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         Arthurian Mythology:     more books (100)
  1. Studies in the Fairy Mythology of Arthurian Romance: -1903 by Lucy Allen Paton, 2009-07-24
  2. Studies In The Fairy Mythology Of Arthurian Romance (1903) by Lucy Allen Paton, 2010-09-10
  3. Classical Mythology and Arthurian Romance by C.B.Lewis, 1932
  4. Bulfinch's Medieval Mythology: The Age of Chivalry (Dover Books on Literature & Drama) by Thomas Bulfinch, 2004-08-30
  5. The Little Book of Arthurian Wisdom (Element's Lttle Book Series) by John Matthews, 1994-12
  6. Celtic Mythology: The Nature and Influence of Celtic Myth -- From Druidism to Arthurian Legend by Ward Rutherford, 1995-09
  7. Arthurian and Welsh Mythology (INDO EUROPEAN MYTHOLOGY) by William G. Davey, 2009-03-02
  8. Studies in the Fariy Mythology of Arthurian Romance, by Lucy Allen Paton, 2009-04-27
  9. King Arthur and His Knights: A Survey of Arthurian Romance (Popular Studies in Mythology, Romance and Folklore, No. 4.) by Jessie L. Weston, 1972-06
  10. Studies In The Fairy Mythology Of Arthurian Romance by Lucy Allen Paton, 1970
  11. Studies In The Fairy Mythology Of Arthurian Romance (1903) by Lucy Allen Paton, 2010-09-10
  12. Guingamour, Lanval, Tyolet, Le Bisclaveret (Arthurian romances unrepresented in Malory's "Morte d'Arthur", no. 3) by Jessie L. Weston, 1978-06
  13. The Family of the Gods (INDO EUROPEAN MYTHOLOGY) by William G. Davey, 2009-03-05
  14. Studies in the Fairy Mythology of Arthurian RomanceSecond Edition Enlarged By a Survey of Scholarship on the Fairy Mythology Since 1903 and a Bibliograpgy By Roger Sherman Loomis by Lucy Allen Paton, 1970

1. Arthurian Mythology Has Many Of Its Roots In The Celtic Mythology Which Preceded
arthurian mythology has many of its roots in the Celtic mythologywhich preceded it. The knights of the round table and their
Celtic Ireland with Juilene Osborne-McKnight Home Take a Course Novel Excerpt Biography ... Guest Book
Arthurian mythology has many of its roots in the Celtic mythology which preceded it. The knights of the "round table" and their code of honor may very well have drawn some inspiration from the Irish tales of the Fenian warriors of the 3rd century with their difficult entrance tests and demanding code of behavior. Thomas Malory's medieval overlay of the stories disguises what was originally a post-Roman warrior society being attacked from the outside by Saxon invaders. Whichever version of the Arthurian myth inspires you, the real historical Arthur, the Roman/Briton/Celtic/Welsh warlord, must have had amazing personal characteristics to have inspired the diverse and warring tribes of the times to unite against the invading Saxons. Moreover, because the myth has persisted even unto our day, something in Arthur's story and behavior (whether in its medieval version or in its older Celtic version) must certainly appeal to something in us. For my students who wish to read more about Arthur, I have appended a list of recommended fiction to this list. For those who wish to follow the electronic path to Arthur, a variety of websites with brief summaries are listed below. For our Texas students of English teacher Tracy Scholz, a great assignment would be to look at all the differences among the 12th century Arthur of Geoffrey of Monmouth, the 15th century Arthur of Thomas Malory and the 6th century Roman/Celtic historical Arthur.

2. ArtMagick - Themes
my ArtMagick LOGIN ECARDS. browse themes arthurian mythology Browse 19th centurypaintings showing characters and places from Arthurian Legend. « Themes Index.
your source of visual intoxication! ARTISTS PAINTINGS GALLERIES THEMES ... new browse: ARTISTS PAINTINGS GALLERIES THEMES ... GIFT SHOP my ArtMagick:


browse themes Arthurian Mythology
Browse 19th century paintings showing characters and places from Arthurian Legend. Themes Index Click theme name to view paintings Objects

Round Table

The Holy Grail


Gereint Guinevere ... Tristan Places Astolat Avalon Broceliande Camelot ... Veiled Vision MMII Quick Links: Random Painting Donation top of page

3. Arthurian Mythology
Sitemap of arthurian mythology Get more information by using the links.People Heroes This section features Arthur. Mythical
Bookstore Message Board Webrings Mythology Home ... Search Website Arthurian Legend: Home Mythical Places Other Links Encyclopedia
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Sitemap of Arthurian Mythology

Get more information by using the links.
This section features: Arthur. Mythical Places:
This section features: Avalon and Camelot.
This section features: A Quest for King Arthur, Arthur's Search for the Thirteen Treasures, The Coming of Arthur, The Grave of King Arthur, The Fairy of the Lake, King Arthur-The Half Man, King Arthur and King Cornwall, King Arthur and the Unicorn, The Passing of Arthur, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Spoils on Annwn, and The Temptation of Arthur. Mythology Encyclopedia:
This is an external link to an outside website called "Probert's Encyclopedia." This Encyclopedia covers a wide range of mythology topics, and is a great reference for short definitions and descriptions of things you need more clarification on. This website will open in a new window for easy viewing. Other Links and Message Board:
These are all extra tools to help you in your studies. Visit other great websites to find out more information, or post a question on the message board.

4. Arthurian Mythology: Other Links
Arthur and Early British Kingdoms The Internet's most comprehensive survey ofArthurian History. Highly Recommended Sites-Great Mythology Sites of the Web
Bookstore Message Board Webrings Mythology Home ... Search Website Arthurian Legend: Other Links Mythical Places Other Links Encyclopedia Submit A Link To Be Listed!
All submissions will be evaluated based on content, form, and usability. If your link is approved, you will be sent an e-mail. Each link is featured with a ranking by me, title, link, and short description of the site. Some links have been added of my own accord. Thanks! Highly Recommended Sites-The Best of the Web (5 out of 5) Encyclopedia Mythica - An online encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, mysticism, and more. It is a great resource for any information you don't find here. It also covers a wider variety of mythologies. Created and maintained by M.F. Lindemans. Arthur and Early British Kingdoms - The Internet's most comprehensive survey of Arthurian History. Highly Recommended Sites-Great Mythology Sites of the Web (4 out of 5) The Camelot Project - THE CAMELOT PROJECT is designed to make available in electronic format a database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information. The project, begun in 1995, is sponsored by the University of Rochester and prepared in The Robbins Library, a branch of Rush Rhees Library. King Arthur: A Man for the Ages - These pages explore King Arthur in history, legend, literature and on land.

5. Arthurian Mythology Pictures And Posters
SHAKESPEAREAN. Search What's New. Collections. Framed Sets. Top 100 Posters.Framing. Shipping Costs. arthurian mythology Pictures and Posters. In

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Arthurian Mythology Pictures and Posters
Lady of Shalott 35x23 Wall Poster by John William Waterhouse Buy Lady of Shalott Goddesses of Avalon 11.75x36 Wall Poster by Craft Buy Goddesses of Avalon The Isle of the Dead 36x24 Wall Poster by Arnold Bocklin Buy The Isle of the Dead Merlin / Fantasy 16x20 Wall Poster Buy Merlin / Fantasy Beautiful Dreamers 36x11.75 Wall Poster Buy Beautiful Dreamers I`m Half-Sick of Shadows, Said the Lady of Shalott 24x36 Wall Poster by John William Waterhouse Buy I`m Half-Sick of Shadows, Said the Lady of Shalott 31x27.5 Fine-Art Print by Edmund Blair Leighton Buy Enid and Geraint 11.75x15.75 Fine-Art Print by Roland Wheelwright Buy Enid and Geraint The Enchanted Garden 27.25x19.25 Fine-Art Print

6. Alien Pictures And Posters - 1
FANTASY PICTURES POSTERS Aliens Arabian Mythology arthurian mythology Celtic MythologyEgyptian Mythology Greek Mythology Grimm's Fairy Tales Hindu Mythology

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Alien - Peace 23x35 Wall Poster Buy Alien - Peace We Are Not Alone 24x34 Wall Poster Buy We Are Not Alone Dolphin`s Watcher 24x36 Wall Poster Buy Dolphin`s Watcher Area 51 25.2x35.4 Wall Poster Buy Area 51 No Alien , No Cry (Blacklight) 23x35 Black-Light Poster Buy No Alien , No Cry (Blacklight) Alien Life-Form Autopsy Room 25.2x35.4 Wall Poster Buy Alien Life-Form Autopsy Room Keep Out 24x36 Wall Poster Buy Keep Out World Alien - We`re Out There 22.25x34.5 Black-Light Poster Buy World Alien - We`re Out There Alien Invasion 24x34 Wall Poster Buy Alien Invasion Aliens Want You 25.2x35.4 Wall Poster Buy Aliens Want You I Believe I Can Fly 34.5x22.25 Wall Poster

7. Women Of Arthurian Mythology
Women of arthurian mythology. Women of Myth. The chief female charactersin Arthurian legend are Guinevere, Morgan Le Fay, Elaine
3rd April 2003 Resources .: Archives Famous Welsh Mabinogion :. Linked to Wales Historical Myths and Legends Welsh Places :. Castles (coming soon) Gallery Demographics :. POP Email :. GuestBook OffSite Resources Forums Ancient Wales .: Email Login.: email Username: Password: login
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Affiliates .: Women of Arthurian Mythology
Women of Myth.
The chief female characters in Arthurian legend are Guinevere, Morgan Le Fay, Elaine: Lady of Shallot, The Lady of the Lake, Nimue, and Isolde/Iseult. All of these women are flawed, they are tragic heroines, whether by deed, circumstance or historical rendering. There are many conflicting stories of how she met her end, but this is the most famous. Some scholars suggest that she is a mythological figure, representing the sovreignty of Britain, over which contenders fight. Another popular aspect to her story is that she was succeptible to kidnapping, be it by Meleagance who was insane with love for her, or Lancelot. In the "Mabinogian", Guinevere had a sister named Gwenhwyvach, in French romance she had an identical half sister who took her place for a while, and in the German "Diu Crone", she had a brother Gotegrin.

8. Merlin The Wizard -Myrddin- Arthurian Myth And Legend, Mythology
Merlin, sometime Myrddin, was the famous wizard in arthurian mythology.So powerful was his magic that one medieval tradition credits
- Wizards -
A tribute to Merlin - Enchanter, Wizard and Prophet
Merlin Speaks the Charm of Making
Merlin and The Gleam
O YOUNG Mariner, You from the haven
Under the sea-cliff, You that are watching
The gray Magician, With eyes of wonder
I am Merlin,
I am dying,
I am Merlin
Who follow The Gleam. Mighty the Wizard Who found me at sunrise
Sleeping, and woke me And learn'd me Magic!
Great the Master, And sweet the Magic,
When over the valley, In early summers, Over the mountain, On human faces, And all around me, Moving to melody, Floated The Gleam. Once at the croak of a Raven who crost it, A barbarous people, Blind to the magic, And deaf to the melody, Snarl'd at and cursed me. A demon vext me, The light retreated, The landskip darken'd, The melody deaden'd, The Master whisper'd Follow The Gleam. Then to the melody, Over a wilderness Gliding, and glancing at Elf of the woodland, Gnome of the cavern, Griffin and Giant, And dancing of Fairies In desolate hollows, And wraiths of the mountain, And rolling of dragons By warble of water

9. Celtic Mythology
The Death of King Arthur. arthurian mythology. Celtic Mythology This is anincredible site covering many aspects of Celtic Mythology. Very well done!
Celtic Mythology
Lugodoc's Guide to Celtic Mythology ...Lugodoc's Guide to Celtic Mythology: An overview of the Welsh and Irish canons
Celtic Deities and Myths This is an excellent site for an overview as well as particulars. Very complete and enjoyable, good energy!
Celtic Twilight This is a vast site with a great deal to offer.Good Work!
Celtic Deities and Myths a wonderful site well researched and presented.
The Death of King Arthur
Arthurian Mythology
Celtic Mythology

This is an incredible site covering many aspects of Celtic Mythology. Very well done!
The Camelot Project

Arthurain Texts, Images, Bibliographies and Basic Information from the University of Rochester. Very well done!
Arthurian Legends

this presents a very complete view of the Arthurian Legends

10. Avhandlingar Från Uppsala Universitet: Full Beskrivning
argued in this thesis that the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were not a kindof Arthurian 'Dark Ages.' Instead, because arthurian mythology possessed the
PUBLIKATIONER AVHANDLINGAR Startsida/sök Kommande disputationer Aktuella avhandlingar Fulltext ... Textversion SPRÅK På svenska In English UPPSALA UNIVERSITET PUBLIKATIONER AVHANDLINGAR >> Full beskrivning
Avhandlingar från Uppsala universitet
Full beskrivning
Fulltext: Ej tillgänglig! Spikblad: PDF (kräver Acrobat Reader Författare: Michelsson, Elisabeth Titel: Appropriating King Arthur: The Arthurian legend in English drama and entertainments 1485-1625 Institution: Engelska institutionen URI: urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-1021 Publikationstyp: Doktorsavhandling Språk: Engelska Disputation: 1999-12-04, Ihresalen, Språkvetenskapligt centrum, Villavägen 4, Uppsala, 10:15 Abstract: This study attempts to show that, despite the scepticism as to the historicity of Arthur and the criticism of the genre of chivalric romance that arose during the English Renaissance, Arthurian motifs in drama and entertainments performed for the royal house remained highly relevant at this time. It is argued in this thesis that the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were not a kind of Arthurian 'Dark Ages.' Instead, because Arthurian mythology possessed the openendedness necessary to accommodate a number of diverse interests and political agendas, it remained possible to appropriate it for political purposes and incorporate it into most of the literary genres of the period. The dramatic genres studied include the traditional seasonal revelry of the Inns of Court, progress entertainments and civic pageantry, as well as the more novel court masques and commercial stage plays. Also included are additional examples from non-literary documents. The use of Arthurian material is traced in dramatic works and entertainments from the reign of Henry VII to that of James I. The final section of my thesis examines the continued use of Arthurian motifs by such writers as Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton and William Rowley, while particular attention is paid to the anonymous play

11. Medea's Chariot Pagan Gods/Mythology
Arthurian FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about arthurian mythology. MediterraneanThe Song of Roland A translation of the French epic.

12. Woohoo!
but there are alot of myths and the like in Shakespeare, so here it goes.Camelot Project arthurian mythology Consolatium Philosophorum.
Home Myths

13. Diana, Goddess Of The Moon / Artemis, From Mystic Realms
Is it coincidence that both in classical and arthurian mythology the mistress ofvegetation, heroine of an abduction story and the object of a mystery cult
Gods, Saints and Heroes
Mystic Realms
Diana / Artemis / Hecate
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Diana (Artemis), goddess of the moon
The Goddess Diana was the Roman counterpart of the Greek virgin goddess Artemis, daughter of the god Zeus and Leto, daughter of a Titan. In Roman mythology Diana, goddess of the moon and of the hunt, twin sister of Apollo was essentially a goddess of the woodlands, her sanctuaries were commonly in groves, indeed every grove was sacred to her. She was chief hunter to the gods also the goddess of nature, and of the harvest. the guardian of springs and streams and the protector of wild animals In art she is typically shown as a young hunter, usually carrying a bow and arrows, like her brother Apollo . She would use her bow and arrows to punish mortals who angered her. Roman Mythology PosTerS are HERE Diana, like the Greek Artemis, with whom she was constantly identified, may be described as a goddess of nature in general and of fertility in particular. She was especially revered by women, and was believed to grant an easy childbirth to her favorites. Mystic Realms eBooks are HERE As the moon (lunar) goddess, Diana/Artemis is sometimes identified with the goddess Selene (Moon) and Hecate.

14. FatherOak's Druidism
practices. arthurian mythology contains many distinctly ancient celticconcepts but is a new and unique mythology as well. Misty
Romantic Druidism
Arthurian Druidism
It is worth noting that the sword called Excaliber may have come from legends surrounding a real sword. The Celts were iron-workers, ahead of most other contemporary cultures. Iron-age technology helped the Celts defeat the Dannans (who worked bronze). Around Arthurian times, it was discovered that nickel-iron from meteorites could be used to create stainless steel, and swords layered with this metal would never bend, scratch, break, nor rust. Weapons like that would have been seen as magical, and would have developed names and reputations independantly. An important concept in Arthurian Druidism is the concept of the sacred king. Arthur is a sacred king because he was chosen by God to rule, by virtue of his birth and the wisdom he developed. The story of the Fischer King is another that demonstrates the connection between kings and God, who is the Earth Mother, for he is suffering from the unhealable wound while at the same time his territory is barren and infertile, as if wounded just like him. The Grail is a symbol of divinity, of feminine divinity in particular, and though it is said to be the cup of Christ most Arthurian druids agree that it is the Earth Goddess, which is why its wine can be drunk by only those who are connected to her, like the sacred king, and the chaste knight who reserves his love only for her. Perhaps these concepts are a remnant of the old ritual of the marriage of kings to the land.

15. Victorian Art And Artists - A Little Bit About My Inspirations
movements. Classical and arthurian mythology, nature, dreamworlds,Shakespeare and poetry were the inspiration for their paintings.
Beauty, Magic and Myth
~Victorian Art and Artists~
Fantasy, historical and Mythology Artists of the Victorian Era
~A little bit about some of the artists represented in many of my graphics~ Please be patient while the page loads..... The above painting is "Mirror of Venus" - Sir Edward Burne-Jones
If you'd like to learn how to animate landscapes with moving water,
falling snow, with PSP, or learn to create your own incredimail letters
with Incredimail's Letter Creator, check out my easy lesson packets
I adore Victorian Art, and i use a lot of the artwork for my graphics. I don't have information on
all of the artists, but here are a few of my favorites. You'll find their works in the fantasy, mythology, medieval, fairy and fantasy, angel and victorian ladies areas of my Incredimail and webset galleries. It started when i became an antiques collector and dealer, then it began to show up in my own
paintings, graphics and crafts. I studied it a little more when i studied interior design. The attraction

16. De Bellis Fantasticus - Reviews
the Dragons Teeth. The Mythology Period Aztec Mythology; Celtic Mythology;Celtic arthurian mythology; High Medieval Mythology; Medieval
De Bellis Fantasticus - Reviews
Roger Pimlott writes: ... I now have a book entitled De Bellis Fantasticus (My prize to myself for coming last), subtitled Here Be Dragons- a DBM supplement. Coming from Keep Wargames AND it has a colour cover (Barbarian and Dragon - what else could it be?) AND it seemed to be quite readable inside. Contains extensions to DBM for Flyers, Behemoths, Humanoid, Undead (a new classification alongside S,F,O,I,X), the addition of heroes and Magi, as well as army lists for various generic fantasy lists, (ie imperial human, city state human, barbarian human, High elf, wood elf, dark elf, goblinoid, undead), various mythologies (roughly based off a DBM list with added components of Fantasy). Looks fun, we are currently trying to work out which mythology lists we can use easily to have a try. I might have to dig out the Lord of the Rings lists that were posted sometime back. Nick Meredith writes: De Bellis Fantasticus - Here there Be Dragons - was on sale at Roll Call at Dunstable. It is subtitled as "A DBM Supplement" and that is exactly what it is - DBM 2.0 (or later) is assumed, although it could be played with earlier versions by tweaking points values. Interestingly, it is published by Keep Wargaming, rather than WRG. Keep Wargaming is run by Paul Bailey, who is also the publishing end of WRG, who publish the other DB* rules sets. The rules have been written by 2 members of the Ilford wargaming club, and have been seen in use on a large demonstration game on the UK circuit in thee last year.

17. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Legend: The Arthurian Tarot At
This is one that I think will appeal even to those who are not especially interestedin arthurian mythology; not only because the artwork is, as I said
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Legend: The Arthurian Tarot
Overall rating:
Reviewed by 3 Epinions users - Write a review Compare Prices View Details Read Reviews ... Subscribe to reviews on this product
Read Review of Legend: The Arthurian Tarot Review Summary About the Author
Explore yourself and the Arthurian legends simultaneously!
Apr 11 '01 (Updated Apr 11 '01)
Author's Product Rating
Beautiful, relevant artwork on comfortably sized and shaped cards. Excellent accompanying book.
Suits are named differently than some decks; requires the book for better understanding. The Bottom Line This full 78 card deck is both beautiful and expressive, with richly detailed artwork and accompanying tales - a definite pick for Tarot and Arthurian enthusiasts. Full Review There is a great number of reasons to invest in a tarot deck - whether you're a seasoned tarot reader searching for the perfect deck, or a novice merely seeking to satisfy a case of curiosity. Regarded as a card game by some and as a spiritual tool by others, the Tarot can be both entertaining and highly beneficial - without any high initial costs or a need for accessories. Legend: The Arthurian Tarot is no exception.

18. Linder Oct 2000
Those of you who are familiar with the arthurian mythology will recall that a majortheme of the tradition is that “the king and the land are one” implying
Applying the Arthurian Legends
by Linda Linder
During the month of August, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend twenty days in England, Wales and Scotland.
For a long while I’ve been extremely interested in the Arthurian/Grail legends, so when I found out about Jean Houston’s “Quest for the Grail” trip this past spring, I quickly and with purpose chose to participate. One of the insights (among almost too many to count) that the trip has provided me with is the understanding that the Arthurian/Grail mythology is tremendously deep and broad, with foundations in Celtic, Gaelic, Roman and other Anglo-Saxon traditions. And, since I am not an expert on the history and roots of this myth system, I will speak in this article of how the legend and one of the characters can fit into our own personal myths, providing us with yet more, complimentary frameworks from which to view our life, our history and our purpose and gain even more clarity.
The Arthurian Legend is replete with archetype to explore and patterns of the hero’s adventure to discover. John Boorman’s film Excalibur is an excellent entry into this legend and it is available to rent. Also, there are many websites that explore this mythology and are a good, initial resource for gaining a basic understanding of the Arthurian legend. A site that explores the Excalibur film is

19. The Squaresoft Repository: Of Science Fiction And Mythology
Fiction (Speculative Fiction) Ether Philosophy, Psychology Religion NaturalTheology Excalibur Philosophy, Psychology Religion arthurian mythology. F.

20. CEU - Department Of Medieval Studies
their enemies. The Celtic Church; the valuesystems of the HeroicAge. Dark Age adaptation of arthurian mythology. READING. You will
MS 5456: ARTHURIAN WORLDS: REALITY AND MYTH Ian Blanchard COURSE DESCRIPTION . This course examines the post-Roman British economy and society in its international context during the period up to ca. 640 A.D; explores the heroic traditions of that age, and, utilising contemporary texts investigates how this mythology evolved prior to the appearance of Geoffrey of Monmouth's, The History of the Kings of Britain The History of the Kings of Britain
TOPICS TO BE CONSIDERED WILL INCLUDE The nature of society, both within the erstwhile province of Britannia, and on the Roman periphery. The form of post-Roman economy and society amongst both the British and those who assailed them (paying in this latter instance particular attention to the Bernicians and Dál Riata Scots). Military organisation amongst the British and their enemies The Celtic Church; the value-systems of the Heroic Age Dark Age adaptation of Arthurian mythology.
READING You will find invaluable, as a constant source of reference, the book of: Leslie Alcock

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