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         Asteroids:     more books (102)
  1. Asteroids to Quasars: A Symposium Honoring William Liller
  2. Asteroids in Midpoints by Emma B. Donath, 1982-06
  3. If an Asteroid Hit Earth (Out of This World) by Ray Spangenburg, Kit Moser, 2000-03
  4. Cosmic Pinball: The Science of Cosmets, Meteors, and Asteroids by Carolyn Sumners, Carlton Allen, 1999-11-26
  5. Dinosaurs, Asteroids, & Superstars: Why the Dinosaurs Disappeared by Franklyn Mansfield Branley, 1982-01
  6. Comets, meteoroids, and asteroids: Mavericks of the solar system, (Exploring our universe) by Franklyn Mansfield Branley, 1974
  7. Rock Prophecy -Sex & Jimi Hendrix in World Religions - The Original Asteroid Prediction & Microsoft Connection by Michael J. Fairchild, 1999-11-01
  8. Asteroid by Mark Cooke, 2004-03-29
  9. Isaac Asimov's Library of the Universe (8 Volumes) (Mythology and The Universe,Science Fiction Science Fact,How Was The Universe Born?, The Asteroids, The Birth and Death of Stars,Our Milky Way and Other Galaxies, Ancient Astronomy, Comets and Meteors) by Isaac Asimov, 1991
  10. The Wailing Asteroid by Murray Leinster, 2010-05-23
  11. Space Objects: Comets, Asteroids and Meteors (Earth and Space) by Steve Parker, 2007-09-30
  12. Comets and Asteroids (Lucent Library of Science and Technology) by Don Nardo, 2003-11-07
  13. Comets and Asteroids (Exploring Space) by Amanda Davis, 1998-08
  14. Asteroids: Overview, Abstracts and Bibliography

81. MyStars! Astronomy Software For Windows
planetarium program generating accurate charts, with stars, planets, comets, and asteroids. Orrery views make it a useful teaching tool. shareware Win3.1/95/98/NT
Relative Data, Inc.
365 Sherwood Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1Y 3X3 Phone/Fax:
Business E-Mail: Main
Business E-Mail: Alternate
Yahoo Messenger:
Debussy's Reverie News
Main Page
Screen Captures Features Download a Demo ... Compatible Products
Eclipse Shades MyStarsLive Global Clock Sextant Book PayPal MyStarsDiscuss Click to visit our club for users of MyStars! MyStars! 2.7 for Windows "Shareware for Stargazers" Editors's Pick, AOL, Desktop Planetariums, Dec 1999 Screen Capture from Windows 98 MyStars! is a scientifically rigorous, yet fun and educational Windows astronomy program that simulates the sky and helps you visualize and locate the positions of stars, planets, comets, minor planets, and Messier (M) objects from any location on earth and any date/time from BC 2000 to AD 6000. The registered version also shows the moon with phases, solar and lunar eclipses, and the 118,000 Hipparcos Star Catalogue. Striving constantly to balance visual realism, scientific accuracy, and the imagination; we hope you find MyStars! of interest. Features: Multi-lingual Installer, Planetarium, Orrery, Printing, Full Screen View, Help, Images, Zoom In/Out, Object identification and Metrics, Object Tracking and Animation.

82. PERMANENT: Asteroids Utilization, Etc.
Examination of the economics feasibility and construction of manned bases in deep space.Category Science Technology Space Space Colonization...... all geologic time, our generation will get mankind off ourlonely planetary cradle .. PERMANENT logo P rojects to E mploy


site map



home all geologic time, our generation will get mankind off our lonely planetary cradle.....
P rojects to
E mploy
R esources of the
M oon and A steroids N ear E arth in the N ear T erm L i f e
It is a race against time, before biotechnology
makes mankind extinct, or nanotechnology destroys Earth's biosphere, suddenly. 9/11's small in comparison. G o a l s Don't expensively launch from Earth, use construction materials already in space. Build valuable, profitable products and habitats in orbit (not send back to Earth). Non-governmental, commercial, faster, cheaper large scale space development. O r g a n i z a t i o n PERMANENT is an introductory guide for all, a reference source for experts and a news site on space resources. We link to known, quality websites, stockpile technical resources of third parties not on the web, and help them publish on the web. We can do this NOW with present-day technology and a philanthropic investor Browse website Asteroids Near Earth Lunar Materials Transportation Industrial Processes ... To Do List For general or specific e-mail regarding PERMANENT, please use our Feedback page.

83. Gamegurl
Includes arcade titles such as asteroids, UFO Attack, and Snake Pit.

84. Surfing The Net With Kids: Asteroids Arcade Game
asteroids Arcade Game. Instructions. Wait for the to start. Shootthe asteroids while avoiding collisions with them. Occasionally
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Asteroids Arcade Game
S Start Game P Pause Game Cursor Left Rotate Left Cursor Right Rotate Right Cursor Up Fire Thrusters Cursor Down Fire Retro Thrusters Spacebar Fire Cannon H Hyperspace M Toggle Sound D Toggle Graphics Detail Scoring Object Points Large Asteroid Small Asteroid UFO Missle Email this game to a friend with a personal message
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85. Pop-Culture-Corn: Music: Meco - Dance Your Asteroids Off
Review by Matt Springer, 4 of 5 cheerios. There isn't a bad track on Dance Your asteroids Off, but there isn't really a good track, either, and that's what makes it a priceless gem.
Meco, Dance Your Asteroids Off
Record Label: Mecoman April 2000 Review by Matt Springer
What's the kitschiest CD you own? Go ahead; take a look. Flip through the racks of your personal collection and pick one out. Is it Milli Vanilli? Vanilla Ice? Regis Philbin? It should be Dance Your Asteroids Off , the new compilation disc from Meco. Do you remember Meco? He did a series of inexplicably successful revisions of classic film scores throughout the late seventies and early eighties, including the Close Encounters theme and The Wizard of Oz . This collection focuses solely on the work he did using John Williams' music from the Star Wars films, and man, it's a doozy. The disc opens with what was probably his biggest hit, his blowout number for the first Star Wars film, replete with sound effects from the film and swingin' disco beat. Hearing the now-seminal strains of Williams' Star Wars main titles music pumped out over a wah-wah guitar and slammin' dance groove is so deliciously awful that it's good. Real good. This tune alone makes the disc worth a purchase; it's got all the Lucasian embarassment value of the Star Wars Holiday Special But it doesn't quit there! No, Meco takes us on a tour of his music from all FOUR

86. Julie's Astronomy Web Page
Information on stars, galaxies, planets, the Sun, nebulae, Little Green Men, telescopes, comets, meteors, asteroids, constellations and mythological tales about the zodiac signs.
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87. Asteroids 3D
In 1998, repressed asteroiddestroying addictions will not be escaped when the legendaryasteroids hits again in 3-D! Activision introduces the next-generation
The Biggest Arcade Hit in Gaming History Hits Again in 3-D New! Asteriods AVIs for your viewing excitement:
Asteriods TV Commercial
(2.28 MB),
Gameplay Clip #1
(3.37 MB),
Gameplay Clip #2
(1.31 MB)
Alternately, you can view these great clips via RealPlayer
In either High Bandwidth:
Asteriods TV Commercial
Gameplay Clip #1 Gameplay Clip #2
Or Low Bandwidth formats:
Asteriods TV Commercial
Gameplay Clip #1 Gameplay Clip #2 In 1979, it was the great 25-cent escape. In 1998, repressed asteroid-destroying addictions will not be escaped when the legendary Asteroids hits again in 3-D! Activision introduces the next-generation of the most addictive arcade game known to mankind. Save your quarters... you'll need them to pay your bills.
S u m m a r y
Asteroids is the revolutionary, new 3-D space shooter and ever-more addictive remake of the 1980s arcade blockbuster. Featuring immersive 3-D worlds, highly evolved gameplay, and replayability designed to perfection, Asteroids promises to be the action game hit of the year! F e a t u r e s Classic Franchise Intensity: Activision's all-new Asteroids melds the classic fire-shield-thrust style of gameplay and nostalgic sound effects with vast new hyperspace 3-D worlds, explosive effects, cinematic cut-scenes, plus more enemies, weapons and modes of gameplay.

88. 4WebGames
Play java games from categories including action, arcade, cards, and puzzles, with classics like Space Invaders, asteroids, and Yahtzee.

89. Asteroids, The Classic Video Game
asteroids The Classic Video Game of the '70's. The asteroids game screenwill show Game Over - 'S' to Start once everything is ready.
Asteroids - The Classic Video Game of the '70's
Here is an old time favorite that was loved by many, and still is judging by the high volume of visitors! Only problem was, me being a kid back then, I couldn't afford to pay a quarter a game. Fortunetly for you, this one is free so you can play to your hearts content. Although this isn't the most educational game on this site it isn't completly devoid of educational value. You must be able to prioritize and track multiple targets, forcing your brain into hyperthink mode. You also must learn to lead your target. And if the planet Earth is ever attacked by a swarm of alien guided projectiles, your services will be in instant demand. Wait for the applet and sounds to finish loading, this may take a minute or two. The Asteroids game screen will show "Game Over - 'S' to Start" once everything is ready. In the meantime you can review the instructions below. Note: If Asteroids doesn't seem to be responding to key presses, click your mouse pointer in the game area. Playing the Game Use the keyboard controls described below to maneuver your ship, destroying as many asteroids as you can while avoiding collision with them. Also watch for the flying saucers armed with guided missles.

90. Gameday Software LLC - Space Rescue
Blast through asteroids and alien UFOs to save a stranded crew of astronauts.
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91. BBC News | SCI/TECH | Asteroids 'affected Human Evolution'
Thursday, 12 April, 2001, 1036 GMT 1136 UK asteroids 'affected humanevolution' A threat to our early ancestors? By BBC News Online
low graphics version feedback help You are in: Sci/Tech Front Page World UK ... AudioVideo
Thursday, 12 April, 2001, 10:36 GMT 11:36 UK Asteroids 'affected human evolution'
A threat to our early ancestors?
By BBC News Online science editor Dr David Whitehouse Impacts by asteroids may have affected the course of human evolution, according to two researchers studying how often the Earth has been struck in the past. They say that rather than gradual and uninterrupted human evolution, the ascent of mankind could have been influenced by frequent cosmic catastrophes.
It is sobering to realise that we are alive due to cosmic luck rather than our genetic make-up
Dr Benny Peiser, John Moores University, UK Their work, they say, explains one of the biggest problems that has puzzled researchers for generations: why almost all human-like creatures or hominids, have become extinct during the past five million years. According to traditional theories of evolution, our early ancestors were slowly and gradually replaced because they failed to compete with other human species that had superior "fitness". But according to Dr Benny Peiser, a social anthropologist at John Moores University in Liverpool, UK, and Michael Paine, an impact researcher from the Planetary Society in Australia, the most likely cause of hominid extinctions may be more than 20 globally devastating catastrophes that occurred over the last five million years.

92. IOTA Member Site
was established to encourage and facilitate the observation of occultations and eclipses. It provides predictions for grazing occultations of stars by the Moon and predictions for occultations of stars by asteroids and planets, information on observing equipment and techniques, and reports to the members of observations made.
Site last updated on Saturday, 2003 January 04 at 01:22:10 PM Welcome to IOTA,
the International Occultation Timing Association, Inc.
IOTA was established to encourage and facilitate the observation of occultations and eclipses. It provides predictions for grazing occultations of stars by the Moon and predictions for occultations of stars by asteroids and planets, information on observing equipment and techniques, and reports to the members of observations made. IOTA is a tax exempt organization under sections 501(c)(3)- Scientific Research and 509(a)(2)-Public Education of the Internal Revenue Code USA.
Occultation Newsletter
(updated Saturday, 2003 January 04 at 01:22:10 PM
This is a secured section for Subscribers only.
See below for how to become a subscriber.
If you do not have your user name and password, click here
Member Section
(updated 2002 February 17
This is a secured section for Members only.
See below for how to become a member.

93. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Asteroids 'could Trigger Nuclear War'
Monday, 15 July, 2002, 0101 GMT 0201 UK asteroids 'could trigger nuclear war'Experts say asteroid information should be shared A small asteroid could
You are in: Science/Nature News Front Page World UK ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help EDITIONS Change to World Monday, 15 July, 2002, 01:01 GMT 02:01 UK Asteroids 'could trigger nuclear war'
Experts say asteroid information should be shared
A small asteroid could accidentally trigger a nuclear war if mistaken for a missile strike, experts have warned. An asteroid explosion over India or Pakistan could unleash nuclear war
Scientists and military chiefs studying the threat are calling for a global warning centre to be set up to inform governments immediately of asteroid impacts. The risk is seen as particularly grave if an asteroid blast were to happen in areas of military tension, such as over nuclear-armed neighbours India and Pakistan Each year about 30 asteroids several metres in length pierce the atmosphere and explode, with even the smaller sized ones unleashing as much energy as the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan. 'Panic' reaction Earlier this month, an Israeli pilot flying an airliner over the Ukraine reported seeing a blue flash in the sky similar to the type of blast caused by a surface-to-air missile, despite Ukrainian authorities saying no such missile had been fired.

94. 96.06.03: Asteroids, Comets, And Meterorites: Their Intimate Relation With Life
A curriculum prepared by the YaleNew Haven Teachers Institute.
Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute Home
Asteroids, Comets, and Meterorites: Their Intimate Relation with Life on Earth
Stephen P. Broker
Contents of Curriculum Unit 96.06.03:
To Guide Entry
This curriculum unit presents an interdisciplinary approach to the study of science, bringing together information from astronomy, earth science and ecology. The unit, written as part of the seminar “Outstanding Problems in Contemporary Astronomy and Cosmology,” addresses the question, “how is and how has life on Earth been influenced by events occurring in our Solar System?” More specifically, I present information on the relation between asteroids, comets and meteorites and life on Earth. I review current scientific thinking about how our Solar System’s asteroids and comets interacted with a young Earth to create the necessary conditions for the origin of life, and how meteoritic impacts have altered the evolution of life through Earth history. Sample teaching strategies are presented to suggest ways of presenting the subject matter to students. In developing this topic, I have drawn on my deep interest in ecology and an interest in earth science, including the fields of paleontology and mass extinction theory. The Teachers Institute seminar has been an excellent vehicle for learning more about astronomy and cosmology, especially solar system astronomy and planetary science. It has given me an opportunity to read and talk about issues in astronomy and to combine pertinent information from the fields of astronomy, earth science, and ecology.

95. Solar System - Asteroids
asteroids. asteroids, asteroids are small, have very little gravity and are hardto see in space because their rocky surfaces don't reflect a lot of light.
Asteroids Asteroids Future/Past Missions Instruments ... Comets Did you know?
Asteroids are small, have very little gravity and are hard to see in space because their rocky surfaces don't reflect a lot of light. Nevertheless, NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous spacecraft achieved a tricky landing on asteroid Eros in February 2001.
The Asteroid Belt: Is it the planet that never was? The space between Mars and Jupiter is filled with a population of irregularly shaped chunks of debris called asteroids. Objects in this asteroid belt are made of rock and metal, mostly nickel and iron. Scientists believe the asteroids are pieces of a planet that never formed. An ongoing gravitational tug-of-war between Jupiter and Mars may have prevented the pieces from bonding together. Other asteroids are not part of this belt and some have paths which cross Earth's orbit. ( More More Images JPL Instruments and Data:
Near-Earth Object Program

Near-Earth Objects are comets and asteroids that have been nudged by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets into orbits that allow them to enter the Earth's neighborhood. Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT)
NEAT is a camera observing system on a ground-based telescope located on the rim of the Haleakala Crater in Maui, Hawaii. It tracks asteroids and comets that come near Earth's and Mars' orbit.

96. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Asteroids Hyper 64 For Nintendo 64 At Epinion
Consumer reviews for Nintendo 64.
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Video Games Games All Categories Advanced Search Home Games Video Games
Asteroids Hyper 64 for Nintendo 64
Overall rating:
Reviewed by 2 Epinions users - Write a review We found this product at 4 stores The lowest price is Compare Prices View Details Read Reviews Subscribe to reviews on this product
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Asteroids Hyper 64 for Nintendo 64
Asteroids Hyper 64 for Nintendo 64 at Amazon 357 store reviews Asteroids Hyper 64 direct from Amazon at Amazon EB Games 23 store reviews Asteroids Hyper - Preowned at EB Games 12 store reviews Asteroids Hyper 64 - Preowned at Showing 1-5 of 5 deals Some merchants powered by Read Reviews Asteroids Hyper 64 by cryptz The original hits warp speed by Outbanks Featured Resources Additional information on Asteroids Hyper 64 for Nintendo 64 and other products. Video Games Shop here and pay less! Low price guarantees.

97. Asteroids
asteroids. asteroids are small bodies that are believed to be left over fromthe beginning of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago. Table of asteroids.
Asteroids are small bodies that are believed to be left over from the beginning of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago. They are rocky objects with round or irregular shapes up to several hundred km across, but most are much smaller. More than 100,000 asteroids lie in a belt between Mars and Jupiter. These asteroids lie in a location in the solar system where there seems to be a jump in the spacing between the planets. Scientists think that this debris may be the remains of an early planet, which broke up early in the solar system. Several thousand of the largest asteroids in this belt have been given names. The chances of an asteroid colliding with Earth are very small! But some do come close to Earth, like Hermes (closest approach of 777,000 km).
Click on image for larger version( 175K GIF
Galileo image of Gaspra
(29 October 1991) courtesy of NASA/JPL Table of Asteroids Asteroid Images Asteroid News
Last modified March 7, 2003 by the Windows Team
The source of this material is Windows to the Universe , at

98. Astronomy For Kids
Includes information and two pictures related to this topic.
Are also known as the Minor Planets.
Orbit the Sun mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
Usually range in size from 1 kilometer to 1000 kilometers across.
Are difficult to observe because of their small size.
Gaspra (above) and Ida (right) are two known Asteroids. Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta are some other of the larger Asteroids.
Sometimes have moons that orbit them. Notice the small moon that orbits Ida (right).

99. Asteroids
asteroids! Playing Instructions Use the keyboard controls describedbelow to manoeuvre your ship and zap as many asteroids as you
Playing Instructions:

Use the keyboard controls described below to manoeuvre your ship and zap as many asteroids as you can - and watch for the flying saucers armed with guided missles. If you warp into hyperspace, your ship will momentarily disappear then reappear on another part of the screen, gradually fading in. During this time the ship is invulnerable. Likewise, when your ship is destroyed, a new one will appear in the centre of the screen. You can still manoeuvre and fire during this time so if you are in imminent danger, you have a couple of seconds to get out of it. Controls S Start Game P Pause Game Cursor Left Rotate Left Cursor Down Reverse Thrust Cursor Right Rotate Right Cursor Up Forward Thrust Spacebar Fire Cannon H Hyperspace M Toggle Sound D Toggle Graphics Detail Note: If the game appears to run slowly on your machine, try turning sound and/or graphics detail off. This will not affect game play.
action mag rave ... help/FAQs

100. RPGLounge - Software - Rasteroids
A portable asteroids clone for DOS or Linux. (Open Source, GPL)




Baldur's Gate


Fantasy Books
J.R.R. Tolkien

Terry Goodkind
Tad Williams Software Rasteroids GNU/Linux Everything else About Me About This Site Music Links ... Moxy Fruvous
RPGLounge - Software - Rasteroids
Rasteroids - a Portable Asteroids clone for DOS and LINUX (under the GNU GPL) Rasteroids is a game of my own creation, created originally on a trip with my family where the only computer I had access to ran Windows. I brought with me, on a portable backpack hard drive, a copy of DJGPP for DOS. I wrote a good portion of the base code here and set the stage for a modular framework, but by the end of the four day excursion, I had little more than a ship on the screen that could be moved. In the next week, I added asteroids, rules, a title screen, and now at home, a Linux port of the game. The Linux port and the dos port use the same codebase, but different Makefiles. I used Cygnus Codefusion for an IDE for the Linux port, as well as JCC... There are three distributions of this game (as of v0.1). The source distribution, the static linux distribution, and the DOS binary distribution. For the source distro under Linux, you will need:

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