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         Architecture Houses Other Countries:     more books (57)
  1. The domestic architecture of England during the Tudor period: Illustrated in a series of photographs & measured drawings of country houses & other buildings with historical and descriptive text by Thomas Garner, 1929
  2. The Georgian Country House: Architecture, Landscape and Society by Dana Arnold, Tim Clayton, 1999-07
  3. The Domestic Architecture of England During the Tudor Period: Illus. in a Series of Photographs & Measured Drawings of Country Houses & Other Buildings: With Historical & Descriptive Text (2 Vols.) by Thomas Garner, Arthur Stratton, 1929
  4. The Domestic Architecture of England During the Tudor Period. Illustrated in a Series of Photographs & Measured Drawings of Country Houses & Other Buildings etc. -Two volumes by Thomas Garner, Arthur Stratton, 1929
  5. Plans and elevations of cottage villas and country residences,: With parsonage houses, lodges, and other domestic buildings; also, various details and general estimates by William Pattisson, 1852
  6. The British Country House in the Eighteenth Century (Studies in Design & Material Culture) by Christopher Christie, 2000-05-05
  7. The Fate of the English Country House by David Littlejohn, 1997-04-17
  8. Creating Paradise: The Building of the English Country House, 1660-1880 by Richard L. Wilson, Alan Mackley, 2003-02-05
  9. The English Country House Chapel: Building a Protestant Tradition by Annabel Ricketts, 2007-12-31
  10. The Country Houses of Gloucestershire Vol. 1, 1500-1660 by Nicholas Kingsley, 2001-01-01
  11. Scottish Country Houses 1600-1914
  12. Warwickshire Country Houses (English Country Houses Series) by Geoff Tyack, 1994-01-01
  13. Cheshire Country Houses
  14. Life in the English Country Cottage by Adrian Tinniswood, 1997-11

1. architecture and town planning are related to in Sweden and other countries, are thought to need offices, customs houses, military storehouses and other structures, since 1935
2. That modern architecture cannot be dissociated from town or community planning was a statement made in all the representations to us. At present, we were told, 54 per cent of Canada's population is urban, and the proportion is growing rapidly. It is increasingly urgent therefore that anyone who constructs a building of any kind consider the relation of the new structure both to the site and to neighbouring buildings actual and potential, a point strongly brought to our attention by a professional architect who referred to this responsibility both as a public duty and as architectural good manners. 3. On the general state of both architecture and town planning we received somewhat disturbing reports. Architecture, according to one group, although it has the greatest influence of all the arts on the manner of living, is largely ignored by the public. "Builders are creating across the breadth of Canada row upon row of architectural monstrosities in communities whose almost immediate pattern is one of decline and blight." The justice of such a forthright statement by a group of younger professional architects, if not accepted, is certainly not denied by older individuals and groups, professional and amateur, who gave us their views. It was submitted to us that architecturally the public in general

2. Architecture In China
architecture in China will class replace class? screens, joints and other innovations of garden architecture. Yet that was And few other countries would entertain such an Building (at left), which houses the world's highest
Architecture at a juncture
China gave the world the Great Wall, pagoda roofs, screens, joints and other innovations of garden architecture. Yet that was centuries ago. Since then, China has been renowned for its concrete blocks. As the country turns to world-class talent to remake the Middle Kingdom as a modern showpiece, can China really replace crass with class?
By Ron Gluckman /Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong P AUL ANDREU PONDERS what has become of his dream of giving Beijing a National Theater that would be the envy of the world. "The Big Hole - yes, that would be a very apt name," the French architect says as he scans the partly excavated site alongside Tiananmen Square in the Chinese capital. Andreu's vision - a $300-million structure that is not so much a building as it is a futuristic bubble set in an artificial lake - has been repeatedly stalled by objections of Beijingers who derisively refer to it as the "alien egg." Others have not been so kind calling it a "Giant Turd." A series of project reviews have hampered development and no official date is set for completion. Andreu is undeterred. "This will be my most successful work," he predicts.

3. SWAC: Vernacular Architecture Of The Low Countries
A page discussing how the use of wall-ties spread from the Low countries in the late middle ages to Category Arts architecture History Vernacular...... presents information on the vernacular architecture of the Antilles Curaçao, andpossibly other islands the of short wall anchors, Many houses in the
Vernacular Architecture of the Low Countries
Buildings using short wall-ties
This page presents information on the vernacular architecture of the Low Countries, especially brick building which were constructed using short-wall anchors (muurankers). This technique was used in many of the colonies of the Netherlands, and also spread around the North Sea and Baltic. Please note that it has not been overhauled since 1999, and thus does not reflect the most recent research, or, necessarily, my current thinking. My html skills have moved on some, too! I am currently researching the meaning of short wall anchors at the Department of Archaeology, University of York, and that does not leave me much time for updating my site. I am using TimeMap software to present the data, and this will be publically available through the Electronic Cultural Atlas when it is complete and checked (eta August 2004).
Short wall-ties outside the Low Countries
Links to further information on the following will be added in due course.
  • Austria (possibly!)

4. ATA; Asian Tradition In Architecture; Traditional Houses And Settlements Of Kore
Costa Rica Tours Nature Tours Costa Rica Welcome to Costa Rica's leading Tour Operator Costa Rica Tours give you the opportunity to discover other countries as well. In this website you will find Belize other countries coming soon. available in Banks, exchange houses, hotels and street vendors the Cathedral and other colonial architecture. Overnight in Leon.
Now at ATA! Search FAQ General Information Recommended ... (Korean)
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5. Yard: Comparison Between Yarded Houses In Iran And Other Countries
architecture Yard. Comparison between yarded houses in Iran andother countries. Research. Scope of expansion of houses with yard

Books Museums Countries ... Game
Architecture: Yard
Comparison between yarded houses in Iran and other countries
Scope of expansion of houses with yard in East countries consists a long chain from Iran as far as North Africa and contains many countries like Iran, Iraq, Greece, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. In some of those countries, in addition to houses with yard, some yard less houses are also built. In other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, widespread species of multistory houses without yard are built. In every region, with regard to climate specifications and current architectural culture, houses with yard are formed. Notwithstanding those differences and various specifications, faith and belief of religious culture, result creation of a sanctuary for private life of residents. Then yard and organization of different spaces around yard, play an important role to achieve this aim. Yard in those countries has an utmost similarity to yards of coastal cities of Iran in Persian Gulf, specially to Bushir and in some instances are alike fully closed yards of Central Iran.

Pritzker architecture Prize The Complete Glenn Murcutt Media Kit The Complete Media Kit is available here as a PDF which can also be downloaded there are two PDF files one is the color photo booklet, and the other In fact, architects from other countries chosen for the prize now an architecture of place, architecture that responds to the landscape and the climate. His houses are fine tuned
The status of CSE at Norwegian universities and research institutes is given in Chapter . In the present chapter, universities and research institutes in Europe and USA (mainly) are covered. The main focus will be on research and education related to CSE at the
universities. Research based on CSE at the research institutes all over the world is too extensive to be covered in this report. It is strongly emphasized that the material in this chapter by no means is meant to be complete. That would have required a much more extensive investigation. At the universities there have been an increased CSE activity on the educational side, perhaps most evident in the USA. John Rice has described thirteen CSE (or similar) educational programs . These programs try to give their students the knowledge needed to solve computational problems in engineering and science. It is reported that the situation today is that we too ofte have engineers or scientists working on CSE projects with too little knowledge about computing, or computer scientists with too little know-how in engineering and science.
2.1 Europe

7. Yard: Yarded Houses In Other Countries
at foundation of residence building, were much more than other factors; therefore climaticfactor had little effect in designing and architecture; for example

Books Museums Countries ... Game
Pictures: Fahraj: Jame Mosque
Isfahan: Jame Mosque

Ziaratgah: Jame Mosque

Bukhara: Kalian Mosque
BiBi Khanum Mosque

Architecture: Yard
Research Influence of various architectural spaces as an effective factor in featuring a building was not uniform. For example, influence of climatic-geometric factor at foundation of residence building, were much more than other factors; therefore, various fronts of house never had a unique application, design or space, but each one in accordance to their position in North, South, East or West, in each region, had special design. While, in public buildings and religious constructions, climatic factor had little effect in designing and architecture; for example, in religious schools, Caravanserais, chambers were built in all four fronts of yard and usually designed and erected with similar conditions to benefit maximum spaces around yard. Among all architecture spaces, mosques, specially congregational mosques, in big cities underwent less influence of climatic conditions, but mostly under worshipping conditions and general principles of architecture; for example, build the place toward direction of "Kiblah" or setting main Shabestan on the front of Kiblah, is a principal, which was considered in all mosques.

8. Experts - Expertises
230 countries United Nations European Union other Organizations. architecture Codesarchitecture General architecture houses architecture Multiple Dwell
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Residents of depressed and wartorn areas may find 'superadobes ' made of moist dirt and loose cement, reliable, affordable, and stylish. what Mr. Khalili calls his "superadobe" houses. In the United States, style of architecture, which originated in Iran and Afghanistan, may not be readily accepted in other countries.
Residents of Tortola got the unique opportunity to witness the architecture of the Virgin Islands from the year 300 to 1999 during the staging of the first in a series of exhibitions planned by the Millennium Committee.
The exhibition was mounted at the East End/Long Look Community Centre and appropriately depicted ways in which Virgin Islanders built their shelters over the centuries. According to Committee member Mrs. Medita Wheatley, beyond the actuality of what is seen in the buildings themselves, there is a symbolic representation of how their social, political and economic structures were built as well.
Early in 1982, under the direction of the Community Development Department, the project began to record Virgin Islands architecture. This project was aimed at giving credit to the generations of carpenters and masons whose skill produced this architectural heritage; determining the social and economic factors that have influenced building design and choice of material; recording by photographs and drawings examples of Virgin Islands
architecture and preparing an inventory of buildings of historical, architectural and social importance and creating

10. United Arab Emirates Architecture
the luxuries of modern life enjoyed by other countries. not have happened withoutan impact on architecture. New buildings and houses were constructed using
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites
Architecture in the United Arab Emirates
Dr. Yasser Mahgoub
Economic and Socio-cultural Changes
Economic Changes
Before the discovery of oil, the economy of the country was poor, primitive, and simple. It depended mainly on sheep herding and pearl collection. It could be described as “the pearl era” as opposed to “the oil era.” Besides pearl catching there were other minor sources of income such as fishing, trading, farming, and sheep keeping. The inhabitants were mainly belonging to one of the following groups: Bedouins, or Settlers. The social system was tribal similar to social systems found in the rest of the Gulf area. Their work ranged from fishing to farming to hunting to sheep raising. Bedouins depended on sheep raising moving from one place to another searching for water and resources. Some tribes were settlers such as Al Awamer and Al Manaseer who settled in the area of Abu Dhabi. Al Naim tribe lived in the desert area. During their travel, the Bedouins used to take their belongings and animals with them. The settlers were mainly fishermen. They also worked in pearl trading, and farming near the coastal areas. The farmers settled in villages by the desert oasis, such as Al Ain villages. After the discovery of oil, the economy changed dramatically. Oil became the major source of income for the country. The introduction of modern technology accompanying oil excavations and fast exchange with the rest of the world made the means of modern life available to the citizens. With the construction of oil fields, oil companies provided settlements for their workers and families. Following the production of oil with large amounts, the UAE became one of the large oil exporting countries of the world. During the Seventies, the economy of the country was booming and other economic activities were also flourishing including fishing, farming and trading.

11. WORLDREVIEWS.COM. Architecture Pages. Read The Reviews Or Write Them.
It is in the private houses, though, that some of the best glimpses of of his wealththat contrasts with the distancing from trade found in other countries.
BOOKS A global archive of independent reviews of everything happening from the beginning of the millennium To send us a review you have written click here To register FREE as a freelance writer or journalist click here click here
Author : Hakan Groth. Photographs : Fritz von der Schulenberg. First published : Thames and Hudson, London, 1990.

This beautifully presented book on Neoclassical interiors and furniture in Sweden has become the standard English language reference book on the subject. A French version has also been published.
There is little other accessible English language material on Swedish Neoclassical buildings. The book is well-written, easy to read and shows real scholarship; some of the grand houses it covers, being in private ownership and inaccessible to the public have not received this level of scrutiny or attention outside Sweden before.
It is a good book for the student to begin with to research a different area of Neoclassicism as it sets out facts in a meticulous manner without being judgmental. Its author, Hakan Groth, found that there was no reference work which people could refer to when enquiring about the Gustavian and Empire periods in Sweden. The book is therefore written to give a clear picture of 20 Neoclassical houses to those unfamiliar with Sweden. It has something of the flavour of an excellent guidebook, would serve well as one, and avoids drawing unnecessarily narrow conclusions from the facts which other authors, writing on English Neoclassical subjects, sometimes do.

12. About Adobe - Press Room - For Immediate Release
Adobe InScope for specialized publishing houses, said Helmuth provides PPI witha modular architecture and high in the United States and/or other countries.
Adobe InScope Continues to Attract Integrators Worldwide Systematics, atteso and PPI Plan to Adopt Workflow and Asset Management System from Adobe IFRA, Amsterdam, (Oct. 9, 2000) (Nasdaq:ADBE) Systematics and InScope Manage Cross-Media Systematics is one of the ten largest e-business integrators in Europe and plans to integrate InScope for its publishing customers, including corporate publishers who create their own printed and electronic materials. Systematics provides complete print and web editing systems for publishing houses, online magazines, advertising systems, digital picture processing, picture and text archiving and workflow solutions for publishers. "The role of the publishing system integrator has evolved from integrating different databases to integrating processes," said Gerwin Vollmer, director, Systematics. "We are also responsible for organizingand planning print and web-based systems. Adobe InScope provides Syste matics with an ideal technical platform capable of supporting next-generation systems for both print and cross-media." New Company Bets on InScope The first atteso project in Germany is the development of a publishing management system for editors called VM-R, which will be based on Adobe InScope. The VM-R system will facilitate a new way of integrating processes in publishing houses and editorial departments.

13. Architecture (Select Books - Southeast Asia Specialist)
architecture. At the heart of each is a presentation of houses, more than twenty in Thehouse in Indonesia, as in many other countries, is considered a complete
Architecture (General)


Architectural Design

Urban Planning
Indonesia - Design and Culture: Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali
by Pearson, Clifford
Building Jaipur: The Making of an Indian City

The royal city of Jaipur was planned and developed on ancient shastric principles since its foundation in 1727. This architectural biography of Jaipur recounts its history and enters into the thinking of the architects involved over the last 300 years. The uses and purpose of Indian architectural theory, now again receiving much professional and other attention, are highlighted and explained. With 130 photographs and plans, glossary, and bibliography.
Witnessing the Australian Outburst [aa Asia Monograph 4)
by Lim, William (Editor)
Witnessing the Australian outburst is the fourth monograph published by AA Asia. It documents the "architectural outburst" members of AA Asia who participated in the trip to Melbourne and Perth in 2002 saw, savoured and throughly enjoyed Works and Projects of Young Indonesian Architects 1997-2002 [karya-Karya Arsitek Muda Indonesia ...

14. Two Decades Ago Portugal And Other European Countries Assisted To A Large Moveme
24 stone houses that represent the regional vernacular architecture. One of thosehouses was chosen for a summer is more efficient than the other they perform
Preserving vernacular architecture with environmental concerns for sustainable tourism
farm is located in the north center of Portugal and will be adapted for sustainable tourism. It has 24 stone houses that represent the regional vernacular architecture. These houses were originally designed in relationship with the closest environment. One of those houses was chosen for a summer camp facility.
Casa dos Eucaliptos was studied in order to be restored and adapted for new tourist purposes in a way the integration with the surrounding environment is respected and the comfort is improved.
The first phase consisted of trying to improve the thermal comfort by: analysing the climate in the region which concluded that solar gains should be increased in Winter time and thermal mass used in summer time.
simulating the house in Calpas, which predicted a very high heating load and a moderate cooling one
applying the strategies to the improved case and simulate it in Calpas The solar gains could be increased in two different scenarios: a more conservative and a more critical one. Portugal and the central region Casa dos Eucaliptos before and after
Thermal comfort in Casa dos Eucaliptos Psychrometric chart for Cova da Beiraclimate The clerestory window strategy and sunspace strategy are examples of these two different attitudes. Although one is more efficient than the other they perform differently depending on the season.

15. Kips Travelpage. Barcelona. Architecture.Modernism.
Art Nouveau’ which was popular in other countries at that time In 1914 he gaveup architecture and devoted finished, and the café restaurant houses now the
Modernist Architecture History Modernist ideas Modernist Architecture Contemporary Architecture ... Photos Brief History Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, is a very old city and even made its first appearance on a map in 133 B.C.. In the Gothic quarter, it becomes obvious that the city has got a long history. There are still some pieces left of a Roman wall, and there are lots of Gothic buildings . The city's population kept growing trough the centuries, and soon the city was expanding outside the Roman walls.
M odernist ideas st President of the Unio Catalana and took the chair at the Assembly in 1892 which approved the statement of Catalan demands for independence. And Josep Puig i Cadafalch became the president of the first regional government of Catalonia. Gaudi, Domenech and Puig all belonged to the right wing High Church aristocrats, who formed the influential Lliga de Catalunya in 1887. Modernism, to this newly formed aristocracy, meant freedom from the Spanish domination,traditions and architecture. They struggled to revive the Catalan language, history and traditional arts and crafts.Catalonia had always looked North for its commercial and cultural nourishment. Spain had prohibited Catalonia from sharing in the exploitation of the American colonies, and this now worked in favor of the Catalans who developed local agriculture, textile industries and trading contacts. As Spain declined, Barcelona prospered.

16. Architecture In The The United States
San Francisco Victorians, Usonian houses by Frank resources for information aboutarchitecture in the other countries and Cultures Browse our directory for
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Architecture in the The United States
Guide picks Use this directory to find facts and photos for historic or important architecture in the USA.
Bridges in the United States
Net links to facts and photos for American bridges. Castles in the United States Our master directory of America's Guilded Age homes, often called castles California Your starting place for exploring great buildings and master architects in California, with facts and photos for California Mission architecture, San Francisco Victorians, Usonian houses by Frank Lloyd Wright, and more. Illinois: Chicago From your Guides to Downtown Chicago and Chicago Suburbs, photos and information. Massachusetts: Boston This online resource for tour guides is a rich source of photos and history of architecture in Boston. Created by David Wieneke.

17. Japanese Architecture (Buddhist Architecture, Shinto Architecture,  Design Conc
These houses were also designed for people He blended traditional architecture withadvances scientifically were sought after by other countries, which carried
Home About Us Search Japanese Architecture Summary of Japanese Architecture
Japanese Garden
Imperial Palace
Itsukushma Shrine Overview Overview Chinese architecture has historically influenced that of Japan. In spite of this, there are still major differences between the two. One variation with Japanese architecture typically placed people on the floor to sit, whereas that of China had them sitting in chairs. This custom began to change though in the Meiji period (1868-1912). Another influence, besides lifestyle, is the climate. Japanese have to plan according to the climate and season changes. Since most of Japan has long, hot summers, the houses reflect that by being somewhat raised so that air can move all around. Wood is a popular choice for material because it adjusts well to earthquakes and works well with season changes (cool in summer, warm in winter). Buddhism as well has greatly influenced Japanese architecture since it's introduction from China during the Asuka period (593-710). Horyuki Temple was built in 607 under the influence of Buddhism, and was registered in 1993 as a UNESCO World Heritage property. The layout of this temple has been unchanged and preserved over the years. The Buddhist deity worshipped at the temple is housed in the main hall, which is the oldest wooden structure in the world and the center of the entire complex. Back to Top The Nara period (710-794) brought about imitation of the Chinese capital. A capital city, Heijokyo, was planned as an imitation of the Chinese capital and included a checkerboard pattern for the streets. Nobility were housed in buildings during the Heian period (794-1185) that had the main buildings and sleeping rooms in the center with corridors connecting other apartments. This style is called

18. New Zealand Architecture
of New Zealand and those of other countries was the Zealand architecture, as opposedto architecture in New some architects, especially of houses, looked back
New Zealand Architecture
Buildings in New Zealand tell a unique story of immigrants - from both Polynesia and Europe - coming to a strange land and adapting known building forms to new conditions and materials. The immigrants found large, forested islands which had a temperate but highly variable and sometimes extreme climate. Combined Traditions
The earliest buildings in New Zealand were the humble huts of the first Polynesians. By the time of European contact, the Maori had evolved a particular building type, the meeting house, which is the only building unique to New Zealand. In form it was a simple, gable-ended structure with an open porch at one end, but it was a building integrated into its setting, the marae-atea, and a building which is, in a real sense, the ancestor after whom most are named. By the mid nineteenth century the meeting houses were generally highly carved. These wharenui, or meeting houses, play a role in community life unlike the role played by any European-derived buildings, even churches. Some of the most exciting and original buildings in New Zealand (the Futuna Chapel in Wellington and the Arthur's Pass Chapel for example) marry the form and spirit of the Maori meeting house with traditions drawn from European architecture.

I believe many of those who migrated to other countries from Jaffna may be publicguest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors. Village houses.
BY R.MAYOORANATHAN Previous Next Guest page Dear Friend, As I mention in the home page, one of my intentions in launching this site is to receive more information related to the subjects discussed in these pages. I believe many of those who migrated to other countries from Jaffna may be having valuable information or have access to such information. I am sure that there are useful information available in the Indian states of Thmilnadu and Kerala.  I would like that all those who have any knowledge in this subject, to share it with all those who are interested and to facilitate further study. I welcome anyone to contact me regarding this matter through email. Please click here to contact me I also would like to know what you think about this web site. Please leave your comments in this public guest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors. Home Introduction Village
... Conclusion         Last update on 07 January 2002        YOUR VISITOR NO. TO THIS SITE IS THANK YOU.

20. - Dome, Sweet Dome - Inventor Teaches World To Build Sturdy
the world to build sturdy houses No less Institute of Earth, Art and architecture(CalEarth on the Cal-Earth Institute from other countries, including Japan

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