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         Arctic & Antarctic Regions Envir:     more detail

21. Ulrik Søchting
Research interests Taxonomy and biogeography of arctic and antarctic The lichen genusCaloplaca in polar regions. flora of the western Antarctic area Abstract

22. [ENVR]
ENVR Antarctic ice sheet shrinks, 20, 2/4/01 75746 am by Old Git, Old Git.ENVR The arctic National Wildlife ENVR EPA and 10 regions for Sustainability,6,

23. Consequences (v1,No3) - The Environment Since 1970
1980s and is spreading to the arctic and mid in both developing and industrializedregions have experienced Surprises, such as the Antarctic ozone hole, have
CONESQUENCES: Volume 1, Number 3
The Environment Since 1970
by Jesse H. Ausubel David G. Victor , and ... Iddo K. Wernik In the minds of many, 1970 marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement, symbolized by the first observance of "Earth Day" in the spring of that year. In the ensuing quarter century we have built personal computers and engineered genes. We have ended the Cold War, the Berlin Wall and apartheid in South Africa. And we have felt deepening environmental concern, punctuated by drought in the Sahel, accidents in Bhopal and Chernobyl, and spilt oil in France, Ireland, and Alaska. The data on which we rely are mostly collected by national governments. They are compiled periodically in reports of the U.S. government, United Nations organizations, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Resources Institute, and other groups. The most important of the sources are identified at the end of the article.
Population Energy use Total commercial energy consumption grew at the same rate as population, from the equivalent of a little over five billion tons of oil in 1970 to just under eight each year today. Thus, global per capita commercial energy consumption has remained roughly constant. Per capita commercial energy consumption in low-income countries more than doubled. Still, absolute consumption remains concentrated in the wealthy industrialized nations, where 15 percent of the world's population consume over half the energy used.

24. Eakin
Antarctic Science 10, 257268. Etkin, DA (1990). Greenhouse warming consequencesfor arctic climate. Journal of Cold regions Engineering 4, 54-56.
Eakin, C. M. (1996). Where have all the carbonates gone? A model comparison of calcium carbonate budgets before and after the 1982-1983 El Nino at Uva Island in the eastern Pacific. Coral Reefs
Eamus, D. and Jarvis, P. G. (1989). The direct effects of increase in the global atmospheric CO2 concentration on natural and commercial trees and forest. Advanced Ecological Research
Easterling, W. (1998). Climate change and American agriculture: The Great Plains. Earth and Mineral Sciences
Easterling, W. e. al. (1993). Impacts of and response to climate change in the Missouri-Iowa-Nebraska-Kansas (MINK) region. Climatic Change
Eaton, J. G. and Scheller, R. M. (1996). Effects of climate warming on fish thermal habitat instreams of the United States. Limnol.Oceanogr.
Ebbesmeyer, C. C., Cayan, D. R., McClain, D. R., Nichols, F. H., , D. H. Peterson, and Redmond, K. T. 1976 step in Pacific climate: Forty environmental changes between 1968-1975 and 1977-1984 . California Department of Water Resources. , J. L. Betancourt and Tharp, V. L. Interagency Ecological Study Program Technical Report 26, 115-126. 1991. Ebbesmeyer, C. C. and Strickland, R. M. Oyster Condition and Climate: Evidence from Willapa Bay. WSG-MR 95-02. 1995. Seattle, Washington, Washington Sea Grant Program.

25. Ccwildlife_e
10 Antarctic Science, 257268. Etkin DA (1990) Greenhouse warming consequencesfor arctic climate. 4 Journal of Cold regions Engineering, 54-56.
Eakin CM (1996) Where have all the carbonates gone? A model comparison of calcium carbonate budgets before and after the 1982-1983 El Nino at Uva Island in the eastern Pacific. 15 Coral Reefs, 109-119. Eamus D, Jarvis PG (1989) The direct effects of increase in the global atmospheric CO2 concentration on natural and commercial trees and forest. 19 Advanced Ecological Research, 1-55. Easterling W (1998) Climate change and American agriculture: The Great Plains. 67 Earth and Mineral Sciences, 4. Easterling Weal (1993) Impacts of and response to climate change in the Missouri-Iowa-Nebraska-Kansas (MINK) region. 24 Climatic Change, 23-61. Eaton JG, Scheller RM (1996) Effects of climate warming on fish thermal habitat instreams of the United States. 41 (5) Limnol.Oceanogr., 1109-1115. Ebbesmeyer CC, Cayan DR, McClain DR, Nichols FH, DHP, Redmond KT (1991) 1976 step in Pacific climate: Forty environmental changes between 1968-1975 and 1977-1984 . California Department of Water Resources. (Eds JLB and VL Tharp) pp. 115-126. Ebbesmeyer CC, Strickland RM (1995) 'Oyster Condition and Climate: Evidence from Willapa Bay.' (Washington Sea Grant Program, WSG-MR 95-02Seattle, Washington)

26. ELIOS - Sites

27. National News Newsletter 09
UVRadiations in the arctic Present, Past and Future (1996 field of view) and withmeasuring regions of mid reflect the ozone hole structure over the Antarctic.
S tratospheric P rocesses A nd their R ole in C limate
A project of the World Climate Research Programme
Home Initiatives Organisation ... Useful Links
SPARC-related activities in Argentina
Dr. Pablo O. Canziani, SPARC contact in Argentina (Universidad de Buenos Aires, , or , fax: 54 1 783-3098 or 54 1 982-4862)
These continued with only a few modifications with respect to the previous report (see Newsletter 4). The highlight is the construction and operation of a portable aerosol lidar by CITEFA (Instituto de Investigaciones de las Fuerzas Armadas). The lidar has been successfully tested and operated outside Buenos Aires. At the same time, in cooperation with France, an ozone lidar is currently being built. An informal meeting of scientific groups involved in SPARC-related activities was held in December 1995 in the Universidad de Buenos Aires. The Servicio Meteorologico Nacional (SMN), jointly with the province of Tierra del Fuego, continues the operation of the GAW station near Ushuaia. Also, a column NO sensor measurements here as well as at Marambio St. Other activities such as the NSF-CONICET high resolution spectrophotometer at Ushuaia and the national UV-monitoring network, with 5 GUV-511 continue normal operations.

28. SSBEF Participant Biographies
tracers in ecology; climate change effects in polar regions. of Scottnema lindsayae(Nematoda) in Antarctic soils a change in a high arctic polar semidesert
Home Topics Agenda Travel and Accommodations ... SSBEF Files 2002 Integrating concepts of biodiversity in soils and sediments: a transdisciplinary assessment of the most critical taxa, functions and habitats for sustainability, their vulnerability and management options
Final workshop: October 20-23, 2002, at Aspen Lodge, Estes Park, Colorado, USA
SSBEF Participant Biography
Soil Freshwater Marine Science writer Jonathan Anderson
Richard Bardgett

Valerie Behan-Pelletier

David Bignell
Valerie Brown

Vern Cole
Bill Hunt

Phil Ineson

Hefin Jones
Patrick Lavelle ... Yvonne Baskin Jonathan M. Anderson Research interests: Soil biodiversity and functions, management of soil processes, agrobiodiversity in tropical farming systems Selected publications: Wilkinson SC and Anderson JM (2001) Spatial patterns of microbial communities in a Norway Spruce (Picea abies) plantation. Microbial Ecology 42:248-255. Cox P, Wilkinson SP and Anderson JM (2001) Effects of fungal inocula on the decomposition of lignin and structural polysaccharides in Pinus sylvestris litter. Biology and Fertility of Soils 33: 246-251. Anderson JM (2000) Food web functioning and ecosystem processes: problems and perceptions of scaling. In: Invertebrates as Webmasters in Ecosystems (eds D.C.Coleman and P.F.Hendrix) pp. 3-24.

29. Untitled
Other Antarctic ice sheets including the Wordie and Prince Scientists studying thepolor regions conclude that the Surface Heat Budget of the arctic) Science
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Global Warming B.Windham(Ed.) (12-1-2001)
The 1990s was the warmest decade in recorded history(19,67,78,83,84), with 1997 and 1998 the warmest in recorded history and each month of 1998 setting all time highs(79). 2000 and 2001 were also among the warmest years in history(84,94), with 2001 being the 2 nd warmest ever and 1 degree Celsius more than the 1961-1990 average. The global average temperature has increased about 1 degree Celsius since 1880, and 0.3 degrees Celsius since 1975(29,16,36, 40,41,42,49,90). An even greater warming is seen in global average minimum temperatures which have increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius since 1950(77). There is strong evidence that this warming trend is due to the greenhouse effect related to a buildup of carbon dioxide and similar greenhouse chemicals related to manmade increases in fossil fuel emissions and atmospheric release of other chemicals(16,84). A dramatic warming of ground surface temperatures has occurred in areas such as the North slope of Alaska and areas of Canada(38,49). Stanford University researchers recently concluded in the journal Science, that the breakup of river ice on the Tanana River is occurring an average of 5.5 days earlier in recent years than it did in 1917(93).

30. Untitled
Atmospheric fallout to coastal regions. 238Pu, and 241Am in the Antarctic Peninsulaarea sediments around Svalbard. Environmental Radioactivity in the arctic.

31. Nat'l Academies Press, The Decline Of The Steller Sea Lion In Alaskan Waters: (2
phocids, which range from the tropics to polar regions of the arctic and Antarctica morethan 7,000 individuals) to the extremely abundant Antarctic fur seal
The Decline of the Steller Sea Lion in Alaskan Waters: Untangling Food Webs and Fishing Nets
Ocean Studies Board ( OSB ), Polar Research Board ( PRB
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32. A List... July 11,1997
in these high alpine ice caps is in regions that are tropical and subtropical icecaps, in the Antarctic Peninsula, and in the Russian arctic, along with
A List of Environmental and Telecommunications Events and Issues
July 11 to July 18, 1997

Published, Edited and Written by George Mokray for
Information Ecologies
218 Franklin St #3
Cambridge, MA 02139

"A List..." is also a listserv. You can subscribe or unsubscribe by emailing , leaving the Subject line blank, and typing "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" as the message.
Previous issues of "A List.." are available for your perusal at
If you are interested in keeping Internet an open and free forum, contact Listings Saturday, July 12 contact 666-8530 or 498-1137 sponsored by the Friends of Boston Harbor Islands 2 pm and 7 pm Pan-Twilight Circus "Tempest in a Big Top" - a circus version of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" to benefit Somerville's community gardeners and recyclers contact 628-8850 corner of Summer and Vinal Streets, near Union Square, Somerville

1.7. 0.94. 0.76. 0.001. 30.1. 0.05. Glaciers Permanent Snow. Antarctic. Greenland.arctic Islands. Mountainous regions. 24,064. 21,600. 2,340. 83.5. 40.6. 1.74.
CHAPTER VI CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF NATURAL WATERS A. INTRODUCTION Table 6.1 The World's Water Reserves (adapted from Shiklomanov, 1993) Percentage of Global Reserves Volume of Total Water of Fresh Water World Ocean Groundwater Ground ice/Permafrost Lake Water Swamp Water River Water Biological Water Atmospheric Water Total Water Total Fresh Water B. INORGANIC MATRIX 1. Occurrence Table 6.2 Average Concentration of Major Inorganic Species in River Water (values in mg/L) Species Global Avg. N. America Median Colorado Ave. Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ K+ Al+3 Cl- F- Br- Total 2. Specific Solutes a. pH b. Electrical Conductivity c. Oxygen d. Silica e. Aluminum f. Carbonates g. Sulfate h. Chloride C. ORGANIC MATRIX
  • consumes oxidants and coagulants in treatment systems to such an extent that it determines the requisite dose coats clay particles and thereby determines their behavior binds with hydrophobic pollutants and heavy metals, elevating their solubility provides buffering in waters of low alkalinity it can affect mineral dissolution and precipitation it can affect biological activity in natural and engineered systems reacts with oxidants forming organic oxidation byproducts

34. Master Index Of Otolith References
Six growth regions were identified in the otolith sections in cod a reliable markerfor arctic cod (Gadus CORIA, NR.1993, JulyFish prey of Antarctic fur seals
********************************** Subject: Master Index of Otolith References ********************************** Preview net-release - FISH-ECOLOGY-LIST 14. may 1995 Update July 1997 ISBN 1395-5632 Compiled by Henrik Hornhaver

35. Pom Publication List
in semienclosed Mediterranean regions North Adriatic Sea effort studies differencesamong arctic ocean models Interactions at the Antarctic Continental Margin
References to Papers Associated with POM Table of Contents
General information and statistics
List updated- *** Apr. 05, 2002 *** Send references that may be of interest to POM users to Tal Ezer
Note- non-POM papers on issues such as mixed-layer schemes, pressure gradient errors in sigma-models etc are also welcome.
Summary of List by Year of Publication Year Number Year Number 1974 1 1990 8 2002 5 1975 1 1991 9 1977 1 1992 12 1980 1 1993 9 1982 2 1994 26 1983 1 1995 37 1984 1 1996 34 1985 7 1997 29 1986 2 1998 68 1987 3 1999 68 1988 3 2000 57 1989 4 2001 59 ======== TOTAL 448
Geographical keywords
First Author's name.

36. SAR References
The identification and mapping of Antarctic meteorite collecting on Microwave Signaturesof arctic Sea Ice glacier mapping in alpine regions with polarimetric
Sensor Descriptions
Birk, R., W. Camus, and E. Valenti, 1995, Synthetic aperture radar imaging systems, IEEE AES Systems Magazine, November, pp. 15-23. Carver, K. R., C. Elachi, and F. T. Ulaby, 1985, Microwave remote sensing from space, Proc. of IEEE, vol. 73, no. 6, pp. 970-996. Casey, D. and J. B. Way, 1991, Orbit selection for the EOS mission and its synergism implications, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, vol. 29, pp. 822-835. Elachi, C., 1980, Spaceborne imaging radar: Geologic and oceanographic applications, Science, vol. 209, pp. 1073-1082. Elachi, C., C. Breed, W. E. Brown, J. B. Cimino, L. Dellwig, T. Dixon, A. England, D. Evans, J. Ford, H. MacDonald, P. Martin-Kaye, H. Masursky, J. F. McCauley, F. Sabins, R. S. Saunders, and G. Schaber, 1982. Shuttle Imaging Radar (SIR-A) experiment: Preliminary results, Science, vol. 218, pp. 996-1003. Elachi, C., 1982, Radar images from space, Scientific American, vol. 247, no. 6, pp. 54-61. Elachi, C., J. B. Cimino, and M. Settle, 1986, Overview of the Shuttle Imaging Radar-B preliminary scientific results, Science, vol. 232, pp. 1511-1516.

37. T H E P R I N C E T O N O C E A N M O D E L
in semienclosed Mediterranean regions North Adriatic effort studies differencesamong arctic ocean models. Interactions at the Antarctic Continental Margin
Close Page and Return to the POM Web Page .............. summary graph References to Papers Associated with POM Search Options: ...
Submit a Reference

Records found: 532
Ahsan, A. K. M. Q. and A. F. Blumberg, Three-dimensional hydrothermal model of Onondaga Lake, New York. J. Hyd. Eng., 125(9), 912-923, 1999 Ahsan, A. K. M. Q., M. S. Bruno, L-Y. Oey, and R. I. Hires, Wind-driven dispersion in New Jersey coastal waters. J. Hyd. Eng., 120(11), 1264-1273, 1994 Aikman, F. III and D. B. Rao, A NOAA Perspective on a coastal ocean forecast system. Coastal Ocean Prediction, Coastal and Estuarine Studies, Vol. 56, C. N. K. Mooers (Ed.), American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC, 467-499, 1999 Aikman, F. III and E. Wei, A comparison of model-simulated trajectories and observed drifters in the Middle Atlantic Bight. J. Mar. Env. Eng., 2 (1-2), 123-139, 1995 Aikman, F. III, Wei, E.J., and J. R. Schultz, Water level evaluation for the coastal ocean forecast system. Second Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Processes, Jan. 11-16, 1998, Phoenix, AZ, American Meteorological Society, Boston, MA, 1-6, 1998 Aikman, F., G. L. Mellor and D. B. Rao, A quasi-operational forecast/ assimilation system for the U.S. east coast. Proc., AMS Conf. on Coastal Oceanic and Atmospheric Prediction, Submitted, 1995

38. Chironomidae Bibliography - TEXT
of (sub)atlantic sandy lowlands regions during this introduction to the maritime Antarctic.BiologicalJournal of phenologies of some arctic Alaskan Chironomidae

39. CGRER NetSurfing: Maps And References
Categorized links to a few hundred sites.Category Reference Maps Directories...... San Francisco Bay and Delta regions (GRASSLinks/REGIS Seafloor Spreading Along thePacific/Antarctic Ridge MPEG Shaded Relief Maps of the arctic; Conservation of
Maps and References
(last updated: NOTE: I am in the process of pruning the dead links. This should be finished sometime in July. The following compilation of Internet/WWW sites is intended to be an introductory guide to some of the map and reference resources available via the World Wide Web. Consider using one of the WWW search engines if you are looking for a specific type of map or reference. The maps which are listed here have been selected because they are thought to be reasonably useful and/or interesting. They are categorized by geographical region although there are a couple of thematic categories such as Interactive Maps which both highlights the potential of the WWW and are also fun to use. Note that there is some overlap in geographic coverage between these categories. The emphasis is on displayable maps (e.g. images) rather than digital cartographic (GIS) and satellite data which can be found in the separate compilation Geodata Information Sources . There is also another listing which includes Weather Maps and Imagery

40. Laboratory Of Nematology
the soil nematode communities in regions polluted with catastrophic iceberg scouringin shallow Antarctic sediments soil food web at two arctic sites evidence
MI literature 1990 MI literature 1994 MI literature 1998 MI literature 2002 ... MI literature 2001 MATURITY INDEX LITERATURE We would be very pleased to receive comments on this list, additions of any papers we have omitted and reprints or photocopies of future studies. I will announce updates of this overview at Nema-L. If you are not registered at Nema-L, but interested to receive a message after updating, please let me know ( Tom Bongers ) and I'll add you to the mailing list.
  • Tom Bongers
  • Laboratory of Nematology
  • Wageningen University
  • Binnenhaven 5
  • P.O. Box 8123, 6700 ES Wageningen
  • The Netherlands
Bongers, T. (1990a). The maturity index: an ecological measure of environmental disturbance based on nematode species composition. Oecologia 83: 14-19 Bongers, T. (1990b). The use of the maturity index in biomonitoring terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. In: Proceedings and abstracts. Second International Nematology Congress, Veldhoven, The Netherlands. P. 58-59 Bongers, T. (1990c). Biologische bodembeoordeling met nematoden. In: Handboek voor Milieubeheer (eds. F.A.M. de Haan, Ch.H.Henkens and D.A. Zeilmaker). Deel Bodem. Samson, H.D., Tjeenk Willink, Alphen aan de Rijn-Deurne. J2000 1-17

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