of International Relations. The statement begs the question: Who wouldn't choose pleasure over pain? Human nature notwithstanding — given the proclivity toward both conflict and pleasure — Breslin believes that historians focus more on war and violence even though times of peace and mutual accommodation are more prevalent. "Those periods of tranquility receive very little attention," he commented. "History highlights wars, rather than the periods in between them when diplomats are working to prevent wars." Thomas A. Breslin

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