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1. Activ.html
IDALINA. EDENVALE. collaborative. Water art from Idalina Idalina Field Trip to Water Treatment Plant. art Poetry Project COMING SOONart and Poetry of Water Project
Student Activities and Projects IDALINA EDENVALE COLLABORATIVE Water Art from Idalina Brazilian Data Poems by Idalina Students Water and Religion ... Edenvale's Water Pollution Dreams for the America Dreams Project COMING SOON Art and Poetry of Water Project Student Art and Poetry Projects Student Questions Descriptions of Famous Water Paintings ... Return to Water Pollution Project Home Page

2. Artisproactiv artisproactiv artis pro activ apa artists' Profiles for artis Pro activ art Auction 2001. Wong Hoy Cheong was born in 1960 in Penang, HARD TO SWALLOW is a collaborative effort between Sidney and writer/director,
Artists' Profiles for Artis Pro Activ Art Auction 2001
Wong Hoy Cheong
was born in 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. He studied Literature, Education, and Fine Arts at Brandeis University, Harvard University, and University of Massachusetts (Amherst) in the USA.
His work in the 1990s has been inter-disciplinary, involving areas such as drawing, installation, video and theatre/performance. His recent works have explored the interrelationship of politics, culture and ethnicity.
He has shown widely in Asia, Australia, and Europe, as well as within Malaysia. He has participated in large international projects such as Cities on the Move (The Secession, Vienna, 1997; CapcMusee d'art Contemporain, Bordeaux, France, 1998; Hayward Gallery, London, 1999; Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humleback, Denmark, 1999), The AsiaPacific Triennial (1996), Fukuoka Triennial (1999), and Kwangju Biennale (2000); as well as smaller-focus exhibitions like Babel (Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 1999), Poisonous Targets (Gallery 4A, Sydney, 2000), Overtag (BildMuseet, Umea, Sweden, 2000), and text-based projects such as Mutation/Urban Rumours (Fri-Art Contemporary Art Centre, Fribourg, Switzerland, 2000), and Intervention (Museum-in-Progress, Vienna, 1999).
He has previously taught painting and drawing at The London Institute, Bandar Utama College, Malaysian Institute of Art, and University of Massachusetts, USA. He was Artist-in-Residence (1992) at Canberra Institute of Art, Australian National University; Visiting Tutor (1998) at Central St. Martins, London; and Visiting Fellow (1999) at Goldsmith College, University of London. He is presently teaching at the Centre for Advanced Design in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

3. Dance Lesson Milwaukee
cool dance shop featuring shoes, accessories, jewelry, competition supplies, tanningproducts, dance art and gifts HOME BASIC_D - DANCE collaborative activ.

4. Humboldt: Art Courses
Individual and collaborative projects. Prereq art 250 preferred. art 353. Contemporaryissues; art theory. activ = activity section. (C) = may be concurrent.
ART 104B. Ancient Art (3). Prehistoric, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Aegean, Greek, and Roman art. ART 104C. Medieval Art (3). Early Christian, Byzantine, early medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic art. ART 104F. Renaissance Art (3). Italian and Northern European artists during the Renaissance. ART 104G. Baroque Art (3). Rubens, Rembrandt, other artists, 1600-1750. ART 104H. 19th Century Art (3). European 19th century art in painting and sculpture. Major artists from Goya to van Gogh, from Turner to Monet. ART 104I. 20th Century Art (3). Survey of painting and sculpture in the 20th century. ART 104J. Art in the United States (3). Colonial period to present: major artists, stylistic movements, and cultural trends. Begin to understand the history of ideas in the US and, by extension, the basis for one's own attitudes about art and society. ART 104K. Introduction to Tribal Art (3). African, Native American, and Oceanic art, emphasizing various approaches to, and concepts of, art in these cultural regions. GE, DCG.

5. Humboldt: Theatre Arts Courses
F. Various genres, in relation to aesthetics of film art. methods; analytical andcritical approaches; the collaborative process and activ = activity section.
Theatre Arts
THEA 103. Dance Techniques I (3) FS. Use contemporary dance as base for exploring dance as art form. Full-body technique, mind-body integration, and creative methods and structures. American dance pioneers. Rep. GE. THEA 103B. Dance Techniques II (3) F. Continue using contemporary dance forms to increase technical proficiency, endurance, and performance. Focus on collaborative work. Required for dance studies majors and dance minors. Prereq: THEA 103 or IA. Rep. GE. THEA 103C. Dance Techniques III (3). Continued study and development of dance techniques and performance skills at the advanced level. Required for dance studies majors. Prereq: THEA 103B or IA. Rep. GE. THEA 104. Art of Theatre (3) F. What is theatre? Thought-provoking environment in which to observe, discover, and experience various aspects of theatre arts. THEA 105. Acting (3) FS. Theatre games, improvisation, movement, and voice. Techniques applicable first to the individual and second to principles of performance in film and theatre. (CAN DRAM 8) THEA 106. Behind the Scenes in Theatre

6. Developing A Reflective Model Of Collaborative Systems - Dourish (ResearchIndex)
Clark, Tennenhouse 1990 341 The art of the Language (context) - Smith - 1982 30Collaborative activity and Prototyping Users and Designers in Mutual activ..
Developing A Reflective Model of Collaborative Systems (1995) (Make Corrections) (19 citations)
Paul Dourish ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
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(Enter summary) Abstract: Recent years have seen a shift in perception of the nature of HCI and interactive systems. As interface work has increasingly become a focus of attention for the social sciences, we have expanded our appreciation of the importance of issues such as work practice, adaptation and evolution in interactive systems. The reorientation in our view of interactive systems has been accompanied by a call for a new model of design centred around user needs and participation. This paper argues that a new... (Update) Context of citations to this paper: More ...CSCW community. Many techniques have been explored for customizing groupware tools, for example, parameterization [34] and reflection

7. Dance Lesson Milwaukee
competition supplies, tanning products, dance art and gifts, consignment costuming, music, videos HOME BASIC_D - DANCE collaborative activ. search find the most popular books,

8. :::::coolstop/2001v2:::::
skilla activ 12/1/99 a multimedia showcase; 11/30 com ) 7/13/99,a collaborative site, is We are dedicated to bringing art to the web by

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your site.
  • Artistica
    It seeks at exposing those who create in this new medium.
    Mad in Pursuit
    "I'm trying to find my voice, not trying to please. If you think you know me, you don't. If you find me, you have to be my friend forever." Vagabunda "a fun women's travel webzine - the celebration of travel, adventures, experiences, and freedom" less rain multitudinous, multinational multi-complex multimedia collective Australian INfront Links to edgey Australian design and art, plus collaborative visual art projects. Ferry Halim - Web Designer Web designer's portfolio site with Flash intro movie and 3D style navigation menu. "joy from the simple act of publishing for an audience, no matter how small it is" ask your mom if you can come over and play...if you have this unfulfilled need to 'let it all hang out...' maybe you wanna hang it out here a place for first-love stories drububu design very original site with cool javascripts and java applets [photography] gallery of Japanese photographer Haruki Kawakami spinsugar A site about a girl. A boring girl, of 17 years, who enjoys expressing herself through her page, even if no one is listening.

9. ACLS/SSRC Cuba Working Group: Recent Activities
To underwrite the travel by collaborative research project directors Joseph Scarpaci CaliforniaState Polytechic University and the Superior art Institute of

Recent Activities Sponsored by the
ACLS/SSRC Working Group on Cuba

Other International

Other Activities Sponsored by the Working Group
Libraries and Archives in Cuba
In June, 2001 the Working Group on Cuba will hold a workshop with leading Cuban, US and international librarians and archivists to consider future priorities for preservation and access in the libraries and archives of Cuban scholarly and cultural institutions. The meeting will be held in Havana, and will address various items of concern, including the digitization of records and the construction and maintenance of OPACs in both libraries and archives. Discussion will also address microfilming and digitization of books, serials and manuscripts; training of personnel; and the equipment and physical plant improvements necessary to achieve the goals of world-class access and preservation. Roughly fifteen Cuban and ten North American leading authorities will meet to share their various perspectives on distinct aspects of library and archive modernization. Following the workshop, select participants will draft a report outlining suggested priorities for future investment in the institutions. Funds for this effort are provided by the Ford Foundation.
Workshops on International Cooperation
In June of 1999 the ACLS/SSRC Working Group on Cuba began the first of a two- year series of five workshops in Cuba on International Cooperation. Over the past 2 years, some 60 Cuban researchers have attended sessions held by experts from Europe, North and Latin America. The workshops are designed to better inform the Cuban academic community about the mechanisms by which international agencies identify priorities, solicit proposals or evaluate projects for support. The initiative constitutes a response to perceived needs of Cuban researchers who have limited experience working with international funding institutions that typically provide support on a project-specific basis. The workshops seek not only to educate the community, but also to guide participants through the proposal-drafting process. The final workshop in the series will be held in the fall of 2000.

10. RA-Template
Technologies Update collaborative Distance Learning Methods activ. 2 Stateof-the-art Presentations Results
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11. Forum Of The Information System On Cultural Properties And Art In
Systems and Technology, is a collaborative effort at the et collections publiquesfrançaises d'art moderne et
Click here for the Japanese version
Forum of the Information System on Cultural Properties and Art in Japan
Reference Materials
  • Informations on the Internet
  • Printed Matter (in Japanese)
    Informations on the Internet
    By International Organizations
      The International Committee for Documentation of the International Council of Museums CIDOC is the international focus for the documentation interests of museums and related organizations. It has over 750 members in 60 countries.
      International Council on Monuments and Sites ICOMOS is an international organization of professionals dedicated to the conservation of the world's historic monuments and sites.
      The International Council of Museums: Virtual Library museums pages

      United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization WHIN is a clearinghouse for information about World Heritage sites.
  • 12. :::::coolstop/2003:::::
    a multimedia...... Australian design and art, plus collaborative visual art A website devoted to promotingart, stopping urban skilla activ 12/1/99
    :::::Best of the Cool Site Reviews:::::

    Portal Cool Zone

    Daily Pick Listings

    Site Reviews
    Portal Cool Zone
    The directory of all Daily Picks plus other Featured Cool Sites . Browse, search, or submit a site.
    Daily Pick Listings
    An archive of all Daily Picks with descriptions, listed in reverse chronological order.
    Site Reviews
    An archive of all Daily Pick Site Reviews , listed in reverse chronological order. Searchable.
    Browse a list of the last 31 days of Daily Picks and other Featured Cool Sites
    Jump to a randomly selected, previous Daily Pick
    A stand-alone directory for those who still believe the web is about people, creativity and the sharing of ideas WebPeople Some very interesting people, interviewed by Joe Jenett. Diversions Daily comics and miscellaneous poetry, digital art, and music. Explore the Web! Need another good starting point? Here's a good list. Link to Coolstop Logos, etc. for linking to Coolstop. Friends of Coolstop A list of those who are linking to us, or have supported Coolstop in some way. Please read the terms, especially if you plan to submit a site, thank you.

    13. Physiotherapy Resources
    It uses a collaborative approach by integrating Speech Pathology, Physiotherapyand art Therapy goals to Down's Syndrome Association; activ Foundation library
    General Resources for Competency One
    • World Health Organisation ICIDH Classification Curtin University; Health Sciences Post Graduate Course (Designed to extend expertise in the communication disorders and sciences discipline) Cerebral Palsy Association of Western Australia (ph 9443 0211)
        Principles of Best Practice in Early Intervention Principles of Best Practice in School Aged Intervention . Induction Module Individual Family Service Plans and Staff Workshops.
      FIM, WeeFIM
        FIM Workshops are available through the Occupational Therapy Department at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital. Wee FIM workshops are available through Princess Margaret Hospital. Contact the Occupational Therapy Department for information.
      Teler: Workshops are organised by Princess Margaret Hospital Physiotherapy Department For undergraduate and post graduate courses in physiotherapy, contact Curtin School of Physiotherapy on For specific workshops/ modules for physiotherapy contact Australian Physiotherapy Association at

    14. Speech Pathology Resources
    A collaborative approach integrating Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy and art Therapygoals for Down's Syndrome Association; activ Foundation library (Ph
    General Resources for Competency One
    • World Health Organisation ICIDH Classification School of Human Communication Science: Mission Statement and Strategic Plan. Dr Kathryn Hird: Associate Professor School of Human Communication Science Curtin University Curtin University; Health Sciences Post Graduate Course (Designed to extend expertise in the communication disorders and sciences discipline) Speech Pathology Australia ; has produced position papers and documents relevant to the establishment of clear standards and professional guidelines for Speech Pathologists. These include:
        Competency–Based Occupational Standards for Speech Pathologists. Speech Pathology Australia; Guidelines for good practice Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Code of Ethics Standards of Practice
      Cerebral Palsy Association of Western Australia (ph 9443 0211)
        Principles of Best Practice in Early Intervention Principles of Best Practice in School Aged Intervention .

    15. [Endnode] RHIZOME_RAW[digest]
    Eyebeam's site) mate ng to ska The arts collaborative MTAA has and more d publ perforwhen ic mance the art. the media others of into inter thinki activ ng e
    [Endnode] RHIZOME_RAW[digest]
    Tue, 15 Oct 2002 18:44:58 +0200 dil@s ww.l Actual - ab71 ly - .org Eryk, - / it is Origi an nal ideolo Messa Endnode (AKA Printer Tree) "Phy gical ge sica war. - MTAA's new work is being lly - launched tonight at Eyebeam and No - ( emot deares - air02.html) and we invite iona t. - everyone to lly Idolog join the "Endnode" list-serv and spea y From: take part in the work. king hasn't suzan , got a short description (from inti anythi milev Eyebeam's site): mate ng to ska The arts collaborative MTAA has spac do <suza created a life-sized sculpture e is with namil of a no it. evska tree with a networked print long Your @yaho server in its trunk and printers er myopic on each stri idiot- > branch that print and release a ctly ape rain of email-leaves that inti misint cascade to mate erpret the ground. The public is . On ations encouraged to email the tree the haven' through the one t got THE Endnode Mailing List. hand anythi MUSEU , ng M OF see

    16. OPRW Search Results
    Professional activ links APA reference Williamson, A,. Seeding A Culture Of InnovationAnd collaborative and links APA reference Mann, S. art Deco Human

    eglob95.html Mail art is art that goes all the Web's premier work of collaborative,episodic, (SUBVERSIVE activL Subscription address
    Spunk150: Anarchist electronic contact list version 6.5 Last updated by Jack Jansen, 6-Jan-96 Anarchist and related contacts on the Internet. This contact list is maintained by Spunk Press. It is updated continually, and the latest version is always available on various places on the Internet, along with the rest of the Spunk Press archive of anarchist and alternative material: WWW: the latest version of this contact sheet is at: FTP: the latest version of this contact sheet is there, in texts/contacts/sp000150.txt Please email short descriptions for lists, organisations and publications, corrections and additions to Practical Anarchy Online (electronic newsletter) For subscription, contact Spunk Press Distribution List (alternative and anarchist literature) (Todd Prane) There's also a WWW home for Love and Rage, see that section. Baklava Autonomist Collective, Wind Chill Factor paper/zine Hard Response A satirical journal " ... dedicated to clobbering the Right in as many avenues of creative expression possible ...". MAILING LISTS Unless stated otherwise the email addresses listed here point to people or automatic response systems who can subscribe you or give you more information. In the case of automatic list-subscribers the text to send is also given. If the list appears to be managed by a human being it is probably a good idea to state clearly which list you want to be subscribed to, and at what address. Anarchy Discussion Subscription address:

    18. Resume For EPA/OECA Bid
    FF activ. IV. 1998 to Present – Designs stateof-the-art computer tools for Headedenvironmental process research team, performed collaborative research, and
    Robert D. Andrew, PE DynCorp - Systems Integration Engineer
    Labor Category Requirements and Proposed Staff Qualifications Education and Work Experience Qualifications, including Degrees Held 10 years or more of experience Premium Lotus Business Partner, 1997 Registered Professional Engineer, 1983 Graduate doctoral studies and thesis, School of Engineering, University of Auckland, 1997 27 years of engineering experience Duties Sample Accomplishments Plans, conducts, and supervises projects of major significance, necessitating knowledge and the ability to originate and apply new and unique methods and procedures. Provides technical advice and counsel to other professionals. Generally, operates with wide latitude for unreviewed actions or decisions. Directed 7-person GENIE project for Mobil Corp. Global Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Managed 11-person design team for 4-country, $10 million Mobil European refinery operations and laboratory management information systems.
    Demonstrated Qualifications and Experience in SOW Task Areas

    19. Announcements [x13]
    com/Paris/Lights/7323/kareninarivista.html art Electronics and the one hand it isa collaborative project the See also http//
    Announcer on Thu, 24 May 2001 04:02:06 +0200 (CEST)
    Date Prev
    Date Next Thread Prev Thread Next ... Thread Index ... - KARENINA.IT (poetry in "fàtica" function) A web project by Caterina Davinio on line since 1998 By Jakobson, 'fàtico' is the use of the language which has the finality to maintain open and operative the communication channel among the interlocutors. On the confine between art and critic, happening and net performance, is a virtual meeting place around the theme of the writing and the new technologies, in which experiences of international artists, curators, theoreticians converge, in a net that counts thousands of contacts in the world. Index:

    20. ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95
    This report covers the activ ities of all 1.2.2 Developing a collaborative mechanismfor distance promotion, preservation and dissemination of art and culture
    1.1.0. The Ministry of Human Resource Development was set up in 1985, with the objective of integrating efforts for Development of Human Potential in the areas of Education, Women and Child Develop- ment, Arts and Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports. During 1994-95, the Ministry continued its efforts in fulfilling this objective through its constituent Departments of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports and Women and Child Development. This report covers the activ- ities of all the four Departments of the Ministry and is presented in four parts as follows:- Part-I-Department of Education Part-II-Department of Culture Part-III-Department of Youth Affairs and Sports Part-IV-Department of Women and Child Development
    Department of Education
    1.2.1 The Education For All (EFA) Summit of Nine High Population Countries held i New Delhi on 16th December, 1993 culminated in a policy declaration and framework of strategies for its implementa- tion. The policy declaration calls for providing basic education fa- cilities for every child and consolidating efforts towards basic education for children, Youth and adults. In the context of an inte- grated strategy of basic education for all people, literacy and adult education programme are to be improved and extended, eliminating disparities of access, improving the quality and relevance of basic education. Human Development is to be accorded the highest priority ensuring that a growing share of national and community resources is dedicated to basic education.

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