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         Arizona Alternative Schools:     more detail
  1. Alternatives of school finance and taxation in Arizona by Gerald J Swanson, 1979
  2. Auto conversion boosts alternative-fuel use; Arizona: East Valley Vocational High School District.(STATE WINNERS): An article from: School Administrator
  3. Get An Education (The Arizona Chronicles) by Dorothy Prater Niemi, 2010-05-05
  4. Climate change action in Arizona.: An article from: UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy by Steve Owens, 2009-12-22
  5. Technology education tackles energy crisis: in a unique career and technical education program in Mesa, Arizona, students are learning about new energy ... of Technology): An article from: Techniques by Sandy Cutshall, Lynn Strang, 2002-11-01
  6. Commitment: Alternative approaches to the teaching of responsibility in school and society by James John Jelinek, 1982
  7. Accountability, management and programs for better education, alternatives?: Welcoming address by W. P Shofstall, 1973
  8. Hualapai judicial reform: Developing alternative dispute resolution : a report to the Hualapai Tribe (Project report series / Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development) by Lawrence O'Brien, 1997
  9. Seated Massage by Utah College of Massage Therapy, 2004
  10. Alternative state funding allocation methods for local school districts to serve "at-risk" students (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:334329) by K. Forbis Jordon, 1990

21. NCACS -- Links To Campus-Based Member Schools
can be found in the NCACS National Directory of alternative schools. Outside theUS arizona California Colorado Florida Illinois Maryland
the NCACS Membership Publications Resources ... Contact Resources
Select an Option Member Schools Home Education Member Publishers Member Resources WEB LINKS TO CAMPUS-BASED MEMBER SCHOOLS The following schools are NCACS members and have active Web sites. This is neither an exhaustive list of members, nor all of our members with Web sites. A complete list of member and partner programs can be found in the NCACS National Directory of Alternative Schools . Members wishing to list their programs or e-mail addresses on this page should contact the National Office at Outside the US Arizona California ... Washington OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES Compuhigh Cyberspace Online high school courses Ecole d'Humanite Hasliberg Goldern, Switzerland Holistic education, rigorous academics The Booroobin Sudbury School A Centre for Learning Booroobin, Australia Independent, democratic school Moo Baan Dek Children's Village School Tambol Wangdong, Thailand Summerhill school-based program for poor and orphans Brockwood Park School Hampshire, England, UK

22. News Releases
Wins Spencer Fellowship for Research on American Indian alternative schools June7 Sullivan Wins Outstanding Doctoral Mentor Award at arizona State University
News in Graduate Education News and Publications Graduate College News Releases TI Awards Three ASU Electrical Engineering Female Students with Outstanding Female Diversity Scholarship Award
November 22, 2002 ASU Student's Work Could Have Social, Political Impact on Education Tests
November 18, 2002 Three ASU Graduate Students Win Faculty Emeriti Association Awards
October 25, 2002 ASU Graduate Student Is Top Endowed P.E.O. Scholar in U.S., Canada
October 11, 2002 Teaching Assistants/Associates at ASU Main to Receive Partial Resident Tuition Waivers
August 19, 2002 Three ASU Graduate Students Win P.E.O. Scholar Award
June 24, 2002 ASU Doctoral Candidate Chosen for Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellowship
June 18, 2002 ASU Doctoral Student Wins Spencer Fellowship for Research on American Indian Alternative Schools
June 7, 2002 ASU Graduate College Partners with Local Cities to Utilize Returning Peace Corps Volunteers for Community Projects
May 29, 2002

23. The Arizona Report Spring 1997--Tucson, Nation Face High Hispanic Dropout Rates
1997 arizona Board of Of 4,304 students at Sunnyside, 77 percent, or 3,335, areHispanic. Note TUSD alternative Education schools not included
The Arizona Report is published quarterly by the
at The University of Arizona.
The Arizona Report is published as a public service and is free of charge.
©1997 Arizona Board of Regents Tucson, Nation Face Growing Hispanic Dropout Rates
Figure 1
National Status Dropout Rate
Students Aged 16-24 (October 1994)
"Status" rates measure the proportion of the total population who have not completed high school and are not enrolled at one point in time, regardless of when they dropped out.
Sources: NCES: Dropout rates in the U.S., 1993; Condition of Education, 1993; and Condition of Education, 1994 First, schools serving mostly Hispanic populations show a higher dropout rate than schools that are serving a more mixed or primarily white population. This is apparent in Figure 2 below. For example, Sunnyside Unified School District (its two high schools are Desert View and Sunnyside) is located in a primarily Hispanic region of the Tucson Metro area and both high schools in the district have higher dropout rates than schools in non-Hispanic areas such as Sabino High or Palo Verde High. Of 4,304 students at Sunnyside, 77 percent, or 3,335, are Hispanic.
Note: TUSD Alternative Education Schools not included
Sunnyside Special Education students included in totals, but not by grade

24. Schools, Training And Licensure: Internet Resources: The Alternative Medicine Ho
schools and Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental University of arizona Program inIntegrative Medicine Study of Complementary and alternative Therapies (CSCAT).
Schools, Training and Licensure: Internet Resources: Alternative Medicine

25. Alternative Schools
of traditional high school an alternative so they students in Douglas County’s traditionalhigh schools. rivers and mountains of Colorado, Utah and arizona.
Alternative Schools Daniel C. Oakes High School
15 S. Gilbert St., Castle Rock, CO 80104
(303) 688-2472, Fax (303) 688-4014
11722 Dransfeldt Road, Parker, CO 80134
(303) 805-0961, Fax (303) 805-1014
Eagle Academy
9375 Cresthill Lane, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 Home Schooling Renaissance Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound School 16700 Keystone Blvd. / Parker, CO 80134 (303) 805-6530 / Fax (303) 841-9118 The Renaissance school is a magnet school for Douglas County. Located near Lincoln Avenue and Jordan Road in Parker, it serves approximately 320 students in grades K-8. Renaissance School is an Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound school and follows the principles and practices of ELOB. Renaissance is also a member of The Learning Network and all staff are trained and participate in this literacy program. Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound Design Principles 3. The Responsibility for Learning: Learning is both a personal, individually-specific process of discovery and a social activity. Every aspect of a school must encourage children, young people and adults to become increasingly responsible for directing their own personal and collective learning.

26. Journal Of American Indian Education-Arizona State University
These village high schools share many characteristics of alternative schools whichdecrease dropouts among atrisk students small size, a community atmosphere
Volume 28 1988 Contents
  • Issue 1 October 1988
      Pauline Rindone [pp. 1-8]

      A questionnaire was mailed to 200 randomly selected Navajos who had attained at least a four year college degree; 107 questionnaires were returned. The questionnaire consisted of questions relating to family characteristics, educational background, socioeconomic status, language information and demographic data. The results indicate that most of the respondents had parents who were born on the reservation, spoke primarily Navajo, considered their families to be mainly traditional, and had income levels ranging from $1,000 - $10,000. Their own motivation and encouragement from family were given as the most important factors contributing to their high educational attainment.
      Elgin Badwound; William Tierney [pp. 9-15]

      This article demonstrates the need for research in organizational governance and decision making which takes into account the values of American Indian culture. The predominant model of organizational governance and decision making in higher education (rational) is analyzed within the context of tribally-controlled community colleges. The assumptions upon which the rational model is based conflict with the values that underlie the tribal college mission. We argue that the model provides an inadequate framework for predicting behavior in tribal colleges. As a result, an alternative organizational framework is proposed, and further avenues for investigation are discussed.

27. Journal Of American Indian Education-Arizona State University
academic background, use of computers and other technological innovations—thatresearch has shown to be characteristic of alternative schools successful in
Journal of American Indian Education
Volume 28 Number 3
May 1989
SMALL LOCAL HIGH SCHOOLS DECREASE ALASKA NATIVE DROP-OUT RATES Judith Kleinfeld, G. Williamson McDiarmid, and David Hagstrom The high drop-out rates of low income minority students has long been a major national concern. Drop-out rates are difficult to measure due to differences among various agencies and school districts in the definition of drop-out, problems in distinguishing students who have dropped out of school from those who have transferred to other educational programs, and problems in distinguishing students who have left school altogether from those who will re-enroll in a GED or some other program and eventually receive a high school diploma (Pallas, 1986; Hammack, 1986; Mann, 1986). Nonetheless, national estimates of drop-out rates from varying sources have come up with similar estimates. Among 18- and 19-year-old students, "slightly less than three-quarters have completed high school" (Pallas, 1986, p. 4). Drop-out rates were even higher among low income students and ethnic minority students. American Indian and Alaska Native students had higher drop-out rates than any other ethnic minority. According to data from the High School and Beyond study, drop-out of high school sophomores of American Indian and Alaska Native background was about 29 percent in comparison to drop-out rates of 18 percent among Hispanic students, 17 percent among Black students, and 12 percent among Caucasian students (Pallas, 1986).

28. ASBCS - Current News & Events
For 20 years, many alternative schools have done a qualified teachers in Title Ischools, have resulted Revised Timeline for arizona LEARNS Requirements Click


General Information

Charter Summary Report
Charter School Law
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Arizona State Board for Charter Schools

Upcoming Events
Ongoing Events
Testing Updates for AIMS and Stanford 9
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Last Updated February 25, 2003 Guidance for No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and Charter Schools
This draft non-regulatory guidance document addresses the topics of accountability, qualified teachers and paraprofessionals, supplemental educational services, corrective actions, and school choice provisions.
Click here
for document. Arizona Students Can Also Nominate Their High School Counselor for $500 Cash Prize Southwest Student Services Offers $20,000 in Scholarships to Arizona Students In Or Planning to Attend Colleges Statewide. Click here for the press release. 2nd Annual “Educational Freedom Celebration” Picnic and Field Trip - April 15, 2003 at the Arizona State Capitol For a ll State Legislators, all Charter Schools and their families and their tax credit donors, all private schools and their families and tax credit donors, and all Home Schools.

29. Pages
Directory of holistic and alternative healers, massage therapists, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, reiki, Category Regional North America United States arizona Health...... Vacations (8) Wilderness Journeys (4) Workshops alternative (15) arizona Educationand Instruction - Healing Arts. Acupressure schools (0) Acupuncture schools
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Arizona Healers



CLICK HERE TO ENTER The ByRegion Network
Arizona WebDisplay Members
A Better Life Health Center of Sedona
A Thoughtful Moment Enterprises. LLC

Alice Harvey

Angel Bell

30. Ombudsman Educational Services
Ombudsman operates over 60 accredited alternative schools that serve school districts,parents and students in nine states and 5 Charter schools in arizona.
Welcome to Ombudsman
Ombudsman helps students succeed. Ombudsman operates over 60 accredited Alternative Schools that serve school districts, parents and students in nine states and 5 Charter Schools in Arizona. Founded in 1975, Ombudsman's Alternative Schools help school districts prevent drop outs by providing an alternative approach to educating high school and middle school students who have difficulty being successful in a traditional school setting. Ombudsman operates charter schools in Arizona for parents and students that are interested in an individualized approach to learning. Ombudsman believes each student is gifted and that it is our mission to help young men and women fulfill their potential. We assess each student's academic needs and design an individualized curriculum that utilizes computer based delivery. We support students' learning with one-on-one assistance from teachers. Our centers operate with one teacher for every ten or fewer students. Ombudsman provides its services through school districts and, in some communities, directly to parents and their students.

31. 200 Will Get 'underperform' Classification
of Education projections show that 18 percent of arizona schools about 200 The boardalso approved a method for alternative schools, those designed to educate
State adopts school label guidelines
200 will get 'underperform' classification
Tuesday, 24 September 2002
On StarNet: Find other school measurements,
including statewide
Stanford 9 scores, at

By Sarah Garrecht Gassen
ARIZONA DAILY STAR PHOENIX - Arizona schools will have the benefit of the doubt when the state labels schools next month, but about 200 will be classified as "underperforming" under rules the State Board of Education adopted Monday. Being declared "underperforming" is the first step to being labeled a "failing" school and put under state intervention. State projections also show that no schools in Arizona will receive an "excelling" label, the highest ranking. The board approved the framework for how to evaluate schools under the new Arizona LEARNS legislation using four categories: excelling, improving, maintaining and underperforming. This is the first step in complying with the new federal No Child Left Behind legislation that sets down its own list of rules and benchmarks for school accountability. Arizona has federal approval to use the state system this year, but must start moving to the more stringent federal system beginning in 2003. Public announcement of which labels schools in Arizona have earned will be made Oct. 15. School districts will receive the data sooner in order to check for errors, said David Garcia, associate state superintendent of schools with the Department of Education.

32. US Charter Schools Website
Profiles of arizona Charter schools. alternative Learning Charter School Willcox,Willcox, Operating. Children's Academy (K6) arizona College Preparatory Academy

33. US Charter Schools Website
Managed by the American Quality schools Corpo, Chicago, Metropolitan Arts Institute,Phoenix, arizona. Mid Valley alternative Charter School, Hanford, California. with Web S

34. Arizona Schools - Tucson Arizona Unified School Districts
Southwest alternative High School, 19, 09 12. Summit View Elementary, 327,KG - 05. Sunnyside High School, 1781, 09 - 12. Public schools in Zip Code 85708.
Schools in Tucson
Public Schools in Zip Code: 85701 1998 Enrollment Grades Alt Computerized Ed (ace) UG - UG Carrillo Intermediate Magnet Davis Bilingual KG - 05 Downtown Community Charter School Drachman Primary Magnet School PK - 02 Luz Preparatory School Of Tucson Pass Program Pima County School For Self Ad Safford Elementary School KG - 05 Safford Middle Magnet School Shedge Tucson Preparatory School UG - UG Zimmerman Accom School KG - 06 Public Schools in Zip Code: 85702 Vision High School Public Schools in Zip Code: 85704 La Cima Middle School Lawrence W Cross Middle School Lulu Walker School KG - 05 Marion Donaldson School PK - 05 Mesa Verde School KG - 05 Winifred Harelson School KG - 06 Public Schools in Zip Code: 85705 Amphitheater High School Amphitheater Middle School Calli Ollin Academy Centennial School PK - 06 Childrens Academy Of Az KG - 06 E C Nash School KG - 05 El Hogar De La Paz Flowing Wells High School Flowing Wells Junior High School Helen Keeling School KG - 05 Homebound Teleteaching Homer Davis School PK - 06 Ideabanc Az Collge Prep Academ Inscape Alternative L M Prince School PK - 05 Laguna School KG - 06 Montessori Schoolhouse KG - KG Opportunity Alternative Richey Elementary School PK - 05 Rillito Center PK - PK Roskruge Bilingual Middle Magn Roskruge Elementary School KG - 05 Tucson Magnet High School Walter Douglas School KG - 06 Public Schools in Zip Code: 85706 Apollo Middle School Challenger Middle School Chaparral Junior High School Craycroft Elementary School KG - 05 Desert View High School

35. Arizona Education - Tucson Arizona Schools Department University
are over 35,000 students currently enrolled at the University of arizona. schools,20 high schools, and 6 special or alternative education schools.

Arizona Education Tucson Arizona Schools Department University arizona education tucson arizona schools department university
Tucson Education
Tucson offers exceptional education opportunities, and a cost of higher education that is 25 percent below national norms. Excellent public and private schools are available from the pre-school level through high school. Tucson has over 30 private and parochial schools for all ages. College bound students will find suitable preparatory programs to help them reach their full potential.
The University of Arizona, a world-class research and teaching institution, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 100 different fields. The multi-campus Pima Community College system, eighth largest in the nation, is extremely pragmatic and willing to work with the Greater Tucson Economic Council to develop specific training programs for selected companies. Pima College's new Advanced Manufacturing Extension Center, financed by a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, can provide technical assistance at the work site to support the needs of small to medium sized manufacturing firms.
Tucson's educational system reflects on the community's diversity offering programs at all levels that meet the needs of both student and employer. Schools offer programs designed to meet the needs of students in all areas including gifted, honors, bilingual, vocational, special needs, and business skills programs. Advanced placement programs help students develop creative thinking and reasoning skills which help them gain a better understanding of the world. Private vocational and business schools with programs that prepare students for entry into the job market are thriving.

36. No Child Left Behind
Accountability for All Subgroups, P, arizona Revised Statutes, ARS 15241 system identifyingachievement profile for accommodation and alternative schools, but had

37. Educational Facilites - Tucson Metropolitan Chamber Of Commerce
alternative schools 2. Parochial and Private schools 130. Pima Community CollegeEnrollment 27,960 (Fall ‘94) University of arizona Colleges or schools of
Click here
for more information The Tucson Airport Authority is interested in your thoughts about air service, as well as your current usage of the Tucson International Airport. CLICK HERE to participate in a few short surveys on their website.

Membership Directory The next ALLTEL Business After Hours will be sponsored by the Tucson Sidewinders and will take place at Tucson Electric Park on April 9. Join hundreds of your fellow Chamber members for a night at the ballgame. Network and make new business contacts while enjoying a great game of baseball along with food and refreshments. The event runs from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and the cost is only $6 with a reservation. Register online by following the calendar link below, or email Michelle at "Educational Facilites" About Tucson Home
    The metropolitan Tucson area is served by eight school districts with a total student population over 110,000 pupils.
    Elementary Schools: Junior High Schools: High Schools: Special Educational Schools: Alternative Schools: Total Enrollment: Parochial and Private Schools: Vocational and Training Facilities: Pima Community College : Enrollment: 27,960 (Fall ‘94)

38. Net Sites 370 - Education - Tempe Public Library
371.04 alternative schools Charter schools Charter Information - from the arizonaDepartment of Education; includes searchable arizona Charter schools List;
Net Sites By the Numbers
370 - Education Top of 300's (General Information, Ethnic Groups)
(Political Science)
(Economics, Careers, Investing, Company Information)
(Government, Military)
(Consumer Issues, Int'l Trade, Transportation)
(Clothing, Etiquette, Holidays, Folklore) Top
Top of Net Sites by the Numbers
Search Net Sites by the Numbers. Other Search Engines 370 - General Information

39. Evaluation: School Tobaco Policy Survey Report - Methods
A. School List Creation The population for the survey was all public schools inthe state of arizona including alternative (schools associated with public
School Tobacco Policy Survey Report 1997/1998
from the Arizona Tobacco Information Network METHODS A. School List Creation
The population for the survey was all public schools in the state of Arizona including alternative (schools associated with public districts but that serve special populations), charter (schools receiving public funding but that are not associated with the public school district) and other miscellaneous types of schools (special needs schools, tribal schools, and schools associated with the criminal justice system). The list of schools for which an interview was attempted was created with information from multiple sources. The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) provided a listing of Arizona public schools and school districts with contact information. ADE also provided a separate listing of schools with enrollment data broken down by grade for the 1996/1997 and 1997/1998 school years. A list of charter schools was obtained from the ADE web site (

40. Ishmael Community Schools Using Ishmael And Other Quinn Books
Canyon University, University of arizona, Northern arizona State U alternative schoolsAudubon Society Traveling School, Gaia Educational Outreach Institute
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"Everyone in your culture knows that the world wasn't created for jellyfish or salmon or iguanas or gorillas. It was created for man." "That's right." Ishmael fixed me with a sardonic eye. "And this is not mythology?" Ishmael
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Schools using Ishmael and other Quinn books
    Here are a few of the schools that are using Ishmael and other Quinn books:
    • Alabama: Huntingdon College, University of Alabama; Bessemer Academy
    • Alaska: Kodiak HS, Bartlett HS, Bethel HS
    • Alberta: University of Alberta, University of Calgary
    • Arizona: Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona State U; Page HS, Biosphere2 Field school
    • Arkansas: Henderson State University, University of Arkansas (Little Rock)
    • Australia: University of Western Sydney
    • Belgium: Institut Saint Luc
    • Bolivia: American Cooperative School-La Paz
    • Brazil: Faculdades Integradas Curitiba; International School of Curitiba
    • British Columbia: Camosun College, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria; New Westminster Secondary School, Tahayghen Elementary School, Mountain Secondary School, D.W. Poppy Secondary School

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