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         Asian-american Notable People:     more detail
  1. Notable Black American Women: Book I (Bk. 1)
  2. Notable Black American Women: Book III
  3. Notable Black American Men: Book II
  4. Notable African American Writers, 3 Volume Set (Magill's Choice)
  5. Notable Black Memphians by Miriam DeCosta-Willis, 2008-05-28

1. Asian Pacific Islands American History Literature For K-12
Index to Asian American resources for English and Social Studies teachers in grades K-12. Offers chronolo Category Society Ethnicity Asian asian-american History...... notable Asian Americans have immigrant children in their classrooms asianamericanChildren What affecting intermarriage and interracial people; adapted from

2. Recommended Asian American Web Sites
Outlines the history of Asian American writing, and provides bibliographies, links, and reviews for students and teachers. asianamerican Literature History, Classroom Use, Bibliography WWW Resources which received the ALA notable Books Award 1990, and and selected the players from people at church.
Recommended Asian American Websites Home African American American Indian Asian American ... Library Research Guides This list includes selected Asian American web resources useful for academic research and information purposes. (If you are doing library research, please see my Asian American Studies Library Research Guide also.) Only Web sites that are reflective of Asian American realities were considered; sites that are exclusively Asian in origin or focus are only rarely included. Recommended Web sites listed below were evaluated for breadth, perceived authority, stability, usefulness, and accuracy. Web index sites, clearinghouses, directories (all sites that gather or point to resources elsewhere), and e-journals and electronic news (publications, newspapers, and news programs that include actual content, as opposed to just tables of contents or subscription information) are the focus. Another section reviews a number of new commercial Asian American portals and commercial subject directories now being developed and marketed to Asian Americans in the US.

3. Asian-American Culture
Links about asianamerican arts and museums, books, Studies, Cultural Centers and more. artistic and cultural venues for people to learn more about their ancestry. Asian and asian-american Authors Books. notable sites regarding influential asian-american books
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with Jun Shan
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Asian-American Culture
Guide picks Links about Asian-American arts and museums, books, Studies, Cultural Centers and more.
Asian-American Activist Organizations

Links to Asian-American activist organizations fighting for awareness and rights for Asian-Americans in the U.S. Asian-American Arts and Museums
Links to Asian-American museums and other collections throughout the U.S. providing artistic and cultural venues for people to learn more about their ancestry. Asian and Asian-American Studies Links to colleges and universities that offer Asian and Asian-American Studies as a major. Notable sites regarding influential Asian-American books that reflect telling struggles from a unique perspective. Asian-American College Clubs Links to Asian-American focused organizations and clubs at colleges and universities.

4. Beginning Library Research On Asian American Studies
objective, not authorized biographies on people who are notable Asian Americans (ICE184 06 N67 1994 W46 1994/95) Lists contemporary asianamerican leaders from

Beginning Library Research on ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES
Stanford University Libraries contain many titles on the historical and contemporary experience of Asian Americans, making it an excellent place for students conducting research in this area. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of Asian American, relevant titles are often dispersed throughout the general collection depending upon subject matter. Use Socrates , Stanford's online catalog to to locate books and other materials. Use the library's print or electronic indexes to locate journal and newspaper articles and published papers. Socrates can tell you what library materials Stanford owns and where they are located, allowing you to search by author, title, call number, organization, or subject. When searching Socrates , it helps to know the Library of Congress Subject Headings. One method of identifying the subject headings is to check the Library of Congress Subject Headings bound volumes. Another (online) method is to locate material you know is on your topic by doing an author (A) and/or title (T) search. Then look at the full display to see what

5. Asian American Literature : History, Classroom Use, Bibliography & WWW Links
Online resource for Asian American history, literature, film, and book reviews.Category Society Ethnicity Asian asianamerican History...... Kogawa, J. Itsuka Anchor Books, 1992 (Asian American;Canadian) (High and selectedthe players from people at church York Ivy 1991 Awards ALA notable Books 1992
Asian-American Literature:
compiled by Brenda Hoffman.
Introduction Rationale for Multiethnic Literature in the Classroom Characteristics of Good Multiethnic Literature History of Asian American Literature ... Movies
Asian American literature is a growing new field. It is considered one of the subdivisions of multicultural literature. The literature today like the Joy Luck Club are best sellers in the book market and there is a growing demand for more.
The Asian population of the United States today continues to rapidly increase and they constitute about 2.9% of the total American population. According the 1990 census, the largest Asian minority in the United States are the Chinese Asian population. Of that percentage, Chinese is the largest with a largest percentage being foreign born. The second largest group is the Filipino which constitute 19%. Japanese make up 12% with most of them being native born. Indian and Korean each are at 11% and Vietnamese make up 8% of the population. Another subgroup of Asians includes the Hmong (mung) which are a culture group that immigrated 5,000 years ago from China to the mountainous region of Laos, but many were forced out of their territory during the Vietnam War because they helped the United States during the conflict.
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Rationale for Using Multiethnic Literature in the Classroom
    The purpose of using multiethnic literature are as follows:
  • . So they can understand differences between cultures.
  • Fiction books can be multi cultural, cross-cultural, or parallel-culture. Developing a relationship through a fictionalized character could be transferred to different culture.

6. Asian American Assimilation Vs Acculturation | Asian American Issues | GoldSea
race Asian Americans evidence a notable degree of a Republican administration, atthat!) An asianamerican is one American means white. Many people point to
" TARGET="_blank"> " BORDER=0> GOLDSEA ASIAMS.NET ASIAN AMERICAN ISSUES Asian American Assimilation vs Acculturation
(Updated Monday, Mar 24, 2003, 07:44:44 AM) ooner of later every minority person faces the identity question. It comes in a variety of flavors but at its core is the assimilation vs acculturation dilemma.
What's the difference?
As used by social scientists, assimilation is allowing one's original culture to be overidden by the dominant culture. Acculturation is acquiring the capability to function within the dominant culture while retaining one's original culture. The distinction seems subtle but is fraught with not-so-subtle social and psychological implications.
Assimilate or acculturate?
Collectively, the Asian American population shows statistical evidence of both assimilation and acculturation.
The 2000 Census counted 11.9 million identifying themselves as Asian Americans. That total was comprised of 10.2 million (85.7%) claiming purely Asian heritage and 1.7 million (14.3%) claiming mixed heritage. Of the mixed-heritage Asian Americans, 868,395 (52.4%) claimed part white ancestry, 138,802 (8.38%) claimed part Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander ancestry, 106,782 (6.45%) claimed part black ancestry, and 249,108 (17.7%) claimed another unspecified race. These mixed-race Asian Americans evidence a notable degree of assimilation, especially in light of the fact that in most parts of the U.S. anti-miscegenation laws weren't outlawed until the late 1960s.

7. Asian-American Culture - Page 2 Of 2
sites with historical information as well as other notable facts regarding asianamericanJob Resources Job resources for asian-american people with bilingual
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Asian-American Culture
Guide picks Previous
Asian-American History and Immigration

Links to essential sites with historical information as well as other notable facts regarding Asian immigration into the U.S. Asian-American Homework Help
Links to various webpages and resources to help you with your homework questions on the topic of Asian-American Culture. Asian-American Job Resources Job resources for Asian-American people with bilingual skills. Listings of influential Asian-American movies along with film festivals in the U.S. Links and resources to artists, groups, streaming radio, and record companies striving to define the genre of Asian-American music. Asian-American Online Communities Asian-American online community links where Asians can congregate and get to know one another.

8. KSU Libraries -- Multicultural And American Ethnic Studies Reference Materials
Everything You Need to Know About asianamerican History E notable Asian AmericansE 184.O6 N67 1995. the Best Juvenile Books about Latino people and Cultures Z

Site Index

    Reference Materials
The titles on this select bibliography are located in the reference collection of KSU Libraries' DOW Multicultural Resource Center (DOWMRC) on Hale Library's third floor. In support of KSU's American Ethnic Studies Program, the MRRC's reference collection emphasizes works on African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans. General reference works on diversity and ethnicity are also included. Census, Demographic, Socioeconomic Data Ethnicity Issues and Race Relations Immigration/Migration History and Data African Americans ... Native Americans
Census, Demographic, Socioeconomic Data
Atlas of American Diversity
E 184.A1 S575 1998 National Cultures of the World: A Statistical Reference HA 155.P37 1997
Ethnicity Issues and Race Relations
Big Book of Minority Opportunities: The Directory of Special Programs for Minority Group Members HD 5724.B54 1997 Dictionary of Multicultural Education LC 1099.D53 1997 Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations GN 496.C37 1996

9. Asian American Scientists
US people Word Wise Science Math Sports Cool Stuff Games and Quizzes HomeworkCenter Funbrain Site Map, Biographies notable asianamerican Scientists and
Notable Asian-American Scientists and Researchers
Kaplana Chawla
back: Musicians and Visual Artists
More Asian Pacific Heritage Month features

More Features !
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10. Asian-American Trends And Trendsetters
by the Lama in Central Park drew 40,000 peopleĀ—and the dire Other notable AsianAmerican directors include Wayne Wang, whose directing credits include 1999's
Asian Moxie
Asian-influenced trends and Asian-American trendsetters
by Ricco Villanueva Siasoco
Eastern Standard Time is a veritable encyclopedia of Asian-influenced culture. In February 2000, a Newsweek headline proclaimed, " Why Asian Guys are on a Roll ," and was accompanied by a photo of a young Asian man with rollerblades and sunglasses, his WASP-ish girlfriend wrapped around him. The crux of the article was the change in American perceptions of Asian men.
Asian Americans have become hip. From well-known personalities like Jet Li, Tiger Woods , and Jackie Chan to widespread trends like and Tibetan Buddhism , a distinctly Asian sensibility has permeated American popular culture. Instead of stereotypical Asian images of bespectacled brainiacs (think Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's ), exotic temptresses (remember Suzie Wong?), or ancient wisemen from the East like Charlie Chan, media and advertising images often attach an Asian face to a wholesome American lifestyle.
The Asian-influenced trend has been brewing for several years. In 1997 the editors of A. Magazine

11. Celebrities
The Biographical Dictionary containsinformation on 19,000 notable people from ancient people,as told by the people who lived asianamerican Celebrity Webpage.
Home What's New What's Cool Modify Link ... Entertainment : Celebrities - Celebrities Search The celebrity fan page directory. Contains thousands of reviewed links to the fan pages of many celebrities
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Reviews 15 Minutes: Movie Stars and Web Authors The 15 Minutes Project, incorporating Celeb Salon. Celebrity interviews in RealVideo. Movie actors, directors, writers. Web designers, writers, producers.
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Reviews Biographical Dictionary The Biographical Dictionary containsinformation on 19,000 notable people from ancient times to the present day. The Dictionary is searchable by names, keywords, and dates.
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Reviews Celebrity Archives Links to all the celebrities you can think of! The archive grows everyday!
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Reviews Ladies' Home Journal: STARS of the YEAR. Several celebrities stand out in 1998 because of highlights in their careers or personal lives, while other people are noted for their bravery. Drew Barrymore portrays more gentle and funny characters, while Barbra Streisand's wedding was determined the best wedding of the year. The mother of baseball player Sammy Sosa and two victims of a high school shooting are reca
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Reviews People's Century PBS's People's Century. History of the People, for the people, as told by the people who lived it.

12. Asian-American Identity Problems []
this to be especially detrimental to asianamerican's identities. FAQ (FrequentlyAsked Questions) notes people I've The most notable reason for this is that
home about/aboot blogs/journals music/movies ... papers
Asian-American Identity Problems for Dr. Ryang
Asian Civilization I

Introduction/Overview While Asian-Americans have a very rich culture, often they suffer from problems of identity crises, as do many in this country. Should one maintain a sense of family history? Or is it better to try to blend in and assimilate with the rest of America? This is a problems many minorities, in general, face, but Asian-Americans seem to have a particular presence in this problem. There are countless reasons as to why this could be. This paper will explore specific problems among Asian-Americans trying to find an identity as well as possible reasons and solutions for this problem. The information from this paper comes from books containing oral histories, statistical books, and personal interviews, as well as a smattering of hypothesizing and author's contemplation on the subject.
History of Asian Dissension From the very point in the mid-19th century that Chinese people began to come to the United States, there was a general distaste for these foreigners. Stereotypes surrounded them and while having their supporters, many people made it publically known their views on Chinese immigrants. An 1873 editorial in the magazine The Elevator shows the ignorant hostility being vented: This disturbing train of thought suffers from what many racist rationalizations do: poorly thought out arguments. The most notable one in this particular editorial is the reference to Chinese as "pagans in religion." This is ironic because while many Chinese of the time did not subscribe to Christianity, their primary religion was Buddhism, a clearly monotheistic religion. A pagan, as defined by the Miriam-Webster dictionary, is a "follower of a polytheistic religion."

13. Asian Americans And The National Park System -- Brown Quarterly -- V. 1, No. 3 -
and the National Park System notable asianamerican Women Manzanar celebrateand commemorate the Asian American and Asian The native people believed in a
Asian-American Women
Volume 1, No. 3 (Spring 1997) Vol. 1, no. 3 (Spring 1997): Asian Americans and the National Park System Notable Asian-American Women Manzanar National Historic Site Japanese Americans in the U.S. Armed Forces ... Teachers Talk Asian Americans and the National Park System:
An Experience of Joy and Pain

Iantha Gantt-Wright
National Parks and Conservation Association Click an image to read its caption. America's national parks are storehouses of knowledge that provide us with the tools we need to educate our youth about our rich history and, along with that history, about the broad and unique cultural diversity of our nation's citizenry. From the beauty of Yosemite National Park to the powerful message presented by Manzanar National Historic Site, our National Park System can take us to places and re-create events that bring us both joy and pain and with those experiences comes a better understanding of who we are. Who we are is a complicated puzzle. We are both a nation that allowed human beings to be sold like chattel and a nation that fostered the great African-American orator, Frederick Douglass. We are both the nation that has for decades welcomed immigrants as the "tired and poor" as represented by the Statue of Liberty National Memorial in New York Harbor and the nation that spurred 120,000 Japanese Americans because they were different and resembled an enemy that had dropped bombs on U.S. soil As the National Park System begins to reflect the many faces of America, we are challenged with the job of coming to terms with not just our nation's most shining achievements, as represented by the Edison National Historic Site, New Jersey, which is the home and laboratory of the great inventor, but shameful events as well. As educators it is up to us to bring all aspects of our history to the youth of America. Without the whole truth, we create for them an unreal world, which in turn can cause cynicism and misunderstanding. In the end, that misunderstanding can even turn to hate.

14. Keppler Associates Speakers Bureau Helen Zia
of the book, notable asianamericans, by Gale Publications. She is also the authorof asian-american Dreams The Emergence of an American people, published in

15. Custom.htm
The asianamerican Encyclopedia (1995), 973.0495003 As42 1995. Year-by-year listingof news headlines, economic figures, deaths of notable people, popular ads
compiled by Jon Ritterbush (2/98) Title Notes Call Number The Oxford Companion to Archaeology (1996) Dictionary of archaeology terms, summaries of research about ancient civilizations. 930.103 Ox2 cop. 3 Civilization of the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece and Rome (1988) Detailed text description of history, government, technology, religion, arts in Greek and Roman culture. Q.938 C499 v.1-3 Western Europe (1996) Fair historical background of Western European nations. Excellent overview of current political, economic, and social conditions. Updated annually. Who's Who in the Middle Ages (1970) Provides brief biographies of key figures from the Middle Ages (c. 476-1500 A.D.) 940.1 F49w cop.2 World War II Almanac, 1931-1945 (1981) Day-by-day account of the political and military maneuvers that led up to and occurred during the war. Tables in back detailing casualties, troop strength, and bibliography. Alphabetical-arrangement, gives brief description of the people, engagements, and other subjects related to the war.

list and say, Hey, this person is not an asianamerican, I followed I tried to putas many people as I could find on notable Person's Last Name Starting With
This is a list of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have had some influence within the United States of America. Before you read the list and say, "Hey, this person is not an Asian-American," I followed a certain criteria in which the person needed to fit one of these categories:
  • The person is a native of the United States and of Asian/Pacific-Islander Heritage
  • The person was born outside of the United States and of Asian/Pacific-Islander Heritage, but moved to the U.S. later in their life.
  • The person was born and still lives outside of the United States and of Asian/Pacific-Islander Heritage, but has had significant visibility in the United States
  • The person is a native of the United States and of mixed heritage of which a percentage Asian/Pacific-Islander
I tried to put as many people as I could find on the list, but as all stories go, there's always somebody who's missing. So, if you have somebody that you should be on the list, please e-mail me at Also, note that this work is under construction and will add short biographies when I get a chance. Notable Person's Last Name Starting With:

17. AsiaSource: AsiaLINKS - A Resource Of The Asia Society
com is an Asian and asianamerican portal that for networking with and among FilipinoAmerican young people. . provides a directory of notable Filipino Americans,594

18. Asian American Links
publication provides a medium in which people of all The site features notable booksand authors as Roth Publishing Asian and asianamerican Poets A humble

Asian American Studies



History (Asia Nation in online communities)
Art Scene China

This website features artworkby some of China's leading avant-garde artists as well as exciting, up-and-coming Chinese artists. Asian American Artistry in Film and Music
This site includes articles, special features, and resources, on issues regarding Asian Pacific American artists. Asian American Art Alliance
The Asian American Arts Aliance is a New York-based organization dedicated to "increasing the support, recognition and appreciation of Asian American Arts." The site includes a summary of their history, a calendar of local events in various artistic pursuits, and information on its programs and services. Asian American Rising
This site profiles Asian American artists, presenting their background and musical specialty. You can select featured artists from 1996 to 1999. There is also a links page that focuses on Asian Americans in entertainment. Asian American Writers' Workshop
This New York-based nonprofit organization is dedicated to the creation, publication and distribution of Asian American literature.

19. Speak Out - Biography: Helen Zia
In her acclaimed book, asianamerican Dreams The Emergence of an the remarkable historyof a people with her She also is the editor of notable asian-americans
Helen Zia
Crossing Boundaries: Social Change in the New Millenium
Helen Zia is an award-winning journalist and scholar who has covered Asian American communities and social and political movements for more than twenty years. In her acclaimed book, Asian-American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People , Zia interweaves the remarkable history of a people with her own unique journey as a pioneer activist and writer. The result is a riveting and incisive epic narrative which, like her lectures, brings clarity and advocacy to the national dialog for equality, inclusion and justice. Zia is also a contributing editor to Ms. magazine, where she was formerly executive editor and her articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and anthologies. She also is the editor of Notable Asian-Americans Topics Please contact Speak Out for more complete biographies,
publicity packets and information on costs and availability. Home Soapbox Tours Topics ... Engagements

20. People
notable. That makes it tough to gauge how people feel about American PsychologicalAssociation conference on Psychological Assessment of asianamerican Children

Photo: Glenn Pike
Doug Clarke, Yves Yacinthe and Salvatore Genovese were once again recognized as the best interlibrary loan department in New England.
t's the type of job that is largely unknown to the general university community. But Northeastern's interlibrary loan department is making a name for itself nevertheless. The three-man office this summer was honored for the second time in three years as the InterLibrary Loan Department of Year by the New England Library Network, or Nelinet. "This is indicative of the dedication and team effort that this group puts forward," said library dean Alan Benenfeld. The staff - Salvatore Genovese, Yves Yacinthe and Douglas Clarke - was chosen for the honor by its peers from about 500 libraries that use Nelinet. "It's very gratifying, because this is one of the few pieces of feedback we have with the libraries we work with," Genovese said. The department, which exchanges books, articles and various documents with other libraries, fields most of its requests through an on-line service. "That makes it tough to gauge how people feel about our service," Genovese said. "This shows that they do appreciate our work." The interlibrary loan staff won the same honor in 1993-94. Paul Champion , chair of physics, delivered a lecture, "Real Time Observation of Heme Protein Vibrations Using Femtosecond Coherence Spectroscopy," at the Gordon Conference on Vibrational Spectroscopy in Henniker, N.H.

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