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         Artists Seurat Georges:     more books (38)
  1. Seurat (Basic Art) by Hajo Duchting, 1999-08-01
  2. Seurat by Richard Thomson, 1990-10
  3. Neo-Impressionist Painters: A Sourcebook on Georges Seurat, Camille Pissarro, Paul Signac, Theo Van Rysselberghe, Henri Edmond Cross, Charles Angrand, ... Dubois-Pillet (Art Reference Collection) by Russell T. Clement, Annick Houze, 1999-09-30
  4. Georges Seurat: Figure in Space (Art to Hear) by Christoph Becker, Gottfried Boehm, et all 2010-04-30
  5. Georges Seurat (Life and Work of) by Paul Flux, 2002-07
  6. Georges Seurat: The Drawings by Jodi Hauptman, Karl Buchberg, et all 2007-11-01
  7. Seurat: Sunday on the Grande Jatte (4-Fold) by Britt Salveson, 2006-07-18
  8. Seurat: 16 Art Stickers (Fine Art Stickers)
  9. Seurat at Gravelines: The Last Landscapes by Ellen Wardwell Lee, 1990-11-01
  10. Seurat Sein Werk Und Die Kunsttheoretisc (German Edition) by Michael F. Zimmermann, 1991-12-31
  11. Pocket Painters: Seurat by Catherine Barry, 1994-11-08
  12. Seurat (Pocket Painters)
  13. Seurat (World of Art) by John Russell, 1985-02
  14. Georges Seurat by John Rewald, 2010-05-23

21. Academic Directories
Mark Harden's Artchive georges seurat Images, a biography, and a bibliography ofthe life and art of seurat with links to images and related artists.

22. Easyart: Art History: Artists: Georges Seurat
georges seurat. Dot world. georges seurat A Sunday Afternoon On TheIsland of La Grande Jatte 48cm X 71cm £25.95. Easyart ID 11426, seurat

23. Art History At Loggia | The Artist Georges Seurat At A Glance
home art art history artists ps seurat georges seurat ata Glance. The Bathers, by georges seurat artist georges seurat

art art history artists ... p-s Seurat
Georges Seurat at a Glance

The Bathers , by Georges Seurat
artist Georges Seurat
period Post-Impressionism

More about Georges Seurat is coming soon.
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24. KinderArt - Art History - Lessons About Artists And Art History
paints, collages and reconstructs old shoes to represent great artists of the seurat,georges DOT TO DOT seurat K6 Learn about pointillism and create your
Click for KinderArt Quick Site Menu *home* sitemap early childhood education art contests kindercolor kinderart store free newsletter birthdays the fridge search submissions feedback help you are here: Home > Artists and Art History
artists and art history
Gr. 4-6
...Students will learn the four orders of architecture: Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite with this fun lesson from educator Sara Gagliano.
...Learning about flowing lines and form. From Lily Erlic.
Gr. 1-4
...familiarize students with Prehistoric art. From Anne Marie Tracey.
Gr. 7-8
...Using artist Chuck Close as inspiration, art teacher Alison Lorion shows us how to draw portraits using the grid system.
high/secondary school ...Decorate cows in the style of great artists! From art educator Mary Love. EGYPT: EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD Gr. 4-12 ...Learn about Ancient Egypt and make a Book of the Dead with Charlotte Broxon. KANDINSKY, WASSILY: A LITTLE KANDINSKY FOR ALL

25. Seurat, Georges
Biography georges seurat Artist France seurat was the son of comfortably off parentsand his career as a painter he turned for inspiration to artists in the
Artsworld links Delacroix
Poussin, Nicolas

Piero della Francesca

Art and Architecture on Artsworld TV

Georges Seurat
Artist France Born 2 Dec 1859
Died 29 Mar 1891
French painter, the founder and greatest exponent of Neo-Impressionism. Seurat was the son of comfortably- off parents and his career took an unusual course; he never had to worry about earning a living and pursued his artistic researches with single-minded dedication, In 1878 he entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, but his studies were interrupted by military service in 1879. He returned to Paris in 1880 and for the next 2 years devoted himself to drawing (he was one of the subtlest and most original draughtsmen of the 19th century, typically working with very broad, velvety areas of tone, using a conté crayon on textured paper).
Seurat's work was highly influential, but his disciples rarely approached his skill, and even less his level of inspiration, in applying his theories; their paintings often look mechanical and lack his gently satirical humour. In power of composition Seurat stands above not only his followers, but also virtually all other painters of his period. He planned his pictures with extraordinary care, and they have nothing of the sense of the passing moment associated with Impressionism. Rather, they have a highly formalised quality and a conscious grandeur that has caused Seurat to be compared with such revered masters as Piero della Francesca and Poussin.
From Ian Chilvers, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists © Oxford University Press 1990, 1996

26. Films - Seurat
WetCanvas Virtual Museum Individual artists georges seurat Home Virtual Museum Individual artists georges seurat .
LINKS WebMuseum: Seurat Georges
Seurat Georges
Thanks to Danny Birnbaum's The Life and Art of Georges
and Carol Gerten-Jackson for most of this section. - 7k - Georges Seurat
Georges Seurat
images and biography Mark Harden's
Artchive, The Artchive needs EVERYONE to help
Description: Images and discussion of his influence and style. - 21k Mark Harden's Artchive - " Georges Seurat - 1k
More results from
Georges Seurat on the Internet
Georges Seurat . [French Pointillist Painter, 1859-1891]. The artwork of Georges Seurat can be found in the following online exhibits: Description: Links to works in art museum sites and image archives. Under Construction : ( ) Computing. Computers , Computer Hardware , Software , Computer Games , Web Hosting , Web Design.

27. Painters, Artists On The Web
Jenny Saville. Catharton artists. Internet resources. . Exhibitions, galleriesSegal, George. . seurat, georges. Artchive gallery. georges seurat.
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S Salle, David. References to galleries and museums David Salle. Artcyclopedia
David Salle. Small Paintings
Eclipse with Mr. Wildman His Sons
George Stubbs

Sickert: Paintings

by Wendy Baron (Editor), Richard Shone (Editor).

John Singer Sargent: Portraits of the 1890s (Complete Paintings: Volume II)
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28. WebMuseum: Seurat, Georges
georgesPierre seurat was born on Dec. Bathing at Asnieres were refused by the Salonthe next year, so seurat and several other artists founded the
Seurat, Georges
(b. Dec. 2, 1859, Parisd. March 29, 1891, Paris)
Painter, founder of the 19th-century French school of Neo-Impressionism whose technique for portraying the play of light using tiny brushstrokes of contrasting colours became known as Pointillism. Using this techique, he created huge compositions with tiny, detached strokes of pure colour too small to be distinguished when looking at the entire work but making his paintings shimmer with brilliance. Works in this style include Une Baignade (1883-84) and Un dimanche après-midi à l'Ile de la Grande Jatte A French painter who was a leader in the neo-impressionist movement of the late 19th century, Georges Seurat is the ultimate example of the artist as scientist. He spent his life studying color theories and the effects of different linear structures. His 500 drawings alone establish Seurat as a great master, but he will be remembered for his technique called pointillism, or divisionism, which uses small dots or strokes of contrasting color to create subtle changes in form. Georges-Pierre Seurat was born on Dec. 2, 1859, in Paris. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1878 and 1879. His teacher was a disciple of

29. WebMuseum: Seurat, Georges: Un Dimanche Après-midi à L'Ile De La Grande Jatte
seurat, georges. One becomes absorbed in the geometric order that seurat has imposedon Pissarro, Signac and other artists attracted by the pointilliste method
Seurat, Georges
Un dimanche après-midi à l'Ile de la Grande Jatte
1884-86; "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte"; Oil on canvas, 81 x 120 in; Signed, bottom right; Art Institute of Chicago, Helen Birch Bartlett Collection The question has been asked whether Seurat's great work should be regarded as the necessary outcome of Impressionist ideas or as deliberately anti-Impressionist, and an answer might be that it contains elements of both. In pursuing the analysis of colour, Seurat carried on, though in more systematic fashion, what Monet and Pissarro had been doing. The division of colour was scarcely new, though the primary colours were more scientifically defined by the range he based on the spectrum; but he added to this divisionism or pointillism an equally elaborate and scientifically considered treatment of line in order to attain a harmonious unity of composition, which was distinct from the Impressionist aim of suggesting light, atmosphere and movement. The difference is more readily perceptible in a figure composition as here than in landscape. The men, women and children enjoying the sun in the public park on the island of La Grande Jatte in the Seine have the sort of fixity that a moving film acquires when it comes suddenly to a halt; they are frozen in their various attitudes. As a preliminary, Seurat made a number of oil sketches on the spot in a free and indeed Impressionist style. The finished work was intentionally different. The technique used is so interesting that it is apt to gain exclusive attention. One becomes absorbed in the geometric order that Seurat has imposed on the scene and this certainly is an opposite value to that of Impressionism. Pissarro

30. Georges Seurat Prints
georges seurat Prints. Click on any of the prints below to view the ordering details. Werepresent many of the world's leading Reproduction artists Vermeer copy.
Print Search
Portraits Testimonials Prints ... Information View over 23,000 paintings from the History of Art Commission a copy of your favorite painting European Artists A B C ...
Contact Georges Seurat Prints Click on any of the prints below to view the ordering details
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte, 1886
28 in x 22
Buy Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte, 1886

Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte
19 in x 28
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Banks of the Seine
28 in x 22
Buy Banks of the Seine
Circus 23 in x 29 Buy Circus Maria At Honfleur 23 in x 29 Buy Maria At Honfleur Seine At Grande Jatte 23 in x 29 Buy Seine At Grande Jatte Bathing At Asnieres 23 in x 29 Buy Bathing At Asnieres Study for 'la Grande Jatte' 23 in x 29 Buy Study for 'la Grande Jatte' Port-En-Bessin 23 in x 29 Buy Port-En-Bessin Bathers At Asnieres 24 in x 32 Buy Bathers At Asnieres A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 11 in x 14 Buy A Sunday on La Grande Jatte View Reproduction Paintings I II III We represent many of the world's leading Reproduction artists For Art collectors, interior designers and individual clients, we offer authentic reproductions of any painting

31. Artists
Please contact us for more information about available paintings, drawings andsculpture by these artists. seurat, georges. Biography georges seurat.
Lucian Freud, recent work
April 10 - May 19, 2000
Acquavella offers 19th, 20th and 21st century works by the world’s most renowned artists. The Featured Works listed below have been selected from the gallery inventory. Please contact us for more information about available paintings, drawings and sculpture by these artists.
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32. Acquavella: Georges Seurat's Biography
Back to artists Index. georges seurat (1859 1891) georges seuratwas born in Paris and educated at the Ecole des Beaux-arts. His

33. Gallery Art Prints - George Seurat Biography And Art Prints
other artists founded the Societe des Artistes Independants, which was committedto holding an annual artist's show with no jury. georges seurat Bathers At

34. Georges Seurat Biography - Renoir Fine Art Inc.
close to the landscaped pleasure garden of le Parc des ButtesChaumont , where youngGeorges and his mother Many artists imitated seurat's method, but
Georges Seurat
French neo-impressionst painter
Georges Seurat was a French painter who with fellow artist Paul Signac originated the influential theory and practice of neoimpressionism.
The quiet experimenter
Georges-Pierre Seurat was born in Paris on 2 December 1859, the son of comfortably-off parents. His father, a legal official, was a solitary man with a taciturn and withdrawn manner which his son also inherited. At every available opportunity, Antoine-Christophe took leave of his family and disappeared to his villa in the suburbs to grow flowers and say mass in the company of his gardener; he was only at home on Tuesdays. Seurat's mother was quiet and unassuming, but it was she who gave some warmth and continuity to his childhood. The family apartment was on the Boulevard de Magenta, close to the landscaped pleasure garden of "le Parc des Buttes-Chaumont", where young Georges and his mother spent much of their spare time. Such places, and the people who frequented them, were to become the subject of some of his greatest paintings.
The student
Head of a girl, 1879

35. :: Seurat, Georges
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Top Seurat, Georges selling and features comparison... Georges Seurat (Masters of Art) Book by Pierre Courthion List Price: Our Price: , this means off! Brand/Publisher: Harry N Abrams... Read more Compare this: Georges Seurat: 1859-1891: The Master of Pointillism Book by Ute Kieseyer, Michael Hulse List Price: Our Price: Brand/Publisher: TASCHEN America Llc... Read more Compare this: Van Gogh and Friends Art Game: With Cezanne, Gauguin, Seurat, Rousseau and Toulouse-Lautrec Book by Wenda Brewster O'Reilly, Diana Howard, Susana Sosa List Price: Our Price: , this means off! Brand/Publisher: Birdcage... Read more Compare this: Georges Seurat (Rizzoli Art Series) Book by Norma Broude List Price: Our Price: Brand/Publisher: Rizzoli...

36. Encyclopædia Britannica
seurat, georges Overview of the life and works of this 19th century neoimpressionist onthem with references to the style and work of other artists. . Seurat

37. Vincent Art Gallery: About Georges Seurat
A Sunday on La Grande JatteS eurat, georges (18591891), French painter, who withfellow artist Paul Signac Many artists imitated seurat's method, but
Art Gallery About Georges Seurat S eurat, Georges , French painter, who with fellow artist Paul Signac originated neoimpressionism. Born in Paris, the son of a bailiff took drawing lessons from 1875 and later copied works in museums. In 1878/79 he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts, and read works on color theory. After military service in 1880 he settled in Paris. In 1883 a large drawing was accepted by the Salon, and he began a large painting, an open-air scene, in the pointillist, or divisionist manner. In 1884 he met Signac and, with other likeminded artists, the Society of Independent Artists was founded to hold its own exhibitions. He rejected the irregular brushstrokes of impressionism in favor of pointillism, a technique he developed. Many artists imitated Seurat's method, but his technique remained almost unrivaled in its blending of colors. In 1884 Seurat completed Bathers at Asnières (The National Gallery, London), the first of six large canvasses that would constitute the bulk of his life's work. In 1885 he worked on the Paris Seine island Grand Jatte and in Grancamp on the coast of Normandy. He met Pissarro , who followed his style. In 1886 Seurat aroused great attention at the VIII Impressionists Exhibition with his masterpiece

38. Artists
Life Works of Antoni Gaudí; List of artists; London art galleries; Magritte Sargent,John Singer (18561925); Selected Hogarth Prints; seurat, georges (1859-1891);

39. Seurat, Georges
seurat, georges , 1859–91, French neoimpressionist painter. seurat is recognizedas one of the most intellectual artists of his time and was a great

40. Artists
American Visual and Performing artists AsianAmerican Musicians and Visual artists. seurat,georges; Seuss, Dr. Shahn, Ben; Sheeler, Charles; Shen Chou; Shih-T'ao;

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