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         Armenian Language:     more books (111)
  1. Armenian (Western), Compact: Learn to Speak and Understand Western Armenian with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur) by Pimsleur, 2006-04-24
  2. Spoken East Armenian by Fairbank, 1975-06
  3. Armenian (Eastern): Learn to Speak and Understand Armenian with Pimsleur Language Programs by Pimsleur, 2004-04-19
  4. Armenians and Iran: A Comprehensive Bibliography in Armenian, Persian and the English Languages (Romanized)
  5. Etymological Dictionary of the Armenian Inherited Lexicon (Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series) by Martirosyan, 2009-11-23
  6. The Linguistic Relationship Between Armenian and Greek (Publications of the Philological Society) by James Clackson, 1995-02-27
  7. Eastern Armenian: Armenian-English, English-Armenian Dictionary & Phrasebook by Nicholas Awde, Peter Maghdashyan, 2003-10
  8. Western Armenian Dictionary & Phrasebook: Armenian-English/English-Armenian (Hippocrene Dictionary and Phrasebook) by Nicholas Awde, Vazken-Khatchig Davidian, 2006-07-07
  9. Armenian: Modern Eastern Armenian (London Oriental and African Language Library) by Jasmine Dum-Tragut, 2009-12-17
  10. A Textbook of Modern Western Armenian by Kevork B. Bardakjian, 1977-06
  11. An Introduction to Classical Armenian by Robert W. Thomson, 1989-12
  12. Armenian-English/English-Armenian (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary) by Diana Aroutunian, Susanna Aroutunian, 1993-05
  13. Language Connections: Kinship of Armenian With Sister Indo-European Language by Sarkis S. Saryan, 1983-09
  14. The Verb `Be' and its Synonyms - Part III: Philosophical and Grammatical Studies Part III: Japanese/Kashmiri/Armenian/Hungarian/Sumerian/Shona (Foundation of Language Supplementary Series)

1. The Dictionaries About Of Khazes [in Russian] The Armenian
Dictionaries, encyclopedias, font catalogue and information about "the Grabar".Category Science Social Sciences IndoEuropean Armenian...... The old armenian language classic GRABAR is considered to be as theorigin of all old and modern languages; Education of Armenian

2. Armenian
Several Armenian fonts are available for free download. Check out sample text for each.
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Introduction The Armenians are an ancient people whose history dates back about 2,500 years. The Armenian alphabet was invented by Mesrop Mashtots, a missionary, about the year 400 A.D. Originally it consisted of thirty-six letters, six vowels and thirty consonants, to which two letters were added in the 12th century. Armenian constitutes a separate and independent branch of the Indo-European family. The Armenians call their country Hayastan and their language Hayaren . During many centuries of Persian domination so many Iranian words entered the language that even in the 19th century many linguists thought it a dialect of Persian. It was not until 1875 that it was established as an independent language. Much of the Armenian vocabulary is not to be found in any other Indo-European language. Undoubtedly many words were derived from languages that are now extinct.
Armenian is spoken/used in the following countries: Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Georgia ... United States of America
Language Family Family: Indo-European
The Languages of the World
, Published by Routledge.

3. The Armenian Language
Succinct explanation of the origin of the language and its alphabet.Category Science Social Sciences IndoEuropean Armenian......The armenian language and Alphabet. by Maral Maljian. This page consists of a briefhistory of the armenian language. I hope it will be informitive to everyone.
The Armenian Language and Alphabet
by: Maral Maljian This page consists of a brief history of the Armenian Language. I hope it will be informitive to everyone. The Armenian spoken language has been in existence longer than the actual written. The invention of the Armenian Alphabet was a result of Christianity. Armenia, the first Christian nation as of 301 AD had no way of communicating the Good News in concrete form. The good news was usually spread through educated priests who would read the Bible in other languages and orally preach it. This is where Soorp (Saint) Mesrob(pictured above) and Soorp (Saint) Sahag come into the picture. These 2 Saints, who were also a priest and the *Catholicos respecitvely, invented the Armenian alphabet in 405 AD for this reason. Soon enough, they taught other priests and monks the alphabet and the translation of holy works began to take its course. The first of these translations was, of course, the Bible. This translation was said to be the most beautiful one in the world. Eventually, the secular community picked up the alphabet. Presently, and for many years, the written Armenian language has been used like any other written language in the world. Nevertheless, we can not forget its origin and inventors.

4. UCLA Language Materials Armenian Language Profile
Armenian lessons, games and information all online. Part of Cilicia web site. armenian language. armenia language. about cilicia discuss chat ©
Armenian Profile
Alternate Names:
Haieren, Ashkhari
Number of Speakers:
Approximately 6 million
Key Dialects:
West Armenian
East Armenian
Geographical Center:
Educational Resources:

Taught in very few universities in the
United States and Canada
Proficiency Tests GENERAL INTRODUCTION Today, five to six million people speak Armenian (Grimes 1992), although the total population of the Republic of Armenia is only 3.5 million (ninety three percent of whom are ethnic Armenian). Thus, nearly half of Armenian speakers today live outside their historic homeland, primarily in Iran (370,000), Syria (299,000), Lebanon (235,000), Egypt (100,000), and the United States (175,000). Smaller communities, under 40,000, are found in Canada, Cyprus, Greece, India, Israel, and Jordan. Somewhat larger communities, between 40,000 and 70,000 speakers, live in Turkey, France, and Iraq. Enclaves of speakers also reside in Georgia and Azerbaijan, especially the Nagorno Karabakh region (CIA 1992). Haieren and Ashkhari are Armenian terms for the language, although the latter is somewhat erudite. The term Armenian can be used to refer to at least three different languages, each with its own dialects. It can refer to Classical Armenian (the older form of the language); Modern Western Armenian (developed in those regions of Armenia that are now Turkey and the variety spoken in the diaspora); and Modern Eastern Armenian (the language of the Republic of Armenia).

5. Armenian Language Books
armenian language Books. Click on the name of a book to order it from
Armenian Language Books
Click on the name of a book to order it from
Mesrob Mashdotz : a 5th century life : a retelling of Koriun's Life of Mashdotz ; Elise Antreassian Bayizian; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find) New Approaches to Medieval Armenian Language and Literature (Dutch Studies in Armenian Language and Literature ; 3) ; J.J.S. Weitenberg (Editor); Hardcover (Special Order A dictionary of the Armenian Church ; Maghak°ia åOrmanean; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find) A dictionary of the Armenian Church ; Maghak°ia åOrmanean; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find) Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Armenian Linguistics : McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 1-5, 1995 (Anatolian And) ; Dora Sakayan (Editor Anthology of Western Armenian Literature ;Hardcover (Special Order) American National Standard System for the Romanization of Armenian ;Paperback; $7.85 (Special Order) English-Armenian Armenian English Modern Dictionary ; M. Koushaksjian; Hardcover (Hard to Find) Armenian-English/English-Armenian (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary) ; Diana Aroutunian, et al; Paperback; $10.75 Armenian Dictionary in Transliteration : Western Pronunciation : Armenian-English English-Armenian ; Thomas, J. Samuelian; Paperback; $10.75

6. Armenian Summer Language Institute
Offering courses in classical, eastern and western Armenian. The classes are held in Yerevan, Armenia.Category Science Social Sciences IndoEuropean Armenian......The University of Michigan Armenian Studies Program armenian language Institutein Yerevan Offering Introductory Courses in Classical, Eastern and Western
The University of Michigan Armenian Studies Program
Armenian Language Institute in Yerevan
Offering Introductory Courses in Classical, Eastern and Western Armenian Kevork B. Bardakjian , Director In addition to high quality intensive language instruction the program offers the opportunity to live and learn in Armenia. The program is directed by Dr. Kevork Bardakjian, Marie Manoogian Professor of Armenian Studies Program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. For more information or for an application packet, please contact:
Armenian Language Summer Institute
1080 South University, Suite 3663
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106
Telephone: 734-764-1825
Fax: 734-763-9184 International Institute Last updated September 16, 2002 summerinst summerinst

7. Welcome To Adobe GoLive 6
Presents books related to self-teaching.Category Science Social Sciences Indo-European Armenian......Here you will find what you need! armenian language TEXTBOOKS IN ENGLISH EN FRANCAIS HIEREN FOR BEGINNERS - Bilingual textbooks.
Welcome To My Homepage Here you will find what you need! ARMENIAN LANGUAGE TEXTBOOKS...IN ENGLISH... EN FRANCAIS... HIEREN... - FOR BEGINNERS - Bilingual textbooks - FOR THE ADVANCED - Textbooks and Complementary Reading PRACTICAL TEXTBOOK OF WESTERN ARMENIAN by Haroutiun Kurkjian (English adaptation: V. Pattie, R. Sethian bilingual self-teaching method for English speakers, used in many programs for the intensive teaching of Armenian, and in University curricula; 384 pages, including translation of texts, exercises with answer keys, supplement of texts adapted from Armenian literature, and a glossary of 1800 words used in the textbook. ARMENIEN OCCIDENTAL AND MORE... To learn more about these two textbooks, please keep browsing... HERE and HERE Phone-fax: Phone: Created by N.Miaoulis;

8. Hayaser
Offers history, information about religion, a language section with lessons in armenian language.

9. Untitled
THE OLD ARMENIAN LANGUAGE CLASSIC "GRABAR" IS CONSIDERED TO BE AS THE ORIGIN OF ALL OLD AND MODERN LANGUAGES It is discovered in the language that during the process of development of the sound connection man to man, man to nature the mutual connection is realized by means of natural sounds as two-sound connection. According to the above-mentioned alphabet 1260 two-sound (two-letter) connections with the help of mathematical formula: which are considered to be individual words and show mutual contacts between nature and human-man. Appearance of three-sound (three-letter) connections on the same base can be considered as a quality of reasoning owing to the quantitative recognizing realization of man. In GRABAR alphabet all the sounds are silhouettic symbols and have a sound quality and cardinal silhouettic character. For the first time in the linguistic science in Armenian dialects and GRABAR the fhree-sound (three-letter) words are divieded into two-sound (two-letter) and one-sound (one-letter) mathematical index, which belongs to the structure of human and animal anatomy. These one-sound (one-letter) expressions (words) form a definite natural system and have sound, graphical and cardinal facts.

armenian language book, as well as a tshirt. Home About Us Products The Book ... Contact Us Thanks for visiting! You'll be glad you did! offers a fun and exciting way for kids of all ages to learn the Armenian language. Our main project, "My First Book of Armenian Words" is designed to grab your child's attention. 32 pages of colorful pictures and easy to read text will get any child speaking Armenian in no time at all.
Best of all, you don't need to read or write Armenian to learn the language. This book is written in English, phonetic Armenian for the translation, and then written using Armenian letters.
Use the "The Book" link on the left, or touch the book title above to access more information on this great book.
We will also be offering other Armenian educational products...please visit us often for added products as they become available. For more information, please contact us at : You are visitor number

11. Armenian Language Fonts
Products, Search Results. Language Armenian Function Fonts Fontsoften come in packages with support systems. These support systems
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Language: Armenian
Function: Fonts
often come in packages with support systems. These support systems are usually required with right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc. Often, it may be better to use dedicated Word Processing software for right-to-left languages which will support necessary word-wrapping. Languages that use double-byte character sets such as Japanese, Chinese or Korean will require input methods to accommodate the search for the thousands of characters. If you need fonts for these languages, you may wish to also look under the Word Processing or System category in addition to Fonts
6 products found
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12. Armenian Language Institute In Yerevan Summer 2003
armenian language Institute in Yerevan Summer 2003. Offering Introductory Coursesin armenian language Summer Institute. 1080 South University, Suite 3663. 2003 email flyer.htm
Armenian Language Institute in Yerevan Summer 2003
Offering Introductory Courses in:
Classical, Eastern and Western Armenian
The University of Michigan Armenian Studies Program is pleased to announce that this year’s Summer Language Institute will be held from June 20 through August 18, 2003 in Yerevan, Armenia. The program offers a unique opportunity to study the Armenian Language in an intensive format while surrounded by Armenian culture and history. The SLI is open to all undergraduate, graduate and professional school students , attending any North American or European colleges or universities, who wish to learn Classical Armenian, as well as Modern Eastern and Western Armenian. A series of lectures on Armenian culture and history and an extensive program of excursions and cultural events will supplement the courses. North American undergraduate students are required to take the course for credit (8 credit hours); exceptions may be made for valid reasons. U.S. graduate students enroll for a non-credit certificate for Eastern or Western Armenian, and may take Classical Armenian for credit (6 hours.)

13. Parev Arev
Sells placemats that teaches a few words in armenian language. Includes product photo samples, how to order instructions, and printable order form.

14. • Armenian Language
The best Words of the Day sent directly to you! armenian language • Profile. Forrelated armenian language resources see Armenian grammars, news, and fonts.
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Armenian Language Profile
  • Armenian-English Culinary Wordlist A Brief Dictionary of Phraseological Terms A Brief Dictionary of Synonyms ... Armenian Language Books and Other Resources
  • For related Armenian language resources see:
    Armenian grammars, news, and fonts

    The Dictionaries: Language Specialty Multilingual Translation ... Contact us

    15. Armenian Language Page
    1, Game 2, Game 3; Hangman. armenian language Information Alphabet;Language Tree; Information. Copyright © 1999 Raffi Kojian n_w$$h.
    armenian language armenia > language about cilicia discuss chat This section is newly added as of April, 2000 so there is not too much content yet. Before you can use much of this material you must install the Armenian National Language Support Armenian Lessons Online
    • Lesson 1
    • Quiz 1
    Armenian Games Online
    • Crossword - Game 1 , Game 2, Game 3 Madlibs - Game 1 , Game 2, Game 3 Hangman
    Armenian Language Information

    16. Welcome To Armenian Jokes
    Offers armenian language jokes with Latin characters. Jokes can be added, rated and searched. Daily updates.
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    17. The Armenian Church | Armenian Language
    Enter recipient's email Home Heritage armenian language God's love putscertain responsibilities on us. In your life you need the armenian language .
    Armenian History
    Significant Events in Armenian History

    About St. Vartan

    The Armenian Genocide
    Gifts in Memory of Loved Ones
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    Heritage Armenian Language "God's love puts certain responsibilities on us.  The key to our culture is the language.  To change this is suicide for our nation.  We must defend it.  Language is the foundation of our culture.  My last word to you as pontiff is for you to learn the language, a few words and sentences at a time.  Don't kill the love of your language in your hearts and minds.  Of all the values that our forefathers created, the most valuable is the language.  In your life you need the Armenian Language" The Diocese Worship
    Our Church
    Parishes ... Eric Stoltz

    18. The Armenian Church | Armenian Language
    Home Heritage armenian language A Badarak Glossary A Badarak Glossary. Wordswe find in the Badarak Arachatrootyoon, Prothesis. Aryoon, Blood. Avedaran, Gospel.
    Armenian History
    Significant Events in Armenian History

    About St. Vartan

    The Armenian Genocide
    Gifts in Memory of Loved Ones
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    Heritage Armenian Language A Badarak Glossary Words we find in the Badarak Arachatrootyoon Prothesis Aryoon Blood Avedaran Gospel Badrasdootyoon Preparation Ganon Soorp Badaraki Holy Sacrifice Gyank Life Haatz Bread Hampartzoom Ascension Hashduvil To Be Reconciled Havadatzyal Faithful Havadk Faith Hissos Krisdos Jesus Christ Jhoghovoort People Karoz Sermon Khachelootyoon Crucifixion Khngargootyoon Sensing Khoran Altar Kini Wine Koghkota Golgotha Kordzooneyootyoon Activity Lvatzoomun Purification Marteghootyoon Incarnation Nshkha Wafer Nuver Gift Orhnootyoon yev Artzagoomun Last Blessing and Dismissal Parapanootyoon Glorification Partzratzayn Loudly Sgih Chalice Shnork Grace Soorp Haghortootyoon Holy Communion Tapor Procession Untertzvadzk Midday Lections Untza Gift Uzgispun Enarxis Uzkestavoroomun Vesting Varakooyr Curtain Veraperootyoon Offertory Verchin Untriku The Last Supper Voghchooyn Kiss of Peace Yegeghetzagan Clergyman Zinvoryal Militant Zoh Sacrifice The Diocese Worship
    Our Church
    Parishes ... Eric Stoltz

    armenian language BOOKS. **LOT OF ARMENIAN NEWSPAPER great for practicereading for students of Armenian - $5.00 **Armenian Alphabet

    20. Armenian Language
    The armenian language Group, Single. Geography, Nowadays it is spokenby the Armenian people in Turkey and the Republic of Armenia, and

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