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         Artists Gauguin Paul:     more books (102)
  1. Gauguin Tahiti by Paul Gauguin, Claire FrEches-Thory, 2004-02-02
  2. Paul Gauguin: A Journey to Tahiti (Adventures in Art) by Christoph Becker, 2001-09
  3. Gauguin's Intimate Journals by Paul Gauguin, 1997-01-07
  4. The Symbolism of Paul Gauguin: Erotica, Exotica, and the Great Dilemmas of Humanity by Henri Dorra, 2007-02-20
  5. Paul Gauguin by David Sweetman, 1996-02-21
  6. Gauguin (Masters of Art) by Robert Goldwater, 2004-05-11
  7. Noa Noa: The Tahiti Journal of Paul Gauguin by Paul Gauguin, 1994-09-01
  8. Gauguin: Artists in Focus by Salvesen Britt, Douglas W. Druick, et all 2001-09-01
  9. Intimate Journals of Paul Gauguin by Paul Gauguin, 1985-01-04
  10. Paul Gauguin (The Life and Work of) by Paul Flux, 2002-04
  11. Paul Gauguin: Images from the South Seas (Pegasus Paperbacks) by Eckhard Hollmann, 2001-08
  12. Paul Gauguin: Tahiti by Paul Gauguin, 1998-07-02
  13. Paul Gauguin: Pages inedites (French Edition) by Paul Gauguin, 1995
  14. Gauguin's Letters from the South Seas by Paul Gauguin, 1992-07-14

21. WetCanvas: Virtual Museum: Individual Artists: Paul Gauguin
wealthy banker Gustave Arosa to be paul's guardian In June, gauguin moved once more,to PontAven cheap lodging but the company of appreciative fellow-artists.
Today: We can't help your paint dry any faster, but we can help you pass the time... C OMMUNITY C ONTENT C HANNELS C ALENDARS I NFOCENTER Choose ... The WC! Home Page First Time Visitor? Join our Community! Message Forums Product Reviews Chat in the Cafe Virtual Palette! Art Projects Critique Center Reference Image Library Article Publisher Cool WC! Gear Subscribe - Support WetCanvas! WC! Web Hosting WC! Member Sites Choose ... Abstract/Contemporary Art Acrylics Art Business Art History Cafe Guerbois Colored Pencil Computers/Technology Creativity Corner Critique Center Digital Art En Plein Aire Fantasy/Sci-Fi Art Figure, The Glass Art Illustration Landscapes Mixed Media/Alt. Materials/Other New User Channel Oil Painting Pastels Photography Portraiture Printmaking Sculpture Still Life, The Studio Tips Teacher's Toolbox Tole/Decorative/Porcelain/China Watercolors WC! Events WC! Site Discussions Choose ... Competitions Exhibitions Workshops/Classes Choose ... WetCanvas! FAQ Online Media Kit Mailing List Contact Us! Home Virtual Museum Individual Artists : Paul Gauguin Additional Exhibits Biography Related Books Related Videos CD-ROMS Paintings Posters Illustrations Drawings Sketches Etchings Sculptures Photographs Portraits Other Items Paul Gauguin was born in Paris on 7 June 1848. His father Clovis was a radical journalist, and there was radical blood on his mother's side too - Aline was the daughter of the Peruvian-born feminist and socialist Flora Tristan. But the year of Paul's birth was a bad time for radicals. By November 1848, Louis Napoleon had seized power in France, and his political opponents had a tendency to disappear. Clovis decided to visit his wife's relatives, and the family sailed to Peru in 1849.

22. Art Gallery Worldwide - Unique Oil Painting - Replications Famous Artists
Gasser, Daniel 1948 , gauguin, paul 1848-1903. Rubens, Peter paul 1577-1640,Rockwell, Norman 1894-1978. To Oil Painting. Famous artists - click here.
click on the name of the artist for select another one... Botero, Fernando [1932 - ] Chagall, Marc [1887-1985] Cezanne, Paul [1839-1906] da Vinci, Leonardo [1452-1519 ... Gasser, Daniel [1948- ] Gauguin, Paul [1848-1903] Klimt, Gustav [1862-1918] Lempicka, Tamara de [1898-1980] Matisse, Henri [1869-1954] Marc, Franz [1880-1916] ... van Gogh, Vincent [1853-1890] For Details and more Information - please click on the picture... Two Haitian Woman w. Mangos Why are you angry 1896 Deux Tahitiannes... Woman with Mango Fatata te Miti Woman holding a Fruit 1893 Home Oil Painting Famous Artists How to order about us Your Portrait contact
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23. Gauguin Links And Resources |
02 Web Museum paul gauguin - Images and biography presented online throughthis infamous and long-running web-based archive of great art and artists.
MUSEUMS EXHIBITS EVENTS NEWS ... email this page keyword search Gauguin Items at Auction Books and CDs Organizations General Links ... Gauguin Books .. why not take a moment to view the latest special offers and new arrivals for Gauguin .. available on .. this link will quickly deliver the results to your screen. Gauguin Auction .. the auction site offers a continually updated database of unique and hard to find items that relate to Gauguin .. from museum reproductions to original artwork .. you can find it here.
links art artists :: gauguin
Gauguin - Links
FEATURED LINKS search for more add a link Post Impressionism
Guggenheim Collection Online - Post-Impressionism

RELATED ORGANIZATIONS Albright-Knox Art Gallery Buffalo, NY, USA
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Berkeley, CA, USA
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24. Web Museum: Paul Gauguin - Quick Details From
Web Museum paul gauguin. OVERVIEW Images and biography presented online throughthis infamous and long-running web-based archive of great art and artists. >> Web Museum: Paul Gauguin Email this page Print Edit Web Museum: Paul Gauguin OVERVIEW - Images and biography presented online through this infamous and long-running web-based archive of great art and artists CLICK to ENTER THIS RESOURCE
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25. Books On Or About Gauguin, Paul
Robert John Goldwater paul gauguin (First Impressions) by paul gauguin, Howard Greenfeldpaul gauguin (Getting to Know the World's Greatest artists) by Mike
Gauguin, Paul Cezanne Gauguin Seurat Van Gogh : First Loan Exhibition New York by New York, . Museum of Modern Art.
Color Your Own Gauguin Paintings
by Paul Gauguin, Marty Noble
by Paul Gaugin, Paul Gauguin
by Belinda Thomson
by Robert Goldwater

by Daniel Wildenstein
by Marianne Grivel, et al
Gauguin : Escape to Eden (Great Artists Series)
by David Spence
Gauguin : The Quest for Paradise (Discoveries Series)
by Francoise Cachin
Gauguin and the Impressionists at Pont-Aven
by Judy Le Paul, Charles-Guy Le Paul Gauguin and the Nabis : Prophets of Modernism by Arthur Ellridge, Arthur Elldrige Gauguin by Himself by Paul Gauguin Gauguin by Himself by Belinda Thompson(Editor), et al

26. Paul Gauguin @ Artform Gallery The Female Nude In Art
of classical masterpieces by famous artists.

27. Paul Gauguin Prints
artists are listed alphabetically by their last name. A Gainsborough, Thomas gauguin,paul Geddes, Anne Gericault, Theodore Giacometti, Alberto Giger, HR Goings
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Paul Gauguin Prints
Art Prints Abstract Prints Art Deco Prints Baroque Prints ... Mounted
We make it easy to buy Paul Gauguin Prints online. First, click on the image you are interested in. Then click on the "add to cart" button. From there, you can check out, continue shopping, or have your Paul Gauguin Prints professionally framed or mounted.
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Afternoon Rest
Art Print
39 in. x 28 in.
document.writeln(''); order info document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); document.writeln('');
Two Tahitian Women with Mango, 1899
Art Print
23 in. x 28 in.
document.writeln(''); order info document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); Woman with Mango Art Print 23 in. x 29 in. document.writeln(''); order info document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); Hail Mary Art Print 23 in. x 29 in.

28. Artists Illustrating Boys Fashions: Paul Gauguin
artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions paul gauguin (18481903). Figure1.gauguin entitled this portrait a M. Loulou. It is a portrait
Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Paul Gauguin (1848-1903)
Figure 1. Gauguin entitled this portrait a "M. Loulou." It is a portrait of Louis Le Ray, the son of a Breton friend. The boy wears a velvet Fauntleroy suit and lace collar with long uncurled hair. It was painted about 1890. Gauguin was one of the foremost painters of the Post-impressionist movement. Together with Cezanne and Van Gogh, they reshaped modern art. He was born in Paris. His father was a journalist from Orleans. His mother was partly Peruvian. He had a cosmopolitan childhood, growing up in Lima, Orleans, and Paris. He was a seaman, served in the French Navy during the Franco- Prussian War, and worked as a stock broker and successful bank agent. He did not begin to paint until 1873 after his marriage. He exhibited his first work in 1876 and begun to revolutionize modern art. I only know one boy he painted, the son of a friend, but it is a wonderful piece.
Gauguin was the son of a journalist from Orleans and of a mother who was half French and half Peruvian Creole. He was born in Paris on June 7, 1848. I have few details at this time on his childhood or how he was dressed as a boy. He had a cosmopolitan childhood, growing up in Lima, Orleans, and Paris. He spent 4 years in Lima getting to know his mother's family.
Early Life
Gauguin had a rather adventurous early life. At the age of 17 he left home to be a seaman in the merchant marine. He served in the French Navy during the Franco-Prussian War.

29. Academic Directories
WebMuseum paul gauguin Nicholas Pioch's WebMuseum, Paris offers this overviewof the life and art of gauguin with links to images and related artists.

30. Paul Gauguin Paintings Wallpapers Prints Art Gallery Galleries Wallpapers Deskto
gauguin, paul Afternoon Rest gauguin, paul Life's Questions gauguin, paul gauguin,paul Hail Mary by Nationality Art Deco Art Nouveau Art Spoofs artists of The
G auguin Art Prints art desktop gallery, painting, images , desktop wallpapers download
Buy Posters and Prints at! Top what's new About this site desktop art download:Renoir Paintings wallpapers gallery downloads art,reproductions,paintings,prints,reproduction,painting,print,artist,artists,gallery,images,jpegs, archives, art museum fine art encyclopedia museum exhibit museum exhibit art galleries art galleries art museum art museum art exhibit art exhibit Desktop Art paintings gallery,Wallpapers paintings art pictures galleries wallpapers desktop themes posters images gallery download photos, desktop themes, wallpapers, image gallery, free Wallpaper, photos, wallpaper, free photos, wallpapers, graphics, free graphics, desktop, computer wallpaper, wall paper, window wallpaper, free photos, free photos, wallpapers, graphics, free graphics, desktop, wall paper, window Paul Gauguin paintings Paul Gauguin pictures biography information gallery galleries Paul Gauguin [French Post-Impressionist Painter, 1848-1903] Guide to pictures of works by Paul Gauguin in art museum sites and image archives worldwide

31. Gauguin Paul, Digitograph Gallery #520
gauguin paul Flowers and Cats 318. gauguin paul Self Portrait 357. NOTENew images for the artists you are viewing will be added constantly.
Artist Index 5 Centuries of Art Collection
Gauguin, Paul
Please wait for download Gauguin Paul "Women Of Tahiti" 346 Gauguin Paul "Paysage De Bretagne" 355 Gauguin Paul "Woman And A White Horse" 334 Gauguin Paul "The Market" 345
Gauguin Paul "Woman with Gardenia" 319 Gauguin Paul "Woman with Mango" 333 Gauguin Paul "When Are You Getting Married" 317 Gauguin Paul "Flowers and Cats" 318 Gauguin Paul "Self Portrait" 357 NOTE: New images for the artists you are viewing will be added constantly. The works presented here are only a partial sampling of our extensive archives. Gallery 519 Gallery 521 CUSTOM CANVAS DIGITOGRAPH PAINTING All pictures available with following sizes proportionally, flat on fine art canvas unframed. Prices are depend to the size, quantity, collectors or artist's royalty, oil brush stroke and customer specifications.Please Contact us for more informtion.

32. Gauguin Paul, Digitograph Gallery #519
Bretagne 355, gauguin paul Self Portrait 357. NOTE New images forthe artists you are viewing will be added constantly. The works
Artist Index 5 Centuries of Art Collection
Gauguin, Paul
Please wait for download Gauguin Paul "Ia Orana Maria" 885 Gauguin Paul "Two Figures on a Tahitian Beach" 895 Gauguin Paul "Letter" 827 Gauguin Paul "The Appeal" 883
Gauguin Paul "Farm at the Pouldu" 356 Gauguin Paul "Entrance to a Village" 381 Gauguin Paul "The White Horse" 367 Gauguin Paul "Fatata Te Miti" 369 Next Page
Gauguin Paul "Maire Henry" 316
Gauguin Paul "The Market" 345
Gauguin Paul "When Are You Getting..." 317
Gauguin Paul "Woman And White Horse" 334
Gauguin Paul "Woman With Gardenia" 319
Gauguin Paul "Woman With Mango" 333
Gauguin Paul "Women Of Tahiti" 346
Gauguin Paul "Flowers And Cats" 318
Gauguin Paul "Landscape, Arles" 379

33. Paul Gauguin (Getty Museum)
Previous /. artists. paul gauguin, 12 of 2 previous next . Born1848, Died 1903 Painter, Draftsman French May the day come soon


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Video Gallery
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Paul Gauguin of 2
Born 1848, Died 1903
Painter, Draftsman
May the day come soon when I'll be myself in the woods of an ocean island! To live there in ecstasy, calmness and art. . . . There in Tahiti I shall be able to listen to the sweet murmuring music of my heart's beating in the silence of the beautiful tropical nights. Writing to his wife in 1887, Paul Gauguin expressed his desire to seek an earthly paradise in the South Seas. He arrived in Tahiti in 1891. While painting idealized visions of Polynesian culture, he relied on the Tahitians to provide him with food, models, and female companionship. Gauguin remained in Tahiti for two years, producing sculptures, woodcuts , and images of young women in Edenic landscapes. Gauguin first became enthusiastic about painting in the 1860s. By 1874 he was working with Camille Pisarro, who drew him into the Impressionist circle. Quickly abandoning Impressionism, he began using simplified lines and recurring shapes, covering the picture surface with large areas of flat color bounded by clearly marked lines. In the fall of 1888, Gauguin joined Vincent van Gogh in Arles, but the two quickly parted ways. Gauguin abandoned Europe permanently in 1895, having failed to sell many of the works from his first Tahitian excursion. He died in the Marquesas Islands in 1903.
Tahitian Woman Head with Horns Home Explore Art Visitor Guide About Us ... Site Map Printer-friendly version

34. Gotham Book Directory -- Art - Artists - De - Paul Gauguin
paul gauguin,

35. Easyart: Art History: Artists: Paul Gauguin
paul gauguin. Wouldn't you just know it? paul gauguin Two TahitianWomen With Mangos 1899 35cm X 29cm £13.95. Easyart ID 10602, gauguin

36. Art History Network Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn
Escher, Maurits Cornelis·coming soon! gauguin, paul Goya, Francisco Haring, KeithKahlo, Frida Kandinsky, Wassily Klee, paul. American artists.

37. Art History Network Paul Gauguin
submit_ad. Home. paul gauguin. Art Historical Era, artists, Civilizations. Imagesand Virtual Tours. ·Mark Harden's Artchivepaul gauguin ·OCAIW paul gauguin.

38. Guggenheim Collection - Artists
Translate this page gauguin, paul Giacometti, Alberto Gilbert and George Gleizes, Albert Gober, RobertGoncharova, Natalia, González, Julio Gonzalez-Torres, Felix Gorky, Arshile
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Abramovic, Marina

Acconci, Vito

Albers, Josef

Andre, Carl
Zorio, Gilberto

39. Gauguin, Paul
Biography paul gauguin Artist France Born 7 Jun 1848 Died 8 May 1903 gauguin wasborn in Aven, where he became the pivot of a group of artists who were
Artsworld links Pissarro
National Gallery, Scotland

Gogh, Vincent van

Munch, Edvard
Art and Architecture on Artsworld TV

Paul Gauguin
Artist France Born 7 Jun 1848
Died 8 May 1903
At the time of his death few would have agreed with Gauguin's self-assessment: 'I am a great artist and I know it. It is because I am that I have endured such suffering.' His reputation was firmly established, however, when 227 of his works were shown at the Salon d'Automne in Paris in 1906, and his influence has been enormous. The Nabis were formed under his inspiration, he was a leading figure of the Symbolist movement and one of the sources for Fauvism. Later he has been one of the major influences on the general non-naturalistic trend of 20thcent. art. Because of the romantic appeal of his life and personality, particularly his willingness to sacrifice everything for his art, Gauguin has been with van Gogh the most common subject for popular and fictional biography, including the novel 'The Moon and Sixpence' (1919) by Maugham, and the opera (1957) of the same title by John L Gardner.
From Ian Chilvers, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists © Oxford University Press 1990, 1996

40. Art History At Loggia | The Artist Paul Gauguin At A Glance
home art art history artists dg gauguin paul gauguin at aGlance. Self Portrait with Yellow Christ, by paul gauguin artist

art art history artists ... d-g Gauguin
Paul Gauguin at a Glance

Self Portrait with Yellow Christ , by Paul Gauguin
artist Paul Gauguin
period Post-Impressionism

More about Paul Gauguin
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