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         Art Abstract:     more books (100)
  1. American Abstract Art of the 1930's and 1940's (Art History) by Robert Knott, 1999-02-01
  2. Abstract Expressionism Works on Paper, Selections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Lisa Mintz Messinger, 1993
  3. Abstract and Surrealist Art in America (Contemporary Art) by Sidney Janis, 1944-06
  4. Art As Politics: The Abstract Expressionist Avant-Garde and Society (Studies in the Fine Arts. Avant-Garde, No. 26.) by Annette Cox, 1982-08
  5. Abstracts: In Watercolor (In Watercolor Series)
  6. Painting and Understanding Abstract Art by Leonard Brooks, 1980-09
  7. Cubism and abstract art: Painting, sculpture, constructions, photography, architecture, industrial art, theatre, films, posters, typography by Alfred Hamilton Barr, 1936
  8. The Geometry of Hope: Latin American Abstract Art from the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection by Gabriel Perez-Barreiro, Cecilia de Torres, 2007-07-01
  9. Abstract and Geometric Patterns: Clip Art (North Light Clip Art) by North Light Books, 1993-03
  10. Abstract Comics: The Anthology by Andrei Molotiu, 2009-09-08
  11. Understanding Abstract Art by Frank Whitford, 1987-10-15
  12. Abstract painting;: Fifty years of accomplishment, from Kandinsky to the present (A laurel edition) by Michel Seuphor, 1964
  13. Abstract Expressionism (Art on the Wall) by Richard Spilsbury, 2008-10-24
  14. Abstraction and Artifice in Twentieth-Century Art by Harold Osborne, 1979-06

41. Barewalls--Abstract Index
abstract art ..Robert Delaunay ..Marcel Duchamp ..Albert Gleizes ..Juan Gris ..WassilyKandinsky ..Fernand Léger ..Kazimir Malevich ..Piet Mondrian ..Pablo
Abstract Art

Robert Delaunay

Marcel Duchamp

Albert Gleizes
Pierre Soulages

Related Genres

Marcel Duchamp

Man Ray

Kurt Schwitters
Expressionism Fauvism Georges Braque Charles Camoin André Derain ... Umberto Boccioni Contemporary Abstract Artists Narrow your search: Price: Height: Width: inches cm Genre Index All Abstract Top 10 Abstract Shipping ... Privacy

42. Israeli Sculptor And Painter The Artist B.C.Frank Contemporary Artist - Photo Sc
Exhibits abstract mixed media works, including photography, acrylic, and digital art.
Press Release Excellent Hosting provided by Artisrael
LastUpDate L astUpDate 24-08-00

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  • 44. Art, Geometry, Astract Sculpture
    Computer Graphics, art, Math, Geometry, and abstract Sculpture are closely related. These activities Category Science Math Geometry Sculpture and, Geometry, and abstract Sculpture. Computer Graphics, art, Math,Geometry, and abstract Sculpture are closely related. In the
    Art, Geometry, and Abstract Sculpture Computer Graphics, Art, Math, Geometry, and Abstract Sculpture are closely related. In the activities below we are trying to transcend the boundaries between these fields.

    ART-MATH Conferences
    Art Exhibits
    Abstract Sculptures
    A small sampling of great contemporary sculptures.

    "Rainbow Bit" Sculpture
    The story of the CD-ROM sculpture in Soda Hall

    Scherk-Collins Sculpture Generator
    My original parameterized program to generate Scherk-Collins towers and toroids.

    A pictorial gallery of my own efforts with physical structures.

    FermiLab Art Exhibit
    Sculpture Models exhibited at the FermiLab Art Gallery from May 13 till July 7, 1998.

    Science - Art Exhibit
    Sculpture Models exhibited at "Science in the Arts Art in the Sciences", June, 1999.

    2nd Generation Sculpture Generator
    An emerging library of modules providing more generality, built by Jordan Smith.

    Minimum-Variation Surfaces
    Work with Henry Moreton to find a functional that encodes the fairness of surfaces.

    Geometry and Topology
    Klein Bottles, Boy's Surface, and Zonohedra also have an aesthetic appeal.

    45. Recycled Art And Abstract Paintings By John Dahlsen
    Recycled art and abstract paintings by contemporary artist John Dahlsen. John Dahlsen.Recycled art and abstract paintings by contemporary artist John Dahlsen.



    Driftwood Art

    Installation Art
    "Thong Totems"
    Wynne Prize Winner 2000
    Art Gallery NSW, Australia
    John Dahlsen
    Recycled art and abstract paintings
    by contemporary artist John Dahlsen.
    Recycled art, abstract paintings, installations and public art form the basis of John Dahlsen's work as a contemporary artist. Based in Byron Bay, this Australian artist has won numerous awards as an environmental artist and for his installation art, abstract drawings and abstract oil paintings. His contemporary art work is sought after, as being highly collectable art. Found object art: plastics, styrofoam, nylon rope, thongs and driftwood, found objects from Australian beaches In his hands, the found objects he collects from Australian beaches become contemporary landscapes and abstract assemblage art, contemporary wall art, environmental installation art, limited edition prints and modern sculptures. Regular exhibitions in Australia and world-wide He has regular exhibitions of his wall sculptures, 3d sculptures, abstract pictures, installation art, found object -art sculptures and totems, driftwood art and assemblage art wall works as well as cibachrome photographs, throughout the capitals cities in Australia and in the International arena.

    46. Please Update All Links And Bookmarks!
    The artist, selfdescribed as a child-abuse survivor, presents Inside Out art from the Healing Soul. Includes figurative and abstract imagery.
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    47. Art Movements And Periods
    Historical art movements arranged in dictionary format for easy digestion.Category arts art History Movements...... op art An abstract movement in Europe and the United States, begun in the mid1950s,based on the effects of optical patterns. Albers worked in this style.
    Art Movements and Periods
    abstract expressionism Movement in painting, originating in New York City in the 1940s. It emphasized spontaneous personal expression, freedom from accepted artistic values, surface qualities of paint, and the act of painting itself. Pollock, de Kooning, Motherwell, and Kline, are important abstract expressionists. art deco Design style prevalent during the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by a sleek use of straight lines and slender form. art nouveau A decorative art movement that emerged in the late nineteenth century. Characterized by dense asymmetrical ornamentation in sinuous forms, it is often symbolic and of an erotic nature. Klimt worked in an art nouveau style. Ash Can School Group of American artists active from 1908 to 1918. It included members of The Eight such as Henri and Davies; Hopper was also part of the Ash Can group. Their work featured scenes of urban realism. Barbizon School An association of French landscape painters, c. 1840-70, who lived in the village of Barbizon and who painted directly from nature. Theodore Rousseau was a leader; Corot and Millet were also associated with the group. baroque A movement in European painting in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, characterized by violent movement, strong emotion, and dramatic lighting and coloring. Bernini, Caravaggio and Rubens were among important baroque artists.

    48. Contemporary Abstract Paintings By Taetzsch
    Features contemporary abstract expressionist acrylic paintings.Category Shopping Visual arts Painting artists Acrylics...... Westside Gallery Metro Gallery One The Process Step by Step artist's Statementartist's Resume Purchasing Information How to Look at abstract art art Links
    Gallery One Gallery Two Gallery Three Gallery Four Gallery One Gallery Two Gallery Three Gallery Four ... Home

    49. Sanford & A Lifetime Of Color: Study Art
    Tempera. abstract; American Romantic; Baroque; Byzantine; Cubism; Dada; Fauvism;Futurism; Gothic; Greek; Hudson River School; Impressionism; Luminist; Neoclassism;Op art;
    Timeline of Art Elements and Principles of Art Other Art Concepts Media Styles Artists Elements of Art

    50. Citation
    M. 'Hidden Meanings in abstract art', in Tuchman, M. (Ed.) The Spiritual inart abstract Painting 1890 -1985, Los Angeles County Museum of art, 1986.

    51. Batik Artist Robin Paris - Abstract, Marine, Environmental And Wildlife Art
    Batik art by a UK painter, including wildlife, marine and abstract art. Information on workshops and Category arts Crafts Textiles artists......Batik paintings wildlife, marine, abstract, environmental art. Information onbatik workshops, prints, exhibitions and biography of this Cornish artist.



    Robin Paris - Batik Art Wildlife and Environmental Paintings
    Batik was a wonderful personal adventure in 1990 in Malaysia, where I was lucky to have good tuition and guidance from Malay contemporary batik artists. Since returning to Britain in 1992 I have had exhibitions in London, Germany, Scotland, the West Midlands and the Southwest. I now live and have my studio on Bodmin Moor. I run workshops in Cornwall and Devon in schools and for environmental organisations, community groups, and for adult art groups.
    Inspiration for my art comes from my travels and from the wealth of the Cornish countryside. Natural history and environmental themes feature strongly in my work, as do allegory, colour, design, texture and pattern.
    What is it about batik that makes it addictive? It is a multitude of things - brilliance or subtlety of colour; working with and manipulating two mediums, wax and dye, to produce layers and textures; the necessity to plan and occasionally to adapt. Perhaps it is as much to do with the need for infinite patience - batik is certainly a slow process!

    Please ask before copying or downloading any image or text
    Web design by Robin Paris top

    52. Abstract Fine Art Photography Gallery
    Fashion, portrait, and commercialadvertising photographer in Vancouver.Category Business arts and Entertainment North America Canada......Fine art Photography Gallery, digital abstract photography art in black and whiteand color, artistic fruits and vegetables, digital, abstract martini's, women
    A bstract F ine A rt P hotography G allery
    Abstract FineArt Photography Gallery Abstract Black and White Flowers and Colorful Painterly Flowers Gallery Abstract Artistic Photos of Decorative Fruit and Vegetables in Color ... Creative and Artistic Portraits of Children, Families, Pets, Boudoir and Corporate Please contat me for information and fees. I offer both studio and location Architecture , Landscape and Interior Design Photography Located in Vancouver Canada My work is available for sale or for lease. Please contact me for more information. Workshops: Vancouver ,British Columbia ,Canada and Santa Barbara , Ca, U.S.A. I am teaching a workshop in Creative Portraiture at Focal Point Photography School in Vancouver which will be ongoing. For inquires call 604 224 3636 or email: Contact for Update on Gallery Exhibits, Workshops or inquires of purchasing photo art work cards please contact me Tel: 604 875 0021or EMAIL

    53. 3D, Surreal, & Abstract, Digital Art Prints
    Browse and download over 40 fractal worlds and 3D landscapes. Original high resolution color poster Category arts Visual arts Computer Graphics Galleries......Megart is an online art gallery of computer generated surreal landscapesand abstract fractal worlds. Mail order mini posters or
    Original modern fine art prints are available here to browse and own. large format options page for MegArt's newest wide format prints, prices and options. Digital print services for wide format archival ink jet art output, are also available. You can turn your digital images into photo prints, posters, and murals, crafted by an expert who cares about artistic details.
    Feel free to browse the galleries and let me know what you liked.

    Print Services

    New 3D Gallery

    About the artist
    3 Surreal landscapes

    The Featured Works Table of Contents Orchid World!
    Natural Beauty

    New Hubble Art Gallery

    Fractal Art Gallery 1
    ... The Ryan Adcock Band Almost Free Sample
    Tiled murals and bulk prices Click here if the MegArt logo background image (or any other image), appears fuzzy or of low resolution. Check out our new sister site at Frame your posters and prints! My Favorite Links This page originally designed by This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit Here

    54. Abstract Art Tattoo
    Featuring professional body art and piercing services. artist portfolios and contact information .Category arts Bodyart Studios United States Virginia......Professional Body art and Piercing.
    Professional Body Art and Piercing
    Our Artists
    Clean Sterile Environment Professional Award Winning Artist Certified in Disease Prevention Specializing in Custom Work and Cover-ups Body Piercing by Appointment Plaza 17 Shopping Center
    Gloucester, Virginia
    Ron McManus, Owner P.O. Box 641
    Wicomico, VA 23184
    Phone: (804)-642-0028 Hours of Operation:
    2 pm - 10 pm
    Monday - Saturday Email Shop

    55. >The Internationally Recognized Art Of Harry Palmer
    Computer art on giclée, digital art prints of mystical, spiritual and whimsical subjects.Category Shopping Visual arts artist Created Prints Digital......Mystical fine art prints, photographs, posters and scrolls of Canadian mountains,rivers, prairies and people, plus abstract and whimsical subjects.
    Posters, Scrolls And Fine Art Prints Of Harry Palmer
    "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
    It is the source of all true art and science."
    -Albert Einstein
    The art on your walls speaks to you and your visitors ....
    After 30 years of interesting projects in professional engineering it was time for a major change. Documenting Canadian places and people in photography was my first artistic endeavor. Two books of my work were published and my prints have been collected and exhibited internationally. Permanent exhibitions of my prints are seen in Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa.
    Now I create my art using a digital camera and computer software. My newest work of the Bow River valley and the city of Calgary will soon be seen .... in scroll format. Selections of my photographs and computer art can be seen and purchased on this site. Looking is free so get curious by clicking on any gallery listed below:

    Art Gallery
    Mystical Tai Chi
    Art Gallery
    Art Gallery
    Contact me at About Harry Palmer without permission.

    56. Entrance
    The artist presents The Sickness of art, with displays of work done in abstractrealism and cartoon styles. Includes photos of tattoos and body art. Flash used.
    This site has moved to

    57. FATG Artist Member Directory
    Woodcut, Work on Paper, abstract, Aeronautical, AfricanAmerican, Americana, AnimalPicture, Animation, Antiques, Antiquities, Architecture, art Deco, art
    FATG presents:

    art eCadre

    the directory


    Trade magazine Trade Fairs

    Member Services

    Related Sites

    Hot links Webmasters international virtual art and framing trade exhibition.
    International Virtual Art and Framing Trade Exhibition. art, framing, trade, fair, show, exhibition, directory, source, listing, suppliers, pictures, art eStore, estore, business-to-business, Peak Rock, Peak, Rock, Peak Rock, marketing, design, Marketing and Design , PRmd, prmd, fine, art, prints, posters, art books, artists' materials, paint, brushes, air brushes, paper, mediums, artwork portfolios, cases, presentation folders, hanging, lighting, systems, oak, cherry, wood, display, easels, lecterns, display, browsers, sleeves, framing equipment, framer supplies, art supplies, shop, store, mall, retail, trade, business to business, manufacturer, wholesaler, art and framing directories, trade fair, Fine Art Trade Guild, FATG, Battersea, business sorry, not much happening down here

    58. 5th GENERATIVE ART Conference, Italy
    DEADLINES • 10 September 2003 Deadline for submitting an abstract (paper / poster FinalPapers • 10-11-12 December 2003 - Generative art Conference • 11

    59. Abstract World
    An online art gallery, featuring abstract paintings.
    My art is not only a reflection on my own self but of the human mind. I use a combination of techniques that produce a unique image that is prone to be analyzed deeply by each viewer. . unless written consent has been obtained by the artist. Thank you
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    This Ring of Photography Keith D Sherrill
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    60. Abstract Expressionism
    Concise description of the art movement with links to its major artists presented by Biddington's Category arts art History Movements abstract Expressionism......The modern art movement abstract expressionism is discussed at Biddington's Pedigree Provenancea words terms related to fine art antiques collecting at
    Abstract Expressionism
    What is it?
    Abstract Expressionism is a modern art movement that flowered in America after the Second World War and held sway until the dawn of Pop Art in the1960's. With this movement New York replaced Paris as the center of the art world.
    Where did it start?
    Abstract Expressionism has its roots in other earlier 20th century art movements such as Cubism and Surrealism that promoted abstraction rather than representation. The psychoanalytic theories of Freud and Carl Jung provided the intellectual context in this quest for new subject matter.
    Who are the major artists in this movement?
    The major players in Abstract Expression were:
    Jackson Pollock

    Willem de Kooning

    Clyfford Still
    Arshile Gorky ... Ad Reinhardt and sculptor David Smith These artists formed what is known as The New York School
    What were these artists trying to achieve?
    The Abstract Expressionists' goal was a raw and impulsive art . What mattered were the qualities of the paint itself and the act of painting itself . As American poet-critic Harold Rosenberg said in a famous Art News article of 1952:
    "...the canvas was not a picture, but an event."

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