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         Artists Okeeffe Georgia:     more books (100)
  1. Georgia Rises: A Day in the Life of Georgia O'Keeffe by Kathryn Lasky, 2009-05-26
  2. Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Collections by Barbara Buhler Lynes, 2007-02-20
  3. Georgia O'Keeffe, Works on Paper: Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe by Georgia O'Keeffe, 1985-09
  4. Georgia O'Keeffe: The Poetry of Things by Ms. Elizabeth Hutton Turner, 1999-04-10
  5. Georgia O'Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place by Barbara Buhler Lynes, Lesley Poling-Kempes, et all 2004-05-04
  6. Georgia O'Keeffe: An Adventurous Spirit (First Books) by Philip Brooks, 1995-03
  7. Georgia O'Keeffe: The New York Years by Georgia O'Keeffe, 1991-10-09
  8. Georgia O'Keeffe: American and Modern by Charles C. Eldredge, 1996-09-10
  10. O'Keeffe's O'Keeffes: The Artist's Collection by Barbara Buhler Lynes, Russell Bowman, et all 2001-05-08
  11. Georgia O'Keeffe: Legendary American Painter (People to Know) by Jodie A. Shull, 2003-09
  12. Full Bloom: The Art and Life of Georgia O'Keeffe by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp, 2005-11-14
  13. Georgia O'Keeffe: Selected Paintings and Works on Paper (Gerald Peters Gallery) by Georgia O'Keeffe, 1986-12
  14. Georgia O'Keeffe: Color And Conservation by Rene Paul Barilleaux, Sarah Whitaker Peters, et all 2006-01-31

81. Georgia O'Keeffe, Okeeffe
georgia O'Keeffe bio and art.
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Georgia O'Keeffe
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82. CGFA- Georgia O'Keeffe
To Biography. Graphic Music Pink and Blue II, 1919, oil on canvas,Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. 70KB. Graphic Light
Music - Pink and Blue II, 1919, oil on canvas, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. 70KB Light Iris, 1924, oil on canvas, Virginia Museum of Fine-Arts, Richmond. 58KB Black Iris III, 1926, oil on canvas, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. 70KB The Shelton with Sunspots, 1926, oil on canvas, The Art Institute of Chicago. 41KB The Radiator Building at Night- New York, 1927, oil on canvas, Carl van Vechten Gallery of Fine Arts, Fisk University. 66KB Two Calla Lillies on Pink, 1928, oil on canvas, Philadelphia Museum of Art. 75KB Pink Dish and Green Leaves, 1928, pastel on paper. 71KB The Lawrence Tree, oil on canvas, Wadsworth Antheneum, Hartford, CT. 63KB Black Cross, New Mexico, 1929, oil on canvas, Art Institute of Chicago. 33KB Cow's Skull with Calico Roses, 1932, oil on canvas, Art Institute of Chicago. 50KB Summer Days, 1936, oil on canvas, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY. 72KB
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83. Art History : Gallery & Glossary : O'Keeffe
georgia O'Keeffe (1887 1986). Excerpts from O'Keeffe Letters (source). georgiaO'Keeffe interviewed by Katherine Kuh in The Artist's Voice, 1960.
Artists on Art

Gallery ... O'Keeffe
Georgia O'Keeffe (
Excerpts from O'Keeffe Letters (source)
To Anita Pollitzer, 11 October 1915
"Still Anita I don't see why we ever think of what others think of what we do no matter who they are isn't it enough just to express yourself..."
Oriental Poppies , o/c, 1927,
University of Minnesota Art Museum, Minneapolis
Image courtesy of Mark Harden's Artchive
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Albers, Joseph
Beckman, Max

Brown, Cecily

Cassatt, Mary
Whistler, James
To Anita Pollitzer, 20? October 1915
"Anita? What is Art anyway?"
"When I think about how hopelessly unable I am to answer that question I cannot feeling like a farce pretending to teach anybody anything about it I won't be able to keep at it long Anita or I'll lose what little self respect I have unless I can in some way solve the problem a little give myself some little answer to it What are we trying to do what is the excuse for it all If you could sit down and do just exactly what you wanted to right now for a year what in the dickens would you do The things Ive done that satisfy me most are charcoal landscapes an things the colors I seem to want to use absolutely nauseate me I don't mean to complain I am really quite enjoying the muddle and am wondering if I'll get anything out of it and if I do what it will be I decided I wasn't going to cater to what anyone else might like why should I and when you leave that element out of your work there is nothing much left

84. Georgia OKeeffe
georgia O'Keeffe Bio. georgia O'Keeffe was an American abstract painter,famous for the purity and lucidity of her stilllife compositions.
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85. Georgia OKeeffe
georgia okeeffe. Paintings by georgia okeeffe. georgia okeeffe wa aUS painter and wife of Stieglitz. georgia okeeffe was one of the
Georgia OKeeffe
Paintings by Georgia OKeeffe
Artists and Guilds Georgia OKeeffe wa a U.S. painter and wife of Stieglitz. Georgia OKeeffe was one of the prominent figures in the 1920s U.S. reaction against avant-garde European ideas and movement towards a romantic, naturalistic art. Her own painting, however - 'magical realism' - has Surrealist undertones. The exotic colour and form of plants and flowers are heightened by taking them out of their natural context. Later works include the 24-ft wide (7.3-m.) Sky Above Clouds IV (1965).

86. Georgia O' Keeffe - Art Images - OCAIW [Orazio Centaro's Art Images On The Web]
Architects, Painters, Photographers, Sculptors, artists in Other Fields. Biography(VAR). Search Artist by Name. georgia O' Keeffe. American Painter, 18871986.

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Reclining Nude
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88. Grey Line With Black Blue And Yellow
georgia okeeffe Grey Line with Black Blue and Yellow. Grey Line with BlackBlue and Yellow georgia okeeffe Buy This Art Print At,
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Grey Line with Black Blue and Yellow
Georgia Okeeffe

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A good example of O'Keeffe's abstract work. Many of her paintings were based on flowers or animals bones. Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.

Last modified: November 04, 2002

89. Music - Pink And Blue II
georgia okeeffe Music - Pink and Blue II. Music - Pink and Blue II georgia okeeffeBuy This Art Print At, This piece represents sound as color.
Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo Buonarroti Vincent van Gogh Pablo Picasso ... Movements and Artists Music - Pink and Blue II
Georgia Okeeffe

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This piece represents sound as color. One of O'Keeffe's experiments with synaesthesia , influenced by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky's theories about the correlation of sound and mental imagery. Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.

Last modified: August 16, 2002

90. Internet Artist - Art EZine, February 2002
com Internet Artist Free monthly eZine featuring new artists and artist georgiaOkeeffe - Black and Purple Petunias georgia O'keeffe Click Image to Enlarge.

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Internet Artist / February 2002
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91. Georgia O'Keeffe Online
Biography of georgia O'Keeffe and samples of her signature. georgia O'Keeffecopyright requests handled by the artists' Rights Society.
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Georgia O'Keeffe
[American Painter, 1887-1986]
Wife of Alfred Stieglitz
Studied under William Merritt Chase and Frank Dumond Specializes in Flowers the American West Nobody sees a flower, really, it is so small. We haven't time - and to see takes time like to have a friend takes time.
If I could paint the flower exactly as I see it no one would see what I see because I would paint it small like the flower is small. So I said to myself - I'll paint what I see - what the flower is to me but I'll paint it big and they will be surprised into taking time to look at it - I will make even busy New Yorkers take time to see what I see of flowers.
...Well, I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower you hung all your own associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see of the flower - and I don't.

Georgia O'Keeffe
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Paintings in Museums and Art Galleries: Art Institute of Chicago
Black Cross, New Mexico

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93. Georgia O'Keeffe : Master Artist. The Paintings And Sculptures Are But Mere Refl
georgia O'Keeffe Master Artist. The paintings and sculptures are but merereflection of the inner spirit. (C) 2000 georgia O'Keeffe
Georgia O'Keeffe : Master Artist. The paintings and sculptures are but mere reflection of the inner spirit. How can we ever come close?
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    95. Georgia O'Keeffe
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