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         Astronomers Amateur:     more books (101)
  1. Pleasures of the telescope - An Illustrated Guide for Amateur Astronomers and a Popular - Description of the Chief Wonders of the Heavens for General - Readers by Garrett Putman Serviss, 2010-07-06
  2. Galaxy Groups and Clusters. A Visual and CCd Observing Guide for the Advanced Amateur Astronomer by Robert & Miles Paul McGown, 2001-01-01
  3. Pakistan Amateur Astronomers Society
  4. Astronomy and Space Research: The Amateur Astronomer's Library by G.A. And Fielder, Gilbert Chisnall, 1962-01-01
  5. Pleasures of the telescope An Illustrated Guide for Amateur Astronomers and a Popular Description of the Chief Wonders of the Heavens for General Readers
  6. The Amateur Astronomer's Glossary. by Patrick Moore, 1967
  7. The Sky Observers Guide, a Handbook for Amateur Astronomers by Newton; Mayall, Margaret and Wyckoff, Jerome Mayall, 1971
  8. Amateur Astronomy Organizations: National Australian Convention of Amateur Astronomers, Anushandhitshu Chokro Science Organization
  9. The Amateur Astronomer's Handbook. Third Edition by James Muirden, 1983
  10. An Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Gravity by William K Vogeler, 2009-08-06
  11. Planetary Nebulae: A Practical Guide and Handbook for Amateur Astronomers Includes 253 Finder Charts and a Catalog of 1340 Objects by Steven J. Hynes, 1991
  12. Observing the Constellations - An A-Z Guide For the Amateur Astronomer
  13. Amateur Astronomer's Handbook by J. B. Sidgwick, 1980-01-01
  14. Pleasures of the Telescope: An Illustrated Guide for Amateur Astronomers and a Popular Description o by Garrett Putman Serviss, 2009-02-10

81. North Shore Erie Amateur Astronomers [NSEAA]
astronomy pages of the NSEAA.

82. Sky And Telescope
Geared towards amateur astronomers. Astronomy news, sky charts, product reviews, indepth articles on the science of astronomy, and weekly sky observing guides.

83. The American Association Of Amateur Astronomers
Welcome to the American Association of amateur astronomers, the InternetAstronomy Club, and AstroMax, the AAAA Online Store.
The American Association of Amateur Astronomers
Welcome to
The A merican A ssociation of A mateur A stronomers
The Internet Astronomy Club Select AAAA Enter AAAA Universe Press Releases Join the AAAA Control Center Member Reports Astronomy Links Observing Programs FAQ Constellations Planets Universe Guide Arp CCD Images Partnerships AAAA Newsletter AAAA Mission AstroMax Homepage
Bringing Amateur Astronomy to the World
Enter AAAA
A stro M ... ax
Select AstroMax Catalog Observing Aids Moon Calendars Mouse Pads Birthday Calendars Planispheres Astronomer's Journal First Light Kit Sky Atlas RASC Observer's Handbook Astronomical Companion Astronomical Calendar 2003 AL Programs Binocular Kit Telescope Kit Astele 70 Deen Pub Feedback AAAA Homepage
The AAAA Online Store
Offering a Select Line of Carefully Chosen Products
to Help You Get Started in Astronomy, and
to Enhance Your Enjoyment of the Night Sky Enter AstroMax AAAA
P.O. Box 7981
Dallas, TX 75209-0981


84. Big Bend (Texas) Astronomical Society
A group of amateur and professional astronomers that host regularly scheduled star parties and business meetings in the Alpine, Texas vicinity where the skies are the darkest of the Continental United States.

Lighting Ordinance for Alpine, Texas
Final Revision May 08, 2000
ADOPTED ... Inventory of Alpine Lights (PDF Format)
Site developed and maintained by Divided by Zero Productions , a division of Unlimited Limited BBAStro Logo by Bernie Zelazny
Planet Ohio Web Ring Join Now Ring Hub Random Next >> ... Comments welcome

85. Night Sky Observer
Pages are aimed at amateur astronomers and space buffs.
Since Dec. 1, 1997
Search Site All Any Powered by NetMind
LunarPhase Pro for Win 98/Me/NT/2000/XP has been released. You can read about the application and see screenshots at the LunarPhaseCD page.
and welcome to the Night Sky Observer (NSO) pages which are aimed at amateur astronomers and armchair astronomy and space buffs. Pages are updated on a regular basis (especially news) with the changes being listed below. News items will be kept online for as long as possible (until space runs out) before being deleted. Suggestions and comments about the pages are welcome (and reports of any dud links).
Recent Changes and Updates 03-Apr-2003 News 30-Mar-2002 Weather 07-Mar-2003 Skynotes 19-Nov-2002 Moon page 15-Jan-2003 Articles 02-Oct-2002 Software 16-Apr-2002 Links 01-Aug-2002 Mars page 25-Nov-2002 Equipment 19-Nov-2002 Online Shop Book of the Week Stikky Night Skies
Stikky Night Skies takes a breakthrough learning method and applies it to a skill everyone, at some point, has yearned to master: navigating the night sky. The author and his team spent hundreds of hours with readers to find out how to maximize retention: that is, accumulate knowledge that "sticks" in your head. Handy for both budding astronomers and those who just want to impress their friends, Stikky Night Skies is the place to start. You can learn six constellations, four stars, a planet, a galaxy, and how to navigate at night - all in one hour. The book includes illustrations on every page, two separate learning sequences, an epilogue to prevent "my brain is full" syndrome, and an appendix with Web links, books, and clubs to consult for follow-up.

86. AAA
Association of amateur astronomers. GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center; STScI - SpaceTelescope Science Institute; SARA - The Society of amateur Radio astronomers;

Photo by Chris Dahl
Association of Amateur Astronomers
Current AAA Stuff
Local Astronomy Information
World Wide Astronomy
Dan Bruton - Now at Stephen F. Austin State University

87. New Mexico Skies
New Mexico Skies guest observatory is dedicated to providing sophisticated amateur astronomers the finest vacation accommodations and night skies viewing experiences. Located in Cloudcroft, where skies are very dark and telescope viewing is superb.
is providing a remarkable experience for the amateur astronomer. You'll be amazed at the exceptionally dark and transparent view of the night sky from the top of Mt. Joy in New Mexico's beautiful Sacramento Mountains. Thanks to factors such as our prime geographical location, high elevation, and low light pollution, paired with our high-end astronomical equipment and friendly guidance, we are able to offer our visitors an unparalleled viewing experience. Just listen to what our satisfied customers have to say about us . . .
is a unique, innovative collaboration between New Mexico Skies and Software Bisque. This project gives individuals and institutions anywhere in the world the ability to utilize and control powerful, sophisticated telescopes and CCD cameras using the power of the Internet. To find out more about the Internet Telescope Project, visit the iBisque at New Mexico Skies website. You may also contact us here at New Mexico Skies or our partners at Software Bisque to discuss the project more in-depth and find out how to get involved.
If you've ever visited our website before Friday, September 6, 2002, then you'll notice that it's undergone a complete redesign. We believe that you'll find our new website design easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing than before.

88. C88 - An Informational Tool For Amateur Astronomers'','ptExSXS1Db62','width=488,height=50'); Ihr Browser unterst├╝tzt keine Frames!

89. Umpqua Amateur Astronomers Of Douglas County, Oregon
UMPQUA amateur astronomers. Information about the Umpqua amateur astronomers.MEETINGS at DFPA at 1758 NE Airport Rd. Umpqua amateur astronomers Events.
UMPQUA AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS Information about the Umpqua Amateur Astronomers MEETINGS at DFPA at 1758 NE Airport Rd. -entrance from Channon St. Umpqua Amateur Astronomers Events U.A.A. Photo Gallery Astronomy Club Newsletters Interesting Links to Astronomy Topics: Astronomy Magazines or Journals Sky and Telescope Astronomy Magazine Regulus Astronomy Clubs or Groups Oregon Eugene Astronomical Society Rose City of Portland
Northwest Astronomy Group
Salem's Night Sky 45 club ...
Mt. Hood Observatory Association
Washington Seattle Astronomical Society Spokane Astronomical Society
Other States Ventura County Astronomical Society, Simi Valley California San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers
Denver Astronomical Society
Front Range Astronomical ...
Tucson Astronomy Association

Regional or National Organizations Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO
Astronomical Society of the Pacific

International Occultation Timing Association

Astronomy League, National Organization of Clubs

International Organizations The Astronomer group (TA) of the UK British Astronomical Association AstroNet , Excellent Dutch site MISCELLANEOUS SITES Amateur Telescope Making Homepage Mel Bartels Homepage Amateur Astronomer's Notebook AstroWeb ... Stargazer's Log Meteor Observation North American Metetor Network (NAMN) Light Pollution Organizations International Dark Sky Association New England Light Pollution Advisory Group Telescope or Astronomy Vendors Hardin Optical of Bandon Oregon Van Slyke Engineering and the Black Forest Observatory ... Taurus Tracker III Comet information

90. Project ASTRO
Pairs grade 312 teachers with volunteer amateur and professional astronomers and earth scientists with the goal of building long-lasting partnerships to improve science education in schools. Also includes links to relevant curriculum materials.
Project ASTRO/ Seattle has become Project AstroBio!
Automatic redirect to the new location for this Project AstroBio. If your browser is not capable of automatic redirect, please click here to go to the new location.

91. Amateur Astronomers Of Beaver County - Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Special interest group with details of their star parties, previous party photos, videos and photo Category Regional North America Beaver Science and Environment......amateur astronomers Of Beaver County AAOBC - Western Pennsylvaniaastronomy club - Just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

92. Amateur Astronomers, Inc.
amateur astronomers, Inc., centered at the William Miller Sperry Observatory onthe Union County College campus, in Cranford, New Jersey, was founded in 1949
General Information
Amateur Astronomers, Inc., centered at the William Miller Sperry Observatory on the Union County College campus, in Cranford, New Jersey, was founded in 1949 and continues to promote the interest of astronomy through its many educational programs. With about 400 active members, the club is one of the largest amateur astronomy organizations in the country.
AAI is organized into a number of special interest groups and service committees supporting a wide variety of areas of amateur astronomy for the membership as well as for the public. Some of these areas include: astrophotography, computers, telescope making, observing, celestial mechanics, solar eclipse chasing, to name a few.
AAI holds its regular member meetings on the third Friday of the month, September through May, beginning at 8.00 p.m. in the Union County College auditorium on the college's Cranford Campus. Each meeting includes an invited speaker having an expertise in astronomy or a related field. After the meetings, all are invited to the observatory for refreshments and an informal social hour where guests and members can exchange ideas, interests and, if weather permits, view the sky. All meetings are open to the general public and are free.

The William Miller Sperry Observatory houses two of the largest telescopes on
the east coast available for amateur use. The east 18-foot dome (right) houses

93. Hopatcong Area Amateur Astronomers
General Information The Hopatcong Area amateur astronomers is a clubfor people of all ages who share a common interest in astronomy.

94. Telescopes
The telescopes for amateur astronomers manufactured at the Novosibirsk InstrumentMakingPlant have earned an excellent reputation in Europe and America.

95. Bristol Astronomical Society Home Page
A nonprofit-making registered charity of amateur astronomers, which organises a programme of talks and meetings. Origins, membership, events, convention, observations.
Home Page
President: Sir BERNARD LOVELL O.B.E, LL.D, D.Sc, F.R.S. Vice Presidents: GORDON E TAYLOR F.R.A.S.
Prof. MARK BIRKINSHAW MA, PhD, C Phys, M Inst P, F.R.A.S.
Registered Charity No. 299649
Welcome to the World Wide Web (WWW) pages of the Bristol Astronomical Society !
Our 2002/2003 Programme is now available. Please see our Programme Page Do your online shopping through the BAS Shopping Portal
This provides links to well known shops, but we get a small commission on any purchase you make, which helps out our funds.
PLEASE NOTE: All purchases made are with the retailer concerned, and the BAS has no responsibility for any problems with the purchase.
    Click on Red Button to select page About the BAS - who we are and our origins How to find us! Membership and how to join us Programme of Events (Oct 2002 to Jun 2003) Observations Members Web Pages Astronomy Conventions and Events Astronomy related links to other sites Mail us with your comments Please view the Guest Book
Last update - 23-Feb-2003

96. Amateur Astronomy Magazine
News for, by and about amateur astronomers around the world. A quarterly publication with lots of Category Science Astronomy Publications Magazines...... We carry articles that the real amateur astronomers of the world are interestedin reading not articles that are aimed at newsstand market, or professional
Amateur Astronomy Magazine
Amateur Astronomy, Observing , and Telescope Making around the world. Home Page Subscription information An Overview of Past Articles Order back issues ... Tectron Collimation Tools
Amateur Astronomy Magazine is no longer the new kid on the block. After nine years of publishing articles about telescopes, telescope making, and observing, we have gained the respect and readership of astronomers from around the world. We have recently switched to all new digital printing, and our print and photo quality is remarkable. Check us out. Our Quarterly format is a combination similar to "Telescope Making" and "Deep Sky", two very popular magazines that are no longer published, (only because they were not profitable enough for a large
company to take seriously.) If you have missed our first eight years of articles for, by, and about astronomers, observers, and their telescopes, you have missed most of what has been happening in the real world of amateur astronomy.
We carry articles that the real amateur astronomers of the world are interested in reading - not articles that are aimed at newsstand market, or professional astronomers. We do not offer the flash of the larger magazines. Instead of having a two page graphic heading a 500 word article, we run the whole 3000 word article so you can read what the author wanted to say. Instead of having a few paragraphs and one photo about an amateur star party, we run a 10 page article with 30 photographs, showing the site and most of the interesting telescopes there. While we cannot print one or two expensive color photos, we are able to publish 15 black-and-white photos in their place. Each issue contains 68 pages - and less than 8 pages contain advertising. We only carry enough ads to help pay the bills. We are subscriber supported. That means that we can say what we want. If a reviewer does not like a product, we can say so, since we don't have to bow to the almighty advertising dollar.

97. Southeast Amateur Astronomers
asd. Welcome to the Southeast amateur astronomers homepage! We (the members) haveput together this site to help you (the browser) learn more about the club.
asdase dr
asdf acs
Welcome to the S outh e ast A mateur A stronomers homepage! We (the members)
have put together this site to help you (the browser) learn more about
the club. So feel free to explore the site and e-mail us with any questions or comments. About us News Extras space provided by Southeast Missouri State
*all links are in and surrounded by gray*

98. Amateur Astronomers Kiosk At STScI
amateur astronomers Kiosk. The listings below amateur astronomers sometimesconduct supporting observations for HST users. For example, AAVSO
Amateur Astronomers Kiosk
The listings below represent opportunities for amateur astronomers, small observatories, and students to get involved in astronomical research on various levels, including Hubble-related projects. It is maintained by Max Mutchler at the Space Telescope Science Institute . Send comments or additions to
Feature Items
See the complete listings below for more....
Hubble-related research opportunities
  • The Hubble Space Telescope amateur observing program
  • In this age of online data archives, you don't necessarily need to make observations yourself. You can do "archival research" by searching the HST archive , retrieving raw FITS format data, and performing your own data analysis . The HST archive has mirror sites in Canada at the CADC , and in Europe at the ST-ECF . This is the real data for research, not the processed press release JPEG

99. Amateur Astronomers And HST
amateur astronomers and the Hubble Space Telescope. Astronomy mission.Hubble Space Telescope observing programs by amateur astronomers.
Amateur Astronomers and the Hubble Space Telescope
Astronomy is unique among the sciences with regards to the large, widespread, and competent community of amateur scientists that has always played a significant role in advancing the field. Amateur astronomers still frequently make contributions to astronomical research, because some types of observations are ideally suited to the capabilities of amateur astronomers, and impractical for the oversubscribed telescopes at major observatories. Amateur astronomers are also an important link between front-line astronomical research and the general public, including science teachers, students, and the taxpayers who fund the research. Since the very beginning of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) project, NASA and Congress were interested in finding ways for amateur astronomers to participate in HST research. The director of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), Riccardo Giacconi, decided to allocate some of his "Director's Discretionary" time to amateur observing programs. In December 1985, the leaders of seven national amateur astronomy organizations met at STScI in Baltimore to discuss the participation of amateur astronomers in the HST project:
  • Janet Mattei, American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

100. High-Energy Astrophysics Workshop For Amateur Astronomers
AAVSO Logo, HighEnergy Astrophysics Workshop for amateur astronomers.
High-Energy Astrophysics Workshop for Amateur Astronomers
Sponsored by:
NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center and
The American Association of Variable Star Observers
April 13-14, 2000
Hunstville Marriott Hotel, Huntsville, Alabama
Co-Chairs: Dr. Gerald Fishman, Chief Scientist for Gamma-Ray Astronomy, NASA/MSFC
Dr. Janet Mattei, Director, American Association of Variable Star Observers Many of the recent discoveries and advances in high-energy astrophysics (HEA) remain relatively unknown to the public and are poorly understood because of their esoteric nature. We believe that an intensive workshop presented to a receptive and dedicated group of amateur astronomers, who are committed to spreading the information, would provide a highly effective means of education and outreach. To our knowledge, this will be the first such workshop. Amateur astronomers have played an important role in many recent high-energy multi-wavelength observing programs. We are planning a groundbreaking workshop focused on expanding the knowledge base of this very valuable group of amateur scientists so that they may gain a greater understanding of science behind these programs. These amateur participants will, in turn, use this information to help educate other astronomers and the public in general. Two full days of lectures and demonstrations will be presented by a group of expert research scientists in the field of high-energy astrophysics. Presenters will use materials that they have developed in their own research programs. Information will be presented at such a level that the participants will be able to easily share the excitement and knowledge of this rapidly growing field with other amateurs, and the public.

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