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  1. A Strategic Profile of Aruba, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Aruba Research Group, The Aruba Research Group, 2000-04-25
  2. Aruban Culture: Culture of Aruba, Djucu, List of Aruban Films, Balashi
  3. ARUBA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by LUC ALOFS, 2001
  4. Eye on Aruba Bonaire Curacao: History, Culture and Nature of the ABC Islands by Jeannette Van Ditzhuijzen, 2003

1. Aruba Culture & Folklore
Brief information of culture and history.Category Kids and Teens School Time Caribbean Aruba......Aruba's Culture. Aruba's 88,000 inhabitants reflect it's history of settlement,acquisition, and immigration. The native Aruban population



About Aruba

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About Aruba
History Culture Churches Medical Facilities
Aruba's Culture
Aruba's 88,000 inhabitants reflect it's history of settlement, acquisition, and immigration. The native Aruban population has ethnic roots in Arawak, African, and European peoples, reflected in the local foods, architecture, celebrations, and languages, and you'll find a healthy mix of expatriates, about 10,000, from Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America working in various industries on our island. Culturally, aruba has strong ties to Holland, it's colonial occupier and presen-day partner in the Netherlands kingdom. The official language of the island is Dutch, seen on street signs, government documents, and several local newspapers. English is spoken by most Arubans, particularly those in the tourism business. The island's lingua franca, however, is Papiamento, a lyrical language that envolved from Spanish and Portuguese, Dutch, some French, English, and a smattering of African languages. To the ear papaiamneto sounds a great deal like Spanish, and it's not surprising that Spanish-speaking visitors from Venezuela and other Latin American countries have little problem communicating on the island. The language is thought to have envolved in Curacao during the 16th century, when slaves and their Spanish owners developed common ground in which to communicate. Keeping in mind that spelling varies within the language, and among the islands that use it (Aruba

2. Aruba Culture And Folklore
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Aruba Culture Archaeologic Museum of Aruba
The oldest part of Aruba's cultural heritage is exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Aruba. The permanent collection gives the visitor a taste of early periods in the history and pre-history of the island. Aruba Bulletin Board
Aruba Chat

Chat with Aruba once you've created an account. Aruba Culture and Folklore
The native Aruban population has ethnic roots in Arawak, African, and European peoples. Culturally, Aruba has strong ties to Holland, it's colonial occupier and present-day partner in the Netherlands kingdom. Aruba Food and Wine Magazine
Aruba History
A brief look at the history of Aruba. Historical Museum of Aruba The Aruban Historical museum was established by the CCA - Cultureel Centrum van Aruba - (Cultural Center Aruba Foundation) in 1983 when the restoration of the Fort Zoutman Willem III Tower was completed. Numismatic Museum of Aruba The largest collection of coins and paper money from all over the world, exhibited in the region, is to be enjoyed at the Numismatic Museum of Aruba.

3. Caribbean CHOICE - Your Gateway To The Caribbean!
aruba culture History. Aruba is one of the three ABC islands that comprise the Netherlands Antilles; the other two of
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Aruba is one of the three ABC islands that comprise the Netherlands Antilles; the other two of them are Bonaire and Curacao. The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad, which is located on the island's southern coast. Aruba has a mélange of people from South American and European continents, also from the Far East and, from other West Indian islands. These different settlers have added a unique flavour to the lives of the inhabitants of this island. Aruba has become a great tourist attraction in recent years to Americans in particular but also to Canadians and Europeans. It now has a number of gaming casinos, some of which open twenty four hours a day, while some others open at eleven a.m. until the wee hours of the morning. The large casinos also feature first class entertainment imported mainly from the United States and Latin America.

4. Aruba Vacationing Made Easy - Aruba Experts
Learn About aruba culture, It's an absolute must! Don't miss it! The visitorto Aruba can learn about the island's culture in various museums.
Aruba Useful Facts Airport Entry Requirements ... Map Festivals Carnival Museums The Bon Bini Festival is a festive event for the entire family that is held at Fort Zoutman, Zoutmanstraat no number, in Oranjestad, every Tuesday evening from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. You will get a taste of the local cuisine, enjoy a folkloric dance show with Aruban music, and admire various crafts. A very nice initiative that you should not miss! The Heineken Festival is organized once a year in July by the famous Dutch beer brewers. They always succeed in attracting famous Caribbean performers to give a free concert under the stars and on that occasion they sell their delicious beer at a very modest price. So go and get your annual supply of beer! And if you can still stand on your feet, dance the night away!
Once a year in June, the takes place, two days long, with jazz and Latin musicians of world renown who will give their best performance to please the enthusiastic audience. You will want to be there!

5. Aruba Vacationing Made Easy - Plan Your Next Aruba Vacation
Information and reservations for activities, tours and events.Category Regional Caribbean Travel Services Travel Agents...... Learn About aruba culture,

Special Wellness Cruise

Our category pages will guide you through virtually everything there is to see and do in Aruba. Click the buttons above to see what Aruba has to offer by land (Visit our Island), by Sea (Explore our Seas), etc. Once there, you will see the many options available (Island tours, Jeep tours, Special attractions, etc.). Don't forget to read the narratives for a wonderful guide to Aruba.
As you find things that interest you, feel free to click the button "add to my vacation planner" and the items will be put on your personal vacation planner. There are no obligations or personal questions, just a tool for you to use to create your dream vacation. When you are ready, you'll be able to print it out and carry it with you, show or email it to your friends, or use it to help pre-plan. It even allows you to add your own notes & plans.
CHECK AVAILABILITY: While creating your Vacation Planner, you will see current remaining availability for those items that allow you to pre-reserve. If you want to go further than pre-planning, you can instantly reserve any available activity, and be sure that your favorite ones are not sold out when you get to Aruba. Perhaps even take advantage of some advance purchase specials.

6. Aruba Travel Guide @
Cyber Cafes The Internet Café Guide. Aruba Activities. Aruba Car Rentals.aruba culture. Aruba Resorts. Aruba Restaurants. Aruba Tourism.

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Flag of Aruba Aruba is an autonomous part of the Netherlands Formerly part of the Dutch Antilles , Aruba was granted home rule by the Netherlands in 1986. Local Currency
Convert your currency into Aruban florin. Food Travel Fiction Health Kids Bios Humor Mags Software Gifts Tech Business Other
New Headlines World News
Directory of newspapers and news sources from around the world.
Aruba Lesser Antilles One of the Lesser Antilles islands, Aruba lies off the coast of Venezuela Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba, is situated on the western side of the island. Pocket Guide to Aruba
The pocket guide to Aruba is ideal for the traveller who only has a few days to spare, providing recommendations for sights that should be skipped as well as attractions you just can't afford to miss. Aruba Online
Plenty of tourist information to prepare you for a visit to Aruba. A Visit to Aruba
A brief history of the island is followed by more pages of information from around the island today.

7. View Answer
Subject aruba culture. Question, How do the native people of Aruba live? Dothey live in realtive wealth or poverty? How much school do they complete?

8. Aruba Previous Questions
Find it now aruba culture. passports. where to stay. Condo/Timeshare v. Snorkeling trips. Aruba airline service. allinclusive resorts. Aruba Travel.

9. LookSmart / Search Results For "Aruba"
http// See also aruba culture and Amusements. Visit to Aruba Find aerial photographs and an informal overview of Aruba's history.

10. Aruba Island Guide: Caribbean Romantic Vacations, Honeymoons, Cruises
Email this page Bookmark this page. aruba culture. Destinations inAruba Oranjestad. Population 69,539 (July 2000 est.) Nationality
The sophisticated travelers Aruba vacation connection.
Aruba Vacation Guide: Romantic Aruba Vacations
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Aruba: Culture Destinations in Aruba

Population: 69,539 (July 2000 est.)
Nationality: noun: Aruban(s) adjective: Aruban Ethnic groups: mixed white/Caribbean Amerindian 80% Religions: Roman Catholic 82%, Protestant 8%, Hindu, Muslim, Confucian, Jewish

11. Auba - History
A brief history of aruba provided by the Tourism Authority.

Aruba Home
History and Culture Exploring Activities ... Geographia Home Aruba
The Original Official Homepage of the Aruba Tourism Authority History and Culture
The first people to inhabit the island were a nation of Arawak Indians called the Caiquetios who migrated north from the Orinoco Basin in South America and settled here approximately 2,000 years ago. Re mnants of their culture can still be found at a number of different sites around the island: pottery, earthenware, and other artefacts at the Archeological Museum in Oranjestad and at the Historical Museum of Aruba at Fort Zoutman and William III Tower; and cave drawings and petroglyphs in the Fontein and Guadiriki Caves and at Arikok National Park In 1499, the Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojeda made his way to this remote corner of the Caribbean Basin and laid claim to the territory for Queen Isabella. According to one tradition, he christened the place Oro Hubo meaning there was gold there, but the name Aruba seems to have derived instead from the Arawak Indian word oibubai which means guide. In any event, the Spanish made little use of the island, finding the climate too arid for cultivation and discovering little evidence of the gold they were eagerly searching for. For the most part, they abandoned Aruba to the Caiquetios for the next 150 years and devoted themselves to other more lucrative conquests. Before long, however, the island became a clandestine hide-away for pirates and buccaneers who preyed on ships transporting Indian treasures back to the Old World. At

12. Aruba : History And Culture Of This Caribbean Island
Each month we bring you an diferent spot on the island, and with it its history The first settlers of aruba. Flora and Fauna. The Commandeurs of aruba. Next issue
The first settlers of Aruba Flora and Fauna The Commandeurs of Aruba Next issue....................... The Church of Alto Vista
Fortzoutman and Willem III tower, Coming Soon

13. Speleological Expedition Team Of Aruba
Speleological Expedition Team aruba To Protect and Conserve aruba's culture and nature and doing everything to prevent nature being threatened every day.
The Speleological Expedition Team of Aruba was founded on July 30 th 1996, and SECRECY is our first and most important rule!!!!!
To Protect and Conserve Aruba's culture and nature and doing everything to prevent nature being threatened every day. To do this we conduct research, interviews, etc. and also host expositions to educate those interested about the subject.
  • 30 July 1998 SET Aruba will be celebrating it's second anniversary. For those interested in viewing our exposition , please contact us via E-mail or telephone (297) 825669. Interested schools/education facilities can also contact us for an appointment, since it will not be open for general viewing but only via appointment. Soon we will have professional cave mappers from abroad to map our Aruban caves and instruct us on how to do this ourselves in the future. We are following courses and will soon be certified in RAPPELLING descending into caves by sliding down a rope passed under one's thigh, across the body, and over the opposite shoulder or through a special friction device TOURS can also be organized, but are limited to 6 persons at a time. A minimal contribution of US$ 3 per person is asked to help contribute to the materials needed and used.

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Aruba - Society and Culture
Home Page ThemeIndex Aruba Aruba - Society and Culture
Animal Rights Aruba welcomes you on her site...
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Aruba Chat...
Aruba Chat - log in to speak with Arubans, other visitors or visitors-to-be......
Aruba Lions Organization...
INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LIONS CLUBS MULTIPLE DISTRICT 'E' DISTRICT 'E-1' Region 1 - Zone 1 (3029 - 015803)Chartered January 31, 1948    We welcome your questions and comments No part of this pub...

15. Experience Hotels, Accommodations, Activities, Dining And Nightlife For Our 'One
Information on the island including culture, shopping, activities, lodging, and detailed maps.

16. Aruba's History, Culture, Churches, Flora, Fauna
aruba is among the most southern of the Lesser Antilles islands (ABC islands =aruba, Bonaire Curacao) and is the farthest west of that group. Why aruba?



About Aruba

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About Aruba History Culture Churches Medical Facilities ... Getting married on Aruba Aruba is among the most southern of the Lesser Antilles islands ( ABC islands = Aruba, Bonaire Curacao ) and is the farthest west of that group. It's a mere 15 miles (24 km) from the coast of Venezuela. On a clear day the Venezuelan mainland is visible from the south-eastern coast, and about 42 miles (67 km), or 20 minutes by airplane, to our nearest Caribbean neighbour, Curacao The oblong island is fronted by heavy surf and a jagged coast on our northern, windward side and by seven miles (11 km) of honey-colored sand beaches on the southern leeward coast. It's some 75 square miles (193 km2) in area and measures about five miles (8 km) at it widest point and 19 miles (30 km) in length. Aruba is an easy island to get around, the road systems are in good shape, well-marked,and, let's face it, it's hard to get lost for too long on an island where the coast is never more than 3 miles away. Why Aruba?

17. UK Guide To Aruba
A site giving information to the independent UK traveller about the Caribbean island of aruba, it's culture, activities, how to get there, and finding accommodation.
UK Guide To Aruba
It's the best kept secret in the Caribbean. And it's our mission to share that secret with you. Here is the first UK guide to the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba, especially created by independent travellers, for the independent traveller. Click on the beach volleyball, and join those who have discovered the magic of Aruba - One Happy Island!

18. International Homepage Of Portal Aruba
Informations g©n©rales sur l'®le d'aruba et ses activit©s. Arts, culture, g©ographie, histoire, commerce, tourisme.
Welcome Bienvenido Welkom Willkommen Bienvenue Bemvindo Aruba Internet Portal Services
Last updated September 24, 2002

19. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Aruba | Culture
The Arawak heritage is stronger on aruba than on most Caribbean islands, thoughthe indigenous language and culture did not last long into the 19th century.
home search help worldguide ... Related Weblinks
Arubans are gymnastic linguists, many of them speaking four languages: Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamento, sometimes in the same conversation. Papiamento is a melodious language derived from every culture that has impacted on the region, including traces of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French and local Indian languages. It's spoken throughout the Netherlands Antilles but is more Spanish-based on Aruba, an indication of the island's closer ties with the South American mainland. Making an effort to use a few Papiamento words will delight your Aruban hosts. Bon bini (welcome) is the first Papiamento you'll come across. Another word you'll hear is dushi , which means sweet or lovely; women will hear it more than men. The Arawak heritage is stronger on Aruba than on most Caribbean islands, though the indigenous language and culture did not last long into the 19th century. No full-blooded Indians remain, but the features of the islanders clearly indicate their genetic heritage. The majority of the population is descended from Arawak, Dutch and Spanish ancestors. Arawak petroglyphs can be seen in several parts of the island, including Fontein cave in the Arikok National Park, and an Indian village is still being excavated at Tanki Flip. Artifacts on view in Oranjestad's Archaeological Museum give clues to the customs of daily and ceremonial Arawak life: there are burial urns and a bone spatula thought to have been used as a vomiting stick to prepare men for ceremonies.

20. Culture
living on this wonderful island. (aruba). Of all aspects pertaining to aruban culture, their traditions are by far the
Aruba’s culture is a collection of values, beliefs, and traditions from several nations over hundreds of years. The language, architecture, schooling, language, festivities, and folklore have made the Aruban natives the people they are today.
The native population has ethnic roots in Arawak, African, and European peoples. This is evident in the local foods, architecture, celebrations, and languages. There is also a mix of expatriates from Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America working in various industries on the island. Culturally, Aruba has strong ties to Holland; it’s colonial occupier and present-day partner in the Netherlands kingdom. The official language of the island is Dutch, seen on street signs, government documents, and several local newspapers. Most people of Aruba, particularly those in the tourism business, speak English .
The education system of Aruba has established the same standards to those employed in the Netherlands. Teachers communicate with their students primarily in Dutch. English is required of students by the fourth grade and many become fluent in their early adult years. Spanish, French, and German are three other languages offered to students while attending school. On the island, school facilities include a secondary education, a teacher’s college, a law school, and technical and training establishments. Aruba offers scholarships to students who excel in specific areas giving them an opportunity to further their studies in Holland. Nearly 15 percent of the island’s budget is dedicated to the educational experience. (Lonely Planet World Guide)

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