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         Arkansas Disabled & Special Needs Schools:     more detail

41. School Spending 2002 - Who Holds The Purse Strings
court decisions in Alabama, arkansas, Massachusetts, Wisconsin or special educationservices for disabled students, for to make sure specialneeds and special
School finance was once the clear and protected domain of board members and superintendents. Schools received money from state and federal governments. In some cases school boards levied local property taxes; in others, districts received tax money from county or city government. With few limitations, and most of those on federal funds, the school board then decided how the money should be spent. State authority, however, is now eclipsing local authority in school finance matters. State legislatures and the judicial system are increasingly holding the state, not local districts, accountable for an equitable and high standard of education for all children. Along with this responsibility comes state control of money and educational resources. The intensification of state authority over resources and education quality threatens to clash with America's long-standing political preferences for local government responsiveness and citizen oversight. If the trend toward state centralized financial power continues, school boards could see themselves edged out of their roles as citizen overseers of their schools. This situation did not happen overnight, of course. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, local control over schools reigned supreme. State involvement was mostly limited to building construction. With the post-World War II civil rights movement, state and federal authority over schools grew. Intervention, in the forms of judicial decisions and legislative efforts, was deemed necessary to open up public schools for all students. Racially segregated schools were struck down by

42. Disability Scotland
html Preemie Parenting special needs books www Palsy Association - Little Rock,arkansas -KSHA communicator for the Neurologically disabled - Toronto, Ontario
Search Connections Disability Info >> Dis Scotland
Disability Scotland
Disability Scotland now have their own Web Site It has been brought to my attention that some people have been unable to access the Disability Scotland Web site. I am trying to figure out why this is, but in the meantime her is mirror; Disability Scotland Mirror Site Use the Comment button below to suggest new links for this section - or suggestions, comments, or opinions.
Comments and Opinions
I am unable to access your website or the mirror website Could you please email me your postal details.
Wendy Collett ) from England on Thu, Nov 14, 2002 I cannot access any of the disability scotland addresses or mirrors you offer. Does it in fact exist?.
Nina Baker ) from Scotland on Tue, Aug 13, 2002 AMAZON.COM BARNES AND NOBLE CHAPTERS INDIGO BOOKS Step by Step real life experiences with cerebral palsy written by Colleen Rose Rose Publishing P.O. Box 2932 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4E 1A8 Fax: 905-773-4126 Email:

43. News 2002
CoSponsors the Internet Society Disability and special needs Chapter 2 Magnet HighSchool Little Rock, arkansas - 08/31 SOLUTION FOR THE BLIND AND disabled 7/27
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Updated Below are recently announced items and articles that relate to disability issues. For older news items, please visit the News Archive HiSoftware Co-Sponsors the Internet Society Disability and Special Needs Chapter TM SYSTEMS INTROS "TRANSTATION CC™" LIGHTWEIGHT CLOSED CAPTIONING PREPARATION MODULE SEE DICK RUN. SEE JANE RUN ... CHALLENGES IN CREATING SOFTWARE AND CONTENT FOR DISTANCE LEARNING and Les enjeux et les défis liés à la création de logiciels et de contenus en matière de formation à distance pour les personnes handicapées Interview with Kynn Bartlett The Japanese plan to assist the use of the information and communication technology, and secure the web accessibility for elderly and disabled individuals Vendor Section 508 Compliance Self-Certification- A Questionable Practice ... News on Talking ATMs
For older news items, please visit the News Archive

44. EHS NRC - Information Resources
the age of three who are chronically ill or disabled. who are the parents of olderchildren with special needs. arkansas The Parent Center Little Rock, AR.
MELD: Programs to Strengthen Families MELD’S mission is to strengthen families by improving the quality of parenting in the United States The Beginning
As the recipient of a 1973 grant from the lilly Endowment, Ann Ellwood, MELD’s Executive Director, conducted a thorough investigation of the fields of early childhood education and parent education to answer the question, "How can families be strengthened?" Ellwood concluded that parents can learn from each other, they can give each other support, and they should be free to make informed choices. She founded MELD, a nonprofit agency whose parenting education programs value and model that philosophy. Programs for Parents
MELD piloted five groups of new parents in Minneapolis in 1975. Since then, MELD has developed eight programs using the peer self-help group model of parents helping parents.
  • MELD for New Parents MELD Special MELD for Young Moms MELD for Growing Families MELD para Nueva Familia MELD for Young Parents MELD for Young Dads MELD for Parents Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing MELD for African American Young Mothers
Each program’s purpose is to provide the most useful information in the most supportive environment that can be created. A primary prevention program, most of MELD’s programs serve groups of parents during pregnancy and the child first two years. Experienced parents volunteer to facilitate MELD groups. After careful selection, they receive extensive training and support from a MELD site coordinator.

45. NCAS Coalition Members
arkansas Advocates for Children Families 523 economic condition, geographic location,or special needs. of poor, minority and disabled students, especially
N ational
C oalition of
A dvocates for
S tudents Coalition Member Organizations
Photo © Kingmond Young Initially formed as a voluntary network of education advocates, NCAS has grown to include 20 member groups in 14 states. As part of the National Coalition, these organizations work together to achieve equal access to quality public education for all children; separately they engage in a broad base of advocacy strategies at the local, state and national levels to inform and mobilize citizens and help policy makers resolve critical education issues. The Achievement Council, Inc. The Achievement Council works to build the capacity of schools, districts and communities to improve Pre-K through 12th grade outcomes for urban and low-income youth so that all students are prepared to succeed at the highest levels, including graduation from a four-year college or university.

46. Charter Schools And Special Education: A Report Of State Policies
are all over the map on disabled students, p are currently no operating charter schoolsin arkansas. Questions Concerning Charter schools and special Education.

Training Topical Documents Resource Links Charter Schools
and Special Education:
A Report on State Policies by:
Eileen M. Ahearn, Ph.D. Prepared by:
Project FORUM
National Association of State Directors of Special Education
1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 320
Alexandria, VA 22314
Prepared for: Office of Special Education Programs
U.S. Department of Education Final Report Deliverable #1-3.2 Under Cooperative Agreement No. H159K70002 March, 1999
Project FORUM at National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) is a cooperative agreement funded by the Office of Special Education Programs of the U. S. Department of Education. The project carries out a variety of activities that provide information needed for program improvement, and promote the utilization of research data and other information for improving outcomes for students with disabilities. The project also provides technical assistance and information on emerging issues, and convenes small work groups to gather expert input, obtain feedback, and develop conceptual frameworks related to critical topics in special education. This report was supported in whole or in part by the U.S. Department of Education (Contract No. HS92015001). However, the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and no official endorsement by the Department should be inferred.

47. Interesting Deaf Links
to improving the quality of life for special needs children mission trips, we reachout to disabled children who http// arkansas School for
Deaf Friends International Interesting Deaf Links LINKS FOR ORGANIZATIONS Canada Ukraine Alliance for DEAF AND HARD-OF-HEARING Persons Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Advocating independence through listening and talking.
Oberkotter Foundation Oral Deaf Education Web Site
John Tracy Clinic
Providing free services worldwide to families of preschool children with hearing loss.
Ann Foundation
A non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for special needs children. Through mission trips, we reach out to disabled children who might not otherwise receive medical or educational services.

Partners For a Greater Voice
A non-profit charitable organization that develops associations with educational systems, organizations and institutions to provide consultation and technical training to communities and organizations vested in the oral deaf child

48. March 15, 2002 E-mail
laws were added in Arizona, arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut provide extra assistanceto children with special needs. even the most severely disabled students to
Speaking out for choices The only national organization advocating for a full range of residential and support options for people with mental retardation, including Medicaid-certified Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded (ICFs/MR) and home and community-based care.
VOR Weekly E-Mail Update
E-mails For March 1 March 8 March 22 March 29 March 15, 2002 Table of Contents
  • Supreme Court Reviews Execution of People with Mental Retardation VOR Position: Choices for a lifetime; Options for all Los Angeles to Integrate Disabled Pupils
  • 1. Supreme Court Reviews Execution of People with Mental Retardation
    Article The Associated Press
    Feb 20, 2002 WASHINGTON (AP) - When the Supreme Court last considered executions of the mentally retarded, only two states banned the practice. Now, 18 states prohibit it, and that math will weigh on the court as it reconsiders the issue and the fate of a condemned man with an IQ of 59. The court debated Wednesday how much public standards have changed since 1989, when the court upheld those executions on a 5-4 vote. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote then that there was "insufficient evidence of a national consensus'' against the executions to determine that they were unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment.

    49. Special Education Enrollment: A Practical Primer - Arkansas -
    Alabama. a balance between teaching special education students in taught with nondisabledstudents to
    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
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    Special Education Enrollment: A Practical Primer Your child has rights and you've got responsibilities. This guide tells you what to expect and how to prepare for enrolling your child in special education.

    50. People For The American Way
    in state money for 85 disabled students, the no guidelines or provisions to hold schoolsaccountable to the public and ensuring that special needs students are

    51. People For The American Way
    a tutorial/learning center to accommodate their needs. support for many learning disabledstudents.” 11 voucher schools cannot bar special education students

    52. Batesville, Ar-Pathfinder Schools Inc.
    Services for developmentally disabled citizens of arkansas.
    Click here for TEXT ONLY PAGES
    Batesville, Arkansas
    Briarwood ICF/MR
    Residential Facility
    420 Barnett
    Batesville, Arkansas 72501
    Located in the heart of the small community of Batesville , this facility is home to 10 individuals. Individualized training is made available in all areas of basic living skills to assist residents toward independent living.
    The program meets the special needs of residents within the normal framework of a home-like living experience. The program provides 24 hour supervision and intensive training program which utilizes professional support services, and community resources.
    Active treatment encompasses the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and communicative skills incorporated into daily functional living. A vehicle is provided for the staff to transport residents to jobs, shopping, entertainment, etc.
    Briarwood News
    Services provided:
    Residential Services

    Targeted Case Management

    Personal Care
    For more information about this facility,
    ICF/MR Administrator

    or call
    ICF/MR Administrator at (501) 982-6646
    FAX (501) 982-4906 Home Services Provided Locations Friends of Pathfinder Contact Us ... Search Our Site If you have comments or questions regarding this page contact Nancy Cook ......Last Modified

    53. Special Needs Family Friendly Fun - Legal Advice Advocacy Law
    Center for arkansas Legal Services special education attorney law firm in NJ.representsdisabled children in due process cases against school districts
    Links Portal
    Offering family friendly fun and special needs resources that enhance the quality and fun of family life for special needs families.
    Family friendly fun
    Site map Site
    Our mission is to: enable families with special needs to share their experiences by subscribing to our newsletter , joining our eGroup forum, talking in our chat room and posting to our bulletin board ; offer information on a wide variety of family fun and special needs topics ; and facilitate access via rings and links to websites relevant to special needs families. Adoption Arts Crafts Babies Charities ... Work at home
    Legal advice advocacy law
    Other important Legal advice advocacy law links:
    10 best legal services...

    Now obtain all your legal advice and legal forms easily online! . More on Lawyer ......

    A Good Life: Connections, Contribution and Continuity for Your Relative wit...

    A future planning guide for families who have relatives with disabilities. Practical steps for wills and estate planning, developing relationships, housing, decision-making, and community...

    Searcy County special Services (mentally and physically handicapped), 448 abuse ofelderly or disabled adults), 1 arkansas Child Abuse Hotline (ALL suspected abuse
    Emergencies Housing-Residential Care Fire Medical Services ... Housing -Private Rental Emergency Ambulance Arkansas State Police HOPE Foundation Inc. 24 Hour Emergency Hotline 448-CARE (2273) local
    1-877-638-HOPE (4673) toll free Searcy County Sheriff Marshall City Police Office of Emergency Services
    Fire Marshall Leslie Gilbert/St.Joe/Pindall Harriet (HA-RA-CO) Landis Oxley Snowball Welcome Home Witts Springs Assistant Agencies Adult Rehabilitation Services (Harrison) Vocational training, counseling, diagnosis, guidance for .persons with disabilities. Alcoholics Anonymous Judith Raglin American Red Cross- Project Deserve-pay electric for SSI Clients Area Connection (elderly and disabled household and personal care) Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (report wildlife, poaching) Arkansas Highway Department Arkansas Revenue Office Cooperative Extension Services (provides educational support) Credit Counseling, Consumer Credit Counseling Service.
    (medical needs of children financial aid, transportation) Department of Human Services, DHS.

    55. Disability Services
    v “Sporting Events for the disabled” March, 1997. v arkansas Head Swim Coachfor 1991 International Summer Games v Service to Area 7 special Olympics Area Page/disability_services.htm
    Classes Involving Disabilities
    PE 4703 Adapted Physical Education
    PE 4673 Fitness Programming for Individuals with Disabilities Committees
    Arkansas Swimming, Inc. (Adapted Aquatics Chair)
    Arkansas Special Olympics (Aquatics Director)
    Disabilities Services Committee at ASU
    Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (Special Needs Chairman for
    2002 Convention)
    Disability Awareness Week Activities
    v Served on Disability Services Committee 1999-Present v Film Facilitator “First Sight” - March, 2001 v Presentation: “The ‘Elite’ Disabled Athlete: Beyond Recreational Therapy” – March, 2001 v Film Facilitator “The Other sister” - March, 2000 v Video on History of Disability Rights - March 2000 v “Sporting Events for the Disabled” - March, 1997
    Special Olympics Involvement
    v Arkansas Aquatics director 199-Present v Arkansas Head Swim Coach for 1991 International Summer Games in St. Paul, MN v A rkansas Head Swim coach for 1995 International Summer Games in new Haven, CT v Sponsored “Family Night Out” November 16, 2000 v Reviewer for Badminton Sports Skills Booklet for Special Olympics International v Recognized as “Outstanding Volunteer Coach” for 2001 v Developmental Play Day for Jonesboro Human Development Center v Service to Area 7 Special Olympics
    Area Trainer 1985-1998
    Meet director for Area Athletics (Track) Competition
    Coach Area Swim Team Clinician for variety of Sports Clinics for coaches
    Mini Grant from Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative: “We Can ride Too”.

    56. Air Force Crossroads / Education
    inspirational stories about people who are able disabled. special Education WebLinks Compiled by the College Online at the University of arkansas at Little
    U.S. Colleges Colleges/Universities Private Only Community Colleges Vocational/Technical ... Military Universities Collegebound College Ratings Placement Exams Resources Scholarships Scholarships for Military
    Children (FAQ)
    Scholarships Scholarship Fundamentals ... Placement Exams Homeschooling Getting Started General Law State Resources ...
    Special Needs General Resources Organizations Special Education Laws Inclusive Educational Programs ... Other Disabilities Partnership with Parents General Preschool The Arts History ... Specific Concerns Relocating with School-Age Children Educational Checklists
    for Relocating
    Local School Districts'
    Military Teens on the Move
    ... Related Websites
    : The appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Air Force of this Web site or the information, products, or services contained therein. For other than authorized activities such as military exchanges and morale, welfare and recreation sites, the U.S. Air Force does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations. Such links are provided consistent with the stated purpose of this DoD Web site.
    General Resources All Kinds of Minds
    Promotes working on strenghts and minimizing weaknesses.

    57. ADHDNEWS.COM Lots Of Links
    of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, or arkansas but available For the Familywith the special Child Information for gifted and learning disabled children
    ADHD Taking Control Through Knowledge by Brandi Valentine
    Lots of Links!
    Special Education.Org
    Cherises' Sprited Child Page

    Home and Education

    Special Needs and Special Gifts
    Help For the Family with the Special Child
    Information for gifted and learning disabled children.
    A large selection of publications containing information on Education after high school for learning disabled students including information on colleges and programs.

    Career Counseling for Learning Disabled Adults

    Several articles on the gifted and learning disabled child.

    The Medical Reporter

    They moved! This is their new site address.
    ADDO Foundation
    The schedules for our excellent group meetings and activites in Toronto, Canada, can be found there, as well as basic information for anyone interested in ADD/ADHD, either personally or professionally. Bev Price's Page on ADD Chadd of Vancouver The Greater Rochester Attention Deficit Disorder Association. The Misunderstood Child. Learning Disorders Affect only the "method" used to learn, not the "ABILITY" to learn. ADDult Support of Washington for Adults with ADD/ADHD.

    58. Industry Contacts
    School districts in arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska to all students,whether disabled or nondisabled. No special treatment was given to anyone
    District Wins Stunning Victory in
    Schools of Choice Transportation Case*
    By Peggy Burns, Esq. S chool districts in Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and the Dakotas can breathe a sigh of relief now that the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued its ruling in Timothy H. v. Cedar Rapids Community School District . The case concerned Kratisha, a special education student whose parents wanted to have her "choiced in" to a school in the district which was not her neighborhood school. Kratisha, who has cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia, multiple orthopedic problems, and severe communication disabilities, attended Thomas Jefferson High School, where it is not contested that she was receiving a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Her IEP required special transportation services - a lift bus and establishment of a special route - which were provided when she attended her neighborhood school. Her parents wanted her to attend John F. Kennedy High School under the district's intra-district transfer policy. That policy provided in part: "Parents shall be responsible for the transportation of students not attending their resident area school." When the district refused, the parents filed a claim under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ("§504").

    59. Lobbying Season Opens For Special Education
    the full cost of educating learning disabled children even billion to educate the5.6 million special-needs kids t really change the cost of special education

    60. Kim's ADHD Links
    Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, or arkansas but available on the gifted and learningdisabled child. special Education in General and special needs children.
    Kim's ADHD Links
    My Favorite Links I am pleased to add several new links to my site. Every parent needs to look at these sites for help and information: Kim's ADHD Info Page
    Essays on Experiences with ADHD by Rob Volpe

    Kim's ADHD Links
    Homepage of SAHmom (NCMom)

    Hyper text the Online Zine for Kids with ADD


    ADD: The Mining Co.
    Attention Deficit Disorder
    Information and articles on ADD in the classroom, causes, detections, medications etc.
    Cara's Poetry Cove
    A wonderful poetry site by a mom with an ADHD son.
    Parent Empowerment Project

    ADDvance Magazine Website. A magazine dedicated to ADD Women.
    Kennedy Krieger Institute Special Education in General and special needs children. ... ADD Warehouse Excellent source of books, toys and behavior modification plans
    Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD). The largest support group for ADD/ADHD advocates medication and behavior modification. Born to Explore! The Other Side of ADD. Dedicated to the positive and negative sides of ADD. The Coincidence of ADHD and Creativity.

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