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         Ashfall Fossil Beds Paleontology:     more detail

61. Letters To The Editor - (Jan/Feb 1999)
Because I am working on paleontology and know something about that, please Thearticle on the Nebraska ashfall fossil beds and the report on the convention
AToday Magazine Archives Jan/Feb 1999 : departments : Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Investigative Judgment; AT Reporting; etc.
I thank you, John McLarty, for the brilliant article on the Investigative Judgment, which portrays a beautiful picture of a loving God who reaches out to people of all times, places and situations with the best He has to offer! After hearing, reading and preaching on the judgment for over 50 years, I am happy to see this article which brings beauty and clarity to this subject which so many of us have struggled to understand within the framework of the Gospel. Might this clarification fall within the category of things we "need to learn" and also involve some things we "need to unlearn"? Dick Serns
Loomis, California
I am overwhelmed with appreciation at the issue of Adventist Today that arrived today in my home. I have already read it from cover to cover. My mind is etched with a sense of positive purpose that this publication shares. I read the letters in "First Class" and see that others share my feeling. Not everyone! I am refreshed over and over when I see truth shared in an open environment. I spent too long in denominational employment where that was not the case [26 years as a pastor]. I am not vindictive at heart. I love my church. I have always wished for a denominational setting where I could share from an open heart, without fear of losing my job or reputation. That is what I am seeing in Adventist Today. Don’t let that ever slip away!

a web link to a phylogeny tree at UC Berkeley Museum of paleontology; preservedin a volcanic ashfall, presented by the ashfall fossil beds State Historical
The topics of Historical Geology covered in class lectures are summarized in the files listed below. These web files contain text material of the lecture notes, which are also available for examination in the Reserve Room of the library. The lecture notes presented here have been edited and simplified and do not include the many diagrams used in class. If you want a set of notes with diagrams and/or with text using proper symbols, copy them at the library, or, take good notes during lecture Pages of the Leven, 7th edition, textbook corresponding to specific lecture topics are shown in this list. (Caution: web links to outside sites change frequently, so some of the web sites linked below may not be active. Also, the server at those sites may not be accepting internet links at some times.)
Origin of Earth; Dating methods

Forming the Solar system
  • Place of the EarthBig Bang theory - p.199
  • Heavy element enrichment - p.199-200
  • Origin of solar system - p.202-204
  • Solar Nebula theory - p.202-204, with a web link to a survey of planets at Jet Propulsion Lab.

63. Evolution/Creation Sites
Burgess Shale site. Vertebrate paleontology, Nebraska State Museum (includesinformation on ashfall fossil beds). Evolution Theory and History.
Evolution/Creation Sites
Yahoo's Creation/Evolution links
Ediacara fauna Cambrian Park (computer-generated Burgess Shale organisms) Burgess Shale site Vertebrate Paleontology, Nebraska State Museum (includes information on Ashfall Fossil Beds) Evolution: Theory and History Links to Evolution and Darwin Related Sites (includes links to Darwin's writings)
Anti-Scientific Creationism
Arguments against Creationism (The Talk.Origins Archive) Oppressed by Evolution A current article from Discover Magazine. Good links at the end. Scientific Creationism and the Flat Earth (an essay) Creationism in the Classroom
Scientific Creationism/Anti-Evolution
Institute for Creation Research (Duane Gish's home base) Creation Research Society The Revolution Against Evolution (check out the Creation-Evolution essays and other links) Creation Science home page

64. Paleontology And Virtual Museum Field Trips
URL http// Division of Vertebrate paleontology, University of checkout the fossil of the month, or visit the ashfall fossil beds, where rhinos
Paleontology and Virtual Museum Field Trips
An AskERIC InfoGuide
U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology gopher://ucmp1.Berkeley.EDU:70/11/ "See entry under World Wide Web for more information"
** Instructions **
Home gopher server >Other Gopher and Information Servers >WorldWide Search of Titles >Type: Berkeley Museum Paleontology >Museum of Paleontology Gopher UC Berkeley Gopher Menu: Paleontology gopher:// This site provides the student, teacher, or practicioner an extensive list of current topics. Each document varies in length and breadth, some files being quite large. This is an excellent topical resource providing the user with plenty of reading material.
** Instructions **
Home Gopher Server >Other Gopher and Information Servers >WorldWide Search of Titles >Type: paleontology Peabody Museum of Natural History gopher:// "See entry under World Wide Web for more information"
** Instructions **
Home Gopher Server >Other Gophers and Information Servers >WorldWide Search of Titles >Type: Peabody Museum Natural History >Search Peabody Collections >invertebrate paleontology >vertebrate paleontology
** Instructions **
To subsrcibe: 1. Send e-mail to: LISTPROC@LEPOMIS.PSYCH.UPENN.EDU 2. Leave Subject line blank. 3. In body of message type: SUBSCRIBE DINOSAUR

65. Hot Dinosaur And Paleontology Links
Natural History Museums Listed by Location Hot Dinosaur and paleontology Links CheckBack Often to See What's New ashfall State fossil beds/University of

Natural History Museums Listed by Location
Hot Dinosaur and Paleontology Links
Check Back Often to See What's New!!
Want to submit a link?
B C ... W X Y Z Professional and Amateur Paleo Societies Sites for Educators Other Paleo Sites Natural History Museums Listed Alphabetically:
Natural History Museums Listed by Location
A Academy of Natural Sciences; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Adams Museum; Deadwood, South Dakota
Alabama Museum of Natural History; Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Alaska Museum of Natural History; Eagle River, Alaska
Albany Museum Natural History Museum; Grahamstown, South Africa
American Museum of Natural History; New York, New York Anniston Museum of Natural History; Anniston, Alabama Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum; Tucson, Arizona

66. A-Z In Belgium: Paleontologie
paleontologie (dinosaurussen ) ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park Ben's Ordovicianfossil Page info Paleobotany studiemateriaal paleontology, fossielen


i n B e l g i u m paleontologie
(zoeken op deze pagina)
index paleontologie
AASP American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
About Dinosaurs
site van info-link
Academie voor Mineralogie
cursussen en museum voor edelsteenkunde, mineralogie en paleontologie NEW !
Alberta Palaeontological Society

Amateur Paleontology Groups
amateurs paleontologie: dinosaurus edm. Amber studiemateriaal paleontology, fossielen, voorhistorische planten ... American Museum of Natural History America's First Dinosaurs Antarctic dinosaur Arizona Sedimentary Geology and Paleontological Resource fossielen Arthropod Palaeobiology Research Group research centrum paleontologie (dinosaurussen...) Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park voorhistorische dieren Ben's Ordovician Fossil Page info fossielen Bert's Dinosaur World Bibliography of American Paleobotany studiemateriaal paleontology, fossielen, voorhistorische planten ...

67. BiologyBrowser
introduction and links http//;ashfall fossil beds State Historical...... of Vertebrate paleontology
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Subject:Museums:Natural History Museums:North America:USA:Nebraska

  • Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park
    Description: A fossil site of international significance left intact for public viewing.
    Trailside Museum of Natural History

    Description: University of Nebraska State Museum University of Nebraska State Museum Description: Lincoln
  • Science Discussion Discuss science and nature topics ... click here to enter ...

    68. American Profile: 3/17/2002 - 3/23/2002: Nebraska's Wild Kingdom
    Now, Voorhies, curator of vertebrate paleontology at the University of Nebraskain Lincoln, spends his summers at ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park
    March 30 - April 5, 2003 Editions Midwest Cover Story
    When American Profile asked readers to tell us about acts of kindness, we were flooded
    Hometown Heroes

    Sewing Quilts of Compassion
    by Hannah Wolfson Hometown Spotlight
    Royal, NE
    by Curt Arens Food
    Rasberry Cheesecake
    by Gladys FledderJohann Ask American Profile
    Christiane Amapour, Danny Aiello and Bert Kaempfert
    Start Your Own Seeds by Pamela Kock Health Keep an Eye on your Vision by Bethanne Black Happenings Tidbits Able County by Tom Milner Central Northeast Southeast West ... email this article by Curt Arens Eighteen-year-old Rueben, who communicates through sign language, was the first Zoo Nebraska resident. Curt Arens Rueben is a typical teenager. In 1971, Voorhies was exploring the tributaries of the Verdigre Creek valley northwest of Royal in search of fossils when he discovered a baby rhino skeleton protruding from a creek bank. The rhino was among thousands of animals buried after a gigantic volcanic eruption in present-day Idaho covered parts of Nebraska with up to 10 feet of ash. Now, Voorhies, curator of vertebrate paleontology at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, spends his summers at Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park, which was developed in 1991 around his skeletal discovery 30 years ago.

    69. Southwest Region Vacation Ideas
    gov. ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park. escape. Onsite is a visitorcenter as well as a working paleontology lab and field office.
    Tracking Dinosaurs on Vacation - USA From still active dig sites to cool hallways in which immense skeletons loom, to fascinating exhibits which display the most recent theories on lifestyle this list sums them all up. Coast to coast, from sunny California to Connecticut, the U.S. offers dinosaur lovers and their families a chance to get up close and personal with natural history. Only what we believe to be the best is featured on this list. Of course if you've visited a fantastic dinosaur site, let me know and I will add it. Have a great time… tracking Dinosaurs. (This information has been supplied to by Amanda Nelson-Duac of the for contact information please refer to the end of this composition.). ARIZONA Petrified Forest National Park. I loved this place when I was eight. Why? This is the place to buy rocks and fossils. The area itself is not very exciting unless you know what to look for along the way. We purchased an audiotape at the Petrified Forest Museum. It is called Dawn of the Dinosaurs. It provides just enough information so that the ride is not boring. It is not a story tape so it is best suited for those older than six. The visitor's center features the skeletons of many dinosaurs, some older even than T. Rex. The skeletons include Triassic phytosaurs, similar to modern day crocodiles. A Junior Ranger certification program is also offered. This area is desolate and wild looking. It is an easy day trip from the Flagstaff area. The gift shops adjacent to the gas station have copious specimen choices. Holbrook. 1 (928) 524-6228

    70. Ìóçåèòå â Èíòåðíåò - Ïðèðîäîíàó÷íè ìóçåè - ç
    of paleontology Ann Arbor; University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (UMMZ) Ann Arbor;Worldwide Museum of Natural History (WMNH) Afton; ashfall fossil beds State

    71. Jump Gate To Earth Sciences On The Internet!
    University of Nebraska State Museum Division of Vertebrate paleontology greatonline exhibit of the ashfall fossil beds which are 10 million years old.
    Menu The Fossil Hunter's Guide to Victorian Fossil Localities
    Fossils at the American Museum of Natural History
    - well worth the visit. You must take a tour through the Expedition:Fossils - a tour through the evolution of vertebrates.
    The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
    The George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries - This is the perfect example of an on-line presentation.
    Royal Tyrrell Museum of Canada

    University of California Museum of Paleontology.

    The Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University.

    Hooper Virtual Paleontology Museum
    University of Nebraska State Museum Division of Vertebrate Paleontology
    - great online exhibit of the "Ashfall Fossil Beds" which are 10 million years old.
    The National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Instution

    New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

    Museo di Storia Naturale (Firenze).
    Illinois State Museum - Ice Ages, Mazon Creek Fossils. The Natural History Museum, London

    72. The Fossil Hunter's Guide To Victorian Fossil LocalitiesLinks To Locate Fossils
    occurences. . Book. Missouri. Ozarks paleontology Web Site. Extract cartoons. . Book. Nebraska. ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park. Extract
    Menu The Fossil Hunter's Guide to World Fossil Localities - USA Resources for all Australia Canada England,Scotland and Wales ... Europe USA The rest of the World BabelFish - Use this free service to translate sites in other languages. Great Fossil Hunters - Great Inspiration Location or Subject Link Extract or topic Books At AMAZON.COM Must Read Paleontological Society Code of Fossil Collecting Extract:""The sole purpose of the Society shall be, and all of its assets and earnings shall be exclusively devoted to, the advance of the science of Paleontology."In order to pursue this goal, the Society recognizes that:
    1. The principal importance of fossils is for scientific, scholarly, and educational use of both professionals and amateurs.
    2. The numbers of specimens of fossils vary widely but certain fossils in all taxonomic groups are rare and that conserving and making available for study significant fossils and their contextual data is critical.
    3. To leave fossils uncollected assures their degradation and ultimate loss to the scientific and educational world through natural processes of weathering and erosion."

    73. Association For Women Geoscientists - Chapters - Nebraska Rocks!
    WiderOp I DIG NEBRASKA , with a focus on vertebrate paleontology Sandhills, thePine Ridge of the Nebraska panhandle, and ashfall fossil beds in northeastern
    AWG Home Members Chapters Nebraska Rocks! Chapters At Large Member Page Members Only (password protected) Institutional Members Corporate Members Honorary Members
    Nebraska Rocks!!
    The Homestead Girl Scout Council and the Lincoln Chapter of the Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG) are pleased to announce a Girl Scouts of America Wider Op portunity July 11-25, 2000 Nebraska Rocks!! Want to discover a secret door into the past, be a time traveler roaming the ancient Earth, discover the remains of a prehistoric creature? If so, check out Nebraska Rocks!! Rocks are time capsules packed with clues about the past and hints about our future. Come be a rock detective and find out -why a huge herd of rhinos died together 19 million years ago!! -when Nebraska looked like the Sahara desert, and when it was under an ocean!! -what happened when a meteor hit Iowa 70 million years ago!! To unravel these mysteries we will explore on foot, by bus, raft, and canoe. We'll drill into peat bogs; dig up fossils; search rocks for ancient soils, lakes and rivers; decipher landscapes; examine sand grains with a microscope; and use satellites in our geological investigations. If you enjoy vigorous outdoor activity, wide open spaces, exploration and discovery, then geology may be your field! We'll get a taste of pioneer life, Native American history, river canoeing, tent camping, and some summer theater. Join us out on the western plains and find out why Nebraska Rocks!!

    74. Florissant Formation
    Outcrop of ashfall beds. All images taken by Benjamin M. Waggoner. SourcesMacGinitie, HD 1953. fossil plants of the Florissant beds, Colorado.
    Localities of the Eocene:
    The Florissant Formation
    This pleasant green valley, set in the eastern Rocky Mountains of Colorado not far from Pikes Peak, is the site of an important fossil deposit that provides a look at life in the late Eocene . Thirty-six million years ago, volcanic mudflows blocked a stream flowing through this valley, producing a lake about twelve miles long. Vegetation flourished on the shores of this lake, and the valley came to teem with life, until about two million years later. At that time, about thirty-four million years ago, a new series of periodic volcanic eruptions began about fifteen miles away, in what is now South Park, Colorado. These eruptions spewed out fine-grained volcanic ash (much like the ash spewed out by Mount St. Helens in 1980), which choked and eventually filled in the ancient lake and valley. The fine ash rapidly buried countless plants, insects, snails, and other animals, preserving them beautifully in the process. Today, these ancient ashfalls are named the Florissant Formation, after the Florissant Valley and the nearby town of Florissant. Tens of thousands of fossils from the Florissant Formation have been collected and studied since the late 19th century; they can be found today in museums around the world. Most of the Florissant beds are protected by the Federal Government, making up Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. Some private quarries do exist in the area where the general public can collect fossils.

    75. Antelope County
    Antelope County. Rhinobarn at ashfall fossil beds, with UNL paleontologystudent, Sam June 2000. Neligh Mills photo by Scott Deweese.
    Antelope County #26
    county seat: Neligh see the » Orchard High School Marching Band Antelope County Schools Clearwater
    Ashfall Fossil Beds
    P.O. Box 66, Royal, Ne 68773.
    Ashfall Fossil Beds in an active fossil site where visitors can view a large number of complete fossil skeletons.
    Original diggings are preserved intact. Open seasonally. Call 402.893/2000 for hours.
    Location: Six miles north of US 20 between
    Royal and Orchard, Ne in northern Antelope County.
    Rhinobarn at Ashfall Fossil Beds, with UNL paleontology student, Sam
    June 2000
    Neligh Mills
    photo by Scott Deweese Home

    76. Paul V. Heinrich Home And Louisiana Fossil Page
    paleontology; More Dinosaurs at Royal Tyrrell Museum of paleontology. ashfall FossilBeds State Historical Park, Nebraska; Radiolaria information (Beautiful
    Paul V. Heinrich Home
    and Louisiana Fossil Page
    Paul V. Heinrich E-Mail:
    All comments are the personal opinion of the writer and do not
    constitute policy and/or opinion of government or corporate entities
    including my employer. Materials on this page are (c) 1998 by Paul V. Heinrich unless otherwise noted. Please contact the author for distribution details. There probably will not be a problem anyway, but please ask.
    Table of Contents
    Louisiana Fossil Page Louisiana Geology
    Louisiana Fossil Page
    Common Animal and Plant Fossils of Louisiana Fossils can be found within Louisiana. These fossils include Pleistocene vertebrate fossils, i.e. Mastodons and Mammoths, various Miocene vertebrates, and the Eocene fossil whale, Basilosaurus . Abundant invertebrate fossils can be found within the Pleistocene chert gravels, Pleistocene loesses, and outcropping Tertiary strata.
    Louisiana Geology
    Special Topics in Louisiana Geology 1. Fault-Line Scarps in Southwest, Louisiana
    2. Pimple Mounds
    Pimple Mound - A term used along the Gulf Coast of eastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana for one of hundreds of thousands of low, rudely circular or elliptical domes composed of loamy sand. Their basal diameter ranges from 3 m to more than 30 m and height ranges from 30 cm to more than 2 m. (definition modified from "Dictionary of Geological Terms" by R. L. Bates and J. J. Jackson. See also their definition for Mima Mound).

    77. UNL Science News 10/17/00
    especially such spectacular catastrophic assemblages as the ashfall fossil Bedsin northeastern including Science and the Journal of paleontology, and TV
    UNL Science News - 10/17/00
    WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 25, 4:30 p.m.
    Lincoln (Neb.) - Oct. 17, 2000 - Michael Voorhies, curator of vertebrate paleontology in the University of Nebraska State Museum, will discuss "Gaps in the Fossil Record: Darwinism's Fatal Flaw," 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 25, 117 Bessey Hall. Voorhies' public lecture is the third of four in a series, "Teaching Evolution: Aspects of the Controversy," that examines the stormy relationship between evolution and creationism. Voorhies will review current scientific views of how the fossil record formed and examine creationist claims that the record requires a supernatural explanation. He will explain why he does not "believe in" evolution. Voorhies, a native of Orchard, teaches in the department of geosciences and has done paleontological field work in the richly fossiliferous deposits of the Great Plains for more than four decades. His research focuses on the origin of fossil beds, especially such spectacular catastrophic assemblages as the Ashfall Fossil Beds in northeastern Nebraska, a Nebraska state park since 1991. His work has been featured in Nebraskaland magazine, technical publications including "Science" and the "Journal of Paleontology," and TV documentaries on NOVA and the Discovery Channel.
    Back to the UNL Science News Menu
    For questions regarding this page, contact:

    78. Fossil Sites
    Amateur paleontology and fossils, fossil images and paleontology of Southern Ashfallfossil beds State Historical Park, Some 10 million years ago, hundreds of
    Fossil Sites
    Here you will find sites related to fossils. If you have a site, or know of one not here, please e-mail us at for fellow rockhounders to enjoy.

    Fossil Sites
    The Fossil Hunter Collecting sites, fossil books, and good info for fossil hounds Collecting Fossils in California Directions to excellent fossil collection sites. Great outdoors family fun! Tips, history, beautiful images and more Paleomod; R Hammond's Paleo-models Homepage. Reconstruction models of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals Ancient Life in Kansas Rocks1 Ancient Life Found in Kansas RocksAn Introduction to Common Kansas Fossils. by Roger B. Williams Fossils of New Jersey Fossils from New Jersey, including amber, shark teeth,dinosaur remains, and invertebrate fossils.and invertebrates Fossil collecting is a brilliant hobby - for a start you are collecting things which are millions of years old. Dinosaur trace fossils If all of the dinosaur bones in the world disappeared tomorrow, paleontologists still would have plenty of evidence for the existence of dinosaurs through dinosaur trace fossils. Charlotte, The Vermont Whale

    79. John Day Fossil Beds NM: Newsletter
    ashfall Discoveries a new program for grades 24 on collections and chair a paleontologysession at Fremd, Theodore J., John Day fossil beds National Monument
    Newsletter * Spring, 2001 NEW INTEGRATED RESOURCE SPECIALIST... In April, we were very fortunate to hire Ken Hyde as our new Integrated Resource Specialist. Ken will be in charge of all non-paleo resources, including the Cant Ranch National Historic District. Ken comes to us from Chelan, Washington, where he worked for the Natural Resource and Conservation Service (NRCS). Ken is not a newcomer to John Day country, however, having spent two years here previously working on salmon recovery and riparian management for NRCS. When school finishes in Chelan in June, Ken's wife Julie and their six children will join him if he can just find a place that will hold them all!
    CLARNO UNIT TO BE FENCED... The boundary of the Clarno Unit was surveyed and monumented this winter. This summer, it will be completely fenced by fencing contractor, Dave (Mad Dog) Asher. This fencing will exclude cattle from fossil exposures and other sensitive sites. It will also delineate the boundaries of the monument, which will help enforce the monument's regulations, particularly during hunting seasons. This project was funded through the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program. This program uses park entrance and use fees to fund visitor use and resource management projects in National Park Service Areas nation-wide.

    80. Pony Express 2.3
    For further information contact ashfall fossil beds State Historical mentioned here,Hagerman, ashfall, and Hot destination points for fossil enthusiasts on a
    Florida Fossil Horse Newsletter
    Volume 2 Number 3 3rd QuarterSeptember 1993
    What's Inside?
      Fossil Skeletons and Mother Lodes
      George Gaylord Simpson

      Mammal Tooth Structure

      Horse Phylogeny
      Idaho State Fossil
      Fossil Skeletons and Mother Lodes
      For those who have collected old bones and teeth from Florida, you can attest to the fact that although fossil mammals are indeed plentiful, they are usually found disarticulated; the skeletons are almost never found in tact. Localities throughout the world that do preserve complete skeletons are indeed rare and these have been called Lagerstätten , a German term roughly meaning "mother lode." Steve Gould once noted that ".Lagerstätten are rare, but their contributions to our knowledge of life's history is disproportionate to their frequency." Why is this so? For invertebrates, soft-bodied organisms may be preserved thus giving insight into various fossil groups not normally fossilized (see Book Review below). For vertebrates the same can be true. At the fabulous Eocene Messel in Germany, carbonized impressions of stomach contents of palaeotheres (close relatives of horses, see chart on page 6) indicate that they were eating grapes, and that bats were eating butterflies. For other Lagerstätten containing vertebrates, the Scientific value is in the completeness of the skeleton. These entire specimens allow paleontologists to decipher the anatomy and biology of these extinct organisms. Artist Marc Marcuson's reconstruction of Pliohippus

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