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         Armenia Culture:     more books (55)
  1. The Armenians: People, Culture and History
  2. Armenian culture and history: 8 teaching units by Salpi Haroutinian Ghazarian, 1982
  3. Ravished Armenia and the Story of Aurora Mardiganian by Anthony Slide, 1997-12-16
  4. Encounter of cultures: From collision to dialogue (Sysnopsis)
  5. A survey of Armenian architecture in the Middle Ages by Artashēs Ōragian, 1951
  6. Vergeen: A Survivor of the Armenian Genocide by Mae M. Derdarian, 1997
  7. Bringing Ararat, preview edition by Armand Inezian, 2009-12-01
  8. Bringing Ararat, complete edition by Armand Inezian, 2009-12-07
  9. Eastern Armenia in the last decades of Persian rule, 1807-1828: A political and socioeconomic study of the khanate of Erevan on the eve of the Russian ... in Near Eastern culture and society) by George A Bournoutian, 1982
  10. From Byzantium to Iran Armenian Studies in Honour of Nina G. Garsoian (Occasional Papers and Proceedings (Scholars Press), No. 8.)
  11. Crossing Borders--Confronting History: Intercultural Adjustment in a Post-Cold War World by Jerry L. Johnson, 1999-12-08
  12. The Challenge of Statehood: Armenian Political Thinking Since Independence (Human Rights & Democracy) by Gerard J. Libaridian, 1999-05
  13. Artavazd Peleschian: Our Century by Francois Niney, Constantin Wulff, et all 2004-08-02

61. - Armenian Culture - Art Gallery Cooking Dance Fashion Film Heritage L
armeniaN culture. armenian Movies Movie database for armenian movies,movie titles from armenia, including international coproductions.
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Add to favorites The Arts of Armenia An in-depth introduction to the artistic culture of one of the oldest nations of the Near East, by Dickran Kouymjian. Armenian Art Gallery Fine arts in Armenia. Mher Abeghyan, Minas Avetisyan, Hovhannes Aivazovsky, Gevorg Bashinjagyan, Rudolf Khachatryan, Grigor Khanjyan, Hakob Kojoyan, and Martiros Saryan. Armenian Cooking Collection of over 200 Armenian recipes, including appetizers, soups, salads, meat, fish, foul, vegetables, pilaf, breads, and desserts. Armenian Dance An introduction to some of the factors that make Armenian dances unique. Armenian Fashion Contemporary Armenian fashion, traditional, and avant-garde collections.

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63. Palm.Subscribe.Ru: Arxiv Rassjlki "Armeniy" (culture.armenia)
Rassjlka culture.armenia Armeniy Istoriy, kul'tura Armenii, znamenitje ludi, gizn'armyn kak v Armenii, tak i za ee predelami, v castnosti v Moskve, novosti i
Palm.Subscribe.Ru Win Koi Lat Rassjlka: culture.armenia
Istoriy, kul'tura Armenii, znamenitje ludi, gizn' armyn kak v Armenii, tak i za ee predelami, v castnosti v Moskve, novosti i mnogoe drugoe...
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Kodirovka na Vasem PDA: KOI8-R Cem citat'? Pogelaniy i otzjvj prisjlat' mogno i nugno. Pisite! Glas Runeta Yvlyetes' li Vj vladel'cem karmannogo PK? Da, uge davno Nedavno priobrel Sobiraus' priobresti do konca goda Kogda-nibud' obyzatel'no priobretu Net i ne sobiraus' A cto eto takoe?

64. [NEWW/AR] Summer School On Gender And Culture (Armenia)
NEWW/AR Summer School on Gender and culture (armenia). NEWW neww@neww.orgWed, 20 Mar 2002 193059 0500 Previous message NEWW
[NEWW/AR] Summer School on Gender and Culture (Armenia)
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 19:30:59 -0500 Forwarded Message From: "KCGS" < > Reply-To: "KCGS" < > Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 11:34:06 +0200 To: "genderstudies" < This international interdisciplinary School invites participants to explore the gender roles and relations through the prism of psychoanalysis, addressing equally the feminine and the masculine, and culminates in a comparative discussion of representations of gender through culture, media and visual art. The School aims to activate the intellectual search and academic activities in gender studies in the Transcaucasus region by bringing in prominent gender studies specialists from all over the NIS; it will provide opportunities for practical curriculum development through the work of course development groups. The School will be of interest to faculty teaching gender studies, as well as to those working in a broader area of the social sciences and interested in introducing or refining gender perspectives in their academic programs. ================================================ To subscribe send a message to

65. Open Directory - Regional Asia Armenia Society And Culture
armeniaGreat Britain Society - Features mission statement, activities, the namesof board members, the list of individual, collective as well as honorary

66. Open Directory - Regional Asia Armenia Society And Culture German based discussion board. - A forum of messages ontopics such as culture and arts, history, economy and general conversation.

67. Republic Of Turkey, Ministry Of Culture - Armenia And Terrorism
It has been realized that armenia has given militant and logistic support tothe PKK terror organization in Ministry of culture Computer Center 2002.

68. ShawGuides, Inc. | Search Results: 2 Matches [2 Listings, No Events]
COMBINING SEARCH TERMS Combine search terms (eg, July Arizona culture) to returnonly listings and events that match all of Current search criteria armenia.

69. Vindex, De Vindplaats Van Het Nederlandse Web
Omschrijving Introduces the armenian culture, art, history, homelandand traditions. http// armenia and Jews.

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Guides and Directories History ... Religion Verwante Rubrieken Regional:Europe:Society and Culture Links The Jewish Community of Armenia Gevonden in rubriek: Regional Asia Armenia Society and Culture Omschrijving: Includes history, a picture gallery and information about activities. Armenia: Portraits of Survival Gevonden in rubriek: Regional Asia Armenia Society and Culture Omschrijving: A photo-essay by Jerry Berndt depicting suffering in the country after the 1988 earthquake and the economic crisis following the collapse of the USSR. Features an introduction by Professor Donald Miller of USC. Hye Etch Gevonden in rubriek: Regional Asia Armenia Society and Culture Omschrijving: Book with information on Armenian history, culture, arts, and religion.

70. Society And Culture
Israel. Category Regional Asia armenia Society and culture http//, armenia Portraits of Survival.
Armenia and Jews Offers country data, brief information on the Jewish community, its relations with Armenians and bilateral relations with Israel.
Category: Regional > Asia > Armenia > Society and Culture
Armenia: Portraits of Survival
A photo-essay by Jerry Berndt depicting suffering in the country after the 1988 earthquake and the economic crisis following the collapse of the USSR. Features an introduction by Professor Donald Mi
Category: Regional > Asia > Armenia > Society and Culture Armenian Heritage Organization Introduces the Armenian culture, art, history, homeland and traditions. Category: Regional > Asia > Armenia > Society and Culture Armenian Openweb Workshop Presents web projects. Category: Regional > Asia > Armenia > Society and Culture Armenian World A portal devoted to history, culture, arts and entertainment. Includes also a section about the novelist William Saroyan and various links. Category: Regional > Asia > Armenia > Society and Culture

71. Culture Of Armenia
the world. armenia kept the rich traditions of its culture and theunique and valuable contribution to the world culture. The list

72. What's In The Culture/Asia/Armenia Directory.
armenia. armenia Homepage Here you can search for any info related to armenia,submit your own entries, chat in our Chat Room and a lot more
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Armenia Homepage
Here you can search for any info related to Armenia, submit your own entries, chat in our Chat Room and a lot more...
Armenian Research Center
Armenia research center of the University of Michigan.
World Reference Armenia
The Washington Post Read recent Washington Post stories about Armenia.

73. Welcome To The Country Pages: Armenia
Main site contains many useful links. culture History of Christianityin armenia, etc. http// A great site containing
Welcome to the Country Pages


CIES Contacts
As with most nations located at the border between Europe and Asia, there is relatively little popular knowledge about the unique culture and long history of the Armenian nation. Landlocked and shielded by Mountain Ararat, Armenian lands combine semideserts with hills and fertile lowlands, where famous wines and cognac are produced. The cellar vaults of cognac-producing regions complement the ancient churches and historical sites as fascinating visitor destinations.
Armenia boasts one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world, dating back around 3000 years. The history of the Armenian nation is intertwined with periods of subordination to powerful neighbors as well as years of independence and strength. Armenia is surrounded by Muslim nations to the east, west and south, yet it was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity.
The present-day Republic of Armenia emerged from the Soviet Union in 1991 and since then has been striving to build a multi-party democracy and maintain favorable ties with its neighbors, despite its recent conflict with Azerbaijan and historical tensions with Turkey. Armenia is a state where minorities are well integrated, yet patriotic feelings are very strong. It is a highly educated country, where national history and culture are now emphasized in the curriculum at this time of movement away from Soviet-style education system.

74. Library Of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handboo
Escalates, 1989; A New Political Climate; Independence; Postindependence armenia. PopulationCharacteristics; Ethnic Minorities. Language, culture, and Religion
ARMENIA - A Country Study
Search Armenia
Include word variants Use only words as entered. Please note: The current Country Study was previously in a multi-country volume.
Chapter numbers reflect those used in the printed book.

75. Armenian Sites On The Web
List of links from around the world.Category Society Ethnicity armenian...... Window to armenia An excellent page on armenia, the land, the peopleand culture.Tourist Guide. Many pictures and sound (.au) files.
ARMINCO Global Telecommunications
- IT Solutions/Internet Services Provider in Armenia American University of Armenia (AUA) Yerevan Physics Institute Presidium of National
Academy of Sciences of Armenia State Engineering
University of Armenia Yerevan State University Artsakh Online- First WWW Site in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
The President of Armenia

The Parliament of Armenia

SHIRAK.AM - Shirak Region

SIUNY.AM - Echmiadzin City
Internews Armenia
Homepages hosted on ARMINCO Web Server:
Armenian Air Lines

76. The Armenian Youth Federation Of Greece Website
treaty of Apega, archimandrite Apega, priest Ararat Archbishop ArchimandriteArchitecture, armenian culture Ardashessian, armenia kingdoms Aristakes
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77. Press Releases 2002/26: UNDP Armenia
in the framework of the abovementioned project, UNIFEM, in collaboration with theMinistry of culture, Youth Issues and Sports of Republic of armenia and the
SEARCH FAQ FEEDBACK LINKS ... FORUM No. 2003/12 No. 2003/11 No. 2003/10 No. 2003/09 No. 2003/08 No. 2003/07 No. 2003/06 No. 2003/05 No. 2003/04 No. 2003/03 No. 2003/02 No. 2003/01 No. 2002/27 No. 2002/26 No. 2002/25 No. 2002/24 No. 2002/23 No. 2002/22 No. 2002/21 No. 2002/20 No. 2002/19 No. 2002/18 No. 2002/17 No. 2002/16 No. 2002/15 No. 2002/14 No. 2002/12 No. 2002/11 No. 2002/10 No. 2002/09 No. 2002/08 No. 2002/07 No. 2002/06 No. 2002/05 No. 2002/04 No. 2002/03 No. 2002/02 No. 2002/01 No. 2001/19 No. 2001/18 No. 2001/17 No. 2001/16 No. 2001/15 No. 2001/14 No. 2001/13 No. 2001/12 No. 2001/11 No. 2001/10 No. 2001/09 No. 2001/08 No. 2001/07 No. 2001/06 No. 2001/05 No. 2001/04 No. 2001/03 No. 2001/02 No. 2001/01 No. 2000/18 No. 2000/17 No. 2000/16 No. 2000/15 No. 2000/14 No. 2000/13 No. 2000/12 No. 2000/11 No. 2000/10 No. 2000/09 No. 2000/08 No. 2000/07 No. 2000/06 No. 2000/05 No. 2000/04 No. 2000/03 No. 2000/02 No. 2000/01 No. 1999/01 No. 2003/01
February 3, 2003

No. 2002/27

December 27, 2002


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    GEN / Web Directory / Asia / armenia / Society and culture (213). SubCategoriesin Society and culture. Chat (10) cultures (14) Genealogy
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    80. Lighting The Way: St Gregory Celebrations Spark New Tourist Drive - ArmeniaWeek
    with large armenian populations, as well as in European countries. Books, brochures,and guides on armenia's culture and history were published for tourists.
    Lighting the Way: St Gregory celebrations spark new tourist drive By Zara Chatinian
    ArmeniaWeek reporter T he number of tourists visiting Armenia during the 1700 anniversary celebrations of Christian statehood in 2001 was more than double the usual annual total, according to the head of the organizing committee.
    Khosrov Harutiunian, chairman of the government Committee on the 1700 Anniversary, says 100,000 visitors came to Armenia in the first nine months of last year. In 2000, there were only around 40,000.
    (Harutiunian couldn't say how the figures were determined. It is worth noting that to bring 100,000 people into Armenia by air would mean that every flight on every day would have had to carry at least 154 visitors, even in the winter months when the country is virtually devoid of tourists.)
    The Ministry of Industry and Trade puts the total lower at 91,000 for the same period, though again without explanation, while the American Armenian Chamber of Commerce says it believes "the actual number could be between 70,000 and 80,000".
    Whatever the actual number, the impact of the September 11 terrorists attacks in New York and Washington, DC was felt immediately in a dramatic decline in the expected tourist numbers.

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