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         Ashfall Fossil Beds Paleontology:     more detail

81. Selected Internet Resources
University Arthropod Museum; Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University;ashfall fossil beds State Historical Park; The Ashmolean Museum
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82. Selected Internet Resources
Alaska University Museum; Arkansas University Arthropod Museum; ashfall fossil BedsState Park; of California Museum of paleontology UCMP Berkeley; University of
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83. Directory ::
University of Nebraska State Museum Nebraska State Museum Online museum withprimarily vertebrate fossil exhibits, including ashfall fossil beds Park.

84. Andrew MacRae - Current Projects
Mohawk River Valley, New York; Florissant fossil beds, Colorado; fossil insects inamber excellent images Mesa County Colorado dinosaurs; ashfall Park, Nebraska;
Current Projects - Andrew MacRae
The University of Calgary, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics Personal photo: Why do people put these things on home pages? Materials on this page are (c) 1994 unless otherwise noted. Please contact the author for distribution details. There probably will not be a problem anyway, but please ask.
  • Ph.D. project Albian (Cretaceous) palynology
    Ph.D. project
    Palynology and sequence stratigraphy of Late Albian (latest Early Cretaceous) sediments and volcanics, Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian Arctic. Successfully defended December 4, 1996. This page will soon be moving. I am not sure where, but it will be somewhere in Nova Scotia (, the location of my new, temporary job as a visiting fellow at GSC Atlantic. I will add a pointer to the new page when I have a URL. Not everything will be moving, so get it while you can. Kanguk Peninsula field area. View looking west towards Twin Diapirs (Carboniferous-Permian evaporite diapirs) in the forground, and Split Mountain (to the right) on Kanguk Peninsula, western Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian Arctic. The youngest units visible are the black basalt flows of the Strand Fiord Formation, capping cliffs over 800 metres tall on Split Mountain, about 6km away. These are underlain (in order) by thin black shales of the Bastion Ridge Formation (marine), the Hassel Formation (sandstone, nearshore marine) and Christopher Formation (shale, shelf marine), all Cretaceous in age, and the subjects of the study. In the foreground, around the orange-yellow diapirs, some of the sandstone of the Isachsen Formation is visible. The orange-yellow colour of the diapirs is caused by oxidation of sulphide minerals associated with the diapirs.

85. World-Class Fossil Sites - Page 2 Of 2
The Florissant fossil beds National Monument site has no pictures fossil Lake Enspel,Germany (26 Ma) This page ashfall, Nebraska (10 Ma) Where a huge volcanic
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World-Class Fossil Sites
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Beecher's Trilobite Bed, New York (ca. 450 Ma)

Ordovician trilobites with all their limbs and muscles visible, preserved in pyrite, are shown at Yale University's site. Rochester Shale, England (425 Ma)
The city of Dudley was famous for its Silurian trilobites ("Dudley bugs") at the dawn of geology. The city put up this page. The Rhynie Cherts (395 Ma) Crawfordsville, Indiana (ca. 340 Ma) Early Mississippian crinoids and trilobites are preserved in pyrite. Yale University has an important collection. Mazon Creek, Illinois (300 Ma) This famous locality has yielded thousands of beautiful fossils of soft-bodied organisms from the Upper Carboniferous. Lots of pictures. Mazon Creek Fossils Part of Yale University's collection.

86. MWF Area Museums Worth Visiting
Agate fossil beds, A national Monument with Displays, Hiking Trails and ashfall StatePark, Royal, NE fossil remains of a herd of rhinoceros found as covered

87. DINO - Language: Englisch - Science - Earth Sciences - Paleontology - Vertebrate
in einem neuen Fenster ashfall fossil beds State Historical Verwandte Websites. Jaelyn Elberle - Collecting fossil mammals from
Suche Profi-Suche Katalog Video ... Produkte Suchen: Web-Seiten Video Audio Bilder Produkte Schon gewusst? Hier suchen Sie in 2 Milliarden Webseiten. Live-Suche: Was suchen andere Dino-Besucher?
You are here: DINO Language Englisch Science ... Vertebrates Mammals Mammals Sprache/Language
Categories Artiodactyla
Collections and Databases
La Brea
Marsupials Paleontologists Perissodactyla Proboscidea Rodents Related Categories DINO - Language: Englisch - Science - Biology - Flora and Fauna - Animalia - Chordata - Mammalia DINO - Language: Englisch - Science - Biology - Zoology - Chordates - Mammalogy DINO - Language: Englisch - Science - Earth Sciences - Quaternary Studies DINO - Language: Englisch - Science - Social Sciences - Anthropology DINO - Language: Englisch - Science - Social Sciences - Archaeology Websites Adaptation - Mammoths To Man - Educational packet of information from the Utah Education Network. [Verwandte Websites] Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park - Describes a 10 million year old volcanic ash deposit in Nebraska which contains the remains of rhinos, camels, horses and other mammals which once lived in the area.

88. Zoology Links From Dordt College
Dino Russ's Lair Vertebrate paleontology Amphibians. (ashfall FossilBeds) The Shrew (ist's) Site The Tapir Gallery - Welcome!
ZooLinks 2003
About this page - Zoology links Find the Flounder GREAT CAMOUFLAGE Mystery Arthropod Relict populations of Prairie rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis) in NW Iowa ... Science and Christianity Links
Some of my animal pictures (See mammals for more)
An elk in the Rockies (Jasper Park) American Toad from Sioux County Iowa
Marine Species Index The Animal Diversity Web ZOOLOGY LINKS (Illinois State Academy of Science) Carrefour BIODIDAC Home Page ... CELLS alive!
Marine resources
The National Association of Marine Laboratories International Marine Mammal Association Inc. Internet Marine Mammal Resource List Dr. Ian Johnston's Coral Links ... The Society for Marine Mammalogy
The Parasitology Images List The American Society of Parasitologists David Gibson's Parasitological URLs Clinical Parasitology Images and Descriptions ... bionet parasitology archives
Intro to Ciliate Homepage The Entamoeba Homepage Late Quaternary Foraminiferida and Ostracoda (New Java Version)
Parasitic Nematodes Home Page Worm Gallery (Interesting nematode pictures) BiblioFil / OnchoBib
Bryozoans (Moss animals)
The Bryozoa Home Page Moss Animals Invade Lake Cochituate (bryozoan, Pectinatella magnifica)

89. BIOSIS | Resource Guide | Natural History Museums
Ann Arbor University of Michigan Museum of paleontology Ann Arbor Nebraska AshfallFossil beds State Historical Park University of Nebraska State Museum
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European Natural History Specimen Information Network
International Council of Museums (ICOM)
Internet Encyclopedia
Muse Project KUNHM, software for natural history curation
MUSE-L List Serve Archives Muse project software and collection computerization topics
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Museum Informatics Project a collaborative effort at the University of California, Berkeley, to coordinate the application of information technology in museums and other organized, non-book collections
Museum Resource Guides UCMP Berkeley
Museum-L faq
MuseumNet UK museums A-Z, regional museums, museums jobs, products and services

90. Mammals Website Results :: Linkspider UK
Mammal paleontology Main research interests in the past have been carnivores, esp AshfallFossil beds State Historical Park - Describes a 10 million year old
Mammals Websites from Linkspider UK Keyword: Mammals Linkspider UK Directory
Search for
Directory Tree: Top Science Earth Sciences Paleontology ... Vertebrates : Mammals (43) Add URL Advertise Here! Personalize Amazon ...
  • Rodents
    See Also:
  • 91. Fossils
    Prem's fossil Gallery, UC Museum of paleontology Exhibits (clickunder online Exhibits then Paleonatology is Much More ).
    Links to Fossils Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park Ichnology Prem's Fossil Gallery UC Museum of Paleontology Exhibits click under "on-line Exhibits" then "Paleonatology is Much More" Back To Favorite Sites Back to Sixth Grade Websites

    92. The Lagerstätten
    Messel Oil Shale, Hessen, Germany, Eocene, 49 million years old. AshfallFossil beds, Nebraska, United States, Miocene, 10 million years old.
    Palæos: Palaeontology PALAEONTOLOGY
    Palaeont- ... Trace Fossils Glossary Books
    Unique windows into the past Ottoia prolifica , showing muscle bands and gut.
    Ottoia is a priapulid worm found commonly in the Burgess Shale.
    Burgess Shale, Cambrian Period
    British Columbia, Canada
    Andrew MacRae

    As far as fossil remains go, almost always, only scraps of bone or shell or a few carbonized leaves are all that remain of past organisms. Too often the soft parts decompose, and even the hard parts degrade. In some exceptional instances however, usually anaerobic environments, or a sudden mudslide or volcanic eruption, organisms are buried before their bodies can be broken down by bacteria, or consumed by scavengers. Eventually their bodies are carbonized or mineralized, and so even soft-bodied creatures become fossilized. Such environments provide a unique, rare and precious window to the past. These extraordinary fossil deposits, where organisms are so well preserved that even their soft parts remain as carbon films, are referred to as Lagerstätten , a German word meaning "deposit places". These are geological fossil deposits that are rich with varied, well-preserved fossils, representing a wide variety of life from a particular era. These spectacular fossil deposits represent a window into the past, a kind of "snapshot" of the type of organisms (hard and sometimes soft-bodied) that lived at that particular time and place.

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