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         Artists Lives & Works General:     more books (45)
  1. The Great Artists: The Lives and Works of 100 of the World's Greatest Artists by Susie Hodge, 2010-04-29
  2. American Women Painters of the 1930s and 1940s: The Lives and Work of Ten Artists by Robert Henkes, 1991-08
  3. Masters of Art: The World's Great Artists, Their Lives & Works by Natalie Baker, Samm Sinclair Baker, 1987-12
  4. The Actor's City Sourcebook: A Comparative Guide to America's Best Places to Work and Live As a Performing Artist by Andrea Wolper, 1992-09
  5. Vasari's Lives of the Artists: Giotto, Masaccio, Fra Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian by Giorgio Vasari, 2005-07-26
  6. Lives and Works: Talks With Women Artists by Beryl Smith, Joan Arbeiter, et all 1996-09
  7. Expatriate Experience and American Women Artists: Creative Lives and Creative Work in Context by Mary Anne Rose, 2009-05-08
  8. Giotto and Medieval Art : The lives and works of the Medieval artists by Lucia Corrain, Sergio Ricciardi, et all 2001-02-09
  9. A Dictionary of Artists of the English School: Painters, Sculptors, Architects, Engravers and Ornamentists: With Notices of Their Lives and Work by Samuel Redgrave, 2010-02-24
  10. Great Artists: The Lives of 50 Painters Explored Through Their Work by Robert Cumming, 1998-05-01
  11. Lives and Works by Joan Arbeiter, 1999-02-11
  12. Joan Jonas: I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances) (One Work) by Susan Morgan, 2006-09-15
  13. Edmund Morris: Frontier Artist (Dundurn Lives) by Jean S. McGill, 1996-07-26
  14. Orpen: William Orpen 1878-1931 (Lives of Irish Artists) by Bruce Arnold, 1991-10

1. ...:.::.::: InSITE General Information :::..:..
Romanticism in Europe and the United States. artists, Patrons, works the first European artists to treat the lives of women and to the death of general Wolfe and clothe the

General Information
Press Releases
NEWS RELEASE July, 2000 Media Contact: Barbara Metz
Public Relations Director/US
The Binational Arts Project inSITE2000 Presents New Projects By Artists of the Americas In the San Diego/Tijuana Region
October 2000 through February 2001. Works - ranging from new media and installation to performance, spectacle, film and video - can best been experienced during four " Exploration Weekends SAN DIEGO/TIJUANA - The fourth edition of inSITE, a contemporary arts project organized jointly by institutions in the United States and Mexico, will open Oct. 13, 2000, and run through Feb. 25, 2001, at various sites in San Diego and Tijuana. Approximately 30 new works by 34 artists from throughout the Americas will debut at various times during 19 weeks of public programming. Projects will range from new media and installation to performance and spectacle, film and video. "The heart of inSITE is the process of realizing new projects by artists from throughout the Americas in the course of sustained residencies in the binational region," said Michael Krichman, inSITE2000 executive director/US. "Many of the artists have enlisted the active participation of the public in the development of their projects," he said. As in other versions of inSITE, projects will be dispersed throughout the region in unexpected venues in San Diego and Tijuana, the most heavily trafficked border region in the world. Most works will be accessible free of charge.

2. ISLAMABAD: Shaukat Lauds Miniature Artists' Works -DAWN - Local; 21 September, 2
List of artists. Tatiana Antoshina lives and works in Moscow Olga Bulgakova lives and works in Moscow Dorothee Chemiakine lives and works in Greece
21 September 2001 Friday 03 Rajab 1422
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ISLAMABAD: Shaukat lauds miniature artists' works
By Mohammad Yasin

ISLAMABAD, Sept 20: Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz while appreciating the works of young painters said on Thursday that "miniature art reflects our culture and intricate values."
He made this observation while inaugurating an exhibition of miniature paintings, curated by Prof Bashir Ahmed, curator of miniature department, National College of Arts (NCA) in coordination with the Pakistan National Council of Arts at the National Gallery of Arts here Thursday evening.
A large numbers of painters, art connoisseurs, art teachers and government officials attended the function.
The minister said: "Miniature art portrays our most refined feelings, emotions and sentiments articulated and fine tuned by us through labour of centuries."
He said that miniature art had been an indigenous medium which "unfolds with force the colours and fine contours of our heritage where other mediums feel handicapped."
Mr Aziz pledged that the government would encourage young talents produced by the National College of Arts to rise on the international horizons of arts. He said, exhibition of miniature paintings would not only encourage young artists but also introduce this rare medium to the art lovers in the country as well as in the world.

3. - General
Butler's lives of the Saints ND Great works of Western by classic narratives fromButler's lives of the Questions of Community artists, Audiences, Coalitions.

4. Collection Of Works By Renowned Chinese Artists: Bingsen Liu, Xuesi Liu, And Xue
The Mind's Journey the Song Revolution A film on China's intellectual transformation THE MIND'S JOURNEY THE SONG REVOLUTION. Yet, the general public today knows little or nothing about looking at the lives and works of the men and and the thinkers and artists of the period formulated what
Home About Programs Affiliated ...
Special Events
The Mind's Journey: the Song Revolution
A film on China's intellectual transformation
The four-part documentary series, which will be shot in digital High Definition (HD) under the direction of Peter Way and Wang Xiao Shuai, is being co-produced by Agathe Berman of Les films d'ici in Paris and Erica Marcus of San Francisco in collaboration with Muse Film and Television in New York. The four one-hour programs are designed for public television and educational use. The production budget for the four-part series is estimated at $1,412,748.
From the 10 th through the 14 th centuries China transformed itself into the wealthiest and most developed society the world had ever known. The images of that fabulous world as recounted by Marco Polo in the early part of the 14 th profoundly influenced European thinkers and propelled Europe into the most important of all revolutions - the Humanist revolution. The cities, roads, canals, boats, hospitals, markets, parks, and, not least of all, the paper money, which Marco Polo described along with the printed books he brought back stimulated new ideas and technology, which later transformed European society. Today, only the experts know anything about China's contribution to the Humanist revolution of the 15

5. Biennale Of Sydney 2002 - Education 2001
an accessible broad overview and general description of artists Commentaries GaryHill; Fiona Hall; Ken Unsworth; Neshat b. Qazvin Iran 1957, lives works New York



This Education Kit has been produced in consultation with a group of specialist secondary art teachers, and tertiary and museum art educators. It is an information resource designed to supplement the catalogue and education kit of the Biennale of Sydney 2000.
The kit has been targeted at general adult readers, teachers and secondary students and developed to address the specific needs and issues of the new Stage 6 Syllabus for Visual Arts being introduced into New South Wales High Schools.
This new syllabus explores the idea of art practice being situated within a complex system of exchange. With this premise in mind, the Biennale of Sydney Education Kit 2001 contains two short essays that describe aspects of the contemporary art world. Available to access via PDF, these essays were originally delivered as lectures accompanied by slides. These texts contain informal generalisations, references and colloquialisms. However, the aim of these essays- The Museum as Encoded Space and What is the Artworld?, is to give an accessible broad overview and general description of some of the operations and interconnections that occur within the international and Australian art worlds.
In response to teacher's desires this kit also contains an overview of Everyday (Biennale of Sydney 1998) and the most recent exhibition, the Biennale of Sydney 2000. Accompanying these short texts are a selection of references to Australian and International newspaper and journal reviews.

6. General Information - Programs, LRAHM
With the aid of slides, examine the lives and works of various artists of the 19thand 20th centuries who experienced significant psychological and/or
Be a Sunday Artist
Sundays from 1:00 to 3:45 pm
Clare Bice Creative Centre

Drop in and join in the hands-on art activities before or after a self-guided tour of museum exhibitions. Every talent is welcomed and encouraged to participate free of charge. We supply the materials and a monitor is ready to assist you ... so just bring your imagination and have fun with family and friends!
Parents and guardians of children under 10 years of age are asked to supervise their budding artists .
Wednesday Midday at Museum London, Wednesdays at 12:10 pm
Join us for free lectures, videos and concerts on Wednesdays.
Adult and Children's Art Classes
A wide variety of art classes for both adults and children are offered three times a year. For details and times contact Cydna Mercer, 661-0330 ext.244
Tour Programs
Guided, curriculum-based tours for elementary and secondary students are available from Tuesday to Friday, mornings and afternoons, both at Museum London and historic Eldon House. Click here to access a PDF version of the program.

Doug Aitken, born in 1968, lives and works in New In his work, AA Bronson often fallsback on experiences he made as a member of the artists' group general

MIRJAM KUITENBROUWER AA BRONSON DOUG AITKEN WALTER OBHOLZER "To Each Time its Art, to Art its Freedom." The words of its founders still determine the Secession's exhibition program for this, the year 2000. In keeping with recent tradition, the Secession will stand by its complex and critical approach to a coming to terms with the diverse fields of reality in contemporary art today. The attempt to translate questions arising from the personal, the regional, and the medium-specific into a common language might be seen as the connecting thread of the different exhibition projects. A characteristic feature of the way the Secession settles on its program is the democratic decision-making process instated by the statutes of 1897: the artists elected to the board (at present Manfred Erjautz, Matthias Herrmann, Johanna Kandl, Willi Kopf, Brigitte Kowanz, Anna Meyer, Constanze Ruhm, Stefan Sandner, Matta Wagnest, Martin Walde, Heimo Zobernig) invite other artists to exhibit. This makes a wide range of artistic positions possible; what they share is their striving toward a precision in artistic thought. All exhibitions are accompanied by a publication. DIANA THATER Diana Thater, Delphine, 1999

8. Exemplary Proposals U Of MN Faculty Summer Research Fellowships
cannot be overestimated, for these works often provide to the study of women artists’lives is how on women’s chaste conduct and general segregation from
Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
Exemplary proposals to the Faculty Summer Research Fellowships and McKnight Summer Fellowships for the Arts and Humanities Program
Back to proposal list The purpose of these fellowship programs is to encourage quality in research and artistic creation by faculty members by permitting them to devote time during the summer to intensive work on a specific, well-focused project.
Deconstructing the Life-stories of Italian Women Artists, 1500-1750"
Julia K. Dabbs

University of Minnesota, Morris Abstract: vite of eight prominent women artists active in Italy between 1500 - 1750 to identify the thematic patterns and rhetorical strategies used to characterize these exceptional females. The overall structure of their relatively brief life-stories, as well as specific aspects of content such as anecdotes, will then be compared to those found in the biographical accounts of male artists from this period. Preliminary research suggests that women creators were perceived and mythologized in significantly different ways than their male colleagues; by revealing such distinctions, this study will refine our conception of the artist, and highlight the pervasive cultural prejudices that women encountered. This study will aid my development of a course on "Women and Art," and also result in an introductory essay for a book project entitled "Women and Art in the Early Modern Period: Sources and Documents."

9. Welfare State International - Artists
She lives and works in London but is relocating to Ulverston for the year. Recent WSI Projects Ford, artists' Forum, A Child's Eye View.
Programme 2002/2003


Recent Projects


About Welfare State
Rites of Passage


Contact LANTERNHOUSE THE ELLERS ULVERSTON CUMBRIA LA12 OAA TEL- 01229 581127 FAX - 01229 581232 MINICOM - 01229 587146 Email Us Join Our Mailing list How to Find Us Welfare State Artists Artists John Fox Sue Gill Opportunities for Artists Below is a list of some of the artists who have worked with Welfare State over the last three years. This list is in no recognisable order, and contains many omissions. If you are a Welfare State artist and you wish to amend/add/delete your details from this page please email Anthea Alec Bell Alec is Artistic Director of Northern International Theatre Productions, currently touring with The Burma Play (written by Pam Sandiford). Last year he directed Diving In for Fresh Ground Theatre. Recent WSI Projects Sand

10. Bienal - Official Artists - Saba The Netherlands Antilles - Heleen Cornet
the individual limits of the artistic viewpoint, creating a more general meaning capturedon this tiny Caribbean island of Saba, where she lives and works.
A House for the Jungle (detail)
1996. Installation. Mixed media, 320X390X270 cm
A House for the Jungle (detail)
1996. Installation. Mixed media, 320X390X270 cm
Heleen Cornet
by Rik Lina
"Kykdoos": a House for the Jungle
A house for the jungle, is this not a contradiction? The house as a symbol of security, but can one feel at home in the jungle?
The house as a place to come home to, to be oneself, to be inside the self, a place to rest, to dream, to dream even of the jungle... But the jungle has always been a symbol of the wild, the unknown, the last frontier. These are the last unspoiled places of the planet where nature is still pristine and unchanged by man, by society, by art... these are the emerald forests from the dawn of civilization. The jungle stands also for nostalgia for the pure state when paradisiacal man was still in environmental balance.
These are also the original poetical spaces where our gaze gets a chance to project its dreams far beyond the possibilities of the obvious, the limits of everyday reality. And is not all art, in the final analysis, a special place where poetry reigns, where the love for beauty and freedom takes its natural course?
This is the place where Heleen Cornet projects her own gaze, building her house, her own inner panorama of the jungle.

11. DeCordova Museum And Sculpture Park: General Information
Rona Pondick lives and works in New York City. September 1, 2002 This exhibition ofworks from DeCordova's Style features stunning pieces by artists new to the

For Immediate Release
May 1, 2002 Contact:
Brent Sverdloff 781/259-3628,
Sarah Smith 781/259-3663,
July, August, September 2002 @ DeCordova: Exhibitions and Events New Exhibitions Painting in Boston: 1950-2000
Joyce and Edward Linde Gallery, James and Audrey Foster Galleries, Dewey Family Gallery, Fourth Floor Hallway Gallery
September 14, 2002 - February 23, 2003
Opening Reception: Friday, September 13, 2002 from 6 - 9 pm
DeCordova's landmark retrospective, Painting in Boston: 1950-2000, is unprecedented in scope and depth. Although the history of the first half century of the discipline-the period of the so-called "Boston School"-has been well studied and represented, this cannot be said for the latter half. DeCordova addresses this situation of neglect in a timely manner, while many of the significant figures of the period are still living and able to contribute their knowledge and perspective. Drawn from DeCordova's Permanent Collection, other museums, and private collections, 75 paintings by 67 artists will be mounted in the Museum's main public galleries, which total over 10,000 square feet of exhibition space. The exhibition is structured thematically around the four major stylistic tendencies that have dominated painting in the Boston area over the last five decades:

12. DeCordova Museum And Sculpture Park: General Information
the ubiquity of tools in our lives with art works by 65 artists include sculpturesof tools in been organized by International Arts artists, Washington, DC

For Immediate Release
January 6, 2003
Contact: Brent Sverdloff 781/259-3628,
Sarah Smith 781/259-3663,
Tools as Art: The Hechinger Collection
Joyce and Edward Linde Gallery, Arcade Gallery
March 8 - May 25, 2003
Opening Reception: Friday, March 14, 6 - 8 pm LINCOLN-DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park is proud to be among the seven venues selected for this national traveling exhibition. Tools as Art celebrates the amazing variety of twentieth-century art that represents or incorporates tools and hardware. Tools as Art: The Hechinger Collection recognizes the ubiquity of tools in our lives with art that magically transforms utilitarian objects into fanciful works of beauty, surprise, and wit. Many works confound the barrier between art and life by recycling actual tools or exploiting the illusionistic properties of materials. Several reference labor and the change in production. Others mine the associative potential of tools and underscore the sheer beauty of a tool's design. A small complementary exhibition on the Tools as Art theme-culled from DeCordova Museum's Permanent Collection-is on view in the Arcade Gallery.

13. Women's Studies Links And General Resources - Academic Info
include Historical Profiles ; International Blues Women ; Featured artists ; WomenBehind Wide Web project that focuses on the lives and works of women
Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
Women's Studies
Social Sciences Women's Studies Links We Need Your Help
Please take a minute to make a $10 tax-deductible donation. Academic Info is made possible by the generous financial support of users like you.
Academic Info
19-143rd ST SW
Lynnwood, WA 98037
The Women's Studies Links page is sponsored by How would you like to sponsor this page?
For a $100 tax-deductible donation you, your organization, department, or company are acknowledged here as a sponsor of the Women's Studies Links page.
Email us at for details. Many Women's Studies Organizations list specific Internet resources. Start with:
Women's Studies (R)E-sources on the Web
"The various internet sites listed below are primarily electronic sources or E-SOURCES that may be useful for Women's Studies. These sites will inevitably lead you to additional sources. There are also a few individual fun sites listed as well." Includes history links, archives and collections, resources on the Web, and organizations.

14. UCSC General Catalog 2002–03
Courses introducing key works by significant writers, artists, and thinkers two mainquestions How do individuals construct their lives within the

Programs/Courses Catalog Home Schedule of Classes ... UCSC Home Kresge College Lower-Division Courses 12A. Service Learning (3 credits). W
Students will find an independent field placement with the instructor's assistance, work in the placement, meet weekly, read appropriate texts, keep a journal, and write a final reflection on the experience. Enrollment limited to 15. Enrollment restricted to college members. May be repeated for credit. R. Bunch
12B. Service Learning (2 credits). S
Students will begin or continue to work in the independent field placement they started the previous quarter, meet weekly, read appropriate texts, keep a journal, and write a final reflection on the experience. Enrollment limited to 15. Enrollment restricted to college members. May be repeated for credit. R. Bunch
20. Learning in the Disciplines.
Courses designed to help students develop their capacities in the methods and traditions of the academic disciplines. †C. The Journal as a Learning Tool (3 credits).

15. Cloud Creek Institute For The Arts
teachers and students at CCIA are creating works of art artists and general publiccan only benefit from this will be able to enrich their lives by fulfilling
CLOUD CREEK INSTITUTE FOR THE ARTS, INC. is a Non-Profit, Public Benefit Corporation OUR MISSION To foster and advance creativity and interest in all the arts by helping new artists develop their talents and skills, and to create an environment of respect, appreciation, and support for the arts in the community at large. OUR BELIEFS We believe that: The arts are an integral part of human existence which may in fact define what humanity is; no other being on the planet creates for the express purpose of bringing truth and beauty to itself and others. The arts enrich and fulfill the lives of both those who create and those who appreciate them. The arts must never be viewed as the privilege or property of a elite group of creators or patrons; the arts are for everyone to create and appreciate regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, sex, economic status, etc. Artists must be empowered, encouraged, and enabled (educated) to do their work and enrich us all through their contributions to our culture. The general public must be empowered, encouraged, and enabled (educated) to avail itself of the opportunities for enrichment which are offered by appreciation of the arts. For a community to truly be creative it must be without "gatekeepers;" no one must interfere with the interaction between those who create and those who appreciate the creation; meaning, relevance, beauty, and even truth cannot be second-guessed by intermediaries; all artists not only must have access to the process of creation but also to venues of presentation as well.

16. Biography Collections: General Collections
on biography collections instead of individual lives. philosophers, poets, composers,and artists, along with Literary works of Sanderson Beck Home page of
General Collections Newsmakers Subindex
'These brief sketches introduce the central figures of today's world-their origins and how they reached their level of influence, as well as their accomplishments, their controversies, even their downfalls.' Mini-biographies, images, quotes.
Academy of Achievement
A well-designed and content-rich celebration of modern achievers in a variety of fields. Biographies, interviews, profiles, links and other information are set in a site that is a pleasure to view.
American Dreams
An interesting site, recreating a print edition, that hopes to share the message: "The American Dream Is Alive And Well to Those Who Choose To Chase After It." Included are several good biographies of past and present American Dreamers from Benjamin Franklin to Jim Bickford, the creator of the American Dreams project.
The American Heritage 40
A tribute to the forty wealthiest Americans of all time, with short biographical entries and images.

17. New Painting In Australia: Phenomena - Art Gallery Of New South Wales - Absolute
One of the artists in the exhibition, Howard Taylor, lives and works amongst the Otherartists use compositional devises that equate with more general
submit your arts news media kit about us services ... art history Indepth Arts News: "New Painting in Australia: Phenomena"
2001-06-22 until 2001-08-12
Art Gallery of New South Wales

Sydney, , AU Australia
From the enormous variety of different painters and painting styles currently seen in Australia, the curator has selected a group of fourteen artists who are breaking new grounds in their careers with some of their best works to date. All are individuals, not part of a defined school, yet all share a concern for painting more than just a simulation of what is seen by the eye. Above all, they are concerned with notions of poetry and beauty which can be appreciated over and above their conceptual concerns. One of the artists in the exhibition, Howard Taylor, lives and works amongst the giant karri forests in the far south of Western Australia. While at first glance his work looks abstract, from closer viewing, you get something akin to the feeling of being in the land. In contrast to this, another Western Australian artist, Cathy Blanchflower, has painted brightly coloured paintings that create an optical illusion of shifting patterns that simulate the feeling of being constantly bombarded by visual stimuli such as television, advertising and flashing lights

18. General Presentation
the composer Carl Nielsen describing their lives and works. works by the great paintersof Funen, known as Art a unique collection by these artists is displayed
Middelfart Museum The Regional Farm of Western Funen Danish Printing Museum/Danish Press Museum
The Danish Railway Museum
... The Museums of Odense
MuseumFyn is the museums of Funen’s joint presentation on the Internet. Here you can get a general view of the museums of Funen, and the wide range of themes, artefacts and experiences the museums - and Funen - offer. You can also click for further information on the individual museums, their exhibits and opening hours.
Museum experiences on Funen and surrounding islands
There are many museums to be found on Funen and the islands of Langeland and Aeroe. Most places contain local treasures and odd historical quirks, rare antiquities and household articles. At several sites the buildings themselves are part of the history, at others you have to enter them to experience.
You will find everything from the cells of an old jail, weapons and tools, to glass, jewellery, silverware, maritime artefacts and handicrafts.
On Funen and the neighbouring islands, many remains of the past can be found in the landscape, and there have been several finds of archaeological artefacts. At Hollufgaard, Archaeology and Landscape

19. Chrysler Museum Of Art General Admission
1892) will be on view and can be compared to related works by these artists inthe traveling exhibition. Bob Lerner lives in Yorktown, Virginia.

20. ARTEXT - African American Artists Art General Books
Bearing Witness Contemporary works by AfricanAmerican Women the accomplishmentsof 25 important artists whose work Chronicles the lives and work of nearly
African American Artists
Art General Books
March 2003
Part 1 . . . . . Art Monographs
Part 2 . . . . . Art General Books
Part 3 . . . . . Photography
Part 4 . . . . . Film Studies
Part 5 . . . . . Art of the Caribbean
Home . . . . . . ARTEXT Home Page / Search Database Art General Books: (ADERO A8359)
ADERO, MALAIKA, ed. Up South: Stories, Studies and Letters of this Century's African-American Migrations. xx, 216 pp., plus 32 pp. photos. Important oral history documents. 8vo, 1/4 cloth, d.j. First ed. New York, The New Press, 1995. As new. (Pub. at $25.00). $15.00 [Order] (African American Interest Sheet Music A13512)
[African American theme Sheet Music] EGBERT VAN ALSTYNE (music) and HARRY H. WILLIAMS (words). Navajo (Navaho). [Order]
96 pp. Includes: major piece on Cunningham and Cage, photos by and interviews with Annie Leibovitz, Laurie Booth, Achille Bonito Oliva; work by Lois Greenfield, Anish Kapoor, Chris Nash, Robert Ryman, Jan Vercruysse, Val Wilmer; article on Parade. 4to, stiff wraps. 1993. Near-fine. $16.00 [Order] (ATKINSON A12767)

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