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  14. Big dollars.(Editor's Note)(Arkansas' educational system): An article from: Arkansas Business by Gwen Moritz, 2003-09-08

41. Student Residency Regulations
of the United States or the State of arkansas, the laws of the State of arkansasor the regulations of the arkansas Department of Higher education; or.
Institutional Mission
200 Series
Board of Trustees
300 Series
400 Series
Admin Services
500 Series
600 Series
Financial Services
700 Series
Student Services
800 Series
Policy Number:
Policy Name:
Student Residency Regulations Adoption Date: Revision Date: Policy Text: It is the purpose of this policy to set forth the guidelines pursuant to which the administrative offices of the University of Central Arkansas will comply with the law in classifying students as either “in-state” or “out-of-state” students. In carrying out this policy, it is the intent of the Board to accord equity and fairness to the students, while being mindful to protect the interests of the taxpayers of Arkansas and institutions of higher education in Arkansas. The president is hereby authorized and directed to develop and implement a plan for the classification of students (both domestic and international) as either “in-state” or “out-of-state.” In the development of the plan for such classification, the following factors shall be taken into account:

42. Arkansas State Agencies: Web Guide Includes Government Agencies That Regulate Co
continuing education requirements, Q As and forms. Lists board members and meetingdates. Contains arkansas Architectural Act; board rules and regulations,
State Agencies: Arkansas
Back to State Agencies

Arkansas' Official Home Page

"Government" contains links to the Governor's office, Secretary of State, Legislature, judiciary, state agencies, departments, boards and commissions. "e-Government Online Services" provides links to online directories and to business and citizen services. "Business and Employment" contains links to commerce, labor, business, financial, safety, transportation and professional resources. "Community and Civic Info" provides links to towns, cities and counties.
Arkansas Capital Corporation Group
Provides program information, guidelines and applications for ACC loans that can be used to fund the purchase of real estate, new construction, machinery and equipment and for working capital. Arkansas Certified Development Corporation provides information and application for its 504 Loan Program.
Attorney General Opinions

43. Arkansas Homeschoooling Laws
to make such reasonable rules and regulations required for addition, the State Boardof education shall cause acknowledging that the State of arkansas is not
Arkansas Education Code For Homeschooling Arkansas Education Code: Sections Relevant to Homeschoolers . Compulsory Attendance - Exceptions [As amended by Acts1991, No. 320, Sec. 1]. . (a) Every parent, guardian, or other person residing within the State of Arkansas having custody or charge of any child or children age five (5) through seventeen (17) years on October 1 of that year, both inclusive, shall enroll and send the child or children to a public, private, or parochial school or provide a home school for the child or children as described in Sec. 6-15-501 et seq. under such penalty for noncompliance as shall be set by law with the following exceptions:
  • Any child who has received a high school diploma, or its equivalent as determined by the State Board of Education, is not subject to attendance requirement.
  • Any parent, guardian, or other person residing within the state and having custody or charge of any child or children may elect for the child or children not to attend kindergarten if the child or children will not be age six (6) on October 1 of that particular school year. If such an election is made, the parent, guardian, or other person having custody or charge of the child must file a signed kindergarten waiver form with the local district administrative office. Such form shall be prescribed by regulation of the State Department of Education. On filing the kindergarten waiver form, the child or children shall not be required to attend kindergarten in that school year.
  • 44. Hal Berghel, Arkansas Higher Education Act Of 199x, 1993
    Such rules and regulations should be applied with restraint and be applied be sure,there are many problems facing higher education in arkansas and elsewhere
    accesses since April 2, 1996
    Editorial by ASCIT
    Chairman Hal Berghel
    I want to discuss the Arkansas Higher Education Reform Act of 199x. It's coming! The handwriting is on the proverbial wall. The real challenge before us will be to ensure that the legislation will be reflective and forward thinking rather than reactive. To understand this challenge, we need a bit of history. Our story begins with the 1960'S space race. The Kennedy administration wanted to be first in space. To be first in space, one needs to be first in science and technology. So the Federal Government did what it does best. As Carl Sagan might explain, it threw 'billions and billions and billions' of dollars at the problem. Research became the primary pursuit of some university faculty for the first time in history, and 'external funding' became a common term in academic households. Academic administrations looked to external funding to solve their resource problems because of the luscious 'indirect costs' (hefty surcharge under 'cost-of-doing-business' rubric). Everyone was happy. For awhile, at least. While the story above is an oversimplification, there is a great deal of truth to it. The Higher Education Reform Acts which are currently being considered around the country are a fallout from the rapid change which universities have undergone in the past few decades. At the heart of this legislative initiative is accountability - making the institutions accountable to the public for the monies expended. Nothing wrong with requiring accountability per se, so long as it is some genuine measure of something important. All too often, however, we fall into the trap of what I shall call 'measurement mania' where we expend countless energy measuring what we can rather than what we should.

    45. Boating Regulations By State
    Boating Laws, Boating education regulations, Reciprocity accepts No mandatory boatingeducation requirements arkansas, No mandatory boating education requirements
    Boating Courses Boating Tips Boating Contest Safety Links ... Contact Us Boating Regulations by State
    Boating Education Requirements
    Laws Boating Education Regulations Reciprocity
    accepts boating safety certificates from other states and/or NASBLA-approved courses. Alabama Minimum age to operate 12. Boating license required - proctored exam required to obtain license. Non-residents may operate up to 45 days without a license. Alaska No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A Arizona No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A Arkansas No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A California No mandatory boating education laws. Minimum age to operate is 16. California boating information. Yes Colorado Colorado residents - age 14-15 - who operate PWCs required to complete boating safety course. Home study is not accepted for this age group. Yes Connecticut All operators of vessels registered in, or who own property in, CT must successfully complete an approved boating course or pass the CT challenge exam. PWC operators must take proctored, state-approved PWC classroom course regardless of residency. Other vessel operators may take the CT challenge exam. No Delaware Delaware residents born after 1/1/78 must complete an 8 hour boating course.

    46. Arkansas Stories - Arkansas History Music, Videos, And Information - Education R
    arkansas History Source education - Resources - Music Social Studies (includingarkansas Studies) (Developmental attention to safety and safety regulations.
    Your Arkansas History Source - Education - Resources - Music - Projects
    TV Broadcasts
    Radio Broadcasts Concerts Calendar ... Home
    Background of the Story

    Nobody knows exactly how many people were on board the steamboat Sultana when it exploded into flames at around 2 AM on April 27, 1865. Estimates range from a low of 1800 to a more likely figure of just over 2000. Nobody knows exactly what caused the explosion, but it is known that a leaky boiler had been patched while the boat was tied up downriver at Natchez with the boilerman protesting the whole time that an extensive overhaul was needed.
    Inquiries never fixed the responsibility for overloading the Sultana with northward-bound Union soldiers who had just been released from Confederate Prisoner of War camps. Several Union officers and other officials protested and were ignored by other Union officers and other officials in charge when contingent after contingent of weary men were loaded onto a vessel designed to carry only 376 people, including its crew.
    The soldiers had been put aboard at Natchez. A near-catastrophe had occurred at Helena when word got out that a photographer would take a picture of the boat when it tied up for provisions. Men rushed to the port side of the boat to get into the shot, so many of them that the Sutana almost capsized on the spot. The wary captain pushed the boat past Memphis and stopped to take on coal at Hopefield, Arkansas. Sultana got very little farther up the river.

    47. Arkansas License Information & Regulations
    We are a NASBA sponsor and have issued credits in arkansas since 1992. The regulationsstate A program qualifies as acceptable continuing education if it is
    Arkansas State Board Information:
    Arkansas State Board of Accountancy
    101 East Capitol, Suite 430
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
    Phone: (501) 682-5534
    Website: Do PES courses qualify for CPE in the state of Arkansas? YES
    The board requires provider to register with NASBA. We are a NASBA sponsor and have issued credits in Arkansas since 1992.
    The regulations state: "A program qualifies as acceptable continuing education if it is a formal program of learning which contributes directly to the professional competence of an individual licensed to practice as a public accountant. The responsibility for substantiating that a particular program is acceptable and meets the requirements rests solely upon the licensee."
    License Expiration Information:
    Registrants must register annually by 12/31.

    48. Arkansas Data - Quality Counts '99
    arkansas. SCORE, 72. GRADE, C. CLASS SIZE (35% of grade). (1998), weak. Stategrants waivers of education regulations (1998), yes. SCHOOL SIZE (Ungraded).
    Arkansas Data This page shows Arkansas's scores in five major areas: Student Achievement
    Standards, Assessments, and Accountability

    Teacher Quality

    School Climate
    To compare data from one or more states, go to State Data Comparisons All Students Achieving at High Levels
    For more information about these measures, see our 50-state Student Achievement data table.
    indicates state does not participate in national assessment, survey, or data collection.
    indicates a statistically significant improvement since 1992 in the 4th grade and since 1990 in the 8th grade.
    All figures are in percents
    NOTE: "Algebra class" refers to an algebra or integrated-mathematics course. Arkansas MATH 4th graders who scored at least at "proficient" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam 4th graders who scored at least at "basic" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam 4th graders who scored at least at "below basic" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam 8th graders who scored at least at "proficient" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam

    49. Quality Counts '98: Arkansas Policy Update
    of pushing through a new set of education reforms in arkansas' legislative session includinga provision that eliminates various regulations for home
    Read about the condition of urban education in this state. If you have your images turned off, you may be missing several important links.
    nstead of pushing through a new set of education reforms in Arkansas' legislative session last year, legislators held tight to the status quo. During the 1997 session, members passed a flurry of small measures introduced by Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee, including a provision that eliminates various regulations for home-schooled students and one that requires criminal-background checks for school employees. But lawmakers spent the bulk of their time tweaking existing laws, says Brenda Matthews, a legislative-services assistant at the state education department. It was a far different scene two years earlier, during the previous legislative session, when lawmakers scrambled to fix a state funding formula that was ruled unconstitutional in 1994.
    "I wish there were big things that Arkansas could take credit for doing this time," Ms. Matthews says. "Education had taken such a forefront in 1995 with the funding formula, and I think a lot of [legislators] didn't want to hear about it this time around." The lawmakers may need to rework that formula once more during their next session, in 1999, depending on how a chancery court judge assesses the current formula sometime this year, Ms. Matthews adds. Though legislators passed a revised formula in 1995, the courts have "not yet closed the door" on the constitutionality of the funding system, she notes.

    50. South Arkansas Community College - Adult Education
    conducted according to established laws, rules and regulations. for unemployed andthe underemployed people in arkansas. the Test of Adult Basic education (TABE
    Site Links Admissions
    Financial Aid

    College Information

    Contact SouthArk
    Adult Education
    The Adult Education Program provides adults with the opportunity to improve their basic reading, writing, and math skills. Students can work on their basic skills to improve their ACT scores, to take the official GED Test, to improve their employability skills, to advance their workplace skills, or to gain personal satisfaction. The Adult Education Program is conducted according to established laws, rules and regulations. The program operates on a policy of open-entry, open exit. All incoming students are evaluated and placed in classes to upgrade deficiencies. Instruction is diagnostic, prescriptive, self-paced and individualized. Students have access to computers and software that have been recently updated with modern curriculum. Small group and individual instruction is available during the day and evening hours at no cost to participants. Classes are provided on campus and at satellite locations. Programs provided through Adult Education are as follows: Academic Assessment The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is administered to assess academic needs for placement, instruction, JTPA, and other programs.

    51. Child Care And Early Childhood Education Highlights 2001
    Key child care and early education trends in state legislation include an care, includingtaxes on tobacco (California) and on alcohol (arkansas). regulations.
    Login Here
    Register Now
    To access special member content and services legislators, legislative staff
    and Foundation for State Legislatures sponsors must log in. ( Clear this notice.) NCSLnet Registration Help
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    Child Care Project
    Enacted 2001 State Laws
    Child Care and Early Childhood Education Highlights
    Key child care and early education trends in state legislation include an array of financing mechanisms, basic regulatory provisions, preschool expansions and quality improvements in the form of professional development and training for providers.
    State legislatures continued to expand financing for early childhood services in several ways in the past year. At least four states ( Iowa, Kentucky, New York and Texas ) enacted laws providing grants to programs. Some states ( California, Iowa, Kentucky and Texas ) expanded funding through local means. Several states ( Illinois, Montana, Nebraska and Oregon ) created tax credits for either parents or employers to support the care and development of young children. Legislatures in two states ( California and Iowa ) directed loan funds to improve child care services. Two state legislatures (

    52. Ar. Dept. Of Workforce Education
    arkansas Technical Careers Student Loan Forgiveness Program. Directory of DesignatedTechnical education Programs 2002 6821699 Rules and regulations Act 652
    Luther Hardin Building
    Three Capitol Mall
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    Fax (501) 682-1509
    Arkansas Technical Careers
    Student Loan Forgiveness Program Directory of Designated Technical Education Programs
    2002-2003 Academic Year
    For information contact:
    Rules and Regulations Act 652 of 1999 Steps to Apply for Eligibility
    Definition of Postsecondary Awards
    ... High Demand Career Fields Technical Institutions Arkansas Valley Technical Institute
    Cotton Boll Technical Institute
    Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute Foothills Technical Institute ... Quapaw Technical Institute Two-Year Institutions Arkansas State University - Beebe Arkansas State University - Mountain Home Arkansas State University - Newport Arkansas State University Technical College - Marked Tree ... University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton Four-Year Institutions Arkansas State University - Jonesboro Arkansas Tech University - Russellville Henderson State University - Arkadelphia Southern Arkansas University - Magnolia ... University of Central Arkansas - Conway Independent Institutions Central Baptist College - Conway Harding University - Searcy Hendrix College - Conway John Brown University - Siloam Springs ... Williams Baptist College - Walnut Ridge

    Little Rock, AR 722011071 (501) 682-4204 FAX (501) 682-1079 http// DEPARTMENT OF education RULES AND regulations arkansas EARLY

    54. Invasive Species: Arkansas
    University. Boll Weevil Research and education Program University of arkansas arkansasState Plant Board Species of Concern; Management; Laws and regulations.
    What's in My Neighborhood: Arkansas Geographic Information What's in My Neighborhood Specific State Information Government Exotic Invasive Plants in Southeastern Forests [James H. Miller, Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Auburn University, Alabama]
    Species of Concern; Management; Special Note: Forestry focus (trees, vines, shrubs, grasses), references; applicable for the following States: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia University Boll Weevil Research and Education Program [University of Arkansas, Department of Agronomy]
    Species of Concern University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
    Contacts Organizations Arkansas State Plant Board
    Species of Concern; Management; Laws and Regulations Arkansas Forestry Commission
    Contacts Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
    Contacts; Organizations

    55. Governance Legislation And Regulations - Council On Law In Higher Education Law
    State Commissions of Higher education Alabama; Alaska; Arizona; arkansas;California; Colorado; Connecticut; Delaware; District of Columbia;
    Landmark Cases Related Organizations Regional Accrediting Organizations Specialized Accrediting Organizations National Accrediting Organizations

    56. Arkansas Sportsman Magazine
    Look here for the dates and regulations for our get the latest on the arkansas RiverNavigation Aquatic Resources education Program Aquatic Resources education

    Subscriber Services Store in this magazine in April 3, 2003 Your State Pick Another State Fishing Bass ...
    Natural State Crappie 2003

    Last year's wetter-than-normal weather and higher-than-normal water levels in many Arkansas lakes and streams made last season's fishing opportunities below-average for many of us. However, last year's troubles may well turn into gains for Arkansas anglers in the next few years.
    Arkansas Bass Forecast 2003

    Whether you're looking for largemouths or searching for smallmouths, we've got the answers for 2003 right here!
    In Search of Your Biggest Crappie

    Numbers are usually the name of the game when it comes to springtime crappie fishing, but what about the real "slabs"? How do you go about catching the crappie of a lifetime? From our March magazines.
    Arkansas Fishing Calendar 2003

    If you're looking for a year's worth of great Natural State fishing opportunities, you've found them. We've got three dozen great trips right here! Special Tactics For Arkansas' Finicky Bass
    For fair-weather bass anglers, late winter is the time to reorganize tackle boxes, grease reels and wind on fresh fishing line while dreaming of hot springtime fishing. On cold, gloomy days, they linger by a crackling fire with a good book instead of risking hypothermia by falling out of a fishing boat. But they may be missing out on some of the year's best fishing. Arkansas' Steamy Winter Smallmouths The winter blues won't get you down when you're fishing for sassy winter smallmouths in the Ouachitas and Ozarks. It can be hard to find a quiet smallmouth fishing spot in spring, summer and fall, but such is not the case in winter.

    57. Department Of Education
    educational information for the State of arkansas. looking for infomation about educationin the resources available include regulations, certification, school
    zfp=-1 About Government Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    with Apply Now
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects Index
    Trade Publications

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    ... All articles on this topic
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    By Country

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    Stay up-to-date! Subscribe to our newsletter. Advertising Free Credit Report Free Psychics Advertisement Department of Education Guide picks Here's a list of Federal and State Department of Education Office's in the United States. This site provides information about State educational iniatives, regulations, news, and more. Alabama Department of Education Here are links to legislation, news, teaching positions, the board of education in the State of Alabama. Alaska Department of Education and Early Development The home page of the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development contains publications, statistics, forms, information about grants available to districts, news, and more. Arizona Education Department This site contains Arizona regulatory resources, news, certification, school information, school programs, and more.

    58. Bill Drafting
    10 the Department of Workforce education shall administer the arkansas Technical. 13(1) To adopt rules and regulations for the administration of the.
    Stricken language would be deleted from and underlined language would be added to law as it existed prior to the 82nd General Assembly. State of Arkansas 82nd General Assembly A Bill Act 652 of 1999 Regular Session, 1999 HOUSE BILL By: Representatives Cleveland, Agee, Allison, Angel, Biggs, Bond, Broadway, Carson, Cook, Dees, Files, Gillespie, Gipson, Gullett, Haak, Harris, Hathorn, Hausam, J. Jeffress, G. Jeffress, C. Johnson, Judy, Lancaster, Lendall, Milligan, Milum, Oglesby, Pappas, Prater, Rodgers, Scrimshire, Simon, T. Smith, M. Steele, Taylor, Teague, L. Thomas, W. Walker, Weaver, Wilkins, Willis, Wood, Wilkinson For An Act To Be Entitled 12 "AN ACT TO ESTABLISH THE ARKANSAS TECHNICAL CAREERS 13 STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS PROGRAM; AND FOR OTHER 14 PURPOSES." Subtitle 17 "THE ARKANSAS TECHNICAL CAREERS STUDENT 18 LOAN FORGIVENESS PROGRAM." 21 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: 23 SECTION 1.

    59. The Heritage Foundation Research Education School Choice 2001
    arkansas has continued to make incremental progress on to meet state and nationaleducation goals; and accepts the state board's rules and regulations.

    60. Arkansas Social Work Licensing Board - Regulations - Continuing Education Guidel
    arkansas Social Work Licensing Board, regulations. IX. Continuing EducationGuidelines (Section 17103- 203). A. Definition Social
    Regulations IX. Continuing Education Guidelines (Section 17-103- 203) A . Definition:
  • A SWCE Credit Hour represents one clock hour (60 minutes) of a SWCE activity. A credit hour represents actual time in the SWCE activity. For example, a workshop that begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break would provide 5 credit hours for the participants.
    Continuing Education Units are generally offered by colleges or universities at the rate of one CEU for each ten clock hours of instruction. A licensee receiving 2 CEU's would then have completed 20 SWCE credit hours.
    Academic Credit Hour: One academic credit hour is equivalent to fifteen (15) clock hours for the purpose of license renewal. Credit for auditing an academic course will be for the actual number of clock hours in attendance, not to exceed the academic credit.
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