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         Assembly Language Programming:     more books (100)
  1. 68000 Assembly Language Programming/Includes 68010 and 68020 by Lance A. Leventhal, Doug Hawkins, et all 1986-07
  2. SPARC Architecture, Assembly Language Programming, and C (2nd Edition) by Richard Paul, 1999-08-08
  3. 68000 Family Assembly Language Programming (Pws Series in Engineering) by Alan Clements, 1993-09-24
  4. MIPS Assembly Language Programming by Robert Britton, 2003-06-07
  5. IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming (5th Edition) by Peter Abel, 2001-01-15
  6. Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux by Sivarama P. Dandamudi, 2005-07-15
  7. Introduction to 8080/8085 Assembly Language Programming (Wiley Self Teaching Guides) by Judi N. Fernandez, 1981-04
  8. Assembly Language Programming for the 80386 (Computing That Works) by Judi N. Fernandez, Ruth Ashley, 1990-01
  9. Fundamentals of Assembly Language Programming: Using the IBM PC and Compatibles by Richard C. Detmer, 1990-06
  10. MC68000: Assembly Language and Systems Programming (College) by William H. Ford, William Topp, 1988-02
  11. Introduction to Assembly Language Programming: For Pentium and RISC Processors (Texts in Computer Science) by Sivarama P. Dandamudi, 2010-11-02
  12. Assembly Language and Systems Programming for the M68000 Family by William Ford, William Topp, 1996-11-07
  13. An Introduction to Assembly Language Programming and Computer Architecture by Joe Carthy, 1996-01
  14. 8080A/8085 Assembly Language Programming by Lance A. Leventhal, 1978

1. The Art Of Assembly Language Programming
A textbook on machine organization and assembly language programming.Category Computers Programming x86 FAQs, Help, and Tutorials......The. Art. of. Assembly. Language. Programming. Hello! This site is a popularInternet site dedicated to learning x86 assembly language programming.
Hello! And welcome to WEB ster This site is a popular Internet site dedicated to learning x86 assembly language programming. You probably arrived at this page via a link from some other page or search engine. Webster's topology changes now and then (since this site is under constant revision) so this page was added to avoid breaking links. Don't worry, if you want to read "The Art of Assembly Language Programming" a couple of links below will take you where you want to go. However, since those links to this page (at other sites) were created, lots of new information has been added to WEBster that you may be interested in. The following links will help direct you to the information you want on Webster
32-bit Assembly Language
If you're interested in learning how to use the full 32-bit capabilities of the 80x86 processor running under the Windows (Win32) or Linux operating systems, you'll want to read one of these NEW versions of "The Art of Assembly Language Programming."
16-bit Assembly Language
If you need to learn assembly language programming under MS-DOS or you must limit yourself to the 16-bit mode of the 80x86 microprocessor, then you'll want to read this OLDER version of "The Art of Assembly Language Programming."

2. Assembly Language Journal
Online magazine which is covering assembly language programming techniques.Category Computers Programming Languages Assembly...... Assembly Programming Journal isan online magazine covering assembly language programming techniques.
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Assembly Programming Journal is an online magazine covering assembly language programming techniques. The magazine will come out in ASCII format (natch) every three months, and will contain code and articles for beginner, intermediate, and advanced asm progammers. News
We have a new editor! Thanks to Tiago and all the writers for bringing out the latest issue.
Current Issue
Issue 9: Aug 01-Sep 01

Issue Archive
Issue 8: Mar 00-Aug 00
Issue 7: Dec 99-Feb 00 Issue 6: Oct-Nov 1999 Issue 5: July-Sept 1999 ... Issue 1: October/November 1998
Canadian Mirror
Dragan's Compressed APJ Issues Italian APJ Translations
Online Sections
Classified Ads
Issue Challenges Errata Supplements ... Win32 Assembly Toolkit Additional x86 Resources: Subscription Information APJ is now being distributed through a listserver provided by eGroups Subscribe to the APJ Mailing List Enter your e-mail address: APJ Mailing List Archive An e-group hosted by Distribution Policy: All issues of APJ may be redistributed in print or electronic form providing that 1) no fee, surcharge or tax is applied specifically to the access of the APJ issues, and 2) neither the contents of the articles nor the aliases of the authors may be changed without the express permission of the authors or the APJ editor. Archives or mirrors of the APJ issues are requested, but not required, to notify of their URLs for inclusion in the mirrors list on this page. Feedback The best place to suggest, sign up for, question, or complain about articles is the

3. FreeBSD Assembly Language Programming
The most important tool for assembly language programming is the assembler, the software that converts assembly language
by G. Adam Stanislav
Whiz Kid Technomagic
Assembly language programing under Unix is highly undocumented. It is generally assumed that no one would ever want to use it because various Unix systems run on different microprocessors, so everything should be written in C for portability. In reality, C portability is quite a myth. Even C programs need to be modified when ported from one Unix to another, regardless of what processor each runs on. Typically, such a program is full of conditional statements depending on the system it is compiled for. Even if we believe that all of Unix software should be written in C , or some other high-level language, we still need assembly language programmers: Who else would write the section of C library that accesses the kernel? In this tutorial I will attempt to show you how you can use assembly language writing Unix programs, specifically under FreeBSD. This tutorial does not explain the basics of assembly language. There are enough resources about that (for a complete online course in assembly language, see Randall Hyde’s Art of Assembly Language ; or if you prefer a printed book, take a look at Jeff Duntemann’s

4. -- Unix Assembly Language Programming
assembly language programming under Unix in general, and FreeBSD in specific.Category Computers Programming Languages Assembly x86...... But information on assembly language programming in the Unix environmentis scarce and hard to come by. That is why Whiz Kid Technomagic
This Site The Web Message Boards Stock Quotes Tech News
What is int 80h?
by G. Adam Stanislav
Whiz Kid Technomagic
On the Intel family of microprocessors, such as the Pentium, int 80h is the assembly language op code for interrupt 80h . This is the syscall interrupt on a typical Intel-based Unix system, such as FreeBSD . It allows application programmers to obtain system services from the Unix kernel. The Unix kernel services handle such things as the opening and closing of files, accessing various devices, reading from and writing to the terminal, starting new processes, etc. Without these services, every single program would have to do it on its own. The programmer would spend so much time interfacing with the computer hardware that he/she would have little energy left to concentrate on whatever his/her software is meant to do. Such was, indeed, the case back in the 1960’s when I started programming computers. To a lesser extent, such was the case in the 1980’s when the then new personal computers used MS DOS , an operating system that provided some of these services, but not all of them.

5. Assembly Language Programming
assembly language programming. Windows Assembly Language Systems Programming 16 And 32-Bit Low-Level Programming
Assembly Language Programming
  • Assembly Language : Step-By-Step (Coriolis Group Book)
    Building Your Own PC : Buying and Assembling With Confidence

    Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language

    Mainframe Assembler Programming
    ... Main Index In Association with
    Advertise at this Site
    Eugene Kisly and Victor Kisly
  • 6. Introduction To Assembly Language
    Introduction to assembly language programming Unlike the other programming languages catalogued here, assembly language is not a single language, but rather a group
    sponsored by:
    Assembly Language
    This web page examines assembly languages in a general manner. Specific examples of addressing modes and instructions from various processors are used to illustrate the general nature of assembly language. For those with high speed connections, the very large single file summary is still on line.

    7. AsmSource : Assembly Language Programming : Home Page
    x86 Asm source code DOS 16-bit, Windows 32-bit examples; utilities, links.Category Computers Programming Assembly x86 Source Code...... Dos assembly refers to programming before windows, when assembly was a lot easier,dealing with interrupts, and 16 Windows (32bit) Assembly Language Programs.
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    AsmSource : Assembly Language Programming
    Win Source Dos Source ... Utilities
    Please bookmark this page : This site contains Source Code and Programs written by myself. You can freely download these for your own use. You will find a number of programs of various difficulty on these next two pages. Dos assembly refers to programming before windows, when assembly was a lot easier, dealing with interrupts, and 16-bit registers. Windows assembly involves programs what run under the Windows 3.1/9x and NT/2000/XP Operating Systems, and interact with it. You can find compilers and other resources under Utilities Sorry about all the popups, but these sites are all hosted on free servers. This is what you get free.
    Windows (32-bit) Assembly Language Programs
    Dos (16-bit) Assembly Language Programs
    MegaMail Project Computer Humour For recent changes, go to the updates section. If you are new to assembly code, you may want to read iczelions

    8. Assembly Language Programming - Index
    assembly language programming. 3460306
    Assembly Language Programming
    Summer 2002
    12:00-1:15 PM
    CH 323 Bulletin Description Syllabus

    Dr. Margush's page
    Course Helps PowerPoint Presentations on Various Assembly Language Topics: Html Version PowerPoint Version Introduction Introduction to Assembly Language Programming Data Representation Data Representation ... Bit Manipulation - Logic, Shifts, and Rotations

    9. Art Of Assembly Language Programming And HLA By Randall Hyde
    Learn assembly language programming! "The Art of assembly language programming" is the highly acclaimed text
    Web Site Hits Since
    Jan 1, 2000
    This site is maintained by Randall Hyde.
    Comments and suggestions should be sent to Art of Assembly Windows Assembly About
    WEB ster
    NAVIGATOR HLA Page Linux Assembly Software Engineering Downloads ... HLA BASIC
    Featured Content on Web ster
    Coming Soon! The long-awaited "tree-ware" edition of "The Art of Assembly Langage"! Published by No Starch Press
    You can pre-order this book from
    , search for "art of assembly language") The published edition of Randall Hyde's "The Art of Assembly Language" has been edited to emphasize the most important material a beginner needs to know in order to learn assembly language quickly. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the software, examples, and other information you'll need to learn assembly language programming. Also included on the CD-ROM are the electronic versions of the original 32-bit and 16-bit editions of this book. Note that "The Art of Assembly Language" teaches 32-bit assembly language programming under both Windows and Linux (simultaneously) and almost all programs in the book are portable between the two operating systems.

    10. Windows 95 Assembly Language Programming
    New Win32asm Site.
    New Win32asm Site
    New Win32asm Site

    11. Books And Kits Teaching Programming For PCs And Microcontrollers
    Catalogue of books, kits, programmer modules, and software teaching assembly language programming and C and C++ programming for the PC, and PIC programming and interfacing.
    Imagine trying to teach English grammar to a child before allowing him or her to speak!. Yet that is how most books approach a technical subject. We know better. We know that practical experience makes learning the theory an interesting proposition. Price List
    Ordering Information

    Brunning Software

    Special Offers
    Programming for the PC

    Latest Product
    Electronics and Microcontrollers for Absolute Beginners

    Mail order address:- 138 The Street, Little Clacton, Clacton-on-sea, Essex, CO16 9LS.
    To order using Visa, Mastercard or Switch:- Telephone 01255 862308

    12. Assembler Simplified With TERSE Algebraic Assembly Language
    Algebraic assembly language employing prefix, infix, and postfix notation. Assembler simplified. Biggest Category Computers Programming Languages Assembly x86......represents a whole new concept in lowlevel programming and is the first realadvance in assembly language programming since the invention of the Macro
    100% Satisfied Customer Base!
    Assembler Simplified With
    Algebraic Assembly Language
    represents a whole new concept in low-level programming and is the first real advance in assembly language programming since the invention of the Macro Assembler. is an x86 specific programming language compatible with the entire processor family from the 8088 through the Pentium 4 and beyond. It is a machine-level language that gives you all of the control available in assembly language with the ease-of-use and the look-and-feel of a high-level language like C. is a very mature language. Conceived in 1986, implemented in 1987, proven in real world applications for over a decade, and used by Fortune 250 corporations, universities, and programmers on six continents since 1996! has virtually replaced assembly language for time and/or space critical applications in embedded x86 based and PC applications. For an overview of the language read this article written for Dr. Dobb's Journal.
    Contents of This Web Site:
    The Joy of Hex -or- Why I'm So Happy When I Program
    Ever since I programmed my first computer in the late '60's, I've been intoxicated with the total control and the pure logic of it all. I took my first programming class...

    13. Icarus Productions - TI And Gameboy Programming
    TI calculator and Gameboy Color programs as well as z80 assembly language programming information.
    The team Projects Articles Features Welcome, no. W elcome to renovated pages of Icarus Productions. Here you will find all our projects, from state-of-the-art Z80 programming (for the GameBoy Color TM and TI-8x calculators) to programs for the PC and m68k platforms. We also have some very useful articles for those starting out on their programming adventures. Catch up on all the latest developments here at Icarus Productions with our news service. TI-83 Plus Application added on 02/17/2002
    Port of Balloon available
    added on 06/02/2001
    Ports of Picross/Balloon
    added on 05/23/2001
    Pics from the ECTS
    added on 04/29/2001
    Stooges on IGN
    added on 10/20/2000
    GBC game
    added on 09/15/2000
    Using a special technique, IP has managed to dramatically increase the onscreen colors of the GameBoy Color. What started as a demo displaying some still pictures has now emerged as a full-fledged library with exciting features such as FMV playback. See the following pages for detailed information:
    HiColour library
    HiColour FAQ Problems with viewing these pages? Check the viewing notes Page last updated on Sun Feb 17 13:15:34 2002

    14. Linux Assembly: Resources
    Linux assembly language programming by Bob Neveln. In Dutch language. Introductionto RISC assembly language programming by John Waldron. ISBN 0201398281.
    ; Page holds UNIX assembly programming related resources.
    ; If you start a new project, or find a resource not listed here,
    ; please let me know I will add it to this page
    ; Note that links are in not necessarily particular order
    ; various UNIX projects written in assembly language
    ; of course all of them feature extremely small size
    ; if you're looking for source code and examples, here they are
    name short description platform OS assembler asmutils miscellaneous utilities, small libc Linux, *BSD (Unixware, Solaris, AtheOS, BeOS) nasm libASM assembly library (lots of various routines) Linux nasm WordStar-like text editor Linux, *BSD, AtheOS, BeOS, Win32 nasm Commodore C64 emulator Linux nasm Forth kernel implemented as shared library Linux nasm Tiny Programs tiny Linux executables Linux nasm Softer Orange terminal emulator Linux nasm ta traffic accounting daemon Linux nasm cpuburn CPU loading utilities Linux, FreeBSD gas 3-stack Forth-like language
    (and other stuff from Rick Hohensee) Linux gas x86 Linux fig-Forth Linux gas eforth eforth converted to nasm/asmutils Linux nasm eforth original Linux eforth Linux gas ASMIX several command-line utilities IA32, PPC, SPARC, PDP11

    15. Assembly Language Programming
    assembly language programming Books This Page Created by Jeff Johnson. Information liability disclaimer. Copyright © 1998 Exclusive Travel Marketing. All rights reserved. Revised March 19, 1999. 1. Windows Assembly Language Systems Programming 16 And 32-Bit Low-Level Programming for the PC and Windows

    In Association With
    ETM Books Assembly Language Programming Books Bookstore Home Business Books Exclusive Travel Marketing Home
    Barry Kauler / Paperback / Published 1997
    Mastering Turbo Assembler/Book and Disk
    Tom Swan / Paperback / Published 1995
    Building Your Own PC : Buying and Assembling With Confidence
    Arnie Lee / Paperback / Published 1996
    Assembly Language : Step-By-Step (Coriolis Group Book)
    Jeff Duntemann / Paperback / Published 1992
    Optimizing Powerpc Code : Programming the Powerpc Chip in Assembly Language
    Gary Kacmarcik / Paperback / Published 1995
    Assembly Language Master Class (Wrox Press Master Class)
    Igor Chebotko, et al / Paperback / Published 1995
    Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language
    Vitalii Maliugin (Editor), et al / Paperback / Published 1993
    Embedded Systems Programming in C and Assembly/Book and Disk
    John Forrest Brown / Paperback / Published 1994
    IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming
    Peter Abel / Hardcover / Published 1997
    Assembler Language Programming for IBM and IBM-Compatible Computers (Formerly 370/360, Assembler Language Programming)

    16. Assembly Language Programming
    This page has had visitors. Note If you are interested in learning about assembly language, see "Randall Hyde's Web Server." I've moved all my assembly language related stuff over there. Randall Hyde's Assembly Language Page on Randall Hyde's
    Assembly Language
    This page has had visitors.
    Note: If you are interested in learning about assembly language, see "Randall Hyde's Web Server."
    I've moved all my assembly language related stuff over there. Randall Hyde's Assembly Language Page on Randall Hyde's Web Server is now located at Take me there now! Last Modified: 08:03pm , October 25, 1996

    17. The Art Of Assembly Language Programming
    The Art of assembly language programming. Forward Why Would Anyone Learn ThisStuff? Section Three Intermediate Level assembly language programming.
    The Art of Assembly Language Programming
    Forward Why Would Anyone Learn This Stuff?
    1 What's Wrong With Assembly Language
    2 What's Right With Assembly Language?

    3 Organization of This Text and Pedagogical Concerns
    4 Obtaining Program Source Listings and Other Materials in This Text
    Section One: Machine Organization
    Art of Assembly Language: Chapter One
    Chapter One - Data Representation
    - Chapter Overview ...
    - The ASCII Character Set
    1.12 Summary
    1.13 Laboratory Exercises
    1.13.1 Installing the Software
    1.13.2 Data Conversion Exercises
    1.13.3 Logical Operations Exercises
    1.13.4 Sign and Zero Extension Exercises
    1.13.5 Packed Data Exercises
    1.14 Questions 1.15 Programming Projects
    Chapter Two - Boolean Algebra
    - Chapter Overview
    - Boolean Algebra ...
    - Generic Boolean Functions
    2.9 Laboratory Exercises 2.9.1 Truth Tables and Logic Equations Exercises 2.9.2 Canonical Logic Equations Exercises 2.9.3 Optimization Exercises 2.9.4 Logic Evaluation Exercises 2.10 Programming Projects 2.11 Summary 2.12 Questions
    Chapter Three - System Organization
    - Chapter Overview
    - The Basic System Components ...
    - The 886, 8286, 8486, and 8686 "Hypothetical" Processors

    18. Assembly Language Programming
    assembly language programming (Using 8086 Instructions) The 8086 Registers Input Output Arithmetic Instructions Trace Tables Loops Compare Logical Instructions Shift Instructions Exercise Sheet 1 Exercise Sheet 2
    Assembly Language Programming
    (Using 8086 Instructions)
  • The 8086 Registers Input Output Arithmetic Instructions ... Exercise Sheet 2
  • 19. Introduction To RISC Assembly Language Programming
    Introduction to RISC assembly language programming. This page contains programin assembly! Introduction to RISC assembly language programming
    Introduction to RISC Assembly Language Programming
    As the best way to gain an understanding of how a computer processor works at the lower levels, assembly language programming, is essential background for every computer science and electronic engineering student. It is, however, often considered an arcane and complex discipline because many first encounter it through the daunting instructions and registers of the Intel 8086 family. Programming in a simple RISC architecture is very different due to the elegant and compact instruction set. Students of this text who have never programmed before and study it simultaneously with a course on a higher-level language report it is easier and more logical to program in assembly!
    Introduction to RISC Assembly Language Programming:
    • is based around the MIPS RISC processor, a simple clean RISC processor whose architesture is easy to learn and understand.
    • speeds up the learning process by enabling the reader to start writing simple assembly language programs early, while assuming no prior knowledge of computer programming.
    • links with an automatic program testing system MIPSMARK , allowing a lecturer to set programming questions and mark the assignments automatically, or a reader to test a MIPS assembly language program against numerous test inputs
    • uses the SPIM simulator, a freely available virtual machine that allows users to write and simulate running MIPS R2000/3000 assembly language programs on PC Macintosh or Unix platforms, with excellent source level debugging tools.

    20. Windows 95/98/Me Device Driver (VxD) Development Tool
    A Windows 95/98 virtual device driver development tool. It enables you to develop Windows 95/98 virtual device driver (VxD) in C/C++. No assembly language programming skill is required with this tool.
    Develop VxD in C/C++ Products Services Support Overview ... Buy it VxDWriter is a tool for developing Windows 95/98/Me Virtual Device Driver (VxD) quickly and efficiently in C/C++. No assembly language programming skill is required with this tool. The resulting VxD, when compiler optimization is enabled, will be comparable with that written in assembly language in code efficiency and size. This tool aims to reduce the Total Cost of Development and Maintenance for your VxDs. Key features
    • VxDWizard to generate a working skeletal VxD with few inputs.
      Special VxD run-time library for handling callback functions, simulating interrupts, memory management, string and memory manipulation, file I/O, debugging, calling 32-bit DLLs in application-time, floating-point operations, etc.
      More than 620 additional VxD service wrapper functions.
      Highly optimized VxD Foundation Class Library for developing VxD in C++ using object oriented design methodology without sacrificing performance
      Support for developing VxD in MS Visual C++ IDE.

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