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         Art General Lesson Plans:     more books (100)
  1. Lesson Plans/Flexible Grps Gr 5 Lang by HSP, 2006-10
  2. TX Lesson Plans G5 Harc Lenguaje 02 by HSP, 2002-01
  3. TX Lesson Plans G4 Harc Lenguaje 02 by HSP, 2002-01
  4. Lesson Plans/Flexible Grps Gr 2 Lang by HSP, 2006-10
  5. TX Lesson Plans G2 Harc Lenguaje 02 by HSP, 2002-01
  6. The Crucible : A Unit Plan (Litplans on CD) by Mary B. Collins, 2000-08-01
  7. The Teacher's Right Hand: A Resource Guide of Reading & Writing Strategies, Lesson Plans, and Rubrics by Kimberly Rena Sheffield-Gibbons, 2001-09-01
  8. Lesson Plans for the Busy Librarian: A Standards-Based Approach for the Elementary Library Media Center by Joyce Keeling, 2002-03-05
  9. Critical Thinking Handbook, K-3: A Guide for Remodelling Lesson Plans in Language Arts, Social Studies, & Science by A. J. Binker, Richard W. Paul, et all 1987-07
  10. Music Express: Year 2: Lesson Plans, Recordings, Activities and Photocopiables by Helen MacGregor, Maureen Hanke, 2002-10-31
  11. Music Express: Year 3: Lesson Plans, Recordings, Activities and Photocopiables by Maureen Hanke, 2002-06-28
  12. Making Connections: Integrating Art into the Classroom : A Handbook of Lesson Plans for Kindergarten Through Grade Five by Sheri Castelnuovo, Sandy Rodgers, 1995-05
  13. Into the Curriculum: Lesson Plans for Library Media Skills by H. Thomas Walker, 1990-03
  14. Teaching Writing With Rubrics: Practical Strategies and Lesson Plans for Grades 2-8 by Laura A. Flynn, Ellen M. Flynn, 2004-03-29

41. Music Lesson Plans, Resources. And Links
Opera lesson An 8thgrade general music lesson plan in From Lyrics/Music SocietyA lesson plan for Making Connections Between art and Music A high school unit
Music Lesson Plans and Resources
All links on this site were checked and updated 10-24-02.
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Take a look at the links below for music lesson plans and resources. Click here to find great free stuff for teachers, students, and homeschoolers.
Click here
for the MENC National Standards in Music Education.
Click here
to go to the National Association of Music Education.
Click here
to find the most popular Internet sites for teachers.
Click here
to go to Educational Resources and Lesson Plans.
Click here
to try the best Mahjong game ever made. New!
Click here
for a Delightful Mahjongg Tiles game with an Easter theme!
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to find great Movie Posters! Click here to get 250 free business cards from VistaPrint! Click here to go to I Love

42. Teacher Resources, Webquests, And Lesson Plans For 4th & 5th Grade Teacher
African art and Music lesson plan with good activities and links arts Science /Life Science / Earth Science / Space / general Science art and Music
Webquests and Lesson Plans for 4th and 5th Grades
What you will find listed below is not a massive list of lesson plans or web quests. You will find some good lessons that are applicable to students in grades four and five. They may be in a form that you can use right away. Most probably, they will spark ideas that you can adapt to use for your student's best advantage. I hope that you will find them helpful. If you have one of yours that is not listed and you would like to share it or if you know of a good one that other might find useful, please send the link to me, and I will be glad to consider it for incorporation into this list.
Native Americans
Explorers American Colonies American Revolution ... Miscellaneous
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Native Americans
Native American Musical Instruments
-students will discuss the geographical factors leading to the creation of the instruments...
In the Time of the Old Ones
show how Navaho arts show their close relationship with all forms of life
The Trial of Standing Bear
an advanced and informative study about his decided to return to his homeland in Nebraska with as many people who would like to go.

43. John Heartfield: Lesson Plans
of the lesson....... Students should have some general background in the various art periods,analysis of artwork, and World War II. Brief
Photomontage Art and History
Background High school students will explore the art period called Dadaism and in particular Photomontage Art. Students should have some general background in the various art periods, analysis of artwork, and World War II. Brief Description of the Lesson Students will explore photomontage art using the Internet. The students will write their own analysis of what an artwork is conveying in meaning. Learning Objectives/Goals
  • Students will be able to define Dadaism and Photomontage. Students will be able to analyze a piece of photomontage art for the meaning conveyed.
Intended Grade Level or Audience Grades 9-12 students Concepts Covered in the Lesson Content Area - Art and History Teaching Method - Presentation of the Internet examples of photomontage, and a group discussion of the meaning of the artwork Materials or Equipment List
  • Teacher work station computer connected to the Internet Internet browser Projection Device (connected to the computer) screen Individual computers that students can use and are connected to the internet
  • Present to students the academic definition of Dadaism and Photomontage. Dadaism has a definition at the website
  • 44. Heritage Institute - Continuing Education For Teachers
    It focuses on helping arts educators, general classroom teachers using the in thearts. The site includes links to lesson plans, art images, curriculum
    K-12 Resources for The Arts Art Museums are on the Museums page ) Art - General
    • Art
      K-12 Kaleidoscope
      is a collection of educational World Wide Web sites divided into academic subject categories. (Art, Math, Science, etc.). This is the "Art & Artisans" section.
      Art Around the World

      Artnet Web

      ARTS online Santa Cruz


      From the Welcome page: "The mission of ARTSEDGE is to help artists, teachers, and students gain access to and/or share information, resources, and ideas that support the arts as a core subject area in the K12 curriculum." Browse this site! It has lots of links & resources (including links to general education resources and a curriculum studio ) tucked away in various places.

    45. ClayGate 700 : The Arts ; Fine And Decorative Arts
    Zealand art galleries art history artists arts (general) Australia - North 700.415,The Worldwide art Gallery Fantasy. 700.71, AskERIC lesson plans - arts.
    700 - The Arts ; Fine and Decorative Arts (General) DDC Architecture...
    Art (General)


    New Zealand
    ... 700s Index : The Arts
    The Dewey Decimal Classification is © 1996-2000 OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Incorporated . Used with Permission.
    Arts : Artists' Exchange ADAM Browse Tree : Fine Art Argus Clearinghouse : Visual Arts Art in Context ... World Art Treasures (J.E. Berger Foundation) World Wide Arts Resources The Worldwide Art Directory The Worldwide Art Gallery Links ... Australian Web servers - Arts (Charles Sturt University) Australia Council for the Arts Australia's Cultural Network : News on Australian culture online ArtsInfo Noise 2001 ... Victoria. The Arts Feedback Form: Please fill out the form below to assist in the maintenance and accuracy of the links on this web page. Your feedback is always appreciated...
    URL no longer exists:
    Old URL:
    Site name:
    DDC No.: URL has changed:
    Old URL:
    New URL:
    Site name: DDC No.: Suggestion for new URL: New URL: Site name: Suggested Dewey No.: Comments about this website: Your name: E-mail (if not a staff member of Heyward Library
    Links last checked using LinkAlarm : February 20, 2003

    46. General Themes
    literature activities, lesson plans, and activities. Activity Idea Place http// page includes art, math, science, games
    A to Z Kids Stuff Resources for educators and others to use in a classroom, child care center, or at home. There are lesson plan themes, monthly calendars, fun educational activities for Pre-School and School-Age children, as well as free downloads. A to Z Teacher Stuff
    Educators one-stop source for online thematic unit lesson plans, theme resources, literature activities, lesson plans, and activities. Activity Idea Place This page includes art, math, science, games, songs, physical games, dramatic play ideas and more. Most are arranged by theme and are able to be used in large groups, such as child care, or one on one, or for parents. Alphabet Soup Alphabet Soup has activities and links for young children, with an emphasis on thematic units such as bears, apples, zoo animals and fantasy. The Chalkboard Activities and ideas from teachers-to teachers. ChildFun Crafts and Activities for Kids

    47. Lesson Plans - Xpeditions @
    Interpreting Rock art of the Anasazi Overview This lesson uses Native American artto acquaint Some remains are in the form of rock art—a general term for
    Check out:
    X12: Paris Scope

    Standard #12:
    The Processes, Patterns, and Functions of Human Settlement
    Complete Index

    Interpreting Rock Art of the Anasazi Traditional Towns and Modern Suburbs Complete Index Interpreting Rock Art of the Anasazi Overview: Students are introduced to the ancient Anasazi people through samples of rock art preserved in the public lands of the Four Corners region. The national parks, which protect this land from vandalism and neglect, serve as a showcase for this Native American rock art. By studying these archaeological remains, students will understand more about the history and culture of these ancient pueblo farmers. Connections to the Curriculum: history, geography, art Connections to the National Geography Standards:
    Time: one hour Materials Required:
    • Internet connection
    • map of the United States
    • photocopies and transparencies of images of Anasazi rock art (reproduced from Web sites found under Related Links)
    • paint or markers, paper
    Objectives: Students will:
    • Identify key terms related to rock art
    • Convey the significance of rock art as it depicts elements of culture
    • Locate the Four Corners region of the United States on a map
    • Understand the cultural heritage of the Anasazi as depicted through rock art
    • Create an individual pictograph that depicts elements of their own cultures
    Geographic Skills:
    Answering Geographic Questions
    Analyzing Geographic Information
    S u g g e s t e d P r o c e d u r e Opening: Tell the students that they will be learning about the culture of one group of Native Americans, the Anasazi, by studying their rock art. Explain that Native Americans decorated rocks with pictures that told a story about what was going on in their tribe at the time. By examining the pictures on these rocks, students will learn about the beliefs, customs, and everyday lives of the Anasazi.

    48. Heartland Curriculum Resources
    general Information Directory of Publisher's Representatives in lesson plans, Curriculumand Teacher Information arts Edge Netlessons includes some art images.
    Home News Professional Development Catalogs ... Contact Web Manager
    Heartland Curriculum Resources
    Have you ever looked for an address or phone number for a company with curriculum materials in a specific area? Ever want to know which companies carry a certain subject area? Like to see what is new in classroom materials? These are the kinds of answers the Heartland Curriculum Lab can answer. Listed here are several curriculum companies linked to their web sites. They are arranged by subject within levels. To locate a company that would have materials on High School Spanish, click on High School and then on Foreign Language. This will take you to the links of companies that have materials on Foreign Languages. This site is a work in progress.
    Curriculum Materials By Levels and Areas
    General Information
    Lesson Plans, Curriculum and Teacher Information

    49. Art Education And ArtEdventures From Sanford And A Lifetime Of
    Teach art Newsletter; general lesson plans (integrating art into generalcurriculum); artIntensive lesson plans; lesson Plan Exchange.

    50. Lesson Plans For Elementary Classes
    art American Gothic, from the ERIC art Collection, Gr. Fun!, Grades 24; Parentsas Teachers, Grades K-12; Physical Education Oceanography lesson plans; general.
    var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'':''; document.write(""); var SERVER= ""; var ORDER= ""; var INVOICE= ""; var CARTVIEW= ""; var CARTADD= ""; var CARTREMOVE= ""; var CHECKOUT= ""; var CARTBUY= ""; var ADCAMPAIGN= ""; var adname=""; var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'':''; document.write(""); var SERVER= ""; var ORDER= ""; var INVOICE= ""; var CARTVIEW= ""; var CARTADD= ""; var CARTREMOVE= ""; var CHECKOUT= ""; var CARTBUY= ""; var ADCAMPAIGN= ""; var adname=""; Shortcuts Members Almanac Space Science Help Apple Education Learning Series Login Online Course Login ALI Learning Resources Browse Resources Lesson Plans for Elementary Classes
    Online Safety

    51. ISLA Lesson Plans' Archive
    Please select the general lesson plan category that you are interested in, andthen click on the lesson plan you wish to view! art and Architecture.
    Home Lesson Plans Supporting Links About ISLA ... Lesson Plan Links
    Lesson Plan Archives
    Art and Architecture Ethnic Studies Geography History ... Social Studies The USC ISLA lesson plan archive contains several unique lesson plans which have been submitted to USC's ISLA project by teachers from all over the United States. Contributions from teachers are essential to the collection. If you have are interested in submitting a great lesson plan you would like to share with educators all over the world, please send it to us by clicking on the "Submit a Lesson" link in the table above. Please select the general lesson plan category that you are interested in, and then click on the lesson plan you wish to view!
    Art and Architecture
    California History
    Ethnic Studies

    52. Education Planet Store ,store,World History Lesson Plans
    1800) (23); World History (1945present) (11); World History - general (95); in fullflower, showing the architecture, traditional clothing, art, artifacts, and
    Apr. 03, 2003 10:39 PST
    Grade K - 2 Higher Ed. Search from over educational supplies by keyword and grade. Membership Log In User Name: Password: Welcome Education Planet Store helps teachers, parents, students and administrators find and purchase quality educational software, books, videos, maps, supplies and more! Featured Stores
    Featured Book Cinderella Grade: K-5 Now that she's a princess, Cinderella is suing her stepmother for back wages. 27 pages. Buy it at Featured Video Stress Grade: 6-12 Exposes the emotional and physical harm that can result from too much stress. Points out how to make stress ... Buy it at Featured Software Encarta World English Dictionary 2001 Grade: 6-12 Strong on newly minted words and phrases, this extensive dictionary benefits ... Buy it at Featured Map Grand Teton National Park, Wy Grade: K-12+ Maps for and by people who love the Outdoors! Trails Illustrated is recognized as ... Buy it at About Us Advertise Suggest-a-Site ... Bookmark this site! Education Planet's Awards "Look no further for your all-in-one education web guide.

    53. Topics A-Z
    Education Computer Science Computers Computers in art Conference Listings Technology)lesson plans (Foreign Language) lesson plans (general) lesson plans
    Topics A-Z
    A B C D ...
    K-12 Students - Looking for Homework Help?
    A Academic Achievement
    Academic Advising

    Academic Competitions

    Acceptable Use

    B Beginning Teachers


    C Careers (Mathematics) Careers (Vocational Education) CD-ROM Character Education ... Cyber Law D Dance Deafness Debate Digital Libraries ... Dyslexia E Early Childhood Education Eating Disorders Economics Education (Employment) ... Experiential Learning F Family Life Family Violence Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Film/Video ... French G Gender Equity Gender/Sexuality Genealogy General Education ... Grouping H Health High Risk Students Higher Education Higher Education Guides (Distance Education) ... Human Sexuality I Inclusive Schools Information Literacy Instructional Issues (Educational Technology) Instructional Issues (Health) ... Italian J Japanese Journalism K K-12 Distance Education Guides K-12 Education Keypals/Penpals Kindergarten L Language Arts Language Laboratories Latin Law ... Looping M Magazines Mass Media Mathematics Measurement ... Music Therapy N National (Education Agencies) Newspapers No Child Left Behind Nutrition O Occupational Home Economics Oceanography Old AskERIC One Computer Classroom P Paleontology Paraprofessional School Personnel Parent School Relationship Parenting ... Psychology R Reading Recycling (Computers) Reference Reggio Emilia Method ... Rural Education S Scheduling School Guides School Libraries School Psychology ... Substance Abuse Prevention T Teacher Certification Teacher Quality Teaching Teaching Methods ... Truancy U United States Government Urban Education US History V Video-Audio Conferencing Vietnam War Virtual Reality Viruses ... Vocational Education W

    54. Lesson Plan Central - Thousands Of Free Lesson Plans
    lesson plans Home art Visual. Drawing Characters The activity may be usedin connection with a general art lesson on drawing human figures
    Home Worksheets Links for Kids Arts ...

    A Great Site to find school related clipart.

    Over 20,000 pictures, illustration, clipart and images to download!!
    Dinosaurs ...
    and lots more!!!

    Don't miss out!!
    Great School
    Multimedia CD's
    School Special - 4,000 Clipart images only 10.95 Sites for Kids CyberSleuth Top sites ranked by popularity Stay up-to-date! Sign up for our mailing list Webquests CyberGuides WorkSheets Teacher Productivity Tools Create teacher productivity tools in just minutes Lab Tool WebQuest Tool Weekly Assignments Certificate Maker Timeline Maker Coming Soon!!!

    55. Collections Of Lesson Plans
    a variety of subject and topic areas, including art, English as a Note The siteslisted above all have general Education lesson plans/activities.
    Collections of Lesson Plans Sites on this page provide collections of lessons plans in many different subject areas. Most are organized by subject areas. Please read our
    Apple Lesson Plans Library
    Lesson plans are organized by grade level first (elementary, middle, senior) and then by subject.
    The AskERIC Virtual Library contains hundreds of lesson plans from a variety of different sources and covering many different subject areas. These are organized by contributing organization, but a search engine is also available.
    Awesome Library: Lesson Plans
    A collection of lesson plans organized by subjects and with an accompanying search engine.
    Blue Web'n
    There are links (with descriptions) to lessons, activities, projects, and resources in a variety of subject areas at the Pacific Bell site. The database is also searchable.
    Busy Teachers' WebSite K-12
    This site serves as a meta-list of links to other sites with lesson plans and classroom activities. Many of those sites are found on the CLN subject specific pages, but there's still plenty of others that you may find useful.
    Collaborative Lesson Archive
    This collection consists of an archive of lesson plans for K-12 grades, organized by grade level. A search engine is available as well.

    56. Columbia Museum Of Art: General Info (2002 News Releases)
    will continue to offer a comprehensive program of art programs for schoolchildrenthat utilize curriculumbased lesson plans. general MUSEUM INFORMATION -.
    Columbia Museum of Art Names New Education Director
    Columbia, SC
    - Joelle Ryan-Cook was named Director of Education for the Columbia Museum of Art. Ryan-Cook began at the Museum as a volunteer tour guide in 1993. Since 1996, she has been essential to the Museum's Education Department staff in a number of capacities. In addition to such responsibilities as program development, department research, volunteer training, and tour design, she has been an active arts advocate and a member of several associations whose goal it is to provide greater cultural and arts educational events in the Columbia area.
    Ryan-Cook has plans to add an outreach program to schools who could not otherwise benefit from a museum visit. In the coming year, the Education Department will introduce new art learning programs for adults and children of all ages. The Museum's many resources the art library, art studios, state-of-the-art auditorium, and world-class galleries will be drawn upon to immerse children and adults into art enriching experiences. The Education Department currently seeks funding to invite practicing artists to work alongside children and teens, facilitating projects that are both exciting and relevant. The Museum will continue to offer a comprehensive program of art programs for schoolchildren that utilize curriculum-based lesson plans.
    For more information about any of the Museum's Education Programs, call 803.799.2810 or visit

    57. Resource Guide For Art And Architecture Teachers
    category. lesson plans. AskERIC arts lesson plans; GEM arts lessonplans; lesson plans, Dick Blick art Materials. general resources.
    Thu 03 Apr 2003
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    Resource Guide for Art and Architecture Teachers
    Use these lesson plan links and other learning resources for your art or architecture class. The small globe icon indicates the Editor's Pick for this category.
    Lesson plans
    General resources
    • Architectural Education Resource Center - architectural appreciation resources for teachers and students.
    • Architecture in Education , Foundation for Architecture - brings architects, landscape architects and other design professionals into classrooms to help young people understand what it takes to make buildings and communities.
    • ArtLex - definitions of more than 3,100 terms used in visual culture, along with thousands of images, pronunciation notes, quotations and cross-references.
    • ArtsEdge - helps educators to teach in, through and about the arts; includes standards-based curriculum and other teaching resources.
    • ArtsEdNet - The J. Paul Getty Trust's art education site includes lesson plans, curriculum resources and interdisciplinary materials.

    58. About "General Lesson Ideas"
    general lesson Ideas. Clock is a Teaching Assistant; Keeping Math Problems Straight;Newspaper Activity; Math = art. Resource Types lesson plans and Activities.
    General Lesson Ideas
    Library Home
    Full Table of Contents Suggest a Link Library Help
    Visit this site: Author: Lesson Ideas: Math; Teachnet.Com Description: OREO Day (Even and Odd Numbers); How To Be A Good Secretary When...; Fraction City; Apple Estimation; The Twelve Days of Christmas; Your Clock is a Teaching Assistant; Keeping Math Problems Straight; Newspaper Activity; Math = Art. Levels: Elementary Middle School (6-8) High School (9-12) Languages: English Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities Math Topics: Estimation Fractions/Decimals/Percents Measurement Number Sense/About Numbers ... Search

    59. Lesson Plans & Teacher Helps- English
    Post's Etiquette, Sapir's English, art of Reading, art of Writing general Languagearts Links. Reading Language Skills has lots of links to lesson plans helps
    What's Inside? Home What is Homeschooling? How to Start Homeschooling Chats on the Web ... Homeschool Conferences Curriculum Support Classical Approach Montessori Education Unschooling Links Unit Studies ... Social Studies Software Support Educational Software Companies on the Internet Where to Find Software Reviews Places to Purchase Curriculum Used Curriculum Sites Homeschooling Magazines Places For The Kids Awards This Site Has Won ... The World As We Knew It Links General Language Arts Links Awesome Library's Language Arts Worksheets Ed's Oasis lets you know about sites that are interactive or full of extensive information. Electronic Teaching Assistance Program (formerly School Express Free Worksheets) Fusion Media ... Language Arts Lesson Plans and Resources contains links to lesson plans and resources for teaching literature, reading, spelling, writing, journalism, communication, debate, and drama. There is a particularly large collection of children's literature lesson plans, including many for specific children's books. Learning with Mysteries M Tech PrestonSpeed's Navigate the Net Language Arts Page includes various lesson plans for elementary aged kids.

    60. Memorial Library -- TMC -- Teaching Resources
    lesson plans; art Sites. Computers. Curriculum Guides; lesson plans; Computer Sites.Foreign Language. Curriculum Guides; lesson plans; Foreign Language Sites. general.
    TMC Home Children's Reading Area TMC Map Teaching Resources ... Memorial Library
    Teaching Resources by Subject

    Foreign Language

    ... Social Science Sites
    Page last updated: 1/7/2003 2:01:04 PM

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