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         Armenia Geography:     more books (49)
  1. Understanding Post-Soviet Transitions: Corruption, Collusion and Clientelism (Euro-Asian Studies) by Christoph H. Stefes, 2006-12-12
  2. The Transcaucasus (Former Soviet Republics Series) by Richard Giragosian, 2001-03-01
  3. Russia and the Independent Nations of The Former USSR: Geofacts and Maps by William A. Dando, L. Jones, et all 1995-01-09
  4. Armenian and Iranian Studies (Harvard Armenian Texts and Studies) by James R. Russell, 2005-03-01
  5. Armenians in India by Mesrovb Jacob Seth, 1993-04
  6. The Caucasian Republics (Nations in Transition) by Margaret Kaeter, 2004-08-30
  7. Culture and Customs of the Caucasus (Culture and Customs of Europe) by Peter L. Roudik, 2008-11-30

61. Untitled
ECRC/AUA State of the Environment armenia. geography (Landscape).Map Physical. Map - armenia from Space. Republic of armenia is

62. Two Bibliographies Of Late Ancient And Medieval Armenia And Georgia
1 (1982) Albania (Caucasian) (Hewsen), 123125; armenia, geography (Garsoian),470-474; armenia, History of (Garsoian), 474-488; armenia, Social Structure
Two bibliographies of Late Ancient and Medieval Armenia and Georgia
An Introductory Bibliography for Armenia and Georgia in Late Antiquity
An October, 1996 request to the discussion list LT-ANTIQ for a bibliography on Armenia in Late Antiquity produced a number of suggestions, not only for this subject, but for Late Antique Georgia, too. Contributers included Ian Colvin, Gerald E. Ottenbreit, Jr., Edward G. Mathews, Jr., and Steve Rapp. Gerald Ottenbreit generously provided some corrections and amplifications. Any remaining errors are those of the compiler, Steve Muhlberger
Additional Bibliography for Late Antique and Medieval Armenia and Georgia
In the summer of 1997, Levon Avdoyan of the Library of Congress offered some additional bibliography, not only for the period of Late Antiquity but for the Middle Ages as well. His contribution is gratefully acknowledged and included here for the use of scholars of the region.
An Introductory Bibliography for Armenia and Georgia in Late Antiquity
Bibliographic Material for Armenia
Thomson, R.

63. Armenian EyeCare Project: Armenian Geography
RMENIAN geography. armenia is located in the Southern Caucasus. Itis the smallest of the former Soviet Republics yet was the first
RMENIAN GEOGRAPHY. Armenia is located in the Southern Caucasus. It is the smallest of the former Soviet Republics yet was the first to declare its independence after the fall of the Soviet Republic. Armenia's area is 30,000 square feet, an area slightly larger than the state of Maryland. Contemporary Armenia is a fraction of the size of ancient Armenia. It is landlocked by Georgia on the north, Azerbaijan on the east, Iran on the south, and Turkey on the west. Much of Armenia is a rugged plateau of ridges, narrow valleys, extinct volcanoes, and small rivers and streams. The two geographical features that stand out most about Armenia are the mountains and Lake Sevan. The republic contains numerous mountain lakes, the largest of which is Lake Sevan, "The two geographical features that stand out most about Armenia are the mountains and Lake Sevan." which holds more than 90 percent of all standing water in Armenia. Although Armenia is landlocked, Lake Sevan takes up about 5% of the countries surface area and is at a very high elevation. The waters are crystal clean, often blue or turquoise, and always cold. Known as Armenia's pearl, Lake Sevan serves as the main reservoir of Armenia's irrigation system. Armenia's main rivers include the Araks River, which flows into the Caspian Sea, and the Hrazdan, Lake Sevan, Armenia's pearl.

64. NATURAL ARMENIA | TourArmenia Is | Birding, Flower Watching, Botan
Search, . Natural armenia. Ecology armenia's geography, climate,topography and resources More. Flora armenia Half of Transcaucasus

Nature Home Ecology Resources ...

Armenian NLS
langage support Contact Us Departments HOME DESTINATIONS Walking Tour Abovian TourArmenia Maps CULTURE Manuscripts Miniatures Writing Khachkars Stonehenge NOTES from AM BASICS Communication Lodging Dining Health Visas Embassies Airlines Travel Agents Search Natural Armenia Ecology
Armenia's geography, climate, topography and resources [More] Flora Armenia
Half of Transcaucasus' flora, plus the rare Armenian Water Lily [More] Birding Armenia
Two-thirds of Europe's birds in one country, includes list. [More] Explore Natural Armenia
With eight geographic zones, seven climates, nine altitudes, sixteen soil zones; plus over half of all plant species in the Transcaucasus and two-thirds of all bird species found in Europe, Armenia’s small territory is a stunning biotops region. More varieties of topographies, plants and fauna can be found per square kilometer in Armenia than almost anywhere on earth. The closest rival for the same type of diversity its the USA, and it requires 100 times the space as Armenia. The relative ease of exploring these often over-lapping flora and fauna zones makes Natural Armenia a destination of its own. Birding and Flower Watching have already put Armenia on the map, with birders and botanical tourists coming from around the world.

65. - The Best Armenian Network!
not ratified Air PollutionPersistent Organic Pollutants geography - note landlocked thismountain range Population 3,330,099 note armenia's first census

66. Hewsen, Armenia: A Historical Atlas
Includes fifteen maps from a book.Category Regional Asia armenia Society and Culture History...... imperative. Hewsen's work has 'put armenia back on the map' when otherswould have it eradicated from geography and memory. This
Maps from
Armenia: A Historical Atlas
by Robert H. Hewsen
About the book: In this atlas, Robert H. Hewsen traces Armenia's turbulent history, from ancient times to the present day through more than two hundred and thirty full-color maps packed with information about physical geography, demography, and sociopolitical, religious, cultural, and linguistic history. Robert Hewsen's work is the first definitive historical atlas of Armenia and the first such atlas to be published for any of the former Soviet republics. The book is divided into five sections, each of which begins with a chronology of important dates and a historical introduction to the period. Specialized maps include Ptolemy's second-century map of Armenia, as well as maps of Roman, Cilician, Ottoman, tsarist, and Soviet Armenia. Other maps show the Persian khanate of Erevan, the Caucasian campaigns of World War I, the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian monuments in Turkey and Transcaucasia, the worldwide diaspora, ground plans of selected cities, and plans of the great monastery of Echmiadzin in 1660, 1890, and 1990. The atlas concludes with maps portraying the Karabagh war and the new Armenian Republic. Looking Toward Ararat: Armenia in Modern History Images of sample maps: Mt. Ararat

67. Geography
km, Iran 35 km, Turkey 268 km. Yoy can find much more about armenia'sgeography, economy, etc in armenia ,CIA World Factbook 1994.
Geographical Information
Location: Southwestern Asia, between Turkey and Azerbaijan Area:
total area 29,800 sq km
land area 28,400 sq km
Land boundaries: total 1,254 km, Azerbaijan (east) 566 km, Azerbaijan (south) 221 km, Georgia 164 km, Iran 35 km, Turkey 268 km Yoy can find much more about Armenia's geography, economy, etc in Armenia ,CIA World Factbook 1994.

68. Armenia
resolution. armenia, geography, Top of Page. Location SouthwesternAsia, east of Turkey. Geographic coordinates 40 00 N, 45 00 E. Map
Home Countries A-Z Internet Dating Shopping ... Contact Webmaster Armenia
Armenia Introduction Geography People Government ... Transnational Issues Armenia Introduction Top of Page Background: An Orthodox Christian country, Armenia was incorporated into Russia in 1828 and the USSR in 1920. Armenian leaders remain preoccupied by the long conflict with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, a primarily Armenian-populated exclave, assigned to Soviet Azerbaijan in the 1920s by Moscow. Armenia and Azerbaijan began fighting over the exclave in 1988; the struggle escalated after both countries attained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. By May 1994, when a cease-fire took hold, Armenian forces held not only Nagorno-Karabakh but also a significant portion of Azerbaijan proper. The economies of both sides have been hurt by their inability to make substantial progress toward a peaceful resolution. Armenia Geography Top of Page Location: Southwestern Asia, east of Turkey

69. Awesome Library - Local Information
Topics Countries -geography -Regions -USA Afghanistan Africa Albania Algeria AngolaAntarctica Arctic Circle Argentina armenia Aruba Asia Australia Australia
Awesome Talking Library Examples ... Keystone Family Protection
Here: Home Library > Local Information
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70. Russian Books Catalog. Siunik, Nakhchavan I Gokhtn: Istoriko-geograficheskie Iss
Siunik, Nakhchavan i Gokhtn Istorikogeograficheskie issledovaniia., socialsciences, history, armenia, geography, Erevan, armenia, Russian,.
Home EVShop Services welcome ... services Quick Search All Fields Author(s) Title my account shopping cart Browse Bestsellers Agriculture Art/Architecture Atlases/Geography Aviation/Space ... Women's Studies
Book Details Siunik, Nakhchavan i Gokhtn: Istoriko-geograficheskie issledovaniia. Our Price: $26.95
latin EVP Order Number Author(s) Karagezian, A.A. City Erevan Country Armenia Language Russian ISBN Date Publication Publisher Zangak-97 Subject Social Sciences



Cover Type Paperback Pages Description Syunic, Nahchavan and Gohti: Historical and geographical researches. home help contact us

71. Internews Armenia. Research.
geography. Regional studios are situated not only in regional centers and largertowns of armenia, but also in certain villages (NorHajin, Tashir, etc.).
i n f o r m a t i o n i s p o w e r
Activities general information news projects press releases ... our donors Armenian Media news database media research publications Legislation documents certification news comments Useful Links links Search news publications tv radio production studios print media organizations agencies Home Armenian Media
Media Research
ARMENIAN REGIONAL TELEVISION (short overview) Geography Naturally, the need for an alternative sources of information is particularly important for residents of small towns and in the areas outside of Yerevan. Regional broadcasters are often the only media that inform residents about local events.
Regional studios are situated not only in regional centers and larger towns of Armenia, but also in certain villages (Nor-Hajin, Tashir, etc.). In addition, the closer one is to the capital city, the greater the concentration of broadcasters. A high number of broadcasting stations are situated within a 50 km radius of Yerevan (Echmiadzin, Armavir, Ashtarak, Nor-Hajin, Hrazdan, Abovian, etc.). In addition, there is also a concentration of broadcasters in northern Armenia. In southern Armenia, the situation is quite different, with only a few stations located on a rather large territory, and an even fewer number of stations regularly scheduled broadcasts. Often, stations in the south are on the air from one hour a day to one hour a week (Yeghegnadzor, Kapan).
A boom in the sector was reported in Yerevan during the past year as the number of TV stations increased from one to six (A1+, Lotos, MTB-44, Mayr-Hayrenik, Business-TV, AR). Except for AR and Business-TV, these studios are broadcasting in the UHF range. The presence of so many broadcasters is already creating competition. However, in such a tight and undeveloped market there may be potential problems. Stations broadcasting on conventional frequencies will enjoy certain advantages as they are able to cover a larger audience. Stations in the UHF range will have to think about expanding their audiences, either by improving their technical capabilities, studying the capacity of television sets to receive their signals, or by improved marketing.

72. - Levon Travel - Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Many European Countries, Tours, Vaca
When in doubt, tip. Voltage Requirements 220 volts. geography. Cities CapitalDamascus(pop. 4 million). Other citiesAleppo (1.5 million), Homs (400,000).
Syria General Information Capital City: Damascus
Economy: Industry, mining, oil, agriculture."
Language Description: Arabic (official), Kurdish, Armenian and French.
Passport/Visa U.S.: Passports and visas are needed by citizens of Canada and the U.S. Visas must be obtained prior to arrival. Entry is denied to visitors with Israel entry or exit stamps in their passports, as well as to people born in Gaza or of Gazan descent. Reconfirm travel document requirements with your carrier before departure.
Religion: Sunni Muslim, Alawite, Druze, Christian.
Telephone Codes: 963, country code; 11, Damascus city code; 21, Aleppo city code
Time Zone: 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+2 GMT). Daylight Saving Time is observed April 1-October 1
Tipping Overview: Tip 10% for most services. When in doubt, tip.
Voltage Requirements: 220 volts
GEOGRAPHY Cities: CapitalDamascus (pop. 4 million). Other citiesAleppo (1.5 million), Homs (400,000). Terrain: Narrow coastal plain with a double mountain belt in the west; large, semiarid and desert plateau to the east.

73. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Armenia
Location usa Last checked 20000914 CIA World Factbook 2000 armenia Basic referenceinformation about armenia, including details of geography, people, economy
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
A-Z Index Titles Descriptions
  • Armenia Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1998
  • Armenia: Presidency of the Republic of Armenia
  • Armenian Weekly Online
  • ...
  • World Travel Guide: Armenia Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    Armenia Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1998
    Detailed assessment of human rights practices in Armenia. Topics assessed include torture, arbitrary detention or exile, fair public trial, freedom of speech and press, freedom of assembly, movement and religion; democratic rights, worker rights, and discrimination based on race, sex, religion, disability, language, or social status.
    Author: US Department of State
    Subjects: armenia
    Location: usa
    Last checked:
    Armenia: Presidency of the Republic of Armenia
    Official information from the office of the President of the Republic of Armenia, in Armenian.
    Author: Presidency of Armenia
    Subjects: armenia
    government Location: armenia, asia
  • 74. CyberSleuthKids: Armenia
    Home geography Asia armenia
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  • Virtual Ani A visual tour of the deserted medieval Armenian city of Ani, with LOTS of photographs.
  • 75. Armenia
    Christmas Lessons US History. Search Click Here, Home geography Europe armenia. SEARCH RESULTS 1 2 of 2 - Banknotes
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  • - Banknotes of Armenia
  • 76. Geography Of Azerbaijan -
    geography of Azerbaijan. Location Land frontiers total 2,013 km -bordercountries armenia (with Azerbaijan-proper), 566 km. armenia

    77. Atlas: Armenia
    armenia. armenia Profile More Geographic Information Country Profiles;Flags; World geography; World Statistics. US State Profiles; US Cities;

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  • 78. GEODOK - Search For Armenia
    Géographes Francais, Vol. 79, Page 312324 Country Code am KeywordsArmenia , Agricultural geography , Economic system 2. Ardillier

    79. Top 20 Geography: Asia: Armenia - A Directory And Selection Of The Best Websites
    Bookmark this Page, Top 20 AZ, Make Top 20 Online your Start Page. Top 20 GeographyAsia armenia, armenia, Maps. InfoNation.
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    Top 20 Geography: Asia: Armenia
    Armenia Maps ... InfoNation
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    80. Hellenistic Astrology - Astrological Geography
    Aries, Persia, Parthians, Medes, Elamites, Persia, Babylon, Arabia, Hellespont,Propontis, Syria, Persia, Egypt, Babylonia, Thrace, armenia, Persia, Cappadocia
    Hellenistic Astro-Chorography Table
    Teucer Acts 2.7-11 Paulus Dorotheus Manilius Hephaistio (Hipparchus and Egyptians (Odapsos)) Ptolemy Aries Persia Parthians, Medes, Elamites Persia Babylon, Arabia Hellespont, Propontis, Syria, Persia, Egypt Babylonia, Thrace, Armenia, Persia, Cappadocia, Mesopotamia, Syria, Red Sea Britian, Gaul, Germania, Bastarnia, Syria, Palestine, Idumaea, Judaea Taurus Babylonia Mesopotamia Babylonia Media, Arabia, Egypt Scythia, Asia, Arabia Media, Scythia, Armenia, Cyprus Parthia, Media, Persia, Cyclades, Cyprus, coast of Asia Minor Gemini Cappodocia Judea, Cappadocia Cappadocia Cappadocia, Perrhaebia, Phoenicia Black Sea Boeotia, Thrace, Galatia, Pontos, Cilicia, Phoenicia, India Hyrcania, Armenia, Matiana, Cyrenaica, Marmarica, Lower Egypt Cancer Armenia Pontus Armenia Thrace, Ethiopia India, Ethiopia Bactriana, Akarnania, Hellespont, Western Sea, Bretania, Thoule, Armenia, Cappodocia, Rhodes, Cos, Illium, Asia, Lydia Numidia, Carthage, Africa, Bithynia, Phrygia, Colchica Leo Asia Asia Asia Minor Greece, Phrygia, Pontus Phrygia, Bithynia, Cappadocia, Armenia, Macedonia

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