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         Artists Whistler James Mcneill:     more books (73)
  1. James McNeill Whistler: Drawings, Pastels and Watercolours: A Catalogue Raisonne (Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in Britis) by Margaret F. MacDonald, 1995-06-28
  2. James McNeill Whistler by Hilary Taylor, 1991-05
  3. James Abbott Mcneill Whistler a Life by G.H. Fleming, 1991-06-20
  4. DIABOLICAL DESIGNS: Paintings, Interiors, and Exhibitions of James McNeill Whistler by Deanna Marohn Bendix, 1995-05-17
  5. James McNeill Whistler: Beyond the Myth by Ronald Anderson, Anne Koval, 2002-07-15
  6. Whistler, (American artists series) by James Warren Lane, 1942
  7. After Whistler: The Artist and His Influence on American Painting by Linda Merrill, Marc Simpson, et all 2003-11-01
  8. With Kindest Regards : The Correspondence of Charles Lang Freer and James McNeill Whistler, 1890-1903
  9. First Impressions: James McNeill Whistler by Avis Berman, 1993-10-25
  10. The Lithographs of James McNeill Whistler: Vol. 1: A Catalogue Raisonne; Vol. 2: Correspondence and Technical Studies (v. 1) by Martha Tedeschi, 1998-09-28
  11. James Mcneill Whistler (Spanish Edition) by Maria Constantino, 1998-07
  12. The Lithographs of James McNeill Whistler: A Catologue Raisonne by Martha Tedeschi, 1998-09-25
  13. James McNeill Whistler (The Langham series of art monographs) by Hans Wolfgang Singer, 1910

41. James McNeill Whistler - Artists: If The Man Who Paints Only The Tree
Quotes Browse. james mcneill whistler. artists. If the man who paintsonly the tree, or flower, or other surface he sees before him
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James McNeill Whistler
If the man who paints only the tree, or flower, or other surface he sees before him were an artist, the king of artists would be the photographer. It is for the artist to do something beyond this: in portrait painting to put on canvas something more than the face the model wears for that one day; to paint the man, in short, as well as his features.
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42. Historical Figures And Artists
gs/Siegler.html http// html james Abbottmcneill whistler WebMuseum whistler, james Abbott mcneill index.html
S. Skinner Watercolors
Artists I Admire
Hollis Sigler

Hollis Sigler's Breast Cancer Journal
The University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.

Joseph Mallord William Turner
Odilon Redon Mark Harden's Artchive: "Artchive" - "Odilon Redon" WebMuseum: Redon, Odilon: Early Charcoals (1878-85) Paul Klee Paul Klee Paul Klee Paul Klee / ... John Singer Sargent John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery Mark Harden's Artchive - "John Singer Sargent" Winslow Homer Winslow Homer Resource Page homer.html

43. Studio Methods Of James McNeill Whistler - Art Focus Article: ArtCafe Feature Al
More Art Focus articles on works by james mcneill whistler or any other featureof the ArtCafe.Net ArtCenter Pages, visit the artists' Community ArtBoards .

Art Appreciation -
Art Focus Menu James McNeill Whistler's
Studio Methods
Artists' Community Chats ArtBoards Lessons ... World of Watercolor James McNeill Whistler was an influential artist of the nineteenth century and a famous and colorful personality of his times. He painted many unique and memorable works besides the familiar portrait of his mother. Whistler developed his own painting techniques over the years and late in his life taught others his methods and philosophy. Although an American by birth, Whistler lived much of his life in England and it was there that he had his studio. "I do not teach Art, with that I cannot interfere: but I teach the scientific application of paint and brushes." he told his students. "As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight and the subject-matter has nothing to do with harmony of sound or of color." - Whistler Walter Greaves and his brother Henry, became Whistler's studio assistants and pupils. The two former boatmen worked for the artist to prepare canvases, purchase materials and prepare the colors. Walter Greaves recalled watching Whistler reshape his brushes, heating the ferule over a candle to melt the glue and then pushing the hairs into the form he wanted. Extra-long handled brushes were used for large canvases and the artist would use different brushes for different colors.

44. Cleveland Museum Of Art - James McNeill Whistler (American, 1834 - 1903)
28 of 55 artists with name beginning 'W' Artist AZ Next Previous. JamesMcNeill whistler. American, 1834 1903. The Wine Glass 1979.61.

45. Manuscripts Catalogue - Documents
artists wish to suggest that the committee buys the portrait of Thomas Ca CallNumber MS whistler W11, More Details. Draft from james mcneill whistler to EA

46. Arts Art History Artists W Whistler, James Abbott McNeill Polish Yellow Pages -
Arts Art History artists W whistler, james AbbottMcNeill 404436 Polish Yellow Pages,_James_A
>English Version
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47. NGA: Loan Programs: Techniques
james mcneill whistler The Etchings Although whistler is well traces the developmentof whistler's style and the world, Renaissance artists were dramatically
Loan Programs: Techniques and Elements
Art + Science = Conservation
The Artist's Eye: Pictorial Composition

The Artist's Hand: Five Techniques of Painting

Color and Light in Painting
... back to loan programs Art + Science = Conservation
Introduces the concepts of art and science in museum conservation. Takes viewers behind the scenes to a conservation lab and discusses conservation issues related to art objects. Discussion is focused on the effects of light on works of paper, environmental conditions on outdoor sculpture, and the use of varnish on oil painting.
Cat. #VC166 videocassette (19 minutes) The Artist's Eye: Pictorial Composition
The basic elements of compositionline, plane, and formare examined through a series of diagrams and overlays. Important changes in pictorial organization are traced through paintings from the fifteenth century to the early twentieth century.
Cat. #010 74 slides, audiocassette (41 minutes), and text The Artist's Hand: Five Techniques of Painting
Cat. #008
50 slides, audiocassette (31 minutes), and text Color and Light in Painting
An introduction to the theories of color and light in painting. Basic terms are explained. Paintings by Rembrandt, Goya, Renoir, Monet, Picasso, and other artists exemplify various approaches.

48. James Abbott McNeill Whistler Biography - Renoir Fine Art Inc.
james Abbott mcneill whistler was an American painter and whistler was born on July10, 1834, in Gustave Courbet, other leading contemporary artists, and his
James Abbott McNeill Whistler
James Abbott McNeill Whistler was an American painter and etcher, who assimilated Japanese art styles, made technical innovations, and championed modern art. Many regard him as preeminent among etchers. Whistler was born on July 10, 1834, in Lowell, Massachusetts. He entered the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1851, did not do well in his studies, and left in 1854 to take a job as a draftsman with the U.S. Coast Survey. One year later he left the United States and went to Paris, where he became a pupil of the Swiss classicist painter Charles Gabriel Gleyre. Formal instruction influenced him less, however, than his acquaintance with the French realist painter Gustave Courbet, other leading contemporary artists, and his own study of the great masters and of Japanese styles. The French set, 1858:

49. James Abbott McNeill Whistler. Biography. - Olga's Gallery
invited to become a member of the Society of British artists and two james McNeillWhistler’s position in the history of British art is as paradoxical as
Olga's Gallery
James Abbott McNeill Whistler
James McNeill Whistler was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA, in 1834. He spent five years of his childhood (1843-1848) in St. Petersburg, Russia, where his father, George Washington Whistler (1800-1849), a railroad engineer, was employed in the building of the St. Petersburg-Moscow railroad. The artist’s mother, Anna Matilda McNeill, was a devout Christian, whom he admired all his life. In his early manhood he exchanged his middle name ‘Abbott’ for her maiden name ‘McNeill’. In St. Petersburg young James received his first art lessons in the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts and also learnt French. In 1849, Major Whistler died and his wife decided to bring her family to their homeland, setting at Pomfret, Connecticut, where James attended the local school until, in 1851, he entered West Point, the famous military academy. West Point at the time was an exclusive school, to which cadets were selected by congressmen. No doubt that the fact that his father had trained at West Point secured Whistler’s entry. Never becoming a military man, Whistler remembered the three years spent at the academy with affection. Among all subjects Whistler succeeded only in drawing, special difficulties were caused by chemistry, which at last became the reason of his ejection from the academy. ‘Had silicon been a gas,’ He later declared, ’I would have been a general-major’. West Point was followed by a brief period of employment in the United States Geodetic and Coast Survey offices in Washington. In 1855, Whistler arrived in Paris, the artistic capital of Europe, with the intention of becoming an artist.

50. James McNeill Whistler - Wikipedia
james Abbott mcneill whistler (18341903) was an American painter and etcher. whistlerwas friendly with various French artists, illustrating the book
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James McNeill Whistler
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James Abbott McNeill Whistler ) was an American painter and etcher. He is perhaps best known for his nearly black-and-white full-length portrait of his mother, reading in a rocking chair, titled Arrangement in Gray and Black, No. 1 , but usually referred to as Whistler's Mother . Though American, Whistler lived and worked mainly in Britain and France. His painting The White Girl (1862) caused controversy when exhibited in London and, later, at the Salon des Refusés in Paris. The painting epitomised Whistler's theory that art should essentially be concerned with the beautiful arrangement of colors in harmony, not with the accurate portrayal of the natural world, as recommended by the critic John Ruskin . In 1878 Whistler sued Ruskin for libel after the critic condemned his painting Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket , calling the artist a "coxcomb". Whistler won a

51. Spielmann, M. H. (Marion Harry), 1858-1948. Correspondence With James McNeill Wh
1858 . Notes on Royal society of British artists. A.MS.; London,nd. 7s.(8p.). (12) whistler, james Abbott mcneill, 1834-1903.
bMS Eng 1352
Spielmann, M. H. (Marion Harry), 1858-1948. Correspondence with James McNeill Whistler: Guide.
Houghton Library, Harvard College Library
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138
Descriptive Summary
Repository: Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University
Location: b
Call No.: MS Eng 1352
Creator: Spielmann, M. H. (Marion Harry), 1858-1948.
Title: Correspondence with James McNeill Whistler,
Quantity: 1 box (.5 linear ft.)
Abstract: Correspondence of the English art and literary critic Marion Harry Spielmann with the American artist James McNeill Whistler.
Administrative Information
Acquisition Information:
Source unknown.
Historical Note
Marion Harry Spielmann was an English art and literary critic; Whistler was an American artist.
Arranged alphabetically by author.
Scope and Content
Contains Whistler's correspondence with Spielmann, letters to Spielmann from others, and notes by Spielmann concerning Whistler and the Royal Society of British Artists.
Container List
  • (1) Menges, Mortimer. 2 letters to Marion Harry Spielmann: A.L.s.; Pangbourne, Sep 1903. 1s.(2p.)

52. Who2 Profile: James McNeill Whistler
Also known as james Abbott mcneill whistler whistler joins headstrong general GeorgeCuster in our loop Other artists on Who2 include Dante Gabriel Rossetti
JAMES MCNEILL WHISTLER Artist Also known as James Abbott McNeill Whistler Whistler's deft brushwork and mighty ego made him one of London's best-known painters in the second half of the 1800s. Born in Massachusetts, Whistler spent most of his adult life in England and France, in an era when an American artist in Europe was something of a rarity. He specialized in landscapes and (especially later in his career) portraits; stylistically he is often linked with Claude Monet and August Renoir, though he was not exactly part of the Impressionist movement. His etchings also are highly regarded. Witty, cranky and a bit of a devil, Whistler was a regular gadabout in British society. He had a famous long-running feud with the playwright Oscar Wilde, each of them trying to outwit the other with cutting public remarks. Some critics of the era considered Whistler's work to be smudgy and too radical; after viewing Whistler's 1875 study of fireworks over the Thames, Nocturne in Black and Gold: the Falling Rocket , John Ruskin wrote: "I have seen, and heard, much of cockney impudence before now; but never expected to hear a coxcomb ask two hundred guineas for flinging a pot of paint in the public's face." Whistler successfully sued Ruskin for libel but was awarded only a farthing in damages, and the legal fees helped drive Whistler into bankruptcy in 1879. Among Whistler's other famous paintings are

53. WetCanvas: Virtual Museum: Individual Artists: James Whistler: Whistler The Mave
The name james mcneill whistler conjures up a confused, contradictory image of an Withoutquestion, whistler was among the most significant artists of the
Today: We can't help your paint dry any faster, but we can help you pass the time... C OMMUNITY C ONTENT C HANNELS C ALENDARS I NFOCENTER Choose ... The WC! Home Page First Time Visitor? Join our Community! Message Forums Product Reviews Chat in the Cafe Virtual Palette! Art Projects Critique Center Reference Image Library Article Publisher Cool WC! Gear Subscribe - Support WetCanvas! WC! Web Hosting WC! Member Sites Choose ... Abstract/Contemporary Art Acrylics Art Business Art History Cafe Guerbois Colored Pencil Computers/Technology Creativity Corner Critique Center Digital Art En Plein Aire Fantasy/Sci-Fi Art Figure, The Glass Art Illustration Landscapes Mixed Media/Alt. Materials/Other New User Channel Oil Painting Pastels Photography Portraiture Printmaking Sculpture Still Life, The Studio Tips Teacher's Toolbox Tole/Decorative/Porcelain/China Watercolors WC! Events WC! Site Discussions Choose ... Competitions Exhibitions Workshops/Classes Choose ... WetCanvas! FAQ Online Media Kit Mailing List Contact Us! Home Virtual Museum Individual Artists James Whistler : Whistler the Maverick James Whistler: The Maverick The name James McNeill Whistler conjures up a confused, contradictory image of an irascible maverick and gregarious dandy - an impression which overshadows his considerable achievement as an artist. Even as late as the 1920's the myth of the capricious gadfly had become almost indelibly stamped on the popular imagination to the detriment of the complete man.

54. Hunting For Old Paper With James McNeill Whistler
james mcneill whistler (18341903) was very interested in effects. However, for prints,whistler used a variety of Like many artists then and now, he thought
The American Institute for Conservation
Hunting for Old Paper with James McNeill Whistler
Martha Smith James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) was very interested in effects. He was flamboyant and dressed like a dandy with a broad-brimmed hat, a cane, and a monocle. As a serious artist and printmaker, he knew that the paper, as well as the ink colors, could change the look and mood of a picture, and he liked to experiment. Whistler was fairly consistent in his choices of paper for pastels, watercolors, and drawings. His pastels are most often on brown paper, making the chalk lines look bright and intense. for watercolors he used contemporary paper with a medium weight and texture and a very light color which could also be one of the colors in the painting. His drawings are usually on the smooth off-white paper of ordinary sketch books. However, for prints, Whistler used a variety of papers. Like many artists then and now, he thought that old paper, especially old Dutch paper, was better quality and more beautiful than new paper. One of the purposes in surveying the extensive collection of Whistler prints in the Freer Gallery, was to see how many of them are on old paper and how Whistler identified a sheet of paper as "old." Some of the characteristics of old paper are a somewhat uneven distribution of the fibers, dark stripes beside the chain lines, a watermark, creases, wear, and dirt. Dard Hunter uses the term "antique laid" to describe paper made by hand approximately before 1800, when the design of the paper mold caused the fibers to collect along the chain lines and look like dark stripes.

55. James McNeill Whistler: Links To Every Work Viewable On The Internet
james mcneill whistler (18341903) was a master etcher and a painter who was drivenby be seen as precursors to the much later abstract work of artists such as
James McNeill Whistler
James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) was a master etcher and a painter who was driven by aesthetic theory. A masterful realist, he nonetheless frequently subverted the artistic conventions of the time in order to prevent a "narrative" interpretation of his work and force the viewer to deal with pure color and aesthetic value. Despite their representational basis, some of his paintings can even be seen as precursors to the much later abstract work of artists such as Mark Rothko.
Whistler is best known for Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Painter's Mother (better known as Whistler's Mother
James McNeill Whistler

56. Treasures To Go: Artist Biography
james Abbott mcneill whistler was born in the prospered in his drawing class, whistler'sfailings in of great and original American artists, whistler exerted a
James McNeill Whistler
James Abbott McNeill Whistler was born in the industrial town of Lowell, Massachusetts. Inducted into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, he accumulated so many demerits that he became a sore trial to the then-commandant Major Robert E. Lee. Although he prospered in his drawing class, Whistler's failings in chemistry at last prompted his expulsion from the academy. "Had silicon been a gas," he later observed, "I would have been a major general." One of a handful of great and original American artists, Whistler exerted a profound influence on his contemporaries and on the course of American art. He was the first to be captivated by the recently discovered Japanese art and readily incorporated its flattened forms, cropped figures, monochromatic colors, and economy of means into his own works. To negate any narrative intent or interpretation he entitled his paintings with musical nomenclature, such as nocturne and etude. In 1866, after an ambiguous involvement in Irish revolutionary conspiracies and lacking a war at home to satisfy his combative urge, he sailed off to Chile to abet the revolutionaries on that distant soil. Once on shore, however, he created his own revolution with a series of tonalist depictions of Valparaiso Harbor, such as the canvas currently on display. Whistler's removal to London soon exposed him to the thorny crochets of the current critical doyen, John Ruskin.

57. OnArt Posterstore -Art Photography Music Film Posters
Various artists 4 To purchase any of the products below click on the image. x 26in. Buy Suzanne Valadon. Valparaiso james mcneill whistler 28 in. x 24 in.
Various Artists 4
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58. A Concise History Of The Artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler
james Abbott McNeil whistler, American born painter whose studies and work weremainly to whistler became associated with Avante Garde artists and was

59. Other Artists At The Redfern Gallery
Weschke, Karl whistler, james Abbott mcneill Wirthmiller, Denis Wood, Kenneth Wood,Christopher WouKi, Zao Yang, Ying, home gallery artists other artists

Adams, Robert

Adler, Jankel

Aitchison, Craigie

Andrews, Sybil

Adams, Robert

Adler, Jankel

Aitchison, Craigie

Andrews, Sybil
... contact

60. James Abbott McNeill Whistler - Innovative And Headstrong [Part One - Page Two]
significant event that would become an important step for artists at the Next, welook at the signature style of james Abbott mcneill whistler and why it
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James Abbott McNeill Whistler The Salon des Refusés
By Guide Andrea Mulder-Slater Page More of this Feature 1: An American in Paris
3: His Influence on Modern Art

4: The Ten O'Clock Lectures

5: After the Lecture
Related Resources Much Ado About a Nude Five Events... From Other Guides East Meets West Whistler Elsewhere on the Web Whistler at the NGA James McNeill Whistler Whistler: Etcher T he White Girl is a portrait of Whistler's model/mistress at the time, Joanna Heffernan. The painting essentially shows Joanna, wearing a white dress, standing on a wolfskin rug, in front of a white curtain. She holds a flower (white, of course), in her left hand and on the wolfskin rug and the carpet beneath, there are yet even more flowers. This is a predominantly vertical composition, giving off a feeling of stateliness or importance. The use of color is rather minimal with white and beige used extensively throughout, with accents of pink, green and blue seen in the flowers that make up the pattern of the carpet. The painting is well balanced with just enough information presented to keep the viewer interested. Through repeated patterns and colors, Whistler achieved a sense of harmony and unity.

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