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         Arkansas Maps Geography:     more detail
  1. Historical Atlas of Arkansas by Gerald T. Hanson, Carl H. Moneyhon, 1992-09
  2. The pupil's workbook in the geography of Arkansas by James Richard Grant, 1922
  3. The American South: An historical atlas : Arkansas, state edition : maps, charts, historical orientation, social ethnic, economic, listed, indexed : part I, to 1860 : part II, since 1861 by Olin Dee Morrison, 1973
  4. The Emory maps of 1847 & 1857 by L. M Buttery, 1987
  5. Marcy maps of 1850 & 1853: A portfolio of sixteen enlarged sections by L. M Buttery, 1981

21. Mapping The Geography Of Risk
All of the above maps plus many more are included on our RightTo-Know arkansas andOklahoma 2,888 records mapped, 5 not mapped, file size=1.7MB Download
Home News Free GIS Discuss ... Federal Lands Knowledge is Power: Explore the
hazardscape of potential toxic risks
where you work, live and play Jump to pollution maps of your state:

Alaska American Samoa Arizona ... Wyoming New Toxic Release Inventory Data Released important note about data EPA released the Toxic Release Inventory ( TRI ) data files on May 23, 2002. The data includes some exciting new additions. Read more about Dioxin, Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic (PBT) chemicals and other additions to TRI data for 2000. NO MAPPING OR GIS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!
Each map comes bundled with easy to follow instructions, state boundaries, highways, lakes, rivers, cities and Arcexplorer, a free and easy to use map viewer. One Good Reason for Knowing More About Chemical Facilities in Your Neighborhood
In Reflections on Homeland Security and American Federalism Click here for entire report ) Pietro S. Nivola, Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institute says: Yet, the chances that a terrorist attack could turn any U.S. nuclear installation into a Chernobyl are practically nil. Concern would be better directed at hardening other sites, like commercial chemical plants. (About as many people died in 1984 when methyl isocyanate leaked from a plant in Bhopal, India, as perished in the World Trade Center.) You can find out more about the risks chemical facilities in your neighborhood pose by clicking here and requesting a copy of the executive summary of the Risk Management Plan (RMP).

22. Research Wizard - Listings For Arkansas | Research | University Library
http// .htm This site contains links which deal withvarious aspects of arkansas geology. jmm geography maps Geographic Data

23. North America, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Maps And Atlases From East View Cartogra
iv, 90 pp., 49 maps, b w, col. Cover pb....... arkansas geography The Physical Landscape and the HistoricalCultural Setting ,overview ordering.
home about east view standing orders service specials: Ukrainian maps ... site map Search GIS / Map Librarian Position shopping cart my account Browse Regions Browse Types Topographic
... Transport Geography
East View Cartographic offers an impressive selection of topographic maps of North America. EVC offers USGS produced, NIMA produced, and Russian produced maps of the United States, as well as national topographic mapping of Canada and Mexico. EVC can offer georeferenced topographic maps to the customer's requirements.
Product List National Atlas (of The United States Of America) Contemporary Atlas Of The United States Macmillan Color Atlas Of The States Emerging Patterns In The Southern Highlands (appalachia) "a Reference Atlas" ... The Natural Resources Of Illinois "introduction And Guide" Arkansas Geography "The Physical Landscape and the Historical-Cultural Setting" ordering EVC Product#

Cover: pb.
Page count: 90
Scale: n/a Size: Language: in English Price: CONTACT US Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

24. Tuesdayam0830
products will be using the 1990 geography and will need to convert data back tothat old geography. They have created maps for the arkansas Office of
APDU 2000
Tuesday, 8:30 AM
Reported by Jocelyn Tipton Commercial Applications of Geodemography Presenters:
Ken Hodges, Director of Demography, Claritas Corporation
Sarah Breshears, Director, Arkansas State Data Center, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Sue Hoover, Director, Data Base Operations, Donnelley Marketing / infoUSA
Bob LaMacchia, Assistant Chief, Geography Division, U.S Bureau of the Census Organizers:
Jonathan Robbin, President, Ricercar , Inc.
Sarah Breshears, Director, Arkansas State Data Center, University of Arkansas at Little Rock As commercially applied, "geodemography" broadly refers to the practice of qualifying populations within specified geographic boundaries by demographic and economic characteristics which are predictive of the consumption of goods and services. This session focused on how various companies and institutions are using geodemography and how the census geography products contribute to commercial product development. Ken Hodges from Claritas Corporation provided the viewpoint from the private sector. The new census geographies, data and products will provide many challenges for the private sector. In terms of the geographic issues, they will be unable to plug the new data into their current products because of the new geographies. For the first year, most commercial products will be using the 1990 geography and will need to convert data back to that old geography. They will also need to bridge the 1990 definitions to 2000 so that they can do trend analysis. Hodges also raised the question of whether the commercial providers will use the adjusted or unadjusted figures in their products.

25. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = Color Landform Atlas: Arkansas
arkansas geography, maps and Information Color Landform Atlas - arkansas A dramaticand colorful relief map of the state - an outstanding display of the Landform Atlas: Arkansas&bran

26. Geography Links
the Department of geography, University of arkansas); environmental issues, humanculture, maps, and globes The geography site (discusses GIS, Mining, Hazardous

27. Top Lesson Plan Index Home
six natural divisions in the state of arkansas while recognizing of each of thesedivisions on maps and globes to our wireless laptop (http//
Name: Scott, Carolyn P. E-mail: Topic: Landforms: Geomorphology of Arkansas Grade: Second Time: 12 Days (one month) Ark. Hist. Framework: 1.1.2; 1.1.3; 1.1.4; 2.1.2; 2.1.3; 3.1.3; 4.1.4
Objective: Students will develop an awareness of the six natural divisions in the state of Arkansas while recognizing the appropriate position of each of these divisions on maps and globes.
Set: Using a scan converter connected to our wireless laptop ( ), I will project a large, colored geomorphology of Arkansas onto our classroom receiver (monitor) and open a discussion of "What do you think we are looking at?"
Materials: *Arkansas maps: large wall map; individual student maps showing topographical information *Pizza boxes for dioramas; *Paint and associated equipment *Salt-dough ingredients: salt, flour, large mixing bowls, wooden mixing spoons
Key Terms: geomorphology, geographic, regions, uplands, lowlands, plateau, Arkansas River Valley, Gulf Coastal Plain, Mississippi (Delta) Alluvial Plain, Ozark Mountains, Ouachita Mountains, Crowley's Ridge, landscape, populated, isolated, transportation, agriculture
Key Facts: #We can better understand Arkansas by studying the landscape and geography.

28. University Of Arkansas Libraries - New Book Aquisitions
P1 5000 .U6 Main Strategic planning maps 15,000,000 Division of Geology and geography,National Research the Grand Prairie Region, eastern arkansas / by Chad
home library information new book aquisitions
Resource Finder :
Search for electronic
resources by title subject, or keyword.
New Acquisitions: September 2002 The following titles processed in September are now available for use. The call number guide below can help you find subjects of interest to you. Note that journals, government documents, and some manuscript materials are not included in this list. Previous months are also available. G-GT
Geographical data : characteristics and sources / Nigel Walford
View the full record in InfoLinks
"Seasonality in tourism / edtied by Tom Baum, Sven Lundtorp"
View the full record in InfoLinks Main The native tourist : mass tourism within developing countries / edited by Krishna Ghimire View the full record in InfoLinks Main Cherry : a life of Apsley Cherry-Garrard / Sara Wheeler View the full record in InfoLinks Reference Historical atlas of ancient America / Norman Bancroft Hunt View the full record in

29. Charles Dunn:  "Finding Our Way: A Map Of Our Past" - Henderson State Universit
While physical changes in geography are significant and may be reflected on mapsproduced at a Examination of my 19 th century maps of arkansas reveals that
Charles Dunn Finding Our Way: A Map of Our Past I was asked by the editor of the Arkansas Literary Forum to write a brief essay regarding my deep interest in and affection for old maps, particularly antique maps of Arkansas and the American South. This request was made, I believe, as a result of a comment I made in my 1999 “state of the university” address. In reference to our latest strategic planning effort, entitled Bold Strokes , I noted that we were proceeding to implement our peculiar mission as Arkansas’s public liberal arts university without a map I noted further that, like many ancient maps that described unknown portions of the world with phrases like “here be dragons,” we were certain to enter difficult, if not dangerous, areas. That comment was included in the context of my deep interest in antique, if not ancient, maps. I believe the editor’s interest in having me write an essay stems from his belief that my interest in maps has a purpose deeper than an appreciation of their beauty. To that belief, I must simply say “perhaps.”

30. Map
Animated sex ratios in United States 1790 1990 arkansas maps ARGenWeb page AR andmaintenance of an authoritative synthesis of the geography of Canada
Derivatives 2000
Home Genealogy Last site modification Click here
to visit our on-line bookstore Stellar Books and Things Maps and Mapping
Animated boundaries of the 48 contiguous states from 1650 to 1900s.
Animated sex ratios
in United States 1790 - 1990
Arkansas Maps
ARGenWeb page AR Territory 1819, AR 1836, 1850 and now.
Ouachita AR GenWeb page
AR 1842, 1850, 1852, and 1871
Greene Co. AR USGenWeb page
AR 1833, 1859, 1873, and 1885.
Van Buren Co. AR Original AR page
AR 1853, 1859, 1873, 1883
Hargrett Collection, U. of GA
Large (493K), 1839, AR, TN, w.NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, and LA
Canada, National Atlas Information Service (NAIS); responsible for the development and maintenance of an authoritative synthesis of the geography of Canada Cartographic Images Home Page Ancient, early medieval, late medieval, and renaissance maps and links to other catographic web sites. Central Intelligence Agency - an "itelligence" look at the world. East European Map Room ; Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) Geographic Names Information System - Online Data Base Query Form; U.S. Geological Survey - National Mapping Information (This one is GOOD!) contains information about almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States.

31. Maps Atlases Globes Information Statistics Facts Records Writer Resources - Shar
each of his 35 linedrawn maps, dotted with Map, the founders of Vendor, arkansas,couldn't as this mapmaking philosopher reminds us, without geography, you're
Time Zone Converter
MiningCo geography site

Lonely Planet On-Line


LookSmart's List of Map Sites
Virtual Reference: Maps
American Battlefields: A Complete Guide to the Historic Conflicts in Words, Maps, and Photos A wonderful guide to battles fought in the United States, American Battlefields spans two centuries of history. It hits all the high points, from Yorktown to Gettysburg, and provides helpful overviews of what happened at each location. Tourists will find valuable information on these pages, and this is a good guide for planning trips as well as taking along as a travel companion. Although the bulk of the book is devoted to the Civil War, a major strength of American Battlefields is that it doesn't ignore some of the less-famous conflicts, such as the French and Indian Wars, the War of 1812, and the War with Mexico. The American Revolution, the Alamo, the Wars with Native Americans, and Pearl Harbor also get their due. Two-color maps provide helpful reference points throughout. John Miller,
National Geographic Road Atlas of the U.S.

32. Geography Links
of American Geographers University of arkansasMonticello Spatial photos of US) GeoSourceGeography Links Climate Oddens' Bookmarks World of maps The Mining
Department of Geography Political Science
Geography Links
Careers in Geography from the AAG
Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies

CAST's Geostor data

National Spatial Data Infrastructure Data Clearinghouse
Remote Sensing Image Gallery
Population Clocks

GEOCommunity (Data and MORE)

USGS Landsat
Image ...
Russia Today News
Department of Geography Political Science · University of Central Arkansas ·
201 Donaghey · Conway, AR 72035 · (501) 450-3412 If you have any questions or comments concerning the GPS site, please contact Mary Sue Passe-Smith This page was last updated on Monday, July 29, 2002

33. Antique Maps Of Arkansas
To Illustrate Olney's School geography. DF ROBINSON. Georgia and Alabama maps on reverse. MITCHELL,SA A NEW MAP OF arkansas WITH ITS CANALS ROADS DISTANCES.
Murray Hudson

109 S. Church St.
P.O. BOX 163
Halls, TN 38040
-836-9017 fax
email: The descriptions are in this order: Cartographer; Title; Publisher; Place Published; Date Published; Type of Color (if any); Type of Printing; Description; Size (HxW); Condition; Matted or Framed (if applicable); Price; I.D.#. Abbreviations Used In Our Map Descriptions Message From Sally, Secretary/Webmaster ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE - ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE If you would like to see a picture of any of these maps, please email us the I.D.# and we will locate it and get a picture to you.
UNITED STATES. BLACKIE, FULLARTON & CO. GLASGOW. 1820. MFHC. ENG. U.S. extends to headwaters of MO river in MO Ty. Plus inset of "Western Territory". Shows large "Arkansa" Territory showing Little Rock or Arkolopis and the Great Swamp. Also shows Indian tribes and rivers. Quite detailed with red dots for towns, many of which are long forgotten. Bright & Clean. Fine modern color. 8"H. x 10"W. F. $225.00. I.D.#01124. HALL, SIDNEY.

34. Map Links
arkansas maps; Australian national geoscience data sets; Boston San Francisco BayArea environmental maps (GRASSLinks); SUNY Buffalo geography site (good links to
catalog worldcat using the library electronic resources ...
Map Collection
Map Links
Cartographic and Spatial Data on the Internet
There are now thousands of World Wide Web sites where you can obtain cartographic and spatial information. The following is a very partial list. Name Servers (Gazetteers) Distance Server Bibliography of Major Mapping/Cartography Sites on the Web Some Sites with Chicago Maps or Spatial Data

35. Kids Online Resources - Kids Online Resources - Geography, Maps, United States
geography Countries, Islands and Territories of the World - United States Returnto the previous page! KIDS; arkansas - Little Rock, The Natural State .
Home Internet Safety Art/Music Geography ... Site Map
Geography of the World
Geography Countries, Islands and Territories of the World United States
The United States of America

36. - Explore With Maps
arkansas is the only state in which diamonds have been mined, although today themine operates only geography. Contact Us Online Privacy Policy ©2003
Plan a Trip Explore with Maps Find a Friend Business Solutions
Channel Features
Online World Atlas Online Map Center Satellite Images Topozone ... Online Map Games Site Tools Site Map About Contact Advertise with ... Home Arkansas Miscellaneous Geography People Government ... Physical Map Introduction [Top of Page] Nicknamed the "Land of Opportunity," Arkansas, which joined the Union in 1836, was the 25th state. The early French explorers of the state gave it its name, which is probably a phonetic spelling for the French word for "downriver" people, a reference to the Quapaw Indians and the river along which they settled. Arkansas is the only state in which diamonds have been mined, although today the mine operates only as a tourist attraction. The state flower is the apple blossom. Miscellaneous [Top of Page] State Flower: Apple Blossom State Motto: The People Rule State Nickname: The Natural State, Land of Opportunity, Razorback State State Bird: Mockingbird Geography [Top of Page] Land area: 52,075 sq mi.

37. Other State's
arkansas GIS Users Forum. California University of California, Berkeley BerkeleyGIS Task Force. University of California, San Diego maps Regional geography.
If a link does not work check back at a later date, the link to the server may be down or the web address may have changed. Please email any non-working links.
Also, if your state or site isn’t listed, please email the address and it will be added.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas

38. History Of Arkansas
state. geography and maps of arkansas A plethora of geographical informationand online maps from the About geography site. Infoplease
zfp=-1 About History 20th Century History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting in partnership with
20th Century History
with Jennifer Rosenberg
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') This Week's Articles tod('tih'); Today in History Daily Quiz tod('pod'); Picture of the Day Special Subscription Offers Subscribe Now Choose One: Subscribe Customer Service Subjects Major Events


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History of Arkansas
A Brief History of Arkansas
A great history from the Secretary of State. Arkansas History Questions and Answers
A plethora of questions and answers about various aspects of the state's history from the Arkansas History Commission. Arkansas Year-By-Year A timeline of the state for 1819 to 1861. Arkansas History A thorough encyclopedic entry about the state from; includes a historical overview. Flags of the World: Arkansas Information, images, and available history of the current and past flags of the state.

39. KGS--Sedgwick County Geohydrology--Geography
geography. lowest point, about 1,220 feet above sea level, is where the arkansas Riverleaves Modern 7 1/2minute topographic maps are available for all of the
Prev PageIntroduction Next PageGeneral Geology Start Table of Contents ... Introduction Geography General Geology Geologic History Geologic Formations Ground Water ... References
Topography and Drainage Sedgwick County, with the exception of the northeast corner, lies within the Arkansas River Lowlands section of the Central Lowland physiographic province (Schoewe, 1949). The location of the County with respect to other physiographic areas of the State is shown in Figure 3. The topography of the County is characterized by the extreme flatness of the broad Arkansas River valley and the gently rolling slopes rising to the uplands adjacent to the valley. The highest point in the County, about 1,540 feet above sea level, is on its west edge, about 5 miles southwest of Andale. The lowest point, about 1,220 feet above sea level, is where the Arkansas River leaves the County to the south. Modern 7 1/2-minute topographic maps are available for all of the County [as of Jan. 1998] (Fig. 4). Figure 3 Map of Kansas showing physiographic divisions (from Shoewe, 1949). Figure 4 Outline map of Sedgwick County, Kansas, showing areas covered [1998] by modern 7 1/2-minute quadrangle topographic maps. Names are official quadrangle names of the U.S. Geological Survey and dates are those of last revision of sheets.

40. Mapping The World By Heart: A Page Of Geographic Links
Department of State Travel Warnings; Xerox Interactive World US maps; CU Boulder,Department of geography Home Page; University of arkansas Department of
Some Interesting Links To Lead You To Maps, Geography Info., Etc.
US and Canadian Name Servers
  • DMA GEOnet names server
  • Geographic name server for USA (enter name to search).
  • Geographic Name Server for Canada.
  • Noms Geographiques Officiels du Canada.
    Government and Corporate Sites
  • Every On-Line Phone Book In The World
  • Find a friend's phone number
  • Find a friend's email address
  • Directory Of Embassies and Consulates Worldwide ...
  • Current Geographical Publications
    School and University Sites
  • Shady Hill School
  • University of British Columbia - Department of Geography
  • Geography Department at the University of Hawaii
  • U. Toronto Dept of Geography Home Page ...
  • The Department of Geography, HKBU Click Here to Return to top of this page
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