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         Art Oils & Acrylics:     more books (102)
  1. Painting with Oils, Acrylics & Gouache: A complete course of practical techniques by Ian Sidaway, 2006-01-25
  2. Painting Figures in Oil and Acrylic (Watson-Guptill Painting Library) by Jose Maria Parramon, 1991-02-01
  3. How to Draw & Paint by Stan Smith, 1988
  4. Painting with Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics and Gouache by wendy jelbert, ian sidaway, 2005
  5. Color Mixing Recipe Cards for Oils & Acrylics by William F. Powell, 2000-01
  6. Art School: How to Paint & Draw Watercolor Oil Acrylic Pastel
  7. Alwyn Crawshaw's Ultimate Painting Course: A Complete Beginner's Guide to Painting in Watercolour, Oil and Acrylic by Alwyn Crawshaw, 2006-09-01
  8. Oil & Acrylic: Portraits: Discovering techniques for approaching formal paintings (How to Draw and Paint) by Tim Chambers, 2010-11-01
  9. Color Mixing Manual: A Visual Reference to Mixing Acrylics, Oils, and Watercolors by John Barber, 2010-09-01
  10. {Folk Art Painting} Simply Fruit-11 Painting Lessons Using Acrylics, Oils & Alkyds {With Patterns} by Mda, Louise {Designs By} Jackson, 1996-01-01
  12. Art School: How to Paint & Draw Watercolor Oil Acrylic Pastel by Hazel Harrison, 2004
  13. Art School: How to Pain & Draw: Drawing, Watercolour, Oil & Acrylic, Pastel: A Complete Courseo n Practical & Creative Techniques by Hazel Harrison, 2004
  14. Complete Guide to Drawing and Painting: Pencils, Charcoal, Pen & Ink, Watercolors, Oil, Acrylic, Pastels by Editors of Reader's Digest, 2008-11-20

81. Art School - Oils & Acrylics Available At In UAE
art School oils acrylics. Our Price Dhs. 20.00 Availability UAE;Al Khobar; Kuwait; Category art forms, treatments subjects

82. Fine Art Paintings By Rosemary Valente
Features abstract art and landscapes in oils, acrylics and mixed media on canvas and paper.
fine art
fine art gallery 1

fine art gallary 2

abstract art
Fine Art: Distant Hills
Fine Art: Hide Away
Fine Art: Swaying Trees

Fine Art: Whimsey

Fine Art: Procession
Fine Art: Waiting for the Ceremony

Fine Art: Thoughtful Reflection Fine Art: After Her Heart Fine Art: Our World Fine Art: Missed Opportunity Fine Art: Triumphant Fine Art: Two Worlds Fine Art: Night Rider Fine Art: The Race I Fine Art: The Race II Fine Art: Life's Trails Fine Art: Tribute to Kandinsky Fine Art: The Countryside Fine Art: Memories of France Fine Art: Gliding Fine Art: Night Race Fine Art: The 5th Race Fine Art: Potted People Fine Art: Moonlit Evening Fine Art: The Arrival Fine Art: Barriers to Life Fine Art: Blanket Fine Art: The Calm After the Storm Fine Art: The High Country Fine Art: Desert Color Fine Art: Desert Landscape Fine Art: Modern Physics Fine Art: Navaho Treasure Fine Art: A Night for Lovers ... Fine Art: Tropical Breeze
fine art paintings
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Fine Art by Valente Studio
Fine Art Expressionistic Paintings in various media.

83. James Kitamirike, Biography
James Kitamirike at THE art ROOM, 1999. JAMES KITAMIRIKE, Biography NEW Click hereto enter online Exhibition Gallery. oils and acrylics on canvas.
THE ART ROOM, San Francisco Fine Arts Center for East Africa Home Current Exhibition (New) ... Uganda Artists Association (UAA) James Kitamirike at THE ART ROOM, 1999. JAMES KITAMIRIKE, Biography NEW : Click here to enter online Exhibition Gallery
"I strive to achieve the best in me. I love my work."
DEVELOPING AS AN ARTIST Through a variety of mediums oils, and acrylics on canvas, and combined paint and stains on wood panels, Reminiscing , 2002. Oils and acrylics on canvas. Untitled studies , 2001. Acrylics and oils on canvas. Kabaka's Trumpeters , 1997, oils and acrylics on canvas. Fruitful Journey , 1986. Mixed media on wood panels Beautifying our World 1996. Mixed media on wood panels Artist James Kitamirike at work in his San Francisco studio, 2002. Portrait of 'Noga' by James Kitamirike, 2002. Acrylics on canvas Click here for further information about commissioned portraits by Kitamirike.
To view selected works by Kitamirike visit: Exhibitions To view Kitamirike's resume visit: Resume For a discussion of the cultural aspects presented in selected works by this artist visit: Beyond Tribalism: Seeking a new Cultural Identity for East Africa James Kitamirike: Image Archives Back to: Artists
Home Current Exhibition (New) ... Uganda Artists Association

84. A Guide To Genesis Artist Colors On ARTtalk- Colours, Paint, Tools, Tips
GENESIS is new fine art paint that is neither an oil nor acrylic and designed tofree artists from the restrictions inherent in using oils and acrylics.
.com Genesis Paint Page
...the link between you, the visual artist, and the manufacturer of art materials.
Established 1990 SIGN UP - FREE ARTtalk e-Newsletter
FREE PDF booklet on how to work with Genesis Artist Colors click HERE The Artisan the quarterly newsletter of Genesis Artist Colors International. Amazing Genesis Artist Colors™ The only fine art paint that dries when you want it to. What type of paint is GENESIS? While very similar to oil paint in feel, opacity, translucence and application, GENESIS HEAT-SET ARTIST OILS solve the 2 key problems that discourage painting activity:
  • Set-up and clean-up Drying time. (Oils are too slow and acrylics are too fast.)
  • How does GENESIS dry only when I want it to? How long does it take to dry? Just a few minutes. Actual drying time depends on the thickness of the paint and the surface it is being dried on. What is the difference between GENESIS and the new water miscible oil paints? The basic nature of the paint is different. GENESIS uses a non-drying base medium. The others are based on different chemistries requiring various amounts of evaporation drying. Is it water-soluble? Is it water or solvent based?

    85. Pastels, Acrylic, Tempura, Mixed Media...links To The Art World -
    MARCI McDONALD Erotic Fine art Design in oils acrylics. KURAI HOSHI GALLERY-art by Gerald O'Connell in a variety of traditional and cybermedia.
    This page is dedicated to links reaching the sites of some wonderful artists who use a variety of media besides or other than Oils and Watercolor... I'm constantly adding to them, so please come back. Suggestions are always welcome.
    Fereshteh Azarbani - Exquisite Iranian Miniatures
    HELEN EDWARDS - Pastel Artist MARCUS GORENSTEIN - Painter, Sculptor, Designer Artistic impressions by FREUNDT ...


    Women in Art

    Pencil drawings
    Exotic Indian women Color pencil drawings ...
    © 2001 Niloufer
    This page last updated March 2002.

    86. Vivian Olsen: Artist Of Watercolors Oils And Pastels
    Paintings for Sale, Fine art Gallery, About the artist, Shows and Galleries,Guest Book. WATERCOLORS oils acrylics PASTELS COMMISSIONS,




    American Beauty
    Medium: Watercolor
    Dimensions: 24” x 30”
    Price: Sold
    © 1995-2003 Vivian Olsen. Unauthorized reproduction strictly prohibited. Web design by Zango Creative, Inc.

    87. Vivian Olsen: Artist Of Watercolors Oils And Pastels
    Paintings for Sale, Fine art Gallery, About the artist, Shows and Galleries,Guest Book. WATERCOLORS oils acrylics PASTELS ORDER INFORMATION,




    Canada Geese Loafing
    Medium: Oil
    Dimensions: 24” x 20”
    © 1995-2003 Vivian Olsen. Unauthorized reproduction strictly prohibited. Web design by Zango Creative, Inc.

    88. Diana Tarter
    Abstract and expressionist art based on the real oils and acrylics by Venice CA artist.

    89. Stevenson Fine Art Brushes And Palette Knives
    Brushes and knives for all paint mediums We carry a complete selection of brushesfor watercolours, oils and acrylics. Brushes for oils and acrylics.
    B R U S H E S
    P A L E T T E K N I V E S
    Brushes and knives for all paint mediums
    We carry a complete selection of brushes for watercolours, oils and acrylics. We import our brushes from long-established manufacturers in England, France, and Germany. They come in three grades, from quality "Kolinsky" sables to economical school brushes. Series A
    The very best in hair and style available. Series B "Second Line" quality for professionals or amateurs. Series C Generally for amateur and school use.
    Watercolour Brushes
    Stevensons' professional quality brushes range from our fine long-haired Russian sables, squirrel, ox, goat to synthetic hair. Brushes are available in all price ranges, qualities and styles. Please refer to our catalogue for illustrations and details.
    Brushes for Oils and Acrylics
    Our very large selection of quality brushes for painting with oils or acrylics come in a variety of synthetic hair ranges plus the finest sables, hog bristles and skunk hair. These brushes are used by professional and amateur artists for all different painting styles and techniques. Please consult our knowledgeable staff if you need help or advice when making your purchases.
    Palette Knives
    The Stevenson palette and painting knives are imported directly from Italy. They are all of top quality and made with hand-forged steel blades.

    90. Art Paintings Drawings Sculptures Oils Acrylics Ceramics And Jewlry

    91. Artists/Members Natchitoches Art Guild Gallery
    MARY GREEN had always wanted to paint, but didn't take art lessons until 1976.She started in oils, did a few watercolors, but now works in acrylics.
    Members are artists who pay dues in order to belong to the Natchitoches Art Guild Gallery. As members, they are entitled to display their work there.
    Click on the Artist's " Gallery Page " to see some of the pieces
    that are for sale in the gallery on Washington Street.
    MARIAN AMMONS produces lovely floral creations using colored pencils.
    SUSAN BOHANNAN is a native of Hungary where she learned needlework and became interested in drawing. Since coming to this country, she has studied with artists in Missouri and locally. Susan works in oils and is a proponent of realism.
    MAC BRADLEY is a native of Natchitoches and son of Zula Bradley. Mac is not only an artist, but also a very talented musician. He holds a degree in computer animation/multimedia from The Art Institute of Dallas and is the author of six CD-ROM video games for children.
    RANDY BRODNAX is a potter extraordinaire who creates his own glazes and also produces raku-style pottery.
    ZULA LEE BRADLEY has traveled widely in the U.S. and has attended several universities. She works in acrylics and oils, painting florals as well as impressionistic landscapes.
    TOM BURKHEIMER is a master of computer art and a photographer par excellence. His work defies description and must be seen.

    92. Alwyn And June Crawshaw - The Crawshaw Online Gallery
    The art website for Alwyn and June Crawshaw. These artists use medians of watercolors, oils, and acrylics.
    Alwyn and June Crawshaw - The Crawshaw Online Gallery
    To go directly to the online Crawshaw Gallery click here

    Alwyn and June Crawshaw - The Crawshaw Online Gallery The official art website for Alwyn and June Crawshaw. Artists using watercolours, oils and acrylics and authors.
    Paintings and prints for sale in the online Crawshaw Gallery alwyn crawshaw,art,painting,crawshaw,alwyn crawshaw,june crawshaw,watercolour,watercolor,oil,author,tv,painter,uk,norfolk,art video,harpercollins, crawshaw gallery websites by aglg

    BLACK Paintings * 80 * SPENCE Pencil * 81 * RAMSAY Conceptual art * 82 * STARBULLETINPHOTOGRAPHERS Group * 83 * CLARK acrylics * 84 * HERSH oils * 85 * HAFIS
    Two hundred exhibitions by the artists of Hawaii. RAMSAY RETROSPECTIVE
    A look back at Ramsay's black-and-white career. THE RAMSAY MUSEUM
    A comprehensive collection of Ramsay originals. THE RAMSAY FOUNDATION
    Working to advance the art of the islands. DR. NORMAN GOLDSTEIN
    is the Foundation's president.
    The Current Show:

    Tattoo You

    Ramsay was recently featured in Honolulu Magazine as a member and past president of the Honolulu chapter of American Pen Women, part of a package on women leaders and organizers.
    Here's a recent proclamation about her work by the City of Honolulu.
    Photograph by Candace Freeland RAMSAY GALLERIES CELEBRATE 200 MONTHLY ART EXHIBITIONS * 1981 * RAMSAY Quill and Ink * 2 * KIYABU Photography * 3 * CORKY Cartoons * 4 * CHRISMAN Crafts * 5 * HALE NAUA III Group * 6 * PASCUAL Oils * 7 * TIBETAN THANKAS Group * 8 * WISNOSKY Acrylics * 9 * ODA AND HUDSON Photography * 10 * KADOTA Paintings and Ceramics * 11 * HAAR Photography * 12 * YOUNG Drawings and Paintings * 14 * HAWAII CRAFTSMEN Group * 15 * WONG-CHING Prints * 17 * CHINESE ARTISTS Group * 18 * YOON Watercolor * 19 * SUMIE Group * 20 * REED Oils * 21 * DA-KANG Paintings * 22 * UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII Glass * 23 * THOMAS Pottery * 24 * SHIMAZU Drawings and Sculpture * 25 * JENSEN Drawings and Carvings * 26 * MIKA Acrylics * 27 * KADOTA Paintings and Ceramics Photography * 29 * PISTOR Paintings and Prints * 30 * HIGA Ceramics * 32 * WREN Pen and Ink * 33 * HAWAII HERITAGE CENTER Photography * 34 * PREBLE Photography

    94. Paintings Prints Meigle Gallery Scotland UK Scottish Fine Art
    Stock original and limited edition works by Dromna oils, watercolours, acrylics, local and international artists mainly of Scottish origin.

    95. New Forest Romantic Art Society, Paintings By Newforest Artists, UK
    Includes paintings in oils, acrylics, watercolours and pencil. Contemporary and specialist art by world renowned artists.
    Ron Tucker
    Ricky Lawrence Barry Peckham Welcome to the New Forest Romantic Art Society's Website We have a large collection of art by famous artists
    who are known around the world but are based in the New Forest. We have a variety of artwork in different mediums, for example
    Oil, Acrylic, Pencil and also other art styles. Below are just a few examples... Contact us for more information
    List of New Forest Romantic Art Society Artists: Ronald Tucker Ricky Lawrence Brian Harrild Laurence Pusey ... Sarah Louise Miller
    S ite designed and hosted by New Forest On Line
    Use of this site indicates you accept the Terms of Use

    96. Roster -Southern Breeze Gallery - Jackson, MS, Mississippi Artists - Art
    water color Terri H. Cribb multiple medias Cathy Crockett oils Kit Davis flame workedoneof-a-kind beads Linda Denny acrylics / oils art should soothe the
    ARTIST ROSTER Home Register To Receive "Southern Breeze Gallery News" - Monthly Online Newsletter Lottie Adams ceramics
    Malcolm Allen
    mobile light catchers ... porcelain pottery Born in South Africa her work is strongly influenced by the primitive cultures of Africa, but also with a fine nuance of the Western culture in which she grew up.
    Ann Baker
    pottery/sculpture Best known for her beautiful and functional hand made pottery (either thrown on a wheel or built using clay slabs) Ann's sculptural figures, shapes and wall hangings are sure to surprise and please... Rachel Ballentine hand built sculptural pottery Saradel Berry acrylics Carrie Bicket mixed media Banyon Boyd multiple media
    Mike Box
    Evelyne Breland
    watercolor ... oils " Art is a very spiritual pursuit found somewhere between God, man, mass, atmosphere and light. It is a part of life."
    Kay Thomas Browning
    watercolor/ egg tempera/ oil Basically self-taught, with a style uniquely her own, Kay paints areas in the south with which she is familiar.
    Nathan Bruce
    etchings/woodcuts Mark Brumfield ink/prismacolor Charlie Busler oils "Art is a leap of the imagination."

    97. DiasporA NoW, Inc. A Directory Of The Artists Images
    Neville Kamau Crawford. oils acrylics. Alfred Weekes. wire sculpture. oils water colors. Arlette St.Hill. oils, acrylics mixedmedia. John Flavius.
    Information Fine Art Bios Fine Art -Images ... Handcrafted Gifts "You may inquire about prices and available pieces by your favorite artist(s) by sending us an e-mail or calling (800) 988-8310."
    Ras Ishi Butcher
    oil paintings
    Ras Akyem I Ramsey
    oil paintings
    Carlton Murrell or his prints
    oils and water colors
    Neville "Kamau" Crawford
    Alfred Weekes
    wire sculpture
    Ras Bongo Congo I
    wood carvings
    Ras Ilix Heartman
    wood carvings
    Neville "Oluyemi" Legall
    Lisa Smith-Fields
    acrylics paintings
    Clifford Hobbs or his prints
    Arlette St.Hill
    John Flavius
    wire sculpture Home Information Fine Art Bios Fine Art -Images ... Handcrafted Gifts DiasporA NoW, Inc. 80 St. Nicholas Place, Suite 1B New York, New York 10032 Tel. (212) 491-4652 (800) 988-8310 Adrian O. Myles

    98. Douglas Drenkow Portrait Painting: Remember, Cherish, Honor
    art that Treasures Enriches Our Lives Portraits of ladies, gentlemen, young people, and family groups in oils or acrylics on linen canvas by artist indebted to the Masters and available for commissions.
    Minuetto , from suite no. 1, by Georges Bizet
    Las Rozas (Madrid), Spain
    Text Links for Search Engine Spiders:
    Ladies Gentlemen Couples ... Young People

    99. The Page Of Oils And Acrylics
    No contributions as of yet. Here's a link to theMT Thought Gallery. art / Music / Text / Home.
    No contributions as of yet Here's a link to the MT Thought Gallery Art Music Text ... Home

    100. Art And Images
    To set major art exhibitions, with jurors and judges qualified to evaluate oils allowone to make adjustments hours and days later because back to top acrylics.
    Art 101
    The artists represented on this website have prepared the following information to assist the customer in understanding the various mediums and techniques used in their work. Click a link below to jump to a specific topic.
    Pastel , the Medium and its History
    Pastel is pure pigment, the same pigment used in all art media. It is the MOST PERMANENT of all when applied to conservation ground and properly framed. Pastel has no liquid binder that may cause the surface to darken, fade, yellow, crack or blister with time. Pastels from the 16 th century exist today, as fresh as the day they were painted. Pastel comes from the French word "pastiche" because the pure powdered pigment is ground into a paste with a binder and rolled into sticks. An infinite color range from soft to brilliant is possible. Artwork is created by stroking sticks across paper or an abrasive ground embedding the color in the "tooth" of the paper. Artist’s love the medium for its spontaneous approach. There is no drying time or color change due to drying. Pastel should never be confused with colored chalk. Chalk is a limestone substance impregnated with dyes. Pastel looks like a diamond with many facets under the microscope, therefore, Pastel paintings reflect light like a prism. NO OTHER MEDIUM HAS THE POWER OF COLOR OR STABILITY OF PASTEL. THERE IS NO OXIDIZATION OVER TIME OR LOSS OF COLOR.

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