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  1. Concerning The Spiritual In Art by Wassily Kandinsky, 2008-01-08
  2. Reading Abstract Expressionism: Context and Critique
  3. Cubism and abstract art: Painting, sculpture, constructions, photography, architecture, industrial art, theatre, films, posters, typography by Museum of Modern Art, Alfred Hamilton Barr, 1974
  4. Abstraction Geometry Painting: Selected Geometric Abstract Painting in America Since 1945 by Michael Auping, 1989-10
  5. Abstract Art: Patterns and Designs by AdVerneuil, M.P. Verneuil, 1988-05-18
  6. Benton, Pollock, and the Politics of Modernism: From Regionalism to Abstract Expressionism by Erika Doss, 1991-10-11
  7. How New York Stole the Idea of Modern Art by Serge Guilbaut, 1985-04-15
  8. Geometry Beyond Limits: Latin American Contemporary Art by Domitille d'Orgeval, Laurent Salome, et all 2010-09-01
  9. Abstract Expressionism and the American Experience: A Reevaluation by Irving Sandler, 2009-06-16
  10. Abstract Expressionist Painting in America (The Ailsa Mellon Bruce Studies in American Art) by William C. Seitz, Dore Ashton, et all 1983-11-01
  11. Symbolist Aesthetics and Early Abstract Art: Sites of Imaginary Space (Cambridge Studies in French) (Volume 0) by Dee Reynolds, 2005-02-17
  12. Under the Sun the Abstract Art of Camera Vision by Nathan Lyons, Syl Labrot, et all 1960
  13. Art Nouveau Abstract Designs (A Barbara Holdridge Book) by Rebecca McKillip, 1984-02
  14. Visual Dynamics in Jackson Pollock's Abstractions (Studies in the Fine Arts : Art Theory, No 14) by Matthew L. Rohn, 1987-01

61. Biddington's Online Contemporary Art Gallery & Auctions
art Values Under $1000 abstract art Still Life Landscape Figure art Sculpture Pop Conceptual art Purchase Grove Dictionary of art.
During BIDDINGTON'S site upgrade, please use this
BOOK Auctions:
Modern First Editions

GLASS Auctions:
20th Century Glass

DESIGNER Vintage Jewelry
Ornamental Objects Tableware Vintage Equipment TEXTILES Auctions: Contemporary Designer Resale ETCETERA: Special Auctions Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera Biddington's
click a content feature below or view Biddington's Content Index BIDDINGTON'S buyers' assurance
: satisfaction or full refund. MARY TERESA GIANCOLI Recent Photograph "Los Panaderos" Mexican Lives, Mexican Rituals Sigmund ABELES , Todd BELLANCA , Carol BRUNS , James BURNETT , Catalina CHERVIN , Diane CHURCHILL , John Clem CLARKE , Lisa DINHOFER , Michael EASTMAN , Lynne FREHM , Betsey GARAND , Debora GILBERT RYAN , Marilyn GREENBERG , Patricia HANSEN , Charles HEWITT , LA HUGHES , Scott KAHN , Susan KAPROV , Richard MOCK , Maureen MULLARKEY , Bill MURPHY , Jim NAPIERALA , James Wilson RAYEN , Joseph REEDER , Ben SHECHTER , Laura SHECHTER , Gary SLIPPER , Margaret SPEER , Vivian TSAO , Nancy VAN DEREN , Joan Berg VICTOR , Kate WATTSON and Betty WINKLER "Quivers" New 2002 Linocuts Book RICHARD MOCK SCULPTURE: Nancy AZARA , Tova BECK-FRIEDMAN , Carol BRUNS , Tom DUNCAN , Janet GOLDNER , Harry GORDON , Richard HEINRICH , Frances JETTER , Annemarie SLIPPER , Serena TALLARIGO , Rein TRIEFELDT WALSH "Swing Time" Bronze Sculpture CAROL BRUNS See Bruns in Architectural Digest April 2003 FINE ART PRINTS: Sigmund ABELES , John Clem

62. BBC News | SCI/TECH | 'Oldest' Prehistoric Art Unearthed
Whitehouse The world's oldest example of abstract art, dating back morethan 70,000 years, has been found in a cave in South Africa. They
CATEGORIES TV RADIO COMMUNICATE ... INDEX SEARCH You are in: Sci/Tech Front Page World UK ... AudioVideo
SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobiles/PDAs Feedback ... Low Graphics Thursday, 10 January, 2002, 20:20 GMT 'Oldest' prehistoric art unearthed
Are abstract markings on a piece of ochre ancient art?
By BBC News Online science editor Dr David Whitehouse The world's oldest example of abstract art, dating back more than 70,000 years, has been found in a cave in South Africa.
They may have been constructed with symbolic intent, the meaning of which is now unknown
Dr Christopher Henshilwood, State University of New York at Stony Brook Scientists say the discovery shows that modern ways of thinking developed far earlier than we think. The abstract art was found on two pieces of ochre in a cave on the southern Cape shore of the Indian Ocean. Previously, the earliest evidence of abstract art came mainly in France from the Eurasian Palaeolithic period less than 35,000 years ago. Complex motif Dr Christopher Henshilwood, from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, says: "They may have been constructed with symbolic intent, the meaning of which is now unknown.

63. / Ted Knerr's Art Centered In Awareness Of Human Connectedness.
abstract painting and digital prints dealing primarily with spiritual evolution and recognition of Category arts Visual arts Painting Painters abstractism abstract art, painting, computer-generated art, galleryof 25 guest artists, poetry, essays, quotes, free game.
Untitled, Watercolor, 1/10/03, 9 x 12 in
Home Page
Welcome to Art-spirit - a center of art and ideas relating to the human spiritual community. Abstract paintings, digital art, and writing that deals primarily with spiritual growth and recognition of our universal connectedness. Contemporary cyberart, abstract paintings, quotes, books, links, poetry and essays on art and the spiritual purpose of Art-spirit. And be sure to check out the art (realist and abstract) of my friends on the Walls gallery. Art that enlivens your spirit can gradually change your life toward greater serenity and sense of your worth to the world. It can daily bring you a sense of the mystery, joy and profundity of life. Please feel free to print any of my images, or contact me to get durable and more authentic archival prints or paintings. Kandinski and Mondrian were drawn to abstraction to express their spirit more fully than traditional art encourages. By avoiding pictures of things and the stories that inevitably grow out of them, abstraction allows spirit to be directly embodied in the art, not added to what is mainly a literary or theatrical narrative. Instead of illustrating spiritual ideas, their abstract paintings were, direct manifestations of spiritual energy; sharply clear, splendid and joyous. In our materialistic age this remains a radical concept. While abstraction is central to these expressions of spirit, many realist artists also attain them through the plastic structure of their work. Thomas Merton said, "The true symbol does not merely point to something else. It contains in itself a structure which awakens our consciousness to a new awareness of the inner meaning of life and of reality itself. A true symbol takes us to the center of the circle, not to another point on the circumference."

64. Art Galleries Of Spiritual Surrealism And Mystical Exhibition Of Romantic And Mo
abstract work in the mystical tradition.Category Shopping Visual arts artists R......Modern art oil painting of romantic inspirational and sensual abstract paintingsby contemporary artists Rassouli displaying symbolic surrealism and visual
We believe art in the twenty first century is the medium that will bring about world peace and unity for mankind. That is why we consider Rassouli's artwork a major contribution to our times. Combining philosophy and ideology of the East with the artistic technology of the West, Rassouli has created his own unique style called " Fusionart ", an artistic concept inspired by mystical visions of universal unity. His artwork contains philosophical depth. His imagery evokes mystery.
We have cataloged Rassouli's artworks in three independent galleries and have asked the artist to talk about them, his life and artistic methods. Spend some time exploring these galleries. To learn about Rassouli's artistic influence, please visit some of the sites listed below. MAIN GALLERY



65. Art,abstract Art,artist,arts,digital,generated,frame,framed,interior,print,print
Specializes in complex patterns based on simple geometric shapes. Image galleries, artist profile.Category arts Visual arts Computer Graphics artists abstract......where to find online gallery sales, contemporary artist, digital art, abstractart and painted art, abstract artist, fine art, emerging artist painting
where to find online gallery sales, contemporary artist, digital art, abstract art and painted art, abstract artist, fine art, emerging artist painting contemporary art, modern art,
Welcome to my art galleries. Galleries containing modern contemporary abstract paintings.
There are a mixture of abstract graphic styles, techniques and influences in my art, which includes my interpretation on cubism, abstract impressionism, geometric and surrealism. NEW Painting in Painted Gallery 4 I am new contemporary abstract artist, emerging from the digital art scene. For almost twenty years I have been developing my unique digital and abstract art technique. Using these skills I have created an enormous amount of beautiful modern contemporary abstract art works These modern contemporary abstract works are derived from complex Abstract patterns. Built from simple geometric shapes. These abstract shapes are then blended into rich and exciting contemporary composition by the application of colour, texture and depth.

66. Princeton - News - Abstract Photography On View At Princeton University Art Muse
CONTACT Ruta Smithson (609) 2583763. abstract Photography on View at PrincetonUniversity art Museum. Exhibition Dates February 4 through March 23, 2003.
Office of Communications
22 Chambers St.
Princeton, New Jersey 08542
Telephone 609-258-3601; Fax 609-258-1301 For immediate release: Jan. 24, 2003 CONTACT: Ruta Smithson (609) 258-3763
Abstract Photography on View at Princeton University Art Museum
Exhibition Dates: February 4 through March 23, 2003 PRINCETON "Seeing the Unseen: Abstract Photography, 1900-1940," an exhibition that opens February 4, 2003, at the Princeton University Art Museum, will explore the rich history of visual experimentation that characterized the medium’s development under the influence of the emerging modernist aesthetic of the twentieth century. The exhibition is organized in conjunction with Professor McCauley’s course "Masters and Movements of Twentieth-Century Photography," in which she examines the ways photography has been "transformed from a poor stepchild of the fine arts to a staple of museum exhibitions." VISITOR INFORMATION The museum is open to the public without charge. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. It is closed on Monday and major holidays. Free highlights tours of the collection are given every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. The museum is located in the middle of the Princeton University campus, next to Prospect House and Gardens. Due to construction, visitors should use the temporary entrance on the west side of the building, across the green from Dod Hall. For further information, please call (609) 258-3788, or visit our web site at

67. Student Projects Supervised By Helmer Aslaksen
Kevin HENG Ser Guan, Perspective in Mathematics and art (abstract), 2001. (The projectis a web page, but here is a printer friendly PDF version.); KAVITHA d/o
Student Projects Supervised by Helmer Aslaksen
Current Projects
  • Proposals for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS) projects Proposals for honours projects. (Honours year is an additional year for our better students.)
  • Past Projects
    Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS) Projects
    These students are second or third year students.
  • KUAN Shau Hong and TENG Keat Huat, The Chinese Calendar of the Later Han Period abstract ), 1999. (For more details, see my page on The Mathematics of the Chinese calendar NG Say Tiong, Calendars, Interpolation, Gnomons and Armillary Spheres in the Work of Guo Shoujing (1231-1314) abstract Daphne CHIA, Indian Calendars: Comparing the Surya Siddhanta and the Astronomical Ephemeris abstract Kevin HENG Ser Guan, The Mathematics of Astrology: Does House Division Make Sense? abstract LIEW Huay Ling and LIM Siew Yee, The Mathematics of Sundials abstract LEONG Wen Xin, Lunar Visibility and the Islamic Calendar abstract NG Yoke Leng, abstract ), 2001. (The project is a web page, but here is a printer friendly PDF version ZHANG Jieping
  • 68. WebMuseum: Abstract Expressionism
    Short introduction.Category arts art History Movements abstract Expressionism...... It is impossible to estimate how much they affected American art, but the with theirnew vision and new artistic vocabulary, known as abstract Expressionism.
    Abstract Expressionism
    However great a disaster World War II was, it did at least mean that artists such as Piet Mondrian and Max Ernst, in leaving Europe for the safety of the USA, greatly extended their artistic influence. It is impossible to estimate how much they affected American art, but the fact remains that in the 1940s and '50s, for the first time, American artists became internationally important with their new vision and new artistic vocabulary, known as Abstract Expressionism. The first public exhibitions of work by the ``New York School'' of artists who were to become known as Abstract Expressionists were held in the mid '40s. Like many other modern movements, Abstract Expressionism does not describe any one particular style, but rather a general attitude; not all the work was abstract, nor was it all expressive. What these artists did have in common were morally loaded themes, often heavyweight and tragic, on a grand scale. In contrast to the themes of social realism and regional life that characterized American art of previous decades, these artists valued, above all, individuality and spontaneous improvisation. They felt ill at ease with conventional subjects and styles, neither of which could adequately convey their new vision. In fact, style as such almost ceased to exist with the Abstract Expressionists, and they drew their inspiration from all directions. The painters who came to be called ``Abstract Expressionists'' shared a similarity of outlook rather than of style an outlook characterized by a spirit of revolt and a belief in freedom of expression. The main exponents of the genre were

    69. WebMuseum: Kandinsky, Wassily
    Short biography and about 20 of his works.Category arts art History artists K Kandinsky, Wassily...... colors onto the canvas with a palette knife and I made them sing with all the intensityI could Now considered to be the founder of abstract art, his work
    Kandinsky, Wassily
    Timeline: Towards Abstraction Black is like the silence of the body after death, the close of life.
    Wassily Kandinsky, 1911 Kandinsky, Wassily, Russian in full VASILY VASILYEVICH KANDINSKY (b. Dec. 4 [Dec. 16, New Style], 1866, Moscow, Russiad. Dec. 13, 1944, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Fr.), Russian-born artist, one of the first creators of pure ab straction in modern painting. After successful avant-garde exhibitions, he founded the influential Munich group Der Blaue Reiter ( The Blue Rider ; 1911-14) and began completely abstract painting. His forms evolved from fluid and organic to geometric and, finally, to pictographic ( e.g., Tempered Élan Encyclopaedia Britannica Kandinsky, himself an accomplished musician, once said Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul. The concept that color and musical harmony are linked has a long history, intriguing scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton. Kandinsky used color in a highly theoretical way associating tone with timbre (the sound's character), hue with pitch, and saturation with the volume of sound. He even claimed that when he saw color he heard music. Autumn in Bavaria
    1908; Oil on cardboard, 33x45cm; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

    70. Abstract Art Gallery
    Collection of original b/w and colored digital patterns.
    Abstract Art Gallery
    Enter Exit

    71. Abstract Art,African American Art,female Art,online Communities,exhibition
    wildlife art exhbit and email postcardsCategory Computers Internet E-mail Electronic Postcards Animals......Gallery Unavailable This gallery is currently unavailable. To reactivate or sponsorthis artist, please email © 19992000 Shozan, LLC.
    Gallery Unavailable This gallery is currently unavailable. To reactivate or sponsor this artist, please email
    Send questions and comments to
    Website developed by Binary Minds

    72. Kunst Van Aron Van Cleeff - For More Information About My Art Mail Me At: Info@a
    abstracte schilderijen van de jonge Nederlands/Amerikaanse schilder.Category World Nederlands Kunst Schilderkunst Kunstschilders...... OF THIS SITE FOR AN OVERVIEW OF HIS abstract PAINTINGS! reageer naar de kunstenaar(Aron van Cleeff) op de pagina 'For more information about my art mail me at
    • about exto artists at exto login ... Aron van Cleeff
      For more information about my art mail me at:
      Aron van Cleeff is a contemporary Dutch / American abstract expressionist painter born in the year 1964 in Rotterdam The Netherlands. Aron is working in the USA in St. Louis and in The Netherlands in his own art studio.
      At the age of 33 during a period between two jobs Aron started impulsively with painting. Aron can manage the different paintings techniques and uses lots of bright colors and other materials in his work.
      The spontaneously and the unexpected are subjects which find expression in his work. Aron paints mainly with acrylic paint and use plastics, glass in his art. The dutch artists Jan Wolkers and Piet Mondriaan and the American painter Robert Rauschenberg have inspired him.
      reageer Deze site wordt gesponsord door Business Internet Trends

    73. SegPlay Choose
    abstract. Georgia Okeeffe. Rhonda Grossman. Alfred Gockel. Golden Gate Bridge. RobertLaDuke. American Spirit. Grant Wood. Ron Wheeler. Amy Brown Fantasy art. Halloween.
    SegPlay Choose an Image Abstract Circular Formes Homage to Kandinsky Signs in Yellow The Dark Side II Cool Jazz [more info] [more info] [more info] [more info] ... View Randomly Alphabetically Choose a Category Abstract Frida Kahlo Rene Joseph Alex Dukal ... Sign Our Guestbook Make a donation to help support SegPlay.

    74. Art From Reality
    Revealing Islamic and African influences, this Washington DCbased artist, educator, and creative consultant shows colorful, detailed abstract works in her site titled art From Reality. Includes resume.;;;;

    75. Sharon Gee Modern Abstract Artist - Art Gallery Of Paintings
    British professional abstract artist with work entitled "White Lace" that has been accepted Category arts Visual arts Painting Painters abstractism G...... MODERN abstract art GALLERY ONLINE. Modern Modern abstract Paintings And ContemporaryWorks Of art By British artist Sharon Gee Online. Copyright
    Modern Abstract Paintings
    Contemporary Works Of Art
    International British Artist
    Sharon Gee
    O N G E E
    New and exciting British abstract artist Sharon Gee has achieved remarkable success and recognition through her own unique style of abstract art. Since her launch, Sharon has already progressed to a fast growing international career in the art world, offering abstract art for sale to private and corporate buyers worldwide. To date, Sharon, a patron of the international arts project Young Masters of Arts , has exhibited her work extensively, most importantly earning solo exhibitions both in the UK and the US . Her paintings are now held by numerous individual collectors and already incorporate the private royal collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother . Throughout this time, Sharon’s work has been

    76. _Art_&_Info
    abstract of aeaea11 974K (01/16/1999) Download; abstract of art/african-music-machine-11.hqx950K (02/27/2003) Download; abstract
    The following entries are sorted by NAME. To see this node sorted by DATE, CLICK HERE. Click here to return to the root of the hyperarchive tree.
  • Abstract of aeaea-11 974K (01/16/1999) Download
  • Abstract of art/african-music-machine-11.hqx 950K (02/27/2003) Download
  • Abstract of ancient-faces.12.hqx: mystic art show with music . 2284K (02/27/2003) Download
  • Abstract of 198K (10/04/1999) Download
  • Abstract of Archimedean v. 8.0 (New version) 269K (02/18/1998) Download
  • Folder art/_Book
  • Abstract of click-music-03.hqx: electronic music show with flashy graphics. 1073K (01/23/1999) Download
  • Abstract of crooked-sky-11.sit 1535K (01/16/1999) Download
  • Abstract of disturbance1.1.sit.hqx 2144K (06/05/2002) Download
  • Abstract of FibonacciBlues.02.hqx 818K (01/27/1998) Download
  • Abstract of green-music-12 1131K (01/16/1999) Download
  • Folder art/_Graphic
  • Abstract of Have a nice day HAND 111K (01/16/1998) Download
  • Abstract of Image-In Engine 1.0.2 594K (11/27/1998) Download
  • Abstract of LoShuMusic.02 590K (02/11/1998)
  • 77. Art By Jennifer Abstract Gallery
    abstract art Gallery. Welcome to Jennifer's Palette abstract art Gallerywith paintings by Canadian abstract Acrylic artist Jennifer Hodges.
    Abstract Art Gallery
    Art by Jennifer Hodges
    Internet Inspired Abstract Art Abstract
    Welcome to Jennifer's Palette Abstract Art Gallery with paintings by Canadian Abstract Acrylic Artist Jennifer Hodges. Creating abstract art is, for me, a process of combining intellect and intuition. Each viewer enriches the artwork with his or her own thoughts and interpretations. Whether it is humour, passion, happiness or quiet contemplation enjoy at your leisure.
    To view some enlargements and stories of some paintings please place your mouse cursor over it and click once. Included in the Abstract Gallery are Internet inspired Paintings
    Free online printable calendar.
    Each month a new page in the calendar will be available.
    Measurements quoted are in inches.
    Virtual Galleries
    Abstract Gallery
    (e)Velocity Acrylic collage on canvas 24 x 20 Artist's Secret Mixed Media Collage 22 1/2 x 15 Exhilaration Acrylic collage on canvas 8 x 10 Pesach Reflection Acrylic on Paper Image size 15 x 22 SOLD Colouring Chaos Acrylic on paper 10 x 24 Waiting for a name Acrylic on canvas SOLD The Oldest Book on the Shelf Acrylic on Illustration Board 33 x 22 (approximate image size) Volume VII Acrylic on paper 22 x 10 Urban Landscape Acrylic on paper Image size 14 x 22
    Internet Inspired Paintings Art Gallery
    Acrylic on paper 22 1/2 x 15 Home World
    Acrylic on paper 22 1/2 x 15 SOLD Cyberworld
    Acrylic on paper 22 1/2 x 15 Professionally photographed by Charles Bryant
    contact us by email

    78. Abstract Paintings By Contemporary Artist - Shopping For Art
    Traditional portraits in oil or charcoal, official paintings of historic architecture, and abstract Category arts Visual arts Painting Painters Portraits H...... artist Michael Heseltine. abstract fine art paintings influenced bythe Expressionists, Impressionists and The Scottish colourists.
    Abstract Oil paintings for sale by contemporary artist Michael Heseltine.
    Abstract fine art paintings influenced by the Expressionists, Impressionists and The Scottish colourists. The British contemporary artist Michael Heseltine specialises in landscape around his home in Scotland, using memory to make emotional representations and 'maps'. These oil paintings are often on a large scale.
    Please click on image for details:
    Exhibited at:
    Richmond Gallery (Cork Street)
    New Academy Gallery
    Malcolm Innes Gallery
    Cadogan Contemporary
    The Mall Galleries
    Churzee Studio Gallery
    Medici Gallery
    Commissions include:
    House of Lords
    House of Commons
    Royal Yacht Britannia
    BIL Charterhouse Bank JP Morgan UBS Brinson The Field The Independent Contact email Recipricol Link? Links are becoming vital to the success of a site, both with ranking and visitors. Please fill out the form for a link from this site. Art Links Page Prestigious commissions include HMY Britannia and paintings for financial institutions such as Charterhouse Bank, J.P. Morgan, Edward Erdman, Brinson Partners, Ocean and Transport Trading, The Palace of Westminster and various other financial institutions. Several paintings are in the Palace of WestminsterÐs collection and one of these was used for the House of Commons official Christmas card for 1994. A view of the chamber was used by the House of Lords as their official Christmas card for 1997. Michael has spent the last year completing four works commissioned by the House of Lords for their new dining room, the furniture for which was made by Viscount Linley. Michael was given permission to paint throughout the Palace of Westminster including areas where access is tightly restricted. He is currently working on a series of paintings commissioned by the Palace of Westminster on places where parliament have sat.

    79. African Art Stone Carvings In Traditional And Abstract Form
    The pieces are carved using different types of stone, including Serpentine; nonprecious opal; verdite; Category Shopping Ethnic and Regional African...... African art Traditional and abstract Stone Carvings. African art portrayingboth animals and people in both realistic and abstract form.

    Click here to see

    our newest group

    of featured items
    Click Here for the Complete Catalog
    African Art
    Traditional and Abstract Stone Carvings
    African art portraying both animals and people in both realistic and abstract form. The pieces are all one of a kind, carved using different types of stone, including serpentine and verdite; and Rapoko, an African term for soapstone used by indigenous carvers throughout the world. The term "Rapoko" is believed to have originated among the Shona artists of Zimbabwe, where it derived from the stone's common resemblance to the roasted millet consumed by a majority of that country's indigenous inhabitants. All of the stone carving material can be found in colors varying through black; wide shades of brown; varying shades of green, lightening almost to white; and occasionally brilliant orange and golden shades.
    We have an abiding love for the southern part of Africa: its people, its customs, its wildlife which exists freely within its remaining beautiful open spaces, and particularly African art as represented in the soapstone, verdite and other carvings which we offer here for your examination and purchase.
    The pieces shown in this catalog are all unique and representative of those which we import on a regular basis, utilizing both air and sea transport. We have an illustrated selection of small to medium sized works but would be pleased to quote on your specific needs in size, style, color, texture, and the like. We will respond to all inquiries with complete information, including individual photographs with full descriptions and pricing, and shipment to meet your unique time requirements.

    80. -Dedicated To The Art Of Jan-Pearson
    A website developed to showcase the art of abstract artist Jan Pearson
    Dedicated to the art of jan Pearson
    For Your convenience, this website exists in two versions, one in standard HTML format, one optimised for the Shockwave Flash player plugin program. The HTML version will work on all browsers, the Flash version will only work on browsers with the Flash player installed. To download the Flash Player Plugin, click here
    Site design by Matt Pearson, Dec 1999

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