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         Art General Collaborative Activ:     more detail

1. Community Service Programs - General Community
program is designed to forge collaborative relationships with also available to thegeneral public through Libraries and the Memorial art Gallery Interlibrary
- Select a Section - Living at the College Learning at the College Admission to the College Athletics Eastman School of Music School of Medicine and Dentistry School of Nursing Simon School Warner School About Us Graduate Studies Information Technology Services Libraries Medical Center Memorial Art Gallery Research Strong Health System Working at the University Directory Index Contact University Events Calendar News Giving
Preschool Children School Children High School Students and Teenagers ... General Community
General Community
Adult Sexual Abuse Survivor Groups (Department of Psychiatry - Ambulatory Services)
An educational and supportive therapy group for adult survivors of incest or sexual abuse.
Department of Psychiatry - Ambulatory Services
Agricultural Health Nurse Program of New York State
This program was established to help make farms safer places to work and live. The program consists of a team of three occupational health nurses with expertise in agricultural health and safety located throughout the state. The program provides assistance to farm families in the event of agricultural illness, injury, or death. They also educate farm workers and children on agricultural safety techniques.
Department of Environmental Medicine
AIDS Center Community Committee
Physicians, nurses, social workers as well as patients and family members are available to provide educational programs to schools, churches and other community agencies and groups.

2. Developing A Reflective Model Of Collaborative Systems - Dourish (ResearchIndex)
Katia Saikoski Geo (2000) (Correct) general and Specific Clark, Tennenhouse 1990341 The art of the context) - Smith - 1982 30 collaborative Activity and
Developing A Reflective Model of Collaborative Systems (1995) (Make Corrections) (19 citations)
Paul Dourish ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
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(Enter summary) Abstract: Recent years have seen a shift in perception of the nature of HCI and interactive systems. As interface work has increasingly become a focus of attention for the social sciences, we have expanded our appreciation of the importance of issues such as work practice, adaptation and evolution in interactive systems. The reorientation in our view of interactive systems has been accompanied by a call for a new model of design centred around user needs and participation. This paper argues that a new... (Update) Context of citations to this paper: More ...CSCW community. Many techniques have been explored for customizing groupware tools, for example, parameterization [34] and reflection

3. Humboldt: Art Courses
Individual and collaborative projects. Prereq art 250 preferred. art 353. Contemporaryissues; art theory. GE = general education elective course.
ART 104B. Ancient Art (3). Prehistoric, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Aegean, Greek, and Roman art. ART 104C. Medieval Art (3). Early Christian, Byzantine, early medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic art. ART 104F. Renaissance Art (3). Italian and Northern European artists during the Renaissance. ART 104G. Baroque Art (3). Rubens, Rembrandt, other artists, 1600-1750. ART 104H. 19th Century Art (3). European 19th century art in painting and sculpture. Major artists from Goya to van Gogh, from Turner to Monet. ART 104I. 20th Century Art (3). Survey of painting and sculpture in the 20th century. ART 104J. Art in the United States (3). Colonial period to present: major artists, stylistic movements, and cultural trends. Begin to understand the history of ideas in the US and, by extension, the basis for one's own attitudes about art and society. ART 104K. Introduction to Tribal Art (3). African, Native American, and Oceanic art, emphasizing various approaches to, and concepts of, art in these cultural regions. GE, DCG.

4. Humboldt: Theatre Arts Courses
Various genres, in relation to aesthetics of film art. analytical and critical approaches;the collaborative process and GE = general education elective course.
Theatre Arts
THEA 103. Dance Techniques I (3) FS. Use contemporary dance as base for exploring dance as art form. Full-body technique, mind-body integration, and creative methods and structures. American dance pioneers. Rep. GE. THEA 103B. Dance Techniques II (3) F. Continue using contemporary dance forms to increase technical proficiency, endurance, and performance. Focus on collaborative work. Required for dance studies majors and dance minors. Prereq: THEA 103 or IA. Rep. GE. THEA 103C. Dance Techniques III (3). Continued study and development of dance techniques and performance skills at the advanced level. Required for dance studies majors. Prereq: THEA 103B or IA. Rep. GE. THEA 104. Art of Theatre (3) F. What is theatre? Thought-provoking environment in which to observe, discover, and experience various aspects of theatre arts. THEA 105. Acting (3) FS. Theatre games, improvisation, movement, and voice. Techniques applicable first to the individual and second to principles of performance in film and theatre. (CAN DRAM 8) THEA 106. Behind the Scenes in Theatre

5. Physiotherapy Resources
general Information on Disability. It uses a collaborative approach by integratingSpeech Pathology, Physiotherapy and art Therapy goals to teach school
General Resources for Competency One
  • World Health Organisation ICIDH Classification Curtin University; Health Sciences Post Graduate Course (Designed to extend expertise in the communication disorders and sciences discipline) Cerebral Palsy Association of Western Australia (ph 9443 0211)
      Principles of Best Practice in Early Intervention Principles of Best Practice in School Aged Intervention . Induction Module Individual Family Service Plans and Staff Workshops.
    FIM, WeeFIM
      FIM Workshops are available through the Occupational Therapy Department at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital. Wee FIM workshops are available through Princess Margaret Hospital. Contact the Occupational Therapy Department for information.
    Teler: Workshops are organised by Princess Margaret Hospital Physiotherapy Department For undergraduate and post graduate courses in physiotherapy, contact Curtin School of Physiotherapy on For specific workshops/ modules for physiotherapy contact Australian Physiotherapy Association at

6. Speech Pathology Resources
A collaborative approach integrating Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy and art Therapygoals This group has links to the general dysphagia interest group
General Resources for Competency One
  • World Health Organisation ICIDH Classification School of Human Communication Science: Mission Statement and Strategic Plan. Dr Kathryn Hird: Associate Professor School of Human Communication Science Curtin University Curtin University; Health Sciences Post Graduate Course (Designed to extend expertise in the communication disorders and sciences discipline) Speech Pathology Australia ; has produced position papers and documents relevant to the establishment of clear standards and professional guidelines for Speech Pathologists. These include:
      Competency–Based Occupational Standards for Speech Pathologists. Speech Pathology Australia; Guidelines for good practice Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Code of Ethics Standards of Practice
    Cerebral Palsy Association of Western Australia (ph 9443 0211)
      Principles of Best Practice in Early Intervention Principles of Best Practice in School Aged Intervention .

7. OPRW Search Results
general Media APA reference Williamson, A,. Seeding A Culture Of Innovation And collaborative information and links APA reference Mann, S. art Deco Human

8. Art Education
Promoting equity, diversity and access to art experiences for all children a collaborative fieldwork program general sites, art History, Museums
Program Goals Lesson Plans Arts Advocacy ... Education Resources Art Education Resources ArtsEdNet An online service developed to support the needs of the art education community. Image Gallery Lesson Plans and Curriculum Themes in Art
Getty ArtsEdNet Talk Search Archives
Check current posts.
Space Art Through the Ages
Robert McCall teaching unit on space art (NAEA Keynote speaker 2001). Series of interdisciplinary activities based on traditional and contemporary artworks.
ArtsEdNet-Animals in Art
Looking and learning Devices of Wonder New from Getty! Exhibition explores how optical devices and technologies have shaped our perception of the world, and teaches us about our social, scientific, and visual histories. Play with the games, scientific instruments, and optical devices in the exhibition. Teaching Tools Viewpoints: Exploring How You Understand Art Exploring how you look at art - d eveloped by Faith Clover and Mary Erickson What kind of art do you really like? Why do you like it? What about other people? Take this self-test to learn more about why you like the art you do, understand different ways of looking at art and discover the points of view other people have. From Getty ArtsEdNet.

9. PERL News January-February 2003
A collaborative project by George Mason University and the City Early Modern European,20th Century, World War II, art History, general Resources, and
Library Home Ask-a-Librarian Library Catalog Internet Search ... B.U. Home
PERL News Vol. 4 No. 4 January-February 2003
Table of Contents Librarian's Corner Video Arrivals Resources for Research ... Recent Acquisitions
The Librarian's Corner
The Effect of the Economic Downturn on Libraries
Libraries are not only particularly vulnerable to tough economic times, their collections never really recover from cutbacks. Back issues of journals and books that go out of print are among the casualties. As budgets shrink, prices rise. An academic library's nightmare is escalating journal prices. Here's how one library is handling the crisis:
Another vulnerable part of a library's collection is its electronic resources. Due to the state budget cuts, beginning January 17, 2003, the following Gale Group databases will no longer be available: InfoTrac OneFile
Contemporary Authors (as a standalone product; content is in Biography

10. Chiefs Reports - Massachusetts General Hospital
establishment of the new Massachusetts general Hospital for nationally recognizedas a highly collaborative service between the stateof-the-art in projection
HOJ HOME Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency The Children's Hospital
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
... Massachusetts General Hospital Massachusetts
General Hospital
Harry E. Rubash, MD
So far so good! As my second year draws to an end, this annual report gives me an opportunity to reflect upon the year and the significant accomplishments in the Orthopaedics Department at the Massachusetts General Hospital. New Practice Model
We have made significant progress with our new practice model. At each of our three clinical sites, a task oriented staff model has been instituted to replace the individual practice silos of the past. Through the use of combined surgical and test scheduling, academic support services, and nurse practitioners and physician assistants we have improved efficiencies. The next major step will be to develop a telephone system to route calls and schedule patient visits seamlessly and efficient-ly. As inadequate phone systems continue to plague most practices, we hope to have a new phone system in operation by mid-year 2000. We welcome Mr. David Gaynor, our new administrative director. David plays a pivotal role in implementing changes to improve efficiency in the department. David's experience as administrator in the Partners Department of Radiology and CEO of a local medical imaging company prepare him well to position us for the demands of the future. David's innovation and attention to detail are greatly appreciated and I look forward to his many positive contributions.

11. ACLS/SSRC Cuba Working Group: Recent Activities
paper on the Bourbon creation of the general Archive of To underwrite the travel bycollaborative research project University and the Superior art Institute of

Recent Activities Sponsored by the
ACLS/SSRC Working Group on Cuba

Other International

Other Activities Sponsored by the Working Group
Libraries and Archives in Cuba
In June, 2001 the Working Group on Cuba will hold a workshop with leading Cuban, US and international librarians and archivists to consider future priorities for preservation and access in the libraries and archives of Cuban scholarly and cultural institutions. The meeting will be held in Havana, and will address various items of concern, including the digitization of records and the construction and maintenance of OPACs in both libraries and archives. Discussion will also address microfilming and digitization of books, serials and manuscripts; training of personnel; and the equipment and physical plant improvements necessary to achieve the goals of world-class access and preservation. Roughly fifteen Cuban and ten North American leading authorities will meet to share their various perspectives on distinct aspects of library and archive modernization. Following the workshop, select participants will draft a report outlining suggested priorities for future investment in the institutions. Funds for this effort are provided by the Ford Foundation.
Workshops on International Cooperation
In June of 1999 the ACLS/SSRC Working Group on Cuba began the first of a two- year series of five workshops in Cuba on International Cooperation. Over the past 2 years, some 60 Cuban researchers have attended sessions held by experts from Europe, North and Latin America. The workshops are designed to better inform the Cuban academic community about the mechanisms by which international agencies identify priorities, solicit proposals or evaluate projects for support. The initiative constitutes a response to perceived needs of Cuban researchers who have limited experience working with international funding institutions that typically provide support on a project-specific basis. The workshops seek not only to educate the community, but also to guide participants through the proposal-drafting process. The final workshop in the series will be held in the fall of 2000.

12. Announcements [x13]
On the one hand it is a collaborative project the services over the next five yearˆø general knowledge of of resources ˆø A strong interest in art and the
Announcer on Thu, 24 May 2001 04:02:06 +0200 (CEST)
Date Prev
Date Next Thread Prev Thread Next ... Thread Index ... - KARENINA.IT (poetry in "fàtica" function) A web project by Caterina Davinio on line since 1998 By Jakobson, 'fàtico' is the use of the language which has the finality to maintain open and operative the communication channel among the interlocutors. On the confine between art and critic, happening and net performance, is a virtual meeting place around the theme of the writing and the new technologies, in which experiences of international artists, curators, theoreticians converge, in a net that counts thousands of contacts in the world. Index:

13. Oceanography Conference
the global exchange of information and collaborative research linkages. general theme of understanding of the state of the art, and to

14. Dave Butler's Guide To Electronic Mailing Lists
My Heart Will Go On 4. Clip art of Romance for the Environment as a general discussionlist CERESL (collaborative Environments for Conserving Earth Resources
Dave Butler's Guide to Electronic Mailing Lists What's Here? In 1996 I began subscribing to a lot of email lists, some of which I've listed here. Some of the contact info has been rechecked in Oct 2000, but much is probably out of date. Please let me know of any changes you discover by sending me an email Many of these lists relate to community activism. Some relate to my personal interests. Some are lists which I recommended to my students in the Bridge Project, where in the fall of 1996 I was an Internet trainer for public school teachers and literacy tutors. In 1997 as a Tech Volunteer for the Free Library of Philadelphia , I wrote separate pages on Mailing Lists for Librarians and Mailing Lists for Teachers For a comprehensive searchable index of mailing lists, check out Liszt, the mailing list directory There are a number of sites which offer FREE mailing lists, as well as broader discussion forums which combine more than just mailing list services. Egroups and Topica are widely used services which have bought out a number of smaller competitors such as OneList. Many of the popular search engines, such as Yahoo , now offer web communities which include chat areas, photo archives and calendars. For every category listed in Yahoo's topic directory, there is a community. If you don't want to fit into a category, you can start your own

1500283, 4605 America Reads. 1500284, 4611 general Chemistry. 1500402, 4408 Schoolof Design art Cola. 1500447, DCIT CLE collaborative Learnin. 1500448, DCIT GIS.
PROJECT ID DESCRIPTION Default 4000 Clemson Scholars-2% Waive 4001 In-Service Training 4002 Engineering Res Appropr 4014 Depart Admin for Instruct 4015 Depart Admin for Research 4016 Dept Admin Public Service 4020 Gen Support to Dept Head 4021 Graduate Program Advisor 4023 Director of Comp Engineer 4024 Head of Electrical Eng. 4025 Devel Alum Rel Nursing 4026 Learning Resource Center 4031 Nursing Center 4034 Clemson at Furman MBA 4036 Office of Internat. Prog 4039 Professional Resource Cen 4040 Recruitment 4038 Provost Research Awds 4046 Engineering Computer Supp 4052 Professional Development 4054 Professional Development 4056 Computer Center Lab 4057 Computer Center-Vax 4060 VLSI-Clean Room 4065 HEHD Office of Student DCIT CUBS 4069 Visitors Center 4070 Central Energy Facility 4071 Water Filtration Plant 4072 Waste Treatment Plant 4073 Electric Lines Chemistry Thermal Analysis Lab 4080 Student Teaching Ceramic Engr Boeing Account 4084 Collections Office 4087 Innovation Fund 4090 Overload Teaching 4094 Col Engr Devel Activities 4095 University Affirmative 4116 Research Support 4098 PC Repairs 4100 Internal Periodicals Prog 4102 Acquistions Unit 4103 Architecture Library 4104 Cataloging Unit 4105 Circulation Unit 4106 Documents Unit 4107 Reference Unit 4108 Document Delivery 4109 Special collections Unit 4111 Hazardous Waste Removal 4112 Security Cost Recovery 4117 Background/Criminal Check 4122 Liability Insurance CME Recovery-Instrument Maint

16. V.ramos [IST]
ORG (Research Group in Interactive and/ or Digital art and Technology NÓNIO Portuguesecollaborative Web site DER SPIEGEL, GERMANY A general article about
citations Citations Main Curriculum Vitae Outras Notas Palestras Publications Books and Book Chapters Citations Key Areas Paradigms Applications The MC2 Project Projects Links Institutions Labs People Press Conferences WWW Search SOME CITATIONS AND REFERENCES OF HIS WORK ON THE WORLD PRESS MEDIA WORLD WIDE WEB AI RESEARCHERS List by Zhi-Hua Zhou, CHINA AI RESEARCHERS INNOVATIONS-REPORT.COM, Germany ] An article dedicated to my recent work, entitled DIGITAL ANT COLONY SYSTEMS , 30 Sep. 2002, at the Innovations-Report.COM site (Information Technology area LUSA , 7 Outubro 2002. ] Uma reportagem no programa ] Um artigo intitulado " Cinco Portugueses na Vanguarda ", por R. Eiras, J.N. Rodrigues e E. Santos, ", artigo de Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues, Jornal EXPRESSO aqui janelanaweb.COM , pp. 94, Dezembro 2002. University of Colorado at Denver, USA ] Citation to The Biological Concept of Neoteny in Evolutionary Colour Image Segmentation - Simple Experiments in Simple Non-Memetic Genetic Algorithms EvoIASP-01 ) on [] Artificial Intelligence Methods Applied to Image Segmentation , Adolfo Perez-Duran, MATH 5840, Independent Study, Fall Semester 2002, Advisor: Weldon Lodwick, University of Colorado at Denver, Department of Mathematics.

17. Summer Survey
Course Preference Survey
In recent years, Summer Term has become a valuable option for students seeking the opportunity to accelerate a degree program, enhance career skills and choices, or to simply concentrate on a difficult course. To better serve your needs during the Summer Term, we ask that you take a few minutes to complete this survey. You may only choose one response for each answer. However, you may request different courses by completing the survey more than once. You must select a schedule and submit a valid e-mail address for the survey to process accurately. What specific course are you interested in for Summer?
(Courses are listed alphabetically, click on the box and type
"A" for ACCT, "B" for BIOL, "C" for COMM, etc.) Select CourseNum, CourseTitle From tblCourses #CourseNum# #CourseTitle# Look up the course description to get more information about a course.
Please indicate your preference of a summer schedule by choosing one of the following options.
Session A
5 Weeks
May - June MTWRF MTWR MWF TRS 7:30 am - 9:20 am-A
7:15 am - 9:20 am-A
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm-A
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm-A
Sat Class meets 9am-12pm 9:30 am - 11:20 am-A 9:30 am - 11:35 am-A 11:50 am - 1:40 pm-A 11:45 am - 1:50 pm-A 2:00 pm - 3:50 pm-A Session B 8 weeks May - June MW TR S 4:30 pm - 7:10 pm-B 4:30 pm - 7:10 pm-B 9:00 am - 1:40 pm-B 7:20 pm - 10:00 pm-B 7:20 pm - 10:00 pm-B Session C 5 Weeks July - August MTWRF MTWR MWF TRS 7:30 am - 9:20 am-C 7:15 am - 9:20 am-C 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm-C 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm-C Sat Class meets 9am-12pm

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