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         Artists Lives & Works General:     more books (45)
  1. An Annotated and Illustrated Version of Giorgio Vasari's History of Italian and Northern Prints from His Lives of the Artists (1550 and 1568: Book 1 by Giorgio Vasari, Robert H. Getscher, 2003-03
  2. Painters and Their Works: A Dictionary of Great Artists Who Are Not Now Alive Giving Their Names, Lives, and the Prices Paid for Their Works at Auctions by Ralph N. James, 2010-02-28
  3. In Her Own Image: Women Working in the Arts (Women's Lives-Women's Work Series) by Elaine Hedges, Ingrid Wendt, 1993-01-01
  4. Jack B Yeats: Jack Butler Yeats, 1871-1957 (Lives of Irish Artists) by Brian P. Kennedy, 1991-10
  5. Paul Henry: 1876-1958 (Lives of Irish Artists) by S. B. Kennedy, 1991-10
  6. Lives and Works: v. 1: Talks with Women Artists
  7. Work of Jean Dubuffet (Signal Lives) by Peter Howard Selz, 1981-11
  8. Live, work, dream.(Springfield Extra)(A Springfield photographer converts his building into a New York-style loft that fits an artist's bill): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2009-04-30
  9. GENERAL DICTIONARY OF PAINTERS; Containing Memoirs of the Lives and Works of the Most Eminent Professors of the Art of Painting from Its Revival By Cimabue, in the Year 1850, to the Present Time and 26 New Lives of Artists of the British School by Matthew, corrected and Revised By Allan Cunningham Pilkington, 1840
  10. Artists: Exploring Art Through the Study of Five Great Lives by Chris Brewer MA, 2004-04-28
  11. The Erotic Lives of Women by Linda Troeller, Marion Schneider, 1998-07
  12. A Pre-Raphaelite Marriage: The Lives and Works of Marie Spartali Stillman & W by David B. Elliot, 2007-01-25
  13. Of Lives Between Lines (Warm Seas) by Daniel Jewesbury, 2001-08-01
  14. Lives and Works in the Arts: From the Renaissance to the 20th Century

21. ASCA-Resources For Artists
It focuses on helping arts educators, general classroom teachers site is to helpartists, teachers, and Poet's Corner Explore the lives, works and influences
resources alaskan arts agencies
Alaska Design Forum
Alaska Junior Theater

Alaska State Museum

Alaska State Website
UAA Department of Music

national resources
is a non-profit, education institution that explores and presents the history and lifeways of pre-industrial Americans through its collection, presentations, and exhibits. The National Endowment for the Arts site features a hyperlinked periodical with features and news about the arts, a guide to the Endowment, and an online arts resource center. Looking for info on the arts in other states? Visit the gateway to state arts agencies across the country. The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) is the membership organization of the nation's state and jurisdictional arts agencies. NASAA's mission is to provide member agencies with the information, resources and representation they require to engage issues proactively and to serve the public effectively. Americans for the Arts is the national organization that supports the arts and culture through private and public resource development, leadership development, public policy development, information services, public awareness and education.

22. No Girls Allowed: Women Of The Beat Generation
as a young woman seeking her place among the writers and artists of the and the Beatmovement in general and then turning to the lives and works of several
Jennifer Love No Girls Allowed: Women Poets and the Beat Generation
by: Jennifer Love
MA Candidate English Literature
MFA Candidate Creative Writing/Poetry
Chapman University
Orange, CA From Minor Characters, Joyce Johnson. In Joyce Johnson's conclusion to her memoir, Minor Characters
Read more by downloading the entire article
Because we at women writers are concerned that some of our scholarly work has been plagiarized by students seeking quick cheats rather than legitimate research, we have gone to a format that is less easy to "copy and paste" and that is more readable and printable. Click here to read the entire article . If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can download a free copy here Home Listserv Articles ... Read this essay on why you should buy the books you click through on with the link you click on

23. Womens Biography Sites, Arts & Entertainment
http// profiles women and men whose literary livesare presented in varying degrees of depth regarding their lives works.
Welcome! W o m e ... s
Created by Sharon Hushka, January 2000
Peace Integrity Enlightenment
General HerStory International ...
Links in
Order What's New
General Literature ... Music
Animated Women
provides a few paragraphs about seven women who have contributed to art and drama of theater and movies. BBC's Centurions "The artists represented in Centurions were selected in the following way. BBC Radio Producers were invited to submit their proposals of who are the greatest (nonmusical) artists of the twentieth-century. A combined list of about 800 artists was assembled." Some of the women listed include Doris Lessing, Virginia Woolf, and Sylvia Plath. Celebhoo is an entertainment site with links to fan's web sites about contemporary celebrities. CelebrityWonder allows access to profiles, pictures, fan sites, and cartoons about women and men of popular fame.

24. Women's Biography Sites, Diversity
Chicana Latina Profilesnine women who are artists, activists, politicians, or Hispanicsin the World History highlights the works and lives of women
Welcome! W o m e ... s
Created by Sharon Hushka, January 2000
Peace Integrity Enlightenment Diversity
General HerStory International ...
Links in
Order What's New Diversity African American Asian Jewish Latina, Mexican American ... Multiculatural
African American Top of Diversity Page Table of Contents ... African American Heroes of the Era, 1865-1945 includes biographies about women and men who made a difference. (Presented by World Book.) African American Inventors profiles 9 women and men and their inventions (provided by Brittanica) African American Women accounts of slavery. African American Women Scientist Browse the Index of Women profiled by the Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences project. Includes biographies and references. African American Women Writers of the 19th Century are biographies and autobiographies of their actual works that have been digitalized on-line, courtesy of the New York Library.

25. Ryerson Library - Reference Shelf - Biographies
professions, literary and artistic works, achievements, and lives, the Biography ResourceProvides links on Canadian celebrities, artists, writers, politicians

Reference Tools Biographies
Artistic Lives Entertainment/Media Lives General Lives Historical Lives ...
Womens' Lives
Artistic Lives
  • Artists' Biographies
    One of the most comprehensive sites for information about painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, designers and other artists. Of the more than 16,000 biographies lists, some 15,000 are derived from articles in The Grove Dictionary of Art.
    There are two primary search options; biographies of 20th century and contemporary visual artists from an alphabetical list or artist's name from a list organized by art movement, style or medium. Union List of Artist Names (ULAN)
    ULAN is a structured vocabulary "that contains around 220,000 names and other information about artists". The scope is global and the periods covered are from antiquity to the present.
Entertainment/Media Lives
  • All Media Guide
    This site provides information on all types of musicians, with biographical details presented in six languages, information on recordings, tours and history, listings and links to major influences, and a summary of the artist's/group's achievements.

26. Aerospace Education Center - Russian Space Art - About The
He studied art at the Byelorussia Art Institute and is a member of the ByelorussianArtists Union. Poplavski lives and works in Minsk, the republic's
Russian Space Art - About The Artists
Vladmir Dzhanibekov Alexei Leonov Georgii Poplavski Andrei Sokolov
Vladmir Dzhanibekov
Dzhanibekov is one of the former Soviet Union's most experienced cosmonauts and one of two space explorers/artists represented in this collection. Born in 1942, he now lives in the city most space artists can only hope to visit: Zvezdny Gorodok, "Star City." This is an entire town created around the center for cosmonaut training, where the cosmonauts and their families can live together. Star City is in a rural, wooded setting not far from Moscow and resembles a comfortable and attractive retirement village more than it does a military base. Dzhanibekov is a cosmonaut and a major-general in the Russian Air Force, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. He became a cosmonaut in 1970 and made five flights as spacecraft commander, spending an aggregate of 146 days in space between 1978 and 1985. He commanded the heroic effort that saved the Salyut 7 space station in 1985. He studied art at the V. Komarov Higher Air Force School at Eisk. He is a member of the USSR Artists Union and its Cosmic Group. He's held numerous exhibitions in the former Soviet Union, the United States, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

27. Liz Magor - Women Artists In Canada - Celebrating Women's Achievements
In 2001, she was one of ten artists invited to take part in the National Galleryof Canada's Elusive Paradise She currently lives and works in British
Liz Magor
Sculptor, Photographer Liz Magor
Hollow , by Liz Magor, 1998-1999
Liz Magor's installations in sculpture and photography examine questions of time, identity, and existence. Magor was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1948, one of five children. She and her family moved to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, in the early 1950s. She attended the University of British Columbia from 1966 to 1968. She then moved on to the Parsons School of Design in New York City, studying there from 1968 to 1970, before finishing her formal training at the Vancouver School of Art in 1971. In the early years of her career, Magor lived in Vancouver. She extensively explored the Lower Mainland coast of British Columbia, collecting and sorting various types of natural materials. Her early works were concerned with the idea of "natural multiples" identical, or nearly identical items, which appeared in nature rather than being manufactured. In early works such as The Birdnester (early 1970s), Magor presented these natural objects using modern production and marketing methods. At the same time, she investigated the subtle differences that occurred amongst these seemingly identical items. Later pieces of this period, for example Four Boys and a Girl (1979), involved the creation of her own multiples; she presented the means of creation, and the finished products, together in the same work. Many of her works were created using non-traditional organic materials that changed or decayed over time, creating subtle differences amongst the objects. Her interest was in the processes of creation and destruction, as much as the product itself.

28. Frances Loring - Florence Wyle - Women Artists In Canada - Celebrating Women's A
Sisler, Rebecca. Florence Wyle, 18811968. Toronto Dundurn Press, 1978. 4 p. (lives and works of the Canadian artists ; 20). .
Frances Loring and Florence Wyle, 1919
Frances Loring
Florence Wyle
The Queen Elizabeth Monument , by Frances Loring
The Queen Elizabeth Monument , by Frances Loring
Study of a Girl , by Florence Wyle
Study of a Girl, by Florence Wyle, 1931
Affectionately called "The Girls," Frances Loring and Florence Wyle were also known as the first women of Canadian sculpture. Spanning more than 50 years, their careers as sculptors have given Canadians a rich body of work that may be discovered and admired in many public spaces and galleries throughout the country. Loring and Wyle's influence on Canadian art and artists has been significant. They challenged the establishment by setting forth to prove that sculpture was as important an art form as any other, and they succeeded amidst adverse conditions. At the turn of the 20th century, sculpture in Canada was still very much considered a curiosity, rather than an admired art form. The lack of patrons, the serious shortage of foundries and the relatively high cost of materials were all factors contributing to an inauspicious environment for sculptors. In addition, these artists had to rely heavily on commissions as a source of revenue. Born in Wardner, Idaho in 1887, Frances Loring studied art in her native United States, as well as in many European cities, before settling in Canada in 1913. Her decision to move to Toronto was motivated, in part, by a desire to participate in the artistic development of a young country. Loring achieved this goal and many others throughout her illustrious career.

schedule of other exhibitions in the house, seven projects are planned, in whichseveral artists at once Hans Weigand, born 1954, lives and works in Vienna

Jan 25, 2001
ALICE CREISCHER CHRISTOPHER WOOL LINDA BILDA Continuing the tradition of recent years, in 2001 the Secession will again focus on projects with a concrete reference to the contextual and architectonic conditions of the house and which refer, at the same time, to art-immanent, social and political circumstances both on site and in international contexts. A multitude of positions are confronted with the exhibiting artists' common interest in inscribing themselves with their work into collective mental and emotional processes and linking contemporary art with other topical discourses. This is also one reason for the great interest in positions from the field of film - endeavors are undertaken here to do justice to the theoretical and historical significance of the format of film, which is naturally not to be taken as autarchic, for contemporary art production. The artists elected to the board of directors (currently Matthias Herrmann, Anna Meyer, Heimo Zobernig, Johanna Kandl, Manfred Erjautz, Sandrine von Klot, Dorit Margreiter, Constanze Ruhm, Martin Walde, Willi Kopf, Hans Kupelwieser), who have developed the exhibition program together, stand for a broad perspective of complex works, which regard the viewers as part of the artistic process. All exhibitions are accompanied by a publication.

30. Bienal - Official Artists - Aruba - Ciro Abath
Netherlands. lives and works in Aruba. Exhibitions Germany. 1993 5 Artistsfrom Aruba, Gallery EightySix, Willemstad, Curaçao.
Unwanted Visitor
1991. Ceramics, 60X45X176 cm. Photo: Wong
Unwanted Visitor (detail)
1991. Ceramics, 60X45X176 cm. Photo: Wong
Ciro Abath
by Evelino Fingal
Winding Up the Helix of Life
Ciro Abath is an artist born on the island of Aruba. The essence of his work lies in him being an explorer to uncover the truth. In his sculptures there are forms and structures that refer back to archetypes, eroded ruins of cultures "long gone." Archetypes that bore witness to changes taking place all around, that form the future from the past and observe this formation in resigned humbleness.
The artist tries to embed in his works the fascinating aspects of the arid Aruban nature and the evidence of the past from the local archeological findings that strongly intrigue him. He tries to combine these forms in a symbolic manner with his personal beliefs.
The artist feels that his works, aside from being a manifestation from the other side, transcend the two dimensions, and so becoming art, not only for our physical world but also for the other. In his view, death is not the end of existence, but just a change in the state of being thus traversing to another dimension. The dimension of time is transitory and untraceable. Sometimes it seems like "returning" to a "lived past," directed at the future, at what is still to come or is already existent.
With his works he seeks to bond the two worlds, by employing known shapes and elements like shells, to symbolize the lived past and to elevate it to the eternal presence of life. The spiral, being an essential piece in his artistic language, shows his conviction in eternal spiritual growth... winding up the helix of life.

31. LVAC-Upcoming Exhibitions
He now lives and works in Vietnam Influence, Anxiety, and Gratitude features the workof over twenty international artists in all mediums, including painting
MIT List Visual Arts Center Upcoming Exhibitions General Information Exhibitions
Current Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions
Previous Exhibitions
Public/Educational Programs Collections Percent-for-Art Program ... Publications/Exhibition Catalogues Artists' Web Projects
AA Bronson

Matthew Ritchie
Media Test Wall
(Just Stand There!)
Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba: Memorial Project Nha Trang, Vietnam Towards the Complex - For the Courageous, the Curious and the Cowards Apr. 8 - Jul. 6, 2003
Memorial Project Nha Trang, Vietnam Towards the Complex - For the Courageous, the Curious and the Cowards
13-minute DVD projection originally commissioned for the 2001 Yokohama Triennale of Contemporary Art, Japan.
Dimensions variable. Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba was born in Japan in 1968. He now lives and works in Vietnam. He was educated in the United States at Brookhaven College, Dallas, TX; The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL; and the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Mount Royal School of Art, Baltimore, MD.

32. Visual Arts
lives and works in Paris) Boris Viskin (1960, Mexico City; lives and works in Mexico 7,de 712pm A contemporary art fair of emerging artists and cutting
April, 2003
The Edge of Enchantment.

Through Summer, 2003.
Traditions and histories of the Huatulco-Huamelula region of Oaxaca, Mexico.
The National Museum of the American Indian - George Gustav Heye Center
Smithsonian Institution
One Bowling Green (between Whitehall and State Streets); New York, NY; 10004
Phone: 212-514-3700
Admission: Free
Hours: 10 AM - 5 PM daily, except Thursdays 10 AM - 8 PM.
Subway Directions: Take the 4 or 5 to Bowling Green or the N or R to Whitehall Street. Arts of the Spanish Americas, 1550-1850. Thru April 6, 2003. Works from the Museum's Collection. The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1000 Fifth Avenue (at 82nd Street) New York, NY 10128 Performing Arts Visual Arts Literature Gallery Hopping ... For Children Only! EVENTS SPONSORED BY THE MEXICAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE OF NEW YORK. Information call (212) 217-6424 if you need further information on the programs listed or Email the webmaster
Search La Vitrina (including back issues) Any word All words Exact phrase About Us Announcements Back Issues Annual Report 2001 ... FAQS

33. X|fest Info
Both artists are represented by the Monique Goldstrom Gallery in New York a memberof Collective Praxis, a media arts cooperative and lives and works in New
Artists' Information jump to:
live vj artists
artist: Andrea Ackerman
title: "Rose Breathing"
artist: Soo Yeun Ahn
title: "Siren"
Soo Yeun Ahn is an artist working with diverse materials and media in Brooklyn. She was born in Seoul Korea, moved to New York in 1997, and received an M.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts in New York (1999). Her works have been shown in several group exhibitions in New York City and Europe since 1998. Typically, her works emerge from the interplay between relationships: white/black, negative/positive, surface/depth, naive/sophisticated. artist: Mike Barron
title: "Hairline"

34. X|fest Live Vj Artists
com phone 646.452.5612 title Live Video Mix SQUARESQUARE is a collective of innovativemultimedia artists who combine She lives and works in New York.
Artists' Information jump to: [
artist: Jeremy Bernstein
title: Live Video Mix
Jeremy Bernstein is an artist and programmer living in New York City. His sound and visual work has been presented throughout Europe and North America. He is a co-author of Jitter, a multidimensional data processing environment. Read all about it at artist: Vishwanath Bush
title: Live Video Mix
world-renown Vusician, also dabbles in Handimation.
A member of the Omnisensorialist Federation.
AVAILABLE previous projects and collaborations include: AMP, ARTIFICIALTV, FAKESHOP, CYFNK3, ONGOLIA, OVNI, PSEUDO, QUIET!, SOUNDLAB, UNITY GAIN, VAPOR ACTION, ZEROREZ. Mr. Bush has performed across the US, Latin America, Europe, and China. He lives and works.

35. N, Alphabetized, Artists, Visual Arts, Performing Arts At World Wide Arts Resour
Nancy Egol Nikkal, original art works for sale and and rituals Group includes artists,conceptdesigners Nilsen, Lise Watercolor, still lives, spiritual art and
Main Category:
Alphabetized: N The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.
Alphabetized Resources in this category:
(531 Records) Displaying resources 361 to 391:
  • Nicoletta Poli
    Beautifully painted oil paintings of people and their pets. Provincetown, MA USA Nicoletta
    Figurative painting about human body love and passion Valencia, Spain Nicoll, Marion
    Nicolo da Bologna

    Nicolo de Bonis

    Emerging Irish artist england, United Kingdom Nidorf, Pax Surrealistic and design artist, potter, and craftsman. My site contains many aspects of my creativity, including very reasonable protraits. San Diego, CA USA niedermeier georg Digital imagery; dark and surreal fantasy. cd covers! munich, Germany niedermeier, georg dark, digital, art, painting, fantasy, covers, buildings, gothic munich
  • 36. Internet Resources
    about painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, designers, and other artists. site,the descriptions of the poets’ lives and works are usually
    January 2002
    Biography resources
    Finding information on the famous, infamous, and obscure
    by Susan A. Schreiner and Michael A. Somers
    Finding biographical information on the Internet is both time-consuming and frustrating. While any particular name can retrieve a number of hits on any search engine of your choice, finding current, accurate biographies can be difficult. Fortunately, the Internet is a rich source of diverse biographical information, and the following sites will guide users to an array of information on numerous topics. This collection is by no means comprehensive (what guide on the Internet is?), but the sites were chosen for the depth of their articles or the sheer bulk of biographical materials available. Biographical search engines
    Yahoo: People. Access: General biography
    Biographical Dictionary. Offering information on more than 28,000 persons, this site is another good starting point for biographical research. Usually presenting good and somewhat in-depth preliminary information on historical figures, this site tends to be weaker on current biography. While sometimes providing more information than, it is presented in a less readable fashion. Overall, this is a good site that will help students find basic information, especially on historical figures. Access:

    37. InIVA: Veil Season - Marc Garanger - Marc Garanger
    Algerian French artist Samta Benyahia lives and works in Paris UK, 20012); La CorteArte Contemporanea (Florence, Italy, 2000); and Art in general (New York
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    veil season
    site search institute of international visual arts
    in IVA
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    Made in Paris
    TheSpace@inIVA 3 - 27 June 2003 jump to Ghazel
    Marc Garanger
    03 - 06 June 2003
    jump to Samta Benyahia
    10 - 13 June 2003
    Ghazel, Gotta Be a Feminist, Me Series, 2002. Video. inIVA has commissioned Ghazel to make a trilogy of films as part of her Me series. Born in Tehran, Iran, Ghazel now lives and works in Paris, France. In her ongoing Me series, Ghazel re-enacts moments from her personal diary with the veil as her ever-present costume. Each scene is accompanied by a caption in French or English, neither of which are her mother tongues. Full of irony and surreal humour, Ghazel's performances highlight her position as an outsider both in the West and in Iran. Recent solo shows include Wanted (Salon Meshec Gaba, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2002); Me 1997-2000 (Miroslav-Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb, 2001); and Sans Titre (TRAC in FRAC, Montpellier, France, 1999). jump to Majida Khattari
    Samta Benyahia
    17 - 20 June 2003
    jump to Venue
    Majida Khattari
    24 - 27 June 2003
    Majida Khattari, Les Mille et Une Souffrances de Tchadiri (1001 Sufferings of Tchadiri). Blue and green stretch cotton with fishing net. Photo: Majida Khattari.

    38. InIVA: News Article - Digital Image/Video Commissions - Alia Syed Film Works Tal
    Alia Syed lives and works in London a group of arts organisations working to documentand make available information on the visual arts and artists worldwide
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    veil season
    news search site search institute of international visual arts
    in ... IVA
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    Alia Syed Film Works Talwar Gallery, NY
    January 11 Through February 13, 2003
    Opening Reception, Saturday, January 11, 2003 6-8 pm Talwar Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of film works by Alia Syed. This exhibition will open to the public on Saturday, January 11, and will be on view through Feb 13. This is the artist's first solo exhibition in the United States. On exhibit will be her most recent work Spoken Diary and an earlier work, Swan. Spoken Diary, a 14-minute visual poem, intertwines the inner angst of a woman traversing hesitation, loss and denial with that of her journey through dark, wet and desolate streets of London. Interspersed are layers of words emanating from the fleeting movement of the pen on the diary pages while simultaneously being spoken in the third person, distancing the protagonist from the self. The vastly textural visual collage of fragments of consciousness and surroundings is punctuated with a haunting yet rhythmic score erupting as an anxious heartbeat. Traveling through darkness are occasional lyrical lights, sounds, playful antics and newborn life, drawing to the cyclical nature of life and of the film's construction. Swan, a sensual insinuation created in 1989 is an early introduction to Ms. Syed's celluloid textural indulgence and her innovative treatment and command of the medium. Constructed with cyclical close up views of a white swan preparing for flight, flexing and caressing, extending and folding its wings repeatedly as if bracing for a long journey. The contours of its body covered with softness of down bathed in light, play gracefully with the shadows and dark crevices of emptiness. While being seduced by the softness of its skin and gentle movements of the body one becomes aware of the uncomfortable closeness to this creature and its latent power and are reminded of Yeats' Leda and the Swan "great wings beating still above the staggering girl, her thighs caressed by dark webs, her nape caught in his bill"

    39. Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery Outline
    out the inherent human sparkle in our daily lives, fresh thinking and City Art Galleryare chosen to introduce the works of contemporary artists from around
    Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery Located in Tokyo's Hatsudai, Tokyo Opera City is a large cultural community comprising three zones focusing on the arts, business and commercial amenities. Starting from the "theater city" concept, Tokyo Opera City is designed with its focus firmly on the lifestyle of the Tokyo metropolis in the 21st Century. Apart from art galleries, the area includes one of Tokyo's tallest buildings, the 54-story Tokyo Opera City Tower housing a vibrant business community and the NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC), which presents multimedia art created using up-to-the-minute technology, and also Tokyo Opera City concert halls, the Takemitsu Memorial and Recital Hall, which were designed to sound like musical instruments. The New National Theater, which functions as Tokyo's opera house is located on the next block.
    Opened in Tokyo Opera City on September 9, 1999, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery presents special exhibitions of contemporary art with its great variety of means of expression, combining these with the viewpoint of a single collector in the Terada Collection, a permanent collection that presents a cross-section of contemporary Japanese art. The role of the gallery is to aim for the creation of a new culture in the metropolis.
    Exhibitions of contemporary art: Special exhibitions in Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 As we reach the end of a century and take our first steps in the next, our intellects and emotions are becoming more and more the authorities we rely on. The vitality of individual life has been disappearing under the weight of Japan's economic growth, but to bring out the inherent human sparkle in our daily lives, fresh thinking and unique viewpoints presented through the medium of contemporary art can renew that vitality. At the same time they can give us pointers and hope for the future and the wealth of changes it will bring.

    40. Mosaic, Artists, Visual Arts, Performing Arts At World Wide Arts Resources
    Chen, Raymond Established since 1984,Image Gallery is dedicated to Chicago artistsand people who love paintings and Marshall lives and works in kona on
    Main Category:
    Mosaic The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.
    Alphabetized Resources in this category:
  • Glynn, Laurie Premiere Portfolio
    What began as an innocent hobby has since become an obsession: I see the world in mosaic. My primary interst lies in creating beauty out of objects that have outlived their original intention. I use tiffany glass, ceramic tiles, and ... Uster, Switzerland Guedj, Didier Premiere Portfolio
    Through mosaics, Judy and I invite you to step into our world as we would have it to be - full of discovery, excitement, color, fun and, most importantly, a constant, unwavering love for each other. Bits of ceramic, glass beads, ... Los Angeles, CA USA Khalil, David Premiere Portfolio
    TAMPA, FL USA Mandich, Gordan Premiere Portfolio
    My mosaic and sculptural work is aimed at the representation of the ineffable in colour and form. It is for me, the conection between the subjective and spiritual, and the natural world. Trough combination of mosaic and ferro-cement teshniques... Melbourne (Northcote)
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