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         Arts & Crafts Collaborative Activ:     more detail

1. Activ E Spaces O N T He Grid T He Construction Of A D V A Nced V
tive spaces. These shared collaborative spaces are characterized by a number these ideas have been inuenced by the arts and crafts style of interior ar

or architects attempting to initiate collaborative working practice website designerto put activ 8 on of State (Minister for the arts) arts, crafts, music and

3. San Leandro High School
VISUAL/PERFORMING arts Sculpture/crafts, Drama. Leo OCON, SOC SCI - Wrld HistCP SLAM Academy - Wrld Hist STUD activ DIR CTRAIN, rm101 - x ? (1,2
San Leandro Information
San Leandro USD
San Leandro HighSchool
Phone Numbers

San Leandro Collaborative
2200 Bancroft Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94577

(Click the address to get a map from SL's Current Conditions
SLHS Current Local Weathe
SLHS Weather Forecast
Recent Bay Area Earthquakes
San Leandro High School
2200 Bancroft Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577
(Commonly Used Phone Numbers)
Old Faculty List 2001/2002 Spring Term
Faculty List Fall 2002/2003 Faculty List Fall 2001/2002 Faculty List 2000/2001
NOTICE: This list is kept as current as possible. ONLY if the information you need is critical, please contact 510-667-3540 x1958 (last updated 31 May 2002 @ 1630 PDT)
Counselors - 2001/2002 (Spring Term)
Counseling Office (Chris Miller) - (510) 667-3540 x1948 Counselor Name Assignment Phone Extension Nancy JOHNSON HEAD COUNSELOR (A-Che 9th) (A-Co 10-12) Anna BOSCACCI COUNSELOR (Chi-Gz 9th) (Cr-Hali 10-12) Joe GLIEBE - GOETZ (Mr. G)

4. Art Education
to art experiences for all children a collaborative fieldwork program New YorkTimes Fine arts Lessons (most are crafts links pages lots of fun projects.
Program Goals Lesson Plans Arts Advocacy ... Education Resources Art Education Resources ArtsEdNet An online service developed to support the needs of the art education community. Image Gallery Lesson Plans and Curriculum Themes in Art
Getty ArtsEdNet Talk Search Archives
Check current posts.
Space Art Through the Ages
Robert McCall teaching unit on space art (NAEA Keynote speaker 2001). Series of interdisciplinary activities based on traditional and contemporary artworks.
ArtsEdNet-Animals in Art
Looking and learning Devices of Wonder New from Getty! Exhibition explores how optical devices and technologies have shaped our perception of the world, and teaches us about our social, scientific, and visual histories. Play with the games, scientific instruments, and optical devices in the exhibition. Teaching Tools Viewpoints: Exploring How You Understand Art Exploring how you look at art - d eveloped by Faith Clover and Mary Erickson What kind of art do you really like? Why do you like it? What about other people? Take this self-test to learn more about why you like the art you do, understand different ways of looking at art and discover the points of view other people have. From Getty ArtsEdNet.

5. San Francisco CityGuide
A collaborative publishing effort by over one hundred volunteers. 280) All Groups(55) All Features (26) arts and crafts (49) Educational
San Francisco Bay City Guide T he world wild web is the first media to be considered both print and broadcast so we think it important to tell you that we are organized around the metro center best known globally as the San Francisco Bay Area. As a web guide we make extensive use of locally oriented web resources and we organize around the three metro centers and professional sports namesakes of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. The broadcast media of radio and TV does so as well however print media has a narrower agenda which seeks to create conflict by fanning the flames of regional conflict. With no regional government and plenty of State and federal funds to be disbursed their is much at stake. Just as Carnaval unites the world, we support the efforts of the three metro center Mayors to unite the Bay Area. It is a fascinating story you can only find here. Updates
N orthern California contains a bounty of the traveler's world class destinations, wine country, white water, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Gold Country, Redwoods, Pacific Ocean and so much more. We got started on our best of the best of the web but expect this section to expand significantly for your benefit over the course of time.
T his is our ninth and final Carnaval City of the new millennium and our home town as well. Our home town is defined by the 94110 zip code, it is an artist ethnic neighborhood called the Mission district which any traveler would not want to miss. Your best guide is here.

6. ProTeacher! Middle Ages And Renaissance Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teach
collaborative Thematic Unit The Middle Ages A unit A lesson plan that integrateslanguage arts and social a tournament, research projects, and crafts source.

[Click Here]
to search tens of thousands of ideas
on ProTeacher's new Teaching Ideas Archive

Social Studies
History World History Middle Ages / Renaissance Activity Page - Printable activity pages with medieval themes. Find coloring pages, mazes, and finger puppets of knights, dragons, and more source
Collaborative Thematic Unit: The Middle Ages
- A unit with several activity ideas, bibliography, and literature lesson plans about medieval times. Students may enjoy making a dragon puppet and following the code of chivalry source
Medieval Ideas
- A collection of activity ideas for early childhood. Ideas include books, art projects and games source
Medieval Math
- A lesson plan that integrates social studies and math. Students make a medieval banner or flag using measurement skills source
Medieval Times
- A collection of interdisciplinary project ideas for teaching about the Middle Ages. Students design a coat of arms, make a scroll TV, and construct paper mache castles source
Times Medieval
- Lesson plans with vocabulary, questions, and activity ideas for teaching about medieval castles, stained glass, King Arthur, manuscripts, and music. Designed for use with Discovery Channel programs, but adaptable source
Black Plague Simulation
- Directions and information for conducting a simulation of the Black Plague which ravaged Europe during the Middle Ages source
Bubonic Plague Role Play
- Through a script and role play situations, students learn the causes of the Bubonic Plague

in the arts, and do not collaborative artistic production is a arts projects can also be therapeutic. e.g., a project in which feminist artisteducators used womenís crafts

ACMETL ACMET-L@TEMPLEVM Academic Metal crafts discussion ACMMEX ASLIST-L ASLIST-L@VTVM1Arts and Sciences CERES-L CERES-L@WVNVM collaborative Environments for

9. RhondaF's Bookmarks On
Units Thematic Units for Primary Grades collaborative Thematic Unit com Search LessonPlans/Fine arts/Visual A Close this folder.crafts Make a
RhondaF's Bookmarks last updated:
Tue May 21, 2002 Signup Login Help Link to Us ... Home Search: Copy RhondaF's bookmarks close all open all scroll down ... help Sample Folder
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10. Web Addresses For Teacher
American Verse Project is a collaborative project between Hands section offers creativeactiv Grade Level Elementary Content Area(s) arts (crafts, Visual arts).
The Teacher's Page
This web page is filled with many resources for busy teachers. To search a topic, go to Edit in the menu bar, Find in Page, then type the subject you want to find.
Magazines, Publications and Television
Discover Magazine
Scientific American
Science and Children
The Why Files
Education Week
T he Philadelphia Inquirer Sc. and Med.
Bill Nye, the Science Guy ...
Teacher Activities and Information
Access Excellence Busy Teachers' Website (K-12) The Biology Place Rigby's Education Station Challenger Learning Center for Space Education How the Weather Works ...
McWane Center The Exploratorium Museum of Science and Industry-Chicago American Museum of Natural History The Franklin Institute The Museum of Science Boston

11. UCLA F O Wler Museum To Feature Japanese Festi V Al ArtsWindow To Japanese Langu
A collaborative project of the Georgetown Public Policy Institute (GPPI) and its affiliate, the Beverly Boothe of the East River collaborative. noted, we need parent involvement

12. G R A N T S F E L
G R A N T S F E L L O W S H I P S OUNCIL ON THE CATEGORIES OF SUPPORT (Presenting, Project Assistance, Operating Support, Technical Assistance, collaborative Ventures, Programming Development, Internships and and development of the arts in Alabama. supports notfor-profit arts organizations, schools,

13. Untitled
arts organizations across the country are actively expanding their which individuals become involved in the arts and to. identify how arts institutions can most effectively influence

14. Wiccan-Pagan
Gargoyles_4 Gothic_49 Healing Arts_54 Medieval Mythic Corridors is a new, collaborativeproject produced handfastings and saving money crafts Craft ideas
The Ultimate Protection on your Travels through the Digital Highway Comp-U-Gargs®... They're on Guard even when you're not!
To find out more about Comp-U-Gargs®
our Celtic Crosses and our other Gargoyles and Dragons
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Home Page Anti Virus Astrology Bizarre ... Wiccan-Pagan
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AvatarSearch - Search Engine of the Occult Internet!...
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Earth Spirit Emporium, Wicca, Witchcraft, and Occult Supplies...
Wicca, occult, book of shadows, spell, magic, wiccan, witchcraft, witch altar items, spell kits, athames, an online book of shadows, online spells you can try, lists, links and so much more than just ...
Home at ...
" carries herbs, oils and more for the Pagan Community." ...

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prepared by Research for Action written by Rochelle Nichols Solomon and Amy Rhodes part of a series from the Technical Assistance/Resource Center of the Annie E. Casey Foundation STRONG IMAGES AND PRACTICAL IDEAS C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S

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