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         Astronomy Institutes:     more books (104)
  1. 2004 Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields (Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy and Related Fields)
  2. Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy and Related Fields, 1991-92 by American Institute of Physics, 1991-11
  3. 2008 Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields (Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy and Related Fields)
  4. 2005 Graduate Programs: in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields
  5. 2009 Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields (Graduate Programs in Physics, Astronomy and Related Fields)
  6. Constellations by DePartment of Astronomy of the Franklin Institute, 1936-01-01
  7. Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands. Volumes 10, 11, & 12 (#361-465) by Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands, 1943
  8. Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands. Volume Seven (1933-1936) (#241-280) by Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands, 1933
  9. Proceedings of the Institute of Applied Astronomy / Slovar russkikh narodnykh govorov. Vyp.13 " Kalun -- Kobza" by Kollektiv avtorov, 2002
  10. Recommended Practice for Human-Computer Interfaces for Space System Operations by American Institute of Aeronautics and As, American Anstitute of Aeronautics & Astr, et all 1995
  11. APPLICATIONS OF T-MATRIX PERTURBATION THEORY: A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, August, 1969 by An-hua Lu, 1972-01-01

21. IAA-NOA Research
The IAA has currently the highest rate of scientific publications per researcheramong all astronomy institutes and Departments of the Research Centres and
Research Topics Scientific Programs Publications Conferences, Seminars IAA homepage TELESCOPES RESEARCH EDUCATION ACTIVITIES NOANET STAFF IAA Almanac Visitor Centre History Useful links Contact us NOA homepage back page Research Topics
Our research interests include Extragalactic Astronomy, Observational Cosmology, Interstellar Matter, X-ray Astronomy, and Binary Stars. We are currently expanding in the area of Instrumentation e.g. development of the Low Dispersion Spectrograph for the new ARISTARCHOS telescope.
Stars Stellar Spectra Double Stars Astrometry Pulsating, Cataclysmic, and Symbiotic Stars Accretion Disks Novae and Supernovae Interstellar Matter HII Regions and Ionized Loops Supernova Remnants (SNR) Planetary Nebulae Galaxies Star Clusters and Associations Star Burst Galaxies Active Galactic Nuclei Groups and Clusters of Galaxies X-ray Astronomy Deep Surveys and the X-ray Background X-ray Spectroscopy of Obscured AGN Star Forming Galaxies Observational Cosmology Large Scale Structure of the Universe X-ray Cosmology Cosmological Parameters Gravitational Lenses Instrumentation and Observing Techniques Instrumentation Observing Techniques Image Processing and Software Development
We have strong links and collaborations with major Research Institutes and Universities abroad including NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (USA), the

22. IAA-NOA Links
astronomy institutes and Relevant Organizations in Greece. GNCA Greek NationalCommittee for Astronomy. Hel.AS Hellenic Astronomical Society.
Profesional Astronomy Links IAA homepage TELESCOPES RESEARCH EDUCATION ACTIVITIES NOANET STAFF IAA Almanac Visitor Centre History Useful links Contact us NOA homepage back page International Astronomical Organizations IAU
International Astronomical Union EAS
European Astronomical Society Observatories, Space Agencies ESO
European Southern Observatory NOAO
National Optical Astronomy Observatory ESA
Space Agency NASA
National Aeronautics and Space Administration ESO/ST-ECF
Space Telescope
European Coordinating Facility STScI
Space Telescope Science Institute CHANDRA X-ray Observatory Center XMM-Newton X-ray Multi-Mirror Satellite Science Center JAC Joint Astronomy Centre NRAO National Radio Astronomy Observatory INGT Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes AAO The Anglo-Australian Observatory e-Services: Virtual Observatories, Data Centres, Software AVO Astrophysical Virtual Observatory NVO US National Virtual Observatory CDS Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center NED NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database ESO-Archive ESO Science Archive Facility NOAO-Archive NOAO Science Archive HEASARC High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center MAST Multimission Archive at Space Telescope IUE-Archive International Ultraviolet Explorer ISO-Archive Infrared Space Observatory SkyView The Internet's Virtual Telescope Vizier VIZIER Catalogue Service IRAF Image Reduction and Analysis Facility MIDAS Munich Image Data Analysis System STSDAS/TABLES Space Telescope Science Data Analysis System ASDS Astronomical Software and Documentation Collection

information. Many high school students approach the astronomy institutesfor materials for their science projects. Popularization
THE NETHERLANDS RESEARCH SCHOOL FOR ASTRONOMY (Nederlandse Onderzoekschool voor Astronomie)
A collaboration between the Universities of Amsterdam Groningen Leiden Nijmegen , and Utrecht Outreach
Public interest in astronomy is immense. Popularization of astronomy is an excellent vehicle for stimulating interest in the natural sciences in general, which is of great importance at a time when the interest in university studies in some of these disciplines is declining. The NOVA Information Center (NIC) is being run by outreach officers Arnout Jaspers and Jacques Visser, and is located at the Sterrenkundig Instituut 'Anton Pannekoek', University of Amsterdam. NIC collaborates with outreach officers at universities and at astronomical institutes and organizations in the Netherlands as well as abroad.
NIC operates the Astronomische Persdienst , an electronic 'press agency' that distributes the latest Dutch astronomical news. Click on the link to find out more (in Dutch).
The popular scientific NIC website offers news, information about NOVA and about upcoming events, 'ask a question' service as well as a Tour around the Universe.

24. The IISc Amateur Astronomy Club Homepage - Astronomy Links
now (online); The Astronomer (online); Popular Astronomy; Journal ofthe British Astronomical Association astronomy institutes/Groups
These are few of the links to WWW pages relevant to amateur astronomy. If your favourite site is not listed here, please drop us a line.
General Links :

25. PAS General Articles
Astronomy Images Sites. Astronomy in Japan Home Page by Steve Renshaw.astronomy institutes. ASTRONOMY Magazine. Astronomy Mailing Lists.

Astronomical News Groups

26. Ariel Goobar´s Homepage
astronomy institutes , databases and related.
Ariel Goobar
Prof. in Experimental Particle Astrophysics
SCFAB, Department of Physics, Stockholm University Roslagstullsbacken 21 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden Tel: +46 8 55378659, Fax: +46 8 55378601 e-mail:

Current Projects The Supernova Cosmology Project The ultimate fate of the universe, infinite expansion or a "Big Crunch" can be revealed through measurements of high-redshift Type Ia supernovae. These dramatic events, can be used to trace the expansion history of the Universe for the past 10 billion years. Explanation in Swedish (Pdf) News: The Universe is found to be accelerating for the last 6 billion years! This discovery was the "Science breakthrough of the year 1998" according to Science Magazine Back to Top The Book
Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics
To order it: go to the Wiley-Praxis home page
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Hot List
Auger Observatory Project Design Report
Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope

Compton Observatory Science Support Center

GLAST: The Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope
Supernova sites
Bright Supernovae
Distant SN Search Group Work Nearby SN Search High Redshift Supernova Search (collaboration page) High Redshift Supernova Search (public) INT Wide Angle Survey ING Wide Field Imaging Survey Home Page List of Supernova Pages on the WWW

27. WWW Astronomy Links
Astronomy in Japan Home Page by Steve Renshaw. Astronomy Info On the Net ( Italy). astronomy institutes. ASTRONOMY Magazine. Astronomy Mailing Lists.
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Department of Physics and Astronomy, CSUN Departmentof Physics and astronomy institutes Laboratories
Department of Physics and Astronomy, CSUN Department of Physics and Astronomy Institutes Laboratories
and Observatories Midway Island Science Projects The CSUN Planetarium is used for the Astronomy 152 lecture classes and for Public Lectures on Astronomy in support of the San Fernando Observatory The EPR Laboratory in Science II Academic Computing Academic Computing
On line Teaching Guides Site listed on @-LA This page created and maintained WebMaster. Send comments to: version 01 May 14,1999

29. Other Media Releases And Astronomy Highlights
Other astronomy institutes. AAO News and Press Releases. MSSSO Public Informationand Images. HST Public Pictures (Latest HST Observations).
Astronomy Highlights
CSIRO Highlights:
CSIRO Radio Astronomy Sector - (Achievements: CSIRO Media Releases Radioastronomy
CSIRO Newsline
Medal Winners ...
Other Astronomy Institutes
AAO News and Press Releases
MSSSO Public Information and Images

HST Public Pictures
Latest HST Observations ... Recent IAU Circulars Media Stories
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30. 2001 Nordic-Baltic Summer School In Radio Astronomy
The space missions PLANCK and Herschel (ESA, the European Space Agency). WORLDWIDERADIO ASTRONOMY. List of radio astronomy institutes world-wide.
The Science of Radio Astrophysics Radio astronomy is an exciting frontier of physical science. This page links to sites which introduce some of the topics of the 2001 Nordic-Baltic Summer School in Radio Astronomy The following collection of links gives a background and introduction to topics of astronomy in general, and of radio astronomy in particular. Prospective summer-school students (especially those without previous experience in these fields) are encouraged to visit these sites; most of them do not presuppose any significant previous knowledge of astronomy. INTRODUCTION TO ASTRONOMY Introductory course in astronomy INTRODUCTION TO RADIO ASTRONOMY Historical origins of radio astronomy Radio and radar images of different types of objects in the radio sky Gallery of radio images Astronomical objects in many different wavelengths Further objects seen in many different wavelengths: The Cygnus loop The Crab pulsar Orion . Select your own objects to view by a Virtual multi-wavelength observatory! Overview of radio astronomy (in German) THE SUN Introduction to the Sun (including movies) Introduction to solar physics Introduction to solar activity Solar radio noise (with acoustic sounds) Spectrograms of solar radio emission THE PLANETS The nine planets (multimedia tour) Views of the solar system
Radio images of Jupiter
Jupiter's synchrotron radio emission in 3D (with movies) ACTIVE STARS Introduction to stellar physics Cyclic variation of the active star Eta Carinae at radio wavelength s (with movie)

31. Even More Astronomical Links
of Physics and Astronomy Columbia Astronomy Department Information European PhysicsDepartments Astronomy Images Sites astronomy institutes University of
Even More Astronomical Links
AstroSystems Online
Astronomy Notes

UMCP Astronomy Department Home Page

University of Florida Astronomy Department
Views of the Solar System

Or use the Webcrawler for a database search.
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32. NCRA: Some Websites
Some Websites. astronomy institutes/Groups The International AstronomicalUnion. World Telescopes. Raman Research Institute. IUCAA.
Some Websites
Astronomy Institutes/Groups:
The International Astronomical Union World Telescopes Raman Research Institute IUCAA ... Observatoire de Paris
Astroweb Database Astrophysics Data System ( ADS ADS Catalog Service ... Survey (38 MHz) Cambridge Survey (151 MHz) Cambridge Survey (151 MHz) The Westerbork Northern Sky Survey ( WENSS (326 MHz) The Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey ( SUMSS (843 MHz) The Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-cm ( FIRST ) Survey The NRAO VLA Sky Survey ( ... ) Survey (4.85 GHz) The Parkes-MIT-NRAO ( PMN ) Survey (4.85 GHz) The Canadian Galactic Plane Survey ( CGPS (21cm HI, 408 MHz, 1.4 GHz) NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database ( NED Pearson-Readhead and Caltech-JodrellBank Survey Maps (6cm,18cm,20cm) The Two Micron All Sky Survey at IPAC ( ... (HST)
Scientific Journals/Publications:
The Astrophysical Journal ( ApJ Astro-ph Nature ... RMP
Data Analysis Tools:
Astronomical Image Processing System ( AIPS AIPS++ Groningen Image Processing SYstem ( ... NAG
The Chandra X-ray Observatory Center Science@NASA - Physics, science, engineering reference, resource and education

33. Astronomy Search Engine
Search for astronomy related persons, institutes, or addresses. Search stringCategory Persons in astronomy.
Search for astronomy related persons, institutes, or addresses
Search string:
Category: Persons in Astronomy Astronomy Institutions Postal Addresses
Cases: consider ignore
Matches: substring whole words exact 1 error 2 errors 3 errors
Make an addition or amendment
to the "Persons in Astronomy" database. The addition and amendment page is currently out of service. Please E-mail to make an addition or amendment. In the E-mail include your name, institution code (please use the search form to find your institution code) and E-mail address and specify if the entry is an amendment or a new addition.
The data base for this search engine was originally collected by Chris Benn (La Palma) and Ralph Martin (Royal Greenwich Observatory), and from 1999, is maintained by Stephen Rankin (Starlink). If your browser does not support tables you can use the table-free form
This interface was created by V. Ossenkopf , February 18, 1999
AstroSearch is funded by PPARC - run by Starlink within SSTD at CCLRC

34. Astronomiae Historia / History Of Astronomy
Astronomische Institute der Universität Bonn (Astronomical institutes of Bonn University) AIUB (Astronomical institutes of Bonn University, left part) and MPIfR (right part of the building) big version (131 kB)       (General advice on the study of astronomy in Bonn Advisor and Structure of studies in astronomy)
Astronomiae Historia
History of Astronomy
About this image Welcome / About What's new (September 12, 2002) History of astronomy ... Wolfgang R. Dick . Created: 16 Jan 1995. Latest change of this welcome page: 26 June 2002

35. Astronomy Search Engine
Search for astronomy related persons, institutes, or addresses This page has been moved to the Starlink website to which you will be automatically redirected to, or click here.
Search for astronomy related persons, institutes, or addresses
This page has been moved to the Starlink web-site to which you will be automatically redirected to, or click here

36. OaPd-HomePage Osservatorio Astronomico Di Padova
The astronomical observatory is one of the two astronomical institutes of Padua. It shares the same buildings with the department of astronomy of the local university. The observatory and the astronomy department host, on two sites at Asiago, the major observing facilities in Italy.
Vicolo dell'Osservatorio 5, I - 35122 PADOVA - TEL. +39-0498293411, FAX. +39-0498759840
E-mail (solo per comunicazioni ufficiali): INFORMAZIONI UTILI


Come raggiungere l'Osservatorio

(e-mail e telefono)
Concorsi e Borse


Rapporti scientifici


37. SelectSurf -- Sci-Tech -- Space/Astronomy -- Institutes/Societies
SelectSurf Less Sand, More Surf, Sci-Tech Space/astronomy institutes/SocietiesAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) the principal

38. ZIP! - Academy And Science:Science:Astronomy:Institutes
Directory, All of ZIP! Help. ZIP! Home Academy and Science Science astronomy institutes, ȨÆäÀÌÁö µî·Ï. À¥ »çÀÌÆ®.
New Site Cool Site Today's Top 100 Site In Korean ... Help
ZIP! Directory All of ZIP! Just in category Help ZIP! Home Academy and Science Science ... Astronomy Institutes
  • Department of Astronomy, Seoul National University

  • Department of Astronomy, Yonsei University@
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  • 39. Astronomische Institute Der Universität Bonn
    Bietet Informationen zu den verschiedenen Instituten, zu Forschung und Lehrangebot.Category World Deutsch Astronomie Fakultäten und Institute...... AIUB (Astronomical institutes of Bonn University, left part) and MPIfR (right part StudienberatungAstronomie (General advice on the study of astronomy in Bonn
    (Astronomical Institutes of Bonn University)
    AIUB (Astronomical Institutes of Bonn University, left part)
    and MPIfR (right part of the building)
    big version

    Studienberater und Studienberatung Astronomie
    : Advisor and Structure of studies in Astronomy Forschung: General research areas / Hauptforschungsgebiete
    Magellanic Cloud and Dwarf Galaxies
    Dwarf Galaxies and their Environment , 23-27 Jan. 2001 in Bad Honnef Homepage of the Library
    Links (back/forward) to:
    Search WWW Search

    40. Physics And Astronomy Directory
    worldwide. institutes and National Labs listing of physics and astronomyinstitutes and national/international laboratories. Professional
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    Physics and Astronomy Directory Featured Department McMaster University , Hamilton, Ontario Canada. click here for more departments ... Featured Lab This DOE lab provides technical solutions to key energy, environment, infrastructure, and health security problems. click here for more labs ... Featured Journal The Industrial Physicist , by the AIP, is an essential reading for physicists in industry and industry-funded research and those who employ them.

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