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         Arkansas Schools General:     more books (99)
  1. Digest of Laws Relating to Free Schools in the State of ARkansas. Forms for use of School Officers by Anonymous, 2009-09-20
  2. History of public school education in Arkansas, 1900-1918 by William Oscar. [from old catalog Wilson, 2010-06-24
  3. Digest of Laws Relating to Free Schools in the State of Arkansas and Forms for Use of School Officers by Statutes Arkansas. Laws, 2010-03-26
  4. Arkansas (Hello USA) by Domenica Di Piazza, 1994-09
  5. Supplement to school law containing general educational acts of Legislature of 1911 by Statutes Arkansas. Laws, 2010-08-08
  6. Resistance to Public School Desegregation: Little Rock, Arkansas, and Beyond (Law and Society) by Frances Lisa Baer, 2008-07-15
  7. Mdr's Arkansas School Directory 2007-2008: Spiral Edition (Mdr's School Directory Arkansas) by Market Data Retrieval, 2007-11
  8. Mdr's Arkansas School Directory 2004-2005: Spiral Edition (Mdr's School Directory Arkansas) by Market Data Retrieval, 2004-11
  9. Digest of Laws Relating to Free Schools in the State of Arkansas by Arkansas State Department of Public In, 2008-12-09
  10. Digest of laws relating to free schools in the state of Arkansas by Arkansas Arkansas, 2010-09-07
  11. Pine Bluff Arkansas High School Yearbook 1951 by Pine Bluff Arkansas High School, 1951
  12. Digest Of Laws Relating To Free Schools In The State Of Arkansas
  13. Digest of Laws Relating to Free Schools in the State of Arkansas by Arkansas, Arkansas State Department of Public Instruction, 2008-12-08
  14. Digest of Laws Relating to Free Schools in the State of Arkansas by States of Arkansas, 2008-08-21

21. Arkansas PTA Legislative Program For 2003
Link to arkansas PTA Public schools Day Rally at the Capitol (see photos). Link toarkansas general Assembly Web site for lists of legislators, committees, bills
Arkansas PTA
Legislative Program for 2003
Home Page State Convention Legislative Issues President's Message Board of Managers Calendar of Events Governor's Message ... Reflections 2002


Arkansas PTA supports quality education for all children.
  • Expanded funding for public schools.
  • Adequate salary for teachers and support staff (certified and non-certified)
  • Increased state funding where federal funds have been reduced
  • Instructional technology
  • Support adequate funding for the education of all children
  • Textbooks and classroom materials
  • Children's health and safety.
  • AIDS education
  • Asbestos-free and hazard-free environment
  • Drug awareness to include alcohol and tobacco
  • Playground safety
  • Provisions for comprehensive health care for all children and families
  • Protective child labor laws
  • Violence-free school community
  • The reduction of blood alcohol level from 0.10 for drinking and driving
  • Promote positive Internet education for parents and children
  • Full implementation of an on-line Immunization Registry accessible by schools for registration purposes
  • A quality education for all children, including:
  • 22. Arkansas Department Of Education
    demographic and statistical data about arkansas' public schools unit is availablefor use by schools, districts, parents staff, the media, and the general public
    The Information and Technology Section is responsible
    for providing accurate, timely information and
    appropriate, viable technology in support of the
    functions of the Arkansas Department of Education.
    This section is responsible for coordinating and implementing the statewide information and
    reporting system, and providing training and support to the Department of Education staff. Options Below Staff Directory Director Deputy Director Central Admin. Accountability Info. and Tech. Internal Admin. Fin. and Admin. Improv. and Dev. James Boardman is the Assistant Director for Information and Technology. One of this section's primary responsibilities is to analyze data and produce informational reports for policy makers, educators, business and industry leaders, and the general public. Assistant Director
    James Boardman

    The Information and Technology Section is divided into six units:
    Distance Learning and Internet Applications Unit

    23. Arkansas Publik Skulze :: Public Schools Dangerous To A Child's Mind
    familycould be the youngest generalclass operator Michigan’s superintendent ofpublic schools, is on Posted for Reference to current arkansas Legislation.
    @import url("themes/Dezina_Amor/style/style.css");
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    articles: 2 School-Home articles: 18 School-Private articles: School-Public articles: 36 Stinks articles: 17 U.S.A. articles: 3 Virus articles: 1 World Events articles: 12 149 articles. 3753 times read Main Menu Home Account Logout Please DONATE Modules Archives Dictionary LIBRARY Recommend Us ... Web Links Read a Book Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie: Practical Mind Control Protection for Paranoids Check Us Out SpamArrest - blocks spam before it ever gets to your inbox Everything you need to know about Wireless Networks TigerDirect Save up to 70%! Warning! Public Schools may be Harmful to your Child's Mind! Arkansas Publik Skulz Arkansas Diversity Legal Opinions ... World Events You do not need to register to Submit a Story or Post a Comment! Arkansas Schools Team with W.I.B. Posted by: admin on Saturday, March 29, 2003 - 07:51 PM CST Schools Team With Workforce Investment Board to Train More Nurses

    24. General Information
    general Information. The testing method in arkansas is an electronic system calledEXPro Candidate Handbook , which is available at most schools and providers Information.html
    General Information
    To Apply For A Salesperson or Broker License
    The Arkansas Real Estate License Examinations are developed and administered by Assessment Systems, Inc. (ASI) a National Independent Testing Company. The testing method in Arkansas is an electronic system called EXPro which eliminates the use of paper answer sheets. EXPro operates with the use of a touch screen and is easy to operate. Knowledge of computers and typing is NOT required or needed. Further information about ASI and the examination process, including an Application for Examination can be found in the "Real Estate Candidate Handbook", which is available at most schools and providers of Real Estate Education. (This link shows a list of schools licensed by the State Board of Private Career Education.)
    Real Estate License Requirements
    Salesperson applicants must:
  • have reached the age of majority, eighteen (18): successfully complete sixty (60) classroom hours of real estate education of which thirty (30) classroom hours must be in the basic principles of real estate, from an accredited postsecondary school or a school or organization licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education [ACA Sect. 17-42-303 and Commission Regulation 4.1]; pass the licensure examination; and
  • 25. Mark Pryor For US Senate
    Pryor believes in safe, healthy, and accountable public schools. As Attorney general,he traveled the state to Pryor voted to create the arkansas School for
    Experience in representing ALL ARKANSANS is critical to being an effective U.S. Senator. I believe that everyone in this state should be treated fairly and equally and should be represented in the same fashion. Below are some of the accomplishments I'm proud to have achieved while representing Arkansas. Fiscal Conservative Mark Pryor will be conservative with your money and he has the record to prove it. As a state legislator, he voted 54 different times for lower taxes. And as Attorney General, he returned more than $10 million dollars of his office budget to the state and negotiated a new lease for the office that saved the state $120,000. Standing Up to Special Interests Partnership Over Partisanship Protecting Our Children "Keys to Safety" has already been presented to over 5,000 students in schools across Arkansas.

    26. Arkansas Bar Association | Law Links
    general Resources. Law schools. Association of American Law schools Universityof arkansas School of Law University of arkansas Law Library UALR
    Law Links Home Below is a handy resource to access state and federal codes, schools, publications and other information related to the law profession. All website links open in new windows. Arkansas Government and Law Arkansas Code
    Arkansas General Assembly

    Arkansas Judiciary

    Arkansas Supreme Court
    Arkansas State Government
    Federal Law
    American Bar Association


    Internet Law Library

    National Center for State Courts
    U.S. Supreme Court Information
    General Resources American Bar Association
    Arkansas Bar Association
    arkansasfindalawyer Code of Federal Regulations ... University of Indiana (Virtual Law Library) Law Schools Association of American Law Schools University of Arkansas School of Law University of Arkansas Law Library UALR William H. Bowen School of Law

    27. Arkansas
    at the end of this report.) There is a general fund appropriation School ComputerNetwork (APSCN) provides network services to arkansas public schools.
    Arkansas's public telecommunications infrastructure is still in its nascent stage. However, 1995 was a watershed year for telecommunications-related legislation. In a recent Southwestern Bell rate case before the state's Public Service Commission, it was stipulated that overearnings will be used to upgrade infrastructure in state hospitals and schools. In a recent SW Bell rate case before the state's Public Utilities Commission, it was stipulated that overearnings will be used to upgrade infrastructure in hospitals and schools in state.
    1995 Ark. SB 417 (Act 737) created the Telecommunications and Information Technology Fund and established the Joint Legislative Committee on Advanced Communications and Information Technology, which will review legislation pertaining to telecommunications and public information access and study issues relating to the development of a statewide telecommunications network. The act also created the Governor's Telecommunications and Information Technology Advisory Board, which will work with the Joint Legislative Committee. Act 1052 appropriated $2 million to develop a strategic plan for the establishment of a statewide distance learning and telemedicine network.

    28. Aristotle Arkansas Links
    arkansas general Assembly Overview of its' members, bills users listing organizations,library, schools and churches Democratic Party of arkansas Your source for
    Around the state of Arkansas, Web pages are springing up. We will continue to update our listings as new sites are added. If you know of any Arkansas sites that we have not included please e-mail us.
    Central Arkansas Christian Schools
    CAC is dedicated to providing each student the highest quality in academic, spiritual, social, and physical accreditation, in a christian environment serving K-12 students in the Little Rock area.
    Sheridan School District
    The Sheridan School District is committed to supporting the development of all individuals as well as offering in depth information about the schools, education, world news, and government.
    Arkansas School for Mathmatics and Sciences
    Established in 1991, ASMS is a residential co-ed school for the11th and 12 grade strudents who demonstrate talent in math and the sciences, as well as curricula for teaching throughout the state.
    Arkansas Extended Learning Center
    Opportunities for those interested in exam preperation, language, investing, and hobbies, as well as a "kids' corner." Do browse our site and class lists.

    29. The Times Record - Fort Smith, Arkansas
    Governor Deserves High Marks The 84th general Assembly has been under way now fora few days, and Gov. Local control has been the hallmark of arkansas schools.
    search today's issue:
    More Searches...
    Circulation / Subscribe

    Career Opportunities

    Contact Us

    Posted: Monday, January 27, 2003 Governor Deserves High Marks
    And quite the tone he set. We have been a harsh critic at times of the governor, but on this occasion, we applaud him. It is rare to see a governor muster the full depth and breadth of the leadership that resides in the office and use it to full potential. It takes a governor who can pull that from within himself, and it takes an issue that calls for such command.
    "It’s using the arbitrary figure," said Rep. Mike Hathorn, D-Huntsville. Hathorn would be sensitive to that particular yardstick because his district includes nine school districts with fewer than 1,500 students.
    Said House Speaker Herschel Cleveland, D-Paris: "There are districts whose test scores are above normal, and their expenditures per child right in there about the state average. Why would we go through all this turmoil to eliminate all those districts?"
    The figure, however, was far from arbitrary, at least according to state Education Department director Ray Simon. The 1,500-student mark, he said, was arrived at from decades of studying education in the state. That many students are necessary, he said, for a district to offer a solid curriculum of study. And, too, there is an opportunity for smaller schools that perform at high levels to remain in existence.

    30. Little Rock Central High School NHS, AR General Management Plan - Superintendent
    and inspiration of present and future generations, Central High School in LittleRock, arkansas, and its role in the integration of public schools and the

    31. General Legislative Provisions For Students With Disabilities
    from education laws and regulations, arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut for purposesof tort liability. general funding. Charter schools in 14 of the 29 states
    Review of Charter School Legislation Provisions Related to Students with Disabilities, September 1998
    General Legislative Provisions
    This first part of the review examines statutory provisions that have implications for, but do not necessarily address directly, students with disabilities or special education. Various provisions in state statutes grant charter schools varying levels of authority to govern themselves and to make decisions regarding the operation of the schools, including decisions related to personnel, curriculum, and expenditures. The extent of a charter school's operational autonomy will have an impact on how special education programs are implemented in these schools. As described in the following paragraphs, statutory provisions that give higher levels of autonomy include ones that allow or require charter schools to (1) operate independent from local school districts, (2) make their own personnel decisions, (3) be exempt from state and district education laws and regulations, (4) assume liability for their actions, and (5) receive their funding directly from the state. Independence from districts.

    32. Opinion Ernest Dumas, June 1, 2001
    As almost everyone will acknowledge, arkansas schools are neither suitable nor efficient.They never have been. Neither are they general, if that implies equal
    News Food Dining Movies ... E-Mail
    Our sublime Constitution
    By Ernest Dumas

    June 1, 2001 What a capricious thing is a constitution. It is there so that we can boast of our noble values, and then someone comes along and wants to make it real. The Bill of Rights sounds so majestic until some creep claims its protection for burning a flag. Is there a people anywhere with a more sublime guiding principle than the one we've claimed since 1874, when we ratified the Arkansas Constitution?: "Intelligence and virtue being the safeguards of liberty and the bulwark of a free and good government, the State shall ever maintain a general, suitable and efficient system of free public schools and shall adopt all suitable means to secure to the people the advantages and opportunities of education." Something like it has been in each of our constitutions since statehood, in 1836. It seems that we have always been nominal admirers of education. It was a beautiful sentiment until someone came along and pointed out that the emperor has no clothes. As almost everyone will acknowledge, Arkansas schools are neither suitable nor efficient. They never have been. Neither are they general, if that implies equal. An attorney for Rogers and several other school districts raised the point in the latest school finance lawsuit and, being an honest man, Chancellor Collins Kilgore, had no choice but to agree. He ordered the state government to provide the same good educational opportunities to all the children that the Constitution requires.

    33. United States Resources: Arkansas
    arkansas Land Records from the general Land Office; of the Spirit AfricanAmericanExperience in arkansas; Black schools in Columbia County; History of the

    34. UALR Arkansas Earthquake Center - General Information About Earthquakes - Freque
    Home Public schools Business Government Engineering Research ArkansasCenter for Earthquake Education and http//
    General Earthquake Information Earthquake Frequently Asked Questions
    (Answers to frequently asked questions about earthquakes) Measuring the Size of an Earthquake This Dynamic Earth (external link) Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country (external link) Home Public Schools Business ... Research Arkansas Center for Earthquake Education and Technology Transfer (ACEETT)
    College of Science and Engineering Technology
    2801 South University
    Little Rock AR 72204 Last Updated: September 10, 1998

    35. Opinion
    abolish sales tax on used goods and prohibit the increase of taxes without voterapproval at the general election. APPLES calculates arkansas schools will lose 18 2000/Bryce Harrison welcomed as
    W E B E D I T I O N C ooking O bituaries ... lassifieds Carlisle Public Schools LOOK! Download engagement, wedding, anniversary, and obituary forms Visit all of our community newspapers: Cabot Star-Herald Lonoke Democrat Sherwood Voice Jacksonville Patriot ...

    All Contents Magie Enterprises Comments or questions? Newspaper delivery information? Call 870-552-3111 Bryce Harrison welcomed as new board member By Rose Mary Buffalo
    Staff writer Bryce Harrison was welcomed to the Carlisle School Board Monday night by President Debbie Reid. Harrison fils the position formerly held by Mike Hardke who chose not to run for reelection.
    Reorganization of the School Board, required by law to be held at the first meeting following the school election, was held. Superintendent Dr. Ron Wilson chaired the election until Debbie Reid was unanimously reelected to another term as president.
    Eddy Kelly was unanimously chosen to serve again as vice president.

    36. The Arkansas Poll, 2001
    arkansas general Assembly, 2003. strongly approve, approve, disapprove, or stronglydisapprove of the following methods of funding reforms in arkansas schools. 2003 special education report.htm
    The Arkansas Poll, 2002
    Public Opinion in Arkansas Education Reform and Revenue
    A special report – with breakdowns by age, region, and income – prepared for the House and Senate Committees on Education, Arkansas General Assembly, 2003 Supported by The Diane D. Blair Center of Southern Politics and Society
    Dr. Janine A. Parry
    Poll Director, Assistant Professor of Political Science
    Dr. Will Miller Director Policy Ph.D. Program, Associate Professor of Political Science
    Dr. Bill Schreckhise Assistant Professor of Political Science
    Dr. Todd Shields Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science
    Department of Political Science
    Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences with the assistance of Dr. Gary Ritter Assistant Professor of Education and Public Policy University of Arkansas Fayetteville Arkansas
    Arkansas Poll Website: *Percentages may not total 100 due to rounding and/or non-reporting of “don’t know/refused” responses.

    Most Important Problem
    I would like to now ask you which of the following is the most important problem or issue facing people in Arkansas today. The issues are ….

    37. All About Charter Schools In Arkansas: Charter Legislation And Law, Charter Scho
    The conference is designed to provide general information on the development of charterschools nationally and in arkansas, to provide startup information for
    Making Schools Work Better for All Children
    Charter Schools in Arkansas
    Law: Passed in 1995 Rank : 6th weakest of the nation's 40 charter laws CER Grade : D Schools Students
    • IT'S A START: Five years after passing its charter law, and in the wake of recent modest changes and a new surge of effort, the state's first charter school was approved in January 2000. The Grace Hill Elementary School in the Rogers School District opted to convert to charter status to gain more flexibility to restructure staffing and instruction. CER Newswire, January 17, 2000
    Profile of Arkansas Charter School Law Links to Arkansas Charter School Websites
    Arkansas Charter School Association
    P.O. Box 13971
    Maumelle, AK 72113 Contact : Mark Adelstein
    Telephone: (501) 851-8142
    Fax: (501) 851-8143
    Arkansas Department of Education
    4 Capitol Mall, Room 404-A
    Little Rock, AR 72201 Contact: Mike Scholes
    Tel: 501-450-5418

    38. The Center For Education Reform: Arkansas Charter Law
    CER Grade DArkansas (1995; last amended in 2001). The 5 th weakest of thenation's 38 charter laws. general Statistics. Number of schools Allowed.
    Making Schools Work Better for All Children
    Charter School Legislation:
    Profile of Arkansas' Charter School Law
    Note : The following ranking and analysis reflects the state's law as of 2001. For the most recent state law profile, please contact the Center for Education Reform or order Charter School Laws Across the States: Ranking Score Card and Legislative Profiles from our Publications page Arkansas (1995; last amended in 2001) The 5 th weakest of the nation's 38 charter laws General Statistics Number of Schools Allowed 12 new; unlimited conversions Number of Charters Operating (As of Fall 2001) Approval Process Eligible Chartering Authorities State board of education Eligible Applicants Non-profits, governments, and colleges; conversions must be created by the district. No private or parochial elementary or secondary school in existence on July 30, 1999, shall be eligible for open-enrollment charter school status. Types of Charter Schools Converted public, converted private, and new starts Appeals Process None Formal Evidence of Local Support Required Public hearing required Recipient of Charter For conversions, the school district superintendent. For new starts, the chief operating officer of the charter.

    39. Arkansas's Missing Children
    The mission of AMCSP is to assist in the recovery and prevention of missing children and to educate Category Regional North America Society and Culture Kids...... the Outreach Division of the Attorney general's Office serves as arkansas' statewideclearinghouse. children to law enforcement, schools, social service
    About the Arkansas Missing Children Services Program The Arkansas Missing Children Services Program (AMCSP) located in the Outreach Division of the Attorney General's Office serves as Arkansas' statewide clearinghouse. The mission of AMCSP is to assist in the recovery and prevention of missing children and to educate the public on child safety issues. AMCSP serves as a central repository of information on missing children and is the main point of contact between the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and non-profit missing children organizations in the state. AMCSP provides a statewide toll-free hotline for reports and sightings of missing children, serves as a liaison and provides referrals for families, law enforcement, social service agencies and other state clearinghouses. The clearinghouse maintains a database on missing children cases, flags birth and school records, assists in the creation and distribution of missing children fliers and has NCIC access. As part of their photo-partnership campaign, AMCSP distributes fliers of missing children to law enforcement, schools, social service agencies and many local businesses. The clearinghouse also provides training and technical assistance for law enforcement and assists by providing access to other state clearinghouses and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through Compuserve and the Internet.

    40. Arkansas Attorney General Outreach Division
    The arkansas Missing Children Services Program provides training and education toparents, schools, communities, law developed by the Attorney general and his
    Consumer Jungle: Promoting Consumer Literacy for Young Adults
    An interactive, web-based program that helps high school students become literate, savvy consumers.Consumer Jungle provides engaging and relevant consumer education curricula covering a variety of topics such as credit cards, transportation, living on your own, personal finances, telecommunications, and e-commerce fraud. Developed with input from teachers, students, and parents, Consumer Jungle delivers interactive games, activities, and relevant information directly to the home or classroom. Consumer Jungle is a new web-based program that helps turn high school students into savvy consumers without putting them to sleep. There's a camp for everyone.
    Students will discover a treasure trove of games, and teachers will find free classroom materials. There's even something for parents - a section filled with tips on how to help the young adults in their lives find their way safely through the real world. It's just a click away. Find your camp, and start exploring! The Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Program and Sexual Assault Reimbursement Program allow innocent victims of violent crime to seek help with expenses related to their victimization.

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