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         Artificial Intelligence Computer Science:     more books (100)
  1. The MIT Lectures in Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence [VHS] by MIT Laboratory, 1989-11-02
  2. Form and content in computer science (Artificial intelligence memo) by Marvin Lee Minsky, 1969
  3. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence by Panel on Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence, National Research Council, 1997-06-12
  4. An algorithm for optimal ancestral sequence of a given set of sequences using artificial intelligence technique (Computer science technical report series) by Sukhamay Kundu, 1989
  5. Automatic deduction for commonsense reasoning (Technical note. Stanford Research Institute. Artificial Intelligence Center. Computer Science and Technology Division) by Robert C Moore, 1981
  6. A deductive model of belief (Technical note. Stanford Research Institute. Artificial Intelligence Center. Computer Science and Technology Division) by Kurt Konolige, 1983
  7. The role of artificial intelligence in the integration of remotely sensed data with geographic information systems (Research paper. Carnegie-Mellon University. Department of Computer Science) by David M McKeown, 1986
  8. The impact of artificial intelligence on society (Technical report. University of British Columbia. Dept. of Computer Science) by Richard S Rosenberg, 1989
  9. A representation of time for planning (Technical note. Stanford Research Institute. Artificial Intelligence Center. Computer Science and Technology Division) by Peter Cheeseman, 1983
  10. On the mathematical properties of linguistic theories: By C. Raymond Perrault, Program Director, Artificial Intelligence Center, Computer Science and Technology Division (Technical note) by C. Raymond Perrault, 1984
  11. Formal Concept Analysis: Foundations and Applications (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  12. Artificial Intelligence: A Systems Approach (Computer Science) by M. Tim Jones, 2008-12-26
  13. Knowledge-Based Systems in Artificial Intelligence (McGraw-Hill advanced computer science series) by Randall Davis, 1981-11
  14. Bayesian Artificial Intelligence (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer Science & Data Analysis) by Kevin B. Korb, Ann E. Nicholson, 2003-09-25

41. Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence Subject Resources
The computer science and artificial intelligence page ofthe University of Sussex at Brighton Library Web site.
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence subject resources
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence resources in the Library
An introduction to print and electronic material available throughout the Library Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence material in the Library
Links to the Library catalogue. Reading lists in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Indexes and databases
and other Library resources Electronic journals Internet resources
Page maintained by
Last updated Wednesday January 02, 2002

42. School Of Computer Science - Study Opportunities - Undergraduate Degrees - Compu
artificial intelligence and computer science (BSc). computer science withartificial intelligence seemed to be an ideal balance between the two.
Home Search About Us Research ... Resources Opportunities for Undergraduate Study Undergraduate Study HOME STUDY UNDERGRADUATE Introduction ... Examples of Student Work
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (BSc)
Artificial Intelligence is the science that studies the computational basis of intelligence. In this half of the degree you will encounter all the subfields of the discipline: including expert systems, machine learning, philosophy, neural networks, intelligent robotics, natural language processing, computer vision, human computer interaction, artificial life, automated reasoning, and evolutionary systems. In the Computer Science half of the degree you will gain a firm grounding in the theories of computation, and the techniques of software engineering. The degree has a significant programming component. You will learn at least three languages during your studies. In each year you will use these to implement and analyse AI techniques. You will also write essays and participate in seminars examining major debates in AI. In the final year you will spend one third of your time on your degree project. You can choose eight modules from the options available. The Artificial Intelligence group in the School is one of the largest in the UK. We have a particularly strong group in Evolutionary Computing. The School has a purpose built robotics laboratory to support undergraduate teaching.

43. Department Of Computer Science
Department of computer science. Research areas include computer architecture, programming languages, theoretical computer science, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and humanmachine interfaces. Links to laboratory servers.
Department of Computer Science
Accesses to this page since Feb 03,2000: NOTE: This WWW server is under construction . This is WWW server provided by Department of Computer Science, Graduate school of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan. Please see Our Disclamer before you explore this WWW server.
Information by Department of Computer Science
Other WWW Servers in Department of Computer Science
Other Servers in ...
Homepage in Japanese

44. Research In Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence
The xSLAM Project using linear logic and explicit substitutions to construct and implement more efficien Category computers Programming Languages Functional Research...... RESEARCH IN computer science AND artificial intelligence. Review of Researchin computer science and artificial intelligence for 1999.

School of Computer Science
Please note: this file and some of the associated files are currently being revised. There may be some inconsistencies and infelicities during that process.
  • Introduction
  • Research Groups and Projects: Links to further information
    o Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

    o Programming Languages
  • Research Reviews for Previous Years
    Research in the School of Computer Science covers a wide range of topics in the fields of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, much of it interdisciplinary. At present the work approximately covers the following range of topics, though much of the work does not fit neatly into any one category or discipline.
    • Mathematical foundations of Computer Science
      including computational calculi, logics, semantic spaces, and the relationship between them. Work in this grouping focuses on the design and analysis of logical, categorical, topological, and order-theoretic structures, and their connection to programming languages and metatheories. This includes semantics of exact real number computation.
    • The analysis and design of programming languages
      including the semantics and formal methods for state manipulation, dynamic data structures, memory usage in implementations, substitutions, control operations and other computational effects found in programming languages. A major aspect of the research is providing a semantics for object oriented programming languages.
  • 45. Sultan Qaboos University
    Department of computer science. Research areas Networks and Operating Systems; Parallel and Distributed Systems; Numerical Computation; Software Engineering; artificial intelligence and Multimedia; Databases; Visualization.

    46. The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Artificial Intelligence
    artificial intelligence Group, Department of computer science, University of Ottawa,Canada. Enterprise Integration Laboratory, University of Toronto, Canada.
    Virtual Library Computing Logic programming
    Artificial Intelligence
    Latest news: The latest version of this page is now maintained here
    Please mail if you know of relevant on-line information not included here. Use the newsgroup for general AI-related queries. This document contains some pointers to information on Artificial Intelligence AI ) available around the world on the World Wide Web (WWW or W3), a global hypermedia system providing worldwide information Starred entries are especially recommended.
    New entries are added periodically. The following information is available:
    Research sites and projects
    Other information
    Research sites and projects

    47. MIT LCS Clinical Decision Making Group
    Home page of MIT's Clinical Decision Making Group which is focused on applying computer science, and artificial intelligence in particular, to medicine.
    Clinical Decision Making
    Group Information
    Director: Peter Szolovits Mission: To provide better health care through applied artificial intelligence. Description: The Clinical Decision Making Group at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science is a research group dedicated to exploring and furthering the application of technology and artificial intelligence to clinical situations. Because of the vital and crucial nature of medical practice, and the need for accurate and timely information to support clinical decisions, the group is also focused on the gathering, availability, security and use of medical information throughout the human "life cycle" and beyond.
    Contact: See also People
    Phone: (617) 253-5860
    Fax: (617) 258-8682
    200 Technology Square, room 417
    Cambridge MA 02139
    Projects Guardian Angel Personal lifelong active medical assistants MAITA The Monitoring, Analysis, and Interpretation Tool Arsenal provides means for automated gathering, understanding, and reacting to important information in a broad range of application areas, including clinical, military, industrial, commercial, and scientific monitoring and surveillance.

    48. Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence In COGS

    49. Laboratorio De Fundamentos Da Computación E Intelixencia Artificial
    Affiliated with the University of Corunna. Does research in theoretical computer science, programming, distributed and concurrent functional environments and formal methods in Software Engineering.
    Main Page Contact Info Staff Projects ... Internal LABORATORY OF FOUNDATIONS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LFCIA is a laboratory affiliated to the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Corunna
    Interesting Links
  • Eurocast 2003 VoDKA Project: Video on Demand Kernel Architecture
  • VARPA Group

    ... Internal

    50. University Of Michigan AI Lab Home
    Active faculty research projects, research achievements, graduate school information and other topic areas.Category computers artificial intelligence Research Centers...... College of Engineering computer science and Engineering Division. AI Lab Support PageNRC*CNRC Institute for Information artificial intelligence Resources The
    Advanced Technology Laboratories
    1101 Beal Avenue
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2110
    (734) 763-6985 FAX: (734) 763-1260
    University of Michigan
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept.
    College of Engineering
    Computer Science and Engineering Division

    AI Lab Web Support (

    51. Nat'l Acad Press Catalog: Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence
    Panel on computer science and artificial intelligence, National Research Council, 1997. A complete online volume from the National Academy Press.

    Read it Online - FREE!

    This is a Print-On-Demand Title

    We do not keep inventory in our warehouse for this title.Rather, we will duplicate and bind a copy for you once you have placed an order. This version of the book contains all the original pages. However, there is no cover art, only a plain black-and-white cover; neither are any of the graphics or photographs reproduced in their original form they are simply black and white copies. Please be sure that you really want this book before you order it, because all sales are final. We cannot accept returns on publication-on-demand titles. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Panel on Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence, National Research Council 32 pages, 6 x 9, 1997.
    PDFs not Available for Sale Sorry, there are no electronic versions of this report available for purchase, but we are working hard to make as many available as possible. International Price
    Related Links:
    Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications (CPSMA)
    More Titles from CPSMA

    Engineering and Physical Sciences (DEPS)

    Related Titles
    ... Help

    52. Artificial Intelligence Research Group
    University of Washington, includes research topics, areas of study, faculty, student, and alumni listings.Category computers artificial intelligence Research Centers......artificial intelligence Research group. CSE logo, Department of computer science Engineering University of Washington Box 352350 Seattle, WA 981952350 (206
    Artificial Intelligence Research group CSE Home About CSE Search Contact Info Faculty Brian Curless Pedro Domingos Oren Etzioni Dieter Fox ... Dan Weld Affiliated Faculty Les Atlas (UW EE) James Brinkley (UW Biological Structure) Eric Horvitz (Microsoft) Ira Kalet (UW Radiation Oncology) Mari Ostendorf (UW EE) Michael Stiber (UW Bothell CSS) Graduate Students David Azari Molly Bostic Adam Carlson Kate Deibel ... Geoff Hulten Jonathan Ko Cody Kwok Lin Liao Jayant Madhavan Mausam ... Aaron Shon Ben Stewart Pat Tressel Steve Wolfman Alex Yates Undergraduate Students Zach Crisman Erik Curre Nathan Ratliff Leonid Tsybert Alumni Franz Amador [Ph.D.] Corin Anderson [Ph.D.] Tony Barrett [Ph.D.] Dave Christianson [Masters] AnHai Doan [Ph.D.] Denise Draper [Ph.D.] Marc Friedman [Ph.D.] Keith Golden [Ph.D.] Nick Kushmerick [Ph.D.] Tessa Lau [Ph.D.] Neal Lesh [Ph.D.] Omid Madani [Ph.D.] Dorothy Neville [Masters] Scott Penberthy [Ph.D.] Mike Perkowitz [Ph.D.] Erik Selberg [Ph.D.] Richard Segal [Ph.D.] Vassili Sukharev [Masters] Ying Sun [Masters] Mike Williamson [Ph.D.] Oren Zamir [Ph.D.] Should your name be here? Send email to ai-webmaster@cs!

    53. Department Of Computer Science
    Offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in computer science. Research interests include artificial intelligence, distributed systems, databases, high performance computing, humancomputer interaction, and software engineering. On-line research papers available.
    Public home page Local home page How to contact us Search Education Graduate program Undergraduate program Undergrad. honors prog. Class web pages ... University schedule Research Research areas Projects and labs Technical reports People Faculty Faculty/staff phone book Users' home pages University directory Student organizations Grad student exec council Student ACM Upsilon Pi Epsilon Women in Computing Location A.V. Williams Building CS Instructional Center Directions How to contact us Other things About this site High school prog. contest Photos and images Memorial to John Gannon Information for: prospective undergraduates prospective graduate students prospective industrial partners Colloquium series: Schedule and abstracts Webcasts Upcoming events: Summary Details Recent awards and accomplishments: March 2003
    • Vic Basili is the winner of the IEEE Computer Society's 2003 Harlan D. Mills Award.

    54. Artificial Intelligence
    The very nature of these questions make artificial intelligence an inherently multi ParthaNiyogi (computer science); GinaAnne Levow (computer science) Michael O
    Artificial Intelligence
    How does the mind/brain work? Can we provide computational and mathematical characterizations of the various procedures that make intelligent behavior possible? Can we replicate aspects of living intelligence in an artificial machine? The very nature of these questions make Artificial Intelligence an inherently multi-disciplinary effort. This is particularly so at Chicago.
    Faculty in several departments work in areas that make strong contact with computational issues in cognitive and neural systems.
    Related Programs
    Contact Address
    Department of Computer Science
    The University of Chicago
    1100 E. 58th Street, Ryerson Hall

    55. Wolfram Burgard
    Professor of computer science at the University of Freiburg and head of the research lab for Autonomous Intelligent Systems. Areas of interest lie in artificial intelligence and mobile robots.

    56. LIACC - Universidade Do Porto
    artificial intelligence and computer science Laboratory. About LIACCLocation Brief Information Researchers Projects Papers and Reports
    Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory
    About LIACC Location Brief Information Researchers Projects ... Papers and Reports Events Seminars at LIACC Events Research Groups NCC - Computer Science Group NIAAD - Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis Group

    (includes Machine Learning Group)
    Annual Reports and Activity Plans Previous Reports
    Master Courses (in portuguese)

    University of Porto

    57. Department Of Computer Sciences
    Institute of computer science. Research areas include theoretical computer science, graph grammars, visual programming, computational linguistics, evolutionary computation, parallel and distributed systems, soft computing, fault tolerance, object oriented systems, pattern recognition, data warehousing, scientific databases, workflow management, performance evaluation, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and simulation.
    Department of Computer Sciences Home Page


    School Portal
    [in German]



    Dept. of Computer Sciences
    Department of Computer Sciences
    News Tag der Informatik 2003 am 25. April 2003 Contact

    Address, Chair, Secretary,
    Maps ... News
    News, Job offers, Calendar of Events, Institutes Theoretical Computer Science Programming Languages and Programming Methodologies ... Hardware Software Codesign B. Research Group Business Applications School Portal (Schulportal) [only in German] Academics Advisory Service Computer Science Computational Engineering ... Research Research Topics, Common Research Projekts Publications People Professors, Staff Job Database Job database of the Computer Science Department Search People: Web pages: Contact Last modified: 2003-04-01 19:14

    58. University Of Calgary -- Computer Science Home Page
    Department of computer science. Research areas artificial intelligence, Biological Modeling and Visualization, Graphics, computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Human computer Interaction (HCI), computer Vision, Programming Languages, Quantum Computing, Software Engineering.
    Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. The primary purpose of our web site is to provide on-line educational resources to three types of World Wide Web visitors:

    59. Home Page Of HOLGER H. HOOS
    Assistant Professor at the Department of computer science, University of British Columbia (Canada). Research includes topics from artificial intelligence, Bioinformatics, Electronic Commerce, and computer Music.
    This is the master copy at UBC, Canada . There is a mirror at TUD, Germany
    Holger's Home Page
    [Home] [Research] [Other Interests] [Music Cabinet] ... [Links]
    This page is (in)frequently updated, please keep watching it! - Last update 03/03/31
    General Information
    I am an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, BC (Canada) . Vancouver is a beautiful city and a great place to live; if you want to see what the weather's like in Downtown Vancouver, click here . I am also an Early Career UBC Scholar and a Faculty Associate of the Peter-Wall Institute for Advanced Studies At UBC, I am currently teaching CPSC 532D , a graduate course on Stochastic Search Algorithms that I have developed last year. I have recently been teaching CPSC 421 , an introductory theory course for undergraduates, and CPSC 536A , a bioinformatics course I have developed in 2000 together with Anne Condon. I plan to offer the bioinformatics course (now CPSC 545) again in Autumn 2003, and the stochastic search algorithms course possibly in Autumn 2004. I currently serve as a programme co-chair for ISMIR 2003 (the 4th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval), and I am a co-organiser of the

    60. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Artificial Intelligence (Computer Science)
    Looking for the best facts and sites on artificial intelligence? This HomeworkCentralsection focuses on 'computer science' and 'computers' and 'Technology
    Home About Us Newsletters My Products ... Product Info Center
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    Artificial Intelligence

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  • Artificial Intelligence (Columbia Encyclopedia)
  • Can Machines Think? ... Contact Us
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