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         Ashfall Fossil Beds Paleontology:     more detail

41. U. Mary WWW Resources - By Subject - Paleontology
paleontology DATABASES Alroy, John. North American Mammalian Paleofaunal Database. ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park
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Paleontology Overview
Paleontology Articles Paleontology Databases Precambrian ... Other Paleontology Directories
PALEONTOLOGY OVERVIEW - ucmp - What is Paleontology? - ucmp - Frequently Asked Questions about Paleontology - ucmp - paleontology on the world-wide web
fossil record ... - NMNH Paleobiology Home Page
Arachnid Origins and Evolution - Discovering Palaeontology

42. Sources Of Fossil Clip Art, Links For Palaeobotanists
Mike Everhart OCEANS OF KANSAS paleontology. State Historical Park,Royal, NE ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park. (Mammals).
Home Images of Plant Fossils Sources of Fossil Clip Art
Websites, showing Plant Fossils

Paleovegetation Reconstructions

Plant Photographs

Picture Search@

Sources of Fossil Clip Art Web Clip Art . The Clip Art Connection is a massive FREE resource for all types of clip art and digital imagery. Discovery School Clip Art Gallery : Go to: Science, plant fossil Mike Everhart OCEANS OF KANSAS PALEONTOLOGY . Marine Life in Late Cretaceous Times. Hammer Fossils! Some pictures of fossils from private collections. Douglas Henderson , Whitehall, MT: Earth History Illustrations geologic timeline Russ Jacobson , Geoscience Education and Outreach Unit, Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, Illinois: Josef Moravec Timeline Dinosaur Gallery . A collection of prehistoric oil paintings, sorted by geological time period. Prehistorics Illustrated . Chiefly the world of dinosaurs. Visit the Paleo Gallery . Artwork by Todd Marshall, Karen Carr, Truett Garner and Dann Pigdon. State Historical Park, Royal, NE: Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park . (Mammals). U.S. Geological Survey

Natural History Sub Theme paleontology *, Agate fossil beds National Monument, *,American Museum of Natural History, *, ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park,

44. TravelThePast - Destination Details
Name / Title. ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park. Themes Sub Themes.Archaeology, , Prehistoric Archaeology. Natural History, , paleontology.

45. NETonline - Next Exit
(800) 3585029 ashfall fossil beds State Historical 29. See fossil beds with bonesof animals formed 19 The Visitors Center contains paleontology exhibits and
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history sports learners ... food

In one sense, Nebraska's history can be told through its fossil beds and forts, including the most modern, international fort, the Strategic Air Command. These are some of the museums that we would recommend to those who want to learn about Nebraska's history.
Strategic Air and Space Museum - South Bend

Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park - Royal

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument
- Harrison

Fort Atkinson State Historical Park
- Fort Calhoun
Madison St. First U.S. fort west of the Missouri River played a major role in the western expansion and fur trade. Grounds open in the summer season from 8 a.m.-7 p.m., 9 a.m. to sunset the rest of the year. Visitor Center and interpretive facilities open daily May 27-Sept. 4: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Sept. 9-Oct. 29 Sat-Sun only 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Pre-arranged tours from mid-April-mid-November Periodic living history demonstrations. Park entry permit required. (402) 468-5611. Facilities are marginally designed to serve the handicapped at this time.

Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park
- Burwell
South of Burwell on Nebr. 11 to Elyria: 3 1/2 miles north. Restored 1870 plains infantry post. Living history and guides in period uniforms. Grounds open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Memorial weekend-Labor Day, and 9 a.m.-sunset the rest of the year. Visitor and interpretive facilities open daily May 28-Sept. 5: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., after season and after hours tours may be conducted at Superintenden's discretion. Park entry permit required. (308) 346-4715. Handicapped Accessible.

46. NET Staff: Producer Profiles: Gary Hochman
awardwinning documentary examined the science of paleontology through the ten millionyears ago at the internationally renowned ashfall fossil beds in Nebraska
Producers Television/Video Interactive Media Radio Gary Hochman
Executive Producer
Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET)
(402) 472-3611, Ext. 377

Gary Hochman has been producing award-winning television documentaries since 1980. During the past 20 years, Hochman has produced national documentaries for PBS, NOVA and The Discovery Channel. Hochman specializes in science programming and he has twice been awarded the prestigious Science Journalism Award by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Hochman's most recent experience in producing, directing and writing national co-productions was Seeking the Real Jesse James , a joint production of NET and The Discovery Channel. This documentary traced the historical exhumation and forensic research investigation to identify the remains of the notorious outlaw. In 1995, he produced, wrote, and directed Buried in Ash , a documentary for NOVA. This award-winning documentary examined the science of paleontology through the experiences of University of Nebraska paleontologist Mike Voorhies. Voorhies uncovered clues to a disaster that killed herds of prehistoric rhinos, horses, camels, and birds ten million years ago at the internationally renowned Ashfall Fossil Beds in Nebraska. Buried in Ash received the following national awards: AAAS Science Journalism Award, Ohio State Award, a CINE Golden Eagle, and a Blue Ribbon from the American Film and Video Festival.

47. JODA Educational Programs
ashfall DISCOVERY PROGRAM A 1 ½ hour program for students for teaching about thegeology and paleontology of the John Day fossil beds, targeted for grades
Programs for Visiting School Groups Educational materials for Classroom Use Workshops for Teachers Internet Resources
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon Programs for Visiting Schools Groups: These program are designed to meet Oregon Department of Education (ODOE) science curriculum goals. The above programs are conducted at the Sheep Rock Unit of the Monument, primarily outdoors. Class size may range from 8 to 30 in number. Allow time for the teacher packet to arrive, and pre-visit preparation of students.
  • A one-hour , participatory activity for young students, grades 1 to 3. It features a volcano activity, followed by a fossilization activity. Discusses Oregon geography, volcanic deposition, and fossil preservation processes.
Educational Materials for Classroom Use:
  • HORSE FOSSIL STUDY KIT Includes horse fossil replicas, videos, background information and ODOE curriculum-based, hands-on activities for students grade 9 through undergraduate level. (Kit use fee of $10.)
  • FOSSIL KIT Contains over 20 real fossils spanning geologic time, videos, slide programs and activities targeted for students grades 3 to 9. (Kit use fee of $10.)

48. Geoscience Reports --- No. 22, Spring 1997
paleontology. Geologic Period was the theme for the 1996 meeting, and the wellattendedpre-session field trip was conducted at the ashfall fossil beds north of
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Time in Science and the Bible
Editor's Angle


What Happens When Rocks Melt?
EDITOR'S ANGLE This issue of Geoscience Reports ends our series on radiometric dating. We realize that there are still many unanswered questions; however, we hope these articles have given our readers some insights into the approaches that have been taken by our scientists with respect to the time issue. We know our explanations are inadequate but our faith in the biblical account of earth history has not been shaken. Frequent references to geologic ages in the scientific literature do not validate their interpretations! We believe there is a reasonable explanation for the discrepancy between the biblical record and the views held by the scientific community. We do not know how or when these positions will be resolved but we are confident that God s Word will be vindicated.
Our young people need to know just how challenging the radiometric time frame is. The concepts and techniques used to determine radiometric dates should work. Awareness of this fact may discourage some students with respect to our beliefs. Some may even conclude that our faith is foolish. However, we believe our approach to science contributes significantly to its advance. Our work challenges the time frame constructed by the scientific community for earth s history. Our assumptions raise questions that secular scientists do not ask. Our perspective

49. GeoScience Books - Geology Links
ashfall fossil beds State Park; Society of Vertebrate paleontology News Bulletin;ArchNetArchaeology Resources; fossil Expeditions Guide Service. Rockhounds Info.

50. Geology Resources On The World-Wide Web
Mammals ashfall fossil beds Nebraska State Historical Park; Lifein the Oligocene University of California Museum of paleontology;

51. University Of Nebraska State Museum
Parasitology Vertebrate paleontology Zoology Museum Publications Other Links PublicPrograms Education Mueller Planetarium ashfall fossil beds State Park
To connect to this resource, click on the title TITLE:
University of Nebraska State Museum
Scott Lyell Gardner
University of Nebraska State Museum SUBJECT CATEGORIES:
Science and Technology General Resources SUBJECT KEYWORDS:
Natural history Nebraska
Natural history Study and teaching
University of Nebraska State Museum
Natural history museums Nebraska
Return to top December 15, 1997 SAL

52. Encyclopædia Britannica
ashfall fossil beds Resources Photoessays on the ashfall fossil beds innortheastern Nebraska. Includes material on history of paleontology.

53. Encyclopædia Britannica
rex Exposition University of California Museum of paleontology Tyrannosaurus exhibit detailsabout the Mueller Planetarium and ashfall fossil beds State Park of arizona museum&ct=igv&fuzzy

54. The KidsZone
ashfall fossil beds University of Nebraska State Museum Here's a virtual exhibitthat shows keeps you updated on breaking news in the world of paleontology.
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    Let this site capture your imagination with animated graphics and loads of information. It helps dispel myths about dinosaurs, displays an evolution time line and even helps kids write reports. A dinosaur dictionary leads to dozens of different types. American Museum of Natural History
    Visit a hall chock full of dinosaur bones and take a tour through the evolution of vertebrates. Children can learn how fossil bones are put back together by museums. Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park
    Tells the story of this prairie, the victims of which were disclosed millions of years later. Many illustrations accompany this interesting page of details about the prehistoric Nebraska disaster. Ashfall Fossil Beds: University of Nebraska State Museum
    Here's a virtual exhibit that shows what happened to hundreds of prehistoric animals that died at a Nebraska water hole 10 million years ago. Photos demonstrate what a valuable find the paleo site is. College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum
    With some of the best dinosaur exhibits in the world, you won't want to miss the fossils here. Some great dinosaur statistics accompany the images of this prehistoric lot.
  • 55. UNL Video Services
    of vertebrate paleontology at the Nebraska State Museum and a University of NebraskaLincolngeology professor, and his work at the ashfall fossil beds near

    Museum of Natural Histo ashfall fossil beds State Histor of T Discover Dinosaurs Fickfossil and History His Paleontologisk Museum Oslo paleontology in Museums

    57. Untitled Document
    University of Nebraska State Museum, Division of Vertebrate paleontology, W436 Issues77 (fossil Elephant Teeth in Nebraska), 81 (ashfall fossil beds), and 83
    24 May 2002 Preserving Vertebrate Fossils: Notes From The Laboratory by Gregory Brown, Chief Preparator, Division of Vertebrate Paleontology
    Illustrations by Pauline Denham, Museum Artist University of Nebraska State Museum
    Museum Notes Number 87.
    February 1994
    The Role of Amateurs
    Some paleontologists contend that, due to their overall scarcity and scientific importance, vertebrate fossils should not be collected casually or kept in private collections. But the reality is that if you spend enough time outdoors in Nebraska, regardless of your intended activity, sooner or later you will find a fossil, and the chances are that you will collect it. So, the question is, how can you enjoy fossils and the thrills of discovery without endangering scientific information? Figure 1. A Miocene fossil quarry near Valentine, Nebraska. Several plaster and burlap field jackets cover fossils in the background. Two three-toed horse jaws (center and foreground) are being excavated. Click image to enlarge Only about 10% of the fossils in the State Museum's collections were collected and donated by amateurs or the public, but probably more than 50% come from

    58. Paleontology Links
    ashfall beds Nebraska - (Select Parks Rec, park search Click on the Go buttonby ashfall SHP, followed the Ohio State Park - Indiana; fossil Collections of
    PaleoLinks Topics in Paleobiology Adaptation and Functional Morphology

    59. Directory ::
    ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park Describes a 10 with Jaelyn Elberle Collectingfossil mammals from the of Australia Mammal paleontology Main research

    60. Wally's Interests
    Vertebrate paleontology (primarily mammals) Gray fossil Site (link coming soon Thispicture was taken at ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park in northern
    Personal Interests
    • Vertebrate Paleontology (primarily mammals)
        Gray Fossil Site Saltville, VA (link coming soon) Collecting fossil specimens for museum collections and/or reference collections
      Collecting modern vertebrate specimens for reference collections Camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting (anything outdoors) Traveling Technical illustrating

    While working on my PhD at the University of Iowa, I spent quite a bit of time looking for fossils. Although this buffalo ( Bison bison ) skull was found on a sandbar, and therefore has no stratigraphic control, it makes a great reference specimen. Further collecting at this locality (in western Iowa) has produced numerous fossil Bison specimens (including Bison cf B. occidentalis ) along with elk ( Cervus elaphus ), deer ( Odocoileus sp.), mammoth ( Mammuthus sp.), bear ( Ursus americanus ), and many others. Unfortunately, a specific source of the material (which could be studied as a site) has not been established. Much of the material has been recovered from point bars or as isolated elements protruding from the cut banks. Several broken and whole points (artifacts) have been recovered from the creek as well, but none in association with the fossils. If you are interested in seeing some more of the material from this locality, click here
    While collecting skeletal remains of prairie dogs ( Cynomys ludovicianus ) in Gove County, Kansas during the summer of 1998, I was fortunate enough to see a

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