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         Art Abstract:     more books (100)
  1. An Abstract Impulse: Fifty Years of Abstraction at the National Academy, 1956-2006 by Marshall N. Price, 2007-09-25
  2. Abstract Expressionism (25) by Barbara Hess, 2009-10-01
  3. Sonia Delaunay: Art into Fashion
  4. The Turning Point: The Abstract Expressionists and the Transformation of American Art by April Kingsley, 1992-08-20
  5. Abstract Expressionism and Other Modern Works: The Muriel Kallis Steinberg Newman Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications) by David Anfam, 2007-11-01
  6. Abstract Expressionism (Movements in Modern Art) by Debra Bricker Balken, 2005-08-02
  7. Layman's guide to modern art;: Painting for a scientific age by Mary Chalmers Rathbun, 1962
  8. Painting and Understanding Abstract Art by John Lowry, 2010-06-01
  9. Abstract America
  10. Abstract Art (Taschen Basic Art) by Dietmar Elger, 2008-12-01
  11. The Writings of Robert Motherwell (Documents of Twentieth-Century Art) by Robert Motherwell, 2007-05-10
  12. Color Your Own Abstract Art Masterpieces (Coloring Books) by Muncie Hendler, 1999-05-14
  13. Art Now: From Abstract Expressionism to Superrealism by Edward Lucie-Smith, 1977-09
  14. Abstract Resistance by Yasmil Raymond, Marcus Steinweg, et all 2010-11-30

21. Adhikara Art Museum And Gallery Contemporary Art Exhibitions
Galleria d'arte online.Category World Italiano arte arti Visive Gallerie Virtuali...... art gallery museum, fine art, art work, visual art, art and craft, folk art, swissart, japanese art, art therapy, fantasy art, abstract art, figurative art
Free online art gallery, contemporary modern art museum, figurative art, fine art, fantasy art, abstract art, visual art, art work, folk art, art and craft, swiss art, ceramics, mandala, lebenskunst . Cornelia Forster, Altepost, Erni, Bissier, Gonzato, Fiume, Dalvit, Shimaoka Tatsuzo, Otto Meyer Amden, Kirchner

Adhikara's exhibition
1906 -1990 / Swiss artist who has worked
in many artistic media. Small images Or new Great a utomatic slide show. It shows you series of pages ... with 15 seconds interval. select " full screen" THE MESSAGE FROM WATER Adhikara shows you some pictures of water crystals from the extraordinary book written by MASARU EMOTO Click here to enter the exhibition THE ORDER IN CREATION IN NUMBER AND GEOMETRY by Tontyn Hopman Click here DIE ORDNUNG DER SCHÖPFUNG IN ZAHL UND GEOMETRIE von Tontyn Hopman Klicke hier Adhikara's exhibition JULIUS BISSIER 1893 - 1965 / German artist Click here to enter the exhibition Adhikara's exhibition OTTO MEYER AMDEN 1885 - 1933 / Swiss artist Click here to enter the exhibition Museo d'Arte Moderna.

22. Ab Art Online
Associate Editor Janet Shapiro email Editors@abstract art Online. Picture.A quick take on the Chicago art scene through an abstract art filter.
Editor / Webmaster
Joseph Walentini
Volume V / Number 7 Associate Editor
Janet Shapiro
email: Editors@Abstract Art Online Last Updated / March 27 tHiS wEeK: New reviews
this week leadingup to our April issue. I n SOHO at Rosenberg + Kaufman Fine Art - a dual show of two Russian artists with many additional similarities. A t Mary Boone in Midtown, a dynamite Bill Jensen solo show featuring a great deal of color. I n Chelsea at Elzabeth Harris gallery Pat Lipsky returns with a solo show and we present our third review of her work. Enjoy! GalleryViews Artist Profiles Forum NoteWorthy ... Archives Mario Naves is an artist and critic whose work has been reviewed and profiled on Abstract Art Online . In part I of this two part interview he discusses his art, the roles of critic and artist and how the two affect each other. Reviews For details regarding services, rates, terms and conditions for our webhosting service please click here. Click here for our solicitations policies, snailmail address and telephone number. Designed for 800 X 600 resolution

23. Abstract Paintings And Sculpture By Mirko Cavalli.
Italian artist offers abstract paintings, abstract expressionism, action paintings and tribal sculpture.Category arts Visual arts Painting Painters abstractism C...... Cavalli,italian artist.Painter and sculptor.Oil and acrylic abstract paintings on copper,reinforcedconcrete,sand,stones.Spiritual and esoteric art.For sale
Contemporary abstract art: Paintings and sculpture
By Mirko Cavalli Enter
Visit my web portfolio: d'ART - The Internet Art Database: Abstract art,abstract paintings,sculpture.
Artindustri:Abstract art.Abstract paintings.

Word Wide Arts Resource:Abstract art.Abstract paintings.

Abstract Paintings
Abstract expressionism.
Action painting.
Modern sculpture.

For sale modern fine abstract art,modern sculpture,tribal wood sculpture.Contemporary modern gallery. Oil acrylic on canvas.Astrattismo,scultura,pittura informale,dipinti informali.Quadro,quadri astratti ad olio,acrilici,colore acrilico.Arte astratta,astratto.Galleria di opere d'arte.Pittore scultore.Kunstgalerie,kunstgalerie,galerie dart,d'art moderne,abstracte, galeries, galerien,Culture, kultur,pintura, artista, artistas,espiritual, cultura artes plasticas,contemporaria moderna arte abstracta exposiciones de arte.Artists,galleries. Home Biography Paintings [Sculpture ... Studio

24. Home Page
various art cultures. While Lottie is able to produce many forms ofart, abstract design is what she enjoys most. If she were to

25. History Of India: Indian Art , Architecture, Sculpture, Indian Miniatures, Folk
abstract. Academic appraisals of Indian art and architecture in the Western worldhave often suffered from colonially inspired biases and prejudices that have
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated SOUTH ASIAN HISTORY Pages from the cultural history of the Indian subcontinent Developments in Indian Art and Architecture Challenging Western constructs and stereotypes concerning the Indian legacy For the full-text of this article, please click here. (Due to bandwidth constraints on this site, full texts of some of our essays are being provided on alternate sites. If above site is unavailable, try this link Abstract Academic appraisals of Indian art and architecture in the Western world have often suffered from colonially inspired biases and prejudices that have either attempted to discount the secular character of Indian art, or failed to fully appreciate it's most endearing qualities. Although the subcontinent has enjoyed a virtually uninterrupted history of developments in the realm of art and architecture, India has been either studiously ignored in compilations of "world" art - or it has been represented by a very small and limited number of examples. Although, much of India's oldest secular architecture has not survived because it was built from wood, anecdotal accounts of Greek and Chinese travelers, surviving literature and court histories, ancient sculptural finds and cave paintings - all indicate that India was not lacking in secular buildings, many of which were embellished with architectural ornamentation and painted in naturally available colours. Of particular note are the public gateways known as

26. Francesco Boretti: Artwork
Italian abstract Expressionist art a virtual exhibit of oil paintings thattransform reality through a strong and very personal use of colour.
artwork Reality changes
through Colour:
a virtual exhibit of
Abstract Expressionist art Il Colore trasfigura
un'esposizione virtuale di
arte Espressionista Astratta
awards quadri ... t-shirts
We took part in
the Edinburgh International Internet Festival
if you want to stop the music... best viewed screen resolution should be 800x600 or 1024x768 rate this website last modified 19 Jan 2003 on line since 29 Aug 1998 this site is "image-intensive": loading might therefore take some minutes: please be patient... they may not be copied or reproduced without the author's family consent

27. Bo Von Hohenlohe Fine Art - Abstract Art
Bo von Hohenloheabstract. Untitled No.1 - any size by commission.Copyright ©1996 Bo von Hohenlohe. All rights reservered.
Bo von Hohenlohe-Abstract
Untitled No.1 - any size by commission.

28. Bo Von Hohenlohe Fine Art - Abstract
Bo von Hohenlohe abstract. Untitled No.2 - 36x72 acrylic on paper andcanvas. Copyright ©1996 Bo von Hohenlohe. All rights reservered.
Bo von Hohenlohe - Abstract
Untitled No.2 - 36x72 acrylic on paper and canvas.

29. Zwo5 Visual Arts - Virtual Artroom By Michael Hoefner
German artist shows abstract works, including painting, pigmenture or colorfield, photography, digital, and cut-out art.
about visuals: A 30 notes: guests favorites awards links ... credits thank you for trying to visit my art-site. you must enable picture-view and you need a framesupporting-brower. best view with NN 4.x, 1024x768 pixel, mio colors on mac

30. Abstract Art.
abstract art, computer generated abstract graphics worked out as a game withcolours, forms and filters, transformed into digital abstract images.
Sunny day, abstract art Not any time when I begin to create a new image I have already the perfect conception in my brain.
The various possibilities of applications are always a new challenge for me...
I like to try out several filters and to play in an experimental way with colours forms and filters. Meltingpot, abstract art For more informations click on the images! Junctions, abstract art Blazing, abstract art
Abstract art, abstract graphics, abstract computer art, abstract digital art, abstract computer generated art, art, arts, images, image, abstract artworks, mathematical art, graphic, graphics, work, works, painting, paintings, digital collage, computer, generated, digital, artwork, artworks, artist, computerart, Karin kuhlmann var site="sm3Floribundi"

31. DDD
Includes experimental and cover art as well as abstract 3D.
This domain is not currently in use

32. Net Art, Digital Imaging.
abstract image as a sample for digital imaging. Net art. Talisman, computergraphic. Net art. Magic Circle. Net art, abstract art, digital imaging.
Talisman, computer graphic Magic Circle The original photo of the pipe wrench. Please, have a look at the contributions of the other digital artists that participated in this interesting experiment
of Net Art!

No reproduction or distribution is allowed without the permission
Variations on a
pipe wrench:
These three images are the result of an interesting web-experiment. The German artist Kytom L. provided on his web-site the photo of a pipe wrench and encouraged his artistic fellows to transform it to something totally new by using the usual possibilities of image editing.
Samurai, computer graphic Contact:
digital imaging, net, netart, net art, net project, net projects, art on the net,
net experiment, abstract art, digital art, art, arts, digital, images, image, graphic, graphics, work, works, digitally edited photo, image editing,photo, pictures, picture, computer art, computer arts, computer graphic, computer graphics For more informations click on the images.

Artist Mia presents, Sisters of the World series. abstract paintings in mixed media. Mia's inspiration Ethnic,national, spiritual,folkloric, mythical, and biblical women. This concentration is a celebration of women.
HomeInner Face
About "Sisters of the World"
For further information
about "Sisters of the World",
show lisitings or prices,
contact MIA...

"Birth of Venus"
oil sticks on canvas
20" x 18"

34. Abstract Art And Genetics By Dr. Hunter O'Reilly, Ph.D.
View oil paintings in Hunter O'Reilly's abstract Faces Series, read about her genetics research and Category arts Visual arts Painting Painters abstractism O...... Hunter's abstract art hints at both organic matter at the highestlevel (human faces) and at the smallest level (single cells).
Laboratory Installation Living Drawings Digital Art Neon Art The System Forgets Scientists Are Only Human
Detail: DNA Visualized
with UV Light Viewing DNA Under the Moonlight
Drawings created with
living bioluminescent bacteria. Anthrax Clock
Features Micrographs
of Anthrax Red Marrow
Animals Bones and Neon [Art Gallery] [Biography] [Contact] [Curricula Vitae] ... [Speeches] Hunter O'Reilly created Radioactive Biohazard , an exhibit reinterpreting science as art looking at biotechnology from a positive perspective. In this exhibit O'Reilly confronts issues related to human cloning, stem cell research and the human genome project, among others. Both an internationally shown artist and also experienced geneticist, O'Reilly reinterprets science as art through abstractions digital art and installations . She holds a Ph.D. and Masters degree in Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a bachelors of science from the University of California-Berkeley. She teaches biology and art at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She created a course, Biology Through Art , where students have the opportunity to create innovative artworks in a biology laboratory.

35. Abstract Art By Astrid Fitzgerald Based On The Golden Mean Proportions.
abstract art by Astrid Fitzgerald based on sacred geometry and the Golden Mean ProportionsCategory Society Religion and Spirituality Designers and Galleries......abstract art. BY ASTRID FITZGERALD. An Exhibition of Fine art includingPaintings, Constructions, Works on Paper and Prints based
ABSTRACT ART BY ASTRID FITZGERALD An Exhibition of Fine Art including Paintings, Constructions, Works on Paper and Prints based on the harmonious relationships of the Golden Mean Proportions View over 100 works of art. Site includes artist's statement, biography, reviews, current exhibitions, books, interviews, articles, links to philosophical geometry and contact information. PAINTINGS CONSTRUCTIONS WORKS ON PAPER PRINTS ... CONTACT / LINKS Please bookmark this site and return frequently for up-dates.
All works shown on are provided for non-commercial online viewing. Any recording to other media, redistribution, use in derivative works, or other appropriation without express permission is strictly prohibited.

36. Abstract Art By Rom Lammar.
abstract Paintings, masks Visual arts Painting artists...... art by Rom LAMMAR abstract Paintings 1 abstractPaintings 2 abstract Paintings 3 abstract Paintings 4. abstract Paintings 5."", "exit", "width=200,height=220,center=0,top=0,status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no"); Art-Links Bargains FREE art Art-Quiz ... Posters FINE ART by Rom LAMMAR
Paintings Sculptures Masks Drawings ... ART MARKETING TECHNIQUES
How to promote and sell your artworks online
Translation About the artist Art-Photos ... Bahamas Art Affiliate-Progarm Place a product-link on your site. If an artwork sells to a visitor referred by you, you earn of the saleprice
click here
to get started A special Welcome to visitors from LUXEMBOURG
click here

Let me bring the original to your home before you decide to buy !!! CCNow Direct and Secure Online Payment
All major credit cards accepted on this site
Money back guarantee
The following online-galleries represent Rom LAMMAR's artworks:
World Wide Art-Resources ( Columbus, Ohio, USA )
- Sculpture World
( Germany ) - The Ninth Life Art Gallery ( St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands )

37. Other Art - Abstract
abstract Color Light, 1997. See ya!!!

See ya!!!

38. ArtLex On Abstract Expressionism
article defined with illustrations, quotations, and links to other resources.Category arts art History Movements abstract Expressionism......abstract Expressionism, defined with images of works from art history, greatquotations, and links to other resources. Click Here. artLex art Dictionary.
A bstract Expressionism or abstract expressionism - A painting movement in which artists typically applied paint rapidly, and with force to their huge canvases in an effort to show feelings and emotions, painting gesturally , non- geometrically , sometimes applying paint with large brushes, sometimes dripping or even throwing it onto canvas. Their work is characterized by a strong dependence on what appears to be accident and chance, but which is actually highly planned. Some Abstract Expressionist artists were concerned with adopting a peaceful and mystical approach to a purely abstract image . Usually there was no effort to represent subject matter. Not all work was abstract , nor was all work expressive , but it was generally believed that the spontaneity of the artists' approach to their work would draw from and release the creativity of their unconscious minds. The expressive method of painting was often considered as important as the painting itself. Artists who painted in this style include Hans Hoffman (German-American, 1880-1966), Adolph Gottlieb (American, 1903-1974), Mark Rothko (American, 1903-1970), Willem De Kooning (Dutch-American, 1904-1997), Clyfford Still (American, 1904-1980), Barnett Newman (American, 1905-1970), Franz Kline (American, 1910-1962), William Baziotes (American, 1912-1963)

39. Abstract Expressionism, Masters, Artists, Art History And Visual Arts, Artist Re
abstract Expressionism, Masters, artists, art History and Visual arts, artist Resourcesat World Wide arts ResourcesWorld Wide arts Resources provides access
Main Category:
Masters: Abstract Expressionism The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below. Sub Categories:
  • De Kooning Willem
  • Frankenthaler Helen
  • Gorky Arshile
  • Guston Philip ...
  • Rothko Mark
    Salvador Dali
    Flower Head
    Our Supplier's Price: $10.00

    Norman Rockwell
    Fleeing Hobo Our Supplier's Price: $2.00 Wassily Kandinsky Composition II Our Supplier's Price: $53.00 Last Updated: Wed Apr 2 04:10:02 2003 Indepth Arts Search: Please Select A Database By Name - Artist Portfolios Title, Description - Portfolios By Location - Artist Portfolios Arts News Search the Web / Websites Contact Info Free Arts News Browse the Arts Artist Portfolios ... WWAR.COM Services
  • 40. Lydon Fine Art Contemporary Abstract Painting
    Chicago, IL contemporary art gallery with a focus on contemporary abstract, landscape, still life Category arts Visual arts North America United States Illinois......Lydon Fine art Chicago, exhibiting contemporary abstract, landscape andrepresentational painting by established and emerging artists.
    Stephen Dinsmore

    oil on canvas
    52 x 60 inches
    Price: contact gallery

    Lydon Fine Art 309 West Superior Street Chicago, Illinois 60610
    312-943-1133 e-mail

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