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         Asian-american Notable People:     more detail
  1. Notable Black American Women: Book I (Bk. 1)
  2. Notable Black American Women: Book III
  3. Notable Black American Men: Book II
  4. Notable African American Writers, 3 Volume Set (Magill's Choice)
  5. Notable Black Memphians by Miriam DeCosta-Willis, 2008-05-28

81. Quotations
notable Quotations. it might seem that race is something that affects only peopleof color If there is an Asian American aesthetic perhaps it lodges here, in
Notable Quotations Choose two of these quotations to write about in your journal, and to talk about in class; which strike you as most significant, insightful, or helpful in light of our course material thus far? Race is an invention, not a noticeable genetic presence, and cultural traits are brute concoctions of the social sciences. Gerald Vizenor Those [early European immigrants] who came to the United States didn't realize they were white until they got here. They were told they were white. They had to learn they were white. An Irish peasant coming from British imperial abuse in Ireland during the potato famine in the 1840s, arrives in the United States. You ask him or her what they are. They say, "I am Irish." No, you're white. "What do you mean, I am white?" And they point me [a black person] out. "Oh, I see what you mean. This is a strange land." Cornel West Immigration . . . has required a process of racialization so that the prevailing national identity could be maintained. Earlier in this century Irish, German, Swedish, Italian, and Polish immigrants were also scapegoated and defined out of the national identity, not being the preferred "Anglo-Saxon." Later, as they embraced Anglo cultural supremacy, and also could be seen as white, inclusion became possible. Immigrants of color, on the other hand, largely remained outside Americanism. Linda Martinez The concept of a white people is a creation; the same is true of black people, of yellow people, and brown people. The concept of race that now plagues the whole world is an artificial European invention. . . . While the word race and the concepts around it are artificial, the effects of its creation are real.

82. Maxine Hong Kingston
she might agree with Houn that Asian American art emerges from the feelings of itspeople. with a colleague, Timothy Pfaff in notable Asian Americans
ETHS 210
Fall 1998/ de Jesus The On-Line Directory of Asian American Artists Artist: MAXINE HONG KINGSTON
Type: writer
Nationality/Ethnicity: Chinese
Author: Ingrid Perez (click here to email me)
Born: Oct. 27, 1940 in Stockton, CA.
Education: Bachelor’s of arts from University of California at Berkeley in 1962. SELECTED WORKS: The Woman Warrior, China Men, Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book. AFFILIATIONS: The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Asian-Pacific Women’s Network, California Council for Humanities, etc. ACCOLADES: National Book Critics Circle Award for The Woman Warrior and China Men, the National Education Association Award (1977), the Anisfield-Wolf Race Relations Award ( 1978), Stockton Arts Commission Award (1981), National Book Award, runner-up to the Pulitzer Prize (1988), Lila Wallace Readers Digest Award (1992), and various other awards and honorary doctoral degrees. ANALYSIS:
The term Asian American acknowledges the collective experiences and various perspectives of this group, according to David Mura in his article, “The State of Asian America.” Mura, a Japanese American writer, says that the difference between the traditional mainstream art model and the Asian American Renaissance prototype is that one attempts to “explain” art to a “uniformed” audience where as the latter recognizes that the audience creates the art. Therefore, Asian American artists do not “explain” their art because it is conceived by what Mura calls, “a constant dialogue with each other.” Through this dialogue, he says, Asian Americans are able to give a voice to its people.

83. Education World® : Lesson Planning : Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage
people across the country honor Asian Pacific American Create a mural of notableAsian Americans Asian American Profiles Students create a book of short
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Lesson Planning Center
Archives: All Articles by Date The Arts ... Social Science Lesson Planning Article L E S S O N P L A N N I N G A R T I C L E
Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!
May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! This week, Education World offers five lessons to introduce students to Asian American history and culture. Included: Lessons in which students create a book of biographies of Asian Americans, dramatize stories from Asian cultures, and much more!
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According to the U.S. Census Bureau , Asians and Pacific Islanders make up the fastest growing racial group in the United States, numbering more than 10 million people, or nearly 4 percent of the total population. The diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander American population includes members of more than 30 ethnic groups who speak more than 300 languages and dialects. "Emerging Together" is the national theme for this year's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month , a time to honor the contributions, heritage, and traditions of Asians and Pacific Islanders. One of the reasons May was chosen for this celebration was to pay tribute to the first Japanese immigrants, who came to the United States in May 1843.

84. The Asian Pacific American Legal Center
A few examples of notable cases include in the Vietnam War, and that he hated Vietnamesepeople. Singh Sodhi, a 49year-old South Asian American, was murdered

Press Releases PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release

February 21, 2003 CONTACT:
Dennis Wu
Asian Pacific American Legal Center
(213) 977-7500, ext. 237 New Report Explores Backlash of Hate and Intolerance Violence and Bias Rise Against Asian Pacific Americans Crimes Increasingly Violent in Nature LOS ANGELES, CA - The National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium and its Affiliates, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California and the Asian Law Caucus in San Francisco, released the ninth annual Audit of Violence Against Asian Pacific Americans: BACKLASH – Final Report. The Audit is the only publication of its kind that tracks violence specifically targeting Asian Pacific Americans nationwide. The Audit is particularly important as we remember the anniversary of the February 19th issuance of Executive Order 9066 which mandated the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II - a time when wartime hysteria and a failure of leadership led to a massive violation of civil, constitutional and human rights of a people simply because of their ethnicity and national origin. Furthermore, Representative Coble’s (R-NC) recent remarks supporting the internment of Japanese American citizens remind us how much work America has yet to accomplish in the fight against discrimination.

85. Biographical Sources [MEMO]
brief biographies of outstanding people worldwide. Mathematicians REF QA28 N66 NotableWomen in the Encyclopedia REF E185 A253 Asian American Encyclopedia REF
Scope: This includes print information sources detailing the lives and accomplishments of notable individuals in all fields.
Jump to Deceased Persons ; Sources in Education History Literature , and
Ethnic Sources
Autobiographical Sources Indexes
LIVING PERSONS Current Biography REF CT100 C8
Covers newsmakers in the arts, sports, national and world affairs, science and technology. Biographies are two to three pages and are based on interviews as well as published sources. Indexed by profession. series
REF CT120 I5
REF DA28.W6 (British and Commonwealth Countries)
REF E185.96 W52
JFK Spec. Col. PS282 P3
REF E663 W56
Who's Who in American Art REF N6536 W5 REF E176 W6424 REF TA139 E37 REF HF3023 A2 W5 REF E176 W647 DECEASED PERSONS American National Biography REF CT213 A68 Successor to Dictionary of American Biography , this outstanding work includes Americans of achievement and celebrities who died before 1996. (24 vols.) Dictionary of American Biography REF E176 D56 Outstanding lengthy biographies of notable Americans. (30 vols.)

86. Orradre Library - Ethnic Studies - Library Reources
We the people an atlas of America's ethnic diversity Ref E184.S75 S74 1995; NotableHispanic American AsianAmericans The Asian American Encyclopedia, 6 v., Ref
Research Guides by Subject Ethnic Studies
Selected Library Resources
Reference Books and Background Sources
  • General
      American Immigrant Cultures: Builders of a Nation , 2 v., Ref E184.A1 A63448 1997 Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, 198), Ref E184.A1 H35 Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America , 3 v, Ref E184.A1 G14 2000 Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism , 6 v. 1994 (plus 2 v. 1998 supplement), Ref E184.A1 E58 Racial and Ethnic Relations in America , 3 v., Ref E49 .R33 2000 Civil Rights in the United States , 2 v., Ref E184.A1 C47 2000 We the People: an atlas of America's ethnic diversity , Ref E184.A1 A479 1988 The Official Guide to Racial and Ethnic Diversity , (Statistics), Ref E184.A1 R8 1996
      The African American Encyclopedia , 10 v., Ref E185 .A253 2000
  • 87. The Co-optation Of Asian American Feminism
    The Cooptation of Asian American Feminism. and the entertainment industry withnotable exceptions women’s manufacturers need to convince people to buy
    from the pages of July/August 1995
    The Co-optation of Asian American Feminism
    By Sonia Shah
    In recent years, mass media outlets have described the current state of gender relations as "post-feminist." In this post-feminist era, they say, feminist goals have become largely irrelevant and sexism as a social and political problem has been, for the most part, solved. Via the co-optation, commercialization, and ultimately, the subversion of feminist goals, mainstream commentators have successfully re-defined gender relations as something other than they are without widespread disbelief. Given the facts that patriarchy the cultural and institutional systems that privilege men over women still exists, and feminist activists around the country are still working to subvert patriarchy, the hailing of a "post-feminist" society is premature at best. Experience and studies show that women are poorer than men, earn less money than men, are beaten and raped by men, are harassed by men, and are demeaned and devalued by society. What the "post-feminist" era refers to is not a revolution in actual gender power relations, but rather a revolution in the representation of gender power relations. In the world created by advertising, fashion, news media, and the entertainment industry with notable exceptions women’s power is either equal to men’s, or if unequal, unequal in a way that is acceptable (annoying at worst) to women. In this media-created world, it’s easy for single women to raise children and hold down high powered jobs; working class battered women are funny and own big houses; women of color are rich and fashionable.

    88. Notable Scientists And Science, 2002 | Los Alamos National Laboratory
    notable. Los Alamos National Laboratory's Weapons Systems Engineering Group is therecipient of the Chinese Institute of Engineer's Asian American Engineer of
    : Notable: 2002 Notable in 2002 Fellows Public Lectures NOTABLE
    Awards, Fellows, Societies, and Appointments: 2002
    Dec. 18 - Second Los Alamos National Laboratory Medal award winners selected - Laboratory Fellow Louis Rosen and Laboratory Senior Fellow Emeritus George Cowan Dec. 12 - Optical Society of America elects Los Alamos' Peterson a Fellow Dec 9 - The weatherman of Mars (American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting), principal investigator, Bill Feldman. Dec. 9 Dec 6 - New theory unravels magnetic instability (American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting), Giovanni Lapenta and Dana Knoll. Dec 10 - GENESIS' first year a success, lead researcher Roger Wiens Nov 22 - Laboratory helps forecast frequency of giant meteors (Nature) Doug ReVelle Nov 14 - McAtee selected as division leader, Health, Safety, and Radiation Division Nov 14 Nov 12 - Los Alamos' Sattelberger elected AAAS Fellow Oct 17 - Neptunium criticality achieved, Rene Sanchez and David Loaiza

    89. TCAnet: Pavilion Of Cultures: Services & Professional Organizations
    and Asian American studies classroom-tested resources and cultural information,engaging games and activities, and links to relevant people, places, and

    90. Finding Biographical Information
    ASIAN AMERICANS Asian American Voices REF E184.O6A842 1997 REF CLOSED E185.96.N68Notable Hispanic Women to look for biographical material on people from all
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore
    Frederick Douglass Library
    Finding Biographical Information
    The following is a selected list of Biographical resources available in the Frederick Douglass Library. For additional resources, you may search the online catalog or consult a Reference Librarian. GENERAL RESOURCES
    American National Biography
    REF CT213.A68 1999 Chambers Biographical Dictionary
    REF Current Biography
    REF CT100.C88 Dictionary of American Biography
    REF E176.D5635 McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Biography, The
    REF CT103.M27
    Who’s Who
    REF DA28.W6 AFRICAN/AFRICAN AMERICAN African American Voices REF E185.96.A48 1996 African Biographical Dictionary, An REF DT18.B76 1994 Contemporary Black Biography REF CLOSED DT18.C66 Who’s Who Among African Americans REF E185.96.W6 ART Artists: From Michelangelo to Maya Lin REF N40.E74 1995 Contemporary Artists REF NA6490.C6567 1989 Living Artists REF N6512.E45 2000 St. James Guide to Black Artists REF CLOSED N40.S78 1997 ASIAN AMERICANS Asian American Voices REF E184.O6A842 1997

    91. WVMCCD-Press Release | Asian American Collection At Mission College
    dream of creating a core Asian American Collection a cultures and value systems fromnotable Asian Americans he has helped countless young people pursue their


    Chancellor's Column


    Press Release West Valley College
    14000 Fruitvale Avenue
    Saratoga, CA 95070 Mission College
    3000 Mission College Boulevard
    Santa Clara, CA 95054 by: Peter Anning, PIO
    September 24, 2002 Santa Clara, California The Robert N. Chang Charitable Foundation has donated $40,000 to Mission College in Santa Clara to form an Asian American Collection and Speaker Program. "The grant makes our dream of creating a core Asian American Collection a reality," says Win-Shin Chiang, Director of Library Services. "Now students will have an opportunity to learn first hand about different cultures and value systems from notable Asian Americans." The collection will contain materials by and about all Asian Americans, with special emphasis on works by and about Chinese Americans. It will include books and videotapes on the history, culture, as well as the economic, social and political conditions and contributions of Asian Americans. "Robert Chang was an avid reader and seldom seen without a book in hand," said Mr. Allan Liu, President and Director of the Foundation. "He believed in education. During his lifetime and through this Foundation, he has helped countless young people pursue their educational goals. The Asian American Collection will celebrate people like Mr. Chang and inspire others. He would have been proud to have such a uniquely important collection established in his honor." "This is an important donation to the West Valley-Mission Community College District that will benefit the entire Silicon Valley," says Stanley Arterberry, CEO and Chancellor of the District. "The public will be invited to attend lectures, use the collection and learn more about the integral role of Asian Americans in California and the United States."

    92. American Women: Biographical Sources
    (HQ1410.A12F5 HAS); notable women in 1983 Main); Chronology of women worldwidepeople, places, events United States; AfroAmerican Asian American, Indians of
    Biographical Dictionaries
    Biographical Indexes
    Periodical/Newspaper Indexes
    Book-length Biographies/Autobiographies
    All titles are located in the INFO CENTER, 1st floor, Doe unless otherwise indicated. General Subject-Related Minorities
    • American national biography. 24 vols
    • Contemporary authors: bio-bibliographical guide to authors and their works . (CT214A12 C59) See also Contemporary authors; autobiographical series (Z1224.C615)
    • Continuum dictionary of women's biography Current biography
      Covers people currently in the news. Monthly with annual bound volume, 1940 to present.
      Notable American women, 1607-1950 . (CT3260N57, Supplement, The modern period, 1951-1975. (CT3260573))
      Classic work with short biographical essays on American women of distinction in all fields. Includes subject indexes
      Who's who of American women
      Brief bio descriptions of prominent American women.
    • American political women; contemporary and historical profiles . (HQ1236S74 Main)
    • Women artists in America: 18th century to the present
    • American women writers
    • American men and women of science
    • African-American women: a biographical dictionary
    • Black biographical dictionaries, 1790-1950

    93. Asian American Studies Research Guide
    A guide and directory to Asian American and Asian Canadian material culture. NotableAsian Americans. We The people An Atlas of America's Ethnic Diversity.
    Library Home Ask-a-Librarian Library Catalog Research Guides ... B.U. Home Research Guide: Asian American Studies
    Representative subject headings for locating books in the Boston University online Catalog include the following:
    Afghans California Asian Americans Cambodian Americans Chinese Americans East Indian Americans Filipino Americans Gujarati Americans Hmong Americans Indochinese Americans Indochinese United States Japanese Americans Evacuation And Relocation Korean Americans Pakistanis United States Panjabi Americans Sikh Americans Vietnamese Americans
    American Immigrant Cultures: Builders of a Nations. 2 vols. 1997.
    Encyclopedic essays on 161 non-indigenous cultural groups in the United States, including groups from south, southeast, and east Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Mugar Ref. X E184 A1 A63448 1997.
    The Asian-American Almanac.

    94. Sociology - Notable Lib Materials - June

    source of statistics on all facets of Asian American life. E98 .W8 B38 1993 NotableNative Americans source of current statistical data on native people of the
    About Hofstra Apply Online Ask Us Campus Map Computing Courses Directions E-mail Events Faculty FallCalendar Grades Hofstra Online January X Libraries Prospectus Registration See Hofstra Tuition-Fees
    Libraries Axinn
    Main Navigation Academics Admissions Alumni Athletics Campus Life Community Computer Center Development Events Faculty Hofstra News Job Opportunities Libraries President Student Services Hofstra University, Harold E. Yuker Reference Library
    MULTICULTURALISM This bibliography lists a sampling of sources on the broad topic of multiculturalism including a few specific cultures and their relation to the whole. To locate additional material consult the online catalog, LEXICAT, and the various reference indexes. Ask a Reference Librarian for additional suggestions.
    General Works
    Peck, David R. American Ethnic Literatures: Native American, African American, Chicano/Latino, and Asian American Writers and Their Backgrounds: An Annotated Bibliography . Salem Press. Includes general bibliographies, reference works, journals, social and historical records, genre studies, autobiographies, as well as chapters on individual ethnic literatures.
    Ref. Z1229 .E87 P43 1992

    96. Positive Teens Magazine
    have been faced by many Asian American teenagers whose Voices of Multicultural AmericaNotable Speeches Delivered by and presented by young people from 14
    Fiction… America Dragons, Twenty-Five Asian American Voices edited by Lawrence Yep.
    Through poetry and short stories, the authors demonstrate the kinds of crises and questions that have been faced by many Asian American teenagers whose families have emigrated from countries in Asia and the Pacific Rim. (HarperCollins, 1993) The Watcher by James Howe.
    This psychological drama tells the story of three troubled teens whose lives cross while vacationing at a seaside resort. Look for an unexpected climax to this powerful story. Non-fiction… An Ancient Heritage: The Arab-American Minority by Brent Ashabranner (HarperCollins, 1991). Counting Coup: A True Story of Basketball and Honor on the Little Big Horn
    by Larry Colton.
    Sharon LaForge is a Native American teenager and a member of the Montana Crow Indians. She is a gifted and talented athlete on the basketball court-she might even win a scholarship to college. Can she overcome all the pressures put on her to be a winner? Is she destined for heartbreak? (Warner Books, Inc., 2000)

    1986) A DICTIONARY OF ASIAN AMERICAN HISTORY Essays US; chronology, encyclopedia ofpeople and events VOICES OF MULTICULTURAL AMERICAnotable speeches delivered
    Women of Color (USA) Reference Sources: A Bibliography
    Bataille, G. (1993) NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN:A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY. Biographical information and sources.
    BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF INDIANS OF THE AMERICAS (1991). Includes some women, brief bios and photos.
    Golemba, B. (1992) LESSER KNOWN WOMEN. Includes women of color in U.S. and other countries. 17th-20th century.
    Hine, D. (1993) BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICA:AN HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA. 2 vols. Biographical information and essays on events and issues.
    Malinowski, S. (1995) NOTABLE NATIVE AMERICANS
    Meier, M. (1988) MEXICAN AMERICAN BIOGRAPHIES. Includes some women.
    Salem, D. (1993) AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN:A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY Biographical information and sources. Leaves out mention of a subject's lesbianism even when it was an important part of her life and work and she was out (i. e. Audre Lorde).
    Smith, J. C. (1992, 1996) NOTABLE BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN. 2 vols.

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