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         Artificial Intelligence Computer Science:     more books (100)
  1. PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence (International Computer Science Series) by Ivan Bratko, 2011-04-12
  2. Law, Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence by Ajit Narayanan, Mervyn Bennun, 1998
  3. Artificial Intelligence And Computer Science
  4. Fuzzy Systems in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
  5. Theory and Applications of Problem Solving (Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) by B. Zhang, L. Zhang, 1992-08-04
  6. Evidence Theory and its Applications: Volume 1 (Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) by D.A. Bell, J.W. Guan, 1991-09-05
  7. Topics in Expert System Design: Methodologies and Tools (Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) by Giovanni Guida, 1989-03
  8. Meta-level Inference: Representing and Learning Control Information in Artificial Intelligence (Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) by Bernard Silver, 1985-12
  9. A Resolution Principle for a Logic With Restricted Quantifiers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence 568) by H. J. Burckert, 1992-03
  10. Evidence Theory and its Applications: Volume 2 (Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) by J.W. Guan, D.A. Bell, 1992-08-14
  11. Foundations of Equational Logic Programming (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Artificial Intelligence 353) by Steffen Holldobler, 1989-07
  12. Formal Techniques in Artificial Intelligence: A Sourcebook (Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence)
  13. Computers and Languages: Theory and Practice (Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) by Anton Nijholt, 1988-09
  14. Logic Programming: Formal Methods and Practical Applications (Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) by Christoph Beierle, 1994-12-01

1. DEAS - Research - Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence & Computational Lin
Computer Science. Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics.
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics
Barbara Grosz

Stuart Shieber

David Parkes

Avrom Pfeffer
Research Groups:
Artificial Intelligence
Current projects address problems in modeling the behavior of intelligent communication systems, algorithms and representation languages for probabilistic and game-theoretic reasoning, and mechanism design and preference elicitation for bounded-rational agents.
Division of Engineering
and Applied Sciences
Pierce Hall
29 Oxford St. Cambridge, MA 02138 Site Map Webmaster Harvard Contact Information

2. DEAS - Research - Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence & Computational Lin
Computer Sciences. Programming Languages Research. Research in programminglanguages can improve the productivity of computer programmers
Computer Sciences
Programming Languages Research
Research in programming languages can improve the productivity of computer programmers, the quality of the tools they use, and the quality of the software they produce.
Current People and their Projects
Prof. Norman Ramsey works on programming environments and tools. He is especially interested in tools that operate on machine instructions, like debuggers and compilers. He and his colleagues have developed languages for describing properties of machines, and for deriving useful tools from those descriptions. His three main projects are Reusable Machine Descriptions , the portable assembly language C , and Debugging Everywhere
Division of Engineering
and Applied Sciences
Pierce Hall
29 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138 Site Map Webmaster Harvard Contact Information

3. Department Of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, FACULTY OF SCIENCE, UN
science. Department of computer science AI. TEL (+356) 3290 2519 FAX (+356) 320539. About. What is computer science?
TEL: +356 2340 2519 FAX: +356 2132 0539
Invited Lectures March 2003
What is Computer Science?

E-mail us at

4. Bibliographies On Artificial Intelligence
Part of the Collection of computer science Bibliographies, is searchable and browseable.
The Collection of
Computer Science Bibliographies Up: Mirror of the Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies Home
Bibliographies on Artificial Intelligence
You can add bibliographies and references to this collection!
See also the bibliographies on Logic Programming and Neural Networks
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Example: (specification or verification) and asynchronous #Refs Bibliography Date Bibliography of Work in Philosophy of Language, Semantics, Artificial Intelligence, and Assorted Related Topics Bibliography on Artificial Intelligence Bibliography on computational linguistics, systemic and functional linguistics, artificial intelligence and general linguistics Bibliography on Speech Recognition and Spoken Language Systems ... small bibliography on artificial intelligence Total number of references in this section

Neural Computing, hybrid systems, cognitive modelling, intelligent agents, distributed intelligence.Category computers artificial intelligence Research Groups......artificial intelligence Research Laboratory Departmentof computer science Iowa State University.
Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
Iowa State University

Contact Information Research Overview People
Students Alumni Visitors ... Schedule Research
Projects Grants Publications Graduate Study
Note to Prospective Graduate Students

Computer Science
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Note to Bionformatics and Computational Biology Students
... Graduate College Artificial Intelligence Resources
AI Courses
AI Readings Cognitive Systems Evolutionary Design ... AI Societies Events AI Seminar AI Lunch Research Methods and Writing Workshop Computer Science Colloquium ... Other Events Other Information Computer Science Department Iowa State University Computing Facilities Library ... Useful Links Additions or changes to this page should be directed to: If you would like to receive email when this page is updated, please enter your email address in the box below and click on the Mind it button. Receive email when this page changes Click Here Powered by Netmind You are virtual guest number to visit this page since March 8, 1996.

6. Edinburgh University, Artificial Intelligence
Assessment Exercise (December 1996). artificial intelligence and computer science were recently assessed by the
Division of Informatics
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
The University of Edinburgh
80 South Bridge
Edinburgh EH1 1HN Telephone: +44 131 650 2691 The Department of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh became part of the Division of Informatics in August 1998. Information accessible via this page is not necessarily still current.

7. Lecture Notes In Computer Sciencehttp// - May 11, 20
Contains more than 590 000 BibTeX references mostly of journal articles, conference papers and technical reports. computer science from artificial intelligence. Compiler Technology, Programming Languages and Type Theory. Database Research. Distributed Systems, Networking and Telecommunications. computer
strURL = "/link/service/series/0558/";

8. Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence In COGS
computer science and artificial intelligence Subject Group. Research interests Foundations of Computing; Natural Language Processing; HumanCentred Computing Technology; Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems; Neural Computation; computer Vision and Medical Imaging.

9. The School Of Cognitive And Computing Sciences
at the University of Sussex. Cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and robotics (with emphasis Category science Social sciences Cognitive Research Groups...... and is now a leading centre for multi disciplinary research and teaching in thefields of artificial intelligence, computer science, Linguistics, Philosophy
Search COGS:
Contact Research Teaching ...
* * * Amex and Informatics Partnership: Great News for Sussex * * *

The School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences COGS ) was established in 1985 and is now a leading centre for multi - disciplinary research and teaching in the fields of Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Linguistics Philosophy and Psychology We offer exciting and innovative undergraduate, masters, and research degree programmes in all these subjects. In the recent RAE review, our Computer Science, AI , Psychology and Philosophy subject groups all achieved grade 5; and Linguistics attained a grade 4. We also have strong links with industry and commerce, forged by our business liaison unit CASA (the Centre for Advanced Software Applications). For a look at what has been happening in COGS over the last year, see the COGS Annual Report 2001 - 2002
The COGS building Welcome Welcome message from the Dean of COGS Information for prospective students Current vacancies Contact How to contact us or travel here Research Information about COGS research groups and research projects Teaching Information for current and prospective students Subject Groups Four subject groups are represented in the School:
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Philosophy , and Psychology People Lists of COGS staff and research students Events List of seminars and other events held in COGS Publications Information on COGS publications and the COGS library Computing Information on the COGS computing facilities Other Resources Miscellaneous

10. FU-Berlin: Institut Für Informatik
Institute of computer science. Research groups cover software engineering and systems software, databases and information systems, programming languages, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, computer science in education and society, theoretical computer science, and mathematical foundations of computer science.

Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik
Homepage in English
Google -Sitesearch:
Aktuelle Meldungen
Der Master-Studiengang Informatik ist zum Wintersemester 2003/2004 eingerichtet. (6.02.2003) Bachelor-Studiengang Informatik ist ab dem Sommersemester 2003 möglich. (13.01.2003) Stellenausschreibungen interne Mitteilungen
Nächste Termine
Am 8. Mai 2003 findet der Girls' Day (Mädchen-Zukunftstag) statt! Am 13. Mai finden die FU-Info-Tage statt. Unter sind weitere Informationen zu finden.
Am 14.6.2003 findet die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften statt, das Institut für Informatik beteiligt sich mit einem attraktiven Programm Vom 9.9.2003 bis 12.9.2003 veranstalten die HU und FU Berlin die International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB) in Berlin. Weitere Veranstaltungen (Ankündigungen und Archiv)
Arbeitsgruppen Service Sekretariate Rechnerbetrieb Bibliothek Gremien - Studierende, Frauenbeauftragte Prüfungsausschuss Kontakt Anschrift Telefon Standort Leute Private Homepages Stellenausschreibungen
Selbsttest für Informatik-Interessierte ... Studentenaustausch - Sokrates, Erasmus

11. Computer Science Department, University Of Regina
Department of computer science. Major research areas include artificial intelligence, graphics, image processing, expert systems, mathematical software and modeling, distributed computing, and theory of computation.
The University of Regina's B.Sc. and B.Sc. Honours degrees in Computer Science have been accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society's (CIPS) Computer Science Accreditation Council (CSAC). The CSAC works with academic institutions to ensure that educational programs prepare students for the demands of the Computing and Information Systems profession. Completion of accredited computer information systems programs, assist graduates in pursuing the Information Systems Professional of Canada (I.S.P.) designation. More information about CIPS and the professional certification program can be obtained at or (905) 602-1370. This WWW page is an official communication of the University of Regina.
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12. Rodney A. Brooks
Embodied cognition in autonomous robots. (MIT, USA). Fujitsu Professor of computer science and Engineering (EECS Dept), and Director of the artificial intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Projects include Coco, Cog, Kismet, as well as commercial ventures.
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13. HU Berlin: Institut Für Informatik
Department of computer science. Research groups focus on system analysis, software engineering, theory of programming, databases and information systems, artificial intelligence, data analysis, computer science in education and society, parallel and distributed computing, automata, systems theory, algorithms, complexity, computer architecture, communication, signal processing, and pattern recognition.
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14. Nat'l Academies Press, Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence (1997), Tabl
computer science and artificial intelligence (1997) Commission on Physical sciences,Mathematics, and Applications (CPSMA) Related Books, Buy from Catalog or
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications ( CPSMA
Related Books

Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-viii Contents, pp. ix-x 1 Introduction, pp. 1-3 2 Artificial Intelligence and Hum..., pp. 4-6 3 Grand Challenge Areas, pp. 7-19
Front Matter


1 Introduction

2 Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interface

3 Grand Challenge Areas
The Open Book page image presentation framework is not designed to replace printed books. Rather, it is a free, browsable, nonproprietary, fully and deeply searchable version of the publication which we can inexpensively and quickly produce to make the material available worldwide. For most effective printing, use the "print" button available on each OpenBook page's tool block. The 300 x 150 dpi PDF linked to it is printable on your local printer. More information on the Open Book is available. Top of Page Home Contact Us ... Help Please use the content on the page image as the authoritative version. HTML may have misrepresentations or apparent omissions.

15. McGill University School Of Computer Science
School of computer science. Research groups focus on advanced compilers, architectures and programming systems, Java tools, artificial intelligence, database technology, computational geometry, mobile robotics, computer vision, software engineering, cryptography and quantum information.
Positions Available
Tenure Track Positions in Software Engineering

Tenure Track Position in Bioinformatics

Admissions and Program Information
Undergraduate Program
Graduate Program Diploma in Information Technology
News and Events
Research and Publications
Contact Information
Laurels ...
Trottier Building

School of Computer Science
McGill University 3480 University Street McConnell Eng. Bldg., Room 318 Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2A7 CANADA Phone: (514) 398-7071 Fax: (514) 398-3883 General Information: Website Maintainer: Most recently updated on Jan 15, 2002

16. Nat'l Acad Press Catalog: Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence
Panel on computer science and artificial intelligence, National Research Council, 1997. A complete Category science Social sciences Publications Books...... computer science and artificial intelligence Panel on computer science andArtifical intelligence, National Research Council. 32 pages, 6 x 9, 1997.

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We do not keep inventory in our warehouse for this title.Rather, we will duplicate and bind a copy for you once you have placed an order. This version of the book contains all the original pages. However, there is no cover art, only a plain black-and-white cover; neither are any of the graphics or photographs reproduced in their original form they are simply black and white copies. Please be sure that you really want this book before you order it, because all sales are final. We cannot accept returns on publication-on-demand titles. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Panel on Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence, National Research Council 32 pages, 6 x 9, 1997.
PDFs not Available for Sale Sorry, there are no electronic versions of this report available for purchase, but we are working hard to make as many available as possible. International Price
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Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications (CPSMA)
More Titles from CPSMA

Engineering and Physical Sciences (DEPS)

Related Titles
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17. Stuart Russell
Professor at the computer science Division of Berkeley University and author (with Peter Norvig) of the famous AI textbook artificial intelligence A Modern Approach .
Stuart Russell
Computer Science Division

Soda Hall

University of California

Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
Other useful pointers:

18. Udine, University Of
Department of Mathematics and computer science. Research areas include databases, software engineering, medical informatics, artificial intelligence, programming languages, formal methods, robotics, and computer vision.
DiMI Statistiche di accesso Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Udine
Welcome to our Web Site!
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Udine is devoted to basic and applied research in the areas of Mathematics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.
The Department runs several programs for graduate students and offers various services to undergraduate students for their thesis work and projects for advanced courses.
General Info Services News Research ... Internet World For any information about this Site, please contact DiMI WebMaster

19. B.Sc. Honours In Artificial Intelligence And Computer Science
B.Sc. Honours in artificial intelligence and computer science. artificial intelligencecertainly offers a great deal that is not computer science.

Division of Informatics
Artificial Intelligence
B.Sc. Honours in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science are a good subject combination because they are both complementary and overlapping. Artificial Intelligence studies intelligent processes, implementing and testing models on computers. Computer Science studies the capabilities of computerised processes and ways of controlling them. There are many connections between the two subjects. Language is a major area of Artificial Intelligence research, which interacts with the design of programming languages and supports the design of interfaces. Building AI systems which can interpret images from cameras, is complementary to one of the Computer Science endeavours which is to program computers to draw graphics. Logic is widely used in both subjects for representation and for reasoning. Artificial Intelligence certainly offers a great deal that is not Computer Science. It draws on many different disciplines, such as psychology, philosophy and linguistics amongst others to build its theories. A good understanding of how humans perform tasks is a key element in designing intelligent computer systems. Such systems may be used to replace humans doing dangerous jobs, assist in teaching and learning or provide automatic help with difficult tasks. Students on this degree normally take standard first and second year courses, establishing basics in both subjects, then select among a variety of modules available from the two departments to tailor their degree to their own interests. In the fourth year, as well as choosing modules, students carry out their large practical project, some recent examples of which are :

20. School Of Computer Science And Software Engineering
School of computer science and Software Engineering. Research areas include artificial intelligence; audiovisual information processing; digital systems hardware; computing education; database systems; distributed, parallel and mobile computing; logic and theory; reasoning under uncertainty; and software engineering.
School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
General information about the School, location, contact details, history Degrees, courses and handbook entries Staff, students and alumni including home pages, telephone/email lists Research groups, publications, seminars, workshops, conferences On-line coursework, subject details, timetables, important dates, projects, Student Club Job vacancies, SmartHouse, Open Day, Schools liaison activities Internal information (mostly restricted access) ACS Student conference The ACS Student conference is to be held on Saturday 22nd March at the Cumberland Resort in Lorne. Monash Freeway extension - linking Monash's Clayton and Berwick campuses The Monash Freeway extension , which will provide a much needed new road link between Monash's Clayton and Berwick campuses, slashing travel times and avoiding traffic congestion in Melbourne's thriving south-eastern suburbs, is set to open within a few months.
CSSE home


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