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         Asian-american Notable People:     more detail
  1. Notable Black American Women: Book I (Bk. 1)
  2. Notable Black American Women: Book III
  3. Notable Black American Men: Book II
  4. Notable African American Writers, 3 Volume Set (Magill's Choice)
  5. Notable Black Memphians by Miriam DeCosta-Willis, 2008-05-28

41. Tamlyn Tomita
Come on people this is the type of person most of her work reflects some Asian AmericanAesthetics, but I notable Asian Americans, Helen Zia and Susan B. Gall
Student Author: Eric Ignacio
Fall 1998
Tamlyn Naomi Tomita While making this Eths 220 webpage, I've had numerous people look over my shoulder and say, "Tamlyn Who?". Grrrrr....That's the final straw! To me, she has to be one of the busiest Asian American Actresses out there. Here's another picture that might refresh your memory.... Now I know most of you who grew up in the 80's must've seen The Karate Kid, Part II. But, dammit - if you still don't know who she is, then check this out.
Click here to refresh your memory
(Oooooooohhh, I know who she is NOW!) Did you know..... Occupation: Actress
Date of Birth : January 27, 1968
Place of Birth: Okinawa, Japan
Moved to the U.S at the age of three. The San Fernando Valley
Family: Father, Shiro - 2nd Generation Japanese American
Mother, Asako - Japanese-Filipino
Education: University of California, Los Angeles
Business Address: The Artist’s Group Ltd 1930 Century Blvd W, Ste 403 Los Angeles, CA 90067 Check out her latest flick. Hundred Percent

42. A&E: New And Notable Books
New and notable Books. Asian American Women is not available for sale, but can be fearof terrorism, few Americans suggested imprisoning people of Mideastern
Click for our latest cover
Buy our
Year of the Horse
poster! Home Nov. 29 - Dec. 5, 2002
Giving Thanks
(in National News) Task Forces Examines Thurgood Marshall Incident
(in Bay Area News)
(in Business)
(in Sports) A Piece of Raw Humanity
Emil Amok: Good and Plenty

(in Opinion) New and Notable Books
By Terry Hong Special to AsianWeek this bridge we call home: radical visions for transformation (Routledge) A collection of 80-plus essays on race, culture, feminism and activism, which continues the dialogue begun two decades ago in the revolutionary this bridge called my back . Included is an essay by original contributor Anita Valerio, who returns in this bridge we call home as Max Wolf Valerio to discuss his new perspective on feminism since his transformation from female to male. Asian American Women: Issues, Concerns, and Responsive Human and Civil Rights Advocacy By Lora Jo Foo Asian American Women is not available for sale, but can be downloaded at Community organizations can receive a hard copy by emailing My Friend Hitler and Other Plays By Yukio Mishima, translated by Hiroaki Sato

43. AsianWeek: Who's Chinese American?
author of two New York Times notable books of might seem all too familiar to AsianAmerican readers Jen write about my family but people inevitably think
Thursday, June 24, 1999 * Volume 20, No. 43
Our latest cover
Rebirth of the Cool

Gish Jen adds a new dimension to APA literature
By Calvin Liu
New York Times notable books of the year Typical American (1991) and Mona in the Promised Land Now, Jen offers , a collection of eight short stories, including Birthmates , which was handpicked by John Updike for the anthology, Best American Short Stories of the Century Birthmates Despite her focus on Asian American characters, the issues that Jen confronts are significant to Asian Americans in varying degrees. She maintains that her intention is never to reflect any certain ethnic experience, though she admits that her heritage and her writing are unconsciously inseparable. , is a first-generation Chinese immigrant mother whose daughter is married to an unemployed Irish American. While her characters are not necessarily afforded a singularly Asian American viewpoint, Jen says that her Chinese heritage is inseparable from the way she perceives the creative process itself. As such, she finds herself struggling with the Asian-oriented criticism that artistic and literary endeavors are selfish in nature.

44. Homework Help--Famous People/Biographies--Asian-Americans
for biographies of notable Asian Americans biographical information about a specificAsian American. entertainers, athletes, business people, educators, fashion
Library Services Find Your Library Ask a Librarian Reserve a PC Library Cards ... eBooks Good Reads Good Reads New Reads Book Clubs Youth Services Homework Help Kidspage TeenZone Library Resources eAudio Seniors ESL/Literacy Special Collections ... Email This
Famous People/Biographies-
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

See the panel of choices in the right center section for biographies of notable Asian Americans in government, business, science, media, television, film, music, science and sports. From and the Learning Network.
Some Noteworthy Americans of Asian or Pacific Island Heritage

From James Madison University, this is a comprehensive site if you are trying to find biographical information about a specific Asian American. Subjects included are architects, artists, authors, entertainers, athletes, business people, educators, fashion, government, scientists, mathematicians and others.
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she's called to speak at Asian American student conferences Though many people donot know about her raised their children and entertained notable guests for

to make clear that the asianamerican community has to “change the quality of peopleworking in lists these among the organization's notable victories in

47. Welcome To, Your Asian American Web Superhero!
difference from the construction workers, fire fighters and other young people whogo to The notable exception to this is Horiyoshi III who is the man often
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The Influence of Western Tattooing on irezumi and the Influence of irezumi on Western Tattooing.
Sailor Jerry (born Norman Keith Collins) was an American tattoo artist who can take a lot of the credit for introducing American style tattoos into Japan and for bringing "Oriental style" designs to tattoos in the West. He had served as a merchant marine during the Second World War and often tattooed at his ports of call, this is how he first came into contact with Japanese irezumi.
However, it was not until 1960 when he opened his last tattoo shop in Honolulu's Chinatown that his interest in Oriental tattooing really developed. He developed a trade relationship with Horihide (Kazuo Ôguri) whereby he would trade American needles and machines for designs and advice and also developed a close relationship with Horiyoshi II and Horisada. According to Margo de Mello, Sailor Jerry "never forgave the Japanese for attacking Pearl Harbor and for what he saw as their economic take over of Hawaii (Hardy 1982c.). In fact by his own admission, Collins wanted to "beat them at their own game": to create an American style that was based on what he called the "Jap style of tattoo", yet one that reflected imagery from the United States."
Collins was the first Western tattooist to use the idea of filling in backgrounds with waves and clouds to create whole body tattoos. He caught the interest of Don Ed Hardy who would later go on to form a close friendship with Horiyoshi III and to publish the first Western pictures of Japanese tattooing in "TattooTime" magazine in 1980.

48. Welcome To, Your Asian American Web Superhero!
Later the burakumin (village people) sometimes known as eta who worked as slaughterersor The notable exception to this were the tattoos belonging to the Ainu
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The first indication of tattooing in Japan seems to have been found as early as 500BC.
"In 1977 a large tumulus mound was opened near Osaka and in it were found two haniwa (clay images), whose faces clearly indicate a depiction of tattooing. These are dated as, at the latest, the fifth century BC"
Although the purpose of these tattoos is not known, prior to this discovery, it was believed that the earliest mention of Japanese tattooing was in the third century Chinese text Wei Chih (The Wei Chronicles) where the Wa (the Japanese) are described as follows.
"Men, young and old, all tattoo their faces and decorate their bodies with designs... the Wa, who are fond of diving into water to get fish and shells also decorated their bodies in order to keep away large fish and waterfowl."
Following this, it has been suggested by McCallum and Stephen Mansfield that the nature of these tattoos was more decorative than protective. The Chinese chronicle, the San Kuo Chi (Account of the Three Kingdoms) compiled in the third century tells of a certain inhabitants of the Kingdom of Wa (Japan) being tattooed according to social rank. Others apparently applied tattoos to ward off evil spirits.
However, this custom seems to have faded and the next references to tattooing appear in the Nihonshoki, compiled in the year 720. It tells of a young man named Azumi no Muraji who was tattooed on the face as punishment for treason.

Writer Buzz Magazine named Amy Hill one of the 100 Coolest people in LA for a regionalEmmy as writer/ host of Get Real, a syndicated Asian American teen talk
LEO ESAKI Scholar, Physicist, Nobel Laureate

Representative Eni F.H. Faleomavaega is American Samoa's Delegate to the United States House of Representatives. Born in the Vailoatai Village, American Samoa, he attended Brigham Young University and received his Bachelors in Political Science/ History. He recieved his Jurist Doctorate at the University of Houston Law School. Faleomavaega the attended the University of California, Berkeley where he received a Master of Law. Before becoming a member of Congress, he served as Deputy Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor of American Samoa. He is the ranking Democrat on the Subcommittee on National Parks and Public Lands and a member of the House Committeeon International Relations. In 1995, he wrote Navigating the Future: A Samoan Perspective in U.S.-Pacific Relations
    For more information on Eni Faleomavaega, visit these sites: CHOW YUN FAT Actor
    AMY FENG Table Tennis Player
    HAN FENG Designer
    VON FLORES Actor

    Born Valentin Andres Tanga Flores IV in Malbon, Rizal, Philippines, he is known as Von for short. In 1974, he and his family moved to Canada. While going to school, he attended an acting class at the urging of his girlfriend. And the rest is history. Flores is most known for his role as FBI Special Agent Ronald Sandoval on the syndicated science fiction television series

50. UWP Karrmann Library -
Dictionary of Asian American History (Ref E176.D56) Dictionary of Ref CT120.C663)(1985date) people in the notable American Women, 1607-1950 (Ref CT3260.N57
Internet Resources
Choose from the library's Reference Resources-Biographies
Full Length Biographies
To find a book about a person, search the Library Catalog Examples of Advanced Keyword searches:
"jane austen" AND biography
"bruce springsteen" AND biography Books containing collective biographies of people in a field or in an ethnic group are found using the Library Catalog and the name of the field to which the person belongs. Examples of keyword searches:
psychologists AND biography
"women scientists" AND biography
chicano AND writers
Journal and Newspaper Articles
Biographies Plus
Biography and Genealogy Master Index
Biography Index (Web version, 1984 to date) (print format, 1946 to date)
This set indexes journal articles and books about people. Note: To find
journal articles prior to 1946 use Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature.
Once you are in Lexis-Nexis, click on Refeference , then click on Biographical Information
New York Times Index
Available through Newspaper Database through the Web. Print format covers 1851 to the present. Use this index to find articles and obituaries in this national newspaper. Also shelved with this printed index is the

51. No Excuses - New York
Programs Asian Professional Extension Mentoring and collegeprep programsfocus on working with Asian American inner-city youth. notable people

New York Schools:
No Excuses Supporters: Programs:
  • A great source for parents in New York City to help them find out more about school options for their children. Asian Professional Extension: Mentoring and college-prep programs focus on working with Asian American inner-city youth. East Harlem Tutorial Program: East Harlem Tutorial Program is a 40-year old non-profit group which offers youngsters individual training in reading, writing, math, science, computers and more. Wadleigh Scholars: Edouard Plummer's 36-year-old program provides resources for Harlem children to attend preparatory schools and gain college admission.

52. Biography Tools - Main Library Reference
notable Women in World History Westport, Conn Newsmakers The people Behind Today'sHeadlines Detroit Gale Research Asian American Biography New York UXL, 1995
Biography Tools
Biographical Tools can provide you with quick, up- to-date information on people from all parts of the world and all periods of history. The sources listed below are only a small sample of the hundreds of resources owned by the MSU Libraries. Most of the printed sources listed here are located in the Biography Tools section of Main Library Reference on 1 East; a few have other locations indicated. Assistance for locating additional information is available at the Main Library Reference Desk.
Before you begin searching for materials, consider the following concepts and strategies:
  • The profession of your subject
  • The gender of your subject
  • The cultural background and/or country of origin of your subject
MAGIC , the Libraries' online catalog, is a searchable database of materials available in the MSU Libraries. These materials includes books, government documents, microfilms, theses and dissertations, and sound recordings.
To locate a book-length biography, you should search in MAGIC for books about the person. To do this, select "LC Subject" from the main MAGIC screen. Search by the person's last name and first name. For example, to find a book about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, select "LC Subject" and then type stanton elizabeth cady in the search box.
  • Biography and Genealogy Master Index Online / current
    • Indexes current, readily available reference sources, as well as the most important retrospective works that cover individuals, both living and deceased, from every field of activity and from all areas of the world.

53. Online Databases
A biographical resource for notable people in American Contemporary Musicians, notableTwentiethCentury science information, Asian American Almanac, and the
Biography* American National Biography (to access click on "Begin Search")
A biographical resource for notable people in American history. Only for those who are no longer alive. Biography Resource Center
Combines biographies from 70 respected Gale Group sources such as Contemporary Authors, Ency of World Biog, Newsmakers, Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television, Contemporary Musicians, Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists, Contemporary Black Biog, and more. Junior Reference Collection
A GaleNet reference source containing Biographies, DISCovering Authors, Multicultural Encyclopedia, science information, Asian American Almanac, and the Encyclopedia of World Cultures. Wilson BiographiesPlus
Contains full text of all the articles from more than 100 vols of biographical reference books published by H. W. Wilson, including Current Biography, the World Author Series, Nobel Prize Winners, World Artists, World Film Directors, American Reformers, and numerous biographical books on musicians and composers from throughout history. *Links will open in new browser window.

54. Online Databases
and Television, Contemporary Musicians, notable TwentiethCentury culture, health,people, government, history science information, Asian American Almanac, and
American National Biography (to access click on "Begin Search")
A biographical resource for notable people in American history.Only for those who are no longer alive. BigChalk Library
Biography Resource Center

Combines biographies from 70 respected Gale Group sources such as Contemporary Authors, Ency of World Biog, Newsmakers, Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television, Contemporary Musicians, Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists, Contemporary Black Biog, and more. Books in Print
Use this database to search for books in and out of print. Thousands of full-text book reviews are also available. Buckmaster Annual Stockholder Reports
Contains over 5 years of Fortune 500 annual stockholder reports, news articles, 10k's, rankings, etc. (1997- current )
Provides company profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, chronologies and periodicals. Search this database to find detailed company and industry news and information. CQ Researcher (in library use only)
Explores a single "hot" issue in the news in depth each week. Topics range from social and teen issues to environment, health, education and science and technology. There are 44 reports produced each year including four expanded reports.

55. Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Celebrating the Cultural Heritage of Asian American Asian information needs of AsianPacific people and to 2002 Chinese New Year notable Asian Americans.

History of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is observed nationally to recognize the contributions that people of Asian and Pacific heritage made to American culture. President Jimmy Carter signed a joint resolution declaring May 4-10, 1979, as the first Asian Pacific Heritage Week. In 1990, President George H. W. Bush signed an extension changing Asian Pacific Heritage Week to a month-long observance. It is celebrated in May to acknowledge the first Japanese immigrants to the United States who arrived May 7, 1843. Top of Page Library Events
    May 1-31 Origami Exhibit: a display of origami by Milt Sager.
    Mr. Sager has had some of his pieces on display at the Smithsonian.
    Clifton M. Brakensiek Library
    Contact the library at (562) 925-5543 for more information. May 6-31 "Dolls From Japan" Exhibit, courtesy of Kathy Grant and the Asian Pacific Resource Center
    Montebello Library

    Contact the library at (323) 722-6551 for additional information May 13 Feng Shui for Modern Living, presented by Angi Ma Wong.

56. New And Notable On Campus
Klein talked about ways young people can contribute to and Astronomy brought manynotable scientists to Asian American Studies Asian American Studies offers an
New and Notable On Campus
SAS to Receive $2.5 Million from the Korea Foundation
The Korea Foundation of Seoul and the University recently signed a five-year agreement in which each party will commit $2.5 million to create an endowment designed to establish new professorships in Korean Studies in SAS and to fund related activities at the University. "Over the past decade, we have established high-quality programming in Korean Studies, significantly augmenting faculty, course offerings, links with Korean universities, and outreach," said President Judith Rodin. "Our need, so generously addressed with this agreement, is to be able to increase the number of Korean specialists on the faculty to create a critical mass in the discipline. We are deeply grateful to the Korea Foundation for its interest in raising the level of Korean Studies at Penn so that is among the finest in the world." Six SAS Faculty Win Woodrow Wilson Fellowships
Of the 35 fellowships awarded by the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC, six were won by members of the SAS faculty. Winners were chosen from 640 applications received in a world-wide competition among scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Fellowships were awarded to: David Brownlee (history of art); Beshara Doumani and Michael Katz (history); Tom Callaghy and Francine Frankel (political science); and John Skrentny (sociology), who had to decline the Wilson Center fellowship in order to accept one from the Princeton University Center for Human Values.

57. CSU Libraries: Asian Pacific Americans
A1 H466 1997 REF Dictionary of Asian American History. S75 REF Voices of MulticulturalAmerica notable Speeches 1790 M55 V64 1996 REF We the people An Atlas
    Tips for Locating Materials
    To find books, search SAGE the Libraries' online catalog. For articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers, search online databases, CD-ROM databases, and print indexes. Some general terms to use for your search are: ethnicity ethnic multicultural minority Americans Amerasians Asian American(s) Specific terms you may use include:
    Asian Indian Americans
    Cambodian Americans
    Chinese Americans
    East Indian Americans
    Filipino Americans
    Hmong Americans Hong Kong Americans Indochinese Americans Issei Japanese Americans Korean Americans Laotian Americans Nisei Oceanian Americans Pacific Islander Americans Pakistani Americans Panjabi Americans Samoan Americans Sansei Americans Taiwanese Americans Thai Americans Vietnamese Americans West Indian Americans Yonsei Any of the general or specific terms listed above can be combined with subject terms such as: identity, education, history, assimilation, biography, culture, statistics, literacy collections, literature, and authors. For example, to find books in

58. Asian American Studies
study of the Hmong, an isolated, rural people from Laos second part of the book, TheAsian American Artists Directory about the lives of 105 notable artists who
Asian American Studies New and Forthcoming From a Three-Cornered World
New and Selected Poems James Masao Mitsui Over two decades' time and three previous volumes, James Mitsui's poetry has asserted a strong and significant voice within the growing tradition of Asian American literature. The 60 poems presented here, 25 of them new, contain a family history of immigration, assimilation, and World War II experiences in the relocation camps.
"Mitsui's poems are memorable, finely honedcombining imagistically startling vignettes, witty and melancholy ars poetica, and moving personal reminiscence."Garrett Hongo The Scott and Laurie Oki Series in Asian American Studies 1997. 112 pp.
0-295-97598-9 Paper, $12.95 Dark Blue Suit
and Other Stories
Peter Bacho "These tales, so disarming in their sense of humanity, so lovingly and engagingly narrated in a style which appears effortless, deal with the shadows the massive facts of emigration and identity cast over the lives of Filipino Americansa literary turf Bacho has made particularly his own. Here he moves with an inveigling confidence amongst lives caught between the raucous demands of modern America and the potent ghosts of ethnicity. It is a superb performance."Thomas Keneally, author of Schindler's List October 1997. 192 pp.

59. Asian-Nation : The Landscape Of Asian America :: The Academic Side Of Asian Amer
fivevolume A History of the American people (1902) that California, and Cornell publish books on Asian American topics with notable frequency.
The History of Asians in America
Research Sources Used /
Recommended for Further Reading Brewer, Cynthia, Trudy A. Suchan, and U.S. Bureau of the Census. 2002. Mapping Census 2000: The Geography of U.S. Diversity . Environmental Systems Research.
Chan, Sucheng. 1991.
... . New York: Basic Books.
Search Asian-Nation
Any word All words Exact phrase
Sound-alike matching

var site="s12asiannation" ;var g_frames=true; The following is a reprint of an article (edited for length) entitled "Asian American History's Overdue Emergence" by Roger Daniels (see credit below). Although it is intended for an academic audience, it nicely details the development of Asian American history as an academic discipline. It also stresses a point that is becoming increasingly important in the study of race and ethnicity these days. That is, while it's important to understand what has been done to Asian Americans throughout U.S. history, let's also focus on and recognize what Asian American

60. Asian-Nation: The Landscape Of Asian America | Viet Nam -- The Lessons Of Coloni
that make up today's diverse Asian American community Nam's natural resources wereexploited, its people were treated But the first notable movement against the
Viet Nam, Then and Now
Research Sources Used /
Recommended for Further Reading Duiker, William J. 1996. The Communist Road to Power in Vietnam . Westview Press.
Gettleman, Marvin E., Jane Franklin, Marilyn B. Young, and H. Bruce Franklin (Eds.). 1995.
... . University College of London Press.
Quick Facts About Viet Nam Educational Attainment (1993)
No formal schooling 16.6%, incomplete primary 46.6%, primary 23.5%, secondary 6.5%, higher 6.8% GDP per capita (1999)
Top Industries

Food processing, garments, shoes, machine building, mining Top Agriculture Products
Rice, corn, potatoes, rubber, soybeans, coffee, tea, bananas
Search Asian-Nation
Any word All words Exact phrase Sound-alike matching var site="s12asiannation" ;var g_frames=true; Missionaries from France arrived in Viet Nam in the 1700s and by the mid 1800s, they had gained a lot of influence in Vietnamese politics. At the same time, suspicion and resentment toward them by many Vietnamese were growing as well. It was only a matter of time before these two elements clashed.
There were several reasons for the French invasion. First, there were incidents where some French missionaries were expelled and even killed. Second, as France was competing against other European powers for economic and military superiority, they wanted to secure more strategic geographic positions to promote their international trade and capitalism. Finally, the Vietnamese leadership could not decide whether it was best for the country to remain strictly Confucianist and isolated or to begin modernizing. These all led to Napoleon III's order for his navy to invade Viet Nam in July 1857.

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