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         Artists Lives & Works General:     more books (45)
  1. The Great Artists: The Lives and Works of 100 of the World's Greatest Artists by Susie Hodge, 2010-04-29
  2. American Women Painters of the 1930s and 1940s: The Lives and Work of Ten Artists by Robert Henkes, 1991-08
  3. Masters of Art: The World's Great Artists, Their Lives & Works by Natalie Baker, Samm Sinclair Baker, 1987-12
  4. The Actor's City Sourcebook: A Comparative Guide to America's Best Places to Work and Live As a Performing Artist by Andrea Wolper, 1992-09
  5. Vasari's Lives of the Artists: Giotto, Masaccio, Fra Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian by Giorgio Vasari, 2005-07-26
  6. Lives and Works: Talks With Women Artists by Beryl Smith, Joan Arbeiter, et all 1996-09
  7. Expatriate Experience and American Women Artists: Creative Lives and Creative Work in Context by Mary Anne Rose, 2009-05-08
  8. Giotto and Medieval Art : The lives and works of the Medieval artists by Lucia Corrain, Sergio Ricciardi, et all 2001-02-09
  9. A Dictionary of Artists of the English School: Painters, Sculptors, Architects, Engravers and Ornamentists: With Notices of Their Lives and Work by Samuel Redgrave, 2010-02-24
  10. Great Artists: The Lives of 50 Painters Explored Through Their Work by Robert Cumming, 1998-05-01
  11. Lives and Works by Joan Arbeiter, 1999-02-11
  12. Joan Jonas: I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances) (One Work) by Susan Morgan, 2006-09-15
  13. Edmund Morris: Frontier Artist (Dundurn Lives) by Jean S. McGill, 1996-07-26
  14. Orpen: William Orpen 1878-1931 (Lives of Irish Artists) by Bruce Arnold, 1991-10

It is also significant that this project was conceived and organized by two artists,one of whom was brought up in Dominic Hislop lives and works in Glasgow
Homeless project
Dominic Hislop
In his 1993 essay, 'From silence to Polyphony' the Hungarian art critic András Szántó wrote: "Why is there no political art in Hungary? The question leaps right off the gallery walls of Budapest, silent as they are about the drama that has just unfolded here. When future historians begin to chronicle the end of the 20th century in Hungary, they will find reams of documents in their archives and entire libraries stocked with fact and fiction about the turmoil of our time, but the artistic record will be all but blank."(1) It was in this context that I arrived in Budapest three years ago and began making a number of street actions and interventions which were a response to my observations on how the expansion of the Western capitalist culture and values that I was accustomed to were affecting Hungarian society. A number of my works were concerned with the appropriation and redefinition of urban public space for unofficial social purposes such as the temporary and illegal flea markets which evolved in public spaces as a necessary response by the city's homeless to their situation. Through an analysis of the documentation I had gathered concerning these flea markets, I became interested in the ethical considerations involved in representations of poverty. Throughout the history of socially concerned art and liberal journalism, experiences are usually disseminated for the public through images produced from the view of an 'outsider'. These images often serve to further alienate the 'victims' of society from an exclusive audience by reducing them to stereotypes, which evoke pity rather than understanding.

82. N+r:members
Jos van der Pol artist from the Netherlands, involved in artists initiativev Duende Mediaat the College of Staten Island/CUNY, and lives and works in New
events archive about members ... contact Liesbeth Bik
Heather Felty
independent curator and writer. Assistant Director Apex Art, New York.
Grady Gerbracht is an artist whose work focuses on the ordering systems of everyday life. He is Assistant Professor of Art at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and serves on the Board of Trustees of the FLUXART Center for Digital Art. His projects have been published and exhibited in the U.S. and abroad. He recently organized Back and Forth , a series of four exhibitions involving notions of commutes and itineraries, and is involved in a number of ongoing curatorial projects including Global Priority . Recent works include , a series of events which examine the border between performance and everyday life.
Andrea Geyer is a German artist who lives and works in New York. Next to her practice as an artist she has been involved in various curatorial and organizational projects, for example "Five29Ninety9" a multi-disciplinary one-day platform organized at St. Ann Church in Brooklyn on May 29th 1999, "Monuments" a one day symposium at the Whitney ISP. Recent shows include LaPanaderia, Mexico City, PS1 Project Space, (with Sharon Hayes), Galerie T-19, Vienna. She is a 2000 graduate of the Whitney Independent Study Program.
Peter Lasch artist New York DF.

83. Turkish Painting
Turkish painting which gained great mobility with many artists with different TurkRessamlari Hayatlari ve Eserleri/Turkish Painters lives and works, Ank.
Turkish Painting
Dr.Ahmet Kamil Goren Research Fellow Istanbul University Department of Archeology and History of Art Contents: History Institutions And Persons With Collections Of Important Turkish Paintings General Resources Resources For Special Topics
The formation of Turkish painting in western sense starting from mid 19th century till the beginning of the 20th century can be said to be very active. The very first painting lessons were scheduled at "Muhendishane-i Berri-i Humayun/Military School of Engineering"s were 1793 mostly for technical purposes.Artists who formed the 19th century art milieu were from military and civilian schools. Some have been educated abroad, others in the country. A Christian minority and "Levanten" artists as well as foreign painters who influenced the art milieu lived and contributed to arts in Istanbul. Some Turkish artists like Osman Hamdi Bey (1842-1910) and Seker/Sugar Ahmet Pasha(1841-1907), Suleyman Seyyid (1842-1913), Halil Pasha (1860-1939) of military background had been educated in arts abroad. Meanwhile Huseyin Zekai Pasha (1860-1919), Hoca/Hodja Ali Riza (1864-1939), Ahmet Ziya Akbulut (1869-1938) were among the other famous artists who had been educated in the country. Seker Ahmet had his first exhibition in 1873 and his second one in 1875.

Society administers the rights of pictorial artists and other He lives as a freelancewriter in eastern several literary awards and prices and works of him
I NTERNATIONAL F EDERATION OF R EPRODUCTION R IGHTS O RGANISATIONS About IFRRO Newsletters Members etc. Contact Last update February 2003
Presentations of IFRRO's Honorary President, Officers and Directors
Please also refer the list of IFRRO's Honorary President, Officers and Directors In ALPHABETICAL order:
  • Michael Fraser Bruce Funkhouser Litten Hansen Jochen Kelter ...
  • Stichting Reprorecht , the reproduction rights organisation of the Netherlands. In CEDAR the administration is grouped into the following categories of rights: reprographic reproduction (Stichting Reprorecht), literary rights (Stichting LIRA), private copying audio/video (Stichting Thuiskopie), lending (Stichting Leenrecht), visual rights (Stichting Beeldrecht and Stichting Burafo), sheet music (Stichting Bladmuziek), publishers rights (Publishers Rights Organisation) and journalists (Stichting Nieuwswaarde). Mr. Beemsterboer was elected Chair of IFRRO in 1999 (currently President under the Statutes as Amended by the AGM in Capetown, October 2001) having served as the Vice-Chair since 1998 and as substitute director from 1992-98. He is currently chairman of the Data Exchange Committee as well as member of the European Group of Ifrro, member of the Working Group on Copying of Visual Material, of the WG on Reprographic Licensing of Musical Works and of the Project Group PHARE.

    Michael Fraser
    Michael Fraser is Chief Executive of the . He established CAL's office in 1986. Michael graduated with a BA (Hons.) from Sydney University and an LLB(Hons.) from University of Technology, Sydney.

    85. Internet Resource Of Contemporary First Nations Art
    site that would offer a digitized summary of her decadelong research into the livesand works of contemporary First Nations visual artists.
    Success Stories
    First Nations Art Internet resource of contemporary First Nations Art When Dr. Joan Acland of Concordia University’s Department of Art History began teaching contemporary First Nations art, she came up against a formidable barrier, there was very little research material on Canada’s First Nations artists or their work. Dr. Acland set about filling the void by doing her own research, with a view to publishing a bibliographical book on contemporary Native artists. After ten years of intensive research, she decided to share her findings with the academic community and the general public through the Internet. Dr. Acland turned to the Canada’s Digital Collections (CDC) program for assistance. The CDC program, which gives young Canadians valuable work experience converting Canadian material for display on the Internet, was a natural choice for Dr. Acland. “I wanted to make sure that young people with an interest and commitment to First Nations art and issues would play an integral part in building knowledge in the field,”

    This image was created with two raytraced thin sheets of hyperbolic paraboloids. Photograph of dancers, scanned in monochrome, using Adobe Photoshop, deleted undesired image elements and colorized parts of the image.
  • YOSHIYUKI ABE, Tokyo, Japan:
  • This image was created with two raytraced thin sheets of hyperbolic paraboloids.
  • LEO BAKX, Eidhoven, Holland:
    WCD 1P, 1995

    St-George 2, 1994 (scanned from the catalogue)
  • Graduated in history and history of art. I deal with with with archeology of Middle Age. Self educated painter I experiment with different techniques. I started with computer in 1984.
    Structure 6_05, 1995
  • Function of two real variables F(x,y). Colors are computed by the functional values in particular points of definition area (using prime numbers or iterative method with random numbers).
    J. Blazek cooperated with painter Zdenek Sykora, the first artist in former Czechoslovakia who used computer.
  • RODNEY CHANG, Honolulu, Hawai, USA:
    Tropical Fruit, 1994
  • Vehicle O.K. Profitable to earn Dollars for artists support only through second generation hard copy imaging. E-mail O.K. for economically transporting promoting artist work but too volnurable to pirating and copying with no compensation to creator.
  • MICHAEL CLEEMPOEL, Brussels, Belgium:
  • 87. SG-L International Artists By Type / General Fine Artists / P
    artists by type general Fine artists. artists Impressionism Realism. general Fine A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S

    88. ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Part 8 15th-Century Renaissance Art
    Art History Resources on the WebCategory Arts Art History Movements Renaissance...... Giorgio Vasari, lives of the Most Eminent Painters Part II The Interaction of Artistsand Scientists in Later works by Mantegna; Raphael's Sistine Tapestries;
    Part 8
    15th-Century Renaissance Art
    Last modified: March 9, 2003 THIS PAGE
  • Renaissance Art: General
  • 15th-century Italian Art: Early Renaissance SITE INDEX
  • Contents Page
  • Prehistoric Art
  • Ancient Near East
  • Ancient Egypt ...
  • Art of the Middle Ages
  • 16th-Century Renaissance Art
  • Baroque Art
  • 18th-Century Art
  • 19th-Century Art ...
  • Research Resources
  • These pages are maintained by Chris Witcombe , Professor of Art History at Sweet Briar College , Virginia 24595 USA (phone: 434-381-6194 / fax: 434-381-6173). If you have any comments, or suggestions for additional links, or know of other interesting sites, please let me know:
    Online since October 24, 1995 Looking for an artist? Recommended site

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  • 89. Booklist: Hirsch, Edward. The Demon And The Angel.
    art delivers, that he’s able to articulate the seemingly ineffable throughbrilliant critical analyses and empathic insights into artists’ lives.
    Hot List:

    Adult Fiction
    General Fiction

    Christian Fiction


    Science Fiction

    Adult Nonfiction
    General Works
    Psychology Religion Social Sciences ... ALA Home Page How to subscribe to Booklist Magazine Hirsch, Edward. The Demon and the Angel: Searching for the Source of Artistic Inspiration. Mar. 2002. 336p. index. Harcourt, $24 (0-15-100538-9). 709.2. Hirsch, a poet committed to elucidating the power of art, launched his ardent quest with How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry (1999) and now ventures into the very heart of the matter: the nature of artistic inspiration. An elusive subject to be sure, but Hirsch is so steeped in literature, painting, and music, and so voracious in his pursuit of the revelations art delivers, that he’s able to articulate the seemingly ineffable through brilliant critical analyses and empathic insights into artists’ lives. The overarching theme of this unique, exhilarating, and virtuosic performance is an extended definition of duende , “that indefinable force which animates different creators and infuses their deepest efforts.” Federico García Lorca is Hirsch’s guide to the “artistic night mind,” the demonic realm from which this “joyful darkness” flows, while Emerson is his mentor in the study of the angelic aspect of inspiration and its “ferocious light.” Not only does Hirsch evocatively explicate the mystical creative experiences of such diverse and seminal artists as Rilke, Stevens, Klee, Pollock, Martha Graham, Miles Davis, and Jimi Hendrix, he also unveils the origins of such radical departures as abstract painting and jazz. Hirsch himself is imbued with the soulful spirit he celebrates, and its “dark radiance” shimmers on every inspired page. —

    90. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
    Lewis Synopsis A collection featuring the lives and works of is anonymous, this catalogof some 100 works shows him
    Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks more search options ...
    Arctic and Antarctic

    Artificial Intelligence



    view all sections...

    New Arrivals
    There are 65 books in this aisle.
    Featured Titles in Art -New Arrivals: Page 1 of 7 next New Trade Paper Epochs of Chinese and Japanese Art by Ernest F. Fenollosa Publisher Comments For anyone interested in Asian culture, the progression of Japanese and Chinese art has been an important subject. Ninety years after its initial publication, this book, which explains the genre's development over almost five thousand years, is still... read more about this title check for other copies New Trade Paper Selected Essays by John Berger Publisher Comments Once read, Berger's insights make it impossible to look at a painting, watch a film, or even make love quite the same way again. The vast range of subjects he addresses, the lean beauty of his prose, and the disarming simplicity of his opinions move the... read more about this title check for other copies New Hardcover Painting Waterscapes: A Pocket Reference: Practical Visual Advice on How to Create Waterscapes Using Watercolors by Joe Francis Dowden Publisher Comments Serious amateur watercolor artists will value books in this series, both for their quick and easy-to-follow practical advice, and for their handy size: theyre small enough to carry along when painting at outdoor locations. Each book presents dozens of...

    91. Internet Resources - German Internet Resources
    The Kassandra Project is a series of WorldWide Web pages devoted to the livesand works of German women writers, artists and thinkers from the
    Library Home Internet Resources Search
    German Internet Resources
    Here you will find pointers to Internet resources of interest to those working in the field of German and Austrian studies. Recommendations for additions or amendments to this section should be sent by e-mail to Trevor Learmouth
  • General Sources
  • Web Servers
  • Library Catalogues ...
  • News and Current Affairs
  • 1. General Sources
    German Resources , from the University of Karlsruhe.
    German Studies Trails on the Internet , from the University of N. Carolina Greensboro.
    German Studies Web
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    2. Web Servers
    A-SITE: Website-Verzeichnis Österreich is the official directory of Germany-based World Wide Web servers, with a search engine and clickable map.
    Return to the top of the page
    3. Library Catalogues
    Deutsche Bibliotheken Online
    Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog for access to over 50 million books and journals. Several German union catalogues may be searched simultaneously.
    Österreichische Nationalbibliothek
    Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken in Österreich . Academic library catalogues.
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    4. Language, Dictionaries and Reference Works

    92. Individual Lives G
    Short summary of his life, his works, and his of one of the finest women artistsof 17th ZEALANDERS LATINAMERICANS/HISPANICS ABOUT lives LINKS AWARDS

    The Holocaust

    The Civil War
    Latin Americans, Hispanics, Latinos
    Individual Lives
    Gable, Clark
    Gagarin, Yuri

    Gage, Matilda Joslyn

    Gainsborough, Thomas
    Galbraith, John Kenneth
    Good introduction to the Canadian-born economist. Short summary of his life, his works, and his general economic philosophy, plus links to other sources.
    Galbraith, John Kenneth
    Conversation with John Kenneth Galbraith. The interview by Harry Kreisler of UC Berkeley presents interesting insights on the life of the famed economist and author, born in London, Ontario, Canada, who emigrated to the U.S. when he was 23.
    Galileo Galilei
    Multimedia catalog of Science History Museum in Florence, with hypertext biography and essays, plus a few dozen short biographies of people relevant to Galileo.
    Galileo, Galilei
    The Galileo Project is a very comprehensive site with considerable biographical information. Enter Galileo's villa to learn about his life and work. Well-designed and implemented.
    Gallaudet, Thomas

    93. Asia Society -
    Asia and Australia, Mr. Dono is considered one of the most significant Indonesianartists active today Yong Soon Min (Born in Korea, lives and works in Los
    Works Unveiled At Opening of Redesigned And Renovated Asia Society In Fall 2001

    As one of this country's established leaders in supporting and presenting contemporary Asian art, the Asia Society and Museum has commissioned eight major new works from nine Asian and Asian American artists as part of the renovation and expansion of its galleries and public spaces. The pieces were unveiled on November 17, at the opening of the Asia Society's redesigned world headquarters at 725 Park Avenue in New York. The works are long-term installations in the Society's public spaces, and include a large-scale wall mural, seating arrangements in the main lobby, a neon and water sculpture in the new Garden Court, and other installations throughout the building.
    Artists selected for the commissions are Heri Dono Yong Soon Min Vong Phaophanit Navin Rawanchaikul Nilima Sheikh Shahzia Sikander Sarah Sze Xu Bing and Xu Guodong . The Asia Society and Museum has chosen this exceptionally diverse group of artists to reflect the range of contemporary art being produced in Asia, and by artists of Asian descent. Many of the artists selected are already well known in the U.S.; for others the commission is their first introduction to a broad audience outside Asia. Five of the artists are men, four women; they come from Laos, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, China, Thailand, Korea, and Japan. All of them create contemporary pieces rather than working strictly within traditional Asian styles and media.

    94. SOFA - Sculpture, Objects And Functional Art
    Widely exhibited and collected, Shimazu lives and works on her art in Leading ceramicartists Bobby Silverman and Michael Sherrill will give hands–on
    Expressions of Culture,
    Inc. © 2000
    No reproductions
    may be made
    of any content of this site
    without the approval of
    Expressions of Culture, Inc.

    While a work of art can be viewed and admired, a deeper appreciation of its aesthetics, artist, process and materials ensures a richer viewing experience. To this end, SOFA NEW YORK 2000 will again present its acclaimed Lecture Series and Artist Demonstrations, featuring internationally prominent artists, arts professionals and collectors in over twenty presentations. This year's SOFA NYC 2000 LECTURE SERIES and Artist Demonstrations will feature many seminal ceramic artists, whose groundbreaking work established that the utility of a vessel was no longer a prerequisite for its validity, and that ceramic materials could be used to create a major art form. Principal among ceramic artists speaking in the SOFA NYC Lecture Series is John Mason i His revolutionary ceramic sculptures, like the work of Peter Voulkos, with whom he was closely associated at the time, were the result of a dialogue with Abstract Expressionism, the dominant contemporary art movement of the postwar period. Mason's trademark towering vertical clay sculptures expressed the straightforward physicality of clay, but also a minimalist elegance of repeating geometrical forms. ii Mason is part of a bonafide revolution in the way artists work with and think about clay, and his work is part of the permanent collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, American Craft Museum, Renwick Gallery, National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institute, and many others. Perimeter Gallery, Chicago will represent Mr. Mason at SOFA NYC.

    95. Special Highlight - African-American History Month - Queens Borough Public Libra
    Women artists in History http// Links to thelives and works of women artists from the Medieval to contemporary are
    Home Events Calendar Site Search
    Today's Date : 4/3/2003
    (New York City) You are here: Home Monthly Highlights
    March is Women's History Month
    To highlight this special month, we've compiled a brief list of informative and celebratory sites. Arts Health Literacy and Literature Programs Schedule ... Women's Resources
    Woman Made Gallery
    This page is for artists, students, feminists and all others who want to find out more about women artists throughout history. There have always been women who created great art, and under much more difficult circumstances, considering the restrictions, limitations and lack of information about other women artists. But times are getting better and we are working hard to help make this information about women artists more available.
    National Museum of Women in the ARTS
    Welcome to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to recognizing the contributions of women artists.
    Women's Art - Links

    96. Online Catalogue Section Ordering Section Features Section About
    Thornton lives and works in New York City and Providence, Rhode Island.Back to Leslie Thornton Titles. ©2003 Electronic Arts Intermix.

    97. Mundaring Arts Centre
    Simon lives and works in Guilderton with partner That project involved seven artistsliving and working The experimental works generated through that process

    Current Exhibitions
    Artists Profile Exhibition Archives Artist Profile SIMON GILBY Simon lives and works in Guilderton with partner Kate Campbell-Pope and their son Finn. A Diploma of Fine Art majoring in Sculpture at Claremont School of Art gave Simon the basis from which he has developed his art practice. He developed a way of working with metal using flowing lines to create text and patterns. This trademark signature has manifested itself in public and large scale works from the Parkerville Children’s Home to Melville Council, Port Hedland and the Peel Health Campus at Mandurah. He has done residencies at Ballajura Community College, Carine High School, Penrhos College and PICA. Simon and Kate were the instigators and co-ordinators of the Sunsmart artist–in-residence art trail at Moore River, Guilderton last year. That project involved seven artists living and working in Guilderton for one month. The experimental works generated through that process acted as a powerful tool to talk about the ecological and geophysical consequences of development in fragile coastal spaces. Simon and Kate’s vision for the project was huge and their ability to bring it off, a credit to their perseverance and that of those they worked with.

    98. Dubrovnik Online - Culture, Including Painters, Artists And Naval Power Of Dubro
    Držiæ and Ivo Vojnoviæ created numerous works about the Their literature stilllives and is very relevant about all of these great artists and scientists
    General Info History Culture Art ... LINKS On this page City of poets, writers and scientists Dubrovnik Painting School The naval power of Dubrovnik Related topics monuments famous citizens exhibitions legends The city of poets, writers and scientists Many forms of artistic expression flourished during the long and rich history of Dubrovnik. The Dubrovnik literature experienced its renaissance "rebirth" in the 15th and 16th century, when many immortal works of literature were created. Emerging from life in Dubrovnik and created to amuse, provoke, cry and laugh, Dubrovnik literature developed from the people. The Dubrovnik Rectors, regarded as the best-educated citizens of Dubrovnik of that time (Dinko Ranjina, Dominiko Zlatariæ, Ivan Gunduliæ and others), created immortal poems about their beloved city of Dubrovnik. Ivan Gunduliæ , the greatest Croatian 17th century writer, predicted the downfall of the great Turkish Empire in his great poem Osman. As freedom was regarded as the greatest value to Dubrovnik, he wrote these immortal verses that are performed till today on every opening of the world famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival: " O you beautiful, o you dear, o you sweet freedom… all the silver, all the gold, all human lives, can not pay for your pure beauty…".

    99. Cart Cementery, Sculpture Park, Empreweb 2002 D.R.
    Sculpture Park form part of the daily lives of the not simply the expression of theartists' esthetic impulses to become familiar with contemporary works of art
    FEBRUARY 2-23, 2003
    The Cart Cemetery Sculpture Park Association is currently offering fifteen residencies (twelve for sculptors, two for muralists and one for juvenile art educators) for the period from February 2- 23.
    Objective: The goal of the Putaendo Sculpture Symposia is to bring together prominent sculptors who, in collaboration with novel artists, will contribute to the expansion of the Cart Cemetery Sculpture Park, a non-profit association created in April of 2000. Concurrently, muralists-in-residence will continue the work previously done by artists in the streets of Putaendo, and an artistic activity will be organized with the participation of the local young people. Our Concept of Public Art: T he sculptures contained in the Sculpture Park are located on an open terrace, where they share their space with herds of goats, on the outskirts of the town of Putaendo, a farming community of some 10,000 inhabitants. The works of art in the Sculpture Park form part of the daily lives of the local population. The process of artistic creation, which takes place outdoors, allows the townspeople to develop a personal relationship with the work of art. After three weeks of intense labor, the artists leave and Putaendo returns to its longstanding activities, but the sculptures remain.
    In keeping with our definition of public art, the works created in this manner are not simply the expression of the artists' esthetic impulses, but are rooted in environmental, social and cultural issues as well.

    100. Strip Tease -
    being considered the ``voice of comicbook culture'', Campbell, who lives and worksin Brisbane is also part of a group of young Melbourne artists who have

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