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         Asian-american Media:     more books (100)
  1. Successful Marketing to U.S. Hispanics and Asians: Players, Agencies, and Media : An American Management Association Research Report on Target Marke (AMA briefings & surveys)
  2. On Visual Media Racism: Asians in the American Motion Pictures (The Asian Experience in North America) by Eugene Franklin Wong, Franklin E. Wong, 1979-06
  3. Indian American: Indian American. Non-resident Indian and Person of Indian Origin, United States Census Bureau, Racial classification of Indian Americans, ... South Asians, List of Indian American media
  4. Student Almanac of Asian American Histor by Media Projects Inc, 2003
  5. Mobile Cultures: New Media in Queer Asia (Console-ing Passions)
  6. Making Waves: An Anthology of Writings By and About Asian American Women
  7. YELL-Oh Girls! Emerging Voices Explore Culture, Identity, and Growing Up Asian American by Vickie Nam, 2001-08-01
  8. Chinese American Masculinities: From Fu Manchu to Bruce Lee (Studies in Asian Americans) by Jachinson Chan, 2001-07-16
  9. Asian American Literature: A Brief Introduction and Anthology by Shawn Wong, 1997-01-17
  10. The Snake Dance of Asian American Activism: Community, Vision, and Power by Michael Liu, 2008-09-08
  11. Minority Invisibility: An Asian American Experience by Wei Sun, 2007-09-27
  12. Embodying Asian/American Sexualities by Gina Masequesmay, 2010-08-16
  13. Deathly Embrace: Orientalism and Asian American Identity by Sheng-Mei Ma, 2000-09-18
  14. African Americans and the Media (MM - Media and Minorities) by Catherine Squires, 2009-12-08

11, the Asian American Journalists Association urges the nation's news media tocontinue the responsible reporting on our nation's Arab American communities
Select Arizona Asia (Hong Kong) Atlanta Chicago Florida Hawaii Los Angeles New England New York Philadelphia Portland Sacramento San Diego San Francisco Bay Area Seattle Texas Washington, D.C. Press Releases Features Media Watch Photo Gallery Publications Archives MEDIA WATCH: AAJA ADVISES ON COVERAGE OF ARAB AMERICANS For Immediate Release: September 12, 2001
Contact: Aki Soga (802) 660-1866; (San Francisco) - As we cover the horrific events of Sept. 11, the Asian American Journalists Association urges the nation's news media to continue the responsible reporting on our nation's Arab American communities that has marked coverage so far. Our profession has the opportunity and the responsibility to inform the public about the many facets of this national tragedy. At the same time, we can help ensure that the devastating events in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania do not lead to further injustices against other Americans. Arab Americans, along with all of us, are victims of this attack. Already, there is much concern within Arab American communities in our nation about the backlash that might result from Tuesday's attacks. These fears are fueled by reports that link these attacks to Arab or Islamic terrorists. The Detroit Free Press has put together an excellent guide for journalists titled, "100 Questions and Answers About Arab Americans." The guide is available online at

22. AsiaSource: AsiaLINKS - A Resource Of The Asia Society
on Asian American film. Asian American media Arts Links to websitespromoting Asian American media Arts. Asian American Net The,24

23. - Asian American Village Departments
Hollywood Jackie Kong's HotPopTV By Yayoi Lena Winfrey, AAV Contributing EditorAn allAsian American TV lineup? You must be joking? Right? media Giant AOL-TW

24. VC Asian American Media Catalog
Film and Video resources on Asian Pacific communities. Contains awardwinning productions. META name=
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25. Money Media & The Asian American Image 1/4 | Mediawatch | GoldSea
MONEY, media The Asian American Image If the mass media is the mirrorof American society, Asian Americans could have claimed ghost status.
If the mass media is the mirror of American society, Asian Americans could have claimed ghost status. We can help change it by wielding our consumer clout.
by Tom Kagy
No part of the contents of this site may be reproduced without prior written permission.
The Asian American Image
PAGE 1 OF 4 RUTH: There are too few positive Asian images in the media. CONSEQUENCE: Our 5-year-old daughter tells me that I look like a bad guy because she knows the good guys are caucasian. Who among us hasn't been passed up for the chance to be the things we wanted to be because our image didn't fit that role whether it's a job, a part, a date, an election?
TRUTH: Most peoples' ideas of just who does or doesn't fit a role comes from what they see in the media. CONSEQUENCE: Asians are seen as standouts at being quiet sidekicks, making sushi, studying, tinkering with circuitboards, cleaning teeth and doing laundry. We are seen as constitutionally incapable of excelling at basketball, lawyering, sending audiences rolling in the aisles with uncontrolled laughter, seducing virtuous but incredibly sexy women, fighting with cool resourcefulness against astronomical odds well-oiled pecs and biceps glistening with sexy sweat to save the world from being blown up by cackling evil genuises. Hell, all too often, we are the cackling evil genuises.

26. China Demonized In Latest Clancy Novel | Asian American Media News | Mediawatch
ASIAN AMERICAN media NEWS China Demonized in Latest Clancy Novel. oone has profited more than centimillionaire novelist Tom Clancy
China Demonized in Latest Clancy Novel o one has profited more than centi-millionaire novelist Tom Clancy from exploiting the xonophobia of middle America. The Bear and the Dragon , his latest war-games potboiler, taps lustily into the anti-China hysteria that had raged during the likely period of its writing. The novel postulates a Beijing leadership that seeks economic salvation in Siberia's mineral wealth and launches a surprise attack on the Russian leadership. A pillar of America's military/industrial/media complex, Clancy has no qualms about keeping anti-Chinese sentiments at a fever pitch by peppering the book with racial epithets on the order of "slant-eyed motherf***ers", "chinks" and "yellow barbarians".
Of course the world is saved from World-War III by the cool resourcefulness of Americans like President Jack Ryan. One surprise twist in this 1,000-pager is that one good guy happens to be a Japanese American CIA operative named Chester Nomuri who helps unravel the Chinese gameplan by seducing the mistress of a top Chinese leader. Nomuri had made a brief appearance in Debt of Honor , written last decade when Americans were more worried about an ascendant Japan than either backward China or the then crumbling Soviet Empire.

27. Asian American Federation
Publications A listing of useful publications from the Asian American Federationof New York. Asian American media A listing of Asian media by ethnicity.
Asian American Federation




Media List

A collection of useful links
Want to link to us? Want us to include your link? Please use the contact us form to submit your link to us.
Publications A listing of useful publications from the Asian American Federation of New York. Asian American Media A listing of Asian Media by ethnicity. Demographics The Asian American Federation of New York often handles inquiries for general demographic information about Asian Americans in the city, state, and the United States. The current data available is from the 1990 United States Census. home aaf cic 9/11 initiative research ... contact us Questions? Comments? Feedback? Contact Us.

28. Asian American Federation
Asian American media A. Magazine 677 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor NewYork, NY 10022 (212) 5938089 (212) 593-8082 Fax, Asian America
Asian American Federation




Media List
Pakistani American

Asian American Media A. Magazine
677 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 593-8082 Fax Asian America 144 E. 38th Street New York, NY 10016 (212) 576-2006 Fax AsianWeek - New York Office c/o 2013 Avenue T Brooklyn, NY 11229 TOP Chinese American China Press 15 East 40th Street, Suite 600 New York, NY 10016 (212) 965-1915 Fax Chung Hwa Broadcasting Company 16 Bowery, 4 th Floor New York, NY 10013 (212) 571-2922 Fax Ming Pao Daily News 43-31 33rd Street, 2nd Floor Long Island City, NY 11101 (718) 433-3861 Fax Sing Tao Jih Pao Newspaper 188 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10013 (212) 699-3830 Fax Sino Broadcasting 449 Broadway, 4th Floor New York, NY 10013 (212) 431-5802 Fax World Journal 141-07 20th Avenue Whitestone, NY 11357

29. Gender, Race And Ethnicity In Media - Asian Americans

30. Gender, Ethnicity & Race In Media: Asian Americans
Asian CineVision A notfor-profit Asian American media arts center founded in 1976,is dedicated to encouraging the development of Asian American media arts.
Asia Times
An English language news site that covers China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Japan, Korea, and Central Asia. This Internet-only publication "reports and examines geopolitical, political, economic and business issues … from an Asian perspective."
Asian American Film
"The latest scoop on Asian American film and filmmakers. With constantly updated news, reviews, screening info, features, and message boards. With a Filmmakers Network and the Asian American Filmmakers Database."
Asian CineVision
A not-for-profit Asian American media arts center founded in 1976, is dedicated to encouraging the development of Asian American media arts.
"A website for Asian women that's beyond stereotypes." A great resource jam-packed with news.
Asian Stereotypes: Restrictive Portrayals of Asians in the Media and How to Balance Them
A memo from Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) to Hollywood that lists "restrictive Asian portrayals that are constantly repeated in the mainstream media and an explanation of why each is objectionable."
Asian Voices
An annual publication of the Asian Cultural Union at New York University.

31. Asian American Film: Filmmakers Network: Directory
Asian American media Resource Directory A directory of Asian Americansin the industry willing to share information and give advice.
Asian American Film Home Filmmakers Network > Resource Directory
A place for Asian American filmmakers to help each other out
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Entertainment Minute Movies Haiku Fu Comix Resources Filmmakers Network Film Database About the Site Manifesto Contact Staff/Credits Asian American Media Resource Directory A directory of Asian Americans in the industry willing to share information and give advice. Click here to add yourself to the directory. Filmmaking Parul Bhatia, Prashant Bhargava, Bobby Bragg, Aaron Caughran, Bryan Ray Cook, Ted Chu, Jieban Fan, Fedor, Shatoctga M. Gunter Vijay Krishnan, William Lau, Ellie Lee, Greg Pak, Rajendra Parihar, Yongsoo Park, Heena Patel, Justin Poon, Ranjan Pramod, Deborah Quan, Devashish Saxena, Neal Sehgal, Donna Tsufura, Domanic Valentino, Jesse Weathington Distribution and Marketing Laura Kim Media Organizations Asia Society Washington Center (Ariana Rabindranath); Asian Media Access (Lai Lau); Bay Area Video Coalition; Chicago Asian American Showcase (Ben Kim); Corporation for Public Broadcasting (Yoko Arthur); ITVS (Claire Aguilar); NAATA (Toni Tabora) Production Houses Add yourself to the Resource Directory Name: Job title: Company/org: Email: Website URL: Street address (optional): City, state, zip:

32. Asian American Film: Filmmakers Network
Filmmakers Network Resources Asian American media Resource Directory People in theindustry willing to share information or offer advice easy online form
Asian American Film Home > Filmmakers Network
A place for Asian American filmmakers to help each other out
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Entertainment Minute Movies Haiku Fu Comix Resources Filmmakers Network Film Database About the Site Manifesto Contact Staff/Credits Filmmakers Network Resources Asian American Media Resource Directory People in the industry willing to share information or offer advice easy online form for adding yourself! Filmmakers Network Message Board Post your questions and cast and crew calls. Events and Announcements Message Board Post your screenings and events. Film Database List your completed films. Deadlines 04/01/03 - Final Deadline for Asian Film Festival of Dallas 04/04/03 - Deadline for AAIFF Screenplay Competition 04/07/03 - Deadline for AAIFF Works In Progress Screening All Deadlines Articles Interview with Eric Byler, director of "Charlotte Sometimes" Interview with Tom Huang, director of "freshmen" Interview with Gene Rhee, director of "The Quest for Length" Interview with Quentin Lee, director of "Drift" ... Interview with Angela Lee, Programming Director for the SXSW Film Festival Resources Looking for actors? Visit the Workshop's

33. Asian / Asian American Music Reviews
AAAMPLITUDE. It was put out by Asian American Arts media, Inc., a nonprofitorganization that existed from the early 80's to mid-90's.
Asian / Asian American Music
Note: This site is constantly being updated, especially the calendar of events... Latest changes: added a new log page, started a new article excerpt page (SEE "Print of Note #11), and started a new page of short reviews (SEE "Short reviews2".]
Site coverage: contemporary music by Asian Americans (and Asian Canadians)... also contemporary music influenced by Asia.
As a collector of Asian American recordings (lp's, cassettes, cd's) I had the opportunity to play some of this music on my Asian American radio show, "Gold Mountain." For many years, the magazine-like program aired on WPFW 89.3 FM, the DC community station owned by Pacifica. ( In recent years, Pacifica station programming and the national management structure has experienced much turmoil. For more info. check Save Pacifica and Current public broadcasting news.) Eventually I hope to explore the notions of Asian American music what it might be, whether there is a viable "Asian American aesthetic", and how it fits into the musical categories one runs into. Note that some of the music I've reviewed might be considered "Asian" as opposed to "Asian American", but don't let that hinder your appreciation of the music.

34. Classroom Resources
Asian American media Websites. General media Sites. Asian American Artistry.Asian American media Arts. Asian American Mall (entertainment links).
Jerome Richfield 340 * 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330-8251 * Office: 818-677-4966 * Fax: 818-677-7094 Home
Classroom Resources
Conducting an Oral History Email
  • Getting a CSUN Email Network Account Logging in to access your Email Account
  • Student Guide Computer Labs Asian American General Resources Berkeley Asian American Oral History Berkeley's Interactive Chinese American History CET Resources Page: CSUN University Library Bibliography and Style Guides - For citation styles. My America: Stanford Beginning Library Research on Asian American Studies The Asian American Cybernauts Page Asian American Community Resources Asian American Resource Web Asian Week newspaper Asian American History and Literature Asian American Cybernauts Page ... Librarian Dan Tsang¬ís Asian American Studies resources Asian American Women Asiang URLs Exoticize My Fist Big Bad Chinese Mama Coalition for Slavery and Trafficking Asian Pacific American Gays and Lesbians Queer Asian Pacific Resources Asian Indian Americans Asian Indian resources Asian Indian webring Little India newspaper Cambodian American Community Cambodian Refugees in America Cambodian American Youth Identity Chinese American Community

    35. AAS 345OL - Syllabi/Readings
    hated it, etc. Asian American media Source. Last semester (Fall 02'), studentswere required to subscribe to and utilize an Asian American media source.
    Readings Publisher's page
    LEAP Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute
    Press Release
    Daily Bruin Online The primary text for this course is Transforming Race Relations .* The book is available at the Matador Bookstore. Note: Last year, the bookstore was very late getting the book in stock. I have a few issues in my office which I can sell to students. Email me if you are interested. Lastly, additional internet sources will be linked for each specific week Updated - February 23, 2003 overview readings grading assignments
    Jump to Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Week Six Week Seven Week Eight Week Nine Week Ten Week Eleven Week Twelve Week Thirteen Week Fourteen Week Fifteen Finals Week
    class members
    discussion bulletin board
    reading lists
    ... volunteer opps Primary Text *Note - the full title of the book is: The State of Asian Pacific America: Transforming Race Relations, A Public Policy Report , Paul M. Ong, (ed.). (Los Angeles, CA: LEAP and UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2000)

    36. Asian American Studies Resources
    American Village; Asian American Women A Research Guide; Asian AmericanWriter's Workshop; Asian media Reference Guide; AsianNation
    Asian American Studies Resources
    Flower Cloth of the Hmong,
    Denver, CO: Denver Museum of Natural History, 1985.
    Resources at Princeton
    Associations and Organizations Asian Americans APA Electronic Publications ... Departments, Institutes, Programs, and Centers Resources at Princeton
  • Princeton University Homepage Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding - Ethnic Studies: Asian American Studies Library Homepage Library Catalogs ... Thai American Student Organization
  • Asian Americans
  • Cambodian Americans Chinese American Hmong American Filipino American ... Vietnamese American

  • Archival Collections and Museums
  • California Ethnic Multicultural Archives (CEMA) houses the following: Asian American Theater Company

  • Archives, Robert Billigmeier Collection (Japanese evacuation and relocation study-Tule Lake Relocation Center), the
    Chinese American Voters Education Committee, Inc. Archives, the Iris Chang Papers (Chinese American writer),
    Chinese American Political Association Archives, Michio Ito Collection (Japanese American dancer and choreographer),
    Genny Lim Papers (Chinese American playwright, poet, performance artist), Ester Soriano-Hewitt Papers (Filipina

    37. Beginning Library Research On Asian American Studies
    The Asian American media Reference Guide, 2nd ed. (media and Microtext E184.O6A79 1990), an annotated list of films and videotapes about Asia and Asian

    Beginning Library Research on ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES
    Stanford University Libraries contain many titles on the historical and contemporary experience of Asian Americans, making it an excellent place for students conducting research in this area. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of Asian American, relevant titles are often dispersed throughout the general collection depending upon subject matter. Use Socrates , Stanford's online catalog to to locate books and other materials. Use the library's print or electronic indexes to locate journal and newspaper articles and published papers. Socrates can tell you what library materials Stanford owns and where they are located, allowing you to search by author, title, call number, organization, or subject. When searching Socrates , it helps to know the Library of Congress Subject Headings. One method of identifying the subject headings is to check the Library of Congress Subject Headings bound volumes. Another (online) method is to locate material you know is on your topic by doing an author (A) and/or title (T) search. Then look at the full display to see what

    38. Asian American Studies Resources
    and Expositions; Films on Asian American Studies at Stanford University;Foundation for Asian American Independent media; Hong Kong
    Asian American Studies Resources
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    by The JavaScript Source
    Table of Contents
    General Resources
    Return to Contents
    Return to Contents
    Magazines, Journals, Newsletters

    39. Asian American Film Festival: Links
    NAAAP); National Asian American Telecommunications Association (NAATA);media Resources Center, University of CaliforniaBerkeley;
    Vietnamese, Vietnamese American South Asian, South Asian American Korean, Korean American Taiwanese, Taiwanese American Chinese, Chinese American Japanese, Japanese American MultiEthnic American Filipino American General Asian, Asian American Links

    40. Asian American Film Festival: Schedule--Friday
    documentary *filmmaking advice from G. Pak *Greg's site on Asian American Film GoldApple, National Educational media Network; First Place, Short Doc., Film
    FRIDAY FILMS 7:25 pm Fighting Grandpa Greg Pak , 1998, 21 minutes, documentary
    filmmaking advice from G. Pak

    A young filmmaker looks to home movies, photographs and interviews for insight into the conflicted past of his grandfather, who immigrated from Korea to Hawai'i in 1938. During conversations with extended members of his family, he unearths the turmoil left in the wake of this one man. He finds himself drawn into his grandmother's life and memories, hoping to uncover evidence of love between his grandparents.
    • Gold Apple, National Educational Media Network First Place, Short Doc., Film Fest New Haven Gold Winner, Documentary, Student Academy Awards
    8:00 pm Yellow Chris Chan Lee, 1996, 90 minutes, drama Eight teenage friends make party plans for graduation night in Los Angeles. That evening, their friend Sin Lee gets robbed while working at his father's store. Sin, already on shaky terms with his father, is unable to face his dad about the loss. His buddies rally together and sketch a shaky get-rich-quick plan to recover the money before sunrise. What follows is an adventurous and pathetic-but-funny scavenger hunt. Unfortunately, this plan is all but foolproof. Unable to tell his friends and family the real truth about how he lost the money, Sin disappears. Sin's desperation peaks, and he's driven to commit a crime despite repercussions which affect the rest of his life.

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