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         Arizona Alternative Schools:     more detail
  1. Alternatives of school finance and taxation in Arizona by Gerald J Swanson, 1979
  2. Auto conversion boosts alternative-fuel use; Arizona: East Valley Vocational High School District.(STATE WINNERS): An article from: School Administrator
  3. Get An Education (The Arizona Chronicles) by Dorothy Prater Niemi, 2010-05-05
  4. Climate change action in Arizona.: An article from: UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy by Steve Owens, 2009-12-22
  5. Technology education tackles energy crisis: in a unique career and technical education program in Mesa, Arizona, students are learning about new energy ... of Technology): An article from: Techniques by Sandy Cutshall, Lynn Strang, 2002-11-01
  6. Commitment: Alternative approaches to the teaching of responsibility in school and society by James John Jelinek, 1982
  7. Accountability, management and programs for better education, alternatives?: Welcoming address by W. P Shofstall, 1973
  8. Hualapai judicial reform: Developing alternative dispute resolution : a report to the Hualapai Tribe (Project report series / Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development) by Lawrence O'Brien, 1997
  9. Seated Massage by Utah College of Massage Therapy, 2004
  10. Alternative state funding allocation methods for local school districts to serve "at-risk" students (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:334329) by K. Forbis Jordon, 1990

41. Alternative Network Journal - Resources
Ms. Rose Hurwitz Education Program Specialist arizona Department of Wayne Theriault,President Connecticut Association of alternative schools Programs ALPHA


March Issue

May Issue


Resources for Professionals Working with At-Risk Youth The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network

College of Health, Education, and Human Development
Clemson University
209 Martin St.
Clemson, SC 29631-1555 Phone: 864-656-2599 FAX: 864-656-0136 Email: Web: This organization was established in 1986. They provide publications, networking, professional development, technical assistance, and maintain an on-line clearinghouse. Membership for individuals is $55 per year, and for institutions it is $195. Members receive a quarterly newsletter and The Journal of At-Risk Issues, a scholarly journal published twice a year. One of the few organizations doing important work in this field; warm and friendly, responsive folks. Government sponsored programs: National Institute on the Education of At-Risk Students U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI)

42. CER News Alert: Reform Nationwide
The Edison Project, led by Chris Whittle, is a positive alternative, taking thebest of our human and technological Growth of Charter schools in arizona.
Making Schools Work Better for All Children News Alert
School Reform Efforts
Progressing Nationwide
(8/8/95) "Long, overdue school reforms are taking place all across the country. Real, meaningful education reforms-such as the expansion of charter schools, school choice and the growth of alternative schools- are all leading to enhanced opportunities for a brighter future for America's school kids," said The Center for Education Reform President Jeanne Allen. "While some refuse to acknowledge these success stories, the support and excitement over these reforms are revolutionizing the schools and building a real movement." Several specific developments in education deserve attention: The Edison Project The Edison Project, a national network of innovative schools, recently announced the opening of four elementary schools located in Sherman, TX, Wichita, KS, Mt. Clemens, MI, and Boston, MA. In all four of these schools, many more students applied than could be accepted. Their focus is to provide a wide-ranging curriculum, expand the use of technology (including a computer for every teacher and one in the home of every student), a longer school day and year, strong staff training, and a teaching structure that allows teachers to work with the same students for several years. New Edison Project middle schools are set to open in the fall of 1996; high schools in 1997. "One need only to look at the demand to get into one of these schools to determine the level of frustration out there for our failing public school system. The Edison Project, led by Chris Whittle, is a positive alternative, taking the best of our human and technological resources and designing a teaching system that is effective, responsive and will provide a quality education for the children participating," said Allen.

43. EREN - EREN Network News May 26, 1999
Solar on schools Program; Seattle City Light, University of Washington CompleteEnergyEfficiency Project. Site News arizona Solar Center; alternative Fuels Data
EREN Network News
May 26, 1999 News and Events
  • Wyoming Wind Site to Triple in Capacity this Fall
  • DOE Awards Contributors to Clean Cities Program
  • Groundbreaking Held for New Energy-Efficient Community
  • New Hampshire Initiates "Solar on Schools" Program
  • Seattle City Light, University of Washington Complete Energy-Efficiency Project
Site News
  • Arizona Solar Center
  • Alternative Fuels Data Center
Energy Facts and Tips
  • State Coal Profiles
  • Using a Whole-House Fan to Ventilate Your Home
About this Newsletter News and Events Wyoming Wind Site to Triple in Capacity this Fall
For more information, see the PRPA Web site See also the Tri-State Web site
DOE Awards Contributors to Clean Cities Program
Seven organizations and eight communities were awarded on May 24th for their contributions to DOE's Clean Cities program. The organizations received National Partner Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements in promoting, developing, or using alternative-fuel vehicle technologies. The communities received Clean Cities Coalition Awards for their efforts in building coalitions to promote and increase alternative fuel vehicle use, improve refueling infrastructures, and support alternative-fuel vehicle legislation. For more information, including a list of awardees, see the DOE press release The awards were presented as part of the 5th Clean Cities Conference and Exposition, held this year in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information on the Clean Cities program, see the

44. BTS: State Energy Program - Special Projects In Arizona
Solar schools. alternative Fuels/Clean Cities 2002 Tucson Regional Clean CitiesCoordinator. 2001 Special Projects. Codes and Standards 2001 - arizona Energy
SEP Special Projects in Arizona
DOE has awarded the State of Arizona the following Special Projects. The SEP Special Projects are awarded yearly on a competitive basis using funding from technical programs in DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) from the buildings, transportation, electricity and electric power, and industrial sectors. The yearly awards were:
Year No. of Projects DOE Contribution State Contribution
2002 Special Projects
Codes and Standards
2002 - Teaching Energy Conservation Program

Industrial Technologies
2002 - Arizona Industries of Future State Partnership

Million Solar Roofs Initiative
2002 - Solar In America: 1982 To 2002

Solar Schools Demonstration
2002 - Tucson Solar Schools

Alternative Fuels/Clean Cities
2002 - Tucson Regional Clean Cities Coordinator
2001 Special Projects
Codes and Standards 2001 - Arizona Energy Efficiency Code Program Federal Energy Management Program 2001 - Energy Efficient Military Housing Training Alternative Fuels/Clean Cities 2001 - CNG Fueling Infrastructure Corridor Development 2001 - Public Access CNG Station for Tucson 2001 - Public Access CNG Station for Yuma If you would like to see special projects in other states, go to our SEP Special Project search page
Archived Special Projects
Buildings Codes and Standards The Implementation of Energy Codes in the Tucson Metropolitan Area Electric Power Wind (and Wind Powering America) State of Arizona Small Wind Turbine Field Verification Solar Thermal (ST)/Concentrating Solar Power

45. Prescott Unified School District, The Smart Choice: Official Web Site
General information about district schools and courses taught. Calendar of events.Category Regional North America P Prescott Education...... There are eight schools, two alternative schools and four preschool programs in the offersan excellent basic curriculum, mandated by the arizona Department of
The Smart Choice School Websites PUSD...At A Glance 2002-03 Calendar 2003-04 Calendar ... Local Business Sponsors of PUSD
Welcome Site Index
Prescott Unified School District is an exceptional educational organization, offering a variety of programs for students in preschool through grade 12. There are eight schools, two alternative schools and four preschool programs in the district, with a total current enrollment of 5,100 students. The Prescott Unified School District offers an excellent basic curriculum, mandated by the Arizona Department of Education. Curriculum is based on the State Standards and there are programs for every child within our district. PUSD students consistently score above the county, state and national averages in standardized testing You are invited to browse our web pages and discover why Prescott Unified School District is The Smart Choice for your child's education.

46. Revisiting Charter Schools: A Growing Component Of Public Education
Bernice Lever, Chief Operating Office, arizona CALLA-TEEN were disillusioned withtheir previous schools and had high school is not an alternative school, as
Revisiting Charter Schools:
A Growing Component of Public Education
Constructed in the two aims of choice and accountability, the national introduction of the charter school concept has dramatically influenced education policy and activity surrounding school reform. Serving eager families and still expanding, the more than 800 charter schools that have debuted through the end of the 1997-98 school year have provided a laboratory which advocates hope will improve the educational system for all of the nation's youth. Jeanne Allen, President, The Center for Education Reform Charter schools have generated contention, hostility and lawsuits, usually about money, since their inception in 1991. School districts fear that charters will siphon money away from public schools if Average Daily Attendance (ADA) money "follows the child" to the charter school. However, in addition to the fact that charter schools are public schools Allen contends that: (1) children, not school districts, need to come first in decisions on where to spend public dollars; (2) by allowing teachers to focus on and serve children better, charters are really helping retain ADA money for public schools that would otherwise be lost through poor attendance and/or higher dropout rates; and (3) some money is returning to the public schools as parents decide to send their children to charter schools instead of private schools. Positive and negative excitement over charter schools has served to call greater attention to the needs of children rather than bureaucracies. Freed to experiment, charter schools can be a catalyst to reform traditional public schools. In many cases, charters serve to bolster effective efforts already in existence such as alternative schools, YouthBuild and Henry Levin's accelerated schools.

47. ERIC/CEM - School Choice Discussion
of currently operating alternative schools remain elusive are increasingly fundingalternative education programs for five states (arizona, Illinois, Oklahoma
Clearinghouse on Educational Management "Search Help" Note that this is a web site search and will not search our databases ("Directory of Organizations", "In-Process Abstracts", the ERIC Database , "Publications").
Selected Abstracts from the ERIC Database
For each journal article, the resume includes the accession (EJ) number, bibliographic information, information about availability of the article, descriptors and identifiers, and a brief annotation. Resumes for research reports include, in addition to the above data, the name of the organization or institution producing the document and sponsoring the research as well as the type of publication (speech, project description, and so forth). The abstract for these documents is longer than the annotation for journal articles. Research reports are announced in Resources in Education (RIE), available in many libraries and by subscription from the Superintendent of Documents, United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402-9371. Most of the documents listed in RIE can be purchased through the ERIC Document Reproduction Service, operated by Cincinnati Bell Information Systems Federal (1-800-443-ERIC).

48. Multimedia Schools Success Stories: Pearson Education Technologies' NovaNet - Vi
is permeating through the Vincennes Community schools alternative Education Program. EducationTechnologies Headquartered in Mesa, arizona, Pearson Education
Success Stories A Pearson Education Technologies Success Story Vincennes Community School
Vincennes, Indiana
(Pearson Education Technologies' NovaNet)
“We have a diverse population from special needs and dropouts to students with medical concerns. NovaNET helped us meet each of their requirements.” Sally Mandon, Chairperson, Vincennes Community School Alternative Education Program Students are finding success in Vincennes, Indiana. Double-digit gains in a variety of subject areas have energized students. The combination of high-tech courseware and caring instruction is the reason Vincennes Community School Alternative Education Program (VCSAEP) has been able to turn their students around. Their goal is to revitalize the minds and souls of struggling middle school and high school students who have demonstrated a history of chronic failure, are considering dropping out of school, or other concerns such as teen-pregnancy, school phobia, or diabetes. The instructional goals for the learners include:
  • Receiving credit towards graduation Improving classroom skills and behavior Regaining control of their academic standing in order to successfully re-enter the traditional school setting Increasing classroom attendance Working towards their GED certificates
While the challenges this program faces are not new, the solution is. Educators in Vincennes turned to NovaNET

49. Multimedia Schools Success Stories: Pearson Education Technologies' NovaNet - Th
and the other high schools in Douglas staff accustomed to employing alternative deliverymethods Technologies Headquartered in Mesa, arizona, Pearson Education
Success Stories
A Pearson Education Technologies Success Story ThunderRidge High School
Douglas County School District
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
(Pearson Education Technologies' NovaNet)

“Using NovaNET has helped to create more time to interact with and assist each student, and has also created more time to be proactive to the expansion of the program.” — John Stokely, NovaNET Instructor, ThunderRidge High School Highlights
  • Since 1999, the Douglas County Schools STAR program, along with NovaNET, has granted almost 650 credits and assisted over 150 students in obtaining their GED. Students who are shy or not achieving in a traditional classroom setting are finding NovaNET to be a non-threatening way to succeed. Students with a deficit of credits are able to speed up the recovery process with NovaNET.
ThunderRidge High School School District Profile
ThunderRidge High School is located in a suburban area, southeast of Denver, Colorado. The high school serves grades 9 through 12 and enrolls approximately 1,600 students. The ethnic population of the high school is 87 percent Caucasian, 7 percent Hispanic, 3 percent Asian Pacific, 2 percent African-American, and 1 percent is made up of other minorities. ThunderRidge High School is one of 50 schools in the Douglas County school system, including 34 elementary, six middle, six high schools, five charter schools, and four alternative schools. Total district enrollment is 39,000.

50. Amphitheater School District Alternative High School Program Web Page
EL HOGAR alternative SCHOOL 450 E. Wetmore Road Tucson, arizona 85705 Information(520) 6906729 e-mail elhogar Website of Amphitheater Public schools
This web site is continually revised. The latest revision was November 2000
5940 North San Joaquin Road
Tucson, Arizona 85741
Information: (520) 696-3720 Fax: 520) 696-3717
send e-mail to Alternative Program
COMING FROM PHOENIX? Drive south on I-10 to the Orange Grove exit. Drive east on Orange Grove to San Joaquin Road (one block west of the La Cholla Boulevard/Orange Grove intersection). Turn south (right) onto San Joaquin Road. Follow the road almost to the stop sign. The campus is on your left at 5940 North San Joaquin Road. COMING FROM TUCSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT? Drive north on I-10 to the Orange Grove exit. Drive east on Orange Grove to San Joaquin (one block west of the La Cholla Boulevard/Orange Grove Intersection). Turn south (right) onto San Joaquin. COMING FROM METROPOLITAN TUCSON? Drive north on Oracle Road (US 89) to the Orange Grove intersection. Drive west (left) on Orange Grove to San Joaquin (one block west of the La Cholla Boulevard/Orange Grove intersection). Turn south (left) onto San Joaquin Road.

51. Education World ® - Administrators: More And More States Embrace Charter School
arizona's alternative Learning Charter School would be filing for bankruptcy, thearizona Daily Star reports that 3 percent of that state's 250 charter schools

Related Resources

School Administrators Center
VIEW ALL ARTICLES ... School Choice School Administrators Article S C H O O L A D M I N I S T R A T O R S A R T I C L E
More and More States Embrace Charter Schools
More and more states embracing latest wave in education reform. President Clinton calls for 3,000 charter schools by next century; we're one-quarter of way there. Charter schools are popping up across the country at an increasing rate, dotting the educational landscape like dandelions in springtime. At last count (January 1998), 775 charter schools had been established, and scores more are approved every week. The increase is by design: at the beginning of the school year, a $4.4 million federal grant program was established to meet the growing demand of launching public charter schools. "Every state should give parents the power to choose the right public school for their children," President Clinton said in making the grant announcement. "Their right to choose will foster competition and innovation that can make public schools better. These funds will continue our plan to help America create 3,000 charter schools by the next century." Whether charter schools are prompting improvements in conventional public schools remains to be seen, but one study indicates that teachers, students, and parents are happy with the quality of the educational experience provided by charter schools. The final report of the Charter Schools in Action Project, a survey conducted by the Hudson Institute of nearly 5,000 charter schools students in grades 5 and above, reports these findings:

52. Spotlight On School Vouchers From Free-Market.Net: The Freedom Network
W. Kirkpatrick, editor of, sees the arizona ruling as a of AspirePublic schools, a nonprofit that creates alternative schools, warned the

map news channels ...
sponsored by

you are here: Free-Market.Net Spotlight The prospects for school vouchers The prospects for school vouchers In a much-discussed ruling, the Supreme Court said that the First Amendment is in no way threatened just because some parents may use school vouchers to send their kids to institutions with a religious bent. School choice advocates immediately and justifiably claimed victory. "This was the Super Bowl for school choice and the kids won," said Clint Bolick, vice president for the Institute for Justice, which represents low-income parents from Cleveland receiving scholarships from the program at the heart of the case. But while the court may have cleared away a major roadblock to the use of vouchers by families that want to escape inadequate government schools, it didn't order school districts to adopt them that battle will be waged at the state and local level. And many advocates of educational choice buck the popular assessment that they won big by voicing fear that vouchers, if improperly implemented, might actually limit the options available to families. Among the hurdles to be overcome by voucher advocates are the so-called "Blaine amendments" to many state constitutions that were adopted in a late 19th and early 20th century anti-immigrant frenzy. The amendments were intended to prohibit public aid to the Catholic schools then serving the children of new arrivals.

53. National Council On Teacher Quality - Arizona
arizona's newly expanded alternative certification program a wider variety of institutions—includinglocal school districts and charter schools.
News, analysis, and research by topic... TEACHER PREPARATION AND CERTIFICATION Alternative certification Unconventional recruiting Reform of teacher education Subject-matter knowledge Pedagogy Teacher testing SCHOOL STAFFING Principal autonomy Teacher career ladders Tenure Seniority and union issues TEACHER PAY Teacher salaries Pay-for-performance and merit pay Higher pay for math, science and other shortage fields Higher pay for hard-to-staff urban or rural schools EVALUATING AND IMPROVING TEACHER PERFORMANCE Value-added analysis Peer review Tools for evaluators Mentoring Professional development National board certification (NBPTS) ACCOUNTABILITY Holding schools accountable Holding teachers accountable
ARIZONA Most Significant Reforms
  • Strong charter school law allows for real accountability for schools. Arizona has recently adopted report cards for schools that use value-added data showing how improvements in student performance.

54. Alphabetized List Of Weblinks
Almanacs. alternative/Distance Learning. alternative Healing. arizona. arizona Law.arizona Travel. Arts/Entertainment. Atlases. Charities. Charter schools. Chemistry.
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Class visit to the arizona Science Center to participate in the live JASON Financingoptions are available for public, charter, or alternative schools.
The JASON Project uses advanced curriculum and technology to engage millions of students and educators in science through participation in active research. Approximately 300 Arizona educators are trained to use the JASON curriculum. When JASON conducts its yearly science expedition, more than 5,000 students attend the Science Center's giant-screen theater to participate in live, interactive broadcasts. For more information call the JASON Project Coordinator at 602-716-2053. Generously supported by and EDS

56. EPAA Vol. 7 No. 1 Cobb & Glass: Ethnic Segregation In Arizona Charter Schools
schools in Tempe, a small public alternative high school of White students in Tempehigh schools in ('96). percent of the 295 students at arizona Career Academy
This article has been retrieved times since January 14, 1999
Education Policy Analysis Archives
Volume 7 Number 1
January 14, 1999
ISSN 1068-2341
A peer-reviewed scholarly electronic journal
Editor: Gene V Glass, College of Education
Permission is hereby granted to copy any article
if EPAA is credited and copies are not sold. Articles appearing in EPAA are abstracted in the Current Index to Journals in Education by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation and are permanently archived in Resources in Education
Ethnic Segregation in Arizona Charter Schools
Casey D. Cobb
University of New Hampshire
Gene V Glass
Arizona State University
[The editorial review and decisions on this article were the
responsibility of Anthony G. Rud Jr. of the Editorial Board Abstract
Among the criticisms of charter schools is their potential to further stratify schools along ethnic and class lines. This study addressed whether Arizona charter schools are more ethnically segregated than traditional public schools. In 1996-97, Arizona had nearly one in four of all charter schools in the United States. The analysis involved a series of comparisons between the ethnic compositions of adjacent charter and public schools in Arizona's most populated region and its rural towns. This methodology differed from the approach of many evaluations of charter schools and ethnic stratification in that it incorporated the use of geographic maps to compare schools' ethnic make-ups. The ethnic compositions of 55 urban and 57 rural charter schools were inspected relative to their traditional public school neighbors.

57. Paradise Valley Schools. Paradise Valley, Arizona
To view a school's report card, visit the arizona Department of High schools. Other.alternative Education Center; Polaris; Roadrunner; StarTech Professional Center.
the Scottsdale
Real Estate Report
Cities Market Trends Homes for Sale Schools ... Comments

Paradise Valley Schools
The Paradise Valley Unified School District is arguably one of the best in the state.
The complete list of schools in the district is below. They are hyper-linked to a page giving enrollment, address, principal's name and telephone number. To view a school's report card, visit the Arizona Department of Education web site. There is a wealth of information at that site.
The district also maintains standardized test scores. To view them, click here
Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools


Paradise Valley


Information Designs Site design, maintenance and promotion

58. Unrecognized Accrediting Agencies In The U.S.
American Psycotherapy (sic) Association; arizona Commission of the Accreditation ofCorrespondence schools; Council on Postsecondary alternative Accreditation;
Unrecognized Accrediting Agencies in the U.S. Warning: Below is a list of suspect accrediting agencies. If an institution is accredited by any of these bodies, the accreditation will not be accepted by many legitimate institutions.
  • Accrediting Commission for Specialized Colleges Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries Alternative Institution Accrediting Association American Association of Accredited Colleges and Universities American Association of Non-Traditional Private Postsecondary Education American Psycotherapy (sic) Association Arizona Commission of Non-Traditional Private Post Secondary Education Association of Career Training Schools Commission for the Accreditation of European Non-Traditional Universities Council for the Accreditation of Correspondence Schools Council on Postsecondary Alternative Accreditation Council on Postsecondary Christian Education International Accreditation Association International Accrediting Association International Accrediting Commission for Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries International Association of Non-Traditional Schools International Commission for the Accreditation of Colleges and Universities Mid States Accrediting Agency Middle States Accrediting Board National Accreditation Association National Association for Private Nontraditional Schools and Colleges National Association for Private Post-Secondary Education National Association of Alternative Schools and Colleges National Association of Open Campus Colleges

59. Charter Schools: Frequently Asked Questions
alternative schools operate within the confines of a Where are charter schools located,and how a significant number of charters arizona, California, Colorado

Charter Schools:
Frequently Asked Questions
Pathways Home Page Contents
Basic Questions About Charter Schools
by Nancy Fulford and Bill Quinn, NCREL What are charter schools?
Charter schools are publicly funded, nonsectarian public schools that operate free of the many regulations, restrictions, and mandates of traditional public schools. These schools are chartered, or contracted, as separate legal entities and are accountable for their results (as defined in the contract) at the end of the contract period, usually three to five years in length. Why the interest in charter schools?
The growing interest in charter schools is due to its possibilities as a truly flexible, self-defining alternative for public school reform. The possibilities for innovation, as a vehicle to think differently and organize in new ways, are strong. Charter schools provide choice for both students and teachers. They expand the concept of "choice" with more autonomy from the existing public schools. They are more acceptable to many people than the concept of vouchers, so they are sometimes a compromise when vouchers are being proposed. The federal government is making additional funds available to assist in the start-up of charter schools. The issues that most often are cited for being against charter schools are equity concerns, teacher union contract and certification terms, and unhealthy competition with existing schools. What is the meaning of the terms charters waivers vouchers

69, Phoenix, arizona. Paradise Valley Unified School District No. 69 consists of29 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, 5 high schools, one alternative high
PARADISE VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 69 PHOENIX, ARIZONA Applications are being accepted for the following ADMINISTRATIVE positions in the Paradise Valley Unified School District No. 69, Phoenix , Arizona. Paradise Valley Unified School District No. 69 consists of 29 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, 5 high schools, one alternative high school, one alternative education center, and one special education facility. These 44 schools house the district's 35,000 students in grades K-12. The district's strategic position in the path of major future growth north of Phoenix has created pupil expansion of considerable magnitude and assures that Paradise Valley School District will continue as one of the largest school districts in the State of Arizona. Paradise Valley Unified School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer REVISED CLOSING DATE- Applications are being accepted for the position of Elementary Principals in the Paradise Valley Unified School District No. 69, Phoenix, Arizona. Paradise Valley Unified School District No. 69 consists of 29 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, 5 high schools, one alternative high school, one alternative education center and one special education facility. These 44 schools house the district’s 35,000 students in grades K-12. The district’s strategic position in the path of major future growth north of Phoenix has created pupil expansion of considerable magnitude and assures that Paradise Valley School District will continue as one of the largest school districts in the State of Arizona.

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