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         Asian Archeology:     more books (100)
  1. Asian and Pacific Cosmopolitans: Self and Subject in Motion.(Book review): An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Philip Holden, 2009-04-01
  2. The most influential books of Southeast Asian Studies.(Editor's Note)(List): An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Hui Yew-Foong, 2009-04-01
  3. Turiang: A fourteenth - century shipwreck in Southeast Asian waters (Aquatic Archeology) by Roxanna M. Brown, Sten Sjostrand, 2000-01-19
  4. Art & Archeology of Viet Nam - Asian Crossroads of Cultures
  5. Animal Motifs in Asian Art: An Illustrated Guide to Their Meanings and Aesthetics.(Book Review): An article from: Marvels & Tales by Stephen Canham, 2005-10-01
  6. Religion and politics in Southeast Asia.(Editor's Note)(Religion in Southeast Asian Politics: Resistance, Negotiation and Transcendence)(Editorial)(Conference ... Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Terence Chong, 2010-04-01
  7. Southeast Asian Lives: Personal Narratives and Historical Experience.(Book review): An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Francis Khek Gee Lim, 2010-04-01
  8. The Abdication of the Intellectuals: Sociology, Anthropology, and the Asian Values Debate--or, What Everybody Needed to Know about "Asian Values" That ... Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Clive S. KESSLER, 1999-10-01
  9. Kinship and Food in Southeast Asia.(Studies in Asian Topics, vol. 38)(Book review): An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Judith Bovensiepen, 2009-10-01
  10. A Nation in Distress: Human Rights, Authoritarianism, and Asian Values in Malaysia.: An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Wan A. MANAN, 1999-10-01
  11. The Miracle Turned Crises in the East Asian Region: Implications for Policies Affecting Transnational Migrants.: An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Joaquin L. III GONZALEZ, 1999-04-01
  12. Is Communitarianism Uniquely Asian? A Filipino's Perspective.: An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Fernando N. ZIALCITA, 1999-10-01
  13. Asian Values in Indonesia? National and Regional Identities.: An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Adrian VICKERS, Lyn FISHER, 1999-10-01
  14. State and Civil Society: Global Context, Southeast Asian Prospect.: An article from: SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Clive S. KESSLER, 1998-04-01

1. East Asian Languages
Stanford University on Japan. asian archeology Information Plaza Information on Japanese and East asian archeology
East Asian
Languages UC Departments UC Library Resources
  • East Asian Library 25 Dynastic Histories Database - The database of the 25 dynastic histories, starting with Ssu-ma Chien's Records of the Historian. Options General Preferences Apps and in the Telnet application window write in the name and path of the application. To obtain a telnet application that supports 8-bit transfer, download Simpterm
General East Asian Resources

2. Anahita Gallery Art And Archeology Page
Journal of East asian archeology. Journal of East Asian Linguistics
Anahita Gallery, Inc.
The antique and handcrafted door specialist. articles on art
Anahita Gallery, Inc owners Kate Fitz Gibbon and Andrew Hale have written two books and numerous articles on Central Asian art. A few shorter articles linked to this site are listed below. Please feel free to contact us for additional information regarding our published materials! Turkoman Jewlery Graceful jewelry from Asia’s heartland Central Asian Ikat The 19 th century flowering of the art of ikat. Gonur Tepe - A Visit to Bronze Age Turkmenistan LAKAI - The Bad Beys of Central Asia The Architecture of Nuristan, Afghanistan Anahita Gallery Inc. 312 Sandoval Santa Fe, NM 87051 This site developed by WebWind Productions home page doors, iron, furnishings client services and shipping ... contact us

3. East Asian Studies @ Durham University
Centre for Research in East asian archeology (CREAA). CREAA serves as a focus for interdepartmental and inter
Home Courses Opportunities Resources ... Contact Society
Centre for Research in East Asian Archeology (CREAA)

CREAA serves as a focus for inter-departmental and inter-disciplinary research within Durham and as an agent for archaeological fieldwork abroad. euroEAAN (East Asian Archaeology Network in Europe)
CREAA serves as the home of euroEAAN, which draws together scholars from all over Europe into conference and publication activities. euroEAAN is a branch of the Society for East Asian Archaeology
Durham East Asian Series
Monograph series offering a wide cross-section of interdisciplinary research. Published by Curzon Press, London. Anglo-Japanese Society
This student-run organisation has a full programme of social and cultural activities aimed at introducing Western students to aspects of Japanese society, and particularly seeks to assist integration between members of Durham University and Japanese students of Teikyo University in Durham. Oriental Society
This student-run organisation has a full programme of social and cultural events relating to China, Korea and Japan. It holds a Lunar New Year banquet. Among its past activities have been the showing of East Asian films, tai qi chuan classes, and talks by distinguished visiting speakers.

4. Links To Other Sites
asian archeology Information Plaza More Asian archeological resources on the Net (in English or Japanese).
Links to Other Interesting Sites
T o further explore the prehistory of China or paleoanthropology and archeology in general, visit the Web sites listed below:
Recent On-line News Reports and Articles
The Search for Asian Ancestors

5. East Asian Studies Links
The Society for East asian archeology; Tibetan Government in the Exile'sOfficial Web Site An official site of the Tibetan Government in Exile.
University of Toronto Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library
East Asian Studies
Asia in General
Asian Studies

6. BU Alumni Web :: International Alumni Programs
, International Center for East asian archeology and Cultural History (ICEAACH).•, Pardee Center for the Study of the LongerRange Future. •, WBUR.
:: International Interests :: Learn about some of the University's international and cultural initiatives. Or if you are still hungry for knowledge, take some free tutorials online! African Presidential Archives and Research Center (APARC) BU Experience BU Global Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) ... WBUR March 28, 2003 Alumni Web Boston University
Contact Us

7. Asian Archeological Resources
A virtual online library containing all the resources you will ever need to studyasian archeology. Literary Guild. asian archeology. Asian Archeological Sites.
Free Photo Gallery Free Classifieds Contact Us Research the greatest Asian Archeological Sites. home entertainment study methods study tools ... pass us a note Archeology Books Barnes and Nobles Textbooksatcost Textbook Source ... Literary Guild Asian Archeology Asian Archeological Sites

8. Bibliographie Annuelle 1995/ Annual Bibliographie 1995 -> References
Translate this page In PARPOLA A. and KOSKIKALLIO P.(eds), South asian archeology 1993, vol. I 137-146. InPARPOLAA. and KOSKIKALLIO P. (eds), South asian archeology 1993 vol.
Dating the prehistoric site Nahal Issaron in the SouthernNegev. Radiocarbon 36, 3: 391-398.
The ArchaeobotanicalRemains from the 1993 Season. Palestine Exploration Quarterly 126: 66-67.
Lapis lazuli beads inSusa and Central Asia: a preliminary study. In: PARPOLA A. and KOSKIKALLIO P.(eds), South Asian Archeology 1993, vol. I: 137-146. Helsinki: SuomalainenTiedekeakatemia.
CAUVIN J. 1993
CAUVIN J. 1993
CAUVIN J. 1993
CAUVIN J. 1994
EL Kowm. AmericanJournal of Archaeology 98: 109-111. CAUVIN M.-Cl. 1994 CAUVIN M.-Cl. 1994 CAUVIN M.-Cl. 1995 CAUVIN M.-Cl. 1995 CHANDLER G. M. 1994 Petrographic analysisof some Early Harappan ceramics from the Bugti region, Baluchistan. In: PARPOLAA. and KOSKIKALLIO P. (eds), South Asian Archeology 1993: vol. I: 147-156.Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedekeakatemia. CHAOLONG X. 1994 Cultural changes inSindh prior to the Mature Harappan Period? A Clue drawn from a comparativestudy of the pottery. In: KENOYER J. M. (ed.) From Sumer to Meluhha:Contributions to the Archeology of South and West Asia in Memory of George F.Dales, Jr. vol. III: 59-70. Madison, Wisconsin: Prehistory Press ArcheologicalReports.

9. Bibliographie Annuelle 1995/ Annual Bibliographie 1995 -> References
In PARPOLA A. and KOSKIKALLIO R (eds), South asian archeology 1993 vol. InPARPOLA A. and KOSKIKALLIO R (eds), South asian archeology 1993, vol.
X 1995
Homo sapiens sapiens: ce que disent les fossiles. La Recherche
The Production Technology of Early Pottery at Mehrgarh. In: JARRIGE C. et al. (eds), Mehrgarh, Field Reports 1974- 1985 from Neolithic Times to the Indus Civilization. The reports of eleven seasons of excavations in Kachi District, Balochistan, by the French archaeological mission to Patistan: Karachi: Department of Culture and Tourism, Government of Sindh, Pakistan, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
A third millennium B. C. glazed quartz bead from Telles- Sweyhat, Syria In: VANDIVER R M., DRUZIK J. R., WHEELER G. S. and FREESTONE I. C. (eds), Material Issues in Art and Archaeology: 519- 528. Pittsburgh: Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 267.
VANDIVER P. B., YENER A. K. and MAY L. 1992
Third millennium B. C. Tin processing Debris from Goltepe (Anatolia). In: VANDIVER R M., DRUZIK J. R., WHEELER G. S., FREESTONE, I. C. (eds), Material Issues in Art and Archaeology: 545- 570. Pittsburgh: Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 267.

10. Ceramics
For more information on East Asian Archaeology, contact the Society for Eastasian archeology. SEAA maintains a newsletter and an Internet listserver.

    , Shiho Kanzaki's anagama (tunnel kiln) and personal version of the history of the anagama in Japan.
    Bizen Medianet Shopping Center
    , Images, historical information, and ordering info. A very bad English translation.
    Clay Arts House
    , information on individual Japanese potters, on 3 regional styles (Imari, Arita, and Onta), links, and more.
    Dai Ichi arts
    , contemporary ceramics by Japanese and American artists.
    , Robert Yellin's website of ceramics information
    , Profiles of artists, good images, intros to different ceramic styles.
    , from the L.A. County Museum
    , A short intro to Iga ceramics, a well known wood-fired Japanese ware.
    Japan Window Ceramics Page
    , Provides an excellent introduction to 20 ceramic styles in Japan. , Robert Yellin's online store selling ceramics and art catalogues. Kiyomizu Pottery , Sections on history and "making" with near unintelligible English but good images. Nabeshima Ware , from the L.A. County Museum. Neolithic Japanese Ceramics , from the L.A. County Museum.

11. Easlinks
For many other journals, including many Brill journals such as T'oung Pao, Nan nü,and the Journal of East asian archeology, search for the journals name, and
General East Asian Overview Pages Books and Bookstores Buddhism Directories and Organizations Dissertations ...
East Asian Studies Bibliographic Instruction Clearing House

Books and Bookstores Overview Pages Buddhism Directories and Organizations Dissertations ... Specialized Topics We take no responsibility for the following stores, but these may be useful to you.
Abe Book Exchange

Asian Rare Books

(Europe, Asia)
Fnac (France)
Han Shan Tang (British Asian)
Internet Italia
(French Asian Bookstore)
Paragon (USA Asian Art)
Buddhism Overview Pages Books and Bookstores Directories and Organizations Dissertations ...
Wittern's Page of Chinese Buddhist texts
Directories and Organizations Overview Pages Books and Bookstores Buddhism Dissertations ... Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (University of Copenhagen) Dissertations Overview Pages Books and Bookstores Buddhism Directories and Organizations ... Dissertation Abstracts International (lists dissertations 1861 ) E-journals Overview Pages Books and Bookstores Buddhism Directories and Organizations ... Specialized Topics
See JSTOR for back issues for the China Journal/ Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies Journal of Asian Studies/ Far Eastern Quarterly , and Monumenta Nipponica.

12. Member Institutions
The International Center for East asian archeology and Cultural History at BostonUniversity works with East Asian scholars throughout the world and
Member Institutions and Patrons This page contains information and links to Inner Asian programs, research efforts and faculty at the Institutional Members of the American Center for Mongolian Studies. The ACMS welcomes all institutions with an interest in Inner Asia to join the ACMS and support our efforts to build an active, multi-disciplinary research presence in Inner Asia. Individual and Corporate Patrons are also listed. Institutional Members Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia The Academy of Natural Sciences created the Institute for Mongolian Biodiversity and Ecological Studies led by Dr. Clyde Goulden to stimulate and help coordinate biodiversity and ecological research in Mongolia. Its ultimate goal is to develop an understanding of this land's unique ecology while encouraging ecological tourism as part of Mongolia's economic development plan. The primary work of the Institute is in the Lake Hovsgol region of northern Mongolia. Austin College Austin College is a selective liberal-arts college with 1200 students in Sherman, Texas, one hour north of Dallas. Austin College serves as the US base for the ACMS, and has an active Asian Studies Program with numerous interactions with Mongolia. In summer 2001, five Austin College students spent over two months in Mongolia and neighboring countries researching Mongolia’s foreign relations through a

13. GSAS Research Workshops
East asian archeology Seminar (Professors Yun Kuen Lee and Michael Puett); ForumKulturpoetic/The Cultural Poetics Network (Professors Professor Kristin
Admissions forms important dates contact us ... Alumni
GSAS Research Workshops
Academic Calendar Student Affairs Office Petitions, Applications, and Withdrawal Notices Ad Hoc Degrees ... Professional Development GSAS Research Workshops Commencement
Academic Information > GSAS Research Workshops
GSAS Research Workshops
The GSAS Research Workshops are one of the most successful initiatives in the graduate programs, with strong interest and support both from students and faculty. The program is intended to encourage the establishment of ongoing collegial settings for graduate students who are learning to conceive and write scholarly articles, thesis prospectuses, and dissertations. Workshops also offer faculty members an opportunity to share drafts of their own scholarly work in progress. Participants may invite occasional presentations from visiting scholars whose work is of special interest. While faculty submit the formal workshop application, graduate students are encouraged to generate interest and ideas for the workshops.
Related Information Grants of up to $6,000 per year (as of 2002-03) are available for projects in the humanities and social sciences. Funds may be used to cover travel expenses for a guest scholar, photocopying materials, refreshments for meetings, and a modest salary for a student workshop coordinator.

14. Links
Earthwatch Institute. International Center for East asian archeology.Massachusetts Archaeology Society. Massachusetts Historical Commission.
Updated February 6, 2003
Index: Ancient Writing in the New World Archaeoastronomy Archaeology Websites Catalogs ... New England Historical Archeology Ceremonial Architecture in New England
Megaliths, Caves and Other Interesting Stuff!
A site with examples of interesting stone features from Litchfield County Connecticut, some lovely photos and interesting history.
Seven Towers Site
- Local Legend talks of seven "towers" in the woods in Vermont. The author locates several of them.
Concord Lithics
- Amateur Archeology in Concord Massachusetts, includes arrowheads, ogam, and a tour of sacred sites in and around Concord Massachusetts. New England Megaliths - A Field Journal of megalithic sites, excursions, and adventures in Massachusetts.
The Kawartha Webolith
- A series of interrelated megalithic sites along waterways in Ontario, Canada.
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
- Includes photos of stone chambers in New England.
Celtic Moon
- Creative Arts, Celtic Mythology, Mysterious New England.
Megalithic Sites
- Including sites in New York, New Jersey and North Carolina.

15. East Asia Resources
Resources in Religion Asian Studies Links. General Information ElectronicBibliographies for Chinese Studies; asian archeology Network;

16. Bsource
BuddhaNet Buddhist Information Network and BuddhaZine Buddhist Online Magazine;Buddhism, an Introduction; asian archeology Network. Back to Index.
Resources General Information
South/Southeast Asia

East Asia

Libraries and Foundations
Image: Reclining Buddha, Pollunaruwa (Sri Lanka) GENERAL INFORMATION (See also "General Resources in Religion" ) Back to Index SOUTH/SOUTHEAST ASIA Back to Index EAST ASIA Back to Index TIBET

17. IMUG Events 2000
Imug Events (Presentation) February 17, 2000, Andrea Vine (Sun Microsystems, Inc.) HTML has character Category Computers Software Programming Languages CGI...... of the University of Hawaii, Jim Turley began his Silicon Valley life at IBM asan Operating Systems Programmer with a secret specialty in asian archeology.
IMUG Events 2000
Putting the Worldwide Back Into WWW:
Best Practices for Multilingual Website Development
November 16, 2000 Oracle is faced with managing large-scale software development of internationalized and localizable internet-enabled products and websites and delivering them into more than 30 languages, while using their own technology and working towards a goal of saving 2 billion dollars in this fiscal year. In this pragmatic talk, Ultan looks at some of the best practices to follow for scaleable, cost effective multilingual website and application service provider deployment and maintenance, as well as areas such as choosing a localization vendor for outsourcing, cutting through the dot com globalization hype, and circumnavigating internal political obstacles. Examples from Oracle Corporation will be used to illustrate.
Internationalization: Report From the Front Line
Glen Perkins (Macromedia, Inc.)

18. Catalog Euro
history and 'new' religions; Aziatische geschiedenis; asian archeologyInformation Plaza; Reisverslag TransAzie; Asia Weather; Trans
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Matilda's Useful Links:
Asia: Country Specific Search Engines
  • Afghanistan
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bahrain ...
  • Yemen
  • 19. Links
    The Japan Foundation Society for East asian archeology(SEAA) 2. Institutions by country Australia.
    Links to Institutions and Organisations in the Field of Japanese Studies
    International Organisations 2. Institutions by country: Australia Austria Belgium Czech Republik ... Other links
    International Organisations:
    Association for Asian Studies (AAS):
    Association of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS):
    European Association for Japan Resource Specialists
    Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde Ostasiens (OAG), Tokyo:
    International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS):
    The Japan Foundation:
    Society for East Asian Archeology (SEAA):
    2. Institutions by country:
    Australia Japanese Studies Association of Australia:
    Austria Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Asian Studies
    University of Vienna / Japanese Studies:
    Belgium Katholic University Leuven, Japanese Studies Czech Republik Academy of Sciences, Oriental Institute

    20. News For 12/20/2000
    These exciting new works are part of the Golden Age of asian archeologythat has taken place just in last 25 years, according to Dr. Wilkinson.
    OSU Art Prof Brings Ancient Asian Art to Her Classroom Through Modern On-Line Technology and the WEB
    Dr. Nancy Wilkinson knows a great deal about Asian, Japanese, and Chinese art. She received her Masters Degree from the UC Berkeley and her Ph.D. from UCLA, and she's been a member of the Art Department faculty at OSU for a long time. That's why Dr. Wilkinson knew she needed to adopt some special new tools to bring recently discovered works of art to her students, art works that aren't contained in the class text because they are such recent finds. These exciting new works are part of the "Golden Age" of Asian archeology that has taken place just in last 25 years, according to Dr. Wilkinson.
    Dr. Wilkinson contacted Bill Elliot, a member of the CIS Faculty Support Center, to help her put materials for her ART4663 (History of Chinese Art) curriculum online. Prior to this project she had no formal knowledge of web page design or publishing, and knew very little about the OSU data network or how it might help her students share ideas in the classroom. Dr. Wilkinson now has a class website for this course, she is using the data network to promote collaboration and exchange of ideas among her students, and she has ambitious plans for future projects.
    So that students aren't required to do extensive research on each of these newer works of art, Dr. Wilkinson assigned a research paper covering one of the works of art to each student. Bill showed Dr. Wilkinson how she could share a folder on the students' group drive so that students could deposit their papers there and review and comment on each other's work. Dr. Wilkinson also uses this method to allow students to grade each other's work. Dr. Wilkinson plans to put these papers on the class website.

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