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         Art Abstract:     more books (100)
  1. Arts Therapies 2000: Abstract Book on the 5th European Arts Therapies Conference
  2. The Fourteenth Annual Whitney Symposium on American Art. April 29, 1991. Abstracts of presentations. by New York. Whitney Museum of American Art., 1991
  3. Towards a new art: Essays on the background to abstract art, 1910-20 by Norbet Et Al. Lynton, 1980
  4. The Tenth Annual Whitney Symposium on American Art. April 17, 1987. Abstracts of presentations. by New York. Whitney Museum of American Art., 1987
  5. Abstract art since 1945;
  6. The artist's guide and mechanic's own book,: Embracing the portion of chemistry applicable to the mechanic arts, with abstracts of electricity, galvanism, ... dyeing, silk, woollen, cotton, and leather by James Pilkington, 1853
  7. Cubism and Abstract Art (Paperbacks in Art History) by Alfred H. Barr Jr., 1986-03
  8. 1910-20 Birth of Abstract Art (20th Century Art) by Jackie Gaff, 2001-05-30
  9. From the abstract to the possible;: Pointers towards an elucidation of Western art by Georges Mathieu, 1960
  10. Alpha Omega Entropy Philosophy in Abstract Art by Raymond L. Roof, 1979-01-01
  11. Fifth Annual Whitney Symposium on American Art. April 12, 1982. Abstracts of presentations. by New York. Whitney Museum of American Art., 1982
  12. So-called abstract art by Merle Armitage, 1964
  13. Vorticism and abstract art in the first machine age by Richard Cork, 1976
  14. The Thirteenth Annual Whitney Symposium on American Art. April 30, 1990. Abstracts of presentations. by New York. Whitney Museum of American Art., 1990

81. Computer Art, Resource For Computer Art And Related Arts, Digital, Mathematical,
imagination. Browse through our extensive selection of fine art printsranging from the abstract to the surreal and everything inbetween.
Search For Fine Art Prints and Posters: What's New? Web Design Advertise Fine Art Prints ... Art Shopping
Computer Art
Related Art: Graphic Designers World's Largest Art Gallery
Release your imagination. Browse through our extensive selection of fine art prints ranging from the abstract to the surreal and everything in-between. African American Art On-Line
Offers quality African American art at great prices. This includes prints, figurines, sculptures, and dolls. The Fantasy Art of Liza Sirena Phoenix
Surreal style fantasy art with a psychedelic twist. View dream inspired fantasy images that are guaranteed to delight and amaze. Click here to advertise in this space. Baartman Art
Geometric and Mathematical Art by Hendrik Arie Baartman
Fine abstract contemporary and digital art galleria featuring framed originals and limited edition prints. Fine Art Photography - Fine Art Prints - Digital Art
Fine Art Prints by Digital Artist Walter Spaeth. - amazing limited edition digital art
Art to own that will lift your spirits. Authenticated signed limited edition digital works. MOCA
Museum of computer art.

82. Art History - Abstraction
A view of abstract art as a mother of all 20th century artistic movementsand ideas that helped break up with traditional concepts.
Contact us Books Fine Art
Photography Video 3DModeling Animation ...
To 'abstract' means to draw away from, to separate, not to refer to something particular anymore. A movement of conscious and methodical destruction of particular and recognizable in appearance. Artistic elimination of rational visual association. In a way it is synthetical purification and intensification of colours, forms and ideas that leads to creation of artwork that either resembles a direct print of a soul that refused to undergo rational filters of mind and cognoscence, or a quasi-scientific, almost mathematical picture that looks so rational it's difficult to believe how irrational it actually is.
Painting - Frantisek Kupka (1871-1957)
- Robert Delaunay (1885-1941)

- Piet Mondrian (1872-1944)

- Wassily Kandinsky (1872-1944)
Guggenheim Museum 20th century Abstraction

Vivid, artistic and diversified site created around the artists of this movement and epoch and their artwork. Bright pages blazing in modern colours. A view of abstract art as a mother of all 20th century artistic movements and ideas that helped break up with traditional concepts. Parisian Visions of Robert Delaunay
A very nice in-depth article written around a major exhibition that was organised by Guggenheim Museum. Modest selection of images though.

83. Artists - Painting, Abstract, Landscape, Still Life Pictures For Sale
Directory of artists selling their paintings, sculptures, prints, serigraphs, commissions and Celtic Category Shopping Visual arts Galleries A......AartI Internet art Gallery Contemporary art For Sale,
AARTI Internet ART Gallery - Contemporary Art For Sale
The artists Browse Search ... Links
Welcome to Aarti
Use the toolbar above for the A-Z of artists, Searching the site and much more.
Click on the pictures to enter the galleries and to navigate the site. (paintings will be shown in 3 different sizes).
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AARTI Art Gallery allows independent contemporary artists to display their artworks for sale. Clicking on the images will take you to a page showing small images of all the pictures in an artist's main gallery.
If you are an artist - you can now join AARTI either on fixed terms or on a commission only basis. Click on the word "selling" at the top of this page to see our terms - or e-mail us (See CONTACT at the top of the page)
Recent Additions
Works on paper Prints Crafts Sculptures Pay via World Pay secure socket checkout using all major credit cards Or pay by cheque and receive 3% discount

84. Art That Shimmers By RANNA - Rosanna-L. Lachlan - Contemporary Art
art that Shimmers, a synthesis of abstract, figurative and experimental works by this AustralianAmerican artist nicknamed Ranna. Includes biography.
Art That Shimmers: Contemporary Art by RANNA (Rosanna-L. Lachlan)

Shimmer Contemporary Art
is contemporary artist RANNA'S - Rosanna-L. Lachlan's - synthesis of
abstract contemporary art
figurative contemporary art , and experimental contemporary art
WITH Asian influences, light refraction, and synaesthesia
Rosanna-L. Lachlan Ranna CONTEMPORARY ARTIST
Light refraction media in contemporary art
contemporary art
references in contemporary art
in contemporary art
With these, contemporary artist Ranna creates shimmer art Dr Rosanna-L. Lachlan / Ranna C/- 121 Development Lane, Winchester, VA 22602, U.S.A. C/- Winchester Art Management PO Box 971, Stephens City

85. LVAC - Student Loan Art Program - Preview Artwork - Abstract
Josef Albers. Doug Anderson. Richard Anuszkiewicz. Anne Appleby. Dennis Ashbaugh.Ellen Banks. Walter Darby Bannard. Jennifer Bartlett. Lee Boroson. Louise Bourgeois.
Josef Albers Doug Anderson Richard Anuszkiewicz Anne Appleby ... Joseph Zucker BACK TO : PREVIEW WORK

86. Art Girls Gallery: Contemporary Original Fine Art Paintings Of Robin Ann Walker
A visual feast of contemporary fine art by Texas artist Robin Ann Walker. Including mixed media collages, impressionistic landscapes, and abstract images.
A full service company supplying art and framing to the trade. Choose Gallery New Work Gallery Representation Abstract Decorative Landscapes Mixed Media Still Lifes Hotel Work Prints Sculpture Retrospective
Choose Artist Barbara Bowles Daniel Shouse Karla Smith
New Landscape Gallery - the Natural Beauty series New Landscape Gallery - the Sky Squares series Go see the brilliant photos of Barbara Bowles , as guest artist Check out the Events page to see what's NEW, updated New Decorative gallery - the Vintage Stamps
This digital portrait created by Kay Wilson New Work
New Images added 3/26/03
This link will take you to a special gallery that displays work almost as I complete it. I am a prolific artist and constantly explore new ideas, and new artistic directions. It is updated very frequently. See the new landscape paintings in the Natural Beauty gallery. My lovely neighbors are having a baby - and this is my contribution to his new room. It's my first mural January 2003 - One of my abstract paintings has been chosen as cover art for the Spring edition of Harvard Law Bulletin.

87. Modern Art - Abstract Design - Screensavers By Falki Pictures
Modern art paintings and abstract designs for sale as prints and photos.Category Shopping Visual arts artists W......abstract art by Stephan Wuethrich, modern art paintings and abstractdesigns, made by a floating system. Crazy Screensavers and
Top modern techno art and design - screensavers, wallpapers, prints and original abstract art paintings by Falki Pictures and Design document.write(''); Html Version

88. Abstract Art
An introduction to abstract art – what it is, how it developed,and how to create it. abstract art Guide picks. An introduction
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with Marion Boddy-Evans
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Abstract Art
Guide picks An introduction to abstract art – what it is, how it developed, and how to create it.
Abstract Art: What Is It?

An introduction to abstract art – what it is and how it developed. How to Interpret Abstract Art
Things to consider when looking at or painting an abstract. Critique Corner: Abstract Paintings A gallery of abstract paintings from artists asking for your constructive criticism. Monthly Painting Project: Abstracting Nature A project to create a painting abstracted or derived from something in nature, to reduce it down to its essence. With a gallery of completed project paintings. Quotes from Wassily Kandinsky (1866–1944) Quotes from the artist credited as having created the first abstract watercolour.

89. Artlinx: The Ultimate Compendium Of Art Related Sites On The Net
abstract art and Genetics by Hunter O'Reilly includes an art gallery featuringher abstract oil paintings, information on her genetics research and her hat
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90. | What's Your Passion?
art abstract, Turn Kid Friendly ON. 1 2 3 Next. 1 8 of 8. Woof-a-DoofCreations Store Front Computer generated, abstract art! 1 - 15 of 42.

91. Adrienne Adam, Fine Art Photography - Scenic And Abstract Image Galleries Focusi
Limited edition photographic prints by Adrienne Adam, Nature Photographer. Scenic and natural graphic images focusing on the repetition of texture, form,
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92. Evening Sun Art Gallery - Abstract Expressionist Paintings By
abstract expressionist paintings in the spirit of Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and Willem Category Arts Visual Arts Painting Painters abstract Expressionism......The Joy of Painting. When you abstract the essence of music and visualart, an underlying structure, form and rhythm can be discerned.

93. Abstract Art Gallery
abstract art Prints and Posters. Find Vintage Posters Giclée Prints on ArchivalPaper. Find More abstract art Prints at artprice. Search Search Now
@import url(artmenu.css); Find Fine Art: Paintings,
Drawings, and Signed Editions
Abstract Art Prints and Posters
Find Vintage Posters:
We have teamed up with to bring you this great selection of abstract art prints and posters. Just click on the image to get a closer look or to make a purchase. Please enjoy browsing these cool posters, and don't forget to check out's custom framing area!
Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow
23.625x31.5 Wall Poster
by Piet Mondrian
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In Blue (on special paper)
51.25x38.5 Premium Art Print
by Wassily Kandinsky
Buy this Premium Art Print at
Number 5 (Number 22) 29x37 Fine-Art Print by Mark Rothko Buy this Fine-Art Print at Abstract 24x31 Fine-Art Print by Joan Miro Buy this Fine-Art Print at Uberland 31.5x23.5 Fine-Art Print by Paul Klee Buy this Fine-Art Print at

94. Understanding Abstract Art
So how does this pertain to abstract art? First, as I have mentioned, therewas a gradual change from representational art to abstract art.
Understanding Abstract Art
I am sure that, sometime in your life, you have seen abstract art. Indeed, you may have seen such paintings on my Web site, as I have an online gallery of my own work:
  • Gallery of Harley Hahn's paintings
    If you take a look at the paintings, you will see that they are abstract. In fact, they are painted in a style that is sometimes referred to as "Abstract Expressionism".
    Many people have trouble understanding and appreciating this type of art. The purpose of this essay is to explain how, over time, art has evolved to become more and more abstract, and why this is important. My intention is to explain the goals of abstract art, and to help you learn how to enjoy it.
    To begin, I'd like to introduce you to the idea that, broadly speaking, there are two types of paintings: representational and abstract.
    We call a painting "representational" if it portrays specific, recognizable physical objects. In some cases, the representational paintings look true to life, almost like a photograph.
    For example, consider the following painting by Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, 1606-1669). This painting is called "The Anatomy Lecture of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp", and was painted in 1632.
  • 95. Appreciation Of Chinese Calligraphy
    know Chinese to appreciate its beauty. Because in essence, Calligraphyis an abstract art. While viewing a Western abstract painting
    Appreciation of
    The Art of Chinese Calligraphy
    Go to Calligraphy's Home Page Calligraphy is an art dating back to the earliest day of history, and widely practiced throughout China to this day. Although it uses Chinese words as its vehicle of expression, one does not have to know Chinese to appreciate its beauty. Because in essence, Calligraphy is an abstract art. While viewing a Western abstract painting, one does not ask, "What is it?" When viewing Chinese calligraphy, one need not ask, "What is the Chinese word?"
    In this page, we selected single words from the works of many master calligraphers from the past to illustrate the astounding beauty of the art. Like all art, it is best to simply look at them for enjoyment. Do not be sidetracked with questions of theory, technique, etc. Do not worry about "What is it?"
    Beside each work, a very short comment is given to describe its "style", based on the classical book of Tu Meng. Tu Meng of the Tang dynasty (618-905) developed 120 expressions to describe different styles of calligraphy and establish criteria for them. The first 15 from his list, with explanations and English interpretations by Chiang Yee:
  • ability, mysterious, careful, carefree, balance
  • 96. Fresh Art
    more Click to view, 11811 artist 11811 Type Visual, Text Genre Homepage, Conceptual,Antiart, abstract Keyword underground,, language, Internet.

    97. Yahya Youssef Contemporary Art Gallery, Abstract Geometrical Art
    abstract geometrical forms in paintings,graphics and objects.Category arts Visual arts Painting Painters abstractism Y......Yahya Youssef contemporary art gallery abstract geometrical art, concrete art,abstract paintings, field paintings, silk screens and wall objects.

    introduction gallery reviews ... links
    Questions or comments regarding this website?
    With thanks to my friend Jeroen Brouwer who made it possible

    98. Extravagant Claims For Abstract Art Unwarranted - - ArtsJournal Letters: Daily A
    Saturday, February 8, 2003 Extravagant Claims For abstract art UnwarrantedBy Michelle Kamhi. In his latest missive in defense of
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    Saturday, February 8, 2003
    Extravagant Claims For Abstract Art Unwarranted
    By Michelle Kamhi
    In his latest missive in defense of abstract art (February 5), Kirk Hughey is again mistaken on several counts. First, my noting that he is an abstract painter does not constitute an ad hominen argument. Nor is it irrelevant to the question at hand. As an abstract painter, he quite naturally accepts, and recites, the theoretical justifications commonly offered in its favor. Their mere recitation, however, is no proof of validity. Second, Mr. Hughey claims that my argument is "based on ignorance." Such is not the judgment of those who have read that argument in its developed form in "What Art Is" (the book I co-authored with Louis Torres). The reviewer in Choice , for example, deemed that we demonstrate "an encyclopedic knowledge of twentieth-century art [and art theory]." And cultural historian Jacques Barzun has praised our work for its "breadth and depth" - in particular, for our "scholarly treatment of modern art." As for my being an "ideologue," the art historian who reviewed "What Art Is" in the British journal "The Art Book" wrote that it offers "a balanced critical assessment" of Ayn Rand's ideas.

    99. California Artist Marques Vickers Specializes In Figurative Contemporary Abstrac
    Vallejo California Figurative Sculptor and abstract Expressionist Painter Marques Neriand Constantin Brancusi for international art collectors, corporate
    California Artist Marques Vickers specializes in Figurative Contemporary Abstract Paintings, Mixed Media Full Bodied Figures, life size Iconic Totem and Neo-Archetype sculptures incorporating steel, wood and colorfully sealed surfaces. His work is inspired by Henry Moore, Jean Arp, Alberto Giacometti, Robert Arneson, Manuel Neri, Nathan Oliveira, George Segal, Concha Benedito and Constantin Brancusi for international art collectors, corporate facility managers, the hospitality industry and municipal public art sites.
    Translate Any Of My Web Pages Into The Following Languages (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and/or Portuguese). Using AltaVista's Babelfish Universal Translator, You Can Read Any Webpage By Simply Typing Of Pasting In It's URL. Simply Click The Language of Your Choice:
    Marques Vickers
    Gallery of Available Artwork


    100. SMU 1998 Research Magazine: An Abstract Art
    An abstract art Researchers Converse in the Language of Numbers. by DeborahWormser In Carl Sagan's Contact, the alienhuman discourse
    An Abstract Art
    Researchers Converse in the Language of Numbers
    by Deborah Wormser In Carl Sagan's "Contact," the alien-human discourse begins in mathematics, "the universal language." Although still Greek to many on Earth, three mathematicians in SMU's Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences are using that language in research that could affect the way we view our universe and communicate with each other. Their work, however, is somewhat abstract. In fact, they seldom handle the devices they work on, only the models. Thomas Carr, assistant professor of mathematics, is studying the dynamics of lasers and Josephson-junctions tiny superconductors that can be used in circuits. "I investigate mathematical models that describe lasers, Josephson-junctions, or whichever problem I'm interested in." Carr describes his area of interest as coupled oscillators, systems of interconnected devices that oscillate or change in time or space to learn how the behavior of one part of the system affects the behavior of the other parts. The models he uses include differential equations and iterative maps, which show how a laser would work over time in real use. Carr investigates models of lasers that are partial and ordinary differential equations. "We could be modeling the operation of the laser as a function of time and/or space. If you look along the length or cross section of the beam, that's the spatial dimension. While a laser beam looks small to us, a cross section of a laser beam has a width to it, just as a flashlight beam has a width. Some interesting spatial-temporal dynamics can occur in that cross section. For instance, the intensity, or brightness, can vary from bright to dark, forming complex patterns such as grids of hexagons," he says.

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