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         Arkansas Cities State Studies:     more detail
  1. Main Street Arkansas: The Hearts of Arkansas Cities and Towns—as Portrayed in Postcards and Photographs by Ray, Steven Hanley, 2009-09-01
  2. Country Towns of Arkansas by Archie Satterfield, 1995-09-27
  3. ARKANSAS/FLETCHER (John Gould Fletcher Series, Vol 3) by JOHN GOULD FLETCHER, 1989-05-01
  4. TOWN AND COUNTRY:Race Relations in an Urban Rural Context, Arkansas,1865-1900 by JOHN GRAVES, 1990-10-01
  5. The Gudge Creek and Wad Chronicles by Richard Allin, 1989-08
  6. Just Below the Line: Disability, Housing, and Equity in the South by Korydon H. Smith, Jennifer Webb, et all 2010-05-05
  7. Our living community by John Guenther, 1980

1. Arkansas Municipal League: Publications: City & Town
The arkansas Municipal League is an organization of 435 cities and towns. It exists to serve as an advocate, a clearinghouse for information, and a forum for discussion of issues of city and town concern. by the Institute for state studies, conducted by the Center for state Ups Security, Awareness Levels. cities' Obligations in National Callup arkansas Municipal League. P.O. Box 38
Click to Navigate Publications Municipal Directory Updates Publications Intro Report: e-Tax Losses Set at $13.3 Billion By Anya Sostek in
A new report predicts that state and local governments will lose $13.3 billion in revenue this year from untaxed Internet purchases a 41 percent increase over the amount predicted in the same study last year.
Researchers attributed the large jump from previous estimates to increased use of the Internet for business-to-business transactions, especially by large corporations.
The study, commissioned by the Institute for State Studies, conducted by the Center for Business and Research at the University of Tennessee and using data collected from Forrester Research, also predicted total revenue losses of $42.2 billion in 2006 and $54.8 billion in 2011. The previous report only predicted through 2003.
"These numbers represent the maximum that state and local governments could stand to collect if Congress would act," said Donald Bruce, an assistant professor at the University of Tennessee and co-author of the report. In 1998, Congress passed a moratorium on new Internet taxes that expires this month. Two Surveys Preceded Results
The report makes the distinction between "total" and "new" losses from e-commerce taxation. The "total" figure takes in losses from all purchases made over the Internet, including some that would have been made anyway by other remote means, such as mail and phone orders.

2. Central Arkansas Library System
Center for arkansas studies exists to promote the study of arkansas history and solidlyon the premise that we must know our state, its cities and people
Welcome to the Richard C. Butler Center for Arkansas Studies The Richard C. Butler Center for Arkansas Studies proudly presents what we hope will one day become the premier online resource for historical information related to the State of Arkansas. The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies exists to promote the study of Arkansas history and related disciplines. The Butler Center rests solidly on the premise that we must know our state, its cities and people, and its history. When we know our communityits people and place, its buildings and businesseswe are well informed to make careful decisions and take care of that community. Every citizen has a responsibility to help take care of the community in which we live. By carefully preserving and making available the history of Arkansas, Little Rock, and our larger region, the Butler Center helps prepare all Arkansans for full citizenship. One of the Butler Center's major goals is to assist teachers of Arkansas history in the important endeavor of educating students about their state's history. An example of this assistance is the lesson plan project, undertaken in cooperation with the Arkansas Community Foundation and the Arkansas Humanities Council. By using technology, the Butler Center is able to share with Arkansas history teachers throughout the state the creativity and teaching skills of their colleagues. We appreciate the efforts of the teachers who contributed plans to this project and welcome the plans we hope that will be sent to us by teachers in this area of instruction.

3. ProTeacher! Fifty United States Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In G
Social studies Geography Fifty states Lessons By state map, and lesson plansabout the state of arkansas Students find the names of arkansas cities in a

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Social Studies
Geography Fifty States ... Lessons By State Arkansas Arkansas Flag - A flag to color, information, and questions to answer source
Arkansas History Lesson Plans and Teaching Materials
- A collection of lesson plans about Arkansas' history. Lessons teach about archaelogy, Native Americans, and pioneers source
Arkansas Memory Project
- A digital archive of primary source material about Arkansas history. Some articles include lesson plans source
Arkansas The Natural State
- An instructional unit with a printable outline map of the state, research questions, and links to related online sites source
Arkansas Unit
- Twleve printable worksheets with information, activities, a map, and lesson plans about the state of Arkansas source
Arkansas Edition Lesson Plans
- Lesson plans and projects about Arkansas' geography, Native Americans, settlement, and government. Lessons are web-based but adaptable. Some links on the lesson plans are not working source
Arkansas Wordsearch
- Students find the names of Arkansas cities in a printable puzzle source
Publish A Magazine
- Students create their own issues of Arkansas Monthly by writing and illustrating articles to highlight important events in Arkansas' past and present. This lesson could be adapted for any community

4. Status Of Electric Industry Restructuring By State
Find short biographies of famous people from the state of arkansas including Maya Angelou, Lou Brock, and James Bridges. wellknown people have roots in arkansas. The following list He graduated from the arkansas state Teachers College in Conway, and Little Rock to lay tracks linking the two cities.
Home Electricity Electricity Publications Status of State Electric Industry Restructuring Activity
Status of State Electric Industry Restructuring Activity
as of February 2003
(Next release of data on March 2003)
Links to State
Public Utility
Web Sites
Status of State

Links to Detailed Restructuring Activity Tables
Retail Access
Stranded Costs Public Benefits Programs Pilot Programs ... Additional Information Alabama Regulatory Orders Following the recommendations in Interim Report No.1, the PSC scheduled hearings to address two key issues: whether electric power industry restructuring for competition is in the best interests of the consumers in Alabama and the regulatory authority of the PSC in a market-based system. Final comments were filed in response to the PSC June 1998 Order soliciting comments on electric utility industry restructuring. As a result, Interim Report No. 1 was issued by the Task Force in September 1999.

5. The Herald Of Arkansas State University
cities resulted in the reassignment of travel destinations for some of the arkansas state University students that were recently awarded Middle East studies
Monday April 8, 2002 On the Web Danger halts trip to Middle East for ASU Students By Romona Wilkes , The Herald Staff Tension between Middle Eastern cities resulted in the reassignment of travel destinations for some of the Arkansas State University students that were recently awarded Middle East Studies grants to travel and study in abroad throughout the Middle East. Conflict between Israelis and Palestinians questioned the level of safety for the students and faculty scheduled to travel to the Middle East. The U.S. is currently involved in the affair as it attempts to make peace between the two opposing sides, thus putting the ASU students and faculty in a height of peril. "We recognize that without USA interference there will not be peace," said Dr. Faisal O. Al-Rfou'h, former minister of culture for Jordan. "Without direct interference by the U.S. administration, there will never be peace. But forgotten is that the U.S. should not support one side against the other." The ASU Office of International Programs awarded a select group of students and faculty members to travel to the Middle East this year.

studies have shown that trees contribute to the health and The arkansas ForestryCommission gave the students pine Small cities, state Park Observe Arbor Day.
ARKANSAS ARBOR DAY (AUFC Newsletter – May 2002) Cities and communities across the state celebrated Arbor Day with Tree City USA designations, tree plantings, tree education programs, and arbor care demonstrations. Arbor Day began over 100 years ago and is celebrated in all 50 state and some foreign countries. Arbor Day is an opportunity to encourage tree planting in public and private places and to educate everyone about the benefits of trees in urban and community settings. HOT SPRINGS PLANTS TREES Hot Springs celebrated Arbor Day by receiving a Tree City USA Growth Award from the National Arbor Day Foundation during a celebration April 18 at the Gulpha Gorge National Park. Several factors contributed to Hot Springs success: Jean Wallace, Director of the Hot Springs Parks and Recreation Department and AUFC Advisory Board member and past AUFC president, is a dedicated advocate for trees, parks and the environment and was the driving force behind Hot Springs’ initial designation as a Tree City last year. The Hot Springs Master Gardeners, led by Pat Witherspoon

7. Macmillan/McGraw-Hill: Social Studies 2003
arkansas. Capital Little Rock. Major cities Little Rock, Fort Smith, North LittleRock, Fayetteville. Location South Central. Nickname The Natural state.

8. Faculty Bio: Margaret F
comparative public administration and developmental studies. state and Local GovernmentReview 28,2 114123 Ratios for National, Regional and arkansas cities .
Faculty Bio: Margaret F. Reid Department of Political Science
University of Arkansas Fayetteville AR
Office: (501) 575-3356 or 575-5352
Research interests: Gendered workplaces, urban politics and community development, organizational change and innovation, comparative public administration and developmental studies.
Emerging area: nonprofits in urban areas
Selected Publications: M. Reid, Transformations in post-socialist cities . In Globalization and Local Democracy, R. Hambleton , H. Savitch , and M. Stewart (eds.), London
McMillan, ( ch
M. Reid. The German Privatization Debate . In Privatization or Public Enterprise Reform , Ed. A. Farazmand. Westport::Greenwood, pp.79-94. M. Reid. Public Administration in Germany In Handbook of Comparative and Development Public Administration nd ed. Ed.A. Farazmand.
New York : Marcel Dekker, pp. 199 – 212. Kerr ,B . W. Miller, M. Reid. Sex-Based Occupational Segregation in U. S. State Bureaucracies, 1987-1997. Public Administration Review
Kerr ,B . W. Miller, M. Reid. The Changing Face of Urban Bureaucracy: Is There Inter-Ethnic Competition for Municipal Government Jobs?

9. ALHN Arkansas Main Page
Earthquake Center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Government; arkansas cities; arkansas General of Resources;arkansas state Library; The Butler Center for arkansas studies;

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County Section List Topical History Selection Main Page ... Links to Search Engines Capitol: Little Rock State Nickname: "The Natural State" State Motto: Regnat Populus (The People Rule) Area: 53,187 square miles State Rock: Bauxite Population: 2.5 million people State Bird: Mockingbird State Flower: Apple Blossom State Tree: Pine Tree State Gem: Diamond State Insect: Honey Bee State Fruit and Vegetable: Pink Tomato State Instrument: The Fiddle State Beverage: Milk State Mammal: White-Tailed Deer Arkansas has the only diamond mine open to the public in North America.
A wider range of topics of general interest can be found at American Local History Network
Please visit the Topics Index
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Topical History Selection Agriculture
  • Plantation Agriculture Museum, Scott, Arkansas
  • Antique Letters and Documents
  • Civil War Love Letters - J. C. Morris The Turnbo Manuscripts by Silas Claiborne Turnbo 1844-1925
  • Antique Stores
  • Ward's Woodsmith and Antique Store - Benton Antique Warehouse of Arkansas, Inc.
  • 10. Government Agencies And Information--National Center For Agricultural Law--Web L
    Locate Government Resource Publications and studies (; and commissionsAgriculture Natural Resources; arkansas cities state of Ark.
    Internet Gateway
    Agricultural Law

    Ag General

    AgLaw Topics

    Farm Bills
    Search Web

    Research Aids
    AgLaw Bibliography

    Research Guides

    AgLaw Library

    More AgNIC USDA ARS NAL ... U. Ark. AgLawCenter Home About Us Newsletter Publications ... Web Library at AgLaw Internet Gateway and Research Aids
    Government Agencies and Information
    This gateway to government agencies, information, publications, and statistics sites covers federal state and local , and foreign jurisdictions and international governmental organizations . For each governmental level, special access to agriculture agencies is also provided. See also Primary Law Worldwide and other Web Library pages
    Go to:
    Federal State and Local
    Foreign International ...
    I. Federal
    Jump to: Agency Locators Ag Agencies Congressional Resources Search ... Ag and Environment Pubs and Stats
    Agency Locators

    11. RiceRomp: Teachers - Social Studies
    to be the nation's number one riceproducing state. map of the United states, locateand label arkansas and its Include important cities, rivers and landforms.

    12. Arkansas Section
    Mountain Home studies hotel, eatery tax MOUNTAIN HOME s probation BENTONVILLE —The state attorney general’s tax The following 33 arkansas cities levy an
    "Arkansas' Voice on the Internet" Thursday, April 03, 2003 11:12:32 am
    Arkansas Section
    for Thursday, April 03, 2003
    Questions cloud Senate’s passage of tobacco tax bill; sponsor fumes

    Uncertainty arose Wednesday as to whether the Arkansas Senate’s 22-9 vote Tuesday in favor of a major tobacco tax increase bill was enough of a margin under the Arkansas Constitution to pass the measure.  BY SETH BLOMELEY Crews from seven states battle three wildfires in western Arkansas
    HOT SPRINGS — About 200 firefighters from seven states were battling three wildfires in the Ouachita National Forest late Wednesday in western Arkansas.  BY KIM MCGUIRE Panel dispute overshadows precinct plan
    Untangling precinct lines to prevent mass confusion in future elections tops the agenda for today’s meeting of the Pulaski County Election Commission, but a possible shake-up in the commission’s leadership is getting more attention.  BY AUSTIN GELDER Replacements ride C-130 to war
    When Capt. Bryan Smith lands his C-130 transport plane somewhere near the war front this weekend, an American flag will flap from the window next to him as it has countless times before.  BY AMY SCHLESING LR alert-center panel hears police concerns
    A tight budget is thinning the Little Rock Police Department’s ranks, and a prolonged war in Iraq likely will stretch them thinner, the city’s police chief warned neighborhood leaders Wednesday.

    13. The Old State House Museum Of Arkansas History - General Information & History
    General History Links to Other Sites arkansas Black studies A Tour of Its Battlefields Ruined cities Old state House Museum · 300 W. Markham · Little

    History of a Landmark

    Calendar of Events
    Visit the Museum Store Schedule a Tour ... Trapnall Hall Links to Other Sites
    General Information Links to Other Sites General History
    Links to Other Sites
    Arkansas Black Studies General History Women's History
    General History
    Choose a category 1900-2000 Timeline Alphabetical Subject Listing American Studies, American Culture Biography British History, European History Civil War Cold War Collections, Portals, Lists Contemporary Texts, Oral History Economics Explorers Historic Images Historiography, the History of Ideas, Teaching History History Museums Immigration, Ethnicity, Multiculturalism Journals Living History, Re-enactment Military History/War Native Americans Societies, Organizations, Associations Textbooks, General Surveys Westward Expansion, the Frontier
    Contemporary Texts, Oral History
    Civil War: Contemporary Sources
    Arp - A Side Show of the Southern Side of the War
    Barber - The Loyal West During the Times of Rebellion

    Confederate States of America - Southern History of the War

    Davis - The War Not for Emancipation
    Tansill - ...Causes of the...Failure of the Confederate States
    Misc. Historic Texts
    American Notes - Charles Dickens
    Documents for the Study of American History

    Douglass: Archive of American Public Address
    EyeWitness - history through the eyes of those who lived it ... Four Months in a Sneak-Box - N.H. Bishop, 1879

    14. Baxter County, Arkansas, Official Government Web Site
    as a branch campus of arkansas state University Jonesboro through the Center forAdvanced studies at ASU
    Go to.... Home History of the County County Government - Emergency Management Online Services Wolf House Attractions Map of the County Baxter County Links Contact Us!
    Mountain Home is the County Seat of Baxter County and, according to the 2000 census, had a population of 11,012. Other incorporated areas of the County in order by population are Gassville (1,706), Cotter (862), Lakeview (763), Norfork (484), Salesville (437), Briarcliff (240), and Big Flat (104).
    Big Flat
    Mayor Horace Dickerson
    P.O. Box 92
    Big Flat, AR 72617
    City Hall: 870-448-5954
    Home: 870-448-53763
    Fax: 870-448-5376 Briarcliff
    Mayor David Schumm
    945 Scenic Drive Mountain Home, AR 72653 City Hall: 870-491-5762 Home: 870-491-5449 Fax: 870-508-5501 Improvement District: 870-491-5126 Cotter Mayor Bill Jennings P.O. Box 9 Cotter, AR 72626 City Hall: 870-435-6326 Home: 870-435-2239 Fax: 870-435-2438 Gassville Mayor Elvin Weaver P.O. Box 28 Gassville, AR 72635 City Hall: 870-435-6439 Home: 870-435-6458 Fax: 870-435-6276 Lakeview Mayor Lloyd Travis P.O. Box 150

    15. Arkansas Municipal League: Publications: City & Town
    Advisory Opinion of Ethics Commission studies Gifts, Trips; Required Reporting ofAccidents to state; Municipal League, Eight arkansas cities, Towns, Join
    Click to Navigate Publications Municipal Directory Updates Provider Directory Publications Intro October 2002 September 2002 August 2002 June 2002 May 2002 April 2002

    16. Case Studies Of The U.S. Forest Service Initiatives With Rural Communities: Paci
    Case studies ForestBased Partnership Initiatives. Other large cities in the vicinityare Fort Smith on Forest and Texarkana on the Texas/arkansas state line.
    Case Studies: Forest-Based Partnership Initiatives
    Ozark-St. Francis National Forest Russellville, Arkansas Ozark-St. Francis National Forests PO Box 1008 Russellville AR 72801 (501) 968-2354 Key Words Scenic Highway; Visitor Services; Scenic Overlook; Streams, fishable; Streams, le; Streams, canoeable; Streams, floatable; Information Center; Overnight Camping; Trails, Hiking; Geologic Features; Picnic Areas; Leisure Travel; Wilderness; Interpretation Area Description Arkansas Highway 7 is a nationally-recognized State Scenic Byway, a portion of which passes through the mountainous Ozark and Ouachita National Forests (see map on page 4). Both Forests are located on the western side of Arkansas. The Ozark Forest in the Ozark Highlands is to the north; to the south is the Ouachita National Forest and the Ouachita Mountains. The Russellville/ Arkansas River Valley separates the two Forests. Major Communities and Attractions in the Vicinity Hot Springs is the largest population center on the Byway, with over 36,000 residents. Twenty miles south of the Forest boundary, Hot Springs is 53 miles from Little Rock, Arkansas which lies to the east of Ouachita National Forest. Other large cities in the vicinity are Fort Smith on the west side of the Ozark National Forest and Texarkana on the Texas/Arkansas state line. At the north end of the Byway are Harrison and other small communities. There are several small towns in or near the Ozark Forest; only one community lies inside the Ouachita Forest. In between the two Forests, the second largest community on the Byway is Russellville with a population of approximately 21,000.

    17. Individual Studies Program | Potential NSE Host Campuses For UNI Students
    arkansas Return to top, arkansas state University, Minnesota state University, Mankato,University of Minnesota Twin cities. Minnesota state University Moorhead,
    Potential host campus list for outbound UNI students Use the menu and table below to locate a potential exchange college/university. Links will open a new window. Select a state/territory ... Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Guam Hawaii Idaho Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas U.S. Virgin Islands Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington DC West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming ALABAMA
    Return to top
    Tuskegee University Alabama State University University of Alabama ALASKA
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    University of Alaska Anchorage University of Alaska Southeast University of Alaska Fairbanks ARIZONA
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    Northern Arizona University University of Arizona ARKANSAS
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    Arkansas State University CALIFORNIA
    Return to top
    California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

    18. Arkansas : State Information, Resources And References. Including Updated Links.
    Services arkansas Shopping arkansas Statistics arkansas studies arkansas Taxes Countriesand Capital cities of the arkansas (state BooksFrom Sea to Shining Sea
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Arkansas: State information, resources and references. Including updated links. Statistics, conferences, data, maps and other relevant knowledge and databases. Beyond the static boundaries.
    Links to eXplore
    visit the Health Directory ; find out about Arthritis and Diets
    Arkansas Agents

    Arkansas Agriculture

    Arkansas Airports
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    19. 95/96 Annual Report
    project of cooperation with the Council for state Constitutional studies first bookon the government and politics of arkansas, written by cities of the Prairie
    July 1, 1995 - June 30, 1996
    American Federalism Programs

    International and Comparative Programs

    Federal Theory
    Political Culture
    The Center for the Study of Federalism (CSF), founded in 1967, is an interdisciplinary research, educational and service institute dedicated to the study of federal principles, institutions and processes as practical means of organizing political power in a free society. By initiating, sponsoring and conducting research and educational programs, the Center seeks to increase and disseminate knowledge of federal systems the American and others and federalism in general, and to develop specialists in the growing field of intergovernmental relations. The Center for the Study of Federalism is one of the preeminent institutions of its kind in the world examining questions of federalism and intergovernmental relations. CSF undertakes a number of research and educational programs. The Center undertakes comparative studies of federalism and related problems, critically examines the idea of federalism in both its theoretical and practical dimensions and disseminates the results of its work. The Center conducts lectures, seminars, conferences and institutes/workshops to stimulate knowledgeable discussion about the problems and prospects of federalism and American political life in general. The Center has an extensive publications program in both comparative and American federalism as well as covenant and civil society.

    20. | NCSS Affiliates
    arkansas. state Council; Aldine; Cypress Fairbanks; Dallas; Houston; Midcities;San Antonio Virginia Virginia state Council; Virginia Consortium of Social studies
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