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         Arson Investigation:     more books (100)
  1. Practical Fire and Arson Investigation: Second Edition (Practical Aspects of Criminal & Forensic Investigation)
  2. Explosives And Arson Investigation (Forensics: the Science of Crime-Solving) by Jean Ford, 2005-11-30
  3. Arson Investigation: The Step-By-Step Procedure by Thomas J. Bouquard, 2004-03
  4. Combating Arson-For-Profit: Advanced Techniques for Investigators by David J. Icove, Vernon B. Wherry, et all 1998-07
  5. Arson (Inside the Crime Lab) by Gail B. Stewart, 2006-02-24
  6. Elements of arson investigation by Benjamin S Huron, 1963
  7. Arson Investigation (Glencoe Press fire science series) by R.E. Carter, 1978-09-07
  8. Techniques of arson investigation by Raymond L Straeter, 1955
  9. Elements of Fire and Arson Investigation by Edward B. Bates, 1975-06
  10. Careers in Explosives and Arson Investigation (Careers in Forensics) by Daniel E. Harmon, 2008-01-30
  11. Juvenile arson: the importance of early intervention.(Cover Story): An article from: The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin by Paul Zipper, David K. Wilcox, 2005-04-01
  12. First Level Fire Investigation Program: ?Basic fire investigation? led by the firefighters is the prelude to the arson investigation by Matthieu LEPPHAILLE, 2010-02-12
  13. Arson: Detection and investigation by Brendan P Battle, 1978
  14. Investigating Arson by Wayne Bennett, Karen M. Hess, 1984-08

1. The Fire & Arson Investigations Website
Fire investigation services, from offices in New York and Vermont.Category Society Law Expert Witnesses Fires and Explosions...... Arson and other fire and firerelated losses and fraud investigationinformation, services, and methods. Were you arrested for arson?
About Us Investigation Standards Newsletter Photo Library ... Contact Us Were you arrested for arson? Was your arson loss insurance claim denied?
We Need Info!
Pj Computers Lunascura Arts
8,961 visits

2. IAAI - International Association Of Arson Investigators, Inc.
Fire arson investigation - Gas Leak Detection / Survey
Foundation Info Educational Foundation Brochure Educational Foundation Seminar Registrations Our Photo Album ... Sitemap
Educational Foundation The International Association of Arson Investigators Educational Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1989 for the purpose of securing a permanent building to serve as International headquarters for the Association. Over the years, the Foundation has expanded and grown into a number of different areas. The Foundation mission statement now reflects this growth.
Mission Statement
To foster, support and promote fire prevention and arson awareness through education and training.

We exist to improve the education and training of explosion and fire origin and cause investigators by our dedicated efforts against arson. Through our project funding and grants plus our John Charles Wilson Scholarships, our service involves designing and maintaining arson prevention programs. Through the Foundations sister organization, The International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc., (I.A.A.I.) its Chapters and Members throughout the world, and all our partners in our crusade against arson, we seek to educate those we serve to better protect life and property from heinous crimes of insurance fraud and arson. We raise funds from the public and private sectors including government, corporate and private donations to distribute to worthy educational and training projects and programs. We will continue our endeavors for howsoever long it takes to extinguish arson from the earth.

3. Bomb And Arson Investigation Section Page
Department of Commerce and Insurance Division of the State Fire Marshal's Office Bomb and arson investigation Section The Section plans and organizes arson investigation programs within the state and conducts training programs and

4. Carpenter's Forensic Science Resources: Arson Investigation
arson investigation involves the study of firedamaged physical evidence and crime scenes to detect arson.
Arson Investigation involves the study of fire-damaged physical evidence and crime scenes to detect arson. The techniques involved in such investigations require a basic grounding in the chemistry of explosives, the materials used in the formation of explosives as well as the various ways in which explosives are interrelated and initiated. Arson Investigation Links International Association of Arson Investigators Homepage ASTM Standard E 1397-95 and the Role of the Fire Investigator Fire Cause and Origin Investigation Arson Investigation Bibliography [ biblio links add a link ATF , Arson Investigative Guide, ( ATF Publications , Washington, DC: 1992) Prentice Hall Press ORDER Accidental or Incendiary Charles C. Thomas , Springfield, IL: 1997) ORDER (National Institute of Justice) , Washington, D.C.: 1984) Hobson, Fire Investigation: A New Concept Charles C. Thomas , Springfield, IL: 1992) ORDER O'Connor, Practical Fire and Arson Investigation, ( CRC Press , Boca Raton, FL: 1993) ORDER Patton, Fire Litigation Sourcebook, 2nd Edition (

5. Fire And Arson Investigation Resources
Sites and resources of interest to those involved in Fire Investigation fields. An international Directory search for Companies that offer fire investigation services is also available. Home Resources Investigation. Fire and arson investigation. SEARCH PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY

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Fire and Arson Investigation
SEARCH PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY All Countries Australia Bermuda Canada England Israel Switzerland United States ASSOCIATIONS GOVERNMENT CAFI (Canada) IAAI (International) NFPA (Fire Protection) QAFI (Qld - Australia) Blaze Fire Investigation (Germany) FireNet Perna's Arson Page interFIRE K-9 K-9 Accelerant Detection FIRE SAFETY The Idea Bank SOFTWARE SAMSoftware TRAINING National Investigation Training Services Offer Australia's first nationally accredited training course in fire investigation. For more information, please visit their web site:

6. CNN - First Report Due On Church Arson Investigation - June 8, 1997
First report due on church arson investigation
June 8, 1997
Web posted at: 12:22 p.m. EDT (1622 GMT) WASHINGTON (CNN) President Clinton receives the results Sunday of the first year of an investigation he ordered into a series of arson fires at places of worship. In its report, the presidential task force is expected to say arrests in such crimes were up 35 percent and 90 churches were either rebuilt or under construction. Over an 18-month period beginning in January 1995, scores of churches mostly in the South and many African-American burned to ashes. The burnings became politically controversial. Some African-American leaders accused the Republican-controlled Congress of fostering a climate of racism that set the stage for arson attacks. Some of the church fires across the U.S. earlier this year Greensboro, AL 24 sec./992K QuickTime movie Rocky Point, NC 8 sec./352K QuickTime movie Charlotte, NC 10.5 sec./450K QuickTime movie Enid, OK 19 sec./800K QuickTime movie "Those in blue suits who use thinly veiled race symbols when they say welfare and crime and three strikes and anti- affirmative action they are sending messages more profound their language," the Rev. Jesse Jackson said at the height of the controversy. Clinton a Southern president cited his own memories of small rural churches and condemned the burnings.

7. Main Page
(IAAI) Fire and arson investigation association. The book, 'A Pocket Guide to Accelerant Evidence Collection, 2nd' Edition can be ordered from the association.
Web Site Contents What's New Our Chapter Presidents Message Current Membership ... C.F.I. Info News Stories Recent Cases Items of Interest Technical Articles Arson Laws and
Related Legal Issues
Specials WWW Links Retirement News Search the Massachusetts General Laws
Read About the Clark St Fire in Chelsea, MA New Presidents Message Read it Now RECENT RETIREES: Lt. Milton A. Piela, CFI Robert Miller, CFI John Marcello Captain Jack Decareau

8. New York State, Department Of State, Office Of Fire Prevention And Control (OFPC
Trains career and volunteer firefighters and other emergency responders in all aspects of fire suppression, fire prevention, hazardous materials, and arson investigation. Includes a list of services, programs, and publications.
NYS Department of State
Office of Fire Prevention and Control
James A. Burns, State Fire Administrator In Memory Of Consumer Alerts
Recall of Energy Smart Power Saving Devices Safety Alerts
Freightliner Corp. Vehicle Recall What's New? Acrobat PDF File Download Information

9. The Fire & Arson Investigations Website
Fire arson investigation Links Our Top Resource Picks Resourcesand websites for fire and arson investigators. Nafi.Org National
About Us Investigation Standards Newsletter Photo Library ... Contact Us Resources and websites for fire and arson investigators. National Association of Fire Investigators
The International Association of Arson Investigators
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)
Garrison New York Fire Department
US Consumer Product Safety Commission
The Aluminum Wire Fire Hazards Website
Federal Pacific Electric Panel Hazards
The Toxic Mold Investigation Information Website Pj Computers Lunascura Arts

10. Arson Investigation
Pragmatics manufactures and distributes arson investigation and gas leak detection equipment
TGS FIGARO TGS Gas Sensor is a gas sensitive semiconductor, which was developed by N. Taguchi and has been marketed since 1968 by Figaro Engineering Inc. Prior to this, various types of instruments for detecting deoxidizing or combustible gases were available based on either infrared absorption (spectrum), chemical reaction in a detecting tube (color indication), or heat generation from catalytic reaction on a hot wire (platinum) etc. However these instruments have suffered from the drawbacks of difficulty in handling, high cost arising from their complex circuitry and limited life expectancy. On the other hand, TGS is a sintered n-type semiconductor bulk device mainly composed of SnO2, (tin dioxide) whose conductivity increases in the presence of combustible gases such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide. methane. ethane, propane, or organic solvent vapors belonging to the alcohol, ketone. ester and benzol families etc. The increased conductivity of the TGS when exposed to even a low concentration of gas can be as high as twenty times that of its conductivity in air. Such a change can be brought about by the presence of 0.1% propane by volume which represents only 1/20th. of the lower explosive limit for propane. This large change enables a buzzer or relay to be directly actuated by the TGS, When used with a simple amplifier several hundred ppm of carbon monoxide can be readily detected. The characteristics of the TGS are not at present sufficiently reproducible to make it suitable for use in laboratory or analytical instruments where high accuracy is required. Still, the TGS has found wide acceptance for use in gas-leak detectors, alcohol detectors, automatic ventilation and fire alarms. Its advantages are high sensitivity, compact size, ease of installation, long life, reliability and low cost.

11. TN Insurance Division
BOMB AND arson investigation SECTION. This Section investigates thecause, origin and circumstances of fires, explosions, and other
Search TennesseeAnytime Directory Help Center Information Forms BOMB AND ARSON INVESTIGATION SECTION This Section investigates the cause, origin and circumstances of fires, explosions, and other criminal acts where a fire or explosion is involved; including the investigation of all related deaths. The Section plans and organizes arson investigation programs within the state and conducts training programs and seminars for local and federal agencies involved in arson investigation and suppression. They also enforce state statutes on explosives, investigate fire insurance fraud claims, present reports and information to District Attorneys General for prosecution and make arrests for violations where necessary. To Contact Us: See our Office Locations Page. Frequently Asked Question: What is the Arson Hotline and how does it work? The Arson Hot Line (1-800-762-3017) is a phone line dedicated to receiving information about suspicious and incendiary fires. It is answered 24 hours a day and you may remain anonymous when providing information. Cash awards are offered for information leading to an arrest or conviction. Department Home Tennessee Anytime Home Privacy Statement User Survey ... Contact Us

12. Carlsbad Fire Department
Includes news, useful links, training schedule, public education programs. Dive, HazMat and ARFF team information and arson investigation.
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13. Times Leader | 09/07/2002 | ARSON INVESTIGATION
arson investigation. Local man highly visible at Edwardsville fire, chief says
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14. Arson Investigation
The Division of arson investigation Gives Many Thanks Five Arson Invesitgatorsand Two K9 Investigation Teams as they Retire. Law

Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor
OSFM Links
Arson Investigations Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Fire Prevention Fiscal Management ... Petroleum and Chemical Safety
Home News About the Director Agency Rules/ General Information ... Home Search Illinois
Current Focus
Arson Facts
Law enforcement and the fire service
can request an Arson Investigator and/or K-9 Team, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
at 1-800-252-2947.

15. The School Of Public Safety And Professional Studies
Graduate and undergraduate degree programs specifically oriented toward career paths in aviation, occupational safety and health, criminal justice, forensic science, fire science and arson investigation, corrections, paralegal studies and related programs. Located in West Haven.
Contact Us
300 Orange Avenue
West Haven, CT,
Tel: 800.DialUNH
Email Us

New MS Degree

National Security

Making UNH Unique
Center for Advanced Public Safety Research
Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science

Career Options?
check these out The School of Public Safety and Professional Studies Thomas A. Johnson, Dean William M. Norton. Associate Dean The School of Public Safety and Professional Studies provides educational services for students who wish to major in degree programs specifically oriented toward career paths in occupational safety and health, criminal justice, forensic science, fire science and arson investigation, corrections, legal studies and related programs. The school provides a broad professional education which often incorporates classroom learning with laboratory and field experience. The school attracts students of varied ages and levels of experience, from recent high school graduates to seasoned industry professionals. It also services professionals seeking programs designed to meet requirements of national and/or regional accreditations and licensures. Graduate degree programs and certificates are available in various disciplines through the Graduate School.

16. Arson Investigation
RUTHERFORD COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE TRUMAN L. JONES, SHERIFF ARSON BOMB INVESTIGATION The Rutherford County Sheriff's Department conducts investigations into fire and explosive incidents that are reported to the department.
The Rutherford County Sheriff's Department conducts investigations into fire and explosive incidents that are reported to the department. The Detective Division handles these incidents. When a fire or explosive incident is reported to the Sheriff's Department a deputy is sent to the scene. When the deputy arrives at the scene they will write a report for follow-up by the Detective Division or notify a Detective Supervisor and request a Detective respond to a scene. The Detective Supervisor will make a response decision based on facts given him by the on scene deputy and other emergency responders at the scene.
Detectives who have received specialized training in fire and explosive investigation will handle the fire or explosive investigation. The Detectives assigned this duty conduct an investigation to determine if there has been a violation of the state law and bring charges against the persons who had committed the crime. Sheriff's Detectives work closely with the Tennessee State Bomb and Arson Section and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab. The Sheriff's Department maintains a working relationship with the municipal agencies in our county that are charged with fire and explosive investigation. This relationship consists of exchange of information between agencies and assistance in working scenes and investigations.

17. Arson Investigation
Going to the Dogs. Going to the Dogs A History of the State Farm ArsonDog Program. The Program. In 1992 arson dogs were a relatively new tool.

Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor
OSFM Links
Arson Investigations Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Fire Prevention Fiscal Management ... Petroleum and Chemical Safety
Home News About the Director Agency Rules/ General Information ... Home Search Illinois
Going to the Dogs
Going to the Dogs:
A History of the State Farm Arson Dog Program The Program The Maine State Police had trained some dogs for fire departments and other law-enforcement agencies but due to budget cutbacks, would soon have to discontinue this service unless it could obtain private funding. The Agreement State Farm has had a longstanding commitment to helping law enforcement fight the crime of arson. After discussions with Maine State Police management, State Farm entered into a partnership with Maine and agreed to sponsor about 12 arson dogs a year for an initial three-year period. The first training class began in February 1993. A key part of the plan was the State Farm and the Maine State Police would have an exclusive agreement and would train dogs for full-time employees of state or local fire departments or other law enforcement agencies (no private investigators). That way, the entire community would benefit.

18. City Of Akron Fire Department
Provides emergency medical service, a fire prevention program, including public education and arson investigation, and a fire fighting force capable of handling emergencies, rescues and medical crisis.
Fire Department depts


publicsafety Akron Firefighters Local 330 Recruitment / Employment Opportunity Fire Safety Information Fire Stations ... Organization Chart Newsletters October 2001 Newsletter (705k pdf) July, 2001 Newsletter (224k pdf) Mission Statement Our mission is to improve the quality of life within the community by providing a high quality emergency medical service, by providing an excellent fire prevention program, including public education and arson investigation, and by providing a fire fighting force capable of handling emergencies, rescues and medical crisis. We will accomplish this mission while maintaining the highest regard for the safety and health of our personnel. We will maintain a high standard of training, a quality occupational and health program, and a superior communication system. We will maintain our own equipment and hydrants to the highest level of readiness. A Fireman's Prayer
A willingness to seek out those in need...

Pragmatics is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of FIREarson investigationand GAS LEAK DETECTION / SURVEY TOOLS. Headquartered near St.
Fire - Arson Investigation - Gas Leak Detection / Survey
Pragmatics is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of
Headquartered near St. Louis, Missouri
"Serving Customers Worldwide"
Fire - Arson
(units shown left) This survey-class product line has been used for 15 years now by major gas utilities, pipeline companies and arson investigation professionals.
An operable, hand-held lantern - stuffed with electronics and mounting a four-foot telescoping probe or tripod - is the most unique fire / arson tool you'll ever enjoy using. Units Available for Gas Leak Detection and Walking Surveys
(units not shown - see list below)
For exposed piping, buried lines, cabinets and stand-by systems... LP gases, natural gas, hydrogen, acetylene and even heavy hydrocarbon vapors. Sensitive to 1 part-per-million, with a safety alarm at 20 percent LEL, methane.
Our proprietary Dual Sensor Circuitry compensates for air contamination (no 'false alarms'), temperature extremes, humidity changes, probe position and strong winds.
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20. Fire And Arson Investigation Links
Fire and arson investigation Links. Fire and arson investigation andGas Leak Detection Equipment; Armstrong Forensic LaboratoryDallas;
Fire and Arson Investigation Links
P.O. Box 737
St. Louis, Missouri 63011
Phone: (636)-225-6786
Fax: (636)-225-4060 If you want to add a link to our site,
Email to:
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