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         Arctic & Antarctic Regions Envir:     more detail

41. 1994 Current Bibliography
Antarctic dipterans colonisation processes and physiological limits community structurein an arctic stream. Bull. River management in cold regions a case
1994 Current Bibliography
Compiled by Odwin Hoffrichter
Here is another contribution for the home page, the entire 1994 current bibliography, updated and arranged. Any additions or corrections should be sent to: Odwin Hoffrichter
Institut f. Biologie I (Zoologie)
D-79104 Freiburg
Germany Fax: +49 (0)761 203 2544
Ph.: +49 (0)761 203 2582
  • J. Microsc., Lond. 174 Ahiska, S. ve Karabatak, M. 1994a. Seyfe (Kr s% s% ehir).- Turk. J. Biol. 18 Jber. naturwiss. Ver. Wuppertal 47 Akiyama, K., Fukuda, M., Kobayashi ,N., Matsuoka, A. and Shikama, K. 1994a. The pH-dependent swinging-out of the distal histidine residue in ferric hemoglobin of a midge ( Tokunagayusurika akamusi Biochim. biophys. Acta 1208 Akpan, A. W. and Anadu, D. I. 1994a. Determination of the effect on the environment of municipal effluents and inorganic sedimentation with regard to water quality and macroinvertebrate fauna in the River Delimi, Jos (Nigeria).- Alaimo, J., Ogle, R. S. and Knight, A. W. 1994a. Selenium uptake by larval Chironomus decorus from a Ruppia maritima -based benthic/detrital substrate.-
  • 42. Department Of Biological Sciences, University Of Plymouth
    arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme Report 911 Environment, Transport andThe regions Contract Reference Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research, UK
    Biology Home Page
    Staff Index
    Prof Mike Depledge Tel: Fax: Email: Career
    • DSc, University of London (1996) Visiting Professor, University of Otago (1993) Professor of Ecotoxicology, Odense University (1987-1994) Lecturer in Physiology, University of Hong Kong (1983-1987) Lecturer in Physiology, Institute of Cancer Research (1979-1983) PhD, University of London (1978) BSc, University of London (1975)
    Research Interests and Key Publications Marine ecotoxicology, the influence of pollutants on evolutionary processes, crustacean and molluscan ecophysiology, trace metal biology. Endocrine disruption in invertebrates. Plymouth Environment Research Centre (PERC) Publications (since 1996) Mytilus edulis Ecotoxicology Marine Pollution Bulletin Bioscience Palmaria palmaria Aquatic Toxicology n -nonylphenol and 17ß-oestradiol. Aquatic Toxicology Camus, L., Grøsvik, Børseth, J.F., Jones, M.B. and DEPLEDGE, M.H. (2000). Stability of lysosomal and cell membranes in haemocytes of the common mussel ( Mytilus edulis ): Effect of low temperatures.

    antarctic Pack Ice Seals INDICATORS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE AND CONTRIBUTORS TO CARBON FLUX An international research program coordinated by the SCAR Group of Specialists on The SCAR Group of Specialists on Seals is developing an

    44. References
    envir., 23185200, 1989. Carbon monoxide and total ozone in arctic and Antarcticregions seasonal variations, long-term trends and relationships.
    Next: Management Approach Up: Validation of MOPITT Column Previous: Summary of Proposed Activities
    G. P. Anderson, S. A. Clough, F. X. Kneizys, J. H. Chetwynd, and E. P. Shettle.
    AFGL atmospheric concentration profiles (0-120 km).
    Tech. Rep. AFGL-TR-86-0110 , AFGL (OPI), Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., 1987.
    J. F. Boatman, D. L. Wellman, C. C. Van Valin, R. L. Gunter, J. D. Ray, H. Sievering, Y. Kim, S. W. Wilkison, and M. Luria.
    Airborne sampling of selected trace chemicals above the central United States.
    J. Geophys. Res.
    V. S. Connors, M. Flood, T. Jones, B. Gormsen, S. Nolf, and H. G. Reichle.
    Global distribution of biomass burning and carbon monoxide in the middle troposphere during early April and October 1994.
    In J. S. Levine, editor, Biomass Burning and Global Change, Volume 1: Remote Sensing and Modeling of Biomass Burning, and Biomass Burning in the Boreal Forest , pages 99-106. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1997.
    P. J. Crutzen, L. E. Heidt, J. P. Krasnec, and W. H. Pollock.
    Biomass burning as a source of atmospheric gases CO, H

    45. 1. The Climate Change - Agriculture Conundrum
    ozone layer, mainly in the Antarctic region, may predicted to occur in some regionsprovides possibilities for off arctic ice shows speed of climate 'flips'.
    1. The climate change - Agriculture conundrum
    Land and Water Development Division, and Interdepartmental Working Group on Climate Change, FAO, Rome, Italy
    Agrometeorology Group (Environmental Information Management Service), and Interdepartmental Working Group on Climate Change, FAO, Rome, Italy
    The world agricultural context
    The changing agricultural environment

    Plant physiological direct effects

    The hydrological cycle and soils
    The risks associated with climate change lie in the interaction of several systems with many variables that must be collectively considered. Agriculture (including crop agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and fisheries) can be defined as one of the systems, and climate the other. If these systems are treated independently, this would lead to an approach which is too fragmentary. The issue is more global. It is now held as likely that human activities can affect climate, one of the components of the environment. Climate in turn affects agriculture, the source of all food consumed by human beings and domestic animals. It must be further considered that not only climate may be changing, but that human societies and agriculture develop trends and constraints of their own which climate change impact studies must take into consideration. An expert meeting held at FAO Headquarters in Rome from 7 to 10 December 1993 considered the direct effects of changing hydrological, pedological and plant physiological processes on agricultural production and concentrated on mechanisms. This introductory chapter of its Proceedings looks beyond the technical aspects of agriculture and stresses some of the major goals of FAO.

    46. WWF-UK Research Centre: News
    change threatens blue whales The antarctic blue whale is just one of the Arcticspecies being approved new legislation to improve Scotland's water envir
    "1990 was the hottest decade in the past millennium and 1998 was the warmest year on record (since 1860) globally."
    The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Areas of interest WWF-UK home Just for kids - go wild! Just for teachers Just for researchers Who cares? campaign Just for shoppers Programmes Focal regions Key audiences Search WWF-UK WWF-UK Research Programme themes Climate change > News Programmes
    Climate change Facts and key issues Reports Policy News ... Research home News WWF-UK: UK leads Europe with draft climate change programme
    The release of the UK's draft programme to tackle emissions that contribute to climate change has put Britain ahead of its European counterparts, says WWF.
    WWF-UK: Bush abandons Kyoto Protocol

    This decision undermines more than 10 years of efforts to find an international solution to this global problem which threatens many of our most cherished habitats and species.
    WWF-UK: Green energy scheme to combat climate change

    Joining the fight against climate change just became easier,thanks to a new green energy tariff from Powergen in association with WWF.
    WWF-UK: Polar bears living on borrowed time

    Climate change is having a dramatic effect on the Arctic and the polar bears that live there, warns a new report by WWF.

    47. Publications And Scholarly And Creative Activity
    of the microbial loop in diverse ocean regions. and its regulation in the AntarcticPolar Front ammonia oxidizer sequences from the arctic and Southern Oceans.
    SCHOOL OF MARINE SCIENCE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES BOOK (Hanson, R.), H. W. Ducklow, (and J. G. Field), eds. The changing carbon cycle in the oceans . Cambridge: Cambridge UP. JOURNAL AND PERIODICAL ARTICLES AND CHAPTERS IN BOOKS Anderson, I. C., C. R. Tobias, (S. A. Macko, and M. A. Poth). 2000. Sources and sinks of nitrogen in acidified glacial lakes of the Bohemian Forest, Czech Republic. Silva Gabreta Bartholomew, A., R. J. Diaz, and G. Cicchetti. 2000. New dimensionless indices of structural habitat complexity: Predicted and actual effects on a predator’s foraging success. Marine Ecology Progress Series (Bartol, I. K.), and M. R. Patterson. 2000. Swimming mechanics of squid and its applicability to the design of highly maneuverable autonomous underwater vehicles. Proc. 1st International Symposium on Aqua Bio-Mechanisms, Vol. 1, ISAMBEC 2000, Tokai Univ., Honolulu, Hi. (Buesseler, K. O.), D. K. Steinberg, (A. F. Michaels, R. J. Johnson, J. E. Andrews, J. R. Valdes, and J. F. Price). 2000. A comparison of the quantity and composition of material caught in a neutrally buoyant versus surface-tethered sediment trap. Deep-Sea Research I (Carlson C. A., D. A. Hansell, E. T. Peltzer), and W. O. Smith, Jr. 2000. Seasonal dynamics of dissolved and total organic carbon in the southern Ross Sea.

    48. English Books > Science > Environmental Science
    Book ISBN 0816022739 Alpine regions Cheng, Christopher Library Binding ISBN 0736814205Antarctic Science ; Paperback Book ISBN 354061494X arctic Rootes, David

    English Books

    German Books

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    49. MAMMFAUN: A Bibliography Concerning The Geographical Distribution Of Mammals
    A bibliography of publications concerning the geographical distribution of mammals.Category Science Biology Animalia Chordata Mammalia...... Distribution of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians by BLMphysiographic regions andAW Kuchler's -BalaenidaeMonodontidaeArctic Ocean 236 antarctic mammals.
    A Bibliography Concerning the Geographical Distribution of Mammals Charles H. Smith , Ph.D., Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky
    KEYWORDS: mammals, Mammalia, zoogeography, biogeography, mammal geography, mammal biogeography, geographical distribution, faunas, bibliography, faunal monographs, checklists, determination keys, bibliographies, systematics, literature, faunal lists MAMMFAUN is a taxon- and faunal unit-oriented bibliography of pre-1993 publications concerning the geographical distribution of mammals. It includes faunal monographs, checklists, determination keys, taxonomic revisions, bibliographies, conservation status reports, field guides, etc.any kind of publication that provides information relevant to the study of area-specific faunas. Its emphasis is on areal units rather than taxa; nevertheless, close to half of the references listed are order, family, genus or species-specific, with a geographical systematics or conservation slant. Recent literature (again, through 1992) is more heavily represented than earlier works, but some "classic" studies have been included as deemed relevant to purpose. Coverage is both geographically and linguistically worldwide (works in about 35 languages are included).
    The bibliography is intended to serve several purposes. It can be used to survey important studies on the mammals of a given political unit (e.g., "France" or "California"). It can also be used to identify works pertinent to the study of taxa representative of given geographical units, areal or natural (e.g., "Neotropics" or "Andes"), or to the distribution characteristics of the taxa themselves (e.g., "Chiroptera" or "Felidae"). Beyond these primary goals, it has been designed to facilitate information retrievalin particular, to serve as an aid both to memory and materials retrieval through interlibrary loan. Journal names have been abbreviated to save space, but minor words in titles have not been eliminated. Wherever possible, original language monograph titles have been given (in transliteration according to Library of Congress standards, where required).

    50. Biologist's Fax Directory
    Antarctic Division, Kingston, 02293-335. Research Institute for Agriculture in AlpineRegions, Irdning, 3682 arctic Institute of North America, Calgary, AB, 403-282
    [updated version to come]
    (country codes are in parentheses; city codes are included in fax number)
    Note: Not all city codes and area codes have been verified since the 1993 edition was published. Some of these numbers may not exist or may have been modified. Mariehavn Mariehavn ALGERIA (213) Annaba Blida Oran AMERICAN SAMOA (684) Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources Pago Pago Economic Develop. Planning Off. Environment Div. Pago Pago National Marine Fisheries Service Pago Pago ANDORRA (33) Institut d'Estudis Andorrans Andorra la Vella International Council of Museums Andorra la Vella ARGENTINA (54) Association for the Advancement of Science Buenos Aires Cordoba Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura Mendoza Instituto Torcuato di Tella Buenos Aires Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales "Bernardino Rivadiva" Buenos Aires Universidad Caece Buenos Aires Universidad de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Universidad de Buenos Aires Ciencias Geologicas Buenos Aires Universidad Nacional de La Plata La Plata Buenos Aires Universidad Nacional de Mar Del Plata Mar Del Plata Universidad Nacional de Rosario Rosario Universidad Nacional de Salta Salta San Miguel AUSTRALIA (61) Agriculture Department of Tasmania Devonport Agriculture Protection Board South Perth Alligator Rivers Region Research Centre Jabiru Antarctic Division Kingston Australian Academy of Science Canberra Australian Biological Resources Study Canberra Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Canberra Australian Conservation Foundation

    M83/M124) data for four major regions of the during the AASE and the TECHNOPS Arcticballoon campaign ozone measurements within the 1987 antarctic ozone hole

    52. Envir
    cats and dogs "ohh, the last one was wrong" they are the animals left.. Maybee time to forget that old trading model of 1880 or so and try start thinking different.. and get togheter..
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    cats and dogs "ohh, the last one was wrong" they are the animals left.. Maybee time to forget that old trading model of 1880 or so and try start thinking different.. and get togheter.. The dark areas provide resources to provide Light to the rest of us and
    ohh what dangerous that will be to lose. It will be lost why bother to resist? Dark areas poor and green, Light areas Dark with Asphalt and Cars and "Rich"
    and soon all is dessert and black thats only 1 sec away..

    105los: 1891 Los Angeles Avenue
    Scene. Hand colored engraving,
    published in 1891, titled "Avenue Los
    Angeles." Pedestrians are shown

    53. Stephan De Mora
    Canadian National Report to SCARWG-PACA Scientific Committee for antarctic Research Working Group Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere Concepcion, Chile July 20-31, 1998 Stephen de Mora Département docéanographie Université du Québec à
    Canadian National Report to SCAR-WG-PACA Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research Working Group: Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere Concepcion, Chile July 20-31, 1998 Stephen de Mora Rimouski CANADA Tel: 1-418-723-1986 ext 1601 Fax: 1-418-724-1842 Email: TABLE OF CONTENTS This report comprises the first Canadian contribution to the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research Working Group on Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere (SCAR-WG-PACA) and is presented at the meeting in Concepcion, Chile in July 1998. The purpose of this report is to outline recent and ongoing Canadian involvement in atmospheric science in Antarctica. However, given the fledgling nature of Canadian involvement in SCAR, the liberty is taken to describe Canadian expertise, experts and ongoing research programs in the Arctic. Historically, Canadian polar research has emphasized study in the Arctic region. Nonetheless, numerous Canadian and Canada-based scientists have gained experience in Antarctic investigations. The report entitled Canadians in Antarctic and Bipolar Science is available from the Canadian Committee for Antarctic Research (CCAR) secretariat. Current activities involve remote sensing applications for sea ice studies and the measurement of mercury and organochlorine contamination in the atmosphere.

    54. USAJOBS Job Result List
    of geographic regions.......

    55. IPÖ Literature Database -- Simple Search
    Search the IPÖ Literature Database
    Search the main fields of the database: Login Show Field That... Search String Author: contains does not contain is equal to is not equal to starts with ends with Title: contains does not contain is equal to is not equal to starts with ends with Year: contains does not contain is equal to is not equal to starts with ends with is greater than is less than Publication: contains does not contain is equal to is not equal to starts with ends with All Mar Ecol Prog Ser Dt. Hydrogr. Z. J Agric Sci, Camb Lebensweise von Benthosorganismen Rev. Micropaleont. "Meteor" Forsch-Ergebnisse Reihe D "Meteor" Forsch. Ergebnisse "Meteor" Forsch.-Ergeb. Reihe C "Meteor" Forsch.-Ergebnisse (D) "Meteor" Forschungs-Ergebnisse D "Meteor" Forschungs-Ergebnisse, Reihe C "Meteor" Forschungsergebnisse C 12 - Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 1st Lomb. Sc. Lett 24. Intern. Geol. Congr. 6e. Réunion annuelle des Sciences de la Terre ?Nature? Abh. Geol. B.-A. Abhandlungen der Bayrischen Staatssammlung für Pal. und hist. Geol. abstr. EOS, Transaction, American Geophysical Union Abstract Abstract...

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