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         Art History Lesson Plans:     more books (59)
  1. Uarda : a Romance of Ancient EgyptVolume 01 by Georg Ebers, 2010-04-21
  2. Life of Charlotte BronteVolume 2 by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, 2010-06-17
  3. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, 2010-07-23

81. Lesson Plans & Curriculum Ideas (Getty Artsednet)
Search Index. lesson plans Curriculum Ideas. This section of artsednet includesa variety of teaching and learning materials, including many art images.


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This section of artsednet includes a variety of teaching and learning materials, including many art images.
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    A Guide for Learning and Teaching in Art

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    J. Paul Getty Trust

    82. Teacher Lesson Plans And Classroom Management From
    Find lessons, printables, quizzes, free newsletters, products for sale.Category Reference Education Educators K through 12...... Find lesson plans and resources to make your teaching life simpler. Explore Easterthrough art projects, math practice, and reading comprehension and creative
    Explore Our Sites... Family Education Network Home Shop at PearsonAtSchool SchoolCash PARENTS FamilyEducation MySchoolOnline TEACHERS TeacherVision Quiz Lab MyGradeBook MySchoolOnline REFERENCE Infoplease Fact Monster KIDS FEkids FunBrain Fact Monster TEENS FEteens Dealing with War in the Classroom Explore cross-curricular lessons and activities. Earth Day
    Poetry Month

    Math Month
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    Subscribe for a chance to win Lesson Planning Center Find lesson plans and resources to make your teaching life simpler. Lesson Plans Theme Library Map Library Printables ... Subject Areas Discover outstanding collections of materials in your own special interest area. Literature

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    ... Classroom Management Read current research and techniques to enhance your classroom atmosphere. Behavior


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    83. Crayola Creativity Central
    A searchable directory of lesson plans that utilize crayola products.Category Reference Education Educators K through 12 lesson plans...... expressing their ideas in writing and art, children find The lesson plans at Crayola.comwill help you

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    Native Nation Motifs
    The life and work of Apache artist Allan Houser inspires symbolic Native American drawings.
    Any Media Chalk Colored Pencils Crayons Fabric Crayons Fabric Markers Fabric Paint Gel Pens Glitter Glue Glue Glue Sticks Markers Markers - Gel FX Mixed Media Modeling Clay Oil Pastels Paint School Glue Scissors Sidewalk Paint Silly Putty® Tempera Washable Markers Watercolor Colored Pencils Watercolors Window FX Wash. Mkrs. (Window Writers) Window FX Window Cling Kit
    Any Curriculum Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Visual Arts
    Any Grade ECE (4 years and older) Grades 1 to 3 Grades 4 to 6 Grades 7 to 12 Special Needs
    Any Timeframe Less than 1/2 hour 30 to 60 minutes Multiple Sessions
    Any Theme Alphabet Animals Architecture Being Your Best Canada Careers Continents Countries Crafts Cultures Dance Deserts Dinosaurs Earth Endangered Species Experiment With Art Families Famous People Feelings Flags Flowers Food Friends Geography Gifts Healthy, Safe Kids History Hobbies Human Body Imaginary Creatures Intergenerational Ideas Islands Keepsakes Kites Landmarks Languages Leaders Letter Writing Make-Your-Own Books Maps Money Mountains Nations Native Peoples Nature Pets Poetry Portraits Puppets Rainforests Reading Recycled Art Reunions Space Time Toys Trains Transportation Travel United States
    To use our searchable directory, please select as appropriate for the class you are teaching from any or all of the search categories. Remember, these lessons are suggestions, and educators should feel free to expand and adapt them as needed. To view all available lessons, select "any" for all categories. More lessons are being added to the site regularly, so visit often!

    84. Jr. High/Middle School Lessons
    High/Middle School lessons. Send lesson submissions to Judy Decker. Islamic art/EraserPrints, Portraits to Picasso. Cave Painting art history, Giant Fast Food.
    Jr. High/Middle
    School Lessons
    Send lesson submissions to Judy Decker Freeform Shape Shading Project Pointalist Portraits Meaningful Masks ... Flowers a la O'Keeffe (with photos!) Pointillism (with photo!) Hard Edge Painting (with photo!) Self Portraits (with photo!) Picasso Heads (with photo!) Still Life Fruit Salad Paper Molas: Art of the Kuna Ceramic Effigy Ceramic Animals ...
    Index page

    85. Art And Science And Technology - Lesson Plans And Projects And Ideas - Index
    lesson plans + Projects + Ideas. Supplies at Huge selection of discountart and craft
    zfp=-1 About Art/Technology Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    with Sharon Silvia
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS April Calendar of Events Art Contests and Calls Musical Greeting Cards ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    86. Education World® : Lesson Planning Center : Teacher Lesson Plans : Jah's Mura
    Open the lesson by asking students to explain how we record history today. Next,show students pictures of the cave art created by the Grimaldi people in the

    Teacher Lesson Plans
    Archives: VIEW ALL LESSONS Arts and Humanities ... Archives Lesson Plan L E S S O N P L A N Jah's Mural Subject: Art, History
    Grade: 6-8, 9-12

    Brief Description Students complete a problem-based social science lesson that will help them learn more about ancient Europe while they work in groups to construct their own knowledge. Objectives Students will
    • Learn about the role of Grimaldi or Cro-Magnon people in ancient France.
    • Create a mural, a diorama, or another project that will depict animal life in the Paleolithic period.
    • Analyze information about the Paleolithic period, and illustrate how the Grimaldi people recorded their history in the caves of France.
    Keywords Paleolithic, Cro-Magnon, shaman, artisan, Lascaux, cave paintings, Grimaldi, prehistoric, ancient Materials Needed pen, paper, shoe boxes, construction paper, transparencies Lesson Plan In this lesson, students look for a solution to a problem associated with the Grimaldi people.
    • Open the lesson by asking students to explain how we record history today.
    • Next, show students pictures of the cave art created by the Grimaldi people in the caves of ancient Europe. Some possible resources include

    87. Educate The Children
    For the primary school teacher, there are over 2000 lesson plans, worksheets, articlesand teaching strategies available to view Midlands, Teacher of history.
    Search for Advanced Search Please login to Schoolsnet now, or click here to register. All our lesson plans and worksheets can now be found in the Primary area of Schoolsnet, the UK's most popular education website. Click on a subject below and you will automatically be taken to the correct page.

    Design and Technology



    For the primary school parent , there are guidelines to understanding the education system, how it affects your child and tips on how you can get involved in your child's education and school. For the Primary school child there are puzzles, colouring sheets, fact files and SATs revision help. Learning has never been so much fun than in this kids only section!
    Greater London Teacher of English Midlands Head of Dance North Teacher of Art and Design North West ICT Technician Scotland Teacher of History South East Teacher of Technology South West Head of Mathematics
    All East Anglia Greater London Midlands North North West Northern Ireland Scotland South East South West Wales
    All Nursery Primary Middle Secondary Independent Preparatory Independent Secondary Special Needs Further/Tertiary Education Higher Education Overseas
    East Anglia
    Greater London Midlands North ... Wales Who are you?

    88. Campfire Stories With George Catlin
    lesson plans. Connections history/Social Studies, US Government, Visual Arts/Arthistory; Overview This lesson is designed to emphasize how individuals

    Relevant Standards
    Lesson Plans
    I. Ancestral Lands
  • Debating for Land
    Overview: In this lesson students will learn about the varying attitudes and definitions of land ownership held by Native and European Americans by studying a variety of primary documents from the nineteenth century. They will learn about how various treaties—the Homestead Act and the Dawes Act—affected both Native and European Americans. Students will discuss these issues in the form of a debate, and will also write journal entries.
    Cross-Curricular Connections: Language Arts, Social Studies
  • Making Treaties and Weaving Wampum: Communication Across Cultures
    Overview: In this lesson students will be exposed to the cultural and artistic importance of wampum belts to the Native American tribes that George Catlin encountered on his travels, and the importance of the belts in American history as markers of relations between tribes and the U.S. Government between 1776 and 1878. Students will gain insight into the differing ways in which these cultures expressed ideas, values, and policy through objects, written documents, and oral traditions.
    Cross-Curricular Connections: History/Social Studies, U.S. Government, Visual Arts/Art History
  • 89. Los Angeles River Connection
    A detailed virtual tour shows the sights, plants, animals, architecture, and history of the LA river. Site also includes historical background, lesson plans and activities, examples of student work, and related sites.
    Target Science LA Learning Exchange
    Los Angeles River Connection
    Los Angeles River Virtual Tour
  • Acknowledgements, Organizations, and Notes Background Information
  • Map of L.A. County Drainage Area
  • Rainfall of Los Angeles- Since 1877
  • Reshaping the Urban Landscape River Lessons and Investigations Views from the River's Edge
  • Field Trips
  • LA River- Human Impact data
  • Student Work
  • Concrete Poetry ...
  • Readers' Comments Related Web Sites
  • Riparian Related Websites
  • Water Pollution Related Websites
  • Friends of the Los Angeles River (FOLAR)
  • Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Hydrologic Repo ...
  • USGS Water Resources of the United States Articles
  • Getting to Know the Real L.A. River
  • Surfing the Los Angeles River
  • Los Angeles River: Reshaping the Urban Lanscape
    Artwork by Maylen, Ford Blvd. School, LAUSD. Los Angeles River Connection web pages are partially funded by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Environmental Education Grant Program.
    Los Angeles River Connection is a part of LAEP Learning Exchange.
  • 90. Indiana Web Academy
    Here we've collected the best links to lesson plans from around the web. Select aCategory Show All Categories. Category art. Specialists/Technology

    91. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art - Explore & Learn
    Through projects based on poetic forms of the time, students write about their responsesto art. The activities and lesson plans are designed for a variety of
    Publications for Educators The Art of Renaissance Europe
    Bosiljka Raditsa, Rebecca Arkenberg, Rika Burnham, Deborah Krohn, Kent Lydecker, and Teresa Russo Works in the Museum's collection that embody the Renaissance interest in classical learning, fame, and beautiful objects are illustrated and discussed in this resource and will help educators introduce the richness and diversity of Renaissance art to their students. Primary source texts explore the great cities and powerful personalities of the age. By studying gesture and narrative, students can work as Renaissance artists did when they created paintings and drawings. Learning about perspective, students explore the era's interest in science and mathematics. Through projects based on poetic forms of the time, students write about their responses to art. The activities and lesson plans are designed for a variety of classroom needs and can be adapted to a specific curriculum as well as used for independent study. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's teacher-training programs and accompanying materials are made possible through a generous grant from Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Rose. View Entire Book (10.9 M)

    92. Lesson Plans For Teaching About Native Americans
    lesson plans PLAINS NATIVES Top. Five Western Tribes Materials for Ages 48. artHistory lesson on Plains Parfleche From the Getty art Institute.
    Lesson Plans for Alaska Northeast, Northwest Plains , and Southwest Miscellaneous Help
    Lessons on Navajo

    Grade 2 Navajo Long Walk
    Good set of lessons with questions. Ages 9-12
    Lessons on Pueblos

    Ages 9-12
    Pueblo Peoples (through a watercolor at the Smithsonian)

    Ages 10-14
    Pueblo Background

    Recommended books CHOINUMNE CHUMASH HOHOKAM KARUK ... SOUTHWEST PEOPLES (in general). Reading List from the Smithsonian LESSON PLANS: ALASKA NATIVES Alaska's Department of Education has information on teaching Native studies and education goals for a variety of subjects. And there are other good sources for Alaska. For the Tlingit/Haida/Tsimshian you can use Alaska's materia or that from British Columbia. Arctic Resources Native American Whaling Recommended books ATHABASKAN CHINOOK INUIT TSHIMSHIAN ... YUPIK Additional reading list from the Smithsonian LESSON PLANS: PLAINS NATIVES Five Western Tribes Materials for Ages 4-8.

    93. LUMEN Histology Home Page
    lesson plans with slides and practicals for the Loyola University Medical Education Network histology course.
    Cell and Molecular Biology Lessons
    Part 1: Epithelium and Simple Glands Practical 1A Practical 1B Part 2: Stains, Cells, and Ultrastructure (EM) ... Practical 13B
    Host Defense Lessons
    Part 11: Bone Marrow and Hemopoiesis Practical 11A Practical 11B Part 12: Lymphoid Tissues and Organs ... Practical 12B
    Function of the Human Body Lessons
    Part 5: Blood and Capillaries Practical 5A Practical 5B Part 6: Neural Tissue ... SEARCH © 1998 Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Allrights reserved.
    Please send questions or comments to: John A. McNulty, Ph.D. Updated: Jan 9, 2001
    Created: Aug 1, 1995

    94. Gordon's Software Training
    A junior college instructor from Palm Harbor, Florida, gives his course guide, exercises, lesson plans, and other resources for his weekend Web Page creation course, concentrating on basic HTML codes.
    Gordon's Software Training
    Home Class resources Course Guide Gordon Websites ... poetry
    Computer Instructor
    I am Richard Gordon, a professional instructor who can teach you
    • the basics of using a computer how to use software applications like Word, WordPerfect, Excel, PowerPoint, Works how to explore and research information on the Internet how to create and update your own Web site
    I have more than 25 years experience as a certified instructor in New York State, and over the last eight years, I have taught more than 125 computer courses in a Florida college. My Internet Course materials are being used in Florida, but also in universities in Egypt and South Africa. (For specifics, e-mail me and I will be glad to send you the details.) My resume
    Now at Web Page Creation course site
    You are now at the Web site where I have all my course materials for my weekend Web Page Creation course. All the links at the top of this page lead to different topics related to this course. Click on the Class Resources link here or at the top of this page to begin exploring my resources for this class.

    95. Dinosaurs Home Page - Covering Extinction, Fossils, Types Of Dinosaurs, Meat And
    Grade school lesson plans covering dinosaurs and extinction. With Spanish translations.
    Lesson Overview
    Teacher Background Information

    Lesson Focus

    Objective Grid
    Spanish Language Translations
    Dinosaur Resources on the Internet
    Dino Russ's Lair : Dinosaur and Vertebrate Paleontology Information
    Dinofest's Annual Event

    DinoLand Web Ring (series of Dinosaur related sites)

    Dinosaur Fossils Exhibit

    Dinosaurs: Fact and Fiction
    Hadrosaurus Folukii
    : The World's First Dinosaur Skeleton
    Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Virtual Exhibits
    The Russian Paleontological Institute Sea Monster or Shark? The U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology Dinosaur Hall ... Zoom Dinosaurs : An on-line hypertext book on dinosaurs and extinction Paso Partners - Integrating Mathematics, Science, and Langauge Previous Next

    96. Air Quality Lesson Plans And Data
    Material designed to provide Texas educators with the background, activities and resources to teach the subject of air quality in the classroom.
    See Also:
    Small Business and Environmental Assistance
    Education K-12 Air Lesson Plans Waste Lesson Plans ... TES 1999 Lesson Plans
    Air Quality Lesson Plans and Data
    How to use these pages

    97. Civics Lesson Plans
    A resource list of lesson plans for civics education from AskEric.

    Main Index
    Civics Lesson Plans
    Approach to Teaching Religious Tolerance Grade: 9 - 12 Arrest Grade: 9 - 12 Bill of Rights is for Us Today Grade: 7 - 9 Character and Citizenship Education Grade: 2 - 5 Citizenship is a Special Status Grade: kindergarten - 4 Civics Internet Learning Activity - Minnesota Political Leaders Grade: 7 - 10 Community Helpers Grade: kindergarten - 2 Community Ties Grade: 3 - 4 Courtroom Grade: 5 Developing Country Simulation Grade: 7 - 12 Due ProcessSearch and Seizure Grade: 11 - 12 Election Co-nection Grade: All Evaluating Crimes Grade: 9 - 12 Fire Fighters at Work Grade: 1 - 2 Grade: 5 Labor Unions Grade: 6 - 8 Grade: 3 Making Binding Agreements Grade: 11 - 12 Members in Our Community Grade: 2 - 3 Mock Trial Activity Grade: 11 - 12 Original Thirteen Colonies Grade: 7 - 8 Paper Clip Game for Learning the Value of Rules Grade: 11 - 12 United States Postal Service Grade: kindergarten - 2, Preschool education Your Own Classroom Court Grade: 9 - 12
    About AskERIC ERIC Database Ask an ERIC Expert ... Site Tour

    98. K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook
    Learning resources for teachers, students, and enthusiasts interested in aeronautics including an online textbook, lesson plans, and interactive activities.
    We're moving.
    The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook site ( and site has been moved to Click on the following link to access the new site: (
    Nos estamos mudando.
    La pagina del Libro de Texto de Aeronautica K-8 en la Internet ( y se ha mudado a Presione el siguiente enlace para conectarse al nuevo sitio: (

    99. The WhyTry Organization
    Provides character education lesson plans for all youth including those with behavioral disorders or learning disabilities. Program addresses peer pressure, anger management and social and emotional intelligence.

    Order Form

    Mailing List

    Sign-up now for our next 2-day training and certification! April 7th-8th in Provo UT. You won't want to miss it. For more details click here
    "Many (of our) counselors have collected data on changes in student behavior and school performance. The positive results are impressive.
    I give Christian Moore and the Why Try program my highest recommendation. . ."
    Dawn Kay
    Utah State Office of Education
    Read More
    What People are saying: "I love the WhyTry Program. Kids are really able to understand and remember the information." Andy Stone T he WhyTry Organization was created to provide simple hands on solutions for helping youth learn important life skills such as:
    • Anger Management Problem Solving Dealing with Peer Pressure Living Laws and Rules Building a Support System Having a Vision of their Future
    "The Reality Ride"

    100. Science Lesson Plans
    lesson plans for physical and life sciences.
    The address to this page has changed to:
    Please update your links.
    Text Links: Home Lesson Plans Humor Teacher Inquiry ... Links Visitors since 1999:
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    Feedback is invited: Email me!
    Physical Science Heavy Ice: Investigating Density: Newly Revised! Dry Ice: Simply Sublime Norm Brooks' I.C.E. (Ice Cream Experiments) Simple Machines ... On-line Heat Investigation Life Science Ten Steps to Make the Most of a Field Trip Forensic Entomology: What the Blowfly Saw: Read the clues provided by insects found on a corpse and figure out when the poor fellow died. Insect Teacher Resources Seashell Discovery: A lesson in Inductive Classification Parasites: Our Tiny Companions Inquiry and General Science Assessment to Serve Our Students An Antidote to Plagiarism: Research Don't Copy Science Fairs: Why and How? Questions to Promote Inquiry ... Science Quotes to Make you Think Technology A Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography Pagemill Web Page Tutorial Math Self-Assessment in 6th Grade Math Finding Little Nimrod: A Game to teach the Coordinate Grid Humorous Lessons The Ultimate Scientific Dictionary Quotes on the Nature of the Universe Bricklayer's Lesson: Physics of Pulleys and Falling Objects Cartoon Laws of Physics ... Lawnchair Larry Flies! Lighter than Air Flight

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